Log:Session 77 (Meta, no ontology)

From Mazeworld

[16:40] <&Hebizuka> *Welcome back to the Mazes, Alexander. You've visited 4 rooms, and the next special room is at the 8th. You are in a healthy state, nothing to report. Type !mrooms3 to continue.* [16:41] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [16:41] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 821 - Front door: 4865 - Right door: 374 - Roomstyle: 139 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [16:41] * Pie_Sorcerer cripwalks to the front door. [16:42] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. There isn't much here, other than what appears to be canned food on the floor.* [16:42] * Pie_Sorcerer picks it up and looks at it, squinting to read the protein on the label. [16:42] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Canned goods - Anchovy, canned, 170g. 357kcal - Weight: 0.5 [16:43] * Pie_Sorcerer pockets it anyway. Might be able to put it on a pizza or something later. [16:43] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 14.9/40 [16:44] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [16:44] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 4570 - Front door: 6294 - Right door: 3956 - Roomstyle: 523 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [16:44] * Pie_Sorcerer goes through the front once more. [16:45] <&Hebizuka> *An office. A workspace with four desks, each with a computer - all of which are on, but idle. You also notice several drawers and file cases, as well as a printer. Someone also abandoned load-bearing gear on the floor.* [16:45] * Pie_Sorcerer looks to the gear. [16:45] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Leg rig) AK mag rig: Capacity 0 units + Ammo (4 mags only, max tier: Large) [16:46] * Pie_Sorcerer inspects the file cases, looking through them to assess what could be inside of use. [16:47] <&Hebizuka> *Nothing of use in any of the file cases. Just papers, papers, papers. And paperclips.* [16:48] * Pie_Sorcerer takes all the paperclips off of the papers, pocketing exactly 17 and then tosses the rest on the ground. [16:48] <&Hebizuka> *This counts as one meaningless item: 17 paperclips. Very precisely.* [16:48] <&Hebizuka> [Meaningless items] 1/10 [16:49] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [16:49] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 50 - Front door: 5930 - Right door: 1328 - Roomstyle: 410 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [16:49] * Pie_Sorcerer walks through the left door this time. [16:50] <&Hebizuka> *A storage area, with several cardboard boxes aligned neatly alongside the walls - most of which appear empty, others being closed. There is only one door here (!mrooms1). * [16:50] * Pie_Sorcerer starts ripping open boxes. [16:51] <&Hebizuka> *You find three items:* [16:51] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Ruger Mini-14 20-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.00 (1.00) - [0/20, Empty] [16:51] <&Hebizuka> [Meds] Syringe - Unidentified - Weight: 0.1 - [Quantity: 2] [16:52] * Pie_Sorcerer takes the syringes and looks them over carefully, making sure to carefully place them to avoid sticking himself with the mystery chemicals. [16:52] <&Hebizuka> *You can't tell what's inside, only that it's full.* [16:53] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms1 [16:53] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Unique door: 337 - Roomstyle: 321 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [16:54] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 15.1/40 [16:55] <&Hebizuka> *You reach a shooting range, where you see a group of three folks discussing amongst themselves. They appear to be worried or at least, visibly concerned by something.* [16:56] * Pie_Sorcerer "What's up?" He asked, looking the three over as he himself looks like he's about to rob a casino or something, thinking he may be the issue. [16:56] <~SU_Tempest> *The group is what appears to be three human males, none any older than 30.* [16:57] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen1] Ah, this is terrible. We were supposed to teach a fourth buddy but it looks like he isn't getting there. We've been waiting for a long while... but no signs of him. [16:57] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen3] Told you he'd bail out. [16:57] * Pie_Sorcerer "Teach him what...?" [16:58] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen1] Shooting, of course! He's a complete novice, and we brought really nice gear to get him started with the basics... But it looks like it's all for nothing. Unless you happen to be miraculously a novice in need of a few lessons, too. [16:59] * Pie_Sorcerer "Well, I only shoot those guns with the things that go up, so unless you got one of those, not sure I can help." [17:00] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] The what that goes up? [17:01] * Pie_Sorcerer "The shoulder thing, it folds and the guns come with assault clips." [17:01] <~SU_Tempest> *The three folks glance at each other, puzzled.