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This page lists the abilities of a contestant. Abilities are actions, techniques, or bodily functions a contestant may perform, sometimes willingly, other times under the influence of secondary effects.

  • Abilities marked with a C are subjected to a cooldown period - after performing one of those abilities, the cooldown period prevents the Contestant from performing ANY of the such marked abilities.


  • In almost every situation, a contestant can examinate the room, his/her encounter, or items he/she finds. This can be useful to know more about an item, to know about what the encounter looks like (notably, by describing the Physio code, or, if failing that, giving a general description), and so on.
  • A contestant is also able to interact with NPCs and certain items, switches or machinery found in some rooms.

Body abilities

Basic combat abilities

Special combat techniques

Only one technique from this list can be attempted in a given turn.

Techniques that can be performed with any firearm:

Techniques that require a specific accessory to perform:

Techniques that must be learned at a shop before being able to use them:

Techniques that require reaching a certain skill level (automatically learned if the requisite skill level is reached):

  • Firearm techniques:
    • Failure Drill (DA Revolver, Expert)
    • Failure Drill (Semi-auto pistol, Expert)
    • Failure Drill (Semi-auto rifle, Expert)
    • Failure Drill (Semi-auto shotgun, Expert)
    • Fanning (SA revolver, Expert)
    • Mad Minute (Bolt-action, Expert)
    • Recoil Control Stance (Auto pistol, Expert)
    • Recoil Control Stance (Auto rifle, Expert)
    • Recoil Control Stance (Auto shotgun, Expert)
    • Rifleman Trick (Lever-action, Expert)
    • Zero's Trick (Pump-action, Expert)
  • Melee weapon techniques:
    • Any-Bash (One-handed clubs, Expert)
    • Any-Bash (Two-handed clubs, Expert)
    • Any-Throw (Thrown weapons, Expert)
    • Backlash (Whips/Lash weapons, Expert)
    • Desperate Smash (Crude weapons, Expert)
    • Double Cleave (Axes, Expert)
    • Double Cleave (One-handed swords, Expert)
    • Double Cleave (Two-handed swords, Expert)
    • Stabbing Rush (Knives, Expert)

Other techniques

  • Certain special techniques, which are not initially available and only granted in certain conditions.

NPC abilities

Skills abilities

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