Log:Session 76 (Meta, no ontology)

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[14:59] <&Hebizuka> *Welcome back to the Mazes, Tasia. You have visited 174 rooms. The next special room is next door! (!mrooms1). You are currently relatively OK, if one excepts your lingering feeling of being turned on. Your allies seems OK as well - Regina feels hungy, and Akemi complains of minor Pain, but nothing that would be an emergency. !mrooms1 to continue.* [15:00] <Tasia> "Hey - are you all ready to continue?" [15:00] <~SU_Tempest> *They both nod.* [15:00] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [15:00] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 2234 - Roomstyle: 43 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [15:00] * Tasia heads through the door. [15:01] <&Hebizuka> *You meet again with the teleporting keypad...* [15:02] <Tasia> "Hm! Any suggestions as where to go?" [15:02] <Tasia> "How about someplace with affordable food?" [15:02] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] L-like a restaurant? That'd be great! But I don't know any... [15:04] <Tasia> "Well, I guess I can just type in something at random..." [15:05] * Tasia punches 3210 into the keypad and activates! [15:05] <&Hebizuka> *You and your allies are successfully teleported. You reappear in..* [15:07] <&Hebizuka> *...someone's bedroom. As usual, a @radio, a TV (@whatsonTV), a desk, drawers, and a PC. There is a butler here, sweeping the floor ever peacefully. You notice a mushroom on the desk.* [15:08] * Tasia nods at the butler and takes a look at the mushroom. [15:08] <&Hebizuka> *He nods back, not saying much of a word.* [15:08] <&Hebizuka> [Mushroom] (Unknown) White, Unpleasant smell - Unidentified - Weight: 0.01 [15:09] * Tasia takes it, not daring to eat one that smells bad. [15:09] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [15:09] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 1825 - Front door: 3025 - Right door: 2408 - Roomstyle: 8 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [15:09] <&Hebizuka> *Next special room at the 180th (in 5 rooms)* [15:09] * Tasia goes right, not wanting to be in the butler's way any more than necessary. [15:10] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 68.37/70 [15:11] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. Some load-bearing gear is on the floor!* [15:11] * Tasia checks it out! [15:11] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) Helix-1: Capacity 6 units + Ammo (4 pistol mags only, max tier: X.Large, no drums) [15:12] <Tasia> "Do any of you want this?" [15:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I'm good, I need my grenade loops. [15:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] No thanks... [15:13] * Tasia leaves it be... and does, however, decide to fiddle with Infinity a bit since it's nearly empty. [15:14] * Tasia takes the round out of the chamber, ejects the magazine, refills it with HP .45 (including the chambered round), then swaps her XAP magazine in and chambers a round of that. [15:15] <Tasia> ...And puts the filled HP magazine in her vest pocket where the XAP one was. [15:16] <Tasia> Oh, I only have enough HP for 9 rounds - then the top one will have to be FMJ) [15:17] <&Hebizuka> *Removed magazine and chambered round from Infinity. Filled that magazine with 5x .45 ACP HP and 1x .45 ACP FMJ. This magazine is now: [10/10, << 1 FMJ, 9 HP].* [15:17] <&Hebizuka> [Reload] "Infinity", with [10/10, 10 XAP] magazine. [15:17] <Tasia> (So 9+1/10 XAP in the gun, and a mag of 1x FMJ 9x HP ion the vest) [15:18] <&Hebizuka> (That's correct) [15:18] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [15:18] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 5434 - Front door: 2440 - Right door: 5389 - Roomstyle: 187 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [15:18] * Tasia will go through the front door when that's done. [15:23] <&Hebizuka> *Another regular, featureless room. A demon is lurking in that room, blocking access to a supply crate. The demon is a three-armed, two-legged humanoid of small size, with two angry eyes.* [15:23] <&Hebizuka> *As well as a single horn on the fore-head.* [15:23] * Tasia checks for cover! [15:23] <Tasia> @cover [15:23] <MazeBot> A wooden barrel. (Health: 16, LDV modifier: -1. AC Eqv: Hardskin. Pass-through threshold: 6+ dmg. Pain modifier: x1) [15:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] C-...Cu-...Cuegle! *Muttered* [15:23] * Tasia moves toward the barrel... [15:24] * Tasia whispers: "What's a cuegle?" [15:24] <Tasia> @roll 2d6 [15:24] <MazeBot> Tasia: 8 [15:25] <&Hebizuka> *She points at the creature.* [15:25] <Tasia> "I mean, what does it do? Any special abilities?" [15:25] <&Hebizuka> *You successfully maintain stealth while taking cover. Your allies follow and manage to maintain stealth as well!* [15:25] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] A-all I know is that it-it-it's a demon. [15:25] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] And I'm scared of demons.. [15:26] * Tasia will attempt a stealth shot at its head with Whisper, 6 shots semiauto. [15:26] <Tasia> "Me too, but they should be the ones scared of us. Let's take it out before it knows we're here." [15:27] <&Hebizuka> *In case that fails, Regina breaks out the Scout, bipod deployed and muzzle brake ready, to attempt a shot to the head - with the aid of the scope, of course!* [15:27] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi takes her USP-45 and gets ready to fire four times.* [15:27] <&Hebizuka> *Since the opponent is unaware, you all have the drop. Order this turn: Akemi, You, Regina.* [15:27] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi's turn...* [15:28] <&Hebizuka> @roll 4#2d6 [15:28] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 9;10;4;8 [15:28] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [15:28] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Torso (Chest, back) [15:28] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Hit, Hit, Miss, Hit.* [15:30] <&Hebizuka> *Three successful hits! The rounds however seem not to be extremely effective, as despite the well-placed hits, the Cuegle is still alive, and screaming in pain with a disturbing voice.* [15:30] <&Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* [15:30] <Tasia> @roll 6#2d6 [15:30] <MazeBot> Tasia: 6;9;5;9;5;4 [15:31] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-6: Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss.* [15:31] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 2/6 hits.* [15:32] <&Hebizuka> *Though you only landed two hits, they work perfectly well and cause the demonic creature to double over and crash on the floor. He won't stand back up again.* [15:32] <&Hebizuka> Tasia ["Whisper"] Cuegle /H\ [15:32] <Tasia> "Got him!" [15:33] <Tasia> "Ugh. I'm eager to try out my butchering skills, but I'm not going to eat /that/ thing." [15:33] <&Hebizuka> *The creature is slowly bleeding from the wounds it received, not that it matters much as it's now dead.* [15:33] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (1 turn)* [15:33] * Tasia loads the Bizon magazine with 20 loose rounds, topping it off. [15:34] <&Hebizuka> [Reload] PP-19 Bizon: +20x FMJ rounds. Now: [64+1/64, 65x FMJ] [15:34] <&Hebizuka> *9x18mm Makarov FMJ remaining: 233 in backpack* [15:34] <Tasia> "Now, let's see what's in that crate!" [15:34] * Tasia approahes and tries opening it. [15:35] <&Hebizuka> *An AMMO-? crate. Open?* [15:35] <Tasia> Yes! [15:36] <&Hebizuka> =AMMO-? crate= [15:36] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Bulk can of 12 gauge belted, CAWS saboted slug, 200 rounds - [123/200] - Weight: 6.15 [15:36] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Bulk can of 5.7x28mm, FMJ, 1000 rounds - [514/1000] - Weight: 5.14 [15:36] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 40mm caseless, Gvozd tear gas, 1 round - Weight: 1 [15:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] ...woah. [15:37] <Tasia> "All stuff we can't use, buuuut...." [15:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I bet someone could -really- use CAWS and P90 food... someone... somewhere. *Sarcastic tone.* [15:38] <Tasia> "Or hey, if we only leave this here without touching it, we'll surely find something that uses this in the next room." [15:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I -hate- when that happens. [15:38] * Tasia takes the 40mm grenade, mindful of not having much room in her pack. [15:39] <Tasia> "Do any of you feel like cramming this into your bags?" [15:39] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.05/70 [15:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] My bag is full... [15:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I can still make some space, but I'll have to take one or the other, not both. [15:40] * Tasia ponders.... and drops her Twaron leg pads to make room for the 1000 rounds of 5.7mm [15:40] <Tasia> "I hope this is a good gamble, here goes." [15:41] <&Hebizuka> *Twaron leg pads dropped.* [15:41] <&Hebizuka> *5.7x28mm taken!* [15:41] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.19/70 [15:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Well this settles that... [15:42] <Tasia> "So - what's your choice, the belted shotshells or the armor?" [15:42] <&Hebizuka> *The kitsune took the shells.* [15:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Easy choice. [15:42] <Tasia> "Hmm. Onward, I guess." [15:42] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [15:42] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 5992 - Front door: 420 - Right door: 7238 - Roomstyle: 534 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [15:43] <Tasia> Front door. [15:44] <&Hebizuka> *A laboratory, with desks, a sink, file cases, and some lab glassware. A roll of blue paper can be seen on one of the desks...* [15:44] * Tasia examines the blueprint... [15:45] <&Hebizuka> [Crafting] (Blueprint) "Level 2, CompVest, Type-4 Kevlar vest + Twaron vest + Light Dyneema vest + Alumina fibers" [15:45] <Tasia> "Nice." [15:45] <Tasia> "Now to make room..." [15:45] * Tasia drops her three rounds of 12.7mm ammo to fit the blueprint into her pack. [15:46] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.89/70 [15:47] * Tasia peeks in the drawers to see if anything interesting is in there. [15:47] <&Hebizuka> *Meaningless trash, mostly crumpled papers and dust.* [15:47] <Tasia> -shrug- [15:47] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [15:47] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 3906 - Front door: 2215 - Right door: 1325 - Roomstyle: 494 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [15:47] <Tasia> Left door. [15:49] <&Hebizuka> *Another lab! Another sink, more desks, more glassware, and this time, a scientist, scribbling notes - sheet of paper after sheet of paper, at one of the desks. You also see a weapon against one of the walls, and only one door ahead (!mrooms1).