Log:V4 Session 106 (Meta, no ontology)

From Mazeworld

Tempest#5018 [Session #106 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. On the last session, you were leaving the mining town of Heshbar, and traveled all the way to Neo Khazrun. You intended to do some shopping in the capital city of the Mazes, from what I understand. You're currently at the town entrance, in the Gap corridor._ _But suddenly, your mobile phone rings._

Twib#7809 Reina shrieks at the sudden ring, almost instictively tossing her belt off her pants and onto the floor before realizing it's someone calling her. Who the FUCK is calling her? "Reina Miyako Knight, Ready to Service!" She answers, after shiftily looking around for anyone else in the room.

Tempest#5018 [???] Miss Reina Miyako-Knight? Hello! This is the **Mercenary Agency in the Mazes**! We would like to congratulate you for your entry into the mercenary world, and we would like to extend you an invitation. You've been offered a **MAIM account**, and with it, the possibility to peruse our wonderful roster of for-hires, for any of your mercenary needs in the future. If you need to call us at any later time, our phone number is **01-1A6-411C.** [MAIM] Would you like me to give you the location of our closest dispatch computer?

Twib#7809 "...Suuuuuuuuuuuure, why not, mister scammer."

Tempest#5018 [MAIM] Okay! We have a dispatch computer publicly available at the Neo Khazrun Mall, inside of the engineering workshop. Simply ask the engineer for permission to use it, and you'll be able to browse our services. We hope to provide solutions to your problems!

Twib#7809 "Yeah, sure, I'll peek in. Bye."

Tempest#5018 _Click._ _This call did not burn any of your battery._

Twib#7809 Miiight as well go to the engineering workshop. I still need to make that goddamn Drill Arm, so - wait what the fuck. You don't burn battery for *receiving* calls?

Tempest#5018 nope, only for calling

Twib#7809 How the fuck does that even work that the batteries are that specific DOESN'T MATTER ENGINEERING WORKSHOP

Tempest#5018 It Just Werks

Twib#7809 DRILL ARM

Tempest#5018 _You cross through Neo Khazrun. It's early in the morning; 7:19 AM, but already many people, of many kinds and species, are going out and about in the largest town of the Mazes. 21 rooms later, you find yourself at the engineering workshop. The engineer there looks like he's nearly cooked; it's the end of the night shift for him._

Twib#7809 "Hey, handsome, got any copper wires to attach to my nips?" "And a blueprint for a Drill Arm, but that's not as relevant."

Tempest#5018 < Neo Khazrun workshop >


Level 1, SStake - 10 P$ Level 1, D-FL - 10 P$ Level 1, T-FL - Qty: 2 - 10 P$ Level 2, CordUB - 25 P$ Level 3, CombatCS - 50 P$

[Crafting ingredients]

Mobile phone (w/ battery) - Qty: 2 - 300 P$ Mobile phone battery - Qty: 4 - 50 P$

Bottle of vinegar - 50 P$ Titanium-plated jockstrap - 450 P$ Long pistol frame - 300 P$ Camera (w/ memory card) - 400 P$ Long Titanium Nitride barrel - 800 P$ Custom revolver frame - 500 P$ Odd recoil spring - 100 P$ Ceramic-plated jockstrap - Qty: 2 - 550 P$ Box of carbon nanotube fiber sheets - Qty: 2 - 300 P$ Butane gas canister - 200 P$

    • [Engineer]** Nope, sorry... _<aaah...>_ ...we're sold out on these... But come back in an hour, my colleague will take over with new stock...

Twib#7809 "Fuck it then. I'll buy the Long Titanium Nitride barrel, the Custom frame and the Odd recoil Spring. Might as well have a dumb gun I'll never use." "So that's, what, 1400? I'll bank it to you."


    • [Engineer]** If I may, the frame is for a different item.
    • [Engineer]** The custom frame is for a revolver, the other two are parts for a pistol of some sort... I think.

Twib#7809 "Cool, then I'm blowing my money on two different guns I'll never use." Bank, 1400 to the workshop, confirmed! "Oh, wait, I'll probably need the Long Pistol Frame. Make that 1700."

Tempest#5018 _You'll need to burn 1 mobile phone battery unit to make the transfer of 1700 P$ to the shop. Is that OK?_

Twib#7809 Yup yup.

Tempest#5018 _Transfer in progress!..._ Phone: [5/6] _1700 P$ transferred to shop credit, then used to pay for your purchases._ [Item] Long TiN barrel. An extra-long, 10 inch pistol barrel made out of carbon steel and coated in titanium nitride. It seems to be made for some sort of .454 caliber weapon. - Weight: 1 [Item] Custom revolver frame with 6.75 inch barrel and everything but a grip and a cylinder. It seems to be custom-made and is fairly large and heavy. - Weight: 1 [Item] Odd recoil spring. A custom recoil spring that doesn't seem to properly fit in any standard firearm. But what does it belong to? - Weight: 1 [Item] Long pistol frame, made of stainless steel and fitted with lavish wooden grips. It resembles a 1911 frame, but very elongated, almost comically so. - Weight: 1 _It appears you already had a custom revolver frame. You now carry 2._ BP/Main: 136.04 /150

Twib#7809 Womp woooooooooooomp.

Tempest#5018 _The "evils" of having too much money._

Twib#7809 I can make two Kourins and dual wield them. Alright, now to the gun shop and see if they have a CAWS.


    • [Engineer]** Come again soon... _<yawn>_

_You made it to the Khazrun gun shop. Already, some very early customers are there, probably waiting for the restock at 8 AM. Though they do have things for sale!_

Twib#7809 "CAWS or that new bigger, thicker KSG I hear people talking about?"


    • [Shop owner]** The KSG-25? Fancy little thing, eh? Well, not so little. I've had three people ask me for it last week! Sadly, I've got neither in the inventory right now, sorry.

