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[03-Oct-18 06:14 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #124 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. You're at the Kazama Hospital, inside of Bedroom 103, and you were about to long rest. Your Primary 1 weapon is the Drill Arm, your Auto-5 RA was left at the Kazama Mining Supplies store, and I still have the mines in memory, in case you want to come back._

[03-Oct-18 06:17 PM] Twib#7809 Indeed. I have more than enough money to buy Power Armor now, so I'm just going to go back and get me some delicious psychic meat to cook and sell, and then be on my way. But first, I need some sweet, filthy dreams. May I roll?

[03-Oct-18 06:17 PM] Tempest#5018 You may. You have 81.9% fatigue to sleep off

[03-Oct-18 06:19 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[03-Oct-18 06:19 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (5) = 5

[03-Oct-18 06:19 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[03-Oct-18 06:19 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (4) = 4

[03-Oct-18 06:19 PM] Tempest#5018 18 hours sleep so far, 72% fatigue healed if my math isn't wrong.

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (5) = 5

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Tempest#5018 23 hours, 112% heal

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Twib#7809 And I'm done.

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Tempest#5018 probably useless to sleep any longer.

[03-Oct-18 06:20 PM] Twib#7809 (Watch me accidentally sleep myself to death through stress decomp)

[03-Oct-18 06:21 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, right, fuck it might be less than that because lol moderate stress hang on just a sec That's gonna be 69% fatigue healed actually Still drops you to a respectable 12.9 up to you if you want to snooze more

[03-Oct-18 06:22 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[03-Oct-18 06:22 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (6) = 6

[03-Oct-18 06:22 PM] Tempest#5018 35 hours (!), 105% fatigue heal No need to go further.

[03-Oct-18 06:23 PM] Twib#7809 Sounds good to me.

[03-Oct-18 06:23 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright, one second please... please wait while Reina snoozes like a pile of raccoons. It is a new day! Pentema 2, Year 704, the clock now displays 6:22 PM. You slept for a really long time. While you were asleep, shop inventories changed (twice, technically), and Objective 4 of Sidequest SX-03 has been completed, allowing you to return to Vivian to report back. Fatigue: 0.0% - Energized

[03-Oct-18 06:27 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, let's pop into the shower and actually wash off all the orgasm juices that have layered on my thighs for days on end. Seriously, Afterglow is kinda nuts.

[03-Oct-18 06:27 PM] Tempest#5018 That and the other various bodily fluids (mostly blood) from the things you shoot at... and then butcher... Yeah, tis time for a shower indeed.

[03-Oct-18 06:28 PM] Twib#7809 May I roll, and what do I roll?

[03-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Tempest#5018 You may roll 1d8*2 The result will be the amount of turns spent showering - you will get Negated Natural Fatigue, Fatigue - 0.2% and Stress -0.2% per turn spent showering. Because you're at Moderate stress, your net Fatigue loss will be 0.1.

[03-Oct-18 06:30 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[03-Oct-18 06:30 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (6)\*2 = 12

[03-Oct-18 06:30 PM] Twib#7809 Not bad. So 12 turns showering, eh?

[03-Oct-18 06:33 PM] Tempest#5018 You spend 12 turns under a shower of hot water, healing 1.2% Fatigue and 2.4% Stress. You felt as though you really, really needed that. Fatigue: 0.0% - Energized Stress: 5.9% - Moderate _You can stay a little longer under the water if you want (roll again) or you can get out._

[03-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[03-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (5)\*2 = 10

[03-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Twib#7809 It's SO WEIRD to not relieve sex through stress. Er. Reverse that.

[03-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Tempest#5018 That typo is so very Reina. _With another 10 turns under the water, you heal another 1.0% Fatigue and another 2.0% Stress. Finally, calm minds return to you._ Fatigue: 0.0% - Energized Stress: 3.9% - Low

[03-Oct-18 06:37 PM] Twib#7809 I can fuel up more later. BACK TO THE MINES FOR BUTCHERING Actually, wait double check - how's my inventory? Did I get rid of that second set of Serpentium?

[03-Oct-18 06:37 PM] Tempest#5018 113.2 /150 with five 1000g crystals of Serpentium and eighteen 100g crystals

[03-Oct-18 06:38 PM] Twib#7809 Yeeeah, that's what I thought. Okay, first to the Generator.

[03-Oct-18 06:38 PM] Tempest#5018 You still have 15 serpentium crystals to mine in the 100g ore patch Other than that, you're good to go.

[03-Oct-18 06:38 PM] Twib#7809 Yes, generator first. I don't think I'll bother with the 15 crystals. Just the delicious psychic meat

[03-Oct-18 06:39 PM] Tempest#5018 Fair enuf

[03-Oct-18 06:39 PM] Twib#7809 So yes, getting dressed, and then to the Generator. I have *Power Armor* to buy.

[03-Oct-18 06:40 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the hospital bedroom, waiving your right to keep using it, in order to travel to the Kazama Generator facility. You travel a total of 20 rooms to get there._

[Kazama - Generator facility - Control room] _There is a single kappa engineer in the room, and he is playing chess against the computer._

[03-Oct-18 06:42 PM] Twib#7809 "I got more crystals for you." Reina unsanctimoniously says, before dumping all of it in front of the kappa..

[03-Oct-18 06:43 PM] Tempest#5018 _Before the kappa can react, you dump 6.8 kilograms of Serpentium onto the floor, much to his amazement._

    • [Kappa engie]** ... Uh, _wow_! You're going to sell all of that, or is this a donation?

[03-Oct-18 06:43 PM] Twib#7809 "Pay me."

[03-Oct-18 06:44 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Kappa engie]** ...Okay! I will! Let me just haul all of that to the bank...

_He (comically) lifts the entire pile all at once into his arms..._ _14 turns later, the engineer has made the full trip to the bank and back._

[03-Oct-18 06:45 PM] Twib#7809 "Did you transfer the money into my account?"

[03-Oct-18 06:46 PM] Tempest#5018 You have received **8 330 P$** for selling 6800 grams of Serpentium to the Kazama generator. Bank balance: 32 793.65 P$

    • [Kappa engie]** It is done, ma'am. Thank you for helping us keep the town running!

[03-Oct-18 06:47 PM] Twib#7809 "Yup." Reina's surprisingly no nonsense today - well, as no nonsense as a woman who's wearing nothing but a slutty evening dress and flats. To the bank to drop off the Drill Arm! And get some cash.

[03-Oct-18 06:48 PM] Tempest#5018 _7 rooms later ,and you are at the Kazama bank._

[03-Oct-18 06:48 PM] Twib#7809 How much can a coin pouch carry if it's all in gold coins?

[03-Oct-18 06:49 PM] Tempest#5018 Gold coins are 0.05 each, so 400 coins (40 000 P$).

[03-Oct-18 06:49 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm here to make a deposit - and maybe accept some too, if any of you fine men want a taste. I'm also happy with withdrawals."

[03-Oct-18 06:50 PM] Tempest#5018 _Much eye-rolling from the banker, and snickering smiles from the guards._

[03-Oct-18 06:50 PM] Twib#7809 I'm dropping off the Drill Arm, then. And emptying my coin pouch to fill it up with Brass. That... *should* give me 2000 Parallers, if I understand it correctly?

[03-Oct-18 07:07 PM] Tempest#5018 Your money pouch contains the following:

8 brass - 7 cuni - 36 silver - 8 gold (1811.50 P$, 2.4 /20) If you fill the empty space with brass coins, this would result in 17.6 units worth of brass coins, or **1760 P$**. Unless you wanted to deposit the entirety of your coins first in which case, yes, 20 units is 2000 P$. As for the Drill Arm, depositing this item will cost 140 P$. Feel free to confirm or adjust.