* [17:02] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen1] Look... Do you want a free shooting lesson? You look like you need one. [17:05] * Pie_Sorcerer looks to their rifle, picks it up and takes a close look at the target. He clears his throat and gets all serious-like. Alex then makes sure the safety is off and that the gun is properly loaded, taking care not to point the end of it, even on safety, at any of the three men. Only when the gun is pointed down range and he is comfortably holding it, safety techniques followed, does he fire. He aims center mass at the target, giving the trigger only single taps to ensure only one round exits all 5 times. [17:07] <&Hebizuka> *You grab a hold of their rifle, which appears to be an M2 Carbine.* [17:08] <&Hebizuka> *How to perform an attack roll: When -prompted- to roll for your attack ("You may roll now", or a variant of that sentence), type @roll X#2d6, replace X with the amount of shots fired/attacks attempted.* [17:09] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now - you've chosen to fire 5 shots in what I assume is semi-auto. Thus you need to roll 5#2d6.* [17:09] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 5#2d6 [17:09] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 6;7;6;7;5 [17:09] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-5: Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit, Miss.* [17:10] <&Hebizuka> *Two out of five rounds hit the "center mass" of what is, in fact, a human-shaped steel target.* [17:11] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] Okay, not so fast, hot-shot! You can pull a trigger, we saw that. Care to do a little shooting game for points, under very simple rules? [17:11] * Pie_Sorcerer then looks to the guys and then the rifle, popping the clipazine out and putting it on the table with the rifle. "I think I'm done here... I can shoot a gun it seems. Do I get anything if I win your game?" [17:12] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] Sure. A wad of cash, maybe a little extra if you're good. Wanna hear the rules? [17:12] * Pie_Sorcerer shrugs. "Why not?" [17:14] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] Okay, we'll play Point Shooting. It's simple, your objective is to score as many points as posible. Every body part of the target scores different points. Chest and hips is 10. Arms and legs, 4. Hands and feet, 5. Crotch, 30. Headshots, 50. We have two guns - a .22 pistol and the M2 Carbine. Want to play with each? 2 magazines for each, we keep your score with each gun separately. [17:15] * Pie_Sorcerer nods and tries with the pistol first. Seeing as the rifle had a rather bad streak of luck, he takes aim at nothing but the head this time. "Sure. Just tell me when Im good to go." [17:15] <~SU_Tempest> *The pistol is a Ruger Mark III, .22 Long Rifle, 10 round mag. You have 2 mags, thus 2x10 shots. One of the folks loads the pistol, and passes it to you - muzzle away from you, naturally.* [17:16] <~SU_Tempest> *You may now announce your attack. How to announce an attack: State clearly the weapon used, the body part being aimed at, the amount of shots fired, and if applicable, the fire mode.* [17:17] * Pie_Sorcerer takes aim at the head with the Ruger, making calm and calculated shots and resting to re-adjust and aim after each and every shot. [17:17] * Pie_Sorcerer shit, and shoots all 10. [17:18] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now.* [17:18] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 10#2d6 [17:18] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 12;2;7;9;8;4;7;2;7;11 [17:19] <&Hebizuka> *No malfunctions occurred.* [17:19] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-10: Critical hit, Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Hit.* [17:20] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 4/10 hits. Had this steel target been a living creature, the critical hit would've stopped your opponent dead in its tracks.* [17:20] * Pie_Sorcerer then takes the second magazine and loads up, firing in the same slow, and steady manner... 10 shots to the head once more with the Ruger. [17:21] <&Hebizuka> *4 hits in the head: scored 200 pts.* [17:21] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now again.* [17:21] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 10#2d6 [17:21] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 7;9;10;4;10;7;7;6;3;3 [17:22] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-10: Miss, Hit, Hit, Miss, Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss* [17:22] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 3/10 hits* [17:22] <&Hebizuka> *Scored 3 hits in the head, +150 points* [17:22] <&Hebizuka> *Total score with Ruger Mark III: 350 pts* [17:22] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] All things considered, that ain't so bad. [17:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen2] Let's see what you've got with the M2 Carbine again. Two 15 round mags, and if you want, the full-auto switch. [17:23] <&Hebizuka> *They take the pistol away from you, then hand you the M2 again, ready to rock.