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Nutrition is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant. The primary items that affect Nutrition are food, although certain other kinds of items may affect the statistic as well. Nutrition is measured into abstract nutrition units, called ntri.


Thresholds Effects
3x BV Oversatiated
2x BV : 3x BV -1 ntri Satiated
1x BV : 2x BV -1 ntri Contented
0 ntri : 1x BV -1 ntri OK
1x nBV +1 ntri : -1 ntri Hungry
2x nBV +1 ntri : 1x nBV Famished
3x nBV : 2x nBV Starving


  • BV: Baseline Value
  • nBV: Negative Baseline Value


  • The Baseline Value for nutrition represents the amount of nutrients necessary to make up one day worth of food. Every day at midnight, nutrition is reduced by an amount equivalent to the Baseline Value (this is called the daily nutrition reset) therefore it is necessary to ensure that enough food has been eaten during the rest of the day. Eating too much or not enough will cause negative effects, listed below.
  • The BV is calulated as meat worth * 30.
  • Eating food is, naturally, the best and most common way of replenishing nutrition. Besides the daily reset, certain effects may cause nutrition to go down, such as the nutrition expended when healing Pain, Blood or, if the limb healing effect is active, Limb damage.
  • Nutrition caps at 3x BV on the upper end, and 3x nBV on the lower end.
    • For example, a human (BV: 2100 ntri) cannot have more than 6300 ntri or less than -6300 ntri.


  • Oversatiated: Agility -1, Minimum Fatigue is set to 20.0%. The creature's stomach is full and bloated to the point of being uncomfortable.
  • Satiated: Minimum Fatigue is set to 10.0%. The creature is completely satiated and may not need to eat any more for a while.
  • Contented: No effects. The creature has eaten their fill for the day.
  • OK: No effects.
  • Hungry: Strength -10%. The creature has a mild nutritional deficiency and needs to eat soon.
  • Famished: Strength -20%, Natural healing disabled. The creature hasn't eaten in a long while and is becoming weak and tired.
  • Starving: Strength -30%, Natural healing disabled, Self-deterioration. The creature must absolutely find food to eat, or face a slow death by self-deterioration.


  • Inediate creatures do not suffer from the effects of nutrition as they simply do not have a nutrition or a hydration counter to begin with.

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