Log:Session 25 (Meta, no ontology)

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[12:14] <&Hebizuka> *Welcome back to the Mazes, Jonah. You visited 76 rooms. Next special room is just next door (77th, gun shop). You are healthy with no apparent condition. !mrooms1 to resume.* [12:14] <Jonah> !mrooms1 [12:14] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Unique door: 3526 - Roomstyle: 276 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [12:14] <Jonah> I got a pretty good feeling! [12:14] <Jonah> Charge~ [12:15] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. A gun shop stand has been set up here. In fact, it looks like the shop owner practically just arrived.* [12:16] <Jonah> Sir? Today is your lucky day. [12:16] <Jonah> We've been lugging around SO MANY GUNS. [12:16] <Jonah> Carolyn, if you'd please~? [12:16] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] What? Uh, hi. [12:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Sorry I'm not all there. You have something to sell? [12:17] <Jonah> Sir, we have /so many things/ to sell, we almost couldn't keep track! [12:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Fine, let's take a look at the gear... [12:19] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn drops the DSR-1, the Red 9 and the RPK-74 from her bags, lifting herself from their encumberance.* [12:21] <&Hebizuka> *The shopkeep begins checking them out, then eyes you expectantly, waiting for you to drop him more stuff.* [12:22] * Jonah reverently places everything she's planning to sell - the two Bipods, the Muzzle Break, the Makarov Silencer, the Blaser R93, and the SIG Sauer. [12:23] <Jonah> Carolyn, didn't you want to sell the 100 round magazine? [12:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Yup. Might as well make extra cash. [12:26] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Whoa, this IS a lot of stuff. Let me count everything... [12:26] <Jonah> Take your time, sir. You won't find a haul like this! [12:27] <Jonah> And thanks so much, Carolyn. Got a sore back? Need a quick rub down~? [12:27] <Jonah> I have magic hands! [12:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I'm fine, you pervert. [12:28] <Jonah> I stand by my statement! The shirt would stay on! [12:32] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Um, okay. If you are willing to seriously sell everything you just dropped on my counter, I will buy it all for 4653 P$. [12:32] <Jonah> CHA. [12:32] <Jonah> FUCKING. [12:32] <Jonah> CHING. [12:32] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] SCORE! [12:33] <Jonah> And SOLD to the Handsome Shopkeep with the deep pockets! [12:33] <&Hebizuka> *Please wait, emptying your inventory...* [12:34] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Backpack/Main inv) 30.91/60 [12:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] I'll keep the cash on a tab in case you want to buy something. Speaking of which, I invite you to look at my selection. [12:35] <Jonah> Sure. What do you have? [12:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] My selection this morning is excellent. Lots of great quality firearms, great variety as well. [12:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] What are you looking for? New pieces? Ammunition? Accessories perhaps? [12:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Just ask. [12:37] <Jonah> Uh - well, shotgun ammunition would be nice. [12:38] <Jonah> And... uhm... I remember hearing something about shotgun chokers? [12:38] <Jonah> I don't get how a tight necklace would help this thing shoot better, but I'm not gonna question it. [12:39] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] You're in luck, I re-stocked in 12 gauge recently. And you must have heard about shotgun chokes, not chokers. [12:39] <&Hebizuka> *The shopkeep ruffles inside of his secure box, and pulls out one. It looks like a tube more than a collar.* [12:40] <Jonah> So - what does it do? [12:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] See this tube? Its purpose is to tighten the spread pattern, when you're shooting buckshot or anything with multiple projectiles. It doesn't make slugs more accurate but if you shoot buckshot often, you might want one of these. [12:41] <Jonah> ...Okay, I'll be taking one of those. [12:41] <Jonah> I have nothing but buckshot, this is perfect. [12:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] One choke is 400 P$. [12:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] But I doubt you'll mind?... [12:42] <Jonah> Not at - wait. [12:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Well, I'll just deduct from the amount you got from earlier sales. [12:42] <Jonah> If you have 12-Gauge, does that mean you're selling shotguns too? [12:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] As a matter of fact, yes, I do. [12:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] I only have one, though. [12:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Did you want to see it? [12:43] <Jonah> What kinds? I have an, uh - Remington Magnum, and I'm not sure if it's a - yes please. [12:45] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Savage Arms/Stevens Model 67 shotgun | 12 gauge - Pump-action | No accessory | Internal tube, 4 rounds, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:45] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] It's kind of a plain jane shotgun... It doesn't really have any fancy bells and whistles, but it's cheap. [12:45] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Yours is probably better though. [12:46] <Jonah> It - it is. Sorry, sir. [12:46] <Jonah> But, for ammunition! [12:47] <Jonah> Tell me you carry, uh. [12:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Oh no, it's fine. I'm given what I can stock, and sometimes I sell stuff I don't even like to sell. [12:47] <Jonah> The explosive stuff. [12:47] <Jonah> For 12-gauges. [12:47] <Jonah> Spas-`12? Something like that. [12:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Ah, I see you're chasing after FRAG-12 huh. Yes, I do have three shells for sale. [12:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] 17 P$ per shell. [12:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] You know how it is. This stuff is hard to make and they're practically made by the unit, the engineers hate to make too much of those things from what I hear. But if you can hoard them and if you like shotguns a lot... well... [12:48] <~SU_Tempest> *Carolyn mutters at your ear.