* [17:23] * Pie_Sorcerer then takes the rifle and does the same old song and dance, emptying the whole clipazine in a slow and steady pace into the head of the target. Fuck, hitting this thing is harder than he thought... he fires all 15 on semi-auto at the head with the M2 [17:24] <&Hebizuka> *Can't fire more than 10 shots in semi per turn.* [17:24] <&Hebizuka> *Fire 10 shots in semi, or 15 in full?* [17:24] * Pie_Sorcerer fucks it all, let's try 15 in full and see how it works out for me. [17:25] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now.* [17:25] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 15#2d6 [17:25] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 5;9;7;10;9;8;8;4;5;4;5;10;8;6;6 [17:26] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4, vs head: Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit* [17:26] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [17:26] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Right elbow [17:26] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 5-8, vs right arm: Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss* [17:27] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [17:27] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Left arm [17:27] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 9-12, vs left arm: Miss; Miss, Miss, Hit* [17:27] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [17:27] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Upper body (Stomach, guts, lower back) [17:27] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 13-15, vs stomach: Miss, Miss, Miss* [17:27] <&Hebizuka> *Total hits: 2 in head, 3 in right arm, 1 in left arm - 6/15* [17:28] <&Hebizuka> *Scored: 100 + 12 + 4 - 116 pts.* [17:28] <&Hebizuka> *Still have one mag left.* [17:28] * Pie_Sorcerer loves the shoulder massage that thing gave him, and decides to take it slow, portioning out 7 and 8 shots at the head in two rounds at semi with the M2. [17:32] <&Hebizuka> *This will have to be separated in two turns.* [17:32] * Pie_Sorcerer understands this. [17:32] <&Hebizuka> *You'll first have to shoot 7 rounds, then another turn, with 8.* [17:33] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now.* [17:33] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 7#2d6 [17:33] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 10;8;11;7;6;9;7 [17:33] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-6: Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss, Miss, Hit* [17:33] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [17:33] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Torso (Chest, back) [17:33] <&Hebizuka> *Shot 7, vs torso: Miss.* [17:33] <&Hebizuka> *Total hits: 4/7. +200 points.* [17:34] <&Hebizuka> *8 rounds left.* [17:34] <&Hebizuka> *Assuming you'll fire all eight remaining ones in the next turn?* [17:35] <&Hebizuka> *If so, you may roll now.* [17:35] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 8#2d6 [17:35] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 4;12;12;5;11;8;12;11 [17:36] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-6: Miss, Critical hit, Critical hit, Miss, Hit, Hit* [17:36] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [17:36] <MazeBot> [LOWER BODY] Lower body (Hips, pelvis, buttocks) [17:36] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 7-8, vs hips: Critical hit, Hit* [17:37] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 6/8 hits - 4 on head, 2 on hips. +220 pts.* [17:37] <&Hebizuka> *Total score 536 pts.* [17:37] * Pie_Sorcerer looks to the gentlemen. "That good or...?" [17:38] <~SU_Tempest> *They look astonished.* [17:40] <~SU_Tempest> [Citizen3] That's uh. That was excellent. [17:40] * Pie_Sorcerer "Cash totals out to...?" [17:41] <&Hebizuka> *The group hands you your rewards.* [17:41] <&Hebizuka> [Money] 700 P$ [17:41] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - Ruger Mark III pistol | .22 Long Rifle - Semi-auto | No accessory | Mark III 10-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 - [9+1/10, 10x FMJ] - Cond: Good / Clns: Clean [17:41] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Ruger Mark III 10-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.10 (0.35) - [10/10, 10x FMJ] [17:41] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Ruger Mark III 10-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.10 (0.35) - [10/10, 10x FMJ] [17:42] * Pie_Sorcerer takes the Ruger and places it in the TW slot in his inventory and pockets the cash and prizes as well. [17:47] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 700 P$ in pouch* [17:48] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 15.8/40 [17:48] <&Hebizuka> *Mission passed!* [17:50] <&Hebizuka> *You're free to leave - 3 doors ahead (!mrooms3). Next special room at the 28th (in 20 rooms).