Twib#7809 "Booooooooooooooo." Weapon Shop, then.

Tempest#5018 _Trip, skip, and 3 rooms hop later..._ _Even more customers are in the weapon shop, discussing and chatting, and waiting for restock._

Twib#7809 "CAWS or that new bigger, thicker KSG I hear people talking about?"


    • [Shop owner]** Oh man, not you too?
    • [Shop owner]** Fifth time this week someone's asking me for the KSG-25! And don't get me started on the CAWS or the G11... I get nerds asking me for it every damn week!
    • [Shop owner]** For the last time: Not! In! Stock!

Twib#7809 "Okay so you don't have it, I'll come back in an hour." "Asshole."


    • [Shop owner]** _<Grumbling noises.>_

_One customer wants your attention._

Twib#7809 "Yeah? Like what you see, hot stuff?" Reina immediately devolves into flirting mode, blatantly taking a good look at her, presumably, fellow shotgun enthusiast.

Tempest#5018 _A young, nerdy-looking male rabbit halfling wants to speak with you. Your first reaction gets him a little flustered._

    • [Citizen]** Uh, I mean, I wanted to say , don't pay attention to the dude at the counter, he's always grumpy...
    • [Citizen]** He hates the night shift, but he's a dick about it. His colleague is cooler, don't let him turn you away...

Twib#7809 "Oh hoh, aren't you a precious little thing." Is he near the wall? Because if he's near the wall and short I'm gong to rest my hand against it to look down on him. And force him to look *up* at my breasts. "I guess if I have a cute little boy like you giving his recommendation, I should listen, hmmm~?"


    • [Citizen]** I mean, you do whatever of course... Just thought I'd warn you.

_He seems more intimidated than anything else._

Twib#7809 Pssssssssssh. "So what are you here to buy, handsome? I'm of the opinion that the bigger the gun, the better, but I can always be convinced otherwise."


    • [Citizen]** Oh me?

_He shows off some sort of precision rifle._

    • [Citizen]** I came to buy ammo for this, but... _<He imitates the shop owner, in falsetto voice, with a grimace.>_ "Not in stock!" Blergh.

Twib#7809 "Sleek and accurate. They've always been a little unwieldy for me, though; it always seems like they'll snap in my hands if I'm not careful. But maybe we can go to the shooting range and you can show me your moves?"


    • [Citizen]** Sorry, I can't... I'm waiting for restock, and hopefully they'll have ammo for me... Then I gotta run to work.

Twib#7809 "Ohh, alright. But can I at least have your name? I don't usually meet a lot of rabbit-halflings. I'm Reina Miyako-Knight - maybe you'll hear about me one day."


    • [Citizen]** I'm Zach, but, uh, yeah... if you'll excuse me.

_Where to next?_

Twib#7809 Blegh. Forge, I suppose - oh wait. Clothing shop. GONNA BUY A BITCH A DRESS BITCHES LOVE DRESSES

Tempest#5018 _4 turns later..._ _The clothing shop isn't as frequented, but it's there, open for business._

Twib#7809 "If you have Tailed Youkai armor or Tailed lingerie I will love you forever." Reina declares to the shopkeep.


    • [Shop owner]** Type T? Let me see what I've got.
    • [Shop owner]** ... ooooh, I'm so, so sorry, I'm sold out completely for your body type...

_The shop owner looks embarrassed._

    • [Shop owner]** These and Type W clothes go the fastest... I'm left with a stock of unsold Type U stuff of all kinds... There simply aren't that many people who fit in Type U!

Twib#7809 "Well, alright, then. I'll come back in about an hour when you restock?" Actually, how long is it until 8 AM?


    • [Shop owner]** Sure, you'll see my day shift colleague!

_It's 7:19 AM. 41 minutes._

Twib#7809 I'll wait outside the shop for, ah - 9 turns, then?

Tempest#5018 _9 turns will advance the clock by 54 minutes. Is that OK?_

Twib#7809 That should be 45 minutes, if I did the calculation right - oh it's 6 minutes. In that case, 7 turns.

Tempest#5018 _7 will be 42 mins._ _That OK?_

Twib#7809 Yes.

Tempest#5018 _Tick tock. You left the shop, waiting in Mall Street 3, in front of the clothing shop... You watch as a ballet of couriers and delivery people are bringing in the new stock for the new day. By 8:01 AM, the night shift shop managers are all leaving their posts and, presumably, going to eat a dinner, get a drink, or just go straight to bed._

Twib#7809 Alright, time to go back in.

Tempest#5018 _It's daybreak, the morning has started, and the "day" has officially begun for most shops, with brand new, fresh stock._

Twib#7809 "If you have Tailed Youkai armor or Tailed lingerie I will love you forever." Reina declares to the shopkeep.


    • [Shop owner]** Hi! My night shift colleague told me about your woes. I did bring in some Type T stock!

< Neo Khazrun clothing shop >

Your body type is Type T.

[Youkai outfits] (Type T) - Traditional nure-onna outfit - Qty: 2 (Type T) - Youkai student outfit [Female] (Type U) - Formal dress [Female] (Type W) - Traditional fairy outfit [Female] (Type T) - Formal dress [Male] (Type T) - Evening dress [Female] (Type H) - Youkai student outfit [Female] (Type U) - Traditional spider outfit (Type H) - Formal dress [Female] (Type W) - Classy outfit _A description for everything is available, as usual._

Twib#7809 "Already have the blue evening dress - what's the nure-onna outfit and the formal dress look like?" Reina can prooooooooooooobably pull off a tux, right? Right.

