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[04-Jul-18 09:12 PM] American Tempest#5018 [Session start ; Session #107] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Pinkie. On the last session, you had arrived in Elkins and started cleaning up the town of its invading critters, as part of sidequest S1-2. You are currently in Elkins's Generator Facility, inside of the storage room. 2 rooms away from here in the Hebizuka Generator room, are more critters, and Bruce Halverson, the concerned citizen who has hired you, is waiting for your go to get there._ _If you need any reminders on your stats, feel free to ask._

[04-Jul-18 09:34 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Let's get going to that room two rooms away and get over to Bruce to render assistance.

[04-Jul-18 09:37 PM] American Tempest#5018 [Generator Facility - Hebizuka Generator room] _The two of you move into the room, where you see another **dead engineer** on the ground, and **three coyotes**, hostile as before._ Combat mode is ON. Turn 1 - what's your next move?

[04-Jul-18 09:38 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Sword. To the Coyotes.

[04-Jul-18 09:38 PM] American Tempest#5018 How many hits? Up to 3.

[04-Jul-18 09:39 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> All three. Slashslashslaaaaaaaash!

[04-Jul-18 09:40 PM] American Tempest#5018 Alright... Bruce will target one of the other two that you're not, and shoot three more times. Toss me a 1d2-1 please

[04-Jul-18 09:41 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r 1d2-1

[04-Jul-18 09:41 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[04-Jul-18 09:41 PM] American Tempest#5018 Order this turn: Coyote #3, Coyote #1, Coyote #2, You, Bruce. _#3 moves towards you, with the intent to bite you twice in the right arm._ /r repeat (2d6, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:42 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 2, brief)` = 4, 5

[04-Jul-18 09:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 Miss and miss. _#1 also wants to take a bite out of you, twice, in the stomach._ /r repeat (2d6, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:43 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 2, brief)` = 5, 11

[04-Jul-18 09:44 PM] American Tempest#5018 Miss and hit. The teeth dig a little bit into your side, but you barely feel them... [Damage sustained] Pain +5% (6%) No limb damage No injury Trauma: +0.5% Stress (10.1%) No clothing damage either _#2 now moves in, going to try and chomp Bruce in the left leg, once._ /r 2d6

[04-Jul-18 09:45 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `2d6` = (5+1) = 6

[04-Jul-18 09:45 PM] American Tempest#5018 Miss! And now they're all on your Side of the room. Pinkie, it's your turn, you may roll for 3 attacks.

[04-Jul-18 09:46 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r repeat (2d6, 3, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `repeat (2d6, 3, brief)` = 8, 11, 4

[04-Jul-18 09:46 PM] American Tempest#5018 Hit at reduced power, solid hit, and miss. But since that's a _zweihander_, it's likely not gonna matter much ... [Damage inflicted] Pain: **_2672%_** Limb Damage: Look, there's no coyote left, OK? Just three slices of coyote. You killed a coyote. KV: 1 point +1 Brutal point, very much deserved. +1 SP in Two-Handed Swords. _Bruce's turn. He aims at #2 and... Blam, blam, blam._ /r repeat (2d6, 3, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:49 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 3, brief)` = 5, 10, 10

[04-Jul-18 09:49 PM] American Tempest#5018 Miss hit hit. /r repeat (1d9, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:49 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (1d9, 2, brief)` = 9, 9

[04-Jul-18 09:49 PM] American Tempest#5018 All nine pellets of both shells that did hit! 18 buckshot strike Coyote #2, who is pretty much blown in two halves. It makes even more of a bloody and gutsy mess in the room. _Only one of the canines remain._ _End of Turn 1..._ _Turn 2. Only one coyote to go. What are you doing next?_

[04-Jul-18 09:51 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'm gonna shoot it with my M16A2! Pewpewpew.

[04-Jul-18 09:52 PM] American Tempest#5018 Body part, and fire mode, please. You have Semi and Burst3 on this weapon.

[04-Jul-18 09:52 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Torso, Burst3

[04-Jul-18 09:52 PM] American Tempest#5018 You can pull the trigger up to 5 times, for 5, three-round bursts.

[04-Jul-18 09:53 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> 3 bursts, please.

[04-Jul-18 09:53 PM] American Tempest#5018 OK! Bruce will shoot at it twice more, in case it didn't die. Order: Coyote, You, Bruce. _The angry, dumb canine, wants to bite you twice in the (unprotected) hips._ /r repeat (2d6, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 09:54 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 2, brief)` = 7, 10

[04-Jul-18 09:54 PM] American Tempest#5018 Hit (reduced power), Hit. Ow! The little fucker actually hurt you!