* [17:50] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [17:50] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 2343 - Front door: 1785 - Right door: 7453 - Roomstyle: 422 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [17:50] * Pie_Sorcerer walks through the front door with his swanky swag. [17:52] <&Hebizuka> *You climb a few stairs upwards, then find yourself in a hospital bedroom. Raised bed, EKG machine (though it appears out of order), very basic furniture, and the smell of disinfectant. The bed looks like it hasn't been used in a long time. There is load-bearing gear on the floor...* [17:52] * Pie_Sorcerer looks to the gear. [17:53] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) RM/OMON: Capacity 2 units + Ammo 1 (4 mags only, max tier: Large) + Ammo 2 (4 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Spare wpn. (2x C4 wpn only) [17:54] <Pie_Sorcerer> (Okay... I want to wear this and put all the pistol magazines and my spare pistol in there (the Ruger).. but how the hell do I format that on my sheet?) [17:54] <&Hebizuka> (see beta) [17:56] <&Hebizuka> *Wear the RM/OMON?* [17:56] * Pie_Sorcerer dons the vest indeed. [17:57] <&Hebizuka> *Do you wish to move items to the new vest?* [17:57] * Pie_Sorcerer does [17:57] <&Hebizuka> *Moving items...* [18:00] <&Hebizuka> *Can't move the Ruger Mark III to the vest - General capacity doesn't have enough space, and the spare weapon slot doesn't accept Class 3 weapons.* [18:01] <&Hebizuka> [Vest/Pistol mags] 4/4 mags [18:01] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 13.8/40 [18:02] <&Hebizuka> *All good to go.* [18:03] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:03] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 5769 - Front door: 3534 - Right door: 807 - Roomstyle: 499 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [18:03] * Pie_Sorcerer tries the right door now. [18:04] <&Hebizuka> *A warehouse room. There's more cardboard boxes and crates in there, possibly with stuff inside.* [18:04] * Pie_Sorcerer starts ripping shit open [18:05] <&Hebizuka> *You find meaningless trash - empty packagings, bent soda cans... and amidst all that, something that looks usable!* [18:05] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Canned goods - Sardine, canned, 170g. 312kcal - Weight: 0.5 [18:05] <&Hebizuka> *More fish for you.* [18:05] * Pie_Sorcerer takes it. Will feed to a cat or some shit later. [18:06] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 14.3/40 [18:07] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:07] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 6998 - Front door: 1954 - Right door: 1015 - Roomstyle: 317 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [18:07] * Pie_Sorcerer tries the right once more. [18:10] <&Hebizuka> *A grassy, featureless room. You find a box of ammunition on the floor...* [18:11] * Pie_Sorcerer looks at [18:11] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 10mm Auto, FMJ, 50 rounds - [18/50] - Weight: 0.36 [18:12] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:12] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 377 - Front door: 3602 - Right door: 1687 - Roomstyle: 264 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [18:12] * Pie_Sorcerer goes to the right once more. [18:13] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room yet again. There is armor on the floor!* [18:13] * Pie_Sorcerer observes said armor. [18:14] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Body addon - Heavy stab vest (Upper body) - AC Kevlar-2 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-PROOF - Half melee damage - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Ruined] [18:14] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:14] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 7185 - Front door: 6252 - Right door: 2191 - Roomstyle: 11 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [18:14] * Pie_Sorcerer tries the right again and is relatively disturbed at the new room there. [18:16] <&Hebizuka> *You make it inside a kitchen. You see here a fridge, drawers, a sink, and stoves, all in working order.* [18:17] * Pie_Sorcerer looks through the fridges. [18:20] <&Hebizuka> *Nothing inside the fridge, unfortunately. It's cold and empty.* [18:21] * Pie_Sorcerer shrugs and moves on. [18:21] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:21] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 2431 - Front door: 2929 - Right door: 4847 - Roomstyle: 23 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [18:21] * Pie_Sorcerer goes through the right door once more to confirm his suspicions [18:22] <&Hebizuka> *A pantry - a place where people put food in storage. And indeed you see some food on the shelves here. But you also see a box of ammo!* [18:23] * Pie_Sorcerer looks at both. And it better not be fish and weirdly sized rounds. [18:23] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Seafood - Lobster. 116kcal [18:23] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] 40mm caseless, VOG-25 HE/Frag, 3 rounds - Weight: 3 [18:23] <&Hebizuka> *Almost.* [18:24] * Pie_Sorcerer just eats the fucking lobster II can't bare carrying any more fucking seafood. [18:25] <&Hebizuka> *You ate the lobster, which for all intents and purposes, was still delicious.