Log:Session 83 (Meta, no ontology)

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[16:55] <&Hebizuka> *Welcome back to the Mazes, Alexander. You've visited 21 rooms, next special room at the 28th (in 7 rooms). You're currently perfectly healthy. !mrooms3 to move on.* [16:56] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [16:56] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 1171 - Front door: 3186 - Right door: 2742 - Roomstyle: 157 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [16:56] * Alexander goes through the Front door to begin. [16:57] <&Hebizuka> *A regular, featureless room. There appears to be a strange object on the floor.* [16:58] * Alexander looks at that sum'bitch [16:58] <&Hebizuka> [Item] A copper wire [8/10]. A set of 10 naked copper wires used in electronic appliances, which can be used to connect together multiple devices. [16:59] * Alexander looks to the wire, rolling it in his hands and stroking his chin. He takes it and wonders if this is the start of a new 5-box speaker project. [17:00] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 17.3/40 [17:00] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [17:00] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 4677 - Front door: 1282 - Right door: 1101 - Roomstyle: 450 - Enemy strength: 1 /6 [17:00] * Alexander walks through the Front door once more. [17:02] <&Hebizuka> *You barge inside a storage area, where a lot of old crates and cardboard boxes are aligned and piled along one of the walls. There might be stuff inside...* [17:02] * Alexander smashes all of those fucking sonofabitches open. [17:03] <&Hebizuka> *They appear to be full of old stacks of paper and office supplies that never saw any use... except for one thing.* [17:03] <&Hebizuka> [Valuable] Metal - Gold nugget - Value 200-1300 P$ (1d1101 +199) - Weight: 0.1 [17:04] * Alexander picks up the golden nugget and wonders if he's caught onto a smuggling operation. He takes a pen and 20 sheets of paper as well, deciding not to waste the free office supplies. [17:08] <&Hebizuka> *More meaningless items for you.* [17:09] <&Hebizuka> [Meaningless items] 3/10 (The stack of papers count as one) [17:09] <&Hebizuka> [Pack/Main] 17.4/40 [17:09] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [17:09] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 3448 - Front door: 5729 - Right door: 4823 - Roomstyle: 46 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [17:10] * Alexander tries the left door this time. [17:13] <&Hebizuka> *You barge inside a kitchen, currently used and active as an on-the-go food stand. The stand advertises "GRILLED EEL COOKED ON THE SPOT + HOT DRINKS."* [17:14] * Alexander takes a seat at the food stand and looks around. "What's up... can I get a plate of the eel? And uh... what exactly do you have in terms of 'hot drinks' here?" [17:14] <&Hebizuka> *You notice the usual kitchen amenities: a fridge, stoves, a sink, drawers.* [17:15] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Certainly, sir - only 12 P$ for one eel. As for drinks, I have coffee, green tea and black tea. [17:16] * Alexander looks at the tea and the coffee, shrugging his shoulders. "Get me two eel and a coffee..." (And is this a woman or a guy or...?) [17:16] <&Hebizuka> (Examine the people you're talking to if you want a description!) [17:16] * Alexander examines 'Chef' [17:18] <&Hebizuka> *An adult, caucasian male. He is short, of average constitution, with shaved dark brown hair, a pair of blue eyes behind sunglasses, and a scar on the left hand. All he's missing is a mustache and a fancy hat and he's basically Walter White.* [17:18] * Alexander debates asking for meth, but decides against it. "...mister." [17:19] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Two eel sticks and a coffee. That'll be 39 P$. [17:19] * Alexander hands the cash over. [17:20] <&Hebizuka> *Total money remaining: 661 P$* [17:20] <&Hebizuka> *You've acquired the following:* [17:20] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Seafood - Grilled eel. 201kcal - [Quantity: 2] [17:20] <&Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 2kcal [17:20] * Alexander consumes it all. [17:22] <&Hebizuka> *The grilled eels are absolutely delicious, and the coffee is piping hot, but reinvigorating just how it should be. It makes you feel stronger and increases your alertness.