[04-Jul-18 09:54 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Oi!

[04-Jul-18 09:57 PM] American Tempest#5018 [Damage sustained] Pain: +36% (40% - you're _In Pain_) Limb damage: 7 damage to the hips (Hips: 18 /33 HP) Wounds: +2 open wounds to the hips, -2.0 Blood (17.3 /20) Trauma: +6.3% Stress (16.7%) Clothing damage: Your jeans have been **destroyed** - too overly ripped. Whoops. Looks like your butt is exposed for all to see, now.

Secondary effects: In Pain: FT+1 as long as Pain is between 40 and 69% Indecent exposure: Might want to get new pants.

[04-Jul-18 09:57 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> OI!

[04-Jul-18 09:58 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Your turn. You are firing 3 bursts, so that's a total of 9 shots. Roll for 9 attacks._

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r repeat (2d6, 9, brief)

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `repeat (2d6, 9, brief)` = 4, 8, 2, 6, 4, 5, 9, 11, 8

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] American Tempest#5018 Malfunction check. Toss me a 1d100, please.

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> wat /r 1d100

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `1d100` = (52) = 52

[04-Jul-18 10:00 PM] American Tempest#5018 You rolled a 2 and that check has been passed - no malfunctions this turn. 5 misses, 2 inaccurates, 2 hits. /r repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 10:01 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)` = 0, 0

[04-Jul-18 10:01 PM] American Tempest#5018 That's two hits total - and your M16A2 runs dry; those were the last 9 rounds loaded. [Damage inflicted] Pain: 1163% Limb damage: 15 damage to the body (Utterly destroyed) You obliterated another coyote. KV 1 point +1 SP in Automatic rifle +1 Brutal point _End of fight! (2 turns)_ _You're bleeding (-0.2 Blood). And you need pants._ _You're no longer in Pain. (Pain fell under 40%.)_

[04-Jul-18 10:04 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Happa know how! I'll apply the last of my HAP to one of the wounds

[04-Jul-18 10:05 PM] American Tempest#5018 (( Shouldn't have made those checks, forgot you have Unskilled in automatic rifle, but whatever. Rolls have been made already, you earned your kill. (( Coyote was dead anyway.

[04-Jul-18 10:07 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> (( Oof.

[04-Jul-18 10:07 PM] American Tempest#5018 (( It's cool tho!

    • [Bruce]** Yeesh, the damn thing messed your pants up...
    • [Bruce]** Unless you feel too disgusted about it, I'm pretty sure the dead engineer won't mind if you took his..

_You spent a turn to drop your backpack (-0.2 Blood), and you use the last of the HAP on one of your hip wounds, reducing the amount to 1, and the bleeding rate to 0.1. (-0.1 Blood)_ _HAP exhausted. You toss the empty packet._ Blood: 16.8 /20

    • [Bruce]** Will you be okay?...

[04-Jul-18 10:18 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> (( Sorry about that got pulled away. "Psh, I'll be perfectly fine. I'll figure out something later. Besides... dead people's clothes are kinda icky! Though... Got any bandages or somethin'?"

[04-Jul-18 10:23 PM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** Oh, yeah, I do, I brought a bit of gauze with me just in case. Gimme just a sec, I'll patch you up.

_He reaches into his left leg rig, and pulls out a gauze roll, which he uses one unit of to patch your wounded hip up. You swear he took a damn good look at you in the process - but then again, how couldn't he._ _You're no longer bleeding._ _The dead engineer also has his weapon beside him._

    • [Bruce]** We've got more in the farming facility, and after that, we should be done with the culling.
    • [Bruce]** Lemme know whenever you're ready.

[04-Jul-18 10:33 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Hooray, no more blood loss! "Thanks, Bruce!" With that, I actually take a quick look at the engineer's pants.

[04-Jul-18 10:38 PM] American Tempest#5018 _If it's just the pants you want to look at:_

[Clothing] Bottom - Technician trousers (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Weight: 5 Condition: Brand new

[04-Jul-18 10:41 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> All good to wear?

[04-Jul-18 10:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Should be. Want them now?_

[04-Jul-18 10:42 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Huh! Surprisingly new. I'm gonna replace my absolutely annihilated jeans with those.

[04-Jul-18 10:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to yoink these off the butt of the poor engineer, and onto yours again._ _They're comfortable, at least._

[04-Jul-18 10:45 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Onwards! Let's deal with the rest of these coyotes."

[04-Jul-18 10:49 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Bruce takes you with him to the farming facility. You and him travel through 9 rooms, until reaching the land farm, and the farm headmaster's office. There, you see another dead body - the headmaster's corpse, his throat ripped apart by canines._ _His weapon lays besides him, and looks rather familiar - almost like one of yours._

    • [Bruce]** They invaded the animal pens, eating their way through all of the animals...
    • [Bruce]** Probably thought of the poor guy as a meal, too.

