Damage chart (no ontology)

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Example damage chart, to understand the meanings of the abbreviations and terms used.

Damage type LDV C1 C2 C3 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
damage type +2 77% 66% 55% 44% 33% 22% 11% 1%
  • LDV is short for Limb Damage Value.
  • C1-C3 and A1-A5 refer to Armor Class.
  • The percentage values refer to the amount of Pain sustained by a target with that Armor Class (barring any other modifiers)

Damage types:

  • Blunt-type
  • Sharp-type
  • Piercing-type
  • Explosive-type - Special, see Explosives rules.
  • Bullet-type - No clothing proofs exist against this damage type.
    • Trauma plates may negate clothing damage from Bullet-type hits. See the article for more info.
  • Special family: No clothing proofs exist against this damage type. Damage is almost always the same across all Armor Classes, making such attacks typically very dangerous due to their flat damage curve.

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