* [12:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] He doesn't want to say that he's under legal restrictions. Can't carry more than a set amount for sale. [12:49] * Jonah mutters back, annoyance seeping into her otherwise jovial tone. [12:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] So, what else will it be? Want to buy off my boom-shells? [12:50] <Jonah> Not stocking alcohol at restraunts, three shells... man, your lawmakers are terrible. No sense of anything. [12:50] <Jonah> Er - yes, sir. Three shells! [12:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] I overheard that, you know. [12:51] <Jonah> And I wasn't getting angry at /you,/ so it's fine. [12:51] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Yes, the law is the law, we don't get to sell all we want, even though I have a rocket launcher in my inventory right now, the kicker is the ammunition. [12:51] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Sheesh, it's the four-shot launcher, too. [12:52] <Jonah> ...Carolyn, should we get a rocket launcher? [12:52] <Jonah> Because I'm not sure what would, you know. [12:52] <Jonah> Need it. [12:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Well, if we NEED a rocket launcher, we're in trouble. [12:52] <Jonah> Also explosions have a habit of blowing up in m face, so... [12:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] So it's more about what you WANT. [12:53] <Jonah> Mmm... [12:53] <Jonah> I think we'll be okay without, for now. [12:53] <Jonah> Oh - that reminds me! [12:53] * Jonah slips out her Galil magazine from her vest. [12:53] <Jonah> Here, sir. I'd like to get rid of this as well. [12:54] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] That's amusing. I carry the rifle that works with that magazine. [12:54] <&Hebizuka> *He pulls it out to show it to you.* [12:54] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - IMI Galil AR assault rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi/Full | No accessory | Galil 35-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:55] <Jonah> Oh, nice - now you can sell them as a pair. [12:56] <Jonah> Uhm - hmmm. Carolyn, any recommendations? [12:56] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Lemme add it to your gear for sale. I'll take it for 105. [12:56] <Jonah> Because I am /seriously/ out of my depth here. [12:56] <Jonah> Like - should we get anything for Malika? [12:57] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Speaking of which, do you want to take a look at the full list of guns? Cause I realized I never showed it to you. [12:57] <Jonah> Uhm... sure, I guess? [12:58] <Jonah> No promises I'll understand what the guns /do/ though. [12:59] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Just ask, ma'am. I am a professional. [12:59] <&Hebizuka> *List is incoming!* [12:59] <&Hebizuka> =Guns for sale= [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - IMI Galil AR assault rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi/Full | No accessory | Galil 35-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - C4 charge. Requires a detonator to be set off. Weight: 1/item [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Beretta Px4 Storm pistol | .40 S&W - Semi-auto | Rail | Px4 14-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Röhm RG-38S revolver | .38 Special - Semi-auto | No accessory | Cylinder, 6 rounds | Weight: 3 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - LAR Grizzly Mark V pistol | .50 AE - Semi-auto | M. Brake(I) | Grizzly 6-round mag, +1 | Weight: 5 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Remington M40 sniper rifle | 7.62x51mm NATO - Bolt-action | Scope[Sniper](S) | Internal magazine, 5 rounds, no +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Savage Arms/Stevens Model 67 shotgun | 12 gauge - Pump-action | No accessory | Internal tube, 4 rounds, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - M202A1 FLASH rocket launcher | 66mm rocket M74 - Semi-auto | Scope(I) | Cylinder, 4 rounds | Weight: Unsparable [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - SITES Spectre M4 submachine gun | 9x19mm Parabellum - Semi/Full | Foregrip(I) | Spectre 50-round mag, +1 | Weight: 9 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Noreen Bad News ULR sniper rifle | .338 Lapua Magnum - Semi-auto | M.Brake(I), Scope[Sniper](S), Rail, Rail | Bad News 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M67 fragmentation grenade. May send between 0 and 12 shrapnel on targets upon exploding. Weight: 1/item [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - MAC-10 machine pistol | .45 ACP - Semi/Full | No accessory | MAC 30-round magazine, no +1 | Weight: 3 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Smith & Wesson Model 642 revolver | .38 Special - Semi-auto | No accessory | Cylinder, 5 rounds | Weight: 3 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - AI AWSM sniper rifle | .338 Lapua Magnum - Bolt-action | M.Brake(I), Scope[Sniper](S) | AWSM 5-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - H&K MSG-90 sniper rifle | 7.62x51mm NATO - Semi-auto | Scope[ZF10](S), Bipod(S) | G3 5-round mag, +1 | Weight: 14 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - IZHMASH Dragunov SVD sniper rifle | 7.62x54mm R - Semi-auto | Scope[PSO-1](S) | SVD 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [12:59] <&Hebizuka> *List is over.* [13:01] <Jonah> So, is it just one block of the, uhm... [13:01] <Jonah> The plastic explosive? [13:02] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Yeah I sadly have only one but... One's plenty if you are looking to demolish something. [13:03] <Jonah> Ring me up for that. And as many grenades as you have on you, too. [13:03] <Jonah> Don't need a rocket launcher when you have blocks of The Stuff. [13:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Well, I have one M67 here... and that is about it. [13:04] <Jonah> ...Oh. [13:04] <Jonah> Well, guess it's just the one grenade then. [13:05] <Jonah> As for anything else... well, I'm good with buckshot, I have the gun choker for it... [13:05] * Jonah unholsters her P90, as well as her own Smith [13:05] <Jonah> & Wesson revolver. [13:05] <Jonah> You have any accessories for these two things? [13:06] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Hmm. [13:06] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Let me look. [13:07] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] I have a few flashlights and a laser sight that could fit on it, yes, but you'd need to remove the one you have on it already. [13:10] <Jonah> Er - what about the revolver? [13:11] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Well, I have speedloaders, but that's it. I can't think of an accessory that would fit on your