* [17:23] * Alexander then taps the counter and nods to the chef. "Good food, my man. I'll be sure to recommend this place to anyone interested in something a little more exotic." [17:24] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] You're welcome! Yeah, grilled eels should get more love. Do spread the word, I don't intend to move out of 3448 for a long time. [17:24] * Alexander then took the Front door out with a full belly. [17:24] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [17:24] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 2919 - Front door: 3300 - Right door: 4257 - Roomstyle: 108 - Enemy strength: 4 /6 [17:27] <&Hebizuka> *A scullery, with a row of dishwashers along one of the walls. A butler can be seen sweeping the floor with a broom. You notice load-bearing equipment in the corner...* [17:28] * Alexander looks at equipment and Examines Butler. [17:29] <&Hebizuka> *A young, asian male. He is very tall, obese, with shaved silver hair, blue eyes, wears a pair of brass earrings, and has one more trait you can't see.* [17:30] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) FS Hawk battle belt: Capacity 3 units + Key items (Can carry key items), Ammo (4 mags only, max tier: Medium) [17:30] * Alexander shrugs, and straps on the belt. [17:30] <&Hebizuka> *Replace your current Default Belt with the FS Hawk battle belt?* [17:31] * Alexander agrees to Terms and Conditions. [17:32] <&Hebizuka> (Okay, I lol'd honestly at that one.) [17:34] * Alexander looks around, and now that he's got his utility belt strapped on like a goddamn superhero, Supermans the fuck outta here. [17:34] * Alexander "See ya tubby." [17:34] <&Hebizuka> *FS Hawk battle belt equipped!* [17:34] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [17:34] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 3411 - Front door: 2684 - Right door: 1433 - Roomstyle: 257 - Enemy strength: 6 /6 [17:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Butler] Hey, where's the respect? [17:34] * Alexander left door. [17:37] <&Hebizuka> *You climb up a few stairs, reaching a regular, featureless room. The room appears to be empty...* [17:37] * Alexander looks twice to make sure it really is empty [17:38] <&Hebizuka> *You notice a barely visible trip button on the floor. There's a trap here. You can intentionally trigger it, or roll a 2d6 to attempt avoiding it (FT 6).* [17:40] * Alexander wishes to study this further, in hopes it'll better improve his chances of not falling into a hole of rusty nails. [17:41] <&Hebizuka> *What will you do, then?* [17:42] * Alexander avoid it if possible. [17:42] <&Hebizuka> *Then roll.* [17:42] <Alexander> @roll 2d6 [17:42] <MazeBot> Alexander: 4 [17:42] <&Hebizuka> *You unfortunately trip the button and enable the trap.* [17:43] <&Hebizuka> *You hear gas filling the room... You're starting to feel drunk. It's alcohol vapors!* [17:44] <&Hebizuka> *You're feeling drunk. You have slightly troubled vision, which may worsen your combat performance...* [17:44] * Alexander is rather shocked at the pumps that can actually manage this level of drunkedness in mere seconds, and stumbles into the Front door feeling alllll riiiiiight... [17:44] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [17:44] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 2857 - Front door: 114 - Right door: 3100 - Roomstyle: 76 - Enemy strength: 2 /6 [17:48] <&Hebizuka> *A toilet room, with only one door ahead (!mrooms1). You see another piece of load-bearing equipment on the floor. The toilet amenities are a sink, a few urinals, and a few toilet cabins.* [17:49] * Alexander looks at the gear. [17:49] <&Hebizuka> [LBE] (Tactical vest) FS Harrier: Capacity 3 units + Ammo 1 (8 mags only, max tier: Large), Ammo 2 (GL grenades only, max 6) [17:49] * Alexander decides to pass this one up [17:49] <Alexander> !mrooms1 [17:49] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Unique door: 53 - Roomstyle: 527 - Enemy strength: 3 /6 [17:50] * Alexander yeah, and that one single door, ya? [17:51] <&Hebizuka> *Another kitchen, another active restaurant. This one appears to be a diner, judging by the smell of fries and burgers in the air. There is only one other patron, a lonely-looking tengu sitting in the corner, barely munching on his order.