* [15:50] * Tasia goes to greet the scientist. "Ah, excuse me, hello.." [15:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Oh uh, hey! Do you guys have something to drink? This work is terrible and I could use a drink... [15:51] <Tasia> "I'm sorry, I don't - but if you know anything about gems, I could give you some drinking money." [15:51] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Gems, sure, yes! Let me put these under the microscope and I'll tell you what these are! [15:52] <Tasia> [Valuable] Yellow gem - Unidentified - Weight: 0.1 "This is all I have at the moment." [15:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Can I get the cash upfront please?... [15:53] <Tasia> "How much do you need?" [15:54] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Oh um... Would forty bucks be too much to ask? So that I can get myself something nice and sugary to stay up... [15:54] <Tasia> "Oh, not a problem." Tasia counts out 40 P$ and hands them over. [15:54] <&Hebizuka> *996 P$ remaining in pouch.* [15:54] <&Hebizuka> *The scientist observes the gem...* [15:55] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Easy! That is a heliodor. [15:55] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Yellow gem - Heliodor - Value 60-175 P$ (1d116 +59) - Weight: 0.1 [15:55] <Tasia> "Ah, thank you much! Say, is that weapon over there yours?" [15:56] * Tasia peeks at said Weapon. [15:56] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Yes, but I doubt you'd want that... I don't anymore. I've been using it in all sorts of torture tests and now it's thoroughly fucked. [15:57] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - IZHMASH Baikal MP-153 shotgun | 12 gauge - Semi-auto | No accessory | Internal tube, 5 rounds, +1 | Weight: 22 - [4+1/5, 5x Flech] - Cond: Terrible / Clns: Clean [15:58] <Tasia> *To allies* "Hmmm, do any of you want the ammo? I could offer a few Parallars to him for it." [15:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] I-I-I don't think any of us use shotguns... do we?... [15:58] <Tasia> "Not that we have anything right now that even uses it." [15:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Don't want it. Maybe for resale though... [15:59] <Tasia> "It was worth a shot, though." [15:59] <Tasia> "Anyhow, thanks for the help." [15:59] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [15:59] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 3397 - Roomstyle: 240 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [15:59] <~SU_Tempest> [Sci] Oh I'm the one thanking you! [15:59] * Tasia waves, and heads through the door. [16:02] <&Hebizuka> *You reach a hub room. Left: Delicatessen. Right: Slots.* [16:02] <&Hebizuka> *Which way?* [16:02] <Tasia> Deli! [16:02] <&Hebizuka> *You make it inside a regular, featureless room, where a delicatessen has been set up!* [16:03] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Fooooooood... [16:03] <Tasia> "Ahhh, smells good!" [16:03] <Tasia> "Oh, damn. You know what I just realized?" [16:03] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Wha? [16:03] <Tasia> "I could have swapped my rifle for the MG in my pack and had room for that armor..." [16:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Oh well... [16:04] <Tasia> "Buuuut, now I'll have room for food!" [16:04] * Tasia proceeds to swap out the QBZ-97A for the QBB-95 MG. [16:05] <Tasia> That done, time to approach the counter. [16:07] <&Hebizuka> *Weapons swapped.* [16:07] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 61.89/70 [16:07] <Tasia> "Hello there! what does your wonderful establishment have on sale today?" [16:07] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] Oh um... uh... Hi! Dang... I think I lost my list of wares... [16:08] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] Just uh... Give me a sec! [16:08] <Tasia> "Sure." [16:10] <&Hebizuka> =Delicatessen= [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Dessert - Crepe. 90kcal - [Quantity: 3] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Dessert - Brownie. 882kcal - [Quantity: 6] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Canned goods - Rice, short-grain, cooked, canned, 700g. 910kcal - Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 6] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Fast-food - Sandwich. 352kcal - [Quantity: 5] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Vegetable - Leek. 54kcal - [Quantity: 2] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Dessert - Donut. 316kcal - [Quantity: 6] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Bottle of vodka. 1551kcal - Inebriation +3d10+4 - [Quantity: 5] [16:10] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Rations - Military Rations - Regular. Contents: 2x Beef meatballs, canned, 170g + 1 chocolate bar + 10 crackers + 1 can of cola drink + 4 cigarette + lighter. Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 5] [16:10] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] Phew, I didn't lose it. H-here! [16:12] <Tasia> "Mmmm! How much for all the sandwiches and one bottle of vodka?" [16:15] <~SU_Tempest> *The deli shop owner stands there, blinking.* [16:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] W-wait. You actually want to buy things? From me? [16:16] <~SU_Tempest> *Akemi and Regina look at each other, then end up giggling in unison at the shop owner's klutziness.* [16:16] <Tasia> "Y- yes.... that's what you're running the shop for, isn't it?" [16:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] Stop laughing! I just s-started that business and it's-it's so HARD... Anyhow um... Sandwiches, sandwiches... lemme see... [16:17] <Tasia> "Perhaps some of the military rations, too." [16:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] H-how many? [16:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Oh, I'll be having one! [16:19] <Tasia> "Err, one sandwich, or.." [16:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] No, one bag of rations! [16:20] <Tasia> "Okay. Let's call MY order for now - one sandwich, one ration, and one bottle of vodka. I'll see how much those add up to costwise and make my mind up from there." [16:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] A ration for me too! And that's it for me. [16:21] <Tasia> "I've a mind to get a lot of sandwiches, though," [16:21] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I'll take two donuts and a can of rice. [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> =BUY= [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> (Tasia) [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Sandwich x1 - 30 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Bottle of vodka x1 - 150 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Military Rations - Regular x1 - 150 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> (Regina) [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Military Rations - Regular x1 - 150 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> (Akemi) [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Donut x2 - 60 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> Can of cooked rice x1 - 90 P$ [16:22] <~SU_Tempest> TOTAL: 630 P$ [16:23] <Tasia> "I'll go ahead and take all your sandwiches.... and a donut!" [16:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] Then lemme adjust your order... [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> =BUY= [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> (Tasia) [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Sandwich x5 - 150 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Bottle of vodka x1 - 150 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Military Rations - Regular x1 - 150 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Donut x1 - 30 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> (Regina) [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Military Rations - Regular x1 - 150 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> (Akemi) [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Donut x2 - 60 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> Can of cooked rice x1 - 90 P$ [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> TOTAL: 780 P$ [16:24] * Tasia hands over her Heliodor - "Will you take this as partial payment?" [16:24] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] S-sure... lemme check its value... [16:25] <&Hebizuka> *This helidor has been appraised at 142 P$.* [16:25] <Tasia> @roll 480-142 [16:25] <MazeBot> Tasia: 338:480-142 [16:26] * Tasia does a little math, and counts out 338 P$ and hands them and the heliodor over for her share. [16:26] <&Hebizuka> *You pay 338 P$ and the heliodor for your order, and your allies pay for their share as well.* [16:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] T-thank you for your patronage! [16:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Deli] omigosh, my first serious sale. [16:27] <Tasia> "Thanks!" [16:28] <&Hebizuka> *Adjusting inventories...* [16:28] * Tasia eats one sandwich and the donut immediately. [16:30] <&Hebizuka> *You feel stuffed! You are satiated and shouldn't have to worry about food for a while...* [16:30] <Tasia> "Mmmm, delicious!" [16:31] * Tasia takes a cigarette out of her pack, lights it, and continues on.. [16:31] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [16:31] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 5899 - Front door: 4078 - Right door: 1330 - Roomstyle: 276 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [16:31] <Tasia> -cough- "Agh, I need to think about giving these things up one of these days." [16:31] <&Hebizuka> *Regina takes out a can of ravioli from her pack, and eats the contents. Akemi just packs her order, not being hungry for now.* [16:32] <Tasia> Right door. [16:32] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Oh man, that hits the spot. [16:34] <&Hebizuka> *You lit yourself a cigarette. It seems to help you not think about boobs every five minutes - your libido levels are finally going down.* [16:34] <&Hebizuka> *The relaxing effect isn't helping you stay sharp, but it feels nice.* [16:35] <&Hebizuka> *Next special room at th 188th...* [16:38] <&Hebizuka> *A grassy room. A creature lurks in the room... It appears to be a python.* [16:38] <Tasia> "Snake." [16:38] <Tasia> @cover [16:38] <MazeBot> A static tactical shield, "Guardian" model. (Health: 40, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: Kevlar-3. Pass-through threshold: 10+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) [16:39] * Tasia tries skipping over for cover to get a surprise attack off. [16:39] <&Hebizuka> *Roll now!* [16:39] <Tasia> @roll 2d6 [16:39] <MazeBot> Tasia: 8 [16:40] <&Hebizuka> *Success! You and both your allies maintain stealth like pros!* [16:40] <&Hebizuka> *You can get the drop on the poor snake.* [16:41] * Tasia will... try out the QBB machine gun! 8 shots full-auto at the snake. [16:41] <Tasia> Probably pointless to shoot at the head because it'd be small. [16:41] <&Hebizuka> *Your allies stay put, thinking that you're going to obliterate the snake with your machine gun and that they don't need to waste ammo.* [16:41] <&Hebizuka> *You're the only one to attack this turn. Roll now.