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Pain is one of the vital statistics tracked on every Contestant. Pain simulates the amount of physical pain the Contestant is enduring, and the resulting effects of shock that it induces. As it is the most common way to deal damage, the Pain counter is the most direct indicator of a creature's general health level. Pain is affected by several statistics and can be affected by a wide majority of factors, most of which through combat.

Rate 0%;39% 40%;69% 70%;<PBT PBT;<PDT PDT
Condition OK Hurt Agony Blackout threshold Death threshold
  • PBT: Pain Blackout Threshold - default value is 100%
  • PDT: Pain Death Threshold - default value is 150%

How it works

  • Pain can be naturally healed, at a standard rate of 2% per turn. Natural healing of Pain costs 5 ntri and 0.1% Fatigue per 1% Pain healed. Thus, every turn, at the normal rate of 2% Pain per turn, 10 ntri and 0.2% Fatigue will be consumed.
  • Incoming Pain can be lessened by wearing clothing and armor of the highest possible armor class, and it should cover the most body parts possible to ensure reliable protection.
  • Pain can be treated via certain medical aids, or when finding a Hospital room, for a fee.
  • Various ways to affect the stats influencing Pain also exist, e.g. meds modifying pain sensitivity.


Three stats influence Pain directly, not counting natural healing: Pain sensitivity, Pain Blackout Threshold, and Pain Death Threshold.

  • Pain sensitivity (Default value: 100% which corresponds to 1.00x) is a multiplier on incoming Pain damage can be modified temporarily or permanently via the use of meds, Bionics, or other methods (magic, certain items or effects, etc).
  • Pain Blackout Threshold (PBT, default value: 100%) sets the minimum amount of Pain needed to pass out or blackout. It can never be higher than the Max Pain Threshold, for obvious reasons. It can only be modified via the use of Bionics or certain other methods.
  • Pain Death Threshold (PDT or "true Max Pain", default value: 150%) sets the maximum amount of Pain needed before dying. It is defined as being always equal to MPuB + 50% ; in other words, anything that affects PBT also affects PDT. It can only be modified on its own, separately from PBT, via certain other methods.


The various stages of Pain may cause various Secondary effects.

  • Hurt causes reduced accuracy (FT+1).
  • Agony causes further reduced accuracy (FT+2).
  • Reaching Blackout Threshold causes loss of consciousness, as the term suggests.
    • While in combat, a blacked-out creature loses consciousness and all awareness of its surroundings, similarly to being asleep, although blacking out is not considered a form of sleep (it will not heal Fatigue). Blacked-out creatures are considered helpless ; which means nothing can wake them up, until Pain subsides, death occurs, or forced wakefulness occurs. Generally speaking, a creature in blackout state is totally helpless, blind, deaf, and incapable of acting or moving in any way.
    • Blacked-out creatures are still subject to Pain Sensitivity ; even if they technically no longer suffer the accuracy loss effects of previous states of pain, they can still feel pain and be hurt by Pain damage.
  • Reaching Death Threshold causes Death, except in very specific circumstances.

Blacking out

If the Contestant blacks out during combat, they will be helpless until combat ends, which may result in certain situations occurring.

  • In most cases, Contestants will be considered 'defeated' by their opponents if they black out, and depending on the enemy, the Contestant's body may also be looted. Looting priority is as follows: Money in backpack pouch, money elsewhere in inventory, valuables in inventory.
  • In certain cases, particularly if the Contestant is wanted dead for any reason (generally as a result of poor Reputation with relevant factions, or in specific situations from Quests), enemies will attempt to execute a blacked-out Contestant. This naturally results in their Death.
  • Any allies and friendly creatures still conscious while the Contestant is blacked out will continue fighting, and may attempt to use their own medical supplies (if they carry any) to wake the Contestant up.

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