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Load-bearing equipment (often shortened as LBE) is arguably the most important type of item that is given to the contestant in the beginning of his/her adventure in Mazeworld. LBE gear is what allows the contestant to have an inventory and carry items.

LBE may be worn by creatures who don't wear clothing and armor, on the conditions that if they can pick up and use firearms, they can wear LBE. Please check individual encounter articles to know if a certain species can do so.

There are 4 different LBE categories:

  • Tactical vests (or just vests)
  • Backpacks (packs)
  • Utility belts (belts)
  • Leg rigs (rigs)

Up to 1 of each (2 for leg rigs) can be worn at the same type by Contestants and any creature capable of carrying weapons.

Putting on, or removing a piece of LBE, takes 1 turn.

Transferring inventory (any amount of items) between the floor and a piece of LBE (both ways), or from one piece of LBE to another, takes 1 turn.

"Upgrading", or generally transferring inventory to another piece of LBE (such as when finding a backpack of better capacity than the current one) takes 3 turns: 1 turn to transfer inventory, 1 turn to remove the old LBE, and 1 turn to put on the new LBE.

Most load-bearing equipment items can be folded down in order to be carried into other LBE items, under certain conditions only:

  • In order to fold a LBE item down, it must be empty and it must be foldable (not all LBE items can be folded down).
  • Once folded down, a LBE item cannot be worn nor can items be inserted into it.
  • Folding and unfolding an LBE item takes one turn.
  • Foldable LBE items have a carry weight.
    • All tactical vests fold down to Weight 5.
    • All utility belts fold down to Weight 3.
    • All leg rigs fold down to Weight 2.
    • Only certain backpacks are foldable, and those that can be folded each have a different Weight - see List of backpacks for more details.
  • It may occasionally tolerated to drag unfoldable backpacks over short distances, but it should not be considered a reliable method of transporting extra unfoldable backpacks.

Example event lines:

  • Unfolded: [LBE] (Tactical vest) AK chest rig - Capacity 2 units + Ammo 1 (6 mags only, max tier: Large) + Class 4 pouch (max 4, max wgt/item 2)
  • Folded: [LBE] (Tactical vest) AK chest rig - Folded down - Weight: 5


Every piece of load-bearing gear can have two traits: a main carrying capacity, and one or multiple specialized carrying capacities. All of those capacities are expressed in weight units, and show the maximum weight they can carry in items.

Main carrying capacity denotes the capability to carry anything within the listed maximum amount of weight units. Specialized carrying capacity, on the other hand, denotes the capability to carry only a certain type of item, as well as limits in quantity, max individual weight or max total weight, which is usually described clearly on the LBE event line.

  • For example, an ammunition pouch described as (8 mags only, max size tier: Large), means that this pouch can only carry up to 8 magazines, and each magazine must not exceed the Large size tier, otherwise they cannot be carried in that pouch and must be stored somewhere else.

It must be noted that backpacks all have a money pouch (which allows the Contestant to carry up to 20 units of coins without impact on the rest of the inventory), and belts enable the ability to carry key items other than the Cardinal Amulets. Without a backpack, no money pouch, and without a belt, no key items.

It must be noted that there is a difference between items that are immediately accessible and items that are inaccessible.

Are considered immediately accessible:

  • When NOT in combat, any item in the current room is considered to be immediately accessible.
  • When in combat, items that are equipped, spared in a tactical vest, utility rig or leg rig, or in a set-down backpack.
  • When in combat, items that are on the floor, on the condition that they are on the same side as the Contestant.

Are considered inaccessible:

  • Items that are carried by other creatures (they must willingly give their items to you, or drop them in an accessible location, if you wish to gain access to them.)
  • When in combat, items that are in the backpack ; it must be set down first (see below)
  • When in combat, items that are on the floor, and NOT on the same side as the Contestant - see the Battlespace rules

Setting down the backpack

The Backpack's contents are inaccessible unless it is set down. Backpacks are designed for carrying the bulk of one's inventory, but tend not to be designed for immediate access. As such, if one desires to access their backpack items while in combat, 1 turn must be spent to set down the backpack during combat, so that it can be accessed and opened. This affects the ability to take items out of the backpack, but also the ability to put items inside.

  • Note: Setting down the backpack is not considered the same as dropping it, if it's used for the sole purpose of accessing its contents. Dropping a backpack implies the intention to stop carrying it entirely. If the Contestant wants, for some reason, to permanently get rid of their backpack (contents included), the player must confirm that they do not simply want to set it down to access contents.
  • Note 2: Re-wearing a set down backpack is a free action and is assumed to be done automatically.

Emergency carrying

If the Contestant or a creature capable of wearing LBE currently carries no LBE at all (or only a Default Belt), then an assumed pants pockets allows an emergency carrying capacity of 1.5 units.

  • WARNING: The emergency carrying capacity can be UNAVAILABLE, if the concerned creature cannot wear clothes, wears no Bottom, or wears one of the following: Panties, Thong, Bottom piece of bikini, as they won't have pockets.


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