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Wounds, or more accurately open wounds, are injuries where the skin is torn enough so an opening, or a rip, is created. The amount of wounds, as well as their location, is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant in Mazeworld.

The chart on the left indicates all of the possible areas that can be wounded on a human:

  • Red: Head
  • Light blue: Chest (Upper body)
  • Blue: Arms
  • Orange: Hands
  • Light green: Hips (Lower body)
  • Green: Legs
  • Yellow: Feet


A wound is created in most cases when the contestant is hit on a body part that wasn't properly protected to withstand Sharp-type or Piercing-type damage, or simply by sustaining limb damage from Bullet-type attacks.

  • Wounding may also occur as the resulting effect of wounding self.
  • PERMANENT open wounds are created from severed limbs and CANNOT be treated even by a medic.

Effects and cures

  • Every time a wound is opened ("blown open"), the contestant loses 1 unit of blood.
  • Each woundable body part can be afflicted with multiple wounds. If three wounding attacks successfully hit the left arm, then the left arm is afflicted with 3 open wounds.
  • Every open wound causes bleeding, at a rate of 0.1 unit of blood * amount of wounds, per turn.
    • A large amount of open wounds left untreated may result in excessive bleeding. Wounds should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Certain medical aids may cure wounds. Notable examples: Individual Bandage, Gauze roll, and more.

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