revolver. [13:11] <Jonah> Oh, [13:11] <Jonah> well... [13:11] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] *Nudge* Buy him shotgun ammo and let's be on our way... You should get more buck. And maybe slugs. [13:12] <Jonah> Could I have an extra flashlight? [13:12] <Jonah> And - how many slugs do you have? [13:12] <Jonah> I should be fine with buschot, I still have over 100 rounds... [13:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] Sure. Inforce APL or Surefire X300U? The former lasts longer, the latter is brighter. [13:13] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I'm not sure the CAWS shells you have fit... Maybe you should sell them. [13:15] <Jonah> I have an Inforce, so the Surefire. [13:15] <Jonah> And Carolyn - we can always sell them next time. It might be fun to find a CAWS. [13:16] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Then ask him for more buckshot that actually WORKS in your shotgun. Cause 30-something shells won't last us very much. Ah, and before I forget, can I get two boxes of 5.56? [13:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] No problem. So, 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO, a Surefire X300, and for the blonde miss?.. How much buckshot?... [13:18] <Jonah> What do you mean, 30 something [13:18] <Jonah> - [13:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Unless you got more in your vest, cause all I did was look in your bag... [13:19] <Jonah> 78 rounds of it. [13:19] <Jonah> You could even pat me down to check [13:19] <Jonah> I wouldn't mind~ [13:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Unlike you I keep my hands where they should be. On my guns. [13:20] <Jonah> ... Oh baby. [13:20] <Jonah> RIGHT. Sir, how many slugs do you have? [13:21] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeep] About five boxes, so... One hundred? [13:22] <Jonah> I'll take two boxes, then. [13:22] <Jonah> And - I think that'll be everything. [13:22] <&Hebizuka> BUY: [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > Shotgun choke: 400 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > 12 gauge FRAG-12: 51 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > M67: 100 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > C4 charge: 300 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > Weapon light, Surefire X300U (with full battery): 200 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > 100x 5.56x45mm NATO, FMJ: 300 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> > 40x 12 gauge slug: 80 P$ [13:22] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 1431 P$ [13:23] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm your purchases?* [13:23] <Jonah> A shotgun muzzle choker, three shells of Frag-12, the plastic explosive, the grenade, the flashlight, and the slug - yes, that's everything. [13:23] <Jonah> Thank you very much! [13:23] <&Hebizuka> *Preparing your purchases, please wait...* [13:25] <&Hebizuka> *Here they are. Take what you need.* [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M67 fragmentation grenade. May send between 0 and 12 shrapnel on targets upon exploding. Weight: 1/item [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - C4 charge. A charge of Composition C4. Requires a detonator to be set off. Weight: 1/item [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Shotgun choke: 12 gauge/12 gauge belted [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Weapon light: Surefire X300U. Full battery life: 150 turns. - [Battery: 150/150, 100%] [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 12 gauge, FRAG-12, 3 rounds - weight 0.15 [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 12 gauge, slug, 40 rounds - weight 2 [13:25] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 5.56x45mm NATO, FMJ, 100 rounds - weight 1 [13:29] * Jonah quickly stows away the C4 and the grenade on her person, and doing her best to put the muzzle choke on her Remington. [13:29] <&Hebizuka> *You screwed the choke on the 870's muzzle without a difficulty.* [13:29] <Jonah> And the flashlight and ammo go in the bag... Carolyn, want me to carry Malika's ammo? [13:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Nah, I'll carry it myself. [13:30] <&Hebizuka> *She takes the 100 rounds for herself, leaving you the shotgun shells.* [13:30] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn shoves both boxes in her vest.* [13:32] <Jonah> And that's everything from me. You good, Carolyn? [13:32] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [13:32] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 641 - Front door: 5065 - Right door: 2222 - Roomstyle: 68 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [13:33] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Backpack/Main inv) 34.06/60 [13:33] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Vest/Ammo pouches] 2 mags out of 6 [13:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Okay, let's go kick some ass. [13:33] <&Hebizuka> *Next special room: 80th (hiring bureau)* [13:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Hey wait ! [13:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Don't leave so fast! I need your name! [13:34] <Jonah> Uh. [13:34] <Jonah> Whyyyyyyyy? [13:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Because you have 3327 P$ worth of money left in credit and I need your name to put it down on your account... [13:34] <Jonah> ...Holy shit how did I almost forget that. [13:34] <Jonah> I, uh. [13:35] <Jonah> I don't suppose you could pay that out in cash? [13:35] <Jonah> Or transfer it to my account, or. [13:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] I could, but you realize it's going to be heavy? [13:35] <Jonah> Something. [13:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Ma'am. I just need your name to put the cash on credit. [13:35] <Jonah> Right, but I want to spend my money on /other/ stuff. [13:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] So what? Call your bank later, they'll transfer the cash. [13:36] <Jonah> Which I can't do the credit's only in your shop. [13:36] <Jonah> ...They can do that? [13:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Why of course they can. [13:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] Credit transfer is legal. It has to go through them, we don't have the authority to do it, though. [13:36] <Jonah> Then do you terribly mind calling them? I'll tip you 20P$ for it. [13:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] No ma'am. [13:37] <Jonah> ...Why not? [13:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] No phone on myself. I would but I cannot. [13:37] <Jonah> Ughhhhhhh. [13:37] <Jonah> Then - uh - Jonah. I guess. [13:37] <Jonah> I need to make a second account when we find another bank. [13:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Shopkeeper] There. Just don't worry, okay? Your cash is safe at least. [13:38] <&Hebizuka> [Wealth] (Gun shop credit) 3327 P$ [13:38] <&Hebizuka> [Wealth] (Total) 5242 P$ [13:38] <&Hebizuka> *You are still carrying 1195 P$ worth of physical money.