Tempest#5018 _The traditional nure-onna outfit consists of a sarashi, keikogi pants, and modern-ish running shoes. They're evocative of martial arts outfits, with the pants sitting low so that the tail or tails flow freely._ _The male formal dress for Type T bodies consists of a traditional men's kimono with wood geta (wooden sandals) and tabi (toed socks)._

Twib#7809 Ohhhhhhhhhh that's hot. Yes. Yessssss. Oh, so it's not, like, a western style formal dress. Booooooo. I wanted a sexy bust-constraining suit.

Tempest#5018 Those are _Classy outfits_. The Type W classy outfit is a tuxedo with accomodations for winged people, for instance.

Twib#7809 "Alright, how much do the nure-onna outfit and the student outfit weigh?" "Er, the Tailed student outfit."


    • [Shop owner]** The nure-onna outfit is about 5 units, and the student outfit is 9 units.

Twib#7809 "I'm off by 0.4 units, fuck my life." Okay, this is salvagable. Let's reload all of my shotguns first with Buck."

Tempest#5018 _All_ of them, with Standard Buck?

Twib#7809 Yeah. Actually, wait. Quick check, what's loaded with wat, first? It's been so long I've legitimately forgotten.

Tempest#5018 Auto-5 RA: [8 +1 /8] - 9x P-Buck KSG-12: [7/7, 7/7 +1/14] - 15x R-Buck Armsel Protecta: [12 /12] - 12x Flechette All Standard brand

Twib#7809 Yeah okay they're all loaded to full.

Tempest#5018 YEP You're at full ammo. You do have a number of food items in the bag if you want to eat something for space. I see a sole, 2 energy drinks, 3 colas, 9 green teas, 7 black coffees, 4 lemonades, and 3 MR-R. _That sole has been sitting there for a while_

Twib#7809 Yeah I'll eat a sole.

Tempest#5018 _Spent a turn to drop the backpack, and another to eat an old, flattened, sole fish from your bag, right down to the bones._ _That tasted fishy._ +114 ntri, -2 wtr, 2 turns total

Twib#7809 "Okay, NOW I can buy both." "How much?"

Tempest#5018 1526 ntri, 1190 wtr. OK / Hydrated

Twib#7809 I'll need to eat some more in a bit, but I can stop by at a restraunt.


    • [Shop owner]** So... A traditional nure-onna outfit, and a female Type T student outfit, is that right?

Twib#7809 "That's right. A girl's gotta appeal to all sorts of men."


    • [Shop owner]** That's respectively 100 and 45, so... 145 P$, please!

Twib#7809 Jesus fuck that's cheap. And that's 145 out of pocket!

Tempest#5018 _You paid 145 P$ in brass coins. After a brief moment spent counting the coins, the outfits are yours._ Money pouch: 672 P$ / 6.93/20 (651 brass, 42 cuni) [Clothing] Youkai (Type T) - Traditional nure-onna outfit - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 5 [Clothing] Youkai (Type T) - Youkai student outfit [Female] - Blunt-resistant - Weight: 5 _I just realized now I was wrong and the shop owner gave you the wrong weight values._ _Sorry bout that, they're both 5._

Twib#7809 Eh, that fish was about to rot anyways. Okay, so I'll just change into the Youkai student outfit right now. I need to freshen up with something new! (If I could get a description of it too, that'd be appreciated.)

Tempest#5018 _They're simply youkai versions of the human equivalent; a student's vest, skirt, and shoes._ _You spent a turn undressing, and another putting on the student outfit._ _The vest has a hard time containing your frame, and the skirt is barely useful at covering your particular assets, but you're clothed... ish._

    • [Shop owner]** This suits you rather well! If I may ask, wouldn't you happen to be one of those themed strippers? I've heard they sometimes put on specific outfits for customers.

BP/Main: 145.04 /150

Twib#7809 "Oh, honey, I do more than just *strip.* You won't find me working in Garica Block, that's for sure." Reina's a whole new woman as she grips the hems of her too-short skirt, luxuriating in how it tickles her thighs. The buttons visibly strain against her chest, leaving the vest so taut that even her hardened nips are visible. "This is juuuust perfect. One of these days I'll find the armor set, but for now - thank you, love? You've been just darling.".


    • [Shop owner]** Oh! _<She snaps her fingers>_ You're an escort!
    • [Shop owner]** More than welcome, just doing my job!

Twib#7809 "Look me up if you want an escort yourself! Reina Miyako-Knight, at your service!" Okay, NOW - let's go to the workshop again.

Tempest#5018 _6 rooms later..._ _Back at the workshop, with new stock, and a new engineer at the counter._

Twib#7809 "Please tell me you got copper wire in.>" "Or stuff for revolvers and pistols." "I've been visiting every shop in the zone for maybe a week now."

Tempest#5018 < Neo Khazrun workshop >

[Crafting ingredients]

Mobile phone - 300 P$ Mobile phone battery - Qty: 4 - 50 P$

Rag - 1 P$ Giant drill bit - 750 P$ Copper wire (10 units) - Qty: 2 - 250 P$ Portable Stove Kit - Qty: 2 - 200 P$ Long pistol slide - 400 P$ Tiny shotgun barrel - 250 P$ Bottle of vinegar - 50 P$ Long pistol frame - 300 P$ Box of 20 miniaturized contact fuzes - 100 P$ HITB battery - 600 P$ _Not one, but TWO rolls of copper wire!_



    • [Engineer]** Everybody needs copper wires, these days. Heh.

Twib#7809 "Okay, so. SO." "I'm buying the tiny shotgun barrel. I'll buy both copper wires and the Long pistol slide.." "I'm buying the HITB battery." "So that's 600 + 500 + 250 + 400 = 1750."


    • [Engineer]** About right to me.

Twib#7809 Bank, ring this fine gentleman up.

