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[22:48] <&Hebizuka> *Welcome back to the Mazes, Anya. You have visited 8 rooms. The next special room is at the 35th. No special conditions to report - you are healthy and A-OK, for now. !mrooms3 to begin.* [22:49] <Anya> !mrooms3 [22:49] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 2376 - Front door: 1963 - Right door: 4440 - Roomstyle: 524 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [22:49] <Anya> Right we go. [22:51] <&Hebizuka> *You pass the door, and end up in a grassy, featureless room. You see mushrooms growing out of the ground. Almost appropriately enough, a humanoid being dressed like an apprentice wizard is seen observing them, and seems to carry some sort of shoulder bag.* [22:52] * Anya has a thought about putting on her wizard hat or something else before shaking it off. With a wary gaze, she waves cautiously. "Hello?" [22:53] <~SU_Tempest> [AWizard] Who's there? Who's disturbing my sanctum?! [22:53] <&Hebizuka> *You quickly realize that person might have missing screws.* [22:53] * Anya blinks and looks around for some cover to take, just in case. [22:54] <Anya> @cover [22:54] <MazeBot> A metallic container (Health: 40, LDV modifier: -3. AC Eqv: Kevlar-3. Pass-through threshold: 10+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.50) [22:54] <&Hebizuka> *The container looks old and as though it has been there since forever.* [22:54] * Anya gently slides over into cover, just in case he goes AWOL on her. "Not disturbing, just passing through!" [22:55] <~SU_Tempest> [AWizard] Get out, get out! Or I'll cast a bolt on your rear! [22:55] <~SU_Tempest> [AWizard] Don't step on my precious mushrooms! [22:55] <Anya> Alright, I'll go! [22:55] <Anya> !mrooms3 [22:55] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 2662 - Front door: 5041 - Right door: 608 - Roomstyle: 521 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [22:56] * Anya takes care to get to the main door without stepping on anything. Forwards once more. [22:56] <&Hebizuka> *You make it in some sort of hospital bedroom, though it is currently unoccupied. Someone abandoned weapons under the bed, for some strange reason.* [22:57] * Anya wanders over and gives those a look... [22:57] <&Hebizuka> =Old crate= [22:57] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M84 Flashbang grenade. FT+4 for two turns. CRITFAIL affects user, FAIL nulls effect, CRITWIN stuns target 1 turn. Weight: 1/item [22:57] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M84 Flashbang grenade. FT+4 for two turns. CRITFAIL affects user, FAIL nulls effect, CRITWIN stuns target 1 turn. Weight: 1/item [22:57] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M84 Flashbang grenade. FT+4 for two turns. CRITFAIL affects user, FAIL nulls effect, CRITWIN stuns target 1 turn. Weight: 1/item [22:58] * Anya doesn't see use for such things as a soldier. She's just gonna kill things she runs across. Forward she goes. [22:58] <Anya> !rooms3 [22:58] <Anya> !mrooms3 [22:58] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 2157 - Front door: 3031 - Right door: 5173 - Roomstyle: 25 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [22:59] * Anya goes... take a wild guess, forwards. [23:00] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. Nothing but dust, a @graffiti on one of the walls, and emptiness.* [23:00] <Anya> @graffiti [23:00] <MazeBot> LIVE LIKE A WINDRAMMER AS YOU FUCK [23:01] * Anya squints her eyes for a moment. "...what?" [23:01] <&Hebizuka> *Who knows what it might mean. There is nothing at all here outside of this, though.* [23:02] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:02] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 4601 - Front door: 4164 - Right door: 3681 - Roomstyle: 370 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [23:02] * Anya shakes her head and presses forward. Weird ass people. [23:03] <&Hebizuka> *A warehouse room, with old crates and storage compartments. Most of them are empty; though you spot a piece of clothing in the corner.* [23:03] * Anya takes a little peeky peek. [23:03] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Bottom - Seifuku skirt (Lower body) - AC Light - Blunt-resistant - Weight: 3 - [Cond: Worn] [23:04] * Anya stares at the skirt. Like, for a long time. "...I mean... Jeans aren't much better, right?" Eventually she picks it up and changes out of her jeans for the thing. "God I'm so weird..." [23:05] <&Hebizuka> *Drop the previous clothing item, or keep it?* [23:05] * Anya tosses the jeans. [23:05] <&Hebizuka> *Bottom clothing swapped.