* [13:39] <Jonah> I really, /really/ hate shopping. [13:39] <Jonah> Through the front door! [13:41] <&Hebizuka> *A scratched, featureless room. There is various @graffiti etched on the walls there. You spot an abandoned weapon in the corner.* [13:42] * Jonah sighs, going through the song and dance of trap checking. [13:42] <Jonah> @graffiti [13:42] <MazeBot> meet us, we have everything - 0-ALL-SELL [13:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Huh. [13:42] <&Hebizuka> *No traps here.* [13:43] <Jonah> Black market's alive and well, eh? [13:43] * Jonah heads over to the weapon! [13:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] So I surmised. We should call them once in a while. [13:44] <Jonah> ...But that's illegal? [13:45] <Jonah> And wouldn't that be kinda bad for your immortal soul? [13:45] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - IZHMASH PP-91 Kedr submachine gun | 9x18mm Makarov - Semi/Full | Silencer | Kedr 20-round mag, +1 | Weight: 5 - [10+1/20, 20x FMJ] - Cond: Good / Clns: Dirty [13:45] <&Hebizuka> *A submachine gun that looks like it has been used once before being thrown away.* [13:46] <&Hebizuka> *Or has it? Imagination can go a long way.* [13:46] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I don't really care much if it's the black market or not... I'm not harming anyone by buying their stuff. [13:47] * Jonah slips in the light thing into her pack! [13:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Hell I've done it before, to have something better than a pistol whenever some vandal fuck came in my shrine to try and steal from the box. [13:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] It was a frequent occurrence before I moved to 5454. [13:47] <Jonah> ...So what happened to the gun? [13:48] <Jonah> I mean, the one you bought, not your pistol. [13:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Ran out of ammo, sold it for a bit of pocket cash. [13:48] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [13:48] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 3199 - Front door: 4118 - Right door: 5126 - Roomstyle: 525 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [13:48] <Jonah> Huh. [13:48] <Jonah> What kind of gun was it? [13:48] * Jonah heads through the front door in the meantime! [13:49] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/Main inv) 39.06/60 [13:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I don't recall precisely. Some kinda subgun like this one, but I'm not sure. [13:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I recall I got maybe one tenth of the cash I spent on it when I sold it... [13:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] It cost way too much. [13:51] <Jonah> As the saying goes... "I smuggle, you pay out the nose." [13:51] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room, with only one door ahead (!mrooms1). The room is guarded by a feline creature; it appears to be a jaguar, which looks anything but nice.* [13:52] <Jonah> ...Ah damn it, I should have bought a bayonet attachment. [13:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I don't think it even exists. [13:52] <Jonah> ...Huh. [13:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Never seen bayonets outside of old story books. Maybe it's just something they don't do anymore! [13:59] <Jonah> Man, that is so weird. Like - they're just /knives./ [13:59] <Jonah> Uhm - right. Jaguar. [14:00] * Jonah tries to avoid drawing its ire, but since they /did/ just spend a few minutes talking... is it aware of us? [14:03] <&Hebizuka> *The jaguar is unaware of your presence.* [14:03] * Jonah tries to sneak past the thing! [14:08] <&Hebizuka> *Roll a 2d6 to attempt making it to the doors.* [14:08] <Jonah> @roll 1#2d6 [14:08] <MazeBot> Jonah: 12 [14:09] <&Hebizuka> *You make it so well past the jaguar that Carolyn does not need to roll, and sneaks past with you, successfully.* [14:09] <&Hebizuka> *You have only one door ahead of you, so when you are ready, take it.* [14:10] <Jonah> !mrooms1 [14:10] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Unique door: 5476 - Roomstyle: 153 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [14:12] <&Hebizuka> *You make it inside a hiring bureau. There are cages on the left. 8, to be precise, each occupied by a creature of some sort. On the right is a desk, where someone wearing a formal outfit is busy typing away on a computer. Behind the lone desk is a wall covered in ad posters, job offers, announcements, and other pinned papers.* [14:15] <Jonah> ...Fancy. Want to bring backup with us, Carolyn? [14:16] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Egh, I'm not a fan of those places... Not the cage half of it at least.. [14:18] <~SU_Tempest> *The hirer sees you two but doesn't say a word, assuming you not to be clients.* [15:06] <Jonah> Mmm... not my scene. [15:06] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [15:06] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 395 - Front door: 5903 - Right door: 7221 - Roomstyle: 232 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [15:06] * Jonah heads out the front door, and that's the end of that. [15:09] <&Hebizuka> *Next special room: 88th (Mission)* [15:10] <&Hebizuka> *An outside area. It's night-time, you can't see a thing!* [15:11] * Jonah deftly switches to her P90, switching the light on! [15:11] <Jonah> Okay, this is what I mean. You mentioned before that we just had lunch, but it's /night./ [15:12] <Jonah> And I don't remember the last time I slept. There's no insomnia fatigue! [15:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I have to say I am a bit confused myself... [15:12] <&Hebizuka> *You create a cone of light, and you understand you're in some kind of plains.* [15:12] <&Hebizuka> *There's something shiny on the ground.