* [16:42] <Tasia> @roll 8#2d6 [16:42] <MazeBot> Tasia: 6;5;7;7;6;7;10;8 [16:46] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss* [16:47] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 5-8: Miss, Miss, Hit, Miss.* [16:47] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 1/8* [16:47] <&Hebizuka> *Most of the rounds hit the floor, except one... [16:47] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [16:47] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Upper body (Stomach, guts, lower back) [16:47] <&Hebizuka> *...which hits a little lower than you aimed at.* [16:48] <&Hebizuka> *Nevertheless, one bullet was all you needed.* [16:48] <&Hebizuka> Tasia [QBB-95] Python [16:48] <Tasia> "...Huh. I could have sworn ir looked bigger before." [16:49] * Tasia walks over and attempts to butcher it, if possible. [16:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Well hello there, captain overkill. *Smirk.* [16:51] <&Hebizuka> *The python's body can be butchered, as all you did was poke a hole. Large, yes, but that's all you did to the meat.* [16:51] <&Hebizuka> *Proceed?* [16:52] <Tasia> (Yes.) "I'm not much of a captain without a ship! Maybe... a Lieutenant Overkill, then?" [16:52] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Now I-I'd be scared if that was my superior's name... [16:53] <&Hebizuka> *You've skinned and cut what you could out of the python, and obtained the following...* [16:53] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Meat - Raw game meat, python - 126+1d126 - 25% Nausea (3 turns) - [Quantity: 3] [16:54] * Tasia stuffs it into her pack, wrapped in the skin so it deosn't bleed all over too much. [16:55] <&Hebizuka> *All that's left is a bloody carcass.* [16:55] <Tasia> "Ha! And now we are hunters, survivors... something." [16:55] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] That works, I say. [16:55] <Tasia> "I'm not even sure if this is edible, but it was worth a try." [16:56] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [16:56] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 3602 - Front door: 154 - Right door: 5100 - Roomstyle: 111 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [16:56] * Tasia heads right. [16:56] <&Hebizuka> *You don't have enough space to save the meat.* [16:56] <Tasia> Oh. [16:56] <Tasia> Do I have space for one piece? [16:57] <Tasia> If not, I'll just leave it unless my allies want to carry it. [16:57] <&Hebizuka> *You current backpack space (68.69/70) allows you to carry one only. Regina proposes to carry the rest in her vest.* [16:57] <Tasia> Righto, then! [16:58] <&Hebizuka> *You carry 1 piece of python meat, and Regina has the other two.* [16:58] * Tasia will proceed through the Right door, then~ [16:59] <&Hebizuka> *Onwards to the next door.* [16:59] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.69/70 [17:01] <&Hebizuka> *A messy, featureless room. A lot of dried blood stains can be seen on the floor and walls... You notice an interesting object on the floor.* [17:01] * Tasia checks the room for traps, suspicious of all the blood. [17:01] <&Hebizuka> *No traps found.* [17:01] <Tasia> "What a mess." [17:02] * Tasia eamines the object. [17:02] <&Hebizuka> [Key item] A lockpicking kit, to bypass container locks. [17:03] <Tasia> "Ah! Nice - already have one, but if you two want it, feel free." [17:04] <Tasia> "I don't have any more room..." [17:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Can I have it? I always fancied myself being a ninja thief, or something. *Smirk* [17:05] <Tasia> "Yep! Have at it." [17:05] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi happily adds that to her belt.* [17:06] <&Hebizuka> *Or she would. Before realizing she doesn't -have- an utility belt.* [17:06] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi facepalms in turn and asks Regina if she can hold onto it. Which the military girl accepts.* [17:07] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [17:07] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 6887 - Front door: 6619 - Right door: 4288 - Roomstyle: 79 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [17:07] * Tasia spins around and picks the... Left door! [17:11] <&Hebizuka> *A bedroom. There's the usual bed, radio, TV, desk, drawers, and PC. A citizen is currently occupying the room, carrying what appears to be a naginata, wiping the blade with a rag. You spot an item on the desk, near the PC.* [17:11] * Tasia greets the citizen. [17:11] <Tasia> "Cheerio! Would you be interested in purchasing a portable snake?" [17:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] *Sour grin* Oh, if only I had one of those. [17:12] <Tasia> "It comes in three sections, so some assembly is required." [17:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] Wait, what? Who would even want a dildo cut in three? [17:13] <~SU_Tempest> *Akemi chuckles and tries not to laugh too hard. Regina's face goes red.* [17:13] * Tasia cackles as well. "No, I mean, snake meat. From a wild snake. If you'd like to cook it up or something." [17:14] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] Oh ew, actual snake? No thanks miss. The only snakes I'm interested in are the trouser kind. [17:15] <Tasia> "Hoo! Well, I don't have anything for you there, I'm afraid." [17:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] It's okay, missy. [17:15] * Tasia takes a look at the Item, anyway. [17:15] <&Hebizuka> [Item] A memory card for cameras. With a total capacity of 256MB, it allows cameras to store up to 110 photos. - Weight: 0.1 [17:17] <Tasia> "Hmm. Is this yours?" [17:18] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] Oh, nah. It's my friend's. He promised me a folder full of porn, but turns out the card was empty. [17:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen] I planned to keep it for myself but, I'll just pretend I lost it, and you never actually took it. Get me? [17:21] <Tasia> "Sure, if you wanna be free of it that badly... I can JUST fit it in a backpack pocket." [17:21] * Tasia takes it. [17:22] <Tasia> "If you're sure you don't want any fresh tasty snake steak, then, I guess we'll be on our way." [17:22] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [17:22] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 2542 - Front door: 4122 - Right door: 2923 - Roomstyle: 61 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [17:22] * Tasia goes straight to the Front door. [17:24] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.79/70 [17:26] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. Some headgear can be seen on the floor...* [17:26] <Tasia> "Oooh, a shiny hat." [17:26] * Tasia examines [17:26] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Headgear - MASKA helmet - AC Kevlar-4 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-PROOF - Ballistic protective (head and face), face concealment, Half melee damage - Weight: 14 - [Cond: Ruined] [17:28] <Tasia> "Bah, this would be better than what I have, if it wasn't all mauled." [17:28] * Tasia sighs and tosses it aside. [17:28] <&Hebizuka> *Klunk!* [17:28] <Tasia> "Maybe there's a shop that'll sell new ones." [17:29] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [17:29] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 1216 - Front door: 30 - Right door: 3691 - Roomstyle: 44 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [17:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] D-do you need a clothes shop? [17:29] * Tasia keeps going straight through the Front door. [17:29] <Tasia> "Yeah, that'd be a good idea I guess." [17:31] <&Hebizuka> *You enter inside a sort of warehouse room, except it has clearly been through a unique kind of makeover. The crates and containers have been turned into what seem to be residences, judging by the beds and belongings inside, the privacy curtains, and even a crate with the word "MAILBOX" hastily spraypainted on it. There are well-armed fellows sitting around there, chatting amongst themselves.* [17:32] <&Hebizuka> *You notice a sign, with the words "MERC HOUSE" spraypainted on it. You have discovered the Merc House.* [17:33] * Tasia looks around, warily. "Umm... hello. What's this place?" [17:34] <&Hebizuka> *One of them sees you, stands up and salutes you. He carries a sniper rifle of some sort.* [17:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] Hello, travelers. Welcome to our place, the Merc House. This is a sort of area we've cobbled up together for mercenaries of all kinds to stay at. We even have our own custom phone number. [17:35] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] By the looks of it, I'd say you gals are adventurers... [17:36] <Tasia> "You could say so, yes." [17:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] Maybe one of us could join you... If you feel like adding someone to your roster and you have some money to spare? [17:38] <Tasia> "Hmmm.... we're a little short on cash - god, I hate having to say that every single time - you don't accept snake meat as payment, do you?" [17:39] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] Haha, no, I'm afraid. Plus, we take bank account transfers only. That said... If you're short on cash now, nothing says it'll stay that way, right? I'll give your our house's phone number... [17:40] <Tasia> "Ah, great idea!" [17:40] <~SU_Tempest> *He returns to the group of mercs, asks for something - one of the other ones goes in a container-house, and returns with a pile of cards, from which the sniper merc takes one, and hands to you.* [17:40] * Tasia gets her phone out to enter the number into memory [17:40] <~SU_Tempest> *It's a card, with their phone number on it: 0-JAG-ALNC.* [17:40] <Tasia> "Oh, a card.... that works too." [17:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] If you ever need the services of professionals, and you have cash to spare, we can make ourselves available. [17:41] <Tasia> "Thank you much! It's a distinct possibility in the future." [17:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Merc] Alright, that's great. Have a good one. [17:43] <Tasia> "You as well!" [17:44] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [17:44] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 24 - Front door: 3967 - Right door: 7484 - Roomstyle: 127 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [17:44] * Tasia figures it's best to leave them be for now, and goes Left. [17:47] <&Hebizuka> *A classroom, currently unoccupied. You spot a bulk can of ammo under the teacher's desk!...* [17:47] <Tasia> "What is it with teachers and ammunition.... every classrioom we come across, I swear..." [17:47] * Tasia checks it out. [17:48] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Bulk can of .32 ACP, FMJ, 1000 rounds - [499/1000] - Weight: 4.99 [17:48] <Tasia> "Wow, tiny!" [17:49] * Tasia shrugs, doesn't want to carry this. [17:51] <&Hebizuka> *Neither do your allies.* [17:52] <Tasia> !mrooms3 [17:52] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Left door: 80 - Front door: 53 - Right door: 3906 - Roomstyle: 199 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [17:52] <Tasia> Left again, I suppose. [17:53] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. A gun shop has been set up here! In addition, there is only one door ahead (!mrooms1).