Tactical radio (no ontology)

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The tactical radio is an attachment for the mobile phone. It allows squads and groups to communicate with each other (provided they all have a tactical radio as well), and is part of the standard equipment of all Soldiers and Guards.


Communication between tactical radio users can be done without drain on the mobile phone battery ; all tactical radio users can talk to each other provided they are within a reasonably close distance from each other.

Tactical radio users can also communicate with purpose-built radio operators, generally referred to as "Central", which is a telephone server usually located in a facility such as a Barracks or a Police Station. The purpose of communicating with a central is generally to communicate with the tac-radio users' superiors, such as a squad of Soldiers needing to contact Central to relay information or request orders from their Lieutenant.

Contestants may purchase tactical radios in a Workshop. They can also be carried in the inventory ; each one weighs 1 unit.

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