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14:03:36 <Hebizuka> *You have a bit of trouble understanding what happened... The last thing you remember, you're pretty sure you died, but here you are, slowly waking up from what seemed like a very long nap. The first thing you notice is that you're waking up in a hospital bedroom. It doesn't look like home or anywhere familiar.* 14:03:47 <Hebizuka> *The next thing you notice is that you're naked and there's nothing that belongs - or used to belong - to you here. And just as you make note of that, a television turns on automatically on the end of the room, revealing the head of a human male. Lab coat, thick frame glasses, bald head ; he looks like a medic.* 14:04:03 <Tempest> [Medic] Hello? Can you hear me? 14:05:40 * Keska_Matsuo remembered little aside the copper taste flooding her mouth before the light's went out, but here she was naked and alone in what appeared to be a hospital. Eyes patrolling for anything of note, till the television flicked on and someone was apparently talking to her "Is this hell?" 14:07:10 <Tempest> [Medic] No, this is not Hell, but I'll get to that later. I know you must be feeling disoriented right now but I have important questions to ask, which will help me determine if, er... everything went well. Once this is dealt with, I'll explain all that I can, but my questions first, understood? 14:08:26 * Keska_Matsuo spent the time the television was talking absently rubbing the cheek where she was sure she put a large hole into, wondering if she missed that badly "Questions? i guess so" 14:08:52 <Tempest> [Medic] Alright. I'm going to need you to tell me your full name, your gender, and your age. 14:09:54 <Keska_Matsuo> "Keska Matsuo, female and 19" 14:10:37 <Tempest> [Medic] Okay. Now, come closer to the TV monitor. I'm going to display choices for the next questions. What species are you? 14:10:41 <Hebizuka> [Choose one] >Human >Halfling (subchoices) 14:11:41 * Keska_Matsuo took a few steps towards the television and sat herself down crossing her legs, being reminded of many lessons about sitting so close to a television and making sure she could read clearly "Human" 14:12:30 <Hebizuka> [Info] As a human, you have no racial advantages or disadvantages. 14:12:56 <Tempest> [Medic] Normally, for the rest of this, I'd do this myself with more advanced machines, but we've had a lot of equipment damage recently.... So I brought in some old measurement machines, reference posters, and a bunch of mirrors. You're going to use them for the questions I'll ask. 14:13:20 <Tempest> [Medic] Take a peek at the mirror in the corner, and tell me what you'd say your constitution would be. 14:13:23 <Hebizuka> [Choose one] Average, Thin, Slender, Athletic, Muscular, Overweight, Fat 14:14:42 * Keska_Matsuo looked around at the equipment dotted around the room, finding her way over to the mirror and talking a good look at herself, more concerned with finding out where the bullet she shot herself with went "Thin" she answered while looking closesly at her mouth. 14:15:25 <Hebizuka> [Info] Thin constitution grants Agility+2, but 20% less maximum limb HP 14:15:28 <Hebizuka> *Confirm choice?* 14:16:23 <Keska_Matsuo> *Confirm* 14:18:01 <Tempest> [Medic] Vey well... Now, using the equipment in the room, I need you to give me more superficial information. It's mostly for the sake of having a more complete file. 14:18:10 <Hebizuka> [Indicate your height and weight.] 14:19:42 * Keska_Matsuo moved over to the next piece of equipment, very old school style scale and measurement device all in one. Stepping on and looking both down and up to get both of the needed results "158cm, 53kg" 14:20:41 <Hebizuka> [Skin color? Select one] Diamond (Albino), Opal (Nordic, pale white), Pearl (Caucasian), Peridot (Arabid), Heliodor (East asian), Citrine (Malay, filipino), Carnelian (Latino), Axinite (Native American), Onyx (Black), None of them (specify which color) 14:21:15 * Keska_Matsuo did get a good idea of what her skin color was during her mirror examination "Nordic" 14:21:30 <Hebizuka> *Understanding it as Opal-type.* 14:22:14 <Hebizuka> [Indicate your hair length and color, and your eye color.] 14:23:26 * Keska_Matsuo ran a finger through her hair slowly while looking "Black, shoulder length, red highlight, Blue eyes" 14:24:18 <Tempest> [Medic] All good so far. At the very least you look... yourself, if I may. Now, we'll check your physical abilities, so keep your eye on the monitor. 14:24:39 <Hebizuka> *You will now decide your Primary statistics. You will be given points to spend across a few statistics; adjust as necessary.* 14:24:46 <Hebizuka> *For this first part, you have 5 points to distribute among five statistics. All of those stats are currently set at 0 points. They can go no lower than -4, and no higher than +4. If you want more points to spend, you can remove points from stats at 0 in order to put them elsewhere.* 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Points to spend: 5 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Natural Pain sensitivity: 0 pts - 100%. 1 pt = 5%. (LOWER is better) 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Natural Strength: 0 pts - 100%. 