* [17:56] <Tasia> "Ah, the gun store, my old friend!" [17:56] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Howdy, can I help you? [17:56] <Tasia> "Well, one of many, to be exact, but it's still nice to see one." [17:57] <Tasia> "I've got a machinegun for sale, for one thing." *hoists QBB* [17:57] <Tasia> "And a lot of ammunition, too." [17:57] <Tasia> [Ammunition] 40mm caseless, Gvozd tear gas, 1 round - Weight: 1 [17:57] <Tasia> [Ammunition] Bulk can of 5.7x28mm, FMJ, 1000 rounds - [514/1000] - Weight: 5.14 [17:57] <Tasia> [Weapon] Class 1 - Norinco QBB-95 light machine gun | 5.8x42mm - Semi/Burst3/Full | No accessory | QBZ 5.8mm 80-round drum, +1 | Weight: 22 - [68+1/80, 80x FMJ] - Cond: Excellent / Clns: Clean [17:57] <Tasia> For sale. [17:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Excellent. Lemme look at all that. [17:58] <Tasia> "I'd like to see what you have on your shelves, too." [17:59] <Tasia> "Mmm, I believe my friends might want to sell things too." [18:00] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Got those 123 saboted CAWS slugs for sale. [18:00] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] I want to sell... umm... Those two SCV4 laser sights, I guess?... And th-that's it... [18:02] <&Hebizuka> =SELL= [18:02] <&Hebizuka> (Tasia) [18:02] <&Hebizuka> Norinco QBB-95 - 700 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> 5.8x42mm, FMJ, x69 - 155 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> 5.7x28mm, FMJ x514 - 771 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> 40mm Caseless, Gvozed tear gas - 25 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 1651 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> (Akemi) [18:02] <&Hebizuka> 12 gauge CAWS, Saboted slug x123 - 308 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 308 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> (Regina) [18:02] <&Hebizuka> Laserlyte SCV4 laser sight x2 - 200 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 200 P$ [18:02] <&Hebizuka> Total value of all sold items: 2159 P$ [18:03] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm?* [18:03] <Tasia> Yep! [18:05] <&Hebizuka> *Selling items...* [18:06] <&Hebizuka> *All items sold.* [18:06] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 63.65/70 [18:06] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Whatcha looking for? Weapons? Ammo? Accessories? Name it. [18:07] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi and Regina requested their sales to be paid in cash. That leaves 1651 P$ in temp credit for you.* [18:08] <Tasia> "Weeellll.. Some .50AE would ne nice, maybe an alternative to my QBZ if you have a beter 5.56mm rifle, aaand accessories are always interesting." [18:09] <Tasia> "I mean... I like the light weight and bullpup layout, but being able to mount things on it would be handy." [18:10] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Alright, I'll pull you my list of wares. [18:12] <&Hebizuka> =Gun shop - Weapons for sale= [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - H&K HK69A1 grenade launcher | 40mm NATO grenade - Single shot | No accessory | Capacity: 1 | Weight: 5 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - Colt M1921A Thompson submachine gun | .45 ACP - Semi/Full | M. Brake(I), Foregrip(I) | Thompson 20-round mag, no +1 | Weight: 14 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Enfield L85A2 assault rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi/Full | No accessory | STANAG 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - AI AWSM sniper rifle | .338 Lapua Magnum - Bolt-action | M.Brake(I), Scope[Sniper](S) | AWSM 5-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Benelli M2 shotgun | 12 gauge - Semi-auto | No accessory | Internal tube, 8 rounds, +1 | Weight: 14 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - M84 Flashbang grenade. FT+4 for two turns. CRITFAIL affects user, FAIL nulls effect, CRITWIN stuns target 1 turn. Weight: 1/item - [Quantity: 2] [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - H&K G41 assault rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi/Burst3/Full | No accessory | STANAG 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Walther PPK pistol | .32 ACP - Semi-auto | No accessory | PPK 7-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - SERO Gepárd GM6 Lynx anti-matériel rifle | 12.7x108mm - Semi-auto | M.Brake(I), Bipod(I), Scope[Sniper](S), Rail, Rail | Gepard 5-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Taurus Raging Thirty revolver | .30 Carbine - Semi-auto | No accessory | Cylinder, 8 rounds | Weight: 5 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - H&K HK45 pistol | .45 ACP - Semi-auto | Rail | HK45 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - H&K P7M10 pistol | .40 S&W - Semi-auto | No accessory | P7M10 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 [18:14] <Tasia> "Hmmm... can I take a look at the G41 out of curiousity?" [18:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Sure. No loading it, alright? [18:15] <Tasia> "Sure." [18:15] <&Hebizuka> *He takes the G41 out of his container, and passes it to you. It's empty - he lets you fondle it if you desire, but keeps an eye on you - and a hand on his own weapon. Safety is safety...* [18:16] <Tasia> "Hmmm - not a bad design, but it is still a bit heavy. I thik I'll stick with what I have for now." [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Do you have 5.45x39? [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] I'm afraid not, missy. [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> *Akemi grumbles at that.* [18:17] <Tasia> "The M1921 is also attractive, but I'd hate to sell off my subgun as it is." [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Darn. [18:18] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] The Thompson? It's fun to use. I think I have a 50-round drum in there too, if that can help you make a decision. [18:18] <Tasia> "Ah, but I really like having a gun with a reflex sight..." [18:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Oh, yes. I understand. Sadly it's not a model that can mount one, I'm afraid... [18:19] <Tasia> "Well. How about a couple boxes of 5.56mm ammunition, and a couple of .40 for my friend here?" [18:20] <Tasia> "Akemi, anything interesting to you?" [18:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Nah, I'll pass... I'm good for now. [18:21] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] I got 10 boxes of 5.56, 20 rounds each, 60 P$ for one box. As for .40 S&W, I have 8 boxes for sale, each is 50 rounds and each costs 60 P$ as well. [18:21] <Tasia> "I'll take five of 5.56 - how much would you like of .40, Regina?" [18:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] O-oh um. Two boxes should do... I still have a lot of ammo... M-maybe three! That'll get me to shoot more often the UMP... [18:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Just take four. It's about shooting a lot, right? Then take four. [18:22] <Tasia> "Good call." [18:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] T-Tasia, you don't mind four boxes?... [18:23] <Tasia> "Sounds fine to me. Hey, give me six boxes of 5.56 so it makes an even ten and even cost." [18:23] <~SU_Tempest> *The dealer places the G41 back in the container, and takes out the boxes of ammo requested.* [18:24] <&Hebizuka> =BUY= [18:24] <&Hebizuka> 5.56x45mm NATO, FMJ, x120 - 360 P$ [18:24] <&Hebizuka> .40 S&W, FMJ, x200 - 300 P$ [18:24] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 660 P$ [18:24] <&Hebizuka> Taken out from temporary credit [18:24] <&Hebizuka> Remaining due to CLIENT: 991 P$ [18:25] <Tasia> "Say, you don't have any extra-large STANAG-compatible magazines, do you?" [18:25] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] I do carry STANAG mags. Lemme check what I have. [18:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Hoho. You're in luck. I've got... 4 30-round mags, 2 20-round mags, 2 60-round casket mags, and 4 100-round C-MAGs. Take your picks! [18:27] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Twenty-rounders cost 85 P$, Thirty-rounders are 130 P$ each, Sixty-rounders are 290 P$ for one, and C-MAGs are 600 P$ a pop. [18:29] <Tasia> "Hmmm, I'll take both 60-round magazines. That seems like a good tradeoff of weight and capacity. And I can sell you a pair of 30-round ones, too." [18:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] With the ammo inside or without? [18:29] <Tasia> "Ummm, without. I'll be wanting to keep it around for use." [18:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Often enough I've had clients going, "Hey I wanna sell those mags", and they forget to empty them, then they get angry at me. Unload 'em first, if you don't mind. [18:30] * Tasia unloads the magazine currently in her QBZ-97 and one FMJ-loaded one from her vest, and hands them over empty. [18:31] <&Hebizuka> *Acquired 30 rounds of 5.56 FMJ, and 30 rounds of 5.56 AP.* [18:31] <&Hebizuka> *Total carried (both in backpack): FMJ: 308, AP: 60* [18:32] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Alright, I'll buy those two mags for 130 P$. I'll add them to your temp credit, is that fine? [18:32] <Tasia> "Hokay, I think that'll do it!" [18:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Before we proceed, I want you to make sure you can fit these mags. They're rated Very Large, alright? [18:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] No problems there? [18:33] <Tasia> "Won't fit in my vest, but that's fine." [18:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Your call. [18:34] <Tasia> "One in the gun, one in my pack? ... Actually can I just get the one 60-round magazine, then, for now?" [18:34] <Tasia> "Everything else as it is." [18:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Just one? [18:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Okay then. [18:35] <&Hebizuka> =BUY= [18:35] <&Hebizuka> 5.56x45mm NATO, FMJ, x120 - 360 P$ [18:35] <&Hebizuka> .40 S&W, FMJ, x200 - 300 P$ [18:35] <&Hebizuka> STANAG 60-round casket mag x1 - 290 P$ [18:35] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 950 P$ [18:35] <&Hebizuka> Taken out from temporary credit [18:35] <&Hebizuka> Remaining due to CLIENT: 831 P$ [18:35] <Tasia> "Yeah, that way I can keep the other magazines handy in myvest and have the larger one loaded in the rifle." [18:35] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm?* [18:35] <Tasia> Yep. [18:36] * Tasia loads the 60-round mag with all her loose AP ammo. [18:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 60-round casket magazine. Size tier: V.Large ; Weight: 2 [18:36] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 5.56x45mm NATO, FMJ, 120 rounds - Weight: 1.2 [18:36] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] .40 S&W, FMJ, 200 rounds - Weight: 4 [18:36] * Tasia loads it into the QBZ [18:36] <Tasia> Regina can take all the .40 [18:37] <&Hebizuka> [Reload] Norinco QBZ-97A: Added 60-round mag - [60+1/60, << 1 FMJ, 60 AP] [18:37] <&Hebizuka> *Re-equip the QBZ? [18:37] <&Hebizuka> *Regina grabs her bricks of ammo and stows em in her pack.