[04-Jul-18 10:52 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Eesh." I just rememberd, I should probably reload my magazine. I'll do that now for my M16, and check out the magazine in dead dude's rifle! "Why'd everything get so bad here?"

[04-Jul-18 10:53 PM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** That's what I'd like to know... After we're finished with the critters, I was hoping you could help me find out.

_You swapped out your empty magazine [0 /30] for one of your full ones in your **leg rig**. The reload action took one turn, and your M16A2 is once again full. [29 +1 /30]_ _Besides the dead farmer is this:_

[Weapon] Class 1 - R2/Regular - Colt AR-15A2 R6550 conventional rifle | 5.56x45mm NATO - Semi-auto - 20 in. - S | Thread(Std), URail-X | STANAG 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 18

   Ammunition: 21+1 /30 - 22x Standard JSP
   Maintenance: Condition: Good // Cleanliness: Clean

_Almost exactly the same as your rifle! Just no burst mode._ _He carries no extra magazines, though. So those 22 rounds are all he has._

[04-Jul-18 10:56 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'll take the magazine. Don't have any room for the rifle! Actually I won't, not enough room.

[04-Jul-18 10:57 PM] American Tempest#5018 _The farmer does carry something else..._ [LBE] (Tactical vest) Hunting vest - Capacity 5 units [LBE] (Utility belt) Dump belt - Capacity 8 units

[04-Jul-18 10:58 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> O-oh

[04-Jul-18 10:58 PM] American Tempest#5018 _This should help!_

[04-Jul-18 10:58 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Do I have to replace anything I'm wearing to equip those

[04-Jul-18 10:59 PM] American Tempest#5018 You wear no tactical vest currently, so you can just put the Hunting Vest on. But if you want the Dump Belt, you'll replace the Basic Utility Belt - that said it's a straight upgrade.

[04-Jul-18 11:00 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'm gonna go ahead and do that! Where do I put the hunting vest Nevermind, found it!

[04-Jul-18 11:01 PM] American Tempest#5018 Don't forget to adjust the sections in "Inventory" a few scrolls below, too.

[04-Jul-18 11:03 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'll be taking the magazine then!

[04-Jul-18 11:05 PM] American Tempest#5018 Where do you want to carry it? Vest or belt?

[04-Jul-18 11:05 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Util belt!

[04-Jul-18 11:05 PM] American Tempest#5018 OK You did all of this in order: > Put on the Hunting Vest (1 t.) > Transferred all of your Belt items to the Dump Belt, removed your Basic Utility Belt, and put on the Dump Belt (3 t.) > Removed the magazine from the dead farmer's AR-15 and placed it in the Belt (1 t.) 5 turns spent, total.

You acquired this:

[Weapon accessory] Magazine: STANAG 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1+0.21 (1.21) - [21 /30 | 21x 5.56x45mm NATO, Standard JSP] Belt/General capacity: 1.21 /8

[04-Jul-18 11:07 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> There we go! Let's take care of those coyotes.

[04-Jul-18 11:09 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Fatigue is starting to grip you._ [Fatigue: 51.8% - Tired]

Secondary effect: **Tired** > Agility -1 (now: +0) > Mild accelerated hunger (extra -4 ntri per turn) > Mild accelerated thirst (extra -2 wtr per turn)

[04-Jul-18 11:10 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Eesh.

[04-Jul-18 11:10 PM] American Tempest#5018 _You can still keep going and fight, but don't linger too long._ _Bruce says the closest next group of critters is in the south chicken coop, 5 rooms away from your location. Ready to move?_

[04-Jul-18 11:12 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "We're gonna have to get this goin' quickly, let's go take care of all those nasties!"

[04-Jul-18 11:12 PM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** Let's go.

_The two of you walk 5 rooms, and find yourself in a devastated chicken coop, with dead carcasses and feathers everywhere. A Coyote and a Wolf are in there, bellies full, but hostility undeniable._ You are on Side 2, they are on Side 1. Combat mode is ON. What is your next move?

[04-Jul-18 11:15 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Three strikes with the zweihander.

[04-Jul-18 11:17 PM] American Tempest#5018 _On which target?_ _The wolf looks a little beefier and more resistant to hits than the coyote, but, well, they're still just canines._

[04-Jul-18 11:17 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Wolf.