1 pt = 10%. (Higher is better) 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Maximum Pain before blackout: 0 pts - 100%. 1 pt = 5%. (Higher is better) 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Maximum Blood: 0 pts - 20. 1 pt = 1 blood. (Higher is better) 14:25:03 <Hebizuka> Natural limb health modifier: 0 pts - 100%. 1 pt = 10%. (Higher is better) 14:27:18 <Keska_Matsuo> +2 NPS, +2 NS, +1 MPB 14:28:29 <Hebizuka> *Reviewing choices:* 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Points spent: 5/5 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Natural Pain sensitivity: 2 pts - 90%. 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Natural Strength: 2 pts - 120%. 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Maximum Pain before blackout: 1 pts - 105%. 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Maximum Blood: 0 pts - 20. 14:28:32 <Hebizuka> Natural limb health modifier: 0 pts - 100%. 14:28:39 <Hebizuka> *You may confirm or adjust further.* 14:29:12 <Keska_Matsuo> *confirm* 14:29:47 <Hebizuka> [Info] As you have chosen Thin constitution earlier, your actual limb health modifier is 80%. 14:31:12 <Hebizuka> [Info] Your maximum limb health is as follows: Head - 08 ; Chest - 32 ; Chest - 24 ; Arms and legs - 16 ; Hands and feet - 12 14:33:15 <Tempest> [Medic] Good. You're in good physical shape, this is reassuring. Now that I know your body is working like it should be, let's talk about fighting skills. 14:34:09 * Lunar_Rabbit (Rally@StormBit-0jpoq2.sntcca.sbcglobal.net) has joined 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> Points to spend: 10 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 1 point in any skill category = 50 Training Points (TPs) in that combat skill. 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 0 or 1 points leaves the skill level at Unskilled (low accuracy) 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 100 TPs/2 points required for Basic level (normal accuracy) 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 250 TPs/5 points required for Skilled level (improved accuracy) 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> No skill can have less than 0 points spent - you can get no more than 10 points to distribute. 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> Each weapon type represents one skill ; there is a total of 20 combat skills, not 3. (E.g. points are placed in "Auto rifle", not "Firearms", and so on.) 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> Firearm skills: Bolt-action - Pump-action - Lever-action - Auto pistol - Auto rifle - Auto shotgun - Semi-auto pistol - Semi-auto rifle - Semi-auto shotgun - DA revolver - SA revolver 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> Explosive skills: Grenade launcher - Rocket launcher - Planted explosives 14:34:19 <Hebizuka> Melee skills: Blunt - Sharp - Piercing - Thrown - Non-firearm ranged weapon - Unarmed (martial arts) 14:36:38 <Keska_Matsuo> +5 Semi-Auto Pistol, +5 Semi-Auto Rifle 14:37:33 <Hebizuka> *You will receive 250 TPs in Semi Pistol (Skilled), and 250 TPs in Semi Rifle (Skilled). Is this correct?* 14:37:46 <Keska_Matsuo> *confirm* 14:38:25 <Tempest> [Medic] Excellent. Now... I don't suppose you want to stay naked all day, so let's assign you some equipment. Pay close attention here, alright? 14:39:03 <Hebizuka> *You have 5 points to spend across ALL equipment categories, including weapons, so choose wisely. You will get the opportunity to review your choices before confirming.* 14:39:29 <Hebizuka> Clothing - For having something to put on your back, and for style. 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Top: None/Naked (+1 pt) - (Yes) 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Available tops: T-Shirt, Shirt with tie, Tracksuit jacket, Sarashi, Trench-coat, Duster coat, Parka 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Bottom: None/Naked (+1 pt) - (Yes) 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Available bottoms: Jeans, Regular pants, Tracksuit pants, Shorts, Leather pants, Mountain pants, Cargo pants (plain) 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Footwear: None/Naked (+1 pt) - (Yes) 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Available footwear: Regular shoes, Running shoes, Hiking shoes 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Headgear: (None/Naked) - (Yes) ; none of the choices are armor 14:39:39 <Hebizuka> Available headgear: Baseball cap, Beret, Fedora, Bandana, Boonie hat 14:41:34 <Keska_Matsuo> +1 Top - Shirt with Tie, +1 Bottoms - Cargo Pants. 