[03-Oct-18 07:11 PM] Twib#7809 Okay, so, I'll pay 140 in Brass, then fill up the rest with brass.

[03-Oct-18 07:11 PM] Tempest#5018 The bank can just take 140 from your bank account for this :p no need to make it any complicated

[03-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Twib#7809 Well, alright. Yes I want another 1760 P$.

[03-Oct-18 07:14 PM] Tempest#5018 _140 P$ substracted from your account for depositing the Drill Arm. 1760 P$ substracted from your account for withdrawing in coins, which leads to:_ [Money] 1 P$ coin - 1 P$ - Brass - Weight: (variable, 0.01 per coin) - [Quantity: 1760] _... a whole PILE of coins, in handy little plastic wrappers, which end up in your pouch._ Total bank balance: 30 893.65 P$ Total pouch: 3571.50 P$ (20.0 /20) - 1768 brass, 7 cuni, 36 silver, 9 gold

[03-Oct-18 07:16 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, noe to the mines.

[03-Oct-18 07:17 PM] Tempest#5018 To the mining supplies store, or back to the mines proper?

[03-Oct-18 07:18 PM] Twib#7809 Mines proper. I'm gonna be butchering the psychic corpse, and then picking up my shotty.

[03-Oct-18 07:20 PM] Tempest#5018 In that order? You -could- take the shotgun first since it's on the way, but it's up to you.

[03-Oct-18 07:22 PM] Twib#7809 Yes.

[03-Oct-18 07:22 PM] Tempest#5018 Alrighty then. Straight to the elevator then.

[03-Oct-18 07:23 PM] Twib#7809 Yup yup!

[03-Oct-18 07:24 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the bank, and cross the whole town again, this time making your way to the local Mines again. You do notice that in this town, few are turning their heads to stare at you - perhaps it's because it's a youkai town.

After 16 rooms, and flashing your mining access pass (which, thankfully, still works - the miners are being understanding with you and knew you stayed asleep at the hospital for a day and a half), you return to the elevator..._ [Kazama Mines - Elevator - Lobby level] You are no longer energized (5.7% Fatigue)

[03-Oct-18 07:25 PM] Twib#7809 Heads will turn once I bring about total human domination. Buuut until then.

[03-Oct-18 07:26 PM] Tempest#5018 Return to Level -28 ?

[03-Oct-18 07:26 PM] Twib#7809 Yes please!

[03-Oct-18 07:27 PM] Tempest#5018 _One turn later..._

[Kazama Mines - Level -28 / Elevator] _Your dead psionic masters are in B-01. Head there now?_

[03-Oct-18 07:31 PM] Twib#7809 Yes. I'mma whip out my butchering knife and go to town. Also I forgot there were two corpses.

[03-Oct-18 07:33 PM] Tempest#5018 [6:27 PM - Kazama Mines - Level -28 / B-01] _You realize the difference in temperature between the topside and the depths of the mines. It's cold, here, so cold that you could preserve dead bodies for weeks._ _That's exactly why the two dead psionic masters are exactly as you left them, without decay._ Each corpse has about 44 meat worth each. If I'm not incorrect about your Hunting skill level, you will need 22 turns to clean them out completely. 11 per.

[03-Oct-18 07:35 PM] Twib#7809 That's fine. I'll spend 22 turns.

[03-Oct-18 07:35 PM] Tempest#5018 There's also the 8 meat slabs you left out.

[03-Oct-18 07:36 PM] Twib#7809 I should have enough space for all of it. Since that'll be 31 Weight overall, yes? Er, wait. 44 each is 44 weight, 8 meat is 4 weight, so 48 Weight total. I thiiiink I have enough space for that, now that I've dumped the Serpentium, right?

[03-Oct-18 07:37 PM] Tempest#5018 Yep, it's fine. But first, let's butcher. _You use your meat cleaver and spend more time cutting the dead enemies into neat chunks of meat. A total of 22 turns and 22 condition points were spent..._ On the floor:

[Food] Meat - Raw game meat, psionic master - 1d100+100 ntri - 25% Nausea (3 turns), Increased alertness (3 turns) - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 96] _You spent an extra turn loading all of that meat into your backpack._ BP/Main: 147.6 /150 _Will that be all you came here for?_

[03-Oct-18 07:41 PM] Twib#7809 Can't really do anything else, so yeah, I'll be heading back now. To the front to pick up my shotty!

[03-Oct-18 07:49 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spend 2 turns to return to the elevator and to climb back up to the topside level (+5 minutes). Then, another 2 turns to reach the mining supplies store._

[6:32 PM - Kazama Mines - Mining supplies store] _The supplies miner is a different person from last time. It's a young female kappa._

[03-Oct-18 07:51 PM] Twib#7809 "Can I pick up my shotgun back? I've all finished up." Reina tries to ignore the stinking slabs of meat that are threatening to burst out from her bag.

[03-Oct-18 07:56 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Supplies miner]** Oh, hey, it's you! I've been told about you. Sure, here's your shotgun. Are you done with the mines?

_The Auto-5 RA is now back into your Primary 1 slot._

[03-Oct-18 07:57 PM] Twib#7809 "Yup. I made over 30k, so I'm quite happy with that."

[03-Oct-18 07:57 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Supplies miner]** _<Smile>_ Congratulations! Hope you hit it big again soon!

[03-Oct-18 07:57 PM] Twib#7809 "Enough for a single night out on the town, at least." Okay, now let's Skip Travel all the way back to Vivian. Where's the nearest Engineering Tunnel?

[03-Oct-18 07:58 PM] Tempest#5018 According to my map, it's Kijirou. Shortest path: Kazama - I-03 - Kijirou

[03-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Twib#7809 Looks good to me. Let me know what my Nutrition/Hydration are like once I'm at Kijirou. ?

[03-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Tempest#5018 Will do.

[03-Oct-18 08:00 PM] Tempest#5018 _Your Mining Access Pass is no longer valid, and it's time for you to depart the town. Presumably after waving goodbye to the supplies store girl, you leave and travel all the way to the town entrance, 20 rooms away._ Skip traveling to I-03... 22 rooms and 1 hour 50 minutes later, you reached **Intersection 03** from the North entrance. You're now in North Street 03. Do you want a local map or are you just passing through?

[03-Oct-18 08:02 PM] Twib#7809 Just passing through.

[03-Oct-18 08:03 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. You cross the intersection until reaching South St 03 , in 6 turns. Now fast traveling to Kijirou... 27 rooms and 2 hours 15 minutes later, you skip traveled successfully to the youkai town of **Kijirou**. The time is now 10:37 PM. Nutrition: 1412 ntri / Hydration: 828 wtr. _A snack sounds like a good idea before a long trip in the Tunnels._

[03-Oct-18 08:05 PM] Twib#7809 I'll grill three psychic meats right now, then. And then eat them. At 50*1.15 this is the most expensive steak I've had in my life.

[03-Oct-18 08:36 PM] Tempest#5018 You spent a turn to drop the backpack, and 3 turns to use the PSK and 3 butane units to grill 3 raw psionic meat... You acquired the following:

[Food] Meat - Cooked game meat, psionic master - 2d50+100 ntri - Increased alertness (3 turns) - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 3]

Portable stove kit: 115 /200 butane _You then spent 3 turns eating them._ /r repeat (2d50+100, 3, brief)

[03-Oct-18 08:38 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d50+100, 3, brief)` = 147, 161, 182

[03-Oct-18 08:39 PM] Tempest#5018 _You get Increased Alertness but it probably doesn't matter._ BP/Main: 146.1 /150 To the Tunnel access?

[03-Oct-18 08:45 PM] Twib#7809 yes. To Gehen! That's the closest exit, right?

