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Certain items in Mazeworld are considered key items. The common trait between those items is that they can never be lost, are critical or very important to the contestant, and that they can be carried on an utility belt, in a specially designed section, with no impact on inventory weight.

The following is a list of key items. When carried on an utility belt's Key Item section, there is a limit of 1 per key item type max (in other words, cannot carry two or more of the same key item on the belt), but their weight is ignored and considered to be zero. When not carried on a belt, there is no limit on how many can be carried, but weight matters as normal. All of these items weigh 1 unit unless listed otherwise.

  • The Cardinal Amulets, which are the only type of key item that do not require a belt to be carried.
  • The Container keys, which are the proper keys unlocking the locks on containers. They are kept on a keychain, an indefinite amount of keys can be kept.
  • The Detonator, for detonating certain explosives, such as C4.
  • The Lighter for certain items which require lighting to be used.
  • The Mobile phone, and their batteries (The first mobile phone may be carried as a weightless key item on the belt. Extra phones or phones not carried as a key item weigh 1 unit each. Extra batteries weigh 0.1 unit each and cannot be carried as key items).
  • Restraints, such as handcuffs, which Guards use to arrest perpetrators, and which can be used by the contestant as well.
  • The Tactical radio, an attachment for the mobile phone.
  • The Water canteen, a refillable, large capacity bottle to allow the wearer to always have water at hand.
  • The face gear key items:

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