14:42:41 <Hebizuka> Armor - For actually protecting yourself 14:42:52 <Hebizuka> Body armor: (None) - Flak jacket (-2 pts) - Type-2 Kevlar vest (-4 pts) - Type-3 Kevlar vest (-6 pts) 14:42:52 <Hebizuka> Headgear: (None) - M1 Helmet (-1 pts) - Twaron helmet (-2 pts) - SPECTRA helmet (-3 pts) 14:42:52 <Hebizuka> Arms addons: (None) - Elbow pads (0 pt) - Arm guards (-1) - Twaron arm pads (-2) 14:42:52 <Hebizuka> Legs addons: (None) - Knee pads (0 pt) - Leg guards (-1) - Twaron leg pads (-2) 14:43:15 <Keska_Matsuo> +3 Spectra Helmet 14:43:52 <Hebizuka> Load-Bearing Equipment (LBE) - For actually carrying items and having an inventory 14:44:48 <Hebizuka> Backpack: No backpack (+4pt) - Courier bag (+2pt, 20 units) - Student's backpack (+1pt, 30 units) - Field pack (0pt, 40 units) - Jaeger rucksack (-2pt, 60 units) 14:44:48 <Hebizuka> Utility belt: No belt (+2pt, but can't carry key items) - Basic utility belt (0pt, can carry key items) - LE duty belt (-1pt, key items + extra inv space) - Gunfighter belt (-1pt, key items + extra inv space) 14:44:48 <Hebizuka> Tactical vest: No vest (0pt) - Hunting vest (-1pt, 5 units) - AK chest rig (-1pt, 2 units + extra inv space) - Crosman Elite competition vest (-2pt, 3 units + extra inv space) 14:46:31 <Keska_Matsuo> Jaeger Rucksack, LE Duty Belt. 14:47:29 <Hebizuka> Weapons - For combat and self-defense. The packages shown below correspond to the weapon skills you have put points into. You can select ONE for free, any extra package costs 3 pts. 14:48:32 <Hebizuka> Semi rifle 1: Al-Gi-Mec AGM-1 (FMJ) + 3x Hi-Power 20-rd mag (FMJ) + 60x 9x19mm Parabellum, FMJ 14:48:32 <Hebizuka> Semi rifle 2: Simonov SKS (FMJ) + 2x SKS stripper clips (FMJ) + 20x 7.62x39mm, FMJ 14:48:32 <Hebizuka> Semi pistol 1: Beretta 84FS (FMJ) + 3x Beretta 84 mags (FMJ) + 50x .380 ACP, FMJ 14:48:32 <Hebizuka> Semi pistol 2: Beretta M9 (FMJ) + 3x Beretta 92 15-rd mags (FMJ) + 50x 9x19mm Parabellum, FMJ 14:48:55 <Keska_Matsuo> Berreta M9 14:49:22 <Hebizuka> *Now, reviewing choices* 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Points spent - 5/5 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Clothing 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Top: Shirt with tie 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Bottom: Cargo pants 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Footwear: None (+1) 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Headgear (C): None 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Armor 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Body armor: None 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Headgear (A): SPECTRA helmet (-3) 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Arms addons: None 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Legs addons: None 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> LBE 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Backpack: Jaeger rucksack (-2) 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Utility belt: LE duty belt (-1) 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Tactical vest: None 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Weapons 14:49:24 <Hebizuka> Semi pistol 2 package (free) 14:51:05 <Keska_Matsuo> *confirm* 14:51:19 <Tempest> [Medic] Got all of your choices. Thanks for keeping up with me and my questionnaire. I will be coming in person to deliver your equipment - just give me the time to gather it for you. 14:53:54 <Hebizuka> *After a little while, the medic shows up in person, pushing a cart inside of the room. There are three boxes inside of the cart - presumably containing your gear.* 14:55:12 <Tempest> [Medic] Good morning, Keska. 14:56:29 * Keska_Matsuo was back at the mirror inspecting herself when the medic arrived, turning to face them and all the goodies they brought with "Morning" 14:57:02 <Tempest> [Medic] Feel free to open the boxes and gear up. We'll talk afterwards. 14:57:53 <Hebizuka> *Boxes: Clothing, LBE, Weapons* 14:58:26 * Keska_Matsuo pulls out the three boxes from the cart and lines them up, opening each in order from clothing to LBE, to weapons. 14:58:36 <Hebizuka> =Clothing crate= 14:58:36 <Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - Shirt with tie (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3 - [Cond: Brand new] 14:58:36 <Hebizuka> [Clothing] Bottom - Cargo pants, plain color (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 5 - [Cond: Brand new] 14:58:36 <Hebizuka> [Clothing] Headgear - SPECTRA helmet - AC: A3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-resistant - Ballistic protective - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Brand new] 15:00:01 * Keska_Matsuo sets about putting each piece of clothing on. 15:01:27 <Hebizuka> =LBE crate= 15:01:27 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Backpack) Jaeger rucksack - Capacity 60 units 15:01:27 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) LE duty belt - Capacity 2 units + Ammo 1 (4 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Spare wpn. (1x C3 wpn only, max wgt 3) 15:02:08 * Keska_Matsuo slings the back around her shoulders, then the belt around her waist. 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> =Weapons crate= 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - Beretta M9 pistol | 9x19mm Parabellum - Semi-auto | No accessory | Beretta 92 series 15-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 - [14+1/15, FMJ] - Cond: Brand new / Clns: Lubricated 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, FMJ] 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, FMJ] 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, FMJ] 15:02:43 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 9x19mm Parabellum, Standard FMJ, 50 rounds - [50/50] - Weight: 0.5 15:03:41 * Keska_Matsuo equips the Beretta M9, stores the three extra magazines in her belt while putting the box of ammunition in the rucksack. 