[03-Oct-18 08:48 PM] Tempest#5018 Gehen is in fact the closest to Ferland Sector.

[03-Oct-18 08:49 PM] Twib#7809 Seeet. That's fine.

[03-Oct-18 08:49 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel to the local generator facility, and make your way to the access point, 5 rooms from the gap corridor. You then use your fingerprint to open the access to the tunnels, and set "Gehen" as your destination, spending a turn to go down the ladder..._ Then, it's 250 rooms-worth of tunnel length, with 22 hours of traveling to do. Ready to go?

[03-Oct-18 08:51 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. Hope I don't die of thirst.

[03-Oct-18 08:53 PM] Tempest#5018 _Tunnelin'..._ It is a new day! Advenday, Pentema 3, Year 704. The time is now 8:37 PM. You spent 22 hours walking all the way to the Southern Zone, reaching the Demonic capital city of Gehen. The trip was long and tiring, but you're feeling quite alright upon reaching the end of the tunnel.

[8:37 PM - ESSN Tunnel - Ladder to Gehen] Nutrition 1639 ntri Hydration 565 wtr Fatigue 40.2%

[03-Oct-18 09:00 PM] Twib#7809 To Ferland Sector now! The faster I'm walking around in completely unstoppable armor the better.

[03-Oct-18 09:06 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to climb up the ladder, and 5 to leave the generator facility and get to the Gap corridor._ The fastest route is Gehen > Station Sigma > Ferland Sector. Ready?

[03-Oct-18 09:07 PM] Twib#7809 Yes please.

[03-Oct-18 09:07 PM] Tempest#5018 Skip traveling to Sigma... 12 rooms and one hour later, you reach Sigma's gap corridor. The time is now 9:37 PM. Passing through?

[03-Oct-18 09:09 PM] Twib#7809 Passing through.

[03-Oct-18 09:09 PM] Tempest#5018 24 rooms and 2 hours later, you made it to Ferland Sector. It is now 11:37 PM. 1597 ntri / 523 wtr / 44.4% Fatigue

[03-Oct-18 09:13 PM] Twib#7809 Let's get to Vivian. I can buy coffee later.

[03-Oct-18 09:15 PM] Tempest#5018 OK.

[03-Oct-18 09:22 PM] Twib#7809 I am so ready to be done with all this.

[03-Oct-18 09:24 PM] Tempest#5018 _With no trouble at all, you cross into Ferland Sector, and travel all the way to the Theoretical Physics lab, reaching the entrance lobby in 17 turns. Vivian's lab is another 8 rooms ahead._

[03-Oct-18 09:24 PM] Twib#7809 Time to go in! "Viiiiivian, where's my Mark 2 Armor?"

[03-Oct-18 09:25 PM] Tempest#5018 [Ferland Sector - NWL 2 - Power Armor Shop]

    • [Vivian]** Ah, miss Reina!

_Normally Vivian would announce that she needs a 24 hour break until production of Mark I Mod 1 armor starts, but since you slept over 35 hours, I'm going to throw you a bone and skip that._

    • [Vivian]** You've done a fantastic job, Reina! It's really amazing. I’m getting calls from colleagues of every Science Team, and I’ve even been interviewed by a journalist for a scientific news magazine! I’ve not been very descriptive yet, because I think the Mark II version of this power armor technology will truly surpass anything we’ve ever seen before, AND it will be available for humans, halflings, and youkai, of all subspecies! It's been hard to keep all of this under wraps, you know?
    • [Vivian]** Rest assured, our deal still stands, you're my only customer for the time being... I've had to downplay a little bit my own achievements, make it sound like it's all still just prototypes. But either way, Mark 1 mod 1 armor is ready! All that's left to do is to develop the Mark II advancements!

[03-Oct-18 09:29 PM] Twib#7809 "I thought part of the deal was that you wouldn't it sell it without - oh, okay." "So what do you need to get the Mark 2?"

[03-Oct-18 09:33 PM] Tempest#5018 _The mouse scientist shows the whiteboard, which is now 2/3 crossed out._

[03-Oct-18 09:36 PM] Twib#7809 "...Well?"

[03-Oct-18 09:37 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Vivian]** For Mark II to be possible, I’m going to need your help one last time. Although this project is still not reaching out much beyond the scientific community, I think that if my name and my work get out there, we can make this work. And this time, I know exactly who to call!
    • [Vivian]** I need specific pieces of custom-designed technology for the exclusive Mark II features. Specifically: Specially-made, improved-capacity internal batteries, night-vision electronics and equipment adapted to the PA Helmet, and very special types of servos and related equipment to upgrade the PA Suit’s limbs and joints, in such a way that the user’s strength would be boosted while wearing the Suit.
    • [Vivian]** Ready to hear me out on what needs to be done for each? It's essentially three objectives at once.

[03-Oct-18 09:39 PM] Twib#7809 "Hit me, Sister."

[03-Oct-18 09:39 PM] Tempest#5018 _Vivian shows a set of three hard drives, conveniently labeled "1", "2", and "3"._

    • [Vivian]** The improved-capacity batteries can be made on special order by our colleagues of the Physics/Chemistry Science Team, but the technical data files are too large and too numerous to be sent over MazeNet email, and I haven’t had the time yet to commission a courier yet, so I thought, maybe you could take care of it. All I’ll need you to do is to deliver this first hard drive to the lobby of their laboratory in Neo Khazrun.
    • [Vivian]** The specifications for NV equipment adapted for the PA Helmet visors are on this second hard drive, and I’ll need you to deliver this one to the factory in Sirvarris.
    • [Vivian]** Lastly, this third hard drive contains a set of specifications for specially designed servos, similar to those employed in bionic augmentations, such as bionic limbs. Only one person in the Mazes makes them, and he heads his very own Science Team, all on his own; Lance Austin, in Raven City, perhaps better known by his moniker, “Chaosclaw”. If you haven’t met him before, the man’s totally eccentric…

[Key item] Hard drive #1 - Improved batteries specifications [Key item] Hard drive #2 - Night vision equipment for PA Helmet [Key item] Hard drive #3 - Servos and ancillary equipments for PA Suit Objectives 5a, 5b and 5c activated.

[03-Oct-18 09:43 PM] Twib#7809 "I don't suppose *I* could just pitch in cash for a courier instead?" "At least the one to Raven City..."

[03-Oct-18 09:44 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Vivian]** Aw, and here I was going to say I only trust you with these drives!

[03-Oct-18 09:44 PM] Twib#7809 "You *just* said you were only giving me these because you didn't have the time to commission a courier." "The things I do for pretty girls, I swear to Gods." "So, I'll just head on out, then?" "Unless there's something else you'd like to ask of me, Viv?"

[03-Oct-18 09:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Vivian]** Well, I didn't have the time, and then I thought, "Hmm. Reina should do this. She's much better than any old courier."

_She smiles and shrugs._

[03-Oct-18 09:49 PM] Twib#7809 "If you're gonna flatter a girl, you gotta be specific about your compliments, dear. 'Faster', 'sexier', 'makes me question my sexuality-ier'." So the key Items go on my belt, no weight space taken, right?

[03-Oct-18 09:51 PM] Tempest#5018 That's correct.

[03-Oct-18 09:52 PM] Twib#7809 Alright. Leeeet's go to Gehen. Back the way I came!

[03-Oct-18 09:52 PM] Tempest#5018 Where will you be going first? cuz I'm guessing you're back to the tunnels.

[03-Oct-18 09:53 PM] Twib#7809 Is there a tunnel in Sirvarris?

[03-Oct-18 09:53 PM] Tempest#5018 Yes actually. It's the Southeastern Zone point.

[03-Oct-18 09:53 PM] Twib#7809 That's what I remembered, so - that's good I'm going to drop by in the Pit and drink some coffees first.