Tempest#5018 Phone: 4/6 Bank balance: 41 134.35 P$ _The shop credit is used up completely to pay for your purchases:_ [Item] Tiny shotgun barrel. It seems to be a very short barrel, for a 12 gauge firearm of unknown kind. - Weight: 1 [Item] Copper wire [10/10]. A set of 10 naked copper wires used in electronic appliances, which can be used to connect together multiple devices. - Weight: 1 [Item] Copper wire [10/10]. A set of 10 naked copper wires used in electronic appliances, which can be used to connect together multiple devices. - Weight: 1 [Item] Long pistol slide. Made of stainless steel, and contains a very long recoil spring and matching guide rod. The left side indicates it's for a .454 caliber weapon. - Weight: 1 [Item] HITB battery. A Hebizuka Industrial Technology Battery. What can it used for? - Weight: 1

Twib#7809 "AHAHAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA!" I'll down a green tea from my backpack to make room and then run straight to the bank.

Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to drop the backpack._ _Spent another to drink a green tea. It's cold, but it still has flavor._ +50 wtr, Agility +1 for 5 turns, Fatigue -2.0%, Stress +0.2%. 1230 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue: 46.5% Stress: 1.0%

Twib#7809 Ooooooooooooh, yeah, I'mma need to go to a restraunt and recover after all of this. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK

Tempest#5018 All in the bag?


Tempest#5018 149.04 /150

Twib#7809 Okay, let's go to the bank.

Tempest#5018 _Do you want to use the MAIM computer before you go to the bank? Since it's here._

Twib#7809 Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Might as well. Just to see how it works.


    • [Engineer]** Ah, here to use that thing? Lemme unlock it for you.

_The screen comes alive, and the MAIM logo comes alive._ _Do you have a problem? Can no-one else help? Does it require competent, qualified problem solvers? If you have the money, and if you know how to find us, you may hire one of our qualified employees at the..._

    • M**ercenary
    • A**gency
    • I**n

the **M**azes

    • MAIM**! Your solution when you have a problem. Big or small, we _end_ them all.
    • [Computer]** Please enter your name.

Twib#7809 Reina Miyako Knight.


    • [Computer]** Access granted. Welcome!

_MAIM - Neo Khazrun Access Point_

> About MAIM > Account history > Browse mercenaries

Twib#7809 Browse Mercenaries

Tempest#5018 _MAIM - Mercenaries available_

> Generic mercs (5) > Named mercs / Novices ° (4) > Named mercs / Experienced °° (7) > Named mercs / Experts °°° (7) > Named mercs / Masters °°°° (4) > Special mercs (2)

Twib#7809 Expert Mercs.. named, that is.

Tempest#5018 _MAIM - Expert mercenaries_

   Armstrong - Arzawa Carystus
   Face - Sgt. Thurman Peterson
   Fireball - Rie Kirari
   Hanno - Lt. Jack Jones
   HE - H.E. Murphy
   Mantis - Vanessa Wagner
   Shrapnel - Devin Crenshaw

Twib#7809 These ALL sound like huge assholes. But at least Rie is a Youkai name - what's she like?

Tempest#5018 _Loading Rie "Fireball" Kirari's file..._ Fireball - Rie Kirari

   Full name: Rie Kirari (喜星 理恵)
   Nicknames: "Fireball"
   Gender: Female
   Species: Youkai, Kasha
   Physio code: 2-3-3 4-7-8-1 (120 years old, 158cm)
   Personality: Overly energetic, hyperactive, easily excited, unstable.

> Background > Skills, stats, equipment > Contract prices and special notes

Twib#7809 Contract prices

Tempest#5018 Contract duration

   > 24 hours: 900 P$
   > 3 days: 2430 P$
   > 1 week: 5040 P$
   Special parameters:
   > None

Twib#7809 PFfft. Okay, and Skills/stats/equipment?

Tempest#5018 Skills

   > Combat skills: One-handed swords (Skilled), Two-handed swords (Skilled), Knives (Skilled), Unarmed/Martial arts (Skilled), Automatic pistol (Basic), Semi-auto pistol (Basic)
   > Non-combat skills: None
   > Agility +1
   > Strength 130%
   > Pain sensitivity 116%
   > Special: Bite attack, Claw attack, Energy blast attack
   > Special: Savage (Every time a kasha kills a creature, they heal 4% Pain and 0.2 Blood)
   Permanent equipment:
   > Type T contemporary outfit
   > Courier bag, Dump belt
   > Mobile phone [6/6] + Mobile phone battery [6/6]
   > IMI Micro Uzi + 6x Uzi 32-round magazine + 224x 9x19mm Parabellum, Standard FMJ
   > Katana
   > Machete
       Gear cost: 2200 P$

Twib#7809 And personality?

Tempest#5018 Background:

   Since childhood, Fireball Kirari was always an excitable girl, and as she grew up, it's as though her need for thrills only ever increased. Her nickname, Fireball, is not so much a mercenary callsign as it is a nickname she was always known as.
   One thing is sure, she deserves it! This kasha simply NEEDS a way to get high on life, whether it is through adrenaline, excitement, combat, sex, or drug use.
   Though normally we disapprove of junkies and drug addicts at MAIM, Fireball is an exception, in that it seems to only increase her combat effectiveness. And as a kasha, whose species is known for their savagery in combat, this is playing to her strengths.
   Prospective employers must be careful; while she is an unstoppable whirlwind of destruction once hopped up and unleashed, the disadvantage is that she is an unstoppable whirlwind of destruction, and if she isn't graced with combat or something exciting, Fireball will look for another way to get her fix of excitement; in decreasing order of importance: combat, drugs, sex. If you haven't noticed by now, "gentle" doesn't exist in her vocabulary; everything she does, she does it 200%.
   As such, be careful, and do not hire her expecting professional behavior. If you can make use of her talents, Fireball is a talented fighter who is most at home in melee, with a complimentary but small range of ranged combat skills.