* [15:14] * Jonah heads over to the shiny to examine the hell out of it. [15:14] <Jonah> Executive decision - next bed we see, we're sleeping in. [15:15] <Jonah> We can sleep in shifts, or I can take the floor or something. [15:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I have to admit, I'm not tired! [15:15] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Metal - Worthless iron ring - Value 1-3 P$ (1d3) - Weight: 0.1 [15:16] <Jonah> ...You are a bundle of energy, ain't ya. [15:16] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [15:16] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 7180 - Front door: 4127 - Right door: 676 - Roomstyle: 423 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [15:16] * Jonah heads out the front door, shtting off her light as soon as it's safe! [15:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Maybe. [15:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Or maybe it's the Dragon Well I had last time. [15:18] <&Hebizuka> *You return inside, and make it into a library once again. No librarian in sight... you do spot clothing on the desk though.* [15:18] <Jonah> Tea is great, but the caffeine crashes are - HEYOH. [15:18] * Jonah makes a quick check for traps, and steps over to sweet, sweet clothing if it's safe! [15:19] <&Hebizuka> *No traps.* [15:23] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - Shirt with tie (Upper body, Arms) - AC Light - Blunt-resistant - Weight: 3 - [Cond: Good] [15:28] <~SU_Tempest> *What will you do with it?* [15:32] <Jonah> Whoo hoo! [15:32] <Jonah> Actual /clothing~/ [15:33] * Jonah strips off he Kevlar in a flash to put on the comfy shirt! [15:33] <~SU_Tempest> *Top worn.* [15:35] <Jonah> Finally. Everything was getting too... breezy. And the kevlar was wearing out my nipples. [15:35] <Jonah> Ugh, I'm /still/ numb... [15:35] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [15:35] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 5272 - Front door: 2697 - Right door: 459 - Roomstyle: 308 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [15:36] * Jonah slips her kevlar back on, and heads through the front door! [16:01] <&Hebizuka> *A warehouse room. There is a weapon in one of the crates, but this will have to wait; there are creatues here. Three giant spiders of all things.* [16:02] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Oh gods, oh gods. Oh gods. Spiders. I hate spiders. I hate them. [16:02] <Jonah> Nope. We're not dealing with this. [16:02] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] kill them kill them KILL THEM [16:02] <Jonah> Let's just /go./ [16:02] <~SU_Tempest> *She's already raising her M16 though...* [16:02] <Jonah> Oh - goddamn it. [16:03] * Jonah pulls Carolyn into a hug, partly to calm her down, and partly to buy time to look for cover. [16:03] <Jonah> Carolyn, please, honey, work with me just a bit. [16:03] <&Hebizuka> *Roll @cover to check, then roll a 2d6 to take cover.* [16:03] <Jonah> @cover [16:03] <MazeBot> A reinforced concrete wall. (Health: 60, LDV modifier: -4. AC Eqv: Kevlar-4. Pass-through threshold: 12+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.25) [16:03] <~SU_Tempest> *Carolyn tries not to hyperventilate.* [16:04] <Jonah> @roll 1#2d6 [16:04] <MazeBot> Jonah: 6 [16:06] <&Hebizuka> *You take cover... but you are too slow to act this turn. As such you are seen by the spiders, who are now moving in to attack.* [16:06] <&Hebizuka> *All three of them.* [16:06] <&Hebizuka> *Which probably means cover is going to be useless.* [16:07] <&Hebizuka> *First spider...* [16:07] <&Hebizuka> *It moves in towards you to try and strike you with one of its legs.* [16:07] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:07] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Right shoulder [16:07] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:07] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 3 [16:07] <&Hebizuka> *But it fails to hit.* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *Second spider...* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *It attempts attacking Carolyn, also with a leg strike.* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:08] <MazeBot> [EXTREMITY] Left foot [16:08] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:08] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 4 [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *But it also fails!* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *Third spider...* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *It goes to attack you, also trying to beat you up with its legs.* [16:08] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:08] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Torso (Chest, back) [16:08] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:08] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 6 [16:08] <&Hebizuka> *It fails by just a few inches.* [16:09] <&Hebizuka> *End of Turn 1. An intense five seconds of very near misses later...* [16:09] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 2. What will you attempt?* [16:10] * Jonah jams the shotgun against the first spider's face, and pumps the damned thing full of buckshot! [16:10] <&Hebizuka> *And that means how many shots?* [16:10] <Jonah> *Three shots, Remington, Giant Alien Spider.* [16:10] <&Hebizuka> *At the head?* [16:12] <&Hebizuka> *Just trying to confirm your intents.* [16:12] <Jonah> *At the body, the head comment was just for flavor text.* [16:15] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn dragged herself rearwards, then dropped on the floor. She then raises her M16A1, plants the bipod on the floor and just ... dumps her magazine in full-auto at the other two, making use of her reflex sight to do so.* [16:15] <&Hebizuka> *At least, this is what she'll try to do...* [16:15] <&Hebizuka> *Against spider 2, Seven shots. And against spider 3, six shots. Body on both counts.* [16:16] <&Hebizuka> *All three spiders will try to leg strike both of you again; spiders 1 and 3 are moving onto Carolyn, while spider 2 is trying to attack you.* [16:17] <&Hebizuka> *Order: Spiders, you, Jonah* [16:17] <&Hebizuka> *Spider 1...* [16:18] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:18] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Upper body (Stomach, guts, lower back) [16:18] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:18] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 7 [16:18] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn receives a hit in the guts before she can complete her move.* [16:19] <&Hebizuka> *This seems to be very painful indeed.* [16:20] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn yelps in pain from the harsh strike, unable to stop herself from spitting some saliva as she's spider-punted.* [16:20] <&Hebizuka> *Spider 2...* [16:20] <Jonah> Carolyn, run, run, get out of here! [16:20] <&Hebizuka> *But it's too late to do that! And the second spider comes to attack you.* [16:20] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:20] <MazeBot> [EXTREMITY] Right foot [16:21] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:21] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 6 [16:21] <&Hebizuka> *It just misses your foot.