Log:V4 Session 101 (Meta, no ontology)

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Tempest#5018 [Session start ; Session #101] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Adam. On the last session, you finished shopping - mostly selling, in fact, at the Joliet Sector gun shop. The next move is up to you._

LatiusAuro#6171 Well. Last time, the gun store had no ammo in 12 gauge... Well, time to check if the other store has 12 gauge ammo, or if they're all sold out.

Tempest#5018 _To the weapon shop, in that case?_

LatiusAuro#6171 Yes, so onwards!


    • [Joliet Sector - Weapon shop]**

_Only 3 rooms later, and you're at the weapon shop in town. Not many customers at 9 in the morning, but at least it's open, and ready for business._

LatiusAuro#6171 Time to see if the store had any 12 gauge, so the Kitsune would ask to see if they got any in stock


    • [Shop owner]** I'll go and check, wait one, please.
    • [Shop owner]** You're in luck, I have some 12 gauge ammo left in stock. I hope you're hungry for lots.

< Joliet Sector - Weapon shop >

[Ammunition for sale]

12 gauge - 3 boxes (10 rounds per box) and 1 bulk can (200 rounds per can) for sale Standard brand: 3 boxes, 1 bulk can > Standard Rubber Baton (R-Slug): 3 boxes - 30 P$ ea. > Standard Plated Buckshot (P-Buck): 1 bulk can - 1400 P$

Plus other calibers for sale... (request to see the rest of the inventory)

LatiusAuro#6171 "Nice - can I see how much is in the can of plated buck?"


    • [Shop owner]** 200 shells. Twenty boxes.

LatiusAuro#6171 "Ooh... I think that would last for a very long time. Although I'll have to pay using my bank balance, though."


    • [Shop owner]** That's not a problem. Will that be all you're buying today?

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yeah, just that for now," the Kitsune replied.

Tempest#5018 _You've transferred 1400 P$ from your account to the weapon shop. In turn, you received this:_ [Ammunition] Bulk can of 12 gauge, Standard Plated Buckshot, 200 rounds - [200/200] - Weight: 10 (0.05 per round)

    • [Shop owner]** Thank you! I thought I'd never sell that.

_Bank balance: 1351 P$_

LatiusAuro#6171 "Well, now you have," the Kitsune noted as he popped the can into his backpack.

Tempest#5018 BP/Main: 87.7 /100

    • [Shop owner]** Have fun with that!

LatiusAuro#6171 And now... It was possibly time to have some food and drink before heading back to Arnet to hand over the dragon meat.

Tempest#5018 Need a reminder on the places in Joliet where you can eat/drink?

LatiusAuro#6171 Yeah

Tempest#5018 _< Joliet Sector - Town Map (partial)>_

Social square facilities: Hiring bureau, Bank, 2 bars, 2 Restaurants [D7: Diner, E7: Dim Sum], Takeout stand, Shooting range, Library, Style shop. The bar in E4 is called Joliet Ales and Drinks, which is said to be the preferred drinking establishment of the resident Maze Guards and most locals. The bar in E5 is called Flying Noodle Café, favored by traders, adventurers, mercenaries and other travelers. The Diner is called Officer Beef’s. The Dim Sum restaurant is called Steamy Buns. Shops: Mall with 7 outlets (Weapon shop, Gun shop, Delicatessen, Clothing shop, Engineering workshop, Restaurant [Trattoria])

   The Trattoria there is called Pastageddon.

LatiusAuro#6171 Well, off to the Flying Noodle. Again. At least this time, he wouldn't run into that adventurer...

Tempest#5018 _You departed from the Weapon shop, 1400 P$ poorer, but armed with 200 more shells... You walked 13 rooms to the Flying Noodle Café, reaching its hall, once again. To the east is the bar counter room._

LatiusAuro#6171 Off to the bar counter to sit down and... What's the current state of food and water right now?

Tempest#5018 _The barkeep waits for new customers._ [Nutrition: 1190 ntri - OK] [Hydration: 529 wtr - OK]

LatiusAuro#6171 The Kitsune sat down at the bar, and checks the menu for food and drink to eat in


    • [Barkeep]** Hey there, champ. Weren't you the dude that went with Eckhart a while ago?

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yeah... While you won't be seeing him again, I believe I owe a round of drinks, because he was right. He was fucking right about the dragons..."