* [23:06] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:06] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 3507 - Front door: 106 - Right door: 1370 - Roomstyle: 369 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [23:06] * Anya goes on forward. Glory and all that. [23:06] <&Hebizuka> *You now wear a worn, but still relatively suitable, skirt, navy blue colored.* [23:07] * Anya feels pretty. [23:07] <&Hebizuka> *You enter inside a shrine to the Cardinal Gods. You see the altar, the donation box and the wooden panels covering the walls, but there is no maiden around. Ominously... the gohei the shrine maiden is supposed to carry, is laying on the floor. As though something happened to the miko that works here.* [23:08] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 5 Short: Gohei - Blunt. Weight: 3 [23:09] * Anya looks at the thing, not really sure what to feel. Is she being given hints by God? Does she need to go full Nippon? Ugh. She has so much stuff though. [23:10] * Anya tosses the Colt and it's mags. She wasn't going to use it anyways and figures the Mauser she has would sell for more wherever she ends up going. [23:11] <&Hebizuka> *Items dropped. Do you also wish to drop the .45 ACP ammunition?* [23:11] * Anya does keep the .45 ammo though. [23:11] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/Main) 32.06/40 [23:12] * Anya then takes the gohei and sets it in her pack. [23:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/Main) 35.06/40 [23:13] <&Hebizuka> *Item spared away. There's not much else unless you want to interact with the altar.* [23:13] * Anya walks over to the altar and examines it, before giving it a few pats. [23:14] <&Hebizuka> *It appears to be made out of carved rock, is square in shape, and has beautiful engravings on each side - each corresponding to one Cardinal God.* [23:14] * Anya is a vaguely Eastern Orthodox slav, so she has no fucking idea what any of it means. Oh well. With one last pat she makes for the doors. [23:16] <&Hebizuka> *Three, as usual.* [23:16] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:16] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 4201 - Front door: 7184 - Right door: 2616 - Roomstyle: 227 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [23:16] * Anya goes on forward. [23:16] <&Hebizuka> *The capitalist gun + mags are now behind you for good, so it seems.* [23:17] <&Hebizuka> *You climb up a short volley of stairs, reaching another empty, featureless room. There, you spot an abandoned, interesting object on the floor... And nothing much else.* [23:17] * Anya does not shed a single tear for pigdog weapons. Takes a look at the new item there. [23:18] <&Hebizuka> [Key item] Handcuffs. 2d6 to use, as if it was an attack, affected by FT. Successful roll: Target rolls 2d6 to escape, highest score of the two succeeds (tie is considered failure). If 12, cuffing is automatically successful. If failed: turn ends. [23:19] <&Hebizuka> *This is a key item; it has no weight.* [23:20] * Anya gives them a stare. Before taking them and packing em' away. "Right..." [23:20] <&Hebizuka> *The handcuffs hang onto your belt, ready to be used if need be.* [23:20] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:20] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 564 - Front door: 6744 - Right door: 1741 - Roomstyle: 154 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [23:20] <Anya> Fooooooorward. [23:21] <&Hebizuka> *Another set of stairs, going up. They lead to a regular, featureless room, yet again. A creature occupies the room, it appears to be a chimpanzee. Of all things.* [23:22] * Anya keeps her rifle close at hand, in case it tries any... MONKEY business. :D [23:22] <&Hebizuka> (groan) [23:23] * Anya feels bad for that herself. Makes for the doors assuming the thing doesn't do anything. [23:23] <&Hebizuka> *The chimpanzee seems to be searching for something in the room. Upon seeing you, it squeaks and emits the usual monkey cries, but doesn't try to steal anything.* [23:23] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:23] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 3382 - Front door: 4741 - Right door: 4372 - Roomstyle: 246 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [23:24] * Anya wanders past and goes forwards then. No monkey deserves her time. [23:27] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room, yet again. Another creature is there - but not quite a monkey this time. It seems to be a tengu, but they're carrying a light machine gun and is sitting in the corner with it.* [23:28] * Anya doesn't know what a tengu is, so as far as she can tell it's a person. She looks for cover quietly just in case things go south before she speaks. [23:28] <Anya> @cover [23:28] <MazeBot> A pile of garbage. (Health: 39, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: Kevlar-2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) [23:29] <&Hebizuka> *You can examine the tengu for a more detailed description.