* [16:21] <&Hebizuka> *Spider 3...* [16:21] <&Hebizuka> *The OTHER spider that ganged up on your friend is about to strike as well.* [16:21] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:21] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Left leg [16:21] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [16:21] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 7 [16:21] <&Hebizuka> *And it succeeds, banging on her leg just as hard as the first did in the gut.* [16:21] <&Hebizuka> *Another scream of pain is heard.* [16:22] <&Hebizuka> *Finally it is your turn... * [16:22] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now.* [16:23] <Jonah> Get AWAY from her you goddamned fucks! [16:23] <Jonah> @roll 3#2d6 [16:23] <MazeBot> Jonah: 4;9;6 [16:26] <&Hebizuka> *Choke bonus: All scores +1 [16:27] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-3: Hit (3 pel), Hit (6 pel), Hit (4 pel)* [16:27] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 3/3 (13 pellets hit)* [16:29] <&Hebizuka> *The first spider is pumped full of buckshot indeed. So much that you blew a sizable amount of flesh and blood out of it.* [16:29] <&Hebizuka> *The giant spider is dead, very dead, and leaves you covered in greenish-yellow blood splatters. Ew.* [16:29] <&Hebizuka> Jonah [870MM] Giant spider #1 [16:30] <&Hebizuka> *Carolyn's turn...* [16:31] <&Hebizuka> @roll 7#2d6 vs Spider2 [16:31] <&Hebizuka> @roll 7#2d6 Spider2 [16:31] <MazeBot> Hebizuka, Spider2: 5;7;5;2;6;6;7 [16:31] <&Hebizuka> @roll 6#2d6 Spider3 [16:31] <MazeBot> Hebizuka, Spider3: 8;10;5;10;8;8 [16:32] <&Hebizuka> *M.brake bonus: Recoil -1. Bipod bonus: Recoil -1. Carolyn is shooting at an effective Recoil 1 (3-2)* [16:33] <&Hebizuka> *Vs Spider 2, Shots 1-7: Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Hit* [16:33] <&Hebizuka> *Vs Spider 3, Shots 1-6: Hit, Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit, Hit* [16:34] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 2 hits (Spider2), 5 hits (Spider 3)* [16:35] <&Hebizuka> Carolyn ["Malika"] Giant spider #2 [16:35] <&Hebizuka> Carolyn ["Malika"] Giant spider #3 [B] [16:35] <&Hebizuka> *The third one is especially... dismantled, for lack of a better word, by the surprisingly effective HP ammunition.* [16:35] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (2 turns)* [16:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] FUCK. [16:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] FUCK THOSE SPIDERS. [16:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] FUCK THEM. Fucking... *Gasps, sits down, and tries to get her breath back.* [16:39] <Jonah> Holy /fuck/ that was - shit, Carolyn, your leg! [16:39] <Jonah> Fuck, fuck - can you move it around? Is it broken, tell me you're okay. [16:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] It hurts like a freaking bitch and I think I'm gonna have a nasty bump, but I can still walk... Just give me a moment... [16:42] <Jonah> Give me a sec, we have first aid kits... [16:43] * Jonah pulls one out ASAP, gingerly pulling up Carolyn's tight leather pants to get at her leg. [16:43] <Jonah> Just - let me patch you up. And I have some painkillers if you want them. [16:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Hey, hey, HEY, don't just go undressing me like that! I don't have underwear, you know? [16:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] *She pulls her belongings back up.* But I'll take the painkillers... [16:46] <Jonah> I was pulling up your /pants legs./ [16:46] <Jonah> Not pulling /down/ your pants. [16:46] <Jonah> The pain has /clearly/ addled you. [16:47] * Jonah hands her the plain white tablet as she continues to heal up Carolyn's leg. [16:47] <Jonah> Just - gods, don't scare me like that. [16:47] <Jonah> You're wearing all our armor from now on. [16:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Urgh. Sorry. I just get antsy when I'm touched in a way I didn't expect. [16:48] <~SU_Tempest> *She swallows the paracetamol tablet.* [16:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Oh, yeah. That hits the spot. [16:50] <Jonah> That's fine, that's fine. But don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you get used to being touched. [16:51] <Jonah> I'm not going to /ask for permission/ to patch you up. [16:51] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Please do. I just... It just irks me, okay? [16:54] <Jonah> ...No promises. I really can't. [16:54] <Jonah> We'll... we'll just have to be more careful. [16:55] <Jonah> And get you some armor. Because you really shouldn't be trapezing around like that. [16:55] <Jonah> So - here, can you stand up? [16:56] <~SU_Tempest> *She slowly gets back up on her feet, then tries to walk around.* [16:57] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Yeah, I'm okay, for now. [16:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I don't think I'm banged up too bad to need a first aid kit though, you should save it... I'll be okay. [16:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Hopefully we will find more armor... [17:00] * Jonah slings off her Kevlar, nw that she actually has a shirt, and hands it over to her. [17:00] <Jonah> Wear it. No arguments this time, please. [17:01] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Are you kidding? If you die, what use am I going to be for you? Keep the damn vest, we can find one later! [17:02] <Jonah> What the hell kinda argument is that? Don't you care at *all* about your own life? [17:03] <Jonah> When we were fighting those soldiers, they targetted you. Tentacle beast? You. [17:03] <Jonah> These spiders? /Also you./ [17:03] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I care more about the lives I can help, than my own. This is my job as a shrine maiden. [17:03] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] If they target me instead of you, then that means I'm doing my job. [17:03] <Jonah> And /I/ care more about the lives I can help than my own. That's /my job/ as a paladin. And, unlike you, I'm /actively expected to be a meat shield./ [17:03] <Jonah> You? Aren't. [17:04] <Jonah> Your job /should not be/ drawing fire! [17:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] And? You're expected to have the armor. You're the Contestant. If you die, it's over. I'm going to draw fire so that you can do what you are meant to do. It's destiny. You can't change that. [17:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Now let's move, I don't feel like having another political discussion... [17:05] <Jonah> This isn't a political - what the hell is the Contestant supposed to /do/ anyways? What is with this Chosen One bullshit? [17:05] <Jonah> If - Carolyn, if you die, I will *break.