Identification (no ontology)

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The act of identifying unknown objects is part of Mazeworld. Identification is required to tell apart items that look the same, but are in fact, different.

The following items may be identified:

How to identify items

A contestant cannot usually identify by himself/herself items.

Gems and valuables:

  • Archaeologists can identify valuables.
  • Jewelry store owners can identify and appraise valuables.

Medical items:

  • Medics in hospitals can identify unknown meds.


  • People of the Hakutaku species have the natural ability to identify mushrooms. This includes the Contestant, if he/she is a hakutaku.
  • Medics in hospitals can identify unknown mushrooms.

Certain items may be found already identified. This is the case of items found in crates, for example.


Appraisal is the act of determining the value of an item. Gems, once identified, can be appraised for their accurate value. The purpose of appraisal is to ensure the actual value of any carried gems.

  • Unidentified valuables will not be accepted as a means of payment.
  • Identified but unappraised valuables will be purchased at their lowest possible value, even if they could otherwise have been worth more.
  • Appraised valuables will be purchased at their exact value.

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