* [23:29] * Anya sighs silently. Garbage? Really? Well, it was better then nothing. Moving to the garbage, she gives the tengu a look from her spot. [23:30] <&Hebizuka> *To attempt to take cover silently, roll 2d6.* [23:31] <Anya> @roll 2d6 [23:31] <MazeBot> Anya: 8 [23:32] <&Hebizuka> *Stealth maintained! You made it behind the cover, as smelly as it is, without attracting the youkai's attention.* [23:33] <&Hebizuka> *The tengu looks pretty much humanoid in nearly every respect, if one ignores the folded pair of giant bird wings in the back. This particular tengu is a middle-aged, very tall x-female. She has shaved red hair, hazel eyes, and her wings are pink, similar to a flamingo.* [23:34] * Anya pokes her head up for a moment, deciding to give the thing the benefit of the doubt. "Hello!" [23:34] <~SU_Tempest> *The tengu snaps to attention.* [23:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Whoa, shit, damn, whoa, uh. Uh... Hi? What are you doing behind this pile of garbage? [23:36] * Anya glances down and frowns, before looking back up. "Oh, uhh, precaution, you know? I saw you had a weapon so I was... taking measures in case you went wild on me or something." [23:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Ah, huh... You ain't one of those racists, right? Or a Soldier? [23:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Cuz I -would- go wild on freaking Maze Military anything. But you don't look like one. [23:37] <Anya> Racist? Not that I know of. I mean, you look a bit weird from what I'm... used to. As for soldier... I mean, I /was/ a soldier before I got here, but I didn't serve with no Maze nothing. [23:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Before you... got here? How did you "get here"? [23:38] * Anya offers a shrug. "I think I died? I don't know. It's all a bit hazy." [23:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Ain't you one of those other-worlders? [23:38] <Anya> Other-what? [23:39] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] We get people like yous sometimes. It's like immigration across universes! Yeah, an otherworlder! Someone who ain't from this world at all. [23:39] <Anya> That certainly sounds about right... [23:39] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Then I'm not gonna hurt yous. Sheesh, I bet it must be hard enough for ya to find your way or somethin'. But yous gonna get used to it. [23:41] * Anya wonders why she speaks like she's from Brooklyn... "I am definitely lost, yeah. I just kind of go forward, you know?" [23:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Ain't a bad idea. Least yous going somewhere. [23:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] I'd help you, spare some cash to you if I could but I don't have any on me. [23:42] * Anya looks down at the garbage and nods. "Yeah, no problem, don't worry about it none." [23:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Oh, uh. Sorry bout the trash. It was like that when I came in. [23:43] * Anya manages an unbelieving look before she stands up and dusts herself off. "Right, well... I ought to get going then." [23:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Stay safe, miss! [23:44] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:44] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 5222 - Front door: 3798 - Right door: 3812 - Roomstyle: 125 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [23:45] * Anya waves as she goes on to the front door. [23:46] <&Hebizuka> *A mess hall. A large room, with rows of tables and chairs. No-one here, not even any food remaining. But , there is here a box of ammunition, which someone abandoned on a table, for some reason.* [23:47] * Anya checks it~ [23:47] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 9x39mm, Match, 20 rounds - [7/20] - Weight: 0.14 [23:47] * Anya shrugs, has no need for 9mm. Onwards. [23:47] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:47] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 3959 - Front door: 175 - Right door: 6333 - Roomstyle: 186 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [23:48] * Anya goes foooooorward. [23:49] <&Hebizuka> *You enter inside some sort of laboratory. There are a few desks, a computer, some glassware, and a stasis capsule in which a creature can be seen, in suspended animation. Near one of the desks is a weapon as well.* [23:50] * Anya checks the weapon first. [23:51] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Armalite AR-10 battle rifle | 7.62x51mm NATO - Semi/Full | No accessory | AR-10 20-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 - [12+1/20, 13x AP] - Cond: Good / Clns: Clean [23:51] <Anya> ...Getting a little old school in here, it seems. [23:52] * Anya paces over to check what's in the chamber... [23:52] <&Hebizuka> *The stasis capsule is occupied by a giant vampire bat, which the capsule's vital monitor reads as being alive, but in suspended animation.