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Hydration is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant. The primary items that affect Hydration are certain food items ; largely beverages - as well as sources of water in general; room furniture such as showers and sinks. Hydration is measured into abstract hydration units or body water units, called wtr.


Thresholds Effects
1x BV : 2x BV Hydrated
0 wtr : 1x BV -1 wtr OK
1x nBV +1 wtr : -1 wtr Thirsty
2x nBV +1 wtr : 1x nBV Dehydrated
3x nBV +1 : 2x nBV Very dehydrated
3x nBV Death


  • BV: Baseline Value
  • nBV: Negative Baseline Value


  • The Baseline Value for hydration represents the amount of water necessary to make up one day worth of proper hydration. Every day at midnight, hydration is reduced by an amount equivalent to the Baseline Value (this is called the daily hydration reset) therefore it is necessary to ensure that enough water has been drunk during the rest of the day. There are no negative consequences for drinking too much, but not drinking enough may cause negative effects.
  • The BV is calulated as meat worth * 10.
    • Example: A human (meat worth 70) has a hydration Baseline Value of 700 (70 * 10). A kitsune (meat worth 56) has a hydration baseline value of 560 (56 * 10).
  • The best and most common ways to replenish hydration are: Drinking water or other beverages, or eating certain food items high in wtr. Besides the daily reset, certain effects may cause hydration to go down, and certain other food items may deplete hydration (they have a negative wtr value).
  • Hydration caps at 2x BV on the upper end, and 3x nBV on the lower end.
    • For example, a human (BV: 700 wtr) cannot have more than 1400 wtr or less than -2100 wtr.


  • Hydrated: No effects. The creature has had more than enough water and is well hydrated.
  • OK: No effects.
  • Thirsty: Strength -10%. The creature feels dryness in their mouth and needs a drink soon.
  • Dehydrated: Strength -20%, FT +1. The creature is starting to feel weak and dizzy from the lack of water.
  • Very dehydrated: Strength -30%, FT +1, Hallucinations. The creature is starting to feel the effects of thirst delirium, and is in danger of dying from dehydration.
  • If hydration reaches a value equal to negative 3 times the baseline value, death by dehydration immediately occurs.


  • Inediate creatures do not suffer from the effects of nutrition as they simply do not have a nutrition or a hydration counter to begin with.

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