15:03:56 <Hebizuka> *Beretta M9 placed in Holster 1.* 15:05:31 <Hebizuka> [Vest/Ammo] 3/4 mags 15:05:37 <Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 0.5/60 15:06:10 <Tempest> [Medic] Okay then. We're finished with the things I want you to do, as far as I'm concerned. Now, you may ask any questions you have on your mind, I'll try to answer as best as I can. 15:07:36 * Keska_Matsuo finishes with her equipment and looks back to the medic, shrugging her shoulders thinking about the hundreds of questions she might ask but forgoing the option "I think i'm good" 15:08:02 <Tempest> [Medic] Really? You're ... taking this a lot better than I imagined. 15:08:13 <Tempest> [Medic] Well, I think the psych questions I had in mind come at the right time... 15:08:56 <Keska_Matsuo> "I've answered enough of them, lets get through it quickly" 15:09:21 <Tempest> [Medic] First, do you remember how you died? 15:10:23 <Keska_Matsuo> "M1911 bullet through the left cheek, exiting the back of the head, not sure if i died from the that or swallowing several pints of blood though" 15:10:57 <Tempest> *The medic grimaces at the colorful description. Less because it's gory and more because of the delivery.* 15:11:54 <Tempest> [Medic] Ahem... moving on. Which of these descriptors apply best to your personality type? 15:11:56 <Hebizuka> Type A: Reserved, responsible and passionate, but also stubborn, tense, and squeamish. 15:11:56 <Hebizuka> Type B: Creative, strong, always active, but also irresponsible, selfish and unforgiving. 15:11:56 <Hebizuka> Type C: Cool, adaptable, rational, but also cold-hearted, indecisive and forgetful. 15:11:56 <Hebizuka> Type D: Confident, optimistic and strong-willed, but also egotistical, unpredictable and doubtful. 15:11:56 <Hebizuka> I have no idea / I'm not sure 15:12:43 <Keska_Matsuo> "Not sure to be honest" 15:14:12 <Tempest> [Medic] My personal evaluation is Type B, in case you want my opinion. 15:14:23 <Keska_Matsuo> "You're the expert" 15:14:58 <Tempest> [Medic] Question 3 out of 4... How would you describe your ability to withstand stress in your daily life? 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> <<< Very low ; I try my hardest to avoid any and all stressors 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> << Low ; I stay away as much as I can from stressful things 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> < Below average ; I have difficulty managing stress 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> Average ; I can handle stress, to some extent 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> > Above average ; I am used to stressful events 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> >> High ; I've grown to handle all but the hardest events 15:15:04 <Hebizuka> >>> Very high ; I feel completely insensitive and unable to be stressed out 15:16:16 * Keska_Matsuo contemplates the answer up till the point she shot herself "High" 15:17:03 <Tempest> [Medic] Last one... How energetic would you describe yourself as? 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> <<< Wet noodle ; I am unable to do any sort of hard work lest I pass out 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> << Weak ; I am tired easily and I require frequent resting 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> < Fragile ; I am average, just not very endurant 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> Average ; I am capable of taking some hard work if I need to 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> > Tough ; I'm not afraid of hard work and can last a while 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> >> Hyperactive ; I can handle so much, inactivity actually tires me 15:17:07 <Hebizuka> >>> Unstoppable ; I could last entire days of work without sleep 15:18:10 * Keska_Matsuo never slept much if at all "Unstoppable" 15:19:12 <Tempest> [Medic] Alright, that's it then. If you're sure that you don't have any questions, I'll go on and explain the basics. You died, indeed, but my boss, the Administator, saw fit to have your soul captured and placed in a new body, which I was tasked to build. 15:20:09 <Tempest> [Medic] While she doesn't want you to work for her in return, you do have an objective - that you're free to work on or not: finding the four Cardinal Amulets, ancient legendary artifacts. Nobody is really certain that they exist or not, but the Admin confirmed that this is your goal and that they'll grant you the right to return to your homeworld. 15:20:44 <Tempest> [Medic] And that's it. My job is done, all I have left to do is escort you to the town of Arnett. You're free to go from then on. 15:21:54 * Keska_Matsuo lets out a small sigh of relief now the pysch test is over, listening to the explanation of the medic about what happened, not exactly taking it for a whole truth but not in a position to deny it either "Then lets get going" 15:23:04 <Hebizuka> *The medic simply noddles. You're taken outside of the little run-down hospital bedroom. And after a little bit of walking, you find yourself in the Social Square Center of Arnett - a big room that branches off in four directions, hinting at several shops, businesses and facilities.