* [18:26] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:26] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 6326 - Front door: 5691 - Right door: 6436 - Roomstyle: 23 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [18:26] * Pie_Sorcerer goes through the right door faster to see if he can catch them rearranging MazeCubes [18:27] <&Hebizuka> *ANOTHER pantry. This has to be a conspiracy! More food on the shelves! Could it be MORE SEAFOOD?! Only one way to know. Amusingly, you find even more ammunition in this room as well.* [18:27] * Pie_Sorcerer looks at both. [18:28] <&Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Ammo belt, 7.62x39mm, 100 rounds. For use with the Degtyarov RPD. - [63/100, 63x Seg] - Weight: 1.5+1.26 (2.76) [18:29] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Bottle of absinthe. 2340kcal - Contains alcohol. [18:29] * Pie_Sorcerer takes the alcohol and shoops his woop to the... left door! [18:30] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 15.3/40 [18:31] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:31] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 2992 - Front door: 573 - Right door: 1686 - Roomstyle: 201 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [18:32] <&Hebizuka> *You go down a few stairs and... you end up in a swamp room, with about six inches of disgusting waste water. You notice some armor floating in the water there!* [18:33] * Pie_Sorcerer looks to the swamp-armor. [18:33] <&Hebizuka> [Clothing] Arms addon - SRA arm pads - AC Kevlar-3, Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-PROOF, Piercing-PROOF - Half melee damage - Weight: 9 - [Cond: Worn] [18:34] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:34] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 6677 - Front door: 4810 - Right door: 6986 - Roomstyle: 546 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [18:34] * Pie_Sorcerer walks through the right door. [18:35] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room yet again. You spot a weapon on the floor!* [18:35] * Pie_Sorcerer looks at it. [18:35] <&Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - IZHMASH Simonov AVS-36 battle rifle | 7.62x54mm R - Semi/Full | No accessory | AVS-36 15-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 - [11+1/15, 12x FMJ] - Cond: Poor / Clns: Grimy [18:36] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:36] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 4993 - Front door: 7085 - Right door: 6967 - Roomstyle: 448 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [18:36] * Pie_Sorcerer heads to the right door. [18:37] <&Hebizuka> *A black room! The lights are out in this room, and you can't see a thing. You'll need to rely on other senses, or find a source of light... * [18:37] * Pie_Sorcerer does have a Surefire light. Let's use that to peek around. [18:38] <&Hebizuka> *You can use the weaponlight as a handheld torch, but it's going to keep your hands busy - better hope there is no monster. [18:39] <&Hebizuka> *The powerful weaponlight is turned on, and allows you to clearly see this room is empty and that all there is here, are three doors.* [18:40] * Pie_Sorcerer goes to the front door, turning off the liight as I pass through. "Shitty wiring..." [18:40] <&Hebizuka> *Don't forget to roll the doors.* [18:41] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:41] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 5751 - Front door: 4925 - Right door: 1388 - Roomstyle: 414 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [18:42] <&Hebizuka> *An electrical room. You hear the hum of a power generator working behind this room's walls... There is a computer here, as well as a strange item.* [18:42] * Pie_Sorcerer looks at the strange item first. [18:42] <&Hebizuka> [Item] An electronic circuit. A piece of electronic hardware, made to create basic electronic equipment. [18:42] * Pie_Sorcerer shrugs, taking the doohickey for laters. He then looks to the computer and tries to navigate it. [18:43] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 16.3/40 [18:44] <&Hebizuka> *You wake the computer from its idle state, but you are greeted with a screen asking you for a login and a password.* [18:45] * Pie_Sorcerer is confounded. "Uhhh... admin, admin" and proceeds to type that in. [18:45] <&Hebizuka> [PC] Access denied. [18:46] * Pie_Sorcerer tried to unhook the monitor and take it with him. [18:47] <&Hebizuka> *You rip out the power cord and the VGA cable from the monitor, which is large and bulky. No way in hell that'll fit in any backpack, much less yours... But if you want you can carry it in your hands... Do so?* [18:48] * Pie_Sorcerer takes it through the left door and makes do with it. [18:48] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:48] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 651 - Front door: 206 - Right door: 1054 - Roomstyle: 285 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [18:49] <&Hebizuka> *Please roll a 2d6. FT 7.* [18:50] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 2d6 [18:50] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 7 [18:50] <&Hebizuka> *Your grip is a little off, and as you try to open the door, you let go of the monitor. CRASH.