* [17:52] * Alexander sits next to the sad fucker, draping his arm on the man's shoulder. "Sup, brother... how's it feeling? I'm alllll fuckin' right. You look like shit, son. What, french fries not crispy enough? Hahahaha!" [17:53] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Go away. [17:54] * Alexander takes a french fry from him, his entire essence like that of a man who just spilled a whole bottle of vodka on himself. "What'sa matta?" [17:54] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Sir? Can you please come over here? [17:54] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Go away. Now. [17:55] * Alexander slides down the bar to the Chef. "Sup....?" [17:56] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] You are my 1000th customer, and you just won a free grilled chicken salad! You may also order anything else you want, 50% off! [17:57] * Alexander looked to the man and let out a belch. "Schweet.... uh... like what?" [17:57] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Please, sit down, I'll show you the menu. [17:58] * Alexander plops down. [18:00] <&Hebizuka> =Diner menu= [18:00] <&Hebizuka> [Main] [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Small plate of mac and cheese - 15 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 185kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Basket of onion rings - 20 P$ for 8 rings / ntri: 27kcal per item (total 216) [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Grilled chicken salad - 25 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 264kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Signature Cheeseburger (single patty) - 30 P$ for 1 burger / ntri: 313kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Plate of french fries - 35 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 378kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Signature Dual Cheeseburger (double patty) - 40 P$ for 1 burger / ntri: 417kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Large buffalo steak - 55 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 584kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Chicken filet sandwich with cheese - 65 P$ for 1 sandwich / ntri: 632kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Entire roasted beef sirloin - 110 P$ for 1 roast / ntri: 1141kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> [Sweet] [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Caramel sundae - 30 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 304kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Apple pie - ? P$ for 1 slice (1/6 pie) / ntri: 260kcal (full pie: ~1560kcal if ordered 6 times) [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Strawberry milkshake - 55 P$ for 1 glass / ntri: 570kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> [Drinks] [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Bottle of mineral water - 2 P$ for 1 bottle / ntri: 0kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Can of lemonade - 10 P$ for 1 can / ntri: 90kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Cup of coffee, black - 5 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 2kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Cup of green tea - 5 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 0kcal [18:00] <&Hebizuka> > Bottle of beer, blonde ale - 15 P$ for 1 bottle / ntri: 166kcal [18:01] * Alexander "Alright, shit, just gimme a milkshake, cheeseburge, and fries homie..." [18:03] <&Hebizuka> =Order= [18:03] <&Hebizuka> > Grilled chicken salad - Free [18:03] <&Hebizuka> > Strawberry milkshake - 28 P$ [18:03] <&Hebizuka> > Signature Cheeseburger - 15 P$ [18:03] <&Hebizuka> > Plate of fries - 18 P$ [18:03] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 61 P$ [18:03] <&Hebizuka> *Confirm order?* [18:03] * Alexander pays and stuff his fat fucking face [18:04] <&Hebizuka> *The chef takes your cash, leaving you with exactly 600 P$ in pouch. He then brings your order. Eat all?* [18:04] * Alexander you bet your sweet as I do [18:07] <&Hebizuka> *You scarf down your free chicken salad and your order like it's going out of style. You have a hard time swallowing everything, but when you do, you're left feeling heavily satiated.