* [18:38] <&Hebizuka> *She rearranges her inventory by moving a reflex sight to her vest.* [18:38] <Tasia> Yep, re-equip. [18:38] <&Hebizuka> *Total 5.56 FMJ carried: 428* [18:39] <&Hebizuka> *Re-equipping the QBZ-97A...* [18:40] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 50.85/70 [18:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Well! This certainly helps the business going. [18:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Anything else? [18:41] * Tasia makes sure to have her vest full of magazines (2x STANAG 30xAP, 2x STANAG 30xFMJ, 1 .50AE mag and one 1911 HP mag) [18:42] <Tasia> "That'll do it for me." [18:43] <&Hebizuka> *Move one STANAG mag [30/30 FMJ] from your backpack to your vest?* [18:44] <Tasia> Yep. [18:44] <Tasia> I forgot that I had a loaded one in my pack or I'd just have sold that one instead. [18:44] <&Hebizuka> *Magazine moved.* [18:44] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 49.55/70 [18:44] <&Hebizuka> [Vest/Mags] 6/6 mags [18:47] * Tasia double-checks to make sure she's all loaded up, and... [18:47] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [18:47] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 659 - Roomstyle: 555 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [18:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Dealer] Hey, about the rest of your money... Cash or credit? [18:47] <Tasia> "Ah- cash please!" [18:47] <&Hebizuka> [Money] 831 P$ [18:48] * Tasia stops herself from running away without payment! [18:48] <&Hebizuka> *Take all?* [18:48] <Tasia> "Thank you!" (yes, take it.) [18:48] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 1489 P$ in pouch.* [18:51] * Tasia pockets the money and heads forward to glory! [18:52] <&Hebizuka> *You enter inside a familiar library - it is Prisca de Stilcore's library! You see the upbeat, shotgun-wielding librarian busy over old scriptures, at her desk.* [18:52] <Tasia> "Prisca! Nice to see you again. Any news on the treasure?" [18:53] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus McBride is also present in the room.* [18:53] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Thought you'd never ask! I did get interesting news lately, yesh. [18:53] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Have you ever heard of Peter Braun? [18:54] <Tasia> "Nnnnn.... not to my recollection." [18:54] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] That guy personally employs 26 shop owners of all kinds in the Mazes, and rumor has it he has the crown. Marcus has managed to find out that he has returned in this very sector in order to sell it. There's a lot of money on the line, but who cares. It's probably the only one chance we'll ever have to get the crown. [18:56] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Marcus, you go with them, alright? And you gals? Are you up for snatching the crown from a fat cat who doesn't deserve it? [18:58] <Tasia> "You bet! Of course I'm ready." [19:00] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Awesome. All right, I know where the deal is supposed to take place. Just go through that door and go straight ahead, I'll tell you which room it is. [19:00] <&Hebizuka> *Mission start! !mrooms1 to begin* [19:01] <Tasia> "What else should we know about this?" [19:01] <Tasia> "I mean.... do you have any more information on this Braun, and how much is he selling it for?" [19:01] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [19:01] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 2398 - Roomstyle: 545 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [19:02] * Tasia goes forward while waiting for a response.... we can walk and talk at the same time. [19:04] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] All I know is that the buyers are belonging to some group that seems to appreciate archeological treasures, but in the same way a thief appreciates jewels. I don't have much else, but like Prisca said, we better get there. [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. There is food on the floor.* [19:05] * Tasia examines the food... [19:05] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Snacks - Bag of peanut chocolates, small size (27) - 278kcal [19:05] * Tasia sticks it into her pack and continues. [19:06] <Tasia> "And does he know that we're coming?" [19:06] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [19:06] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 2851 - Roomstyle: 99 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [19:06] * Tasia goes forward again [19:07] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 50.55/70 [19:07] <Tasia> "wait.... so he's meeting buyers there, and we're going to just... crash the party?" [19:07] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] I guess? I hope we can do this with a little more subtlety though... Failing that, we kill all the witnesses. [19:08] <&Hebizuka> *The cigarette's effects have ended.* [19:09] <&Hebizuka> *A shower room, with a few showering cabins, and lockers to temporarily deposit clothing and gear in. You spot some ammunition in one locker...* [19:10] * Tasia would visit a shower, if she wasn't in the middle of business! But she'll look at the ammo anyway. [19:11] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] .38 Special, AP, 7 rounds - Weight: 0.07 [19:12] * Tasia leaves it be. [19:12] <Tasia> !mrooms1 [19:12] <&Hebizuka> [ Tasia ] Unique door: 6050 - Roomstyle: 140 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [19:12] <Tasia> "Well.... stay on your guard..." [19:12] * Tasia goes forward. [19:13] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] It should be right ahead. [19:13] <&Hebizuka> *A warehouse room. Strangely enough you only see two doors here.* [19:14] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Huh... So it's that close, huh... [19:14] <&Hebizuka> *There appears to be nobody else in the room.* [19:14] <Tasia> "Hmm?" [19:14] <Tasia> "Is this where the meeting's happening? [19:14] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] There's no-one here, and it's really close from Braun's residence in this room, too. [19:14] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Yeah, that's what I heard, that it'd be here. But... Hm. I got an idea. [19:15] <Tasia> "Let's hear it." [19:15] <~SU_Tempest> @cover [19:15] <MazeBot> A block of steel. (Health: 80, LDV modifier: -4. AC Eqv: HEV. Pass-through threshold: 14+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.25) [19:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Way I see it, we got three options. We could try to break in Braun's house immediately and try to find the crown... We could wait for them and pretend we're the buyers, and we take off with the crown, or we could hide behind that block of steel here, wait for the real buyers, and crash the party as soon as we see the crown getting exchanged. [19:16] <Tasia> "Double the risk, double the reward.... but we'd have the jump on them. And it beats walking into someone else's trap." [19:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] What do you gals think? [19:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] W-whatever Tasia says... [19:17] <Tasia> "I like option three. They'll be watching each other, so we could hit them before they have a clue." [19:17] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Hmm... I was thinking breaking in there could be fun, but eh. I'll go with what Tasia says, we wait. [19:18] <Tasia> "Yeah, breaking in would put the surprise on them. I can't imagine that a prize like that would be left unguarded." [19:18] <Tasia> "I'd rather be the one in control of the situation." [19:19] <Tasia> "Besides, this is a -nice- defensive position here." [19:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Then it's decided, we watch the deal and we attack them when they exchange the goods? [19:20] <Tasia> "What do we all have for quiet weapons? I've got Whisper here and a blowgun, Akemi has a silenced pistol and a crossbow..." [19:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Err... My gun isn't exactly silent. *He takes it out and shows it. It's a Colt Python.* [19:20] <Tasia> "If we can attack quietly, they may not be able to find our position." [19:21] * Tasia hands Marcus a smoke grenade from her belt. "Try this, then." [19:21] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] I'll let you gals use your cans, but if it goes south, we'll go loud, alright? And thanks, I'll throw that... just tell me when to do that. [19:21] <Tasia> "Right after we make our attacks." [19:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Alrighty. I'll do my best. [19:22] <Tasia> "That way the smoke doesn't block our vision, but it will block them." [19:22] <&Hebizuka> *You can take cover in advance, if you desire to. It doesn't require rolling.* [19:22] * Tasia does so. [19:22] <Tasia> "Who wants the blowgun? There's a poisoned needle loaded in already." [19:23] <Tasia> "I don't know if it'll work very well, but it's something." [19:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Errr... Sure. I could try. [19:23] * Tasia hands it over. "Smoke grenade first, though." [19:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] ...On second thought, you keep the blowgun, alright? [19:23] <Tasia> "Mmm. Okay." [19:35] <&Hebizuka> *You and the team are now hidden, with stealth maintained, behind the block of steel. Wait?* [19:35] <&Hebizuka> *No need to roll, just signal.* [19:35] <Tasia> Yep. [19:35] <&Hebizuka> *Two turns pass...* [19:35] * Tasia checks to make sure the suppressor on her PP-19 is on securely, and waits... [19:37] <&Hebizuka> *A man in a shirt with tie enters the room, flanked with two heavily armed bodyguards, who look like mercenaries. The man carries a revolver, and his bodyguards have tricked-out assault rifles.* [19:37] <&Hebizuka> *They enter, then stop, seemingly waiting for something.* [19:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] *mutter* That's Braun and his bodyguards. It's strange... where is the crown?... [19:38] * Tasia puts a finger to his lips and silently mouths, "Wait and see." [19:39] <&Hebizuka> *Wait some more?* [19:39] <Tasia> Yes, wait more. [19:39] <&Hebizuka> *Four more turns pass...* [19:40] <&Hebizuka> *A single man enters the room from the door you came from. You thank the fact the steel block is a little offset, making the newcomer face Braun and his cronies, while you and your team are on your own side.* [19:40] * Tasia listens carefully. [19:40] <&Hebizuka> *The new man looks like a stereotypical gangster. Fedora, trench coat, and even the Thompson with drum magazine!* [19:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Gangster] You the guy? My boss wants your merchandise, and he's ready to pay a lot, but we don't want no screw-over. [19:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] Yes, that's me. Pleased to meet you, sir...? [19:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Gangster] All you gotta know is that the Loggia family sends me. Where's the crown? [19:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] First I want to see the payment. [19:42] <~SU_Tempest> *The gangster concedes and takes out from under his trench-coat, what appear to be three solid bars of silver, as well as a bag full of cash, which he leaves at his feet, but displayed clearly so that Braun can see them.