* [17:06] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Please don't call bullshit the one scripture on which my religion is based on, please... I don't know how much religion there was in your original world, but you're not being very understanding right now... [17:07] <Jonah> Carolyn. [17:07] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] You won't be very able to get the Amulets if you are dead. [17:07] <Jonah> Carolyn - a wise woman once told me something. [17:08] <Jonah> She told me, 'you have to take care of yourself first. You can't help anybody if you're a wreck.' [17:09] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Are you calling me a wreck? I got hit once or twice, I'm still okay. [17:09] <Jonah> No, I'm saying I don't want you to be a wreck. [17:09] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] We'll see about that. Let's get a move on. [17:10] <Jonah> I don't want you wiith missing limbs, or blind, or a hundred other little things. [17:10] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Yeah, and I want to get rich and be a lazy fuck with a million of Parallars. We can't always get what we want, Jonah. That's why I'm working hard to get what I -can-. And so should you. [17:11] <Jonah> And I think I /can/ get something. Andd I don't think it's /that much to ask/ if you'd just put this damn Kevlar on. Please. [17:11] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Keep it. And move. MOVE. [17:12] <~SU_Tempest> *She pushes you towards the doors.* [17:12] <Jonah> Fucking - you're /heartless/ you know that? [17:12] <Jonah> Fuh - hey, /hey!/ [17:12] <Jonah> We didn't even grab the weapon yet! [17:13] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] What- oh. Make it snappy then. [17:13] <Jonah> So much /easier/ when I could order people around through divine authority. [17:13] * Jonah jogs over to the weapon crate, takes a glance, and shoves it in her pack. [17:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Ruger 10/22 target rifle | .22 Long Rifle - Semi-auto | Silencer | 10/22 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 14 - [2+1/10, 3x FMJ] - Cond: Poor / Clns: Seized-up [17:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Haha, all of this for a cheap .22 rifle! You'd be wasting your time carrying it around... We'd get nothing selling it. [17:15] * Jonah punts the shit-crate to the nearest wall. [17:15] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [17:15] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 4414 - Front door: 5823 - Right door: 1732 - Roomstyle: 512 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [17:15] <&Hebizuka> *Leave the rifle behind?* [17:15] <Jonah> Fuck it, front door. [17:15] <Jonah> *Yes* [17:16] <Jonah> Can't even get any spider meat from them. Fuck it all! [17:16] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Look Jonah, it's not against you, okay? I'm just doing what I am meant to do. [17:16] <Jonah> And I'm trying and /failing/ to do what I'm meant to do. It's /frustrating./ [17:17] <Jonah> It's - I'm not meant to be some prissy princess who's gotta be protected. I do the protecting. [17:19] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. There is a group of creatures here again, but they look decidedly less menacing than spiders. You're looking at five feral cats, as well as a weapon in the corner.* [17:19] <&Hebizuka> *There is a lot of meowing in this room.* [17:21] <Jonah> *Like, feral housecats, feral jaguars, feral lions...* [17:21] <Jonah> *Cat is a pretty broad category.* [17:21] <&Hebizuka> *Feral cats.* [17:21] <&Hebizuka> *So yes, feral housecat, more or less.* [17:22] <Jonah> Do we need to worry about rabies? [17:22] * Jonah does yet another scan for traps, hoping the focus required will cool her off some. [17:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Rabies? Wow. That's a thing of the past, Jonah. [17:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Since I don't know how long. [17:23] <&Hebizuka> *If there was a trap here, it's likely one of the cats; who are playing with each other at the moment and running everywhere in the room, would've tripped it. There is none here.* [17:23] <Jonah> Next you'll tell me tuberculosis is a thing of the past too. [17:24] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Well yeah. [17:24] * Jonah checks out the weapon, taking pains to avoid pissing off the cats. [17:24] <Jonah> That's. That's /great./ [17:24] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Tuberculosis doesn't exist anymore. There was a LOT of work done with modern medicine, and this world just got rid of tons of diseases. [17:24] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 5 Short: Tantou - Sharp/Piercing. Weight: 5 [17:24] <Jonah> I'm kidnapping as many scientists and - FUCK. [17:24] <Jonah> THE HELL. [17:24] <Jonah> YES. [17:24] <&Hebizuka> *This weapon appears to be suitable for butchering.* [17:25] * Jonah tosses aside her shitty wooden chopsticks SO FAST and picks up the tanto. [17:25] <Jonah> Way lighter than I'm used too, looks almost like a parrying blade... [17:25] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Heh. We'll be able to cut up meat now. Want to kill one of the cats to try it out? I could use something to eat. [17:26] <Jonah> ...And of course no holy sword blasts. That'd be - what the fuck is /wrong/ with you Carolyn? [17:26] <Jonah> They're /cats./ [17:26] <Jonah> They're SACRED. [17:26] <Jonah> You /monster./ [17:26] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] *Shrug* So what? I had no idea cats were scared being where you come from. [17:26] <Jonah> Look at how cute and innocent they are! [17:26] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Meh. Mini-tentacles look cute and innocent too. Until they start searching for your genitals. [17:27] <Jonah> You say monster rapist, I say consentacles. [17:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Baby crocodiles are cute too. And then they try to bite you and you're in for hours of getting them off your ass. [17:27] <Jonah> You say baby-croc, I say /ridable armored lizard./ [17:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] *sigh* How the hell did you become a paladin? By FUCKING every creature you met? *Joking tone, grins* [17:27] <Jonah> Pffffft. I wish. [17:28] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] You are far, far worse than me, my friend. [17:28] <Jonah> But I would have gotten /so much shit/ for going into the Seduction