* [18:07] * Alexander looks to the chef and clears his throat. "So... what's up with sobbing birdman over there?" [18:08] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] I dunno, he was like that when he came. He ordered fries, and he's still not finished. [18:08] * Alexander looks over to birdman. "Whatcha shobbin' about?" [18:08] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Na, let him be, I tried smalltalk too and it didn't work. [18:09] * Alexander "Well, I'm about to head on out then.. lotsa good food here in this little slice of geometric hell, I'll tell ya that..." [18:16] <&Hebizuka> *Suddenly, three Soldiers - specifically a Sergeant and two subordinate Soldiers, enter the room. The Sergeant carries an assault rifle and a pistol, while the other two carry submachine guns.* [18:16] <&Hebizuka> *The Sergeant immediately moves towards the tengu.* [18:16] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] There you are again, you piece of shit! [18:16] * Alexander arches an eyebrow and watches this play out. [18:16] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] You have something that belongs to ME! [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> *The Sergeant yells loudly, but the tengu tries his best to ignore him entirely and munch on his fries.* [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TALK, SUBHUMAN TRASH. YOU STOLE A PROPERTY THAT BELONGS TO ME. And what do I expect you to do? I expect you to RETURN IT TO ME. But you have NOT done so. [18:17] <~SU_Tempest> *Tengu still doesn't answer, prompting the Sergeant to pull out his handgun, showing it - or rather shoving it in the youkai's face.* [18:18] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] See this? SEE THIS? This BEATEN UP PIECE OF SURPLUS CRAP? I've been forced to BUY it because you've stolen MY HANDGUN. You better return it to me NOW. [18:18] <~SU_Tempest> *The chef doesn't react, but slowly reaches for his shotgun just in case.* [18:19] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] *He turns, and sees you.* Get out of here, civilian, this isn't for your prying eyes! [18:19] * Alexander "Birdman, I think the gentleman there is talking to you." Alexander drunkedly turns to the tengu and the soldiers. "Come on... I just wanted a burger... if you got the guy's piece just give it to him. I'll sell you one that's not his property later..." [18:20] <~SU_Tempest> *Suddenly the tengu turns to you.* [18:20] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] *Screaming* PLEASE HELP ME, THESE PEOPLE ARE LYING, PLEASE KILL THEM! [18:20] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] SILENCE, YOU THIEF! [18:21] * Alexander winces and in his drunked stupor stands up. "Alright, Bombox, take it down a few decibels... and you, Birdman, stand up." He turned to the Seargent and rubbed his eyes as he felt the alcohol still throbbing in him. "What's the thing look like?" [18:21] <~SU_Tempest> *The tengu stands up, but the Sergeant still has his pistol drawn on the youkai.* [18:21] <~SU_Tempest> *You can see the tengu does carry a handgun - a much nicer looking one, but you can't see what model it is precisely.* [18:22] <~SU_Tempest> *Being drunk doesn't help.* [18:22] * Alexander "Look, just put your hands to the side and I'll do the patdowns here. No need to get antsy. Now, Mr. Soldierman Sir, what model firearm does this man have?" [18:23] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] He has stolen a Colt Delta Elite from me, but he isn't giving it back to me on his own volition... [18:23] <~SU_Tempest> *The tengu gets defensive, and suddenly draws said Delta Elite at you.* [18:23] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] THIS IS MINE, I WON'T LET YOU TRY TO STEAL IT FROM ME! [18:23] <~SU_Tempest> *This is unfortunately becoming a fight.* [18:24] * Alexander then looks to the tengu and sighs, palming his face. "Kid, this guy is going to pop you in the back of your head. You don't want a fight. Like I said, come with me, and I'll get you a nicer gun than that piece of trash. No need to kill anyone over this." [18:24] * Alexander looks to the bartender with a nod, knowing his gun's about to fly out from underneath the bar too. [18:25] <~SU_Tempest> *The tengu still points his weapon at you. The Sergeant is surprised enough to lower his weapon... and yes, the chef is now brandishing his shotgun just in case.