* [19:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Gangster] Solid silver. And the bag has 1500 P$ inside. [19:43] * Tasia waits... [19:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] Interesting... Very interesting. We might have ourselves a deal... I was waiting here to make sure you'd come. You stay here, my bodyguards will stay here and are instructed not to move. I will go get the crown from my apartment. [19:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Gangster] Hurry the fuck up. I want this deal to be done so I can return to my wife and kids for dinner. [19:45] <&Hebizuka> *Braun leaves the room. The silver bars and money are disposed at the gangster's feet. The gorillas in armor and rifles do not move, as told.* [19:45] <&Hebizuka> *Wait?* [19:45] * Tasia waits. [19:45] <&Hebizuka> *Three turns pass, again...* [19:46] * Tasia whispers as quitly as possible... "Just a little longer..." [19:46] <&Hebizuka> *Braun finally returns. The gangster looks impatient.* [19:46] <&Hebizuka> *He carries an old-looking crown-shaped object.* [19:46] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] Here it is. An archaeological treasure. You are getting the better end of the deal... Well, your boss, is. [19:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] *Whisper* That's it, that's the crown... It's the real thing. [19:47] <Tasia> "Marcus. Does that look right to you?" [19:47] <Tasia> "Mmmkay then..." [19:47] <Tasia> "As soon as they start to make the transaction..." [19:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Gangster] I'll come bring the money and bars in the center then go back to my side. You put the crown next to the money and take your payment, then you leave. Then I'm out with the crown. No sudden moves, no getting close from each other. [19:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] Sure, sure. Go ahead. [19:48] <&Hebizuka> *Gangster drops 1500 P$ and three silver bars in the middle of the room, then returns to his side, like he said he would.* [19:49] <Tasia> "Okay, they're not bunching up. Ah hell. Go!" [19:49] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi holds your shoulder and tells you to wait.* [19:49] <Tasia> "Mm?" [19:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] *Whisper* As soon as the crown is on the floor, we open fire. [19:49] <Tasia> "Gotcha." [19:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] We don't want Braun to escape with it. [19:49] <Tasia> "Thanks, Akemi." [19:49] <&Hebizuka> *Regina clutches her UMP-40.* [19:50] * Tasia holds Whisper shouldered, ready to spring... [19:50] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi readies her USP-45.* [19:50] <&Hebizuka> *Braun approaches, then drops the crown on the floor gently. He then reaches for the money.* [19:50] <Tasia> "Now!" [19:50] <~SU_Tempest> [Braun] Pleasure doing business with you, sir! [19:50] <&Hebizuka> *Engage now?* [19:50] * Tasia will fire 10 shots with the PP-19 at the gangster and at Braun! [19:51] <&Hebizuka> *Semi or full?* [19:51] <Tasia> Full for both. [19:51] <Tasia> So 10 on each. [19:52] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi unholsters her USP-45, then she aims at one of the bodyguard's knees, before firing four times.** [19:52] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus unpins and throws the M18 smoke grenade at Braun.* [19:52] <&Hebizuka> *Since you have the drop on them, you can decide the order.* [19:52] <&Hebizuka> *Do you want to go first, second, or third?* [19:53] <Tasia> Regina's not going? [19:53] <&Hebizuka> *Regina stays put, she has no silent weapons.* [19:53] <Tasia> Okay, I'll go second behind Akemi and before Marcus, if possible. [19:54] <&Hebizuka> *Order this turn: Akemi, You, Marcus. Decided as such.* [19:54] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi's turn...* [19:54] <&Hebizuka> @roll 4#2d6 [19:54] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 8;12;3;7 [19:54] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Hit, Critical hit, Miss, Hit.* [19:56] <&Hebizuka> *Three .45 hollow points fly towards the first bodyguard's leg, and very precisely, his knee. They all strike in that area, and it hurts so bad, the bodyguard squeals (in a manner reminiscent to that of a dying pig), and drops his rifle!* [19:59] <&Hebizuka> *The merc, having fallen on the floor, wishes he had leg armor, and he screams more.* [19:59] <&Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* [19:59] <&Hebizuka> *Roll 10#2d6 twice.* [19:59] <Tasia> At the gangster... [19:59] <Tasia> @roll 10#2d6 [19:59] <MazeBot> Tasia: 2;5;8;9;7;3;6;7;8;9 [19:59] <Tasia> And at Braun... [19:59] <Tasia> @roll 10#2d6 [19:59] <MazeBot> Tasia: 12;10;6;5;11;8;5;11;7;7 [20:00] <&Hebizuka> *No malfunction!* [20:01] <&Hebizuka> *(Vs Gangster) Shots 1-6: Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss* [20:01] <&Hebizuka> *(Vs Gangster), Shots 7-10: Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit.* [20:01] <&Hebizuka> *Total hits vs gangster: 5/10* [20:02] <&Hebizuka> *(Vs Braun) Shots 1-6: Critical hit, Hit, Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit* [20:02] <&Hebizuka> *(Vs Braun) Shots 7-10: Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss* [20:03] <&Hebizuka> *Total hits vs Braun: 5/10 including 1 crit* [20:03] <&Hebizuka> *Total 10/20* [20:03] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim Gangster [20:03] <MazeBot> [LOWER BODY] Lower body (Hips, pelvis, buttocks) [20:03] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim Braun [20:03] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Right elbow [20:04] <&Hebizuka> *You've hit the gangster three times in the chest, and twice in the hips.* [20:04] <&Hebizuka> *You've hit Braun four times in the chest, and once in the right elbow.* [20:07] <&Hebizuka> *The gangster is riddled with five holes, which all bleed, but the shock factor is enough to plunge him out of consciousness. He drops on the floor before understanding what is even going on, and dies before getting to shoot his Thompson.* [20:07] <&Hebizuka> Tasia ["Whisper"] Gangster [20:10] <&Hebizuka> *Braun isn't any luckier. He was in the process of drawing his Anaconda when suddenly, five bullets of 9mm Glorious Bear come for him - one stray going to hit the elbow, the other four right in the torso. Considering that he was not wearing armor either... He dies too. Quickly.* [20:10] <&Hebizuka> Tasia ["Whisper"] Maze Citizen (Peter Braun) [20:11] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus's turn...* [20:12] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [20:12] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 12 [20:13] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus's throw is PERFECT. It lands on Braun's head as he dies and begins crumbling on the floor... and POW. Off it goes! That's when you notice the smoke is thick and colored blue.* [20:13] <&Hebizuka> *Had Braun not been dead, that would've stunned him.* [20:14] <&Hebizuka> *The smoke will make it a little harder for you and teammates to hit the opponents, but it's going to be worse for the remaining bodyguards.* [20:14] <&Hebizuka> *End of Turn 1!* [20:14] <&Hebizuka> *Braun is dead, so is the gangster, and the bodyguards are left without an employer to protect. Their mission is arguably failed, but they won't go down without a fight.* [20:15] <Tasia> On Turn 2, I'll pop three bursts at the unhit guard with the QBZ. [20:15] <&Hebizuka> *Through the smoke, you can see the merc Akemi hit, and he's bleeding.* [20:16] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 2. You have maintained stealth, your opponents do not know where you are!* [20:16] <&Hebizuka> *What is your next move?* [20:16] <Tasia> Three bursts with the QBZ-97A at the uninjured guard. [20:16] <Tasia> Let's punch through some armor! [20:17] <&Hebizuka> *Regina pops out of cover, flicks her full-auto switch, and unloads on the uninjured merc, firing twelve rounds.* [20:18] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi switches to her AK, aims at the injured merc, and fires a single shot in semi-auto, directed at the chest.* [20:18] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus switches to his Python, and unloads his entire cylinder on the uninjured merc.* [20:18] <&Hebizuka> *Neither mercs have any idea where the shots came from, or where they should be aiming... Neither, as such, will attack.* [20:19] <&Hebizuka> *Order this turn: Akemi, Marcus, Regina, You.* [20:19] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi's turn...* [20:19] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [20:19] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 10 [20:20] <&Hebizuka> *Perfectly well-placed shot.* [20:21] <&Hebizuka> *The bullet was aimed at the injured merc's chest. And on the chest it lands... Though none of you have the impression it did that much damage, it in fact did. You don't know it, but Akemi's bullet penetrated the mercenary's plate!* [20:22] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi performed a bona-fide execution.* [20:22] <&Hebizuka> Akemi [AK-74] Assault merc [20:23] <&Hebizuka> *Marcus' turn...* [20:23] <&Hebizuka> *He draws his Python ,and fires six times while screaming "EAT SHIT, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!" and other profanities really fast.* [20:24] <&Hebizuka> @roll 6#2d6 [20:24] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 7;6;4;3;5;10 [20:24] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss* [20:24] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 5-6: Miss, Hit.* [20:24] <&Hebizuka> *If that reminds you of a scene in Pulp Fiction, that's a good guess. Except Marcus still managed to hit the target twice, at least...* [20:26] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim Merc1 [20:26] <MazeBot> [HEAD] Face [20:26] <&Hebizuka> *Two .357 bullets hit the mercenary. One struck the chest, yes. But the other one flew right in his face, bypassing any and all armor.* [20:26] <&Hebizuka> *No need to explain what happens next, is there?* [20:27] <Tasia> "Wow, Marcus. You got a personal beef with these guys?" [20:27] <&Hebizuka> (err, meant to be Merc2) [20:28] <&Hebizuka> Marcus McBride [Colt Python] Assault Merc /H\ [20:28] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (2 turns)* [20:29] <Tasia> "well, I couldn't have called that better myself if I was directing and choreographing." [20:29] <Tasia> "Good shooting." [20:29] <&Hebizuka> *Regina's face is one of absolute shock at Marcus' unexpected accuracy.* [20:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Um, uh, no... I just get really nervous when I need to shoot things. Especially people. [20:29] <Tasia> "Hey, it worked." [20:30] * Tasia goes over to collect the crown, first things first. [20:30] <&Hebizuka> [Mission item] Crown of King Maratuxa [20:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] All right! Well... That's four dead bodies, but we have the crown! [20:31] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Hey, none of these bodies is any of us, at least. [20:31] <&Hebizuka> *The smoke cloud is still present, but you, your team, four dead bodies, and 1500 P$ plus three silver bars are what's left in the room.