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Fatigue is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant. Fatigue tracks the amount of energy and exhaustion currently sustained by the Contestant, and serves as an indicator of how worn out and tired he or she is. While high fatigue isn't directly threatening to the Contestant's life, it can, if allowed to reach its maximum value, render the Contestant extremely vulnerable. Thus, remaining as energetic as possible and keeping Fatigue low enough is recommended for continued survival in the Mazes.


Fatigue is a percentile value, like Pain, but with one difference ; Fatigue is tracked with one decimal (e.g. 47.0%) instead of no decimal (47%).

Rate Condition
0.0% ; 49.9% OK
50.0% ; 69.9% Tired
70.0% ; END -0.1% Fatigued
END : 2x END -0.1% Exhausted
2x END Death
  • END: Endurance - see below for details


Endurance (END) is the vital statistic which affects Fatigue. By default, it is 100.0%. Endurance sets the amount of Fatigue needed to reach Exhausted, and in turn, the amount of Fatigue that will be fatal. If the END stat is less than 70% or 50%, then, respectively, the "Fatigued" and "Tired" states do not exist for this character; instead they go straight to "Exhausted" upon reaching the requisite amount of Fatigue.

How it works

  • Fatigue is generally increased through healing from damage (Healing Pain, Blood, Limb damage all increase Fatigue by certain amounts), and through secondary effects which may temporarily cause Fatigue to increase at certain rates every turn.
  • Certain effects may also cause minimum Fatigue to be increased above 0.0% - meaning that Fatigue cannot go lower than the minimum set by that effect.
  • Sleep is the primary way to clear Fatigue. Certain food and meds, and some room furniture (showers) may also reduce Fatigue by smaller amounts.


The various states of fatigue may cause different secondary effects.

  • OK: No effects
  • Tired: Agility -1
  • Fatigued: Agility -2, FT +1
  • Exhausted: Agility -2, FT +1, Hallucinations


  • Mindless creatures do not suffer from the effects of fatigue nor stress as they simply do not have a fatigue or stress counter to begin with.

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