* [18:25] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] You humans are all the same... It's MINE! [18:25] * Alexander "Then you can surely prove it, yes? I mean... no gun I know of doesn't leave a paper trail, if even just a small one." [18:26] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] There's no paper trails here, guns are a commodity as much as anything else. [18:26] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] There is one for service weapons! I can prove I was issued this gun! All it takes is a phone call to my barracks, ask the armory what weapons I've been assigned, and they'll tell you immediately! [18:27] <~SU_Tempest> *The tengu looks like he's in a pinch. His face is reddening - it's obvious he's lying and that he did stole it.* [18:28] * Alexander looked to the Chef and then to the gun pointed at him. "Hey, Mr. Cookperson, I do believe this gentleman here is in a pinch. Go get him a beer or two on me. I'll talk to him." He then looked to the three men there with high-power guns he didn't want to deal with. "Mind sitting in the booths while we have a chat?" [18:28] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Fine... What do you offer... [18:28] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] *Has calmed down* Sure, civvie. You seem like you've got the situation handled better than me. [18:29] <~SU_Tempest> *The chef nods, and decides to prepare a mug of blonde ale in the background, while you continue talking to the youkai...* [18:29] <~SU_Tempest> *Tengu decides to lower his weapon, for the time being.* [18:30] * Alexander "Listen, this gentleman is the owner of this gun. No matter what insecurities or worries you're trying to drown in french fries here, stealing isn't helping it. Tell me... you have the gun... do you feel any better?" Alex groggily spoke, resting his face on his knuckle. [18:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] I need it to protect my peers... People like him kill us on a daily basis.. Why should I give it away? [18:30] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Why shouldn't I steal it from him? [18:31] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] Hey, -MY- squad doesn't do youkai, alright? [18:31] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] If I wanted to murder you, I'd have done so then taken my Delta Elite! [18:32] * Alexander "Hey, Boombox, I can still hear you." Alex then rubbed his eyes and sighed once more. "Just put the gun on the counter, drink your beer, and let's have a chat, eh?" [18:33] <~SU_Tempest> *Tengu concedes, and plops the pistol on the counter, grabbing the mug of ale instead.* [18:34] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Fine, fine. He can have his pistol back, I guess. But what do you want to give me in exchange? [18:35] * Alexander then looked to the soldiers and then the tengu, putting down his Ruger. "This gun was a gift. I have no use for it. You can take it and all the ammo I have for it. You just have to promise me not to go stealing a serviceman's pistol from now on, got it?" [18:36] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] A .22 pistol? Are you shitting me... [18:36] * Alexander then slapped down his CZ 75. "..." [18:37] * Alexander "This or you can leave out of her without a gun at all." [18:37] <~SU_Tempest> *He picks up the CZ, observing it and fondling it with much more interest.* [18:38] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Do you have mags for this one? [18:39] * Alexander "Now, listen up... if I so much as get a rumor a tengu that looks like you is shooting cops or soldiers or anything of the sort... I will come back for this gun." Mills then took the Delta and brought it to his end of the counter. "Now, you're going ot walk outta the door to my right, silently. Got it?" [18:39] * Alexander give all the ammo and accessories he has too. [18:39] <&Hebizuka> *I'm understanding it as giving him the CZ 75 and both spare mags you had for it. Is that correct?* [18:39] <Alexander> *Yeah* [18:41] <~SU_Tempest> *He grabs the CZ 75, takes one of the spare mags and attaches it to his pistol, making a sort of weird foregrip for it. He then grabs the second magazine, and stands up.* [18:41] <~SU_Tempest> [Tengu] Okay, I'm taking that. You'll never see my face anymore in turn. [18:42] <~SU_Tempest> *He's about to leave. Let him?* [18:42] * Alexander "Walk. You don't want none of this." [18:43] * Alexander nods, looking to the soldiers at the bar. "I better not." [18:44] <~SU_Tempest> *He jets off the room, taking your CZ75, and leaving the Delta Elite on the counter.