[04-Jul-18 11:19 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Bruce will fire once at the Coyote and reload 2 rounds in the same turn, taking advantage of loose rounds to do so._ /r 1d2-1

[04-Jul-18 11:21 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[04-Jul-18 11:21 PM] American Tempest#5018 Order this turn: Wolf, Coyote, You, Bruce _The Wolf leaps towards you, claws out; he'll try to scratch your right arm four times!_ /r repeat (2d6, 4, brief)

[04-Jul-18 11:21 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 4, brief)` = 2, 5, 5, 8

[04-Jul-18 11:22 PM] American Tempest#5018 _CLONK. The wolf slammed his head against your body instead - all of his subsequent attacks are cancelled. The dumb bastard hurt himself!_

[04-Jul-18 11:22 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Oof. Guess his belly was a bit too full!

[04-Jul-18 11:22 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Coyote's turn. He comes to the aid of his canine leader, coming to try and bite your torso twice._ /r repeat (2d6, 2, brief)

[04-Jul-18 11:22 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 2, brief)` = 6, 4

[04-Jul-18 11:22 PM] American Tempest#5018 _Miss, and miss._ _The dumb dogs couldn't land a hit on you. It's now your turn; roll for 3 attacks._

[04-Jul-18 11:23 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r repeat (2d6, 3, brief)

[04-Jul-18 11:23 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `repeat (2d6, 3, brief)` = 7, 11, 8

[04-Jul-18 11:23 PM] American Tempest#5018 3 hits, two inaccurates. I don't even want to calculate damage. You transformed the wolf into wolf kebab. Let's leave it at that. KV: 1 point +1 SP in Two-handed swords +1 Brutal point _Two-Handed Sword skill: 16.0 SP (100 TP, 6 kills)_ _Brutal points: 7_ _Bruce fires his shotgun once..._ /r 2d6

[04-Jul-18 11:25 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `2d6` = (2+6) = 8

[04-Jul-18 11:25 PM] American Tempest#5018 /r 1d2-1

[04-Jul-18 11:25 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[04-Jul-18 11:25 PM] American Tempest#5018 /r 1d9

[04-Jul-18 11:25 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `1d9` = (7) = 7

[04-Jul-18 11:26 PM] American Tempest#5018 _...and send 7 buckshot pellets into the coyote, killing it instantly as well. He proceeds to reach into his rig, fishing out for 2 shells, which he reloads._ _End of fight! (1 turn)_

[04-Jul-18 11:27 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Stat check, please!

[04-Jul-18 11:28 PM] American Tempest#5018 Nutrition: 1173 ntri - OK Hydration: 557 wtr - OK Blood: 19.1 /20 > Bleeding rate: -0.0 /turn > Blood regeneration rate: +0.1/turn Pain: 6% - OK Fatigue: 54.4% - Tired Stress: 17.3% - Moderate Limb health: Head 11 /11 Torso 44 /44 Hips 18 /33 Both arms: 22 /22 each Both hands: 17 /17 each Both legs: 22 /22 each Both feet: 17 /17 each Currently active secondary effects:

    • Moderate stress**
    • Tired**
    • [Bruce]** The last few should be in the pig pen. The leading creature is there; if we kill these last ones, that should be the last of it.

[04-Jul-18 11:32 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Well, let's go take care of those last few then!"

[04-Jul-18 11:35 PM] American Tempest#5018 _You and your concerned citizen partner move two rooms to the Southeast pig pen, 2 rooms away._ _You spot the last two creatures: another wolf, and a large, wolf-like creatures, but more muscular, with thicker, longer fur, and a pair of red eyes: a **warg**. This must be the leader of the group that invaded._ Combat mode is ON. Turn 1.

[04-Jul-18 11:38 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Too bad I can't use my grenade launcher without harming us, because those doggos have their turn first usually. ;-;

[04-Jul-18 11:39 PM] American Tempest#5018 You can try taking cover, and using advantage from stealth to blow them up. If you maintain stealth, of course.

[04-Jul-18 11:39 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'll do that, then! While maintaining stealth. Or... try to at least.

[04-Jul-18 11:40 PM] American Tempest#5018 First, do **@cover** to check if there is any on your side.

[04-Jul-18 11:40 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> @cover

[04-Jul-18 11:40 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A dishwasher. (Health: 45, LDV modifier: -3. AC Eqv: A2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.50)

[04-Jul-18 11:40 PM] American Tempest#5018 _A dishwasher... in the middle of a farm. Don't question it too much._

[04-Jul-18 11:40 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I don't even want to know why there's a dishwasher in a pigpen regardless.

[04-Jul-18 11:41 PM] American Tempest#5018 Let's make a group stealth check. Your agility is +0, so... Toss me a 2d6.

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r 2d6

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `2d6` = (3+1) = 4

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Fuck.

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 