* [23:52] <&Hebizuka> *It has a "RELEASE" button, which is big and red, if you ever wanted to wake it up.* [23:53] <Anya> Absolutely horrifying. [23:53] * Anya nopes all the way to whatever the middle door is. [23:53] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:53] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 4547 - Front door: 3816 - Right door: 2434 - Roomstyle: 249 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [23:53] <&Hebizuka> *On the desk are notes which have graphs and photos of the creature.* [23:53] <&Hebizuka> *Otherwise, ways out.* [23:53] * Anya ain't even about that life. [23:55] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. No vampire bats here! There's food on the floor, though.* [23:56] * Anya has enough food for months in Soviet standards. On she goes. [23:56] <Anya> !mrooms3 [23:56] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 6587 - Front door: 3329 - Right door: 65 - Roomstyle: 129 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [23:56] <Anya> Foooooo- [23:56] <Anya> Right [23:58] <&Hebizuka> *A scullery, with its row of dishwashers. You spot loose ammunition on the floor - and it's NOT empty casings!* [23:59] * Anya gives the rounds a look. [23:59] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 5.56x45mm NATO, HP, 5 rounds - Weight: 0.05 [00:03] * Anya just presses on. Foooorwards! [00:03] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:03] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 2277 - Front door: 368 - Right door: 2154 - Roomstyle: 125 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [00:04] <&Hebizuka> *Another mess hall. There is a magazine on the floor.* [00:05] * Anya gives it a look. [00:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Saiga-12 5-round magazine. Size tier: Large ; Weight: 1.2+0.2 (1.4) - [4/5, 4x T-Buck] [00:05] <&Hebizuka> (and that stands for "Tactical Buckshot") [00:06] * Anya kicks it away and goes on and on. [00:06] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:06] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 4293 - Front door: 233 - Right door: 4059 - Roomstyle: 191 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [00:06] <Anya> Foooorward/ [00:08] <&Hebizuka> *A TV room. You can check it out (@whatsonTV) if you wish. There is a butler sweeping the floor here, using his trusty broom. You notice load-bearing equipment on the couch, which seems to have no owner.* [00:11] <Anya> @whatsonTV [00:11] <MazeBot> [News] Kitsune News - Pro-youkai news channel [00:11] <&Hebizuka> *Watch?* [00:12] * Anya stops to watch for a bit before checking the LBE. [00:14] <&Hebizuka> [TV] "Today on Kitsune News. The latest news report that the military has recently engaged unarmed youkai, resulting in at least 7 innocent deaths. This horrific incident, the nature of which has been officially described as a "pre-emptive strike", is another one of the brutal and horrific acts committed by the military. We have tried to contact the local activist group, but have refused to comment on it." [00:14] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) RM107: Capacity 2 units + Ammo (12 mags only, max tier: Large) + Spare weapon (4x C4 wpn only, max wgt 4) [00:15] <&Hebizuka> *A large vest, which is close in design to one of the many Soviet chest rigs.* [00:17] * Anya takes the vest up and slips it on. [00:18] <&Hebizuka> *Your vest now has its own inventory space - don't forget to tell me in which LBE item (vest, pack, or leg rig) you want to put items into.* [00:19] * Anya nods and gets it fitted properly. Before turning to the butler. "Excuse me?" [00:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Butler] Mmmh? [00:20] <Anya> What is this place? [00:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Butler] This particular room, you mean? [00:22] <Anya> Yes. [00:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Butler] Well, this is just a TV room, with this widescreen television. So that the local residents can come and watch it together, or just group up. [00:24] <Anya> I see... Thank you for your time! [00:24] * Anya waves as she makes to keep going forward, like always. [00:24] <~SU_Tempest> [Butler] And I just clean the place up. Anyways, you are welcome. [00:24] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:24] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 5751 - Front door: 1197 - Right door: 285 - Roomstyle: 109 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [00:27] <&Hebizuka> *A bedroom. You see here a bed, a desk, some chairs and a nightstand, a radio (@radio), and a container. There is some food on the nightstand as well.