[03-Oct-18 09:54 PM] Tempest#5018 the pit?

[03-Oct-18 09:54 PM] Twib#7809 The Gehen Bar?

[03-Oct-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh! Yeah. My bad, I was eyeing Sirvarris. Well, time to travel.

[03-Oct-18 09:55 PM] Twib#7809 I'll go to Sirvarris first, then Neo-Khazrun, then to Raven City.

[03-Oct-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Okay. Understood!

[03-Oct-18 09:55 PM] Twib#7809 Because the travel time from Raven City to Ferland Sector shoooooooooooooooould be over 24 hours. So just in time to buy a Mark 2 Suit.

[03-Oct-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Heh. Well calculated. Well, complete your objectives, we'll see! _You leave the laboratory, with the three hard drives in tow. You walk all the way back to the gap corridor, which takes you another 25 rooms to cross._

[03-Oct-18 09:57 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. Skip Travel, please.

[03-Oct-18 09:57 PM] Tempest#5018 1547 ntri, 473 wtr, 49.4% Fatigue Coffees will be coming in at a good time. _You spend 28 rooms through the UA, skip traveling for 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Station Sigma again._

It is a new day! Woodsday, Pentema 4, 1:57 AM.

_While traveling Station Sigma, your Fatigue levels grew high enough to feel Tired._

[03-Oct-18 09:59 PM] Twib#7809 Is there a bar in Station Sigma? I might just stop here.

[03-Oct-18 09:59 PM] Tempest#5018 _You also grew thirsty._ 401 wtr - Thirsty 52.2% Fatigue - Tired

[03-Oct-18 10:00 PM] Tempest#5018 [1:57 AM - Station Sigma - Gap corridor] Military Rep check: **-10** - Indifferent. You're free to enter the town. I'll post a town map in a sec. < Station Sigma - Town Map >

Laws: Standard Modified

   Military town: Youkai activists and known enemies of the Military will be treated as enemies by TownSec and may be subjected to a shoot-on-sight policy. Town Security is made out of Maze Soldiers belonging to the local Company.

Food production: Artificial light farm Water production: UA water recycling unit Residential areas: 3 (HR1 Bunkdorms, HR1 Bunkdorms, HR1 Bunkdorms) All permanent residents and shop owners in this town are humans. There are no youkai residents. Social square facilities: Hiring bureau, Bank, 1 bar (E5), 2 restaurants [Trattoria, Diner], Takeout stand, Shooting range, Library, Casino, Dojo

   The bar in E5 is called The S-Tank.
   The Trattoria in D7 is called Lieutenant Spaghetti.
   The Diner in E7 is called Maverick Steakhouse.

Shops: 3 individual (Weapon shop, Engineering workshop, Delicatessen) Special facility: Maze Military – Regular Forces Barracks (HQ of Regular Forces 6th Company) Other facilities: Generator, Hospital, Town Hall

[03-Oct-18 10:02 PM] Twib#7809 The Tank, then.

[03-Oct-18 10:03 PM] Tempest#5018 _Back to the weird stares because you're a well-endowed youkai girl walking into a military town._

[03-Oct-18 10:04 PM] Twib#7809 I walk like I don't have a care in the world, flashing smiles, kisses, and the sweater puppies at whoever's willing to look.

[03-Oct-18 10:05 PM] Tempest#5018 _11 rooms later..._ [Station Sigma - The Sigma-Tank - Bar counter room]

_It's late in the night, and there aren't many patrons left in the bar. The barkeep appears to be a cool-looking human male. The radio is playing over speakers in the room, and it seems to be a rehashed news segment with nothing of importance to report about._

[03-Oct-18 10:07 PM] Twib#7809 "Hey there, handsome. I need something dark, bitter, and strong pouring down my throat. Will 21 Brass cover 14 coffees, love?"

[03-Oct-18 10:09 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** _<Replies -just- as sultry as you, apparently on purpose>_ Why yes, my dear, adventurous youkai lady. I can certainly provide something black, warm, and energizing for you to put into your mouth. 14 coffees do cost 21 bucks, indeed. Will that be all?

[03-Oct-18 10:10 PM] Twib#7809 Hahahaha, oh *fuck the hell yes.* "For now~" Reina starts, putting down the coins onto the counter while batting her eyes. "I must say, you're quite exciting yourself. Do you have a name I can call out when I'm relieving my animal urges?" She's eyeing him all the while. What's he look like?

[03-Oct-18 10:16 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** My given name is Joe, but people call me Ash, because my name is Ashman. So you can call me Joe, or Ash. Either is fine. But not "Ashman", only my old Lieutenant can call me that.

_Joe "Ash" Ashman is an adult human male in his 30s. The first thing you notice is that he is **ripped**. Blonde, blue eyes, would be model material if it wasn't for some ugly scars on his neck and the left side of his face._

[03-Oct-18 10:18 PM] Twib#7809 Hahahaha, yesssss. Reina's clearly and shamelessly fucking him with her eyes, only resisting the urge to drool simply because she's too thirsty for actual fluids. "Well, Ash, I'm Reina Miyako-Knight, and I get the distinct feeling you and I might get to know each other real well." "I hope you don't mind recommending a chaser drink for all this coffee? I'm in the mood for something white and cloying."

[03-Oct-18 10:20 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** _<Sarcastic smile.>_ Heh. _Well_, much as that sounds like fun, we're still in a soldier town, and some people don't take kindly to the idea. But I can sell you a glass of milk if you'd like.

[03-Oct-18 10:23 PM] Twib#7809 "We'll just say I'm the race traitor, who's fallen for superior human dick. Buuut, yes, add a milk, please. And, I'll tip very well if you add yours to it, too." How much coin is it? I'll be glad to add it to the tab.

[03-Oct-18 10:24 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Heh... I'd say you have a lot of balls, but I'm guessing tanuki hear that one all the time. A bottle of milk is 10 P$.

[03-Oct-18 10:25 PM] Twib#7809 Ten Parallers it is! "Well, the guys do. For us girls, well - we're looking for a big, brass pair. And I think we both like what we see, Mister Ash."

[03-Oct-18 10:28 PM] Tempest#5018 _31 brass coins later, your drinks are served._

Money pouch: 3540.50 P$ - 19.69 /20 (1737 Br, 7 Cuni, 36 Si, 9 Au)

[Food] Beverage - Bottle of milk. 250 ntri, 127 wtr - Weight: 1 [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 14 ntri, 48 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 14]

[03-Oct-18 10:28 PM] Twib#7809 Time to down all of that, coffee first and then the milk. Actually, wait. Let's gen 2 TB first.

[03-Oct-18 10:29 PM] Tempest#5018 Probably should do the drinks first. Since, well, high Fatigue.

[03-Oct-18 10:29 PM] Twib#7809 Oh, right, duh. Fatigue. Point! Thank you kindly.

[03-Oct-18 10:29 PM] Tempest#5018 Lookin out for you.

[03-Oct-18 10:30 PM] Twib#7809 So. Coffee, and milk. Does the milk have that unique, off color, salty consistency I'm looking for~?

[03-Oct-18 10:30 PM] Tempest#5018 _The first coffee already helps a lot, and kick the fatigue back under 50%._ (just barely)

[03-Oct-18 10:33 PM] Twib#7809 Well, that's good. And the other 14 drinks?

[03-Oct-18 10:35 PM] Tempest#5018 One sec Resolving effects _After drinking everything:_

1807 ntri - OK 1152 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue: 1.3% - Energized Stress: 9.5% - Moderate _The coffee gave you a kick, but increased Stress enough to make you just jittery enough for fighting._

[03-Oct-18 10:38 PM] Twib#7809 But the milk? The miiiiiiiilk. Do I taste the taste of man in this milk?

