Night vision goggles (no ontology)

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Night vision goggles (also referred to as NVG or NVGs) are a key item in MazeWorld and a type of face gear. The primary purpose of NVGs is to allow the wearer to see in darkness without being seen in turn.

Night vision goggles require WL2 batteries to operate, the same type of battery used by Light mount accessories. A full battery provides 100 turns of life.

When switched on, NVGs provide Night Vision. When switched off, NVGs have no effect.

Switching on or off NVGs is a free action, similar to changing a fire mode, as it is done immediately and doesn't take any time nor does it prevent other actions, no matter if they're noncombat actions or attacks. However, it is subject to certain restrictions: it can only be done once per turn, and it is always resolved before other actions, including non-combat ones.

NVGs can be equipped as a key item, or carried as a regular item.

  • If equipped as a key item, the NVGs are considered to be active: they are worn on the wearer's face and will not have any weight impact on the inventory.
  • If carried as a regular item, the NVGs are considered to be inactive: they are not in use, cannot be switched on, and weigh 1 unit.

NVGs found at random in the Mazes new may have batteries in a random condition. NVGs may also be purchased in a Workshop for 500 P$ with a full battery. Spare WL2 batteries are also available there.

Caution: Certain headgear may prevent the ability to wear any sort of face gear, including NVGs.

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