* [00:27] <Anya> @radio [00:27] <MazeBot> [Drum'n'Bass/Breakbeat] FM-2000 with DJ Kaotech - http://bit.ly/HzgB8R [00:28] * Anya wanders over and pulls the container open. [00:28] <&Hebizuka> *Unfortunately, it's locked.* [00:28] <&Hebizuka> [Container] Frame: Wooden - Lock: Mechanical - Trapped: No [00:29] * Anya cocks her head, before staring at it. Maybe she ought to shoot it. [00:29] <&Hebizuka> *The lock serial is 8272, but you don't have the matching key. You could spend some time to try and bruteforce it (begins combat) or just forget it.* [00:31] * Anya shrugs, not really sure it's worth it. In fact, she's tired and flops down on the bed with a sigh. "This is all getting on my nerves..." [00:33] <&Hebizuka> *The bed is comfortable, but that's about all you can notice.* [00:34] * Anya thinks she may knock off in the room then, tries to remember how many rooms she'd been through so far. [00:34] <&Hebizuka> *This room is the 23rd visited so far.* [00:34] * Anya gets up and shakes her head. No reason to stop, it doesn't feel late yet. Forward she goes. [00:35] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:35] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 3521 - Front door: 940 - Right door: 6567 - Roomstyle: 399 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [00:36] <&Hebizuka> *An office. A workspace, with four desks - each one with a computer and an office wheeled chair, as well as a printer plus the usual office clutter. There is an accessory on the floor as well - which may or may not look familiar to Anya.* [00:36] * Anya paces over and gopnik-kneels down next to it. [00:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Reflex sight: EKP-8-02 Kobra [00:37] <&Hebizuka> *Which is (amusingly) compatible with the SVD should you wish to mount it.* [00:37] * Anya pockets the thing and stands, pacing onwards. [00:38] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/main) 36.06/40 [00:38] * Anya presses forwards again. [00:38] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:38] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 250 - Front door: 2086 - Right door: 483 - Roomstyle: 14 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [00:39] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room, yet again. A creature is lurking there. It is a kind of big feline creature - a lynx, to be precise.* [00:40] * Anya lifts her rifle and blinks. Ohgodwhy. Peeking about, she looks for cover. [00:40] <Anya> @cover [00:40] <MazeBot> A metallic file case full of papers. (Health: 35, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: Kevlar-2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) [00:41] <&Hebizuka> *What will you do?* [00:41] * Anya moves to take cover and prepare to kill cat! [00:41] <&Hebizuka> *Roll for taking cover first.* [00:42] <Anya> @roll 2d6 [00:42] <MazeBot> Anya: 7 [00:42] <&Hebizuka> *Success! You moved behind the file case withou being noticed. Stealth maintained.* [00:42] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 1. If you wish to attack ; you can do so - the lynx can't see you and thus, can't attack you this turn.* [00:42] * Anya prepares to shoot the shit out of the overgrown cat. Fucking cat. [00:44] <&Hebizuka> *Announcing an attack - state the weapon, amount of shots, fire mode (if any), accessories used (if applicable), and body part targeted. Then wait for your cue, when I'll say "You may roll now,", roll @roll X#2d6 - replacing X by the amount of shots you chose.* [00:45] * Anya readies her SVD, prepares to fire twice, single fire, scope used, head both times! [00:45] <&Hebizuka> *Scope allows for 1 shot only to provide a bonus - if you shoot more than once you won't have the bonus (FT-1).* [00:45] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm you're shooting 2 rounds?* [00:46] * Anya will fire one round then. Argh. [00:46] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now.* [00:47] <Anya> @roll 1#2d6 [00:47] <MazeBot> Anya: 8 [00:47] <&Hebizuka> *FT -1 (scope), +1 (vs head).* [00:47] <&Hebizuka> *Shot 1: Hit.* [00:48] <&Hebizuka> *The big cat's skull has been adorned with a nasty hole and an even uglier exit wound. Unsurprisingly, it's a kill.* [00:48] <&Hebizuka> Anya [SVD] Lynx /H\ [00:48] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (1 turn)* [00:48] * Anya offers only a soft little sigh as she stands and makes for the door. [00:48] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:48] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 4040 - Front door: 2127 - Right door: 4500 - Roomstyle: 366 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [00:48] <Anya> Forward once more. [00:49] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. There is a shiny object on the floor, as well as a magazine.