* 15:24:43 <Tempest> [Medic] That's where our paths split. If you want to visit town, make sure to peek at the town map. Every town has a social square, and the map is always in the center of it. 15:25:01 <Tempest> [Medic] If you want to leave, look for the Town Entrance on the map, and get there to reach the exit. 15:26:00 <Keska_Matsuo> "Thanks for the help remaking me i guess" 15:26:26 <Hebizuka> *The doctor simply gives a nod, and leaves. You're now free to move and act as you please.* 15:26:38 * Keska_Matsuo gives a slightly morbid glare at the medic as she leaves. 15:28:35 <Hebizuka> *You are now in Arnett's Social Square Center. There aren't very many people coming and going at this time of the morning - in fact you're the only one in the SS Center right now. You can hear the background noise and the vague sounds of ads on a radio speaker.* 15:28:56 <Hebizuka> *But more importantly, you can see the town map, which indicates which facilities and parts of town you can reach from where you are.* 15:29:33 * Keska_Matsuo wanders over to the town map and takes a look to see what is around. 15:30:56 <Hebizuka> =Town map= 15:30:56 <Hebizuka> Social square: SS Center (you are here!), Bank, Hiring bureau, Bar, Restaurant (diner), Takeout stand, Shooting range, Library 15:30:56 <Hebizuka> Other areas of town: Center - Social Square (you are here!) // North exit: Hospital, West exit: Residential area, East exit: Shops, South exit: Town entrance 15:32:16 * Keska_Matsuo seeing as she has no money at all decides to head south and go exploring. 15:33:24 <Hebizuka> *6 turns pass, while you walk along the South street and exit the Social Square...* 15:33:45 <Hebizuka> [Area] Arnett - Town Entrance 15:33:58 <Hebizuka> *You're now in the Gap corridor, which is really just an empty room with signs and directions.* 15:34:18 <Hebizuka> [Doors] East: Generator, South: Town Gate // North: Social Square 15:35:54 * Keska_Matsuo looks to the generator room with curiosity, taking a stroll that way. 15:36:20 <Hebizuka> [Area] Arnett - Generator 15:37:37 <Hebizuka> *A mere turn and a door passed, and you find yourself in the control room of the town generator. You understand that this is a facility that provides power to the entire town of Arnett. Two engineers can be seen there, one of them sitting at the power monitoring computer, and the other standing near the door to the north.* 15:37:58 <Hebizuka> [Doors] North: Corridor (Locked) // South: Back to Town Entrance 15:38:41 * Keska_Matsuo makes a mental note of the power station for future 'endeavors', before turning on her heel and leaving the way she came. 15:38:53 <Hebizuka> *The engineers didn't even notice you came and left.* 15:40:03 <Hebizuka> *Back in the Town Entrance's Gap corridor.* 15:40:27 <Hebizuka> [Doors] North: Social Square, South: Town Gate // East: Generator 15:40:39 * Keska_Matsuo continues on her original path out of the town, south. 15:42:11 <Hebizuka> *The Town Gate - really just a room guarded by locals that serves as a threshold between the outside and the town proper. It is currently guarded by two Maze Citizens - one with a conventional rifle, the other with a pistol.* 15:42:45 * Keska_Matsuo gives the pair of guards a small wave before heading out of the gate proper into uncharted territory. 15:43:54 <Hebizuka> [Doors] West: Toilets, South: Access corridor // North: Gap corridor 15:43:59 <Hebizuka> *Going south?* 15:44:15 * Keska_Matsuo continues going south. 15:44:45 <Hebizuka> *The Access corridor is - for people coming in town, the first thing they see, and for people leaving, the last "safe" room before the Uncivilized Area (UA).* 15:45:13 <Hebizuka> *Above the door you just passed are signs: "WELCOME TO ARNETT". The walls are plastered with old, faded and torn posters and placards advertising about various things.* 15:45:25 <Hebizuka> [Doors] South: Leaving Arnett for the UA // North: Town Gate 15:46:26 * Keska_Matsuo takes a passing glance at the sign on her way southward. 15:48:39 <Hebizuka> *You are leaving for the UA. Usually, when leaving a town, you are prompted to select a destination. However, since it is your first time, you will be looking for a new, undiscovered town by default.* 15:50:09 <Hebizuka> *Select your traveling style. This indirectly affects what you will encounter on your way from Arnett to the next town. There are three styles possible - choose carefully, because once a style is chosen for a trip, it remains set until you reach the destination.* 15:50:29 <Hebizuka> Fast: Less rooms to travel, average danger, minimal amount of explorables 15:50:43 <Hebizuka> Safe: Less danger, but more rooms to travel, and no chance to find explorables 15:50:54 <Hebizuka> Deep: More explorables, but much more rooms to travel, and much more danger. 15:51:17 <Keska_Matsuo> *Deep* 15:52:26 <Hebizuka> *You will take the Deep route.* 15:52:36 <Hebizuka> *Be prepared for a longer, more dangerous journey.* 15:53:21 <Hebizuka> *Distance until the next town: 32 rooms.