[03-Oct-18 10:38 PM] Tempest#5018 _You can't really tell. It tasted like bottled milk._ _If he had done anything to it, you'd have seen it._

[03-Oct-18 10:39 PM] Twib#7809 Booooooooooooooooo. "Thanks, Ash. You usually work night shift, then~?"

[03-Oct-18 10:40 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Yep, that's right.

[03-Oct-18 10:40 PM] Twib#7809 "Alright. I'll be back. One day you'll bend me over and rail me."

[03-Oct-18 10:41 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Heh. We will see! I can't say I would dislike that. Just uh, you know. The whole war situation.

[03-Oct-18 10:41 PM] Twib#7809 To Gehen, and then Sirvarris! "So I just have to end the war. No worries~"

[03-Oct-18 10:46 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Yeah, good luck with that. Well, twas fun meeting you. Stay safe out there.

[03-Oct-18 10:47 PM] Twib#7809 To Gehen.

[03-Oct-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the bar and the military town in the dead of the night to resume your travels. It takes 11 rooms to get back to the Gap corridor._

[03-Oct-18 10:48 PM] Twib#7809 Skip Travel Gehen!

[03-Oct-18 10:50 PM] Tempest#5018 You skip travel through the UA to get to the town of Gehen once again. 25 rooms skipped, 2 hours 5 minutes spent. [4:02 AM - Gehen - Gap corridor]

[03-Oct-18 10:51 PM] Twib#7809 Okay. Down the Engineering Tunnels, and towards Sirvarris!

[03-Oct-18 10:55 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel all the way to the tunnel access point, and climb down the latter, for a total of 6 turns._ The trip from Gehen to Sirvarris is relatively short; 100 rooms, 8 hours 30 minutes. Ready?

[03-Oct-18 10:56 PM] Twib#7809 Yup yup. Maaaybe I should hit up the Library... Naaaaaaaaaaaah, armor first.

[03-Oct-18 11:02 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel for 100 room-equivalents in the tunnel leading to Sirvarris..._ [12:32 PM - Sirvarris - ESSN hatch room] _Rep check: Town Rep +0 in Sirvarris._ _Do you want a town map?_

[03-Oct-18 11:04 PM] Twib#7809 Time to go to the Factory. Nah, it's not necessary. I'll just be dropping off the harddrive, ad then going to Neo Khazrun.

[03-Oct-18 11:11 PM] Tempest#5018 _18 rooms later..._

[Sirvarris - E-WX factory - Factory lobby] _Many engineers (who are also factory workers) are running around; it seems that there is a lot of traffic around lunch time._

[03-Oct-18 11:12 PM] Twib#7809 "Hey, I have a delivery from a Science Team!" Reina calls out to the uncaring crowd. "Who do I drop this off with!?"

[03-Oct-18 11:15 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby engie]** You got something? You a courier or summin'?

[03-Oct-18 11:16 PM] Twib#7809 Hard Drive #2, Night Vision equipment for PA Helmet, dropped off to this lobby engineer. "Vivian from the Science Team in Ferland wanted me to give this to you guys."

[03-Oct-18 11:16 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby engie]** Ohhh, yeah, it's the stuff from that chick from Ferland. Wait up, wait up, I got summin' for ya too.

_The engineer takes the hard drive and produces a heavy-looking, metallic package._

    • [Lobby engie]** Could you bring that package to miss scientist chick? This is a set of different test optics for the project; she didn’t say which color she liked best for the NVGs so we made one of each in green, red, white, and blue, thought we’d let her choose. You don’t have to if you don’t have the time, but if you’re heading back to Ferland Sector, there’s 800 P$ for you if that package makes it there! Would save us hiring a courier just for that…

_This counts as a **Courier job** and the package is **Hot**. Yes, this means Courier Heat will be turned on if you take it._ _It is completely optional._

[03-Oct-18 11:19 PM] Twib#7809 "She likes red." Noooope, fuck that .

[03-Oct-18 11:19 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby engie]** Red, huh? Yeah, okay. Well, we'll hire someone else to deliver some red optics, then. Thanks anyway!

_You turned down the extra job._

    • Objective 5b** has been completed.

[03-Oct-18 11:20 PM] Twib#7809 Okay, now to Neo Khazrun. Down the tunnels, and then towards the... maaaaaaaaaaall? i don't actually know where the science team is for that city.

[03-Oct-18 11:28 PM] Tempest#5018 The Neo Khazrun lab is past the mall; their own lab, like all science teams _You return to the ESSN hatch, walking 18 rooms to get back there._ _After spending a turn to identify yourself and get down the ladder, you prepare to travel to Neo Khazrun..._ The trip will take 150 turns and 13 hours to complete. Is that OK?

[03-Oct-18 11:33 PM] Twib#7809 Ooooooooooooooooof. Can I even survive that? Hunger and Fatigue wise. I shhould be able to, but I'd just like to confirm.

[03-Oct-18 11:41 PM] Tempest#5018 You're at 37.3% Fatigue, and because of the 9.5% Stress, you get +0.2% fatigue a turn You would get +30% Fatigue from the trip. It's plenty survivable, it's just gonna be annoying because once you hit 50%, you will burn nutrition and hydration quickly. If you want, Sirvarris has a hotel.

[03-Oct-18 11:42 PM] Twib#7809 So I'll need to coffee it up, got it. Pssssssssssh, hotels.

[03-Oct-18 11:42 PM] Tempest#5018 Or you can coffee it up but beware the stress.

[03-Oct-18 11:42 PM] Twib#7809 I will. To Neo Khazrun!

[03-Oct-18 11:49 PM] Tempest#5018 In that case, let's go. You travel for 150 turns and 13 hours...

[04-Oct-18 12:00 AM] Tempest#5018 It is a new day! Firesday, Pentema 5, Year 704. The time is now 1:32 AM. [1:32 AM - Neo Khazrun - Generator - ESSN hatch room] _Town Rep check: +200. You're clear to enter._ _Your reputation in Neo Khazrun is **Accepted**. People remember you as the one who brought a minor gang leader to justice and helped make the town safer._

[04-Oct-18 12:01 AM] Twib#7809 That's nice. To the Labs!

[04-Oct-18 12:08 AM] Tempest#5018 _You travel to the Neo Khazrun labs, which takes 24 rooms, as you had to cross through the Khazrun Mall._

[Neo Khazrun - Physics/Chemistry Lab - Lobby] 980 ntri - Hungry 550 wtr - OK 73.2% Fatigue - Fatigued _You look exhausted._

[04-Oct-18 12:08 AM] Twib#7809 Iiii'm feeling it. Might need to stay in the hospital again to rest my weary head.

[04-Oct-18 12:09 AM] Tempest#5018 Neo Khazrun has a hotel. It's cheaper than a hospital.

[04-Oct-18 12:09 AM] Twib#7809 "I have a hard drive for you guys, from Ferland!" Oh, it *also* has a hotel? That's good.

[04-Oct-18 12:09 AM] Tempest#5018 Neo Khazrun has almost everything. It's the former human capital, after all.

    • [Lobby scientist]** You do? Wow, you came all the way here? Must've been a long trip...

[04-Oct-18 12:11 AM] Twib#7809 "I'm hoping to enjoy the hotel after this. I'm hungry, thirsty, exhausted, and need to see Chaosclaw after all of this."

[04-Oct-18 12:14 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby scientist]** Khazrun Hostel is the best rated hotel in the whole Central Zone, so you should be doing fine going there. I heard they've got queen size beds in every bedroom! I sure wish my residence had a queen size bed.

_You delivered Hard Drive #1. Objective 5a completed._

[04-Oct-18 12:15 AM] Twib#7809 Alright, first: Let's head to a restraunt and buy some food. I'll fill up, dunk myself in a shower to 0 Stress, and then sleep. The Silver Castle, for food.