    • [Barkeep]** Oh, man, you just made a couple of people happy... If you're saying what I'm thinking you're saying. Hope he didn't get you hurt or screwed up too much, though. Now that he's gone, I can speak my mind freely... Good riddance!

LatiusAuro#6171 "Well, he actually did kill me, but..." The Kitsune then showed the LifeVest he was wearing. "...I got better. Unlike him, as last I saw, he was bleeding out badly. Anyway, a round of drinks on me."


    • [Barkeep]** Oh, my Gods. I'm so sorry.
    • [Barkeep]** Forget about that, my friend, I'm giving you a drink on the house. But just one, eh? Now, what'll you have?

LatiusAuro#6171 "Well, I'm also going to get something to eat, but... I think I might have some booze, even though it's early in the morning.'


    • [Barkeep]** Wrong place if you were hungry, but I can take care of the drinking needs. What's your poison?

> Alcoholic drinks > Soft drinks > Hot drinks > Cocktails

LatiusAuro#6171 >Alcoholic drinks

Tempest#5018 Drinks available on tap: Beer (blonde ale), Beer (brown ale), Beer (stout), Cider, Red wine, Champagne, Sake, Vodka, Mead, Brandy, Whiskey, Absinthe

LatiusAuro#6171 "A glass of Sake, please," the Kitsune noted.


    • [Barkeep]** Sure thing.

_A shot glass full of sake is quickly served before you - and it's free, just this time!_

LatiusAuro#6171 The Kitsune quickly downs the shot of Sake.

Tempest#5018 _+134 ntri, +26 wtr_ _+2.0 Inebriation. You feel a nice buzz already..._ _It's not sufficient yet to start REALLY relaxing, but you can feel it, at least._

    • [Barkeep]** Feels like home, huh? _<Amused smile.>_

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yeah, it does. How much are they normally per shot?"


    • [Barkeep]** Nine bucks. Feel free to order some more, I've got plenty of time before the lunch rush, anyway...

LatiusAuro#6171 The Kitsune puts eighteen coins on the table. "Make it a double, then."

Tempest#5018 _You paid 18 brass coins in exchange for two more shots, which are filled up before you._ _698 brass coins left in the money pouch. (698.95 P$, 7.04 /20)_

    • [Barkeep]** Here ya go, friend.

LatiusAuro#6171 The Kitsune nodded before taking both shots and downing them.

Tempest#5018 _And just like that, two more shots went down! +268 ntri, +52 wtr, +4.0 Inebriation, and 2 turns spent..._ _You're **tipsy**. Theeeeere you go. Now it's starting to feel just right... Stress is now melting away at a rate of 0.2% per turn._ [Nutrition: 1589 ntri - OK] [Hydration: 604 wtr - OK] [Inebriation: 5.7 / 30% - Tipsy] [Fatigue: 12.1% - OK] [Stress: 25.6% - Moderate] _The barkeep lets out an amused chuckle. _

    • [Barkeep]** See, that's more like it!

LatiusAuro#6171 "Ahh... Nothing like a few shots of Sake... I missed drinking this," the Kitsune noted, relaxing a bit.


    • [Barkeep]** There's more where that came from, but take it easy, champ!

LatiusAuro#6171 "I know, I know. I'm not going to drink myself drunk, but sometimes I need a buzz to relax and such."


    • [Barkeep]** Friend, I'm the last person to judge. My business IS getting people drinks. Everybody needs some happy hour at some point, yanno?

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yeah, indeed. I just hope this will last until I get to Arnett."


    • [Barkeep]** You wanna buy a li'l extra for the road? I sell the bottles, too. Just in case.

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yeah, sure. How much for a bottle of Sake?"


    • [Barkeep]** Forty-five bucks. Enough for five full shot glasses. Or five swigs, if you drink on the road. Top quality, made in the northeast.

LatiusAuro#6171 "I'll buy one, then," the Kitsune noted.

Tempest#5018 _Pay in brass coins again?_

LatiusAuro#6171 Yes

Tempest#5018 653 brass coins left. (Money pouch: 653.95 P$ / 6.59/20 units) [Food] Beverage - Bottle of sake. 134 ntri, 26 wtr per part [5/5 parts] - Alcoholic (Inebriation +2.0 per part) - Addictive (Alcohol) - Weight: 1

    • [Barkeep]** And one fresh bottle of sake for my youkai friend. Stay safe on the road, y'hear?

LatiusAuro#6171 The Kitsune nodded before putting the bottle in his belt if he had room.

