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Broken limbs are injuries where bones suffer sufficient damage to become fractured or damaged. A broken limb is also called a fracture.
The amount of broken limbs, as well as which ones, is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant in Mazeworld.

The chart on the left indicates all of the possible areas on a human that can suffer fractures:

  • Red: Head (skull)
  • Light blue: Chest (Upper body)
  • Blue: Arms
  • Orange: Hands
  • Light green: Hips (Lower body)
  • Green: Legs
  • Yellow: Feet


Insufficient protection against trauma caused by Blunt-type damage, is the most frequent cause of fractures (see Protection chart).
In rarer cases, they are caused by well-aimed shots or attacks striking a bone in the process.


Denomination: "Broken <limb>" or "Fractured <limb>". Broken limb cause the following effects:

  • Head: FT+1, Strength -10%. Also called a "skull fracture".
  • Chest: Pain sensitivity +10%. Also called "ribs fracture".
  • Hips: Limping.
  • One arm: FT+1, Strength -10%.
  • Both arms: FT+2, Strength -20%, Crippled.
  • One hand: FT+1.
  • Both hands: FT+2.
  • One leg: Limping.
  • Both legs: Crippled.
  • One foot: Limping.
  • Both feet: FT+1, Limping.

On non-human creatures

Certain of these body parts may not be present, depending on the creature

  • Head: FT+1, Strength -10%. Also called a "skull fracture".
  • Upper body: Pain sensitivity +10%. Also called "ribs fracture".
  • Lower body: Limping.
  • One limb: FT+1, Strength -10% per broken limb. If more than one limb is broken, the Crippled effect is added.
  • One extremity: FT+1 per broken extremity.


Broken limbs are impossible to cure through medical aids. The contestant will have to wait until he/she finds a medic.
A limb can become unbreakable through the use of certain bionic implants. In this case, it will be able to withstand damage that would normally break bones.

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