* [18:44] * Alexander takes the gun and places it in front of the Sergeant. "You're welcome." [18:45] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] Wow. I uh. *He grabs his handgun, shoving it in one of his vest pockets.* I don't know how to thank you, sir. I was honestly convinced this was gonna end with someone dead. [18:46] * Alexander "It usually does. And in case you see him pointing that gun at anyone's head, you have my blessing that your shots into his head hit hard and true. Will that be all, gentlemen?" [18:47] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] Well, don't worry about that. If he's any honest we won't be seeing him any time soon. [18:47] <~SU_Tempest> [MzSgt] With this said, we'll be taking our leave. Thanks again, civvie. [18:47] * Alexander "Honesty is not a quality I like to gamble on... now... if you'll excuse me..." [18:48] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Nobody was hurt... It's amazing. Sir, please, I must offer you something for defusing this situation! [18:48] <~SU_Tempest> *He opens the till, and drops something at your intention.* [18:48] <&Hebizuka> [Money] 500 P$ [18:48] * Alexander "Like what...?" Looks to the money and shrugs, taking it and counting it. "This the pull for the entire day? Why are you giving me this much?" [18:49] <~SU_Tempest> [Chef] Because that's easily what my gratitude is worth. For preventing a potential total bloodbath. This is soldiers versus a youkai we're talking about here, this kind of shit is an entire WAR out there! [18:50] * Alexander blinks a bit, and pockets the money. "Well then... I hope the little extra patience here helped these goons." [18:50] <&Hebizuka> *The group of soldiers leave the room as well.* [18:50] <&Hebizuka> *Total money carried: 1100 P$* [18:50] <&Hebizuka> *Mission complete!* [18:51] * Alexander slides off of the seat and nods to the Chef, walking out of the right-most door. [18:51] <Alexander> !mrooms3 [18:51] <&Hebizuka> [ Alexander ] Left door: 3470 - Front door: 5908 - Right door: 2061 - Roomstyle: 478 - Enemy strength: 5 /6 [18:51] <&Hebizuka> *Next special room at the 35th (+7)* [18:53] <&Hebizuka> *A grassy, featureless room. Of all things, a single zombie is shambling about in here... * [18:53] <Alexander> @cover [18:53] <MazeBot> A reinforced concrete wall. (Health: 60, LDV modifier: -4. AC Eqv: Kevlar-4. Pass-through threshold: 12+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.25) [18:54] * Alexander attempts to take cover and study the thing. [18:55] <Alexander> @roll 2d6 [18:55] <MazeBot> Alexander: 5 [18:55] <&Hebizuka> *You take cover, but you're a bit too slow, and the zombie gets to attack alone this turn.* [18:56] <&Hebizuka> *The zombie senses your presence, and shambles towards you with the intent to claw you.* [18:57] <&Hebizuka> *It moves in, around your cover, then attacks. [18:57] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [18:57] <MazeBot> [HEAD] Head [18:57] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [18:57] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 9 [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *Of course he goes for the part of your body that's the least protected. You receive a severe clawing to the head, but despite that, it feels more like a blunt hit than a sharp one - he failed to cause damage or injuries. It does hurt a fair bit though.* [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *End of Turn 1.* [18:58] * Alexander takes the G3A3 and decides to put four in its head on the semi-est of automatics. [18:58] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 2. What is your next move?* [18:59] * Alexander points above. [18:59] <&Hebizuka> *Move decided as such. The zombie tries to bite you instead.* [18:59] <&Hebizuka> *Order this turn: Zombie, You.* [19:00] <&Hebizuka> *Zombie's turn.* [19:01] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:01] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Upper body (Stomach, guts, lower back) [19:01] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [19:01] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 5 [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *He goes for a bite on your stomach, but fails and bites the air instead.* [19:01] <&Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* [19:01] <Alexander> @roll 4#2d6 [19:01] <MazeBot> Alexander: 6;8;5;6 [19:02] <&Hebizuka> *Drunk (FT+1), aiming at head (FT+1)* [19:02] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss.* [19:02] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 0/4 hits* [19:03] <&Hebizuka> *End of Turn 2.* [19:03] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 3. Next move?* [19:03] * Alexander tries 5 shots at center mass using the G3A3 on auto [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *The zombie tries to bite you again.* [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *Order this turn: Zombie, You.* [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *Z's turn...* [19:04] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:04] <MazeBot> [LIMB] Right arm [19:04] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [19:04] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 6 [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *Failure, again.* [19:04] <&Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* [19:04] <Alexander> @roll 5#2d6 [19:04] <MazeBot> Alexander: 2;7;6;6;11 [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *No malfunction occurred.* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-2: Miss, Miss* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:05] <MazeBot> [UPPER BODY] Torso (Chest, back) [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 3-4: Miss, Miss* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:05] <MazeBot> [HEAD] Head [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *Shot 5: Hit* [19:05] <&Hebizuka> *Total hits 1/5* [19:07] <&Hebizuka> *You dealt a lot of damage to the zombie - in half, half of his head is blown into pieces. Unfortunately, having half of a brain appears to still be enough for the zombie to continue functioning.* [19:07] <&Hebizuka> *The Z is still standing.* [19:07] <&Hebizuka> *End of Turn 3.* [19:07] <&Hebizuka> *Turn 4. Next move?* [19:08] * Alexander is going to try 4 more at center of mass with the G3A3 on semi now [19:09] <&Hebizuka> *Zombie needs flesh badly, and tries to bite you. Again.* [19:09] <&Hebizuka> *Order this turn: Z, You.* [19:09] <&Hebizuka> *Z's turn...* [19:09] <&Hebizuka> @bodyaim [19:09] <MazeBot> [EXTREMITY] Left hand [19:09] <&Hebizuka> @roll 2d6 [19:09] <MazeBot> Hebizuka: 8 [19:10] <&Hebizuka> *GNAP. Your naked left hand is bitten by the zombie. That hurts! The bite draws blood and causes a lot of damage to your left hand. You also have an open wound there, now.* [19:10] <&Hebizuka> *Your turn. You may roll now.* [19:10] <Alexander> @roll 4#2d6 [19:10] <MazeBot> Alexander: 4;5;10;8 [19:11] <&Hebizuka> *Shots 1-4: Miss, Miss, Hit, Hit.* [19:11] <&Hebizuka> *Total: 2/4 hits* [19:12] <&Hebizuka> *You manage to put two rounds through the undead creature's torso. You hit so well, the first round appeared to be enough to destroy the zombie, and had already lost consciousness when the second bullet struck, throwing it on its back.* [19:12] <&Hebizuka> *That's one zombie that won't ever bother you again.* [19:12] <&Hebizuka> Alexander Mills-Pretter [H&K G3A3] Zombie [19:12] <&Hebizuka> *End of fight! (4 turns). You're bleeding.* [19:13] * Alexander reloads the G3A3 and uses a FAK on his hand. [19:14] <&Hebizuka> *G3A3: Swapped magazines. In the gun: [20+1/20, 21x FMJ]. In the pack: [0/20, Empty]* [19:14] <&Hebizuka> *The FAK will heal your hand damage over time, but not close the wound. Proceed anyway?* [19:16] <&Hebizuka> *You've applied the FAK to your left hand. The first aid kit supplies will start healing your left hand over time.* [19:24] <&Hebizuka> Checkout [19:25] <&Hebizuka> 29 rooms (+8), 2 kills (+1), 0 SEs, 2 missions (+1), 0 Amulets, 1100 pts (+400), 0 Runs [19:25] <&Hebizuka> Score: 64pts (+24) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> Position: 10th (+6) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> Alexander is now 10 points behind Maria Sanders, and 3 points ahead of Thidran Brisbane (V2). [19:26] <&Hebizuka> =Today's stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 3/13 [19:26] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 3/13 (23%) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> =All-time stats= (Legend: Hits/Attempts) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> Shots fired 5/19 (26%) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> TOTAL: 5/19 (Accuracy 26%) [19:26] <&Hebizuka> =Achievements= [19:26] <&Hebizuka> Combat rifle: 2 pts (+1) - 8 until badge