* [20:31] * Tasia goes to take the payment, too. "Check the bodies and see what all they're carrying. No sense in leaving anything behind for the rats!" [20:32] <&Hebizuka> *Grab the 1500 P$ and the silver bars?* [20:32] <Tasia> Yep. [20:32] <&Hebizuka> [Money] 1500 P$ [20:32] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Metal - Silver bar - Value 200-1000 P$ (1d801 +199) - Weight: 1 [20:32] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Metal - Silver bar - Value 200-1000 P$ (1d801 +199) - Weight: 1 [20:32] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Metal - Silver bar - Value 200-1000 P$ (1d801 +199) - Weight: 1 [20:32] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 2000 P$ in pouch + 989 P$ in backpack.* [20:32] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 63.44/70 [20:33] * Tasia stuffs it all in her pack - it can be divvied out later. [20:33] <Tasia> Now for the weapons and armor. [20:33] <&Hebizuka> *What dead body do you want to loot first?* [20:33] <Tasia> Let's check the mercs. [20:33] <Tasia> ...Merc 1? [20:33] <&Hebizuka> *Both of the mercs carried the exact same equipment.* [20:33] <&Hebizuka> *They're just not in the same shape after the shooting.* [20:36] <&Hebizuka> =Merc #1= [20:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi/Full | Silencer, R.Sight[EO553], Laser [AN/PEQ-2A, 100%], Rail | STANAG 30-round mag | Weight: 14 - [29+1/30, 30x AP] - Cond: Good / Clns: Clean [20:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Beretta M9 pistol | 9x19mm Parabellum - Semi-auto | No accessory | Beretta 92 series 15-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 - [14+1/15, 15x +P] - Cond: Good / Clns: Clean [20:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 4 - MkIIIA2 high-explosive grenades. May damage targets with explosive power. Weight: 1/item - [Quantity: 2] [20:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 5 Short: Kizlyar DV-2 knife - Sharp/Piercing - Butchering. Weight: 3 [20:36] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Handgear: Fingerless gloves. Protects the wearer's hands with a Hardskin AC. Weight: 1 [20:37] <Tasia> Ooh. [20:41] * Tasia will take a pair of fingerless gloves, an ARX-160 (if one looks better than the other, the better of the two) and the ammo in the other, and one of the grenades. [20:41] <&Hebizuka> *Neither rifle looks particularly in better condition than the other, but #1 is more clean than #2.* [20:42] <Tasia> Ok, #1 then. [20:42] <&Hebizuka> (Just to make sure, are you going to swap your Norinco for an ARX?) [20:42] <&Hebizuka> (You're not trying to spare the rifle, right?) [20:43] <Tasia> Right. I'll put my magazine in the new gun, though! [20:43] <Tasia> I'm taking all the ammo that I can. [20:44] <Tasia> I'll take the silencer off and put my muzzle brake on it, though. [20:44] <&Hebizuka> *Alright.* [20:45] <&Hebizuka> *Swapped Norinco QBZ-97A for Beretta ARX-160. Transferred 60-round mag and muzzle brake on the new weapon - leaving behind a 30-round mag full of APs and a 5.56x45 silencer.* [20:45] <&Hebizuka> *Your new rifle also has a laser sight and a reflex sight, which will certainly be useful.* [20:46] * Tasia will try to take all the AP ammo I can (don't really need the magazines)... the silencer if I can... wear the fingerless gloves... and equip a MkIII grenade in my empty 4 slot [20:47] <&Hebizuka> *Fingerless gloves worn. MkIIIA2 grenade equipped.* [20:47] <&Hebizuka> *Emptied the 30-round mag, and acquired 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO AP.* [20:48] <&Hebizuka> *Total carried: 30 in backpack.* [20:48] <&Hebizuka> *Silencer spared.* [20:48] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 64.74/70 [20:49] * Tasia will check out their armor, too. [20:49] <Tasia> On both the mercs... [20:50] <Tasia> Armor and LBE. Might be good. [20:51] <&Hebizuka> *Do you want to extract the ammo from Merc #2's guns first? They're the exact same.* [20:51] <Tasia> I was going to carry that in my hands actually. [20:51] <Tasia> Unless an ally wants to carry it. [20:51] <&Hebizuka> *Carry what in your hands?* [20:52] <Tasia> The other ARX-160 [20:52] <Tasia> Buut. [20:52] <Tasia> I'll worry about armor first, so I can do that with free hands! [20:52] <&Hebizuka> *The other ARX-160 remains on the floor for now.* [20:52] <&Hebizuka> *Onto armor first...* [20:56] <&Hebizuka> =Merc #1's clothing and armor= [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Headgear - SPECTRA helmet - AC Kevlar-3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-resistant - Ballistic protective - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - PT T-shirt (Upper body, Shoulders) - AC Light - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Weight: 3 - [Cond: Worn] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Body addon - Type-3 Kevlar vest (Upper body) - AC Kevlar-3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Plate carrier - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Bottom - US Army pants, digital camo (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC Hardskin - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 5 - [Cond: Damaged] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Footwear - Military boots - AC Hardskin - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant, Explosion-resistant - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Damaged] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Trauma plate - Ceramic - Health: 15 HP / Pass-through threshold: 6+ dmg / Pain reduction: 0.25x - Weight: 2 [20:56] <&Hebizuka> =Merc #2's clothing and armor= [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Headgear - SPECTRA helmet - AC Kevlar-3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-resistant - Ballistic protective - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - PT T-shirt (Upper body, Shoulders) - AC Light - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Weight: 3 - [Cond: Damaged] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Body addon - Type-3 Kevlar vest (Upper body) - AC Kevlar-3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Plate carrier - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Bottom - US Army pants, digital camo (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC Hardskin - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 5 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Footwear - Military boots - AC Hardskin - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant, Explosion-resistant - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Good] [20:56] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Trauma plate - Ceramic - Health: 12 HP / Pass-through threshold: 6+ dmg / Pain reduction: 0.25x - Weight: 2 [20:56] <&Hebizuka> (Trauma plates: #1 is 15/15, #2 is 12/15) [20:57] * Tasia takes the helmet and vest from Merc 1 and wears them in place of her own, passes the helmet and vest from #2 to Regina if she wants them. [20:59] <&Hebizuka> *Regina takes #2's helmet, but keeps her vest. She takes the non-damaged trauma plate and installs it inside her vest, because as it turns out, Regina was never issued with one.* [20:59] <&Hebizuka> *She replaces her helmet with a less damaged one.* [21:01] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] Ah... Finally, the feeling I'm NOT wearing hand-me-downs. [21:01] * Tasia decides to take #2's patns as well to replace her torn jeans. [21:01] <Tasia> pants* [21:02] <&Hebizuka> *You throw out your jeans, and wear US Army pants instead.* [21:02] <&Hebizuka> *They seem more resistant when worn by you...* [21:03] <Tasia> Hmmm, what else? [21:03] <&Hebizuka> *It's funny, those pants seem to be brand new when you wear them.* [21:03] <&Hebizuka> *Did you want to check out load-bearing gear?* [21:04] <Tasia> Sure. [21:04] <Tasia> "I don't know if I'll need their backpacks or anything, but maybe... or you all might." [21:05] <&Hebizuka> =Load-bearing gear #1= [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) MK64 Trooper: Capacity 8 units + Ammo (6 mags only, max tier: Large) [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Backpack) Field pack: Capacity 40 units [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) Default belt: Capacity 0 units + Key items (Can carry key items) [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 series 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, 15x +P] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 series 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, 15x +P] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Key item] A mobile phone. - [Battery 6/6] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> =Load-bearing gear #2= [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) MK64 Trooper: Capacity 8 units + Ammo (6 mags only, max tier: Large) [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Backpack) Field pack: Capacity 40 units [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) Default belt: Capacity 0 units + Key items (Can carry key items) [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 series 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, 15x +P] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta 92 series 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.15 (0.65) - [15/15, 15x +P] [21:05] <&Hebizuka> [Key item] A mobile phone. - [Battery 6/6] [21:07] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] It's...It's like their stuff is standardized! [21:07] <&Hebizuka> *Counting the second ARX-160, this totals 150 rounds of 5.56 AP on the floor...* [21:07] * Tasia notes that the vests seem nicer than hers, and snags one - pulling the Beretta mags out and putting in her 2 AP Stanag magazines, .50 mag, and .45HP mag in the free slots. [21:07] <&Hebizuka> *Replacing M1967 webbing with MK64 Trooper vest...* [21:09] <&Hebizuka> *Your old vest also had enough space for six mags - replaced completely the MK64's old contents with your old vest's contents. Just for confirmation, do you want to take the two STANAGs full of AP in there?* [21:10] <&Hebizuka> *If you wish to, they can be placed in Vest/Main, or in the backpack, but Vest/Mags is full.* [21:10] <Tasia> Err, load it with those two pistol mags and 4x AP STANAG magazines. [21:10] <Tasia> And then, for the rest of the magazines... Oooh, this is so much to keep trach of. [21:10] <&Hebizuka> *I know, hold on.* [21:11] <&Hebizuka> *Alright, you want 4 stanags with AP in your vest, right?* [21:11] <&Hebizuka> *Do we throw out the two that contained FMJ?* [21:11] <Tasia> Basically, I want all the AP ammo at the expense of any FMJ that won't fit [21:11] <Tasia> Yes. [21:11] <&Hebizuka> *Alright...* [21:11] <&Hebizuka> *Mags replaced.