[04-Oct-18 12:18 AM] Tempest#5018 Ah, the diner in the mall? Got it. Well, it is the closest. _10 rooms later..._ [Neo Khazrun Mall - Diner, _Silver Castle_]

_At 1:32 AM, it is surprising to see the restaurant still half-packed with customers. The town does remain busy well into the night, and you are one of many customers around. The waitress welcomes you, directs you to a table, and offers a menu._

[04-Oct-18 12:21 AM] Twib#7809 Time to devour and make tons of TB.

[04-Oct-18 12:21 AM] Tempest#5018 [Silver Castle menu]

(Main: 9) > Homemade mac and cheese - 3.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 185 ntri, 25 wtr > Basket of onion rings - 4.00 P$ for 8 rings / ntri: 27 ntri, 25 wtr per item (total 216 ntri, 200 wtr) > Grilled chicken salad - 5.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 264 ntri, 25 wtr > Plate of fries - 7.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 378 ntri, -48 wtr > Restaurant-style Cheeseburger - 12.00 P$ for 1 burger / ntri: 313 ntri, 25 wtr > Restaurant-style Double Cheeseburger - 15.00 P$ for 1 burger / ntri: 417 ntri, 25 wtr > Large buffalo steak - 18.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 584 ntri, 25 wtr > Chicken filet sandwich with cheese - 20.00 P$ for 1 sandwich / ntri: 632 ntri, 25 wtr > Entire roasted beef sirloin - 28.00 P$ for 1 roast / ntri: 1141 ntri, 25 wtr

(Sweet: 4) > Caramel sundae - 6.00 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 304 ntri, 17 wtr > Apple pie slice - 8.00 P$ for 1 slice (1/6 pie) / ntri: 260 ntri, 17 wtr > Strawberry milkshake - 13.50 P$ for 1 glass / ntri: 570 ntri, 17 wtr > Apple pie, whole - 48.00 P$ for 1 pie (6 slices) / ntri: 1560 ntri, 102 wtr

(Drinks: 6) > Bottle of mineral water - 1.00 P$ for 1 bottle > Cup of coffee, black - 1.50 P$ for 1 cup > Cup of green tea - 3.30 P$ for 1 cup > Can of lemonade - 3.30 P$ for 1 can > Can of cola drink - 5.00 P$ for 1 can > Bottle of beer, blonde ale - 7.50 P$ for 1 bottle

[04-Oct-18 12:23 AM] Twib#7809 Let's try and work out this math... Okay, so, 12 onion rings, for now, aaand five waters. 58 Brass on the table for my food.

[04-Oct-18 12:30 AM] Tempest#5018 That's 5 P$ more than it should be total's 53 for me but hey feel free to leave a tip

[04-Oct-18 12:31 AM] Twib#7809 Oh, I said 5 waters. Yeah, that' fine. 53 it is/

[04-Oct-18 12:34 AM] Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 3487.50 P$ (19.16 /20) 1684 brass, 7 cuni, 36 silver, 9 gold [Food] Beverage - Bottle of mineral water. 0 ntri, 169 wtr - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 5] _Your 12 baskets of onion rings - for a total of 96 onion rings - have been served._

[04-Oct-18 12:37 AM] Twib#7809 And now I devour everything. 96 onion rings, and five waters.

[04-Oct-18 12:43 AM] Tempest#5018 17 turns of eating and drinking later... 3445 ntri - Satiated 1393 wtr - Hydrated 79.6% Fatigue - Fatigued _You're full. Really really full._ _And really tired as well. It's soon time to get some rest._ As a reminder, until Stress drops back under 5.0%, Fatigue healing will be less efficient

[04-Oct-18 12:50 AM] Twib#7809 Leeeeeet's go to the hotel, then. I can gen TB later. So, how much is it for the hotel?

[04-Oct-18 01:00 AM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the Silver Castle and direct yourself - tiredly - to the Khazrun Hostel lobby, which takes 14 turns._

[Khazrun Hostel - Lobby]

_The night shift manager is sitting at the desk. It's very quiet in here, as should be appropriate for a hotel of good reputation._

[04-Oct-18 01:01 AM] Twib#7809 "How much for 24 hours? 100 Parallers?"

[04-Oct-18 01:03 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Hotel manager]** Good evening. It's 50 P$ for 24 hours.

[04-Oct-18 01:11 AM] Twib#7809 50 brass for a showr and a bed. "Get me a room closeby, pretty please? I can barely walk./

[04-Oct-18 01:13 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Hotel manager]** Certainly.

_You paid 50 P$ and received a key to Room 106._

Money pouch: 3437.50 P$ (18.66 /20) 1634 brass, 7 cuni, 36 silver, 9 gold _106 is one of the closest from the lobby._

[04-Oct-18 01:15 AM] Twib#7809 Thank the gods. To the door, where I immediately dunk myself in the shower 'till Stress is 0. May I roll for sweet, sweet stress relief?

[04-Oct-18 01:18 AM] Tempest#5018 [Khazrun Hostel - Room 106] _The bedroom was only 3 rooms away. Sweet relief is a few moments away._

[04-Oct-18 01:21 AM] Twib#7809 Clothes, off. Shower, on. /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:21 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (1)\*2 = 2

[04-Oct-18 01:22 AM] Twib#7809 Aaaaand again. /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:22 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (3)\*2 = 6

[04-Oct-18 01:23 AM] Twib#7809 That's, ah, 1.8 Stress relieved?

[04-Oct-18 01:24 AM] Tempest#5018 [Khazrun Hostel - R106 shower room]

_You spent 8 turns under the shower... You relieved 0.8% Fatigue and 1.6% Stress._ Fatigue: 82.4% Stress: 7.9%

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 7.9, so, 40 turns in the shower, eh? /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (2)\*2 = 4

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (3)\*2 = 6

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (1)\*2 = 2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (1)\*2 = 2

[04-Oct-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 These are some trash rolls. /r 1d6*2

[04-Oct-18 01:26 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6*2` = (4)\*2 = 8

[04-Oct-18 01:26 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:26 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (8)\*2 = 16

[04-Oct-18 01:26 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[04-Oct-18 01:26 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (1)\*2 = 2

[04-Oct-18 01:27 AM] Twib#7809 Hey, 40 turns exact. So that's 8 Stress relieved.

[04-Oct-18 01:27 AM] Tempest#5018 Oh, good job. Gimme a sec.

[04-Oct-18 01:36 AM] Twib#7809 No prob

[04-Oct-18 01:43 AM] Tempest#5018 40 turns spent in the shower...

Healed 4.0% Fatigue and 8.0% Stress.

Fatigue 78.4% - Fatigued Stress 0.0% - Low _You will no longer be affected by less effective sleep!_ _It is time to get your very clean butt to bed._

[04-Oct-18 01:44 AM] Twib#7809 Clean enough to eat out, even. Long rest, please! /r 1d6

[04-Oct-18 01:44 AM] Tempest#5018 You step back into the bedroom, and... zzzzzz.

[04-Oct-18 01:44 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6 Ah, hmm?

[04-Oct-18 01:44 AM] Tempest#5018 (( Uh oh. One sec please.

[04-Oct-18 01:46 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (4) = 4 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (3) = 3

[04-Oct-18 01:46 AM] Tempest#5018 OK... We can keep those two rolls. They're a bit delayed ,but... if you want to reroll, you're free to do so.

[04-Oct-18 01:47 AM] Twib#7809 Nah. I'll keep them. So that's 14 hours of sleep, correct?

[04-Oct-18 01:47 AM] Tempest#5018 So far. -56% Fatigue.

[04-Oct-18 01:48 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6 Mmm. Bad connection?