* 15:54:59 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Toilets, overgrown // Front: Corridor // Right: Pathway 15:55:48 * Keska_Matsuo having had enough of varying corridors and pathways, heads left towards the toilets. 15:59:10 <Hebizuka> *A toilet room that is so incredibly old and unkempt, moss, vines, and mold has begun growing everywhere. You see an item on the ground, and several patches of mushrooms are growing out of the moss.* 15:59:48 * Keska_Matsuo has a glance around before going over to the item on the ground first of all to see what it is. 16:00:49 <Hebizuka> [Meds] White tablet - Unknown - Weight: 0.1 16:01:16 * Keska_Matsuo picks it up and puts it away in the rucksack 16:02:27 <Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 0.6/60 16:03:09 * Keska_Matsuo then moseys over to the mushrooms and picks them. 16:03:36 <Hebizuka> [Mushroom] (Unknown) Red, Fruity smell - Weight: 0.01 - [Quantity: 3] 16:03:36 <Hebizuka> [Mushroom] (Unknown) Brown, Pleasant smell - Weight: 0.01 - [Quantity: 6] 16:03:36 <Hebizuka> [Mushroom] (Unknown) Orange, Pleasant smell - Weight: 0.01 - [Quantity: 3] 16:03:36 <Hebizuka> [Mushroom] (Unknown) White, Unpleasant smell - Weight: 0.01 - [Quantity: 3] 16:04:43 * Keska_Matsuo places them all in the rucksack. 16:06:39 <Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 0.75/60 16:08:50 <Hebizuka> *As usual, when you're done, simply state you're looking for the doors.* 16:09:14 * Keska_Matsuo looks for the next exits after finding place for the nature born goodness. 16:10:03 <Hebizuka> [Next doors] Left: Corridor // Front: Former room // Right: Office room, overgrown 16:10:27 * Keska_Matsuo makes her way through the frontward room towards the curiously named former room. 16:14:29 <Hebizuka> *A former room - once, it had furniture, a purpose. Now, it's an emptied shell with nothing but the outline of furniture caked in the walls and the floor. You see ammo on the other side of the room, as well as a tiger. Getting to the ammo might require a fight.* 16:15:47 <Keska_Matsuo> @cover 16:15:47 <MazeBot> A wooden crate with metal covers. (Health: 59, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: A2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) 16:16:15 * Keska_Matsuo decides the best course of being in a room with a tiger is to hide, attempting to get behind the wooden crate. 16:16:25 <Hebizuka> *Roll 2d6+Agility.* 16:16:47 <Keska_Matsuo> @roll 2d6+2 16:16:47 <MazeBot> Keska_Matsuo: 7:5+2 16:16:59 <Hebizuka> *Success. You've taken cover and managed to maintain stealth.* 16:17:15 <Hebizuka> *Turn 1. Stealth is active. What will you do?* 16:18:24 * Keska_Matsuo peeks from her cover and tries to put the tiger down quickly by shooting 4 rounds into its head from the Beretta. 16:18:40 <Hebizuka> [Order this turn] You alone. You may roll now. 16:18:55 <Hebizuka> (Command is @roll X#2d6 - replace X by amount of shots attempted) 16:19:13 <Keska_Matsuo> @roll 4#2d6 16:19:13 <MazeBot> Keska_Matsuo: 7;8;7;5 16:20:39 <Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: 1 hits, 3 misses.* 16:22:23 <Hebizuka> *Damage dealt: +12% Pain (12%), 4 dmg to the head (17 /21hp), Injuries (+1 wound to the head, -1.0 Blood ; 42.0 /43 bld) 16:22:53 <Hebizuka> *End of Turn 1. Stealth has been broken.* 16:23:03 <Hebizuka> *The tiger is bleeding, and noticeably angry.* 16:23:07 <Hebizuka> *Turn 2. What is your next move?* 16:24:06 * Keska_Matsuo tries to conserve ammunition, firing 3 shots this time and aiming for the already wounded head once again. 16:25:25 <Hebizuka> *The tiger will attempt to attack you, going to try and claw your stomach.* 16:25:40 <Hebizuka> [Order this turn] Tiger, You. Tiger's turn...* 16:25:50 <Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 16:25:50 <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 6 16:26:23 <Hebizuka> *Miss - that big paw missed you, but it's a close call.* 16:26:28 <Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* 16:27:23 <Keska_Matsuo> @roll 3#2d6 16:27:23 <MazeBot> Keska_Matsuo: 5;9;5 16:27:45 <Hebizuka> *Shots 1-3: 1 hit, 2 misses.* 16:29:07 <Hebizuka> *Damage dealt: +12% Pain (22%), 3 dmg to the head (14 /21hp), Injuries (+1 wound to the head, -1.0 Blood ; 40.9 /43 bld)* 16:29:36 <Hebizuka> *End of Turn 2. The tiger is losing more blood through the wounds you created.* 16:29:51 <Hebizuka> *Turn 3. What is your next move?* 16:31:10 * Keska_Matsuo feels as though a large tiger is a bit too durable and her aim a little too terrible right now and attempts to flee. 16:31:41 <Hebizuka> *The tiger will try to claw you again, this time in the torso.* 16:31:46 <Hebizuka> [Order this turn] You, Tiger. 16:31:49 <Hebizuka> *Roll 2d6+Agility to try to run away.* 16:32:15 <Keska_Matsuo> @roll 2d6+2 16:32:15 <MazeBot> Keska_Matsuo: 7:5+2 16:33:28 <Hebizuka> *Success. You have fled the fight and the room - meaning you can't loot the room anymore. You must now select a door. 16:33:35 <Hebizuka> *End of fight! (3 turns)* 16:33:37 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Youkai bedroom (danchi), disaffected // Front: Former room // Right: Empty forge, abandoned 16:34:18 * Keska_Matsuo escapes from the tiger, into the first room she sees, fleeing to the youkai bedroom. 