Twib#7809 "Drugs before sex?" "Okay, I'm going to have to change that." "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater." TO THE BANK.

Tempest#5018 _MAIM - Signing off!_ _You move 15 rooms, away from the mall, and to the Khazrun bank. Three Town Security officers are on bank guard duty, and the banker is available, as usual._

Twib#7809 "Okay, sir, I'mma need to grab my chainsaw and my toolkits from the vault." "How long is that going to take?"


    • [Banker]** Ah, an item withdrawal? You said you needed... a chainsaw, and two crafting toolkits, is that it?
    • [Banker]** I can get a courier to retrieve and deliver your items here in 3 hours.

Twib#7809 "That's fine, I can wait." TO THE GUN SHOP

Tempest#5018 _The delivery of these items has been confirmed. Your items will be in Neo Khazrun at 11:01 AM._


Tempest#5018 _Back to the mall, and to the gun shop... 12 rooms later._ _New stock, new shop manager!_

Twib#7809 "CAWS or that new bigger, thicker KSG I hear people talking about?"


    • [Shop owner]** I'll see if I've got 'em.
    • [Shop owner]** Nope, sorry.

Twib#7809 "UGhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Any accessories?"


    • [Shop owner]** Sure. What are you looking for?

Twib#7809 "Sight magnifier, ideally." "And a red dot."


    • [Shop owner]** Sorry again, I have none for sale at the moment, of either. The only optic I've got for sale is a 12x scope.

Twib#7809 "Man you suck at this." TO THE WEAPON SHOP

Tempest#5018 _3 rooms HOP_

Twib#7809 "CAWS or that new bigger, thicker KSG I hear people talking about?" "Or a NATO-compatible red dot, reflex sight, and sight magnifier?"


    • [Shop owner]** Lemme check what I got! Sorry if my colleague treated you badly, he's not good at the night shift yet.

Twib#7809 "Have what I want and I won't even bat an eye."


    • [Shop owner]** No sights, and no CAWS - it's a rarity everyone wants. ...However...

Twib#7809 "Fuckin' FINALLY."


    • [Shop owner]** ...I do have the KSG-25! You're gonna make a couple of people jealous for snagging it so early.

Twib#7809 "Alright, how much?" "I need it. I NEED IT."


    • [Shop owner]** Sooooo... The KSG-25 is 2000 P$ brand new.

Twib#7809 "Do you have a silencer or a choke to go with it?"


    • [Shop owner]** Neither, sadly.

Twib#7809 Bank, 2000 PS.


    • [Shop owner]** Need ammo to go with it, or are you good?

Twib#7809 "I have ammo for it, it won't be an issue."


    • [Shop owner]** You got it.

Twib#7809 "Actually, wait."> "Got any flechette?" "Can never have enough flechette."


    • [Shop owner]** Oh, uh, sure, I can go check.
    • [Shop owner]** Damn... I didn't get much of a restock in 12 gauge ammo. Just one box of magnum slugs, and one box of tactical plated buck.

Twib#7809 "Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. The problem is that this works way better with slugs."> "Okay, I'll buy the box of magnum slugs." "It's not like the recoil matters at this rate."


    • [Shop owner]** Alright, your total is now 2077 P$.

Twib#7809 77 from the pack it is.

Tempest#5018 And 2000 from the account?

Twib#7809 Yup. "Okay, now that I've bought it, give me a moment to run to the bank and deposit one of my current shotguns so I can pick this bad boy up."

Tempest#5018 Phone: 3 /6 Bank balance: 40884.35 P$ Money pouch: 595 P$; 6.16 /20 (574 brass 42 cuni)

Twib#7809 And also clear out some space because Jeeeeezuuuuus..


    • [Shop owner]** Sure, your purchases are waiting for you.


Tempest#5018 _Batman transition!_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyAD87_zfek _14 rooms later, you're back at the bank._ Fatigue: 51.0% - Tired _You're starting to feel the effects of fatigue. Frantic shopping does that._

Twib#7809 Okay, first. Bag down.

Tempest#5018 _Plop._

Twib#7809 Second, two teas.

Twib#7809 THIRD - what the fuck is weighing me down so hard. All of my guns I'm equipping right now, so it isn't THAT. Wait a second am I still carrying that goddamn pickaxe

Tempest#5018 _You spent 2 turns drinking 2 more teas, gaining Agility +1 for 10 turns, losing 4.0% Fatigue and gaining 0.4% Stress._ 1260 wtr - Hydrated 47.1% Fatigue - OK 1.4% Stress - Low _6 green teas left in the bag._

Twib#7809 I'll stock up in a bit.

Tempest#5018 Alright. You are NOT carrying the pickaxe. That's in the vault.

Twib#7809 Good, as it should be.

Tempest#5018 You are carrying the spare KSG-12 (weight 14), an M26 grenade (2) and four mini C4 charges (4x1, so 4)


Tempest#5018 You're carrying 4 pieces of clothing; your evening dress (9), the fedora (5), the nure-onna outfit (5) and your tanuki outfit (5) _you were carrying that fedora the entire time..._

Twib#7809 To be fair it's what'shisname's fedora. The guy I fucked, interrogated, murdered, butchered, left to rot in the shower, and ten fed his meat to the UA.

Tempest#5018 Floyd's?

Twib#7809 Yup.

Tempest#5018 Floyd Eckhart? Oh okay.

Twib#7809 SO. Let's just - turn in the KSG.

Tempest#5018 OK, anything else?

Twib#7809 Aaaand the Fedora. Might as well keep the war trophy. Aaaaaaaaaaand I'll unload the Protecta and turn THAT in, too. It's totally useless now that it's a pump-action.