* [18:50] <&Hebizuka> *Now it fell on the floor hard, the screen is shattered, and it's probably out of order.* [18:50] * Pie_Sorcerer "Fuck." [18:51] * Pie_Sorcerer then kicks it to the side and pretends he didn't just piss off an office worker as he strides on through. [18:51] <&Hebizuka> *Krash. The poor computer monitor lies dead on the floor as you take off ...* [18:52] <&Hebizuka> *A shower room. There are several shower cabins here, and lockers to place your belongings in while you, well, shower.* [18:53] * Pie_Sorcerer peeks around in the lockers. [18:53] <&Hebizuka> *There's nothing of use in there.* [18:54] <Pie_Sorcerer> !mrooms3 [18:54] <&Hebizuka> [ Pie_Sorcerer ] Left door: 6403 - Front door: 7406 - Right door: 3295 - Roomstyle: 129 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [18:54] * Pie_Sorcerer through the right door it is. [18:56] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. A giant crab is occupying the room. It's like seafood has united and called upon their king to defeat you for having dissed them!* [18:56] <Pie_Sorcerer> @cover [18:56] <MazeBot> A metallic file case. (Health: 30, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: Kevlar-2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) [18:57] * Pie_Sorcerer tries to dive behind that [18:57] <&Hebizuka> *Roll 2d6.* [18:57] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 2d6 [18:57] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 7 [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *You take cover successfully. The giant crab has not noticed you.* [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 1. Stealth maintained for now, you have the advantage.* [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *What will you do?* [19:00] * Pie_Sorcerer preps up the G3 and takes aim for its eyes, firing 6 shots in semi auto [19:00] <&Hebizuka> *It has 2 eyes, and you can aim at only one per turn.* [19:00] <&Hebizuka> *6 shots semi versus one of its eyes?* [19:00] * Pie_Sorcerer confirms [19:00] <&Hebizuka> *You may roll now, as you are the only one to act this turn.* [19:00] <Pie_Sorcerer> @roll 6#2d6 [19:00] <MazeBot> Pie_Sorcerer: 9;7;3;3;11;7 [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss* [19:01] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:01] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Right shoulder [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *Closest equivalent: One of its 8 legs.* [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 5-6: Hit, Miss.* [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *Total 2/6* [19:03] <&Hebizuka> *That first shot was dead on target. The giant crab's left eye pops like a balloon, except with a little more eye gore. The giant crab seems to emit a weird shriek of pain in turn. All the other shots are misses, save for a stray that hits one of its many legs.* [19:04] <&Hebizuka> @roll 1d8 [19:04] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 5 [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *Leg hit: Right leg #1* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *Amazingly enough, the eye damage plus the hit in the leg seemed to be enough to put the creature down. The giant crab's legs are unable to support it anymore, and it crumbles on itself, then ceases moving entirely. You've been very lucky this time.* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> Alexander Mills-Pretter [H&K G3A3] Giant crab (T) [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (1 turn)* [19:05] * Pie_Sorcerer then tries to harvest meat from its punctured leg. [19:06] <&Hebizuka> *Unfortunately, you haven't been taught how to do that, and you don't have a suitable knife to perform meat harvesting in the first place. All that crab meat will go to waste, sadly.* [19:07] * Pie_Sorcerer then reloads the G3 mgazine and poses triumphantly on Mr. Crab. [19:07] <&Hebizuka> *You have no spare ammunition, but instead you have another magazine which is full. Swap magazines?* [19:08] * Pie_Sorcerer would rather not then. I still have a good load of rounds in it still [19:08] <&Hebizuka> *You pose triumphantly on the one-eyed monster.* [19:08] <&Hebizuka> *Feels good, don't it?* [19:08] * Pie_Sorcerer is the Seafood King. [19:09] <&Hebizuka> Checkout [19:11] <&Hebizuka> 21 rooms (+17), 1 kill (+1), 0 SE, 1 mission (+1), 0 Amulets, 700 P$ (+700), 0 Runs [19:12] <&Hebizuka> Score: 40pts (+36) [19:12] <&Hebizuka> Position: 14th (+2) [19:13] <&Hebizuka> 1 point behind Anya Petrenko, but 11 points ahead of Thidran Brisbane (visit 2). [19:13] <&Hebizuka> =Today's stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [19:13] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 2/6 [19:13] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL 2/6 (Accuracy 33%) [19:13] <&Hebizuka> *Shots fired during the shooting range mission were not counted.* [19:13] <&Hebizuka> =Achievements= [19:13] <&Hebizuka> Combat rifle: 1 pt (+1) - 9 until badge [19:14] <&Hebizuka> Tactical kills: 1 (+1)