* [00:50] * Anya checks both! [00:50] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Glock .40/.357 22-round extended magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5 - [0/22, Empty] [00:50] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Black gem - Unidentified - Weight: 0.1 [00:52] * Anya takes the valuable but refuses to take anything related to Glocknades. On she goes. [00:53] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/main) 36.16/40 [00:53] <Anya> !mrooms3 [00:53] <&Hebizuka> [ Anya ] Left door: 946 - Front door: 5471 - Right door: 3782 - Roomstyle: 489 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [00:53] <Anya> Foooorward. [01:00] <&Hebizuka> *A warehouse room. A group of people clad in desert camouflage can be seen. They are three, and wear shoulder patches which denote they are DF Soldiers. One carries a weird weapon you can't identify, another has a submachine gun, and the last has a shotgun.* [01:00] <&Hebizuka> *They're chatting amongst themselves, sitting on the crates or standing around.* [01:01] * Anya doesn't even know what a DF soldier is. Uhh. Time to look for cover? [01:01] <Anya> @cover [01:01] <MazeBot> A static tactical shield, "Guardian" model. (Health: 40, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: Kevlar-3. Pass-through threshold: 10+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) [01:02] * Anya makes to try and slip into the convenient cover quietly. [01:02] <&Hebizuka> *Go ahead and roll for it.* [01:02] <Anya> @roll 2d6 [01:02] <MazeBot> Anya: 8 [01:03] <&Hebizuka> *Success. You can eavesdrop on them, or attack first if you want to do that.* [01:03] <&Hebizuka> *What will you do?* [01:03] * Anya eavesdrops, since she doesn't even know who they are or anything. [01:03] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] ...no, I swear, those cocksuckers have to be sick in their head. [01:04] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] What, because Sarge sent us clear a room that was full of -cerberuses- and not wargs as we were told in the briefing? [01:04] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] No! It's sending us in there with crap guns! Have you SEEN my thing? Gun shops don't have ammo for my thing, ever! [01:06] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] Well you picked it yourself, buddy.. Armory dude was all "it's a revolutionary gun, you won't need anything ever". Result is you whining about ammo cuz you never have any. [01:06] <~SU_Tempest> *The third just stays silent for now.* [01:08] * Anya pokes her head out slowly, trying to figure what the shit she's meant to do. Eventually she sighs. "S'cuse me!" [01:08] <&Hebizuka> *Everyone turns their head to you.* [01:08] <&Hebizuka> *That is when you realize the first soldier is male, and the other two are females.* [01:09] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Hey there miss, what's the matter? [01:09] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] Here we go again with Mr. Charmer. [01:10] * Anya raises a hand out in a waving manner. "Uh, yeah, hey. I was just passing through, I dunno heads from tails around here... I did hear there's some sort of military though?" [01:10] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] That's us, yes. Well, the best elements. [01:11] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol3] You certainly aren't the best element from us three. But hi there miss. Are you new around here? [01:11] <Anya> Yeah, that's one way of putting it, I suppose. [01:12] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] What did you need help with? [01:13] <Anya> Well, someone I ran across a while ago said I should consider joining the military around here... [01:14] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Oh, I sure would love having you in my squad, it beats those two sassy ladies. [01:14] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] You know you like us, dimwit. [01:15] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] Anyhow, if you wanna join, I think you should find the nearest Barracks and ask for recruitment. Who knows, maybe you're DF material! [01:16] * Anya nods a little bit, before sort of tilting her head. "Oh, I heard one of you wasn't liking their weapon also?" [01:17] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Yeah, me. I bought the armorer's revolutionary gun bullshit. Would you look at that piece? [01:17] <&Hebizuka> *He shows it to you, letting you examine it if you wish to.