Tempest#5018 _You spent 1 turn to unload the Protecta. You got the following:_ [Ammunition] 12 gauge, Standard Flechette, 12 rounds - Weight: 0.6 (0.05 per round) _You now carry 96 shells of 12 gauge, Standard Flechette in the backpack._ Anything else you want to move out of your inventory?

Twib#7809 I'll be putting away the Joshua and the Drill Arm - actually, wait. Do I have anything in my second holster? And can the Joshua fit into it?

Tempest#5018 No, and yes.

Twib#7809 Okay, so that'll take care of that. I think that's it for now. Once I hire Rie and get her properly addicted to sex, I'll have a use for medicine. So no sense putting that away.

Tempest#5018 OK. Do you want to spend a turn to unload the spare KSG-12 first? It has 5 rounds left, all Flechette.

Twib#7809 Oh, I totally thought it was empty. Yeah, I'll empty that.

Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to quickly pump those shells out and straight into your bag._ _You carry a total of 101 shells of 12g, Standard Flechette in the backpack._ _You then spent a turn dropping the now empty Protecta and KSG, which will be vaulted into your bank account._ _You swear you heard one of the guards whistle._

Twib#7809 "A girl's gotta upgrade sometimes, don'tcha think?" Reina casually flaunts her assets - both guns and otherwise - as she searches through her bag. "I'll be back about 11 too, if you guys want a show."

Tempest#5018 _They feign innocence._

    • [Banker]** Don't you three start getting sloppy! The day just started!
    • [Banker]** Geez, it's only Firesday and they act like it's the damn weekend.

_KSG-12 and Protecta vaulted!_ BP/Main: 133.89 /150

Twib#7809 "Hey, some guys need a pick me up to get through the day. I don't mind picking you up either, handsome~"


    • [Banker]** No thanks. Did you need anything else?

Twib#7809 "Nope. Back at 11." I'll just very casually, very innocently, flash the guards my ass as I walk by. They really make the student uniforms too small. But back to the weapon store to grab my purchase!

Tempest#5018 _Another batman transition to the weapon shop! 13 rooms._

    • [Shop owner]** Your KSG-25's ready and waitin' for you, miss.

Twib#7809 YOINK Into the Auxillary slot.

Tempest#5018 [Weapon] Class 1 - R4/Superior - Kel-Tec KSG-25 shotgun | 12 gauge - Pump-action - 30.5 in. - S | Optic[n/a,NATO], LRail-S[n/a], Foregrip(I) | Internal tubes, (2x12) 24 rounds, +1 | Weight: 22

   Ammunition: 0/12, 0/12 +1 - Empty / Tube L active
   Maintenance: Condition: Brand new / Cleanliness: Lubricated

[Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Magnum Slug, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) (( Whoop, I broke the line, sorry

Twib#7809 I love everything about this.

Tempest#5018 _The KSG-25 cannot be equipped in the Auxiliary slot._

Twib#7809 THEN to the gun shop.

Tempest#5018 _However, you can move the KSG-12 to the Aux slot, and equip the -25 to Primary 2._ _You might wanna do that!_

Twib#7809 Okay, then I'll shuffle the KSG into Primary 2, and KSG-12 into Aux. Beat me to it

Tempest#5018 That works. And the ammo? _Do these 10 shells go in the bag for now?_

Twib#7809 Yup yup. Actually wait.

Tempest#5018 Mmm?

Twib#7809 Let's just load them now into the Left Tube. I don't really need to keep it fully loaded, since it's just a sniper shotgun, so this is fine for now.

Tempest#5018 _You spent 4 turns loading the magnum slugs into the KSG-25's Tube L._

Twib#7809 Okay, and NOW to the gun shop. Let's see if he has a silencer, or if I'll have to take it off the Browning. After that - probably time to guzzle coffee.

Tempest#5018 _Boing, to the gun shop._ _After a short 3 room trip, you're back there, yet again._

    • [Shop owner]** Back already?

_The gun shop doesn't have any 12 gauge silencers._ _They do however carry a Schmidt & Bender PM II 12x scope (NATO mount)_.

Twib#7809 "I got a shotgun that can handle a 12x scope." "So I'll be buying that now. 2K, yes?" Bank, authorizing the transaction - once the price is confirmed.


    • [Shop owner]** That scope is 1500 P$, actually.

Twib#7809 "Okay, perfect." Bank, 1500, to the gun shop. And then I'm slapping that sweet, sweet scope onto the 25.

Tempest#5018 Phone: 2/6 Bank balance: 39 384.35 P$ [Weapon accessory] Optic, Scope: Schmidt & Bender PM II (12x). Mount: NATO rail. - Weight: 1


Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to mount the PMII to your KSG-25._ _Your huge shotgun now has ~~huge guts~~ a huge optic._

Twib#7809 "LEEEEEEEET'S PAAAAAAAAAARTY" So, how's my TB? Because that'll determine whether I go to the bar first or to a restraunt.

Tempest#5018 8 /10

Twib#7809 Sweet BAR FIRST Larry's, to be precise. I need so much goddamn coffee right now.

Tempest#5018 _Larry's is only 3 rooms away from here, and you now understand the purpose of this bar; it's there for shoppers!_ _You're now in the hall room of Larry's. The bar counter is in the neighboring room to the east._

Twib#7809 Into the bar. "I need 13 cups of coffee STAT!" Gone is the usual seductive and personable Reina. Now is only the Coffee Fiend.


    • [Barkeep]** Thirteen? Geez, did you bring friends or is it just for you?

Twib#7809 "Just me. I haven't slept in 3 days and I'm pushing for a record."

Twib#7809 "So how much is it gonna be?"


    • [Barkeep]** Uh, 19 bucks and 50 cents.

Twib#7809 Out of the pouch and into his hands.

Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 575.50 P$ ; 5.96/20 units (555 brass, 41 cuni) [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 14 ntri, 48 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 13]

Twib#7809 And now I'm going to burn 2 TB for Afterglow as I drink all the coffee.

Tempest#5018 Pop. You spent 13 turns drinking 13 coffees, the Stress increasing effect of which is negated each turn, because of Afterglow. +182 ntri +624 wtr Agility +1, Increased alertness for 117 turns Fatigue -52.0% Nutrition: 1566 ntri - OK Hydration: 1400 wtr - Maxed Fatigue: 0.0% - Energized And 2 turns left of afterglow.

Twib#7809 "A really good 13 cups of coffee gets a girl going, if you know what I mean." The skirt is so short that it can't possibly hide what happened. Reina's thighs are aglow and slick.


    • [Barkeep]** Uh... Yeah. Whatever you say.

Twib#7809 "Laters, handsome." Okay, NOW to the restraurant to fill up... Knight's Delights sounds good.

Tempest#5018 _On your way there, Afterglow is exhausted, after it gives you one final boost, -0.8% Stress, dropping it to 0.6%._ _14 rooms later..._ [Neo Khazrun - Knight's Delights] _...you made it to the local trattoria. The scent of pizza fills the air; it seems that more than a few people in this town like to eat early morning pizza. Who are we kidding - pizza hour is every hour! The waiter oversees the dining room, where a couple of customers are enjoying their meal._

Twib#7809 Reina sits herself wherever's available, looking around at everyone else's pizzas - and more importantly, any menu.

Tempest#5018 _The waiter approaches you and hands you one!_

    • [Waiter]** Welcome to Knight's Delights.

Twib#7809 "I've shown Knights delight before, so I'll see if this measures up." What's available?

Tempest#5018 < Knight's Delights - Menu >

(Main: 9) > Salmon carpaccio - 12.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 256 ntri, 25 wtr > Beef carpaccio - 15.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 276 ntri, 25 wtr > Spaghetti bolognese - 17.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 502 ntri, 25 wtr > Veal osso-bucco with spaghetti - 20.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 352 ntri, 25 wtr > Fried calamari - 22.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 445 ntri, 25 wtr > Gamberoni all'aglio (Shrimp, angel hair pasta, parsley, red peppers, olive oil, garlic, white wine salt and pepper) - 35.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 675 ntri, 25 wtr + 1d12 inebriation > Pizza, Vegetarian - 3.00 P$ for 1 slice, 24.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 123 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 984 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza) > Pizza, Four cheeses - 4.00 P$ for 1 slice, 32.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 149 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 1192 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza) > Pizza, Margherita - 5.00 P$ for 1 slice, 40.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 184 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 1472 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza)

(Sweet: 3) > Gelato - 5.00 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 212 ntri, 17 wtr > Nougat bars - 7.50 P$ for 4 bars / ntri: 76 ntri, 17 wtr per item (total 304 ntri, 68 wtr) > Tiramisu - 11.50 P$ for 1 piece / ntri: 472 ntri, 17 wtr

Twib#7809 "Okay, so I'll buy 2 Vegetarian pizzas now." 48 dollars hit the table.

Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 527.50 P$ ; 5.48 /20 (507 brass 41 cuni)

    • [Waiter]** Both of them just for you? Understood. Two Veg pizzas, coming right up.

_Your money is taken. And only a short while later, two full pizzas, in their boxes, are served to you, complete with a fork, a knife, and the little complimentary (but utterly useless) baglet of hot sauce._

Twib#7809 One pizza in my mouth. Followed by 4 TB generation And then the second full pizza.

Tempest#5018 _You spent eight turns eating the first pizza; because it's made out of eight slices._ Nutrition: 2736 ntri - OK Hydration: 1400 wtr - Maxed _There's still another one left to eat up. But first, you wanted to generate 4 TB?_ _That will take 1000 ntri and 40 turns. Confirm?_

Twib#7809 Yes please.

Tempest#5018 _You sit down, burn nutrition, and meditate yourself back to 10 TB._ Fatigue: 6.2% - OK _You're no longer energized._

Twib#7809 That's no problem. Now I'll eat the other pizza. And that should be, hopefully sometime near 11 AM?

Tempest#5018 _Meditation doesn't advance the clock forwards, nor does walking out and about in town._ _It's still early 8:01 AM._

Tempest#5018 _Time to eat the second pizza. Another 8 turns passed._ Nutrition: 2464 ntri Hydration: 1392 wtr _Feels much better!_

Twib#7809 Theeeere we go. (Wait, walking in town no longer advances the clock?) Alright, well - while I'm here, I might as well wait 30 turns.

Tempest#5018 (It never did!

Twib#7809 Then let's move the clock forward~

Tempest#5018 30 turns, 180 minutes; therefore, 3 hours. Let's go! _You sit in at the Knight's Delights restaurant, let's say you took your time to actually appreciate the two pizzas and meditate._ _11:01 AM. Your items must have arrived at the bank._

Twib#7809 Alright, now back to the bank. TIME TO DO SOME MOTHERFUCKING CRAFTING

Tempest#5018 _Only 4 rooms later, you made it back to the bank._

    • [Banker]** Ah, right on time. Your items have been delivered.

[Weapon] Class 5 Long - R4/Superior - Chainsaw (Exotic melee weapon) - Slash (Sharp) - Steel - Weight: 26

   Condition: Excellent

[Crafting] (Toolkit) Crafting toolkit - an essential set of tools required to craft items. Can be used up to 20 times. - Weight: 1 - [20/20] [Crafting] (Toolkit) Crafting toolkit - an essential set of tools required to craft items. Can be used up to 20 times. - Weight: 1 - [20/20]

Twib#7809 Are the whistling guards still there? Because I'm going to take out all the pieces of the Drill Arm and start trying my luck.

