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A Maze Guard is a member of the Maze Personnel and an iconic, almost ubiquitous encounter in the Mazes. Maze Guards are part of the LE/Police faction, and as the name suggests, they represent the Mazes' law enforcement.

Guards enforce a set of laws called the Standard Law, and assign a Police Attention Level to perpetrators they see or know about. Although Guards need to be present to enforce those laws and arrest perpetrators, anyone can be pegged with Police Attention if they have been reported.

Because the job of a Maze Guard may be particularly dangerous, they are paid on a day-to-day basis, depending on their rank and branch. The base pay of a standard Maze Guard is 120 P$/day.

Maze Guards are declined in several variants and ranks, each with their own equipment: standard Maze Guards, Guard Sergeants, Guard Chiefs, and Special Response Team (SRT) Guards, the MazeWorld equivalent of SWAT. Guards are headquartered in facilities called Police Stations. Each Station has three groups ; a Patrol group composed of regular Maze Guards and Sergeants, an SRT group composed of Special Response Team Guards and their sergeants, and a Call Operator group composed of Guards with the special task and responsibility of managing and handling emergency calls, then directing Patrol and SRT groups to the relevant locations.

Each Guard reports to one over-arching leader, the Maze Sheriff Len Hargrave. Sheriff Hargrave, much like his military counterpart, resides in a facility called the Police Headquarters. The Police HQ is the law enforcer equivalent of the Main Barracks. Similarly to Colonel Wight's own Elite Battalion, the Sheriff leads his own special unit, the Emergency Support Group (ESG), a group of 8 SRT teams specially trained for crisis and extreme law enforcement situations.


AC Perk HEAD group BODY group LIMBS group EXTR. group Weak points
Human None 1 head Upper body, Lower body 2 arms, 2 legs 2 hands, 2 feet, teeth 2 eyes(F), genitals
Skeleton type CBT? CUW? LAW?
Human Yes Yes Yes

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Other data

  • Is peaceful.
  • Can talk.
  • Law Enforcement: They are the police force of the Mazes, enforcing its laws.
  • Loyal: They are attached to their job. Contestants will have a hard time convincing them to join him/her.
  • Backup call ability: See the relevant section for detailed information


The equipment varies according to rank and status.

Regular police force

  • Clothing and armor:
    • Headgear: Cop hat
    • Top: Guard shirt
    • Body armor: None
    • Arms addon: None
    • Bottom: Guard pants
    • Legs addon: None
    • Footwear: Regular shoes
Extra equipment by rank

Special Response Team (SRT)

  • Clothing and armor:
    • Headgear: D armor helmet
    • Top: Guard shirt
    • Body armor: Heavy D armor vest
    • Arms addon: D armor arm pads
    • Bottom: Guard pants
    • Legs addon: D armor leg pads
    • Footwear: Military boots

Pay grades

  • The base pay of a Maze Guard is 120 P$/day.
  • A Guard Sergeant receives a pay of 200 P$/day.
  • A Guard Chief receives a pay of 350 P$/day.
  • A Guard that is part of the Special Response Team receives 300 P$/day.


This lists only the required clothing the contestant needs for the disguise to be successful. Note that wearing a Power Armor Suit or an EOD Suit cancels immediately the disguise as these suits cover the entirety of the wearer's clothes and are, as such, unsuitable for disguising.

  • Maze Guard: Cop hat, Guard shirt, Guard pants, Regular shoes
  • SRT Guard: D armor helmet, Guard shirt, D armor arm pads, Heavy D armor vest (+Titanium/Steel plate), Guard pants, D armor leg pads, Military boots

Law enforcement

Maze Guards are the members of the Mazes' police forces. As such, the aspect of law enforcement is detailed here.


More information: Police Attention

Guards enforce a set of defined laws, and are judge, jury and executioner. They handle all aspects of law enforcement, from arresting, judging, sentencing, and imprisoning.

Backup calls

If a Guard needs to request backup, this is when their issued mobile phones come into play. Depending on the severity of the situation, Guards can call central and request backup in the form of standard officers, or Special Response Team officers if their rank allows.

For any situation not involving the Contestant as the perpetrator, Guards may make appropriate calls depending on the severity of the situation the Contestant witnesses, or even is a victim of, if applicable. Generally speaking, Yellow and Orange-level Police attention may warrant a low alert call, anything higher may warrant a high alert call instead.

Note: Cooldown period is initiated after the backup has arrived only.

Low alert call

Any Maze Guard, regardless of rank or type, may make a low alert call.

  • Backup summoned: 1d3 Maze Guards with default equipment and random weapons
  • ETA: 1d5+1 turns
  • Cooldown period: 10 turns.

High alert call

Only Guard Sergeants, Guard Chiefs, the Maze Sheriff, and SRT Guards may make high alert calls - meaning all but the lowest rank, Maze Guard. If a regular Maze Guard wishes to make a high alert backup call, they must obtain the express approval of an approved rank.

  • Backup summoned: 1d3+1 SRT Guards with default equipment and random weapons
  • ETA: 1d3+1 turns
  • Cooldown period: 15 turns.


More information: Handcuffs

A Maze Guard has the ability to arrest perpetrators using their handcuffs. Only they can perform an arrest - the handcuffs are used to immobilize the perpetrators, then Guards use their clearance to proceed and punish according to Police Attention; either confiscation, or detainment.


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