* [21:12] <&Hebizuka> *There are three more mags full of AP on the floor. Would you like to carry them in extra? [21:12] <Tasia> Yes please. [21:12] <Tasia> Those and my two loaded with FMJ if I have room. [21:13] <&Hebizuka> *Removed 2 mags from the other vest, and removed mag and ammo from the second ARX-160.* [21:13] <&Hebizuka> *All five magazines can fit in Vest/Main, and will take 6.5 units out of the maximum of 8.* [21:13] <&Hebizuka> *Store them here?* [21:13] <Tasia> Yes! [21:14] <&Hebizuka> *THE FOLLOWING IS NOW IN [VEST/MAIN]:* [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x AP] [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x FMJ] [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.3 (1.3) - [30/30, 30x FMJ] [21:14] <&Hebizuka> [Vest/Main] 6.5/8 [21:14] <Tasia> Might as well cram some grenades in the reamining space. [21:15] <Tasia> Well, one. [21:15] <&Hebizuka> *One MkIIIA2 in Vest/Main?* [21:15] <Tasia> Yep. [21:16] <&Hebizuka> [Vest/Main] 7.5/8 [21:16] <Tasia> Aaand I'll toss a phone to Akemi and take the battery from the other. [21:16] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi steals one of the merc's belts, takes a phone, and requests HER lockpicking kit from Regina.* [21:17] <Tasia> "Anyone want the other weapons?" [21:17] <Tasia> I'd better check and see what ammo is in that Thompson. [21:18] <&Hebizuka> *Before I go through the trouble of generating it, I'll just say it now: the Gangster also carried a 1911A1 in .45 ACP, and both that and the Thompson had FMJ ammunition.* [21:18] <Tasia> Ok. [21:19] * Tasia will let Akemi have all of that ammo. [21:19] <&Hebizuka> *As for Braun, he carried a Colt Anaconda with .44 Magnum HPs, with three more speedloaders in a shoulder bag.* [21:19] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi empties the contents of the drums, dumps 50 rounds, and pockets all of that, but doesn't take any more.* [21:20] <Tasia> Oh, my backpack has a space Class 3 slot, I'll snag the 1911 and put it there. [21:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] There is so much I can shoot with a pistol, even if I have two! [21:20] <&Hebizuka> *Uh oh. The 1911 is a bit... worn.* [21:20] <Tasia> Aww. [21:21] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Colt M1911A1 pistol | .45 ACP - Semi-auto | No accessory | M1911A1 7-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 - [6+1/7, 7x FMJ] - Cond: Poor / Clns: Clean [21:21] * Tasia will leave it then, handing the ammo off, and take the Anaconda instead. [21:21] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Colt Anaconda revolver | .44 Magnum - Semi-auto | No accessory | Cylinder, 6 rounds | Weight: 5 - [6/6, 6x HP] - Cond: Good / Clns: Clean [21:21] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm?* [21:22] * Tasia is slightly disappinted that it won't be good fodder to make a match for Infinity with. [21:22] <Tasia> Yes. [21:23] <Tasia> I'll leave the other ammo unless there's enough space for it.... I'll probably sell this thing, but whatever. [21:24] <Tasia> Actually screw that, will take .45 ammo instead if I have room, rather than .44 [21:24] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Spare weapon] 1/1 (Colt Anaconda) [21:25] <&Hebizuka> *The gangster is carrying a drum carrier with 2 full drums and 2 more full mags. That makes a total of 114 rounds of .45 ACP FMJ, which will weigh 2.28 units. Take them?* [21:26] <Tasia> Sure. [21:26] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] .45 ACP, FMJ, 114 rounds - Weight: 2.28 [21:26] <&Hebizuka> *Total carried: 213 in backpack* [21:26] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 67.02/70 [21:28] <Tasia> "Arright! Anything else you girls want to take? Everything else is yours, Marcus." Tasia slaps a magazine of FMJ from her back into the other ARX-160 and carries it in her hands. [21:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] [21:29] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Why are you lugging another rifle in your hands? [21:30] <Tasia> "Bah. Do you want it?" [21:30] <Tasia> "Or the QBZ?" [21:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Eh, I'll pass on either. I'm a revolver person. [21:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Least's he's no ocelot... [21:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Regina] What? [21:31] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] Nevermind... [21:31] * Tasia decides to strip the accesories from it and put the magazine back into her vest. [21:31] <&Hebizuka> *That totals the following: 5.56x45 silencer, EOTech 553 reflex sight, AN/PEQ-2A laser sight with full battery. Pocket all of these?* [21:31] <Tasia> Ok, so with the second ARX-160, ust gonna leave it unloaded, and take the tacticools.) [21:31] <Tasia> Yes. [21:32] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 70.02/70 [21:32] <&Hebizuka> *You miiiight want to throw out something.* [21:32] <Tasia> "Will any of these fit on anything else we have... laser, relfex sight?" [21:33] * Tasia tosses the silencer. [21:33] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 69.02/70 [21:33] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Well... That is a LOT of shit. Let's go back to the library, shall we? [21:33] <Tasia> "Indeed, let us be finally off." [21:34] <~SU_Tempest> *Marcus directs himself towards the other door - not the one Braun came through, not the one you and your team came through, but the other one.* [21:34] * Tasia follows. [21:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Oh. You might want to follow me in there. [21:34] <Tasia> "Right behind you." [21:35] <&Hebizuka> *A room with a teleporting pad. Marcus steps on it, and invites you to get on as well.* [21:36] * Tasia does so! [21:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] I'll teleport us back to the library. Three, two, one, and... [21:36] <&Hebizuka> *bzap* [21:36] <&Hebizuka> *You reappear inside Prisca's library alongside the archaeologist.* [21:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Hey Marcus, hey girls! How did it go? [21:37] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] You guys took your time to come back... What happened? [21:37] <Tasia> "We got it! It went pretty well." [21:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] We got the crown! [21:38] * Tasia pulls out the crown and presents it to Prisca. [21:38] <~SU_Tempest> *Which Prisca immediately takes, eyes shiny like a kid in front of Christmas presents.* [21:38] <Tasia> "We threw a little surprise party and got the presents ourselves. What can we say?" [21:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Aw yis yis yis! We're doing this, guys! We've GOT this! Thanks so much, Marcus! And thank you so much as well, girls! [21:39] <~SU_Tempest> *Regina's face reddens again.* [21:39] <Tasia> "Hey, not a problem!" [21:39] <Tasia> "...At least this went smoother than the last run." [21:40] <&Hebizuka> *Mission complete!* [21:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Well, gals, I don't really have anything to offer you yet for such a fantastic job... I hope you at least got fun and found something to make up for it! [21:41] <Tasia> "We... got the payment that was intended to pay for the crown. Seems a certain Loggia family was after it - not the first time I've heard of them." [21:42] <Tasia> "I imagine they'd be somewhat upset with me if any of their henchmen ever made it back to report." [21:42] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] The Loggias were the buyers? Oh, gods damn it. I should've KNOWN those mongrels are behind that deal. Well... That poses a problem. [21:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Let's hope no-one heard what happened. And even then, you guys can kick their asses, right? [21:43] <~SU_Tempest> [Akemi] I'm not keen on fighting an entire crime family... [21:43] <Tasia> "I suppose it would. What soet of problem do you have in mind, though, anything specific?" [21:43] <Tasia> "Hmm... who would know that you were after the crown?" [21:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Well. The Loggias, and especially their leader Marcy, is in the archaeology business and he's frequently involved whenever important discoveries or valuable relics... in fact, especially the relics, are found... [21:44] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] I'm worried we might have them on our tail, now... [21:45] <Tasia> "So they'd know who you are and might come asking questions?" [21:45] <Tasia> "Do you have a safe place to move your headquarters to?" [21:45] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] I'm not that famous. Remember, our operation about finding the Maratuxa treasure is secret, but it's possible they've got the same idea. So I'm not too worried about being found out. [21:45] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] If need be, I could move to Marcus's place but... This library's my home! [21:46] <Tasia> "I hope you're sure about that." [21:46] <~SU_Tempest> [Marcus] Well, let's take some precautions. I'll take the crown and place it somewhere safe. [21:46] <Tasia> "I mean... if you want to move your library, we could help..." [21:47] <Tasia> "Mmm. A bank vault, maybe?" [21:47] <Tasia> "...If you trust the banks, that is." [21:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] Oh nonono. Please, you've done a LOT already. Besides, how the heck do you want to move an entire room? [21:47] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] I assure you, it's fine! Thanks so much. You guys should be on your way now, not that I'm chasing you out but I should be studying the crown, now! [21:48] <Tasia> "Oh... okay. But let us know if you need anything else." [21:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Prisca] I will! [21:49] <&Hebizuka> *You're free to leave the library. Next specal room at the 198th (in 6 rooms) - three doors ahead.* [21:49] * Tasia gives a mock salute, and glances at Regina to see if she's doing it properly. [21:50] <&Hebizuka> *Regina suddenly stands to attention and military salutes you, standing as straight as she can... but she salutes -you-.* [21:50] <&Hebizuka> *Akemi chuckles.* [21:50] <&Hebizuka> Checkout [21:56] <&Hebizuka> 192 rooms (+18), 28 kills (+5), 0 SEs, 6 Missions (+1), 1 Amulet, 4902 P$ (+2817), 0 Runs [21:56] <&Hebizuka> Score: 382pts (+62) [21:56] <&Hebizuka> Pos: 4th (no change) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> =Today's stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 13/34 [21:57] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 13/34 (38%) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> =All-time stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 84/163 (52%) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Melee hits 1/1 (100%) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Nades and rockets 0/0 [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Explosives planted 0/0 [21:57] <&Hebizuka> Special/Other 0/1 (0%) [21:57] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 85/165 (52% accuracy) [21:58] <&Hebizuka> =Achievements= [21:58] <&Hebizuka> Machine gun: 1 pt (+1) - 9 until badge [21:58] <&Hebizuka> Submachine gun: 6 pts (+3) - 4 until badge [21:58] <&Hebizuka> Headshots: 10 (+1)