Tempest#5018 You do! [Utility belt: 5 /8] _While in a **tipsy** state, you are less accurate (**FT+1**), but you're also relaxing (Stress - 0.2%/turn, as long as you're Tipsy)._

LatiusAuro#6171 Well, not that it'll matter about the accuracy, as the Kitsune will head towards Arnett by way of I18 and Semitas at skip speed.

Tempest#5018 (( Whoop, sorry, I missed that last one. (( I'm on it. _You leave the Flying Noodle Café, traveling towards the town's exit - 11 rooms. Then, you depart into the UA, first deciding to travel to I-18, then from I-18 to Semitas, and lastly, Semitas to Arnett; three trips you plan on SKIPping. Is that correct?_

LatiusAuro#6171 (Well, had posted it, then accidentally removed it when I tried to edit it.)

Tempest#5018 (( No I mean I didn't reply as soon as I wanted to.

LatiusAuro#6171 Yes, although may pause in Semitas if I lose the buzz to take a swig of Sake.

Tempest#5018 Alright, we'll resolve each trip one by one, then. First, Joliet - I-18, Skip route. You travel for **20** rooms and **1 hour 40 minutes**... _You reach Intersection 18 from the west, and make it to West Street 3 without problems. Your Inebriation levels fell to 2.5 (13.2%) by that point, and now you're merely buzzed._ _Do you wish to continue your route to Semitas, or make a stop here?_

LatiusAuro#6171 Well, it depends on what is always open here, and if they would serve sake. If not, then... It depends on how much Stress I have now.

Tempest#5018 current Stress is 22.2%. As for current shops open, one sec. < Intersection 18 - Map > Open 24/7: Rest stop, Takeout stand, Public toilets, Public showers Currently open: Restaurant [Dim sum] _That's all for I-18, at least for today._

LatiusAuro#6171 Then I'll head on to the next part.

Tempest#5018 _Alright. You travel east - 6 rooms, to East Street 3, in order to head on to the next destination..._ _You're now skip-traveling to Semitas, and the trip lasts **12** rooms and **1 hour**..._ _You still feel buzzed, but that's going away soon._ _Back to Semitas's gap corridor..._

LatiusAuro#6171 And quickly back in to get to Arnett.

Tempest#5018 _You skip-travel to **Arnett**. The trip lasts **29** rooms and **2 hours 25 minutes**._ _You completely sobered up while walking all the way back to your starting point. It's now 2:05 PM, and you made it back to the gap corridor of that town._

LatiusAuro#6171 And then, off to the reason I came here. Time to hand in that meat I caught, and get paid for completing that mission.

Tempest#5018 _Reputation check: +0 Rep in Arnett, you're clear to enter the town._ _You travel all the way back to Bill's Burgers, the diner in this town, traveling the 11 rooms to get directly to the kitchen. The restaurant is full of customers, mostly locals, and the kitchen smells of fries and meat being cooked and grilled._

LatiusAuro#6171 "I'm back! Although it was after getting killed in a way, but not by what I got the meat from," the Kitsune noted as he would unload the meat from his bag. All 25 units of it.

Tempest#5018 (( On my count, you have 20 units of raw baby dragon meat. (( You tossed everything else, if I remember correctly. (( It's still enough to complete the quest though.

LatiusAuro#6171 (I knew it was 20-odd meat. Couldn't remember how many though)


    • [Bill]** Ah, it's you, mate! Oh, gosh, finally. I was on my last reserves. You saved the evening rush! And a good deal of the week too!
    • [Bill]** As agreed, 400 P$ for it, okay? I'll wire that to your account real fast.

LatiusAuro#6171 "Yep. And that's dragon meat, actually. Actual dragon meat."


    • [Bill]** Veeeery nice! You did good, my friend!

_400 P$ have been deposited in your account. Bank balance: 1751 P$._ Sidequest S1-3: Come a Huntin' Man: **Complete!** Backpack/Main: 67.7 /100

    • [Reputation]** Arnett Reputation **+100**

_The locals of Arnett are acquainted with your name, and they think of you in mostly favorable terms._

LatiusAuro#6171 (My sheet had said 25 units though, but... Eh, it doesn't matter now. Anyway, it's time to call it.) "Indeed. And thanks for the lesson."


    • [Bill]** Anytime! And remember, I'll accept any game meat you bring, and other restaurants will, as well. So feel free to keep hunting, it's good money if you do it often enough!

[Session end ; Session #101]