Corps. [17:28] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] You ain't pure and innocent material. [17:28] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] And I'm not even claiming I am. [17:28] <Jonah> Don't need to be pure /or/ innocent to fight evil. [17:28] <Jonah> That's saved for the clergy, like you. [17:28] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Well, you don't need to be a paladin to be a pervert either... [17:28] <Jonah> And yes, I /am/ claimng you to be pure and innocent. [17:29] <Jonah> No, but it helps. If a paladin blushed and stuttered every time some bad guy flashed their tits, the world would be soooo destroyed by now. [17:29] <Jonah> It's desenitization training! [17:29] <Jonah> !mrooms3 [17:29] <&Hebizuka> [ Jonah ] Left door: 2426 - Front door: 429 - Right door: 4965 - Roomstyle: 219 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [17:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Fuck you're talking about? I'm a 33-year-old virgin who's overweight and who buys her guns from the black market while on the job, I swear all the time and I ate cat before. [17:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Not pure, not innocent. [17:30] <Jonah> And you're so amazingly pure you'd lay down your life for a stranger because prophecy says so. [17:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Hush up, otherworlder. *smile.* [17:30] <Jonah> I don't know about you, but that's purity of focus right there. [17:30] <Jonah> Pfft. Front door it is. [17:31] <&Hebizuka> *For an unknown reason, two of the feral cats decided to follow you.* [17:32] <Jonah> No kitties, we don't have food. [17:32] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. You find nothing much here, except for a box of ammunition. You hear meowing, which confirm the two cats that broke away from the pack have followed you.* [17:32] <Jonah> Stay with your fri - ahhh god damnit. [17:32] <Jonah> Stupid cats. [17:32] <~SU_Tempest> [Cat1] *Meow!* [17:33] <Jonah> Great. [17:33] <Jonah> We are /literally crazy cat ladies now./ [17:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Aww, they're adorable. [17:33] <Jonah> This is the /worst./ Carolyn, what do we name our newfound feline children? [17:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I have no idea. [17:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] I don't even know what sex they are. [17:34] * Jonah crouches down to poke at the cats' crotches. [17:34] <Jonah> Man, we have two extra mouths to feed. I'm all for babies, but you two are gonna be such a burden, you know that? [17:34] * Jonah 's tone starts off anooyed, but it melts into something warmer with each passing second. [17:35] <&Hebizuka> *The first cat is a female, the other is a male. Both of them appear are black cats, without a spot of hair of any other color, and they both have shiny green eyes.* [17:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] If they die, we eat them. [17:37] <Jonah> Len for the female cat, Ken for the male cat, and if you eat them I eat you out. [17:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Pervert. [17:37] <Jonah> Says the shameless pussy-eater. [17:37] <~SU_Tempest> *Carolyn blushes, before bursting in laughter.* [17:37] <Jonah> YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. [17:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Do you know how BAD that joke was? Oh, by the Gods, was it funny though! Ahahahaha [17:37] <Jonah> FALL TO THE DARK SIDE. [17:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Len] *Meow!* [17:39] * Jonah laughs along with Carolyn, gently pettng Len and Ken before picking up the ammo box. [17:39] <~SU_Tempest> *The cat named Ken goes to sniff the box of ammo, wondering if it's food. When he figures out cardboard isn't edible tasty morsels, the cat pitters away.* [17:39] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 10mm Auto, FMJ, 57 rounds - weight 1.14 [17:39] * Jonah shrugs and slips the ammo in her pack, with the rest of the stuff. [17:40] <Jonah> Alright - want to take a little break and play with our new pussies? [17:40] <Jonah> Because I could use a few minutes of playtime. [17:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] If you say the word "pussy" one more time... [17:40] <Jonah> If I say pussy one more time, what~? [17:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] You are going to flood me with innuendo, ARE YOU? [17:40] <Jonah> OH YEAH BABY. [17:41] <~SU_Tempest> *Carolyn swats your face.* [17:41] <Jonah> Don't beat me in front of the children! [17:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Stop saying bullshit. [17:42] <Jonah> Hey. Pussycats are pure and sacred, but they still take after their owners. [17:42] <&Hebizuka> *Do you want to adopt the cats as your allies?* [17:42] <Jonah> You don't want Len and Ken growing up into VICIOUS KILLERS do you? [17:42] <Jonah> *Oh yeah. Besides, they got seperated from the other three. If we don't take 'em, who will?* [17:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Yes I do, I want those cats to grow up into vicious killer cats, because that way they won't be useless meat. [17:43] <Jonah> You have /no joy/ in your heart, Carolyn. [17:43] <Jonah> Besides, cats have tons of non-combat uses! [17:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Carolyn] Like what? [17:43] <Jonah> They hunt down rats to prevent them from spreading infection or eating into winter food stores. [17:44] <Jonah> Cat hair makes for kickass healing potions. [17:44] <Jonah> And it's a scientifically proven fact that owning a pet, like say A CAT, is good for your long term health and morale! [17:44] <Jonah> Len & Ken, you two are awesome, aren't you? Yes you are, YES YOU ARE~ 17:45] <~SU_Tempest> [Ken] *Meow.* [17:46] <&Hebizuka> *Black cats adopted as allies.* [17:52] <&Hebizuka> Checkout [17:55] <&Hebizuka> 85 rooms (+9), 7 kills (+3), 0 SEs, 2 missions, 1 Amulet, 5242 P$ (+3327), 0 Runs [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Score: 196 pts (+48) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Leaderboards: 3rd [17:56] <&Hebizuka> =Today's stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 3/3 [17:56] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 3/3 (100%) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> =All-time stats= [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 15/15 (100%) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Nades/Rockets 1/1 (100%) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Total 16/16 (Accuracy 100%) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> =Achievement progress today= [17:56] <&Hebizuka> Shotgun +1