Tempest#5018 _They've been switched out with the daytime duty guards._

Twib#7809 So that's the chainsaw, the giant drill bit, the HITB, the E. circuit, and the two copper wires. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. But now it's time to get me a DRILL AAAARM

Tempest#5018 Okay, so it's crafting time. You dropped the backpack again, at the cost of one turn.

Twib#7809 It begiiiiins.

Tempest#5018 You wish to put together a Drill Arm. The ingredients are: Chainsaw - OK Giant drill bit - OK Improved chainsaw engine - OK Electronic circuit - OK 2 units of copper wire - OK Blueprint: NO ; you will not benefit from the bonus for it.

This is a Level 3 item. Without a blueprint, and at your current skill level (Lv1 - Unskilled), you have a **20%** chance to successfully craft the item, per crafting toolkit use. Toss as many d100s as you want - success on 20 or less; but each throw you make will burn a crafting toolkit use, until the first success is rolled. (Any misses rolled after a successful roll are not counted, for convenience's sake) You have 2 full crafting toolkits, so a total of 40 chances.

Twib#7809 /r repeat (1d100, 40, brief)

Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d100, 40, brief)` = 31, 88, 60, 4, 56, 23, 38, 30, 72, 24, 41, 57, 2, 80, 74, 75, 67, 95, 5, 90, 57, 53, 89, 39, 6, 60, 16, 74, 9, 98, 64, 99, 32, 7, 38, 41, 54, 20, 79, 16

Twib#7809 Nice, only burned 4!

Tempest#5018 You burned 4 uses on your first crafting toolkit [16/20 left] as well as 4 turns. You consumed the chainsaw, the giant drill bit, the improved chainsaw engine, one electronic circuit, and 2 units of copper wire, and you obtained...


Tempest#5018 [Weapon] Class 5 Long - R7/Unique - Drill Arm (Exotic melee weapon) - Drill (Piercing) - Steel - Weight: 14 _Ba-da-baaaaa!_ _Do you want to place the crafting toolkits in your backpack now?_

Twib#7809 NOPE. NEXT Let's put the Joshua together. So the pistol frame, the slide, the spring, aaand the special barrel. May I roll for uses now?

Tempest#5018 Crafting - Joshua pistol: Long TiN barrel - OK Long pistol slide - OK Long pistol frame - OK Odd recoil spring - OK .454 Casull magazine (Optional) - N/A Joshua Blueprint - N/A

This is a Level 3 item. Without a blueprint, and at your current skill level (Lv1 - Unskilled), you have a 20% chance to successfully craft the item, per crafting toolkit use. You will get an incomplete item which is still functional, but not fully capable.

Twib#7809 No problem. It's gonna look faaaancy.

Tempest#5018 Go ahead.

Twib#7809 /r repeat (1d100, 36, brief)

Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d100, 36, brief)` = 44, 99, 61, 5, 39, 11, 85, 7, 23, 79, 1, 3, 97, 26, 46, 34, 45, 77, 75, 1, 71, 14, 23, 30, 51, 44, 67, 36, 19, 33, 70, 81, 58, 45, 3, 82

Twib#7809 And only another 4!

Tempest#5018 4 turns, 4 burned uses, and all ingredients consumed to make... [Weapon] Class 3 - R7/Unique - Joshua pistol | .454 Casull - Semi-auto - 10 in. - N | No accessory | No magazine, +1 | Weight: 9 _This pistol is missing a magazine, but can be chamber-loaded. It will act as a single shot pistol._

Twib#7809 Alright, and THAT goes into the second holster. I'm now equipping a gun that isn't a shotgun. The horror. I'll keep the partially used crafting kit on me for now, and drop the Drill Arm and the unused kit back with the Vault.

Tempest#5018 Joshua equipped! _The full crafting toolkit and the Drill Arm have been vaulted!_ BP/Main: 125.89 /150

Twib#7809 And now - has it been 24 hours for Marcus and Prisca's job?

Tempest#5018 _You now carry two crafting toolkits in the bag, one at [12/20] and one at [20/20]. The last one has been vaulted._ _The date is Firesday, Quartema 21, it is 11:01 AM. Your next main quest will become available tomorrow at 9 AM, in 22 hours._ _Still plenty of time._

Twib#7809 Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. Alright, back to the workshop, let's get the 25 nice and threaded.

Tempest#5018 _15 rooms later,and it's back again to the engineering workshop!_ _Amusingly, you have one turn of black coffee left._

Twib#7809 "How much to thread the KSG-25, handsome?" "Oh, by the way -thanks for the wire. I finally have a nice fat drill to play with."


    • [Engineer]** So you made a Drill Arm? That's rad, dude. Those are super nice. You could mine easy peasy all day with those things.
    • [Engineer]** I know a bunch of rich, well-off miners; that's the first thing they bought when they struck valuables. I tell you, some people got the bug for digging...

Twib#7809 "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy freedom. So to business?" Reina tosses the guy the brand spanking new KSG-25. "Thread that baby for me."


    • [Engineer]** Oh, yeah, that. Threading for your KSG-25? Fifty bucks.

Twib#7809 Fifty outta the pack. And in the meantime, I'll take the silencer off the Browning and put it on the KSG-25 as soon as it's ready.

Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 477.50 P$ (4.98/20) (457 brass, 41 cuni) _Your KSG-25 now has **Standard threading!**_ _You spent a turn unscrewing the silencer from the **KSG-12**, and not the Auto-5... in order to put it on the KSG-25, the act of which also takes one turn._ _Your KSG-25 is now a silent sniper shotgun._


Tempest#5018 On the next episode, Reina orders another contract, and who knows what else she'll do! [Session end ; Session #106]