[04-Oct-18 01:49 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (2) = 2

[04-Oct-18 01:50 AM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[04-Oct-18 01:50 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (3) = 3

[04-Oct-18 01:50 AM] Twib#7809 Oh, hey, 24 hours. That should be enough. That's 96 Fatugue if my math is correct.

[04-Oct-18 01:55 AM] Tempest#5018 Yep that's right Zzzz... It is a new day! Earthsday, Pentema 6, Year 704. It is 1:32 AM again. You slept exactly 24 hours and you are completely energized. _You feel pretty fantastic. 0.0% Fatigue, 0.0% Stress, not hungry, not thirsty... Enough to put a smile on?_

[04-Oct-18 02:02 AM] Twib#7809 It's been a while since I had a real smile on. Reina puts on her pearly whites as she grabs her things, heads out the door, drops off the keycard to the room, and heads for the Engineering Tunnels.

[04-Oct-18 02:06 AM] Tempest#5018 _The hotel manager is very surprised at how you managed to hit 24 hours **exactly**._

[04-Oct-18 02:07 AM] Twib#7809 Psssssh. A holy prostitute needs to know when time's up.

[04-Oct-18 02:10 AM] Tempest#5018 Alright. Back to the tunnels.

[04-Oct-18 02:11 AM] Twib#7809 Toooooo, uh. The Criminal Town in the Northwest?

[04-Oct-18 02:11 AM] Tempest#5018 _19 rooms later, you're at the hatch room again._

[04-Oct-18 02:11 AM] Twib#7809 The one with the casino and the mine, right?

[04-Oct-18 02:11 AM] Tempest#5018 Lenox Corner.

[04-Oct-18 02:12 AM] Twib#7809 Thank you. I'll take the tunnel to the Corner, and then Skip Travel to Raven City.

[04-Oct-18 02:12 AM] Tempest#5018 You go down the ladder and prepare to tunnel travel to Lenox, which will take 22 hours and 250 turns. Ready?

[04-Oct-18 02:14 AM] Twib#7809 Yes.

[04-Oct-18 02:21 AM] Tempest#5018 [11:32 PM - Lenox Corner - Generator - ESSN hatch room] 2505 ntri (OK), 651 wtr (OK) Fatigue 27.0% _You've traveled successfully all the way into the Western Zone._

[04-Oct-18 02:22 AM] Twib#7809 Oh, wow, only 27 Fatigue? Wellx alright then.

[04-Oct-18 02:22 AM] Tempest#5018 You rolled out of bed and started traveling. So yeah.

[04-Oct-18 02:22 AM] Twib#7809 Let's Skip Travel. The fastest route to Raven City!

[04-Oct-18 02:26 AM] Tempest#5018 Shortest route: Lenox -> I-07 -> Station Delta (which was the northwest tunnel point, and the closest point to Raven) -> Raven but yeah, too late now, you went and confirmed Lenox so it's a few more hours of walking for us! _You leave the hatch room in Lenox, and get to the gap corridor, traveling 5 rooms to get there._ Skip traveling to I-07...

[04-Oct-18 02:30 AM] Twib#7809 Oh wait, there was a faster route? Blegh blegh.

[04-Oct-18 02:32 AM] Tempest#5018 Yep Station Delta was a tunnel endpoint. Wait. Hang on. Did I make you travel 22 hours? From _Neo Khazrun_ to _Lenox?_ They're neighbor zones. That should have been 8 hours and a half. WHOOPS. I guess that's what happens when I'm attention split. Let me give you 13 hours 30 minutes back, as well as 150 turns back. The time has now been corrected to 10:02 AM Your stats are now: 2650 ntri - OK 796 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue: 12.5% - OK Apologies for the screw-up.

[04-Oct-18 02:35 AM] Twib#7809 Well, okay. No problem. To Raven City!

[04-Oct-18 02:35 AM] Tempest#5018 Skip traveling to I-07... _15 rooms skipped, and 1 hour 15 minutes have passed. You reached Intersection 07 from the South end._ [11:17 AM - I-07 - South Street 3] _Passing through?_

[04-Oct-18 02:37 AM] Twib#7809 Passing through.

[04-Oct-18 02:38 AM] Tempest#5018 _You walk 6 rooms to West St 3, and prepare to skip travel to Station Delta..._ _26 rooms skipped, 2 hour 10 minutes later..._ [1:27 PM - Station Delta] _Raven City is nearby ,just one more traveling session to do._ _Ready?_

[04-Oct-18 02:41 AM] Twib#7809 Yes please!

[04-Oct-18 02:42 AM] Tempest#5018 _29 rooms skipped, 2 hours 25 minutes have passed..._ [3:52 PM - Raven City] You made it! And with only 30% Fatigue.

[04-Oct-18 02:45 AM] Twib#7809 Wait, so it was faster this way? Welp. To Lance!

[04-Oct-18 02:46 AM] Tempest#5018 _To an extent only. It is longer in player terms. The ESSN tunnels may have some artificial length to them but they exist for **convenience**._ _I tried to make it so there is always an advantage and a disadvantage to all available methods of travel._

[04-Oct-18 02:49 AM] Twib#7809 Huuue. Regardless, to Lance.

[04-Oct-18 02:49 AM] Tempest#5018 _You enter the town of Raven City, which looks about as asleep at almost 4 in the afternoon as it would in the night. There aren't many people in this remote part of the world...

... You travel 17 rooms and reach the lobby of the big, mostly empty laboratory than Lance Chaosclaw uses as his workplace. He has four lab wings all to himself... who knows what he uses all of that space for?_ [Raven City - Bionics workshop - Lobby]

[04-Oct-18 02:52 AM] Twib#7809 brb

[04-Oct-18 03:05 AM] Twib#7809 Back. "Hey Laaaaaaance, I'm here to make you build somethijg for youkaaaai~"

[04-Oct-18 03:06 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** Hmmm?
    • [Lance]** Who dares-- Oh. I think I remember you. You're that tanuki lady.
    • [Lance]** Well, what OWES the visit of REINA the TANUKI into my humble... abode?

[04-Oct-18 03:07 AM] Twib#7809 Hard drive, delivered!

[04-Oct-18 03:08 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** Oh... How interesting. How... Peculiar, even. Would you care to stay for a few moments?

_He plugs the hard drive into his computer, and begins browsing through the contents..._

    • [Lance]** ... What did Mossman sent you and this hard drive for? Such a SHAME she didn't come here all the way by herself... But I suppose she has more important things to do. BUT STILL... I would have appreciated not to see a courier. Arghhhh... This is so... so... FRUSTRATING! I can't... I can't...
    • [Lance]** _<Deep breath.>_
    • [Lance]** Gahhhh... Please accept my apologies. I like Mossman; I mean... that I like that woman's work. I have heard that she's acquired some priceless data from the Roazon era of theoretical physics, and that she is workong on some of their more... Noble, shall we say, projects. Project Lambda, was it? The fancy suit of superhero armor? I like that one. This could be the GOOD stuff. Something to help EVERYONE.
    • [Lance]** That suit, that tech, it could advance science, it could advance society forwards. Not just one faction, not just one group. This ought to be for sale in the WHOLE WORLD.


    • [Lance]** What I’m trying to say is that I’m reluctant to help you. This is my technology. I’d like to be of help, but… No, no, NO! My work CANNOT be misused ever again!

_Lance appears very conflicted. You think there's an opportunity to convince him, so if you would like to make a Negotiation check, it's the right time. Otherwise, you can ask him normally what he wants._

[04-Oct-18 03:15 AM] Twib#7809 "Sir, I was the one who found the results of Project Lambda. I saw all the misuse, and the outright abuse, of science." "I saw rapists and sadists torture the halflings they had genetically manipulated into existence. I saw them die horrifically once their next project, paionics, were abused into revolution. I saw monsters destroying not only themselves, but everyone around them in the process." "But I also saw people fighting against the struggle. I saw heroes taking a stand against evil and misuse."

