Healing massage (no ontology)

From Mazeworld

If the Contestant possesses at least Skilled skill level (Lv3) in Healing skill, the Contestant may perform a healing massage.

The healing massage is a non-combat action, which may last for as many turns as desired by the Contestant, and may be performed on self, or on another person. For as long as the massage is active, the recipient will be affected by the following effects:

  • +1% Pain regeneration rate
  • Mild accelerated hunger (+4 ntri consumed per turn)

Healing massages may complement, but not completely substitute the use of painkillers or other more potent Pain-reducing substances. Healing large amounts of Pain this way is time-consuming and may burn a high amount of Nutrition, but may still be useful when outside of a fight, or when time or food availability are not a constraint.

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