16:41:53 <Hebizuka> *A danchi - a room that could house up to 8 occupants. No longer used and left to rot in the UA, none of the furniture here (TV, radio, heated table) appears to be functional. You spot a weapon on the floor, and a Guard Sergeant patrolling about, with a pistol.* 16:43:01 * Keska_Matsuo walks over to the weapon left on the floor and picks it up to see what it is, trying to not look suspicious in front of the guard sergeant, despite having not done anything. 16:43:35 <Tempest> [GdSgt] Good morning. 16:43:51 <Hebizuka> *The Police faction member doesn't look confrontational and just lets you examine the gun on the floor.* 16:43:58 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - Colt Diamondback revolver | .22 Long Rifle - DA/SA | No accessory | Cylinder, 6 rounds | Weight: 5 - [2/6, JHP] - Cond: Terrible // Clns: Fouled 16:44:52 * Keska_Matsuo looks at the dirty and what looked like breaking revolver for a moment before dropping it and heading towards the doors. 16:45:09 <Hebizuka> *You notice something else in the corner!* 16:45:22 <Hebizuka> *This appears to be a supply crate!* 16:45:50 * Keska_Matsuo stops on her way and heads straight for the crate 16:45:56 <Hebizuka> [Supply crate] LBE-KIT5: TT-1F Medic vest, Medic bag, 2x Medic leg rig 16:46:15 <Hebizuka> *Open?* 16:46:20 * Keska_Matsuo opens the crate. 16:46:25 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) TT-1F Medic vest - Capacity 5 units + Meds 1 (1 unit meds only, max 2) + Meds 2 (0.1 unit meds only, max 10) + Ammo (3 mags only, max tier: Medium) 16:46:25 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Backpack) Medic bag - Capacity 30 units + Meds 1 (1 unit meds only, max 6), Meds 2 (0.1 unit meds only, max 20) 16:46:25 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Leg rig) Medic leg rig - Capacity 0 units + Meds 1 (1 unit meds only, max 1) + Meds 2 (0.1 unit meds only, max 5) 16:46:25 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Leg rig) Medic leg rig - Capacity 0 units + Meds 1 (1 unit meds only, max 1) + Meds 2 (0.1 unit meds only, max 5) 16:47:22 * Keska_Matsuo equips the vest, and the pair of leg rigs after pulling them from the crate. 16:50:51 <Hebizuka> *TT-1F Medic vest and 2x Medic leg rig equipped.* 16:51:17 * Keska_Matsuo with that done, proceeds towards the doors. 16:52:21 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Office room, abandoned // Front: Pantry, abandoned // Right: Empty workshop, forsaken 16:53:01 * Keska_Matsuo considers each but ultimately decided to head right for the workshop. 16:57:03 <Hebizuka> *A forsaken, empty workshop that hasn't seen activity - or working machinery - in hundreds of years. You spot a weapon on the floor, and a floating object in the back of the room...* 16:57:22 * Keska_Matsuo looks around before noticing the suspended object, approaching to examine it. 16:57:37 <Hebizuka> [Amulet] You have found the Cardinal Amulet of the North! 16:58:04 * Keska_Matsuo collects it with a smug look of satisfaction. 16:59:06 <Hebizuka> *Your Maximum Pain Threshold has increased by 10% - it is now 160%.* 16:59:25 <Hebizuka> *Your Maximum Blood has increased by 2 - it is now 22. Current Blood level is now 22.0/22.* 17:01:14 * Keska_Matsuo with the first of the four mystical amulets, heads towards the door happily. 17:02:01 * Keska_Matsuo checks the weapon on the ground before leaving 17:02:55 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Handgear - R1/Common - Fist wraps. Protects the wearer's hands with a C2 Armor Class - Cloth - Weight: 1 - [Cond: Good] 17:03:15 * Keska_Matsuo equips the fist wraps. 17:03:59 <Hebizuka> *New handgear equipped.* 17:04:55 <Hebizuka> *You get the feeling that finding your first Amulet is shaking something in the world...* 17:05:07 <Hebizuka> *You feel like your actions are being observed by unnatural forces!* 17:05:15 <Hebizuka> [Reputation] Angelic faction: +100 17:05:21 <Hebizuka> [Reputation] Demonic faction: +100 17:06:10 * Keska_Matsuo returns to going to the doors 17:06:25 <Hebizuka> *You are now Acquainted by both Angelics and Demonics, and they are now aware of your existence as the Contestant.* 17:07:57 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Vault room, abandoned // Front: Empty club room, abandoned // Right: Empty workshop, disaffected 17:08:19 * Keska_Matsuo temptation takes the better of her, immedaitely swinging left for the vault room. 17:11:31 <Hebizuka> *An abandoned vault room, which was once the central part of a bank. It's long been looted and gutted since. All you can see is an item on the floor.* 17:12:10 <Hebizuka> [Meds] Nitrous oxide inhaler - Pain sensitivity -50%, Nausea for 1d6+2 turns - Weight: 0.1 17:12:40 * Keska_Matsuo picks that up and puts it right in the rucksack. 17:13:19 <Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 0.85/60 17:14:17 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Warehouse room, abandoned // Front: Empty shrine, abandoned // Right: Former room 17:14:40 * Keska_Matsuo heads for the empty shrine as the next destination. 17:30:18 <Hebizuka> *An abandoned, empty shrine, with broken old vending machines in the back - which shows it once was an Angelic shrine. All that is left is a piece of clothing in the donation box.