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Throughout their progress, statistics regarding the Contestant are tracked. They are a set of variables, that can be separated into four main categories:

Basic information

Primary statistics

Vital stats

  • Current natural Failure Threshold (natural + modifiers)
  • Current Inaccuracy Range (derived from current FT + combat skill modifiers + other modifiers)
  • Current Agility (natural + modifiers)
  • Current Strength (natural + modifiers)
  • Current Pain Sensitivity (natural + modifiers)
  • Current Pain thresholds ; Pain Blackout Threshold and Pain Death Threshold.
  • Current Endurance (natural + modifiers), which serves as the "Max Fatigue" stat.

Other stats

  • Skills
    • Combat skills
    • Noncombat skills
  • Reputation
    • Faction Reputation with each of the six major Factions of the Mazes
    • Town Reputation with each of the Towns visited or known
  • Renown



In addition to providing carrying capacity (either general or specialized), certain rules exist regarding load-bearing equipment:

  • All items in a backpack cannot be directly accessed ; if an item in the backpack is needed, 1 turn must be spent to set it down. Picking it back up is a free action.
  • Items not in a backpack - those in a tactical vest, utility belt and leg rigs - are all immediately accessible.
  • An utility belt is required to carry key items other than the Cardinal Amulets.
  • A backpack is required to have a money pouch, which allows the Contestant to carry up to 20 units worth of coins without impact on inventory space.

While not an item, any credit available at the Mazes' shops should be listed in the inventory, if any exists. Credit counts towards total wealth.

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