[04-Oct-18 03:19 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** What you saw was the results of Project Psyker. Lambda... Lambda was a good project. From what I've heard, the ones behind Lambda didn't want all of those horrible things to happen.
    • [Lance]** I only dread to know the details. THOSE... I do not want to know. The dead deserve respect, even hundreds of years later!

[04-Oct-18 03:21 AM] Twib#7809 "I saw a single Free Man fight to preserve Project Lambda, to use it and bring justice to the monsters behind Psyker, and his last words were a plea to bring Lambda back." "Only you can continue Freeman's work. He never got to finish the Mark 2 Armor. We've finished building thr Armor for Youkai." "Please. Help us finish his work."

[04-Oct-18 03:22 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** Yes... YES. TRUE men of science! TRUE work for the advancement of all sapient life! ... But, me? Should I? Can I? My work has been sullied, too... I... There are... So many reasons for me not to trust blindly...

[04-Oct-18 03:23 AM] Twib#7809 "Please ensure he didn't die in vain." Roll Negotiate?

[04-Oct-18 03:23 AM] Tempest#5018 You may make a negotiation check. Normally that would be FT 11 at your current skill level but... I'm going to drop it to FT 10 because the inspirational speech was great. Roleplayer's bonus. Toss me a 2d6.

[04-Oct-18 03:24 AM] Twib#7809 RIP /r 2d6

[04-Oct-18 03:25 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (5+1) = 6

[04-Oct-18 03:25 AM] Tempest#5018 Failed.

[04-Oct-18 03:25 AM] Twib#7809 Womp womp.

[04-Oct-18 03:25 AM] Tempest#5018 But that's not the end of it.

    • [Lance]** Miss Reina, I appreciated it. No, really. I appreciated you trying to uplift my spirits. But I need to be sure.
    • [Lance]** Let me level with you for a second. I’ve got to explain all of this, so sit down, and bear with me, for I, Lance Chaosclaw, shall explain EVERYTHING to you. _<Ham>_

_Throat clearing._

    • [Lance]** When I was still a young scientist, I was a bright-faced idealist… I had just turned 25, and I was about to undertake my first, greatest project, was to augment one of the most powerful men in the Mazes; Thomas Wight, in person!
    • [Lance]** Many of my creations have been implanted into his body, many of which were designed in the purest scientific interest of augmenting him, extending his lifespan, making him a better, stronger human being. And I believed that there was no better way of showcasing my work than to have a military officer as my canvas – I believed, then, that if I could help the military, then I was helping the world be safer.
    • [Lance]** Now, he is a Colonel and he’s almost 80 years old… despite looking no older than 50, perhaps, and being stronger than even the best Maze Soldiers in their prime! And the reason this is all possible is thanks to ME! MY work!
    • [Lance]** AND YET, I am the only one working on this technology. The Science Team of Biological Engineering is me, myself and I. You’ve got the entire field in front of your eyes. Sometimes, sometimes I wish I knew how best to help my colleagues, but I’m afraid, yes, afraid! For I, Lance Chaosclaw… Refuse to work on anything that is unethical, or against scientific principles! Remember the lessons of Roazon, the folly and the God-play mentality of our predecessors, the dangers of our work!
    • [Lance]** I cannot prove it, and I only have theories, but I know from the bottom of my heart that halflings didn’t appear as otherworlder beings, like youkai have! Roazon **made** halflings, and who knows what other kinds of horrors they made; I’m certain that it is one of their creations that destroyed their town. Not that I have anything against halflings, or youkai, or anyone… Of course, I do not. But it is terrifying to think about. Maybe **YOU** have seen proof of it. Maybe **YOU** have seen whether or not this theory is true.

_Beat, the time for you to respond, if you wish._

[04-Oct-18 03:40 AM] Twib#7809 Just... Thinking. But, in for a penny... "Yes. Yes they did. The team in Rozaon are responsible for halflings coming into existence. They're responsible for Magicians. They're responsible for Psions, who were abused until they desrroyed all of Rozoan."

[04-Oct-18 03:45 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** I KNEW IT. I KNEW IIIIIT! _<Maniacal laughter>_
    • [Lance]** See. THIS. THOSE people. THOSE wastes, those excuses that dare sully the name of science... THEY are the reason why I trust my peers so little.
    • [Lance]** Anyway... Moving on. Here's the thing. I would, in fact, greatly enjoy letting youkai be the recipients of my technology, but I have been unable, yes… unable to come up with successful results. Their bodies reject augmented body parts, systematically and inexplicably; so much so that in two attempts, I’ve had two deaths on the operating table, many years ago… It was twenty years ago, in fact.
    • [Lance]** I was starting to regret some of my decisions… I was starting to regret having augmented Colonel Wight, who is now employing his greatly expanded abilities and lifetime to the sole purpose of destroying youkai-kind. Think what you wish of the man, you may admire him or you may hate him, and you may be right, but I felt I had violated my own principles… That is NOT what I intended my work for!
    • [Lance]** I tried, you know? I really tried, I wanted to undo some of the bad I had accidentally helped create, but it was too late… Two youkai died at my hands in my attempts to repair what was, really, my personal little Roazon. I wanted so desperately to absolve myself, but I only caused more youkai to die. I hate to be a partisan, I am a scientist, my role isn’t to take sides, but my actions… My actions have helped the military, and I’ve never been able to really move on ever since…

_..._ _Lance deflates, and sits back down on his chair. A long beat passes._

[04-Oct-18 03:52 AM] Twib#7809 "Wouldn't this be a start? As it is, only humans can only use Power Armor properly. This is safer for everyone, armor that anyone can use to protect themselves." "I've - I had a friend with me. She died, in Rozoan. Andnif even one ofnus could have worn that suit, she might be here now, still with me." "That's my stake in it. I had my Rozoan in Rozoan. And I won't let it be misused. Vivian, won't let it be misused."

[04-Oct-18 03:54 AM] Tempest#5018 _Lance lifts his head up. He seems to be listening intently._

[04-Oct-18 03:54 AM] Twib#7809 "And if you hoin us, you wouldn't let it be misused."

[04-Oct-18 03:54 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lance]** ... You know what?
    • [Lance]** I believe _you_. You've lost something. I know you're telling the truth I KNOW it, because it shows. But I'm going to need guarantees from Mossman-Meyer. If her intentions are real... Let's make sure of it. The old fashioned way. With a CONTRACT... And a SEAL. Let me type something and print it, I'll be just a few minutes...

_It's going to take 1 turn and 5 minutes of waiting for the contract to be ready._

[04-Oct-18 03:56 AM] Twib#7809 I'm a patient girl I can wait.

[04-Oct-18 03:58 AM] Tempest#5018 _5 minutes later..._ _The noise of the printer filled the air for a few seconds. Lance has finished printing an official looking contract._

[04-Oct-18 04:00 AM] Twib#7809 What's it say?

[04-Oct-18 04:00 AM] Tempest#5018 _The contract is two pages, and you can discern two big spots for signatures at the bottom. He signs one half, then inserts the two pages into a big envelope, on which the words are handwritten: "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: VIVIAN MOSSMAN-MEYER". Lance won't let you read it, but he assures you that if she signs it, it will be good._

    • [Lance]** If you want my help for her project… Deliver that to her. Make sure she signs.

[Key item] Chaosclaw's contract

Objective 5c completed.

Objective 6 activated. 6) Deliver the contract to Vivian Mossman-Meyer

_And that's it for today!_ [Session #124 ; Session end]