* 17:31:05 * Keska_Matsuo thinks about taking the clothing but heads for the doors not distubring the donation box. 17:32:29 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty workshop, abandoned // Front: Bedroom (bunks), forsaken // Right: Shower room, overgrown 17:33:26 * Keska_Matsuo decides on the bedroom, heading through the door. 17:36:54 <Hebizuka> *A forsaken bedroom, with several bunk beds laid out. That room could house up to 10 residents, before it was left to wither away in the UA. You spot a magazine on the floor...* 17:38:06 * Keska_Matsuo checks the magazine. 17:38:13 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Bren Gun 100-round pan magazine (drum). Size tier: X.Large ; Weight: 3+3.35 (6.35) (Weight tier +1 to equipped weapon) - [67/100, AP] 17:38:17 <Hebizuka> *Caliber: .303 British* 17:38:55 * Keska_Matsuo stores it in the rucksack for safe keeping. 17:39:40 <Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 7.2/60 17:40:22 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Laundry room, abandoned // Front: Locker room, abandoned // Right: Roadway 17:40:52 * Keska_Matsuo heads for the roadway next, curious to see it. 17:41:16 * C27 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds) 17:41:56 <Hebizuka> *An empty, featureless room, which serves as a road - simple as that. You spot an item on the ground...* 17:42:28 * Keska_Matsuo walks in disappointed, looking at the item. 17:43:27 <Hebizuka> [Key item] A keycard, for unlocking a certain type of electronic lock. A serial number can be read on it: 3403 17:43:39 * Keska_Matsuo puts it away for later 17:44:30 <Hebizuka> *Keycard acquired.* 17:45:23 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Former room // Front: Pathway // Right: Bedroom (bunks), forsaken 17:45:50 * Keska_Matsuo walks through the door to the former room, wondering if the keycard will be of use at all. 17:50:12 <Hebizuka> *A former room. You see many things here: a weapon on the floor, an item, and three chickens roaming about.* 17:51:02 * Keska_Matsuo first checks the wqeapon on the ground. 17:51:52 <Hebizuka> *The chickens are not exactly confrontational - in fact they're afraid of you and try to flapflap out of the way.* 17:52:00 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - MAC-10 auto pistol | .45 ACP - Semi/Full | AutoROF: 9 | Thread(MAC) | MAC 30-round magazine, no +1 | Weight: 5 - [27/30, Lead+P] - Cond: Fair / Clns: Lubricated 17:52:33 * Keska_Matsuo equips the Mac-10 17:52:43 <Hebizuka> *MAC-10 equipped in Holster 2.* 17:53:15 * Keska_Matsuo then examines the item. 17:53:37 <Hebizuka> [Key item] A bracelet-lighter. A small reliable source of fire. 17:53:51 * Keska_Matsuo picks the lighter up. 17:54:15 <Hebizuka> *Key item equipped!* 17:54:16 * Keska_Matsuo then heads for the doors. 17:55:17 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Break room, forsaken // Front: Vault room, abandoned // Right: Roadway 17:55:38 * Keska_Matsuo goes into the vault room, allure of treasure too high 17:58:02 <Hebizuka> *A gutted vault room. No loot or items here, just a roaming frost ant.* 17:58:59 * Keska_Matsuo looking at the size of the ant and her lack of superior fire power attempts to sneak past. 18:00:12 <Hebizuka> *You will attempt a stealth escape. Roll a 2d6+Agility.* 18:00:36 <Keska_Matsuo> @roll 2d6+2 18:00:36 <MazeBot> Keska_Matsuo: 10:8+2 18:00:40 <Hebizuka> *Success!* 18:01:01 <Hebizuka> *Combat has been avoided.* 18:02:06 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty bar, abandoned // Front: Empty dojo, abandoned // Right: Roadway 18:02:20 * Keska_Matsuo decides to check out the dojo this time 18:05:28 <Hebizuka> *A long-abandoned dojo, probably used more to travel through and do actual fighting than practice. There, you spot a weapon and a piece of LBE.* 18:05:46 * Keska_Matsuo goes to look at the weapon 18:06:07 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 5 Short - R3/Premium - Kukri - Slash (Sharp), Stab (Piercing) - Steel - Weight: 5 - [Cond: Poor] 18:06:20 * Keska_Matsuo equips the kukri 18:07:10 * Keska_Matsuo but realizes both holsters are taken, and decides to leave it. 18:08:14 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Shower room, disaffected // Front: Empty club room, abandoned // Right: Bedroom (single bed), overgrown 18:08:26 * Keska_Matsuo heads for the shower room. 18:09:43 <Hebizuka> *A disaffected shower room. You doubt the pipes are even still working... You spot some clothing in one of the temporary lockers.* 18:10:04 * Keska_Matsuo goes to look at the clothing 18:10:18 <Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - Butler suit (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - Classy - Weight: 5 - [Cond: Ruined] 18:10:54 * Keska_Matsuo decides to not make herself a fashion nightmare, leaves them behind 18:11:01 <Hebizuka> Checkout! 18:11:21 <Hebizuka> A freaking 4 room amulet 18:11:23 <Hebizuka> holy shit tho 18:11:30 <Keska_Matsuo> :) 18:15:17 <Hebizuka> Anyway, that was fun! Thank you for being back among us <3 18:15:38 <Keska_Matsuo> T'was fun ^-^ 18:15:50 <Tempest> Don't hesitate to ping me anytime you want to play 18:16:00 <Keska_Matsuo> Will do!