* [01:18] * Anya leans in and gives it a look. [01:18] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - H&K CAWS shotgun | 12 gauge belted - Semi/Full | No accessory | CAWS 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 - [9+1/10, 10x Flech] - Cond: Worn / Clns: Clean [01:18] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] And it's not even in a good shape! [01:21] * Anya sours up a little inside at the sight of the thing. Dear lord. Standing straight, she shrugs. "If you really wanna ditch it, I've got a spare rifle on me." [01:22] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Tell you what, I would if I wasn't forced to pay for "lost or destroyed service weapons". And this happens to be mine. *audible grumble* [01:22] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] That said, do show what you have? I'm interested to see, at least. [01:23] * Anya slings her SVD over her shoulder and rummages in her bag, taking out the K98 and resting it at her side. "I got this, and a lot of .45 ammo I don't have a use for." [01:24] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Hmm, the .45 I don't really need. But this rifle? It's beautiful. Do you have ammo for it, per chance?... [01:25] * Anya lifts it up and pulls the bolt back, shaking her head. "Asides the four rounds in it, no. It didn't have anything nearby when I found it." [01:26] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Ah, shame... I'd much rather use this than this snowflake pepperbox. Um, how much do you want for it? I have.. *He checks inside his vest, and counts money in a purse.* ...ooh, I have 105 coins left. I guess I shouldn't have spent so much on drinks... [01:28] * Anya probably wasn't planning on keeping the FILTHY FASCIST RIFLE, so she shrugs gently. "Uhh, how does 30 sound?" [01:28] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Thirty? You plan to sell this rifle to me for thirty? Haha, geez. You realize I already think 105 isn't even a quarter of its worth? [01:29] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Cause I'd love to accept that deal but... I gotta point it out! [01:29] <Anya> Well, I don't like fascist garbage, so it makes no matter to me. I also don't want to bankrupt you! How does 90 sound? [01:29] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Deal! That'll give me an excuse to get more -common- ammo. [01:30] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol3] Isn't one of our snipers using an M76? I think it uses those rounds... [01:30] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Oh, that right. I can steal ammo from him. Figuratively, heh. [01:30] <&Hebizuka> *Sell the Kar98k for 90 P$?* [01:30] * Anya agrees to said deal! [01:32] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 90 P$.* [01:32] <&Hebizuka> *The Soldier helps your rifle out of your backpack, which now feels a lot lighter, and stores it in his own. He seems very happy.* [01:33] * Anya is pleased the fascist shitstick is no longer soiling her pack as well. Thank goodness. [01:33] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Hey, thanks a bunch, missus. I'll feel less bad with my gear from now on. What's your name? [01:33] <&Hebizuka> [Weight] (Pack/Main) 14.16/40 [01:34] * Anya nods in response, closing her back back up and pulling it over her shoulders. "Name? Oh, right, Anya Petrenko." [01:37] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Anya, huh. Well, I'm Private Dominick Frye, but I tend to just be called Dom. [01:38] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol1] Well then, Anya, thanks a good lot for this! [01:40] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] Hey, Anya. Do you have some money on yourself aside from what Dom paid you? [01:41] * Anya shakes her head, patting her tummy once. "I was flat broke until just now, actually... save for some fancy looking gems or something." [01:41] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] *She smiles at you.* Here, have something to buy a drink or something to eat. [01:41] <&Hebizuka> [Money] 109 P$ [01:42] * Anya blinks a few times, holding the money awkwardly for a while. "E-err... You don't have to give me money..." [01:42] <~SU_Tempest> [DFSol2] Hey, I insist. Until you get that job in the military - it pays well. [01:43] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 199 P$* [01:43] * Anya feels rich now, and happy. Wee! [01:43] <&Hebizuka> Checkout [01:44] <&Hebizuka> 27 rooms (+19), 1 kill (+1), 0 SE, 1 mission, 0 Amulet, 199 P$ (+199), 0 Runs [01:44] <&Hebizuka> Score: 41pts (+23) [01:44] <&Hebizuka> Position: 12th (no change) [01:44] <&Hebizuka> =Today's stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [01:44] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 1/1 [01:45] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 1/1 (100%) [01:45] <&Hebizuka> *First combat happened today, so those stats are also all-time.* [01:45] <&Hebizuka> =Achievement progress= [01:45] <&Hebizuka> Precision rifle +1 [01:45] <&Hebizuka> Headshot +1