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A Cardinal Amulet is one of a set of four holy items forged by the Cardinal Gods. Each represents and is named after one of the Gods themselves. Collecting all four Amulets, then invoking their power is the primary goal of a Contestant in order to reach Endgame (this process is sometimes referred to as "ascending".

Many legends and rumors circulate about the Amulets, the most notable being that they were created by the Gods themselves, and that they can only be truly found by the Contestant. When all four have been found and gathered together by the Contestant, they fuse into one and grant access to the elusive White Area.

In gameplay terms, the Amulets are the player's ticket to the endgame. Collecting the Amulets is the primary objective in MazeWorld, and punctuates the progress of every contestant throughout their journey. Obtaining all four and gaining access to the endgame is required to complete a run.

When a Contestant has obtained all four Amulets, he/she must invoke the Gods in order to be transported to endgame; the process is not automatic. On a gameplay point of view, this is so players can choose to continue their progress instead of leaving immediately.


Each amulet has similar dimensions and features, with distinctive colors and representations of their associated deity. The Amulet of Genbu is black, the Amulet of Seiryuu is azure, the Amulet of Byakko is white and the Amulet of Suzaku is scarlet.


On their own, Amulets have no effect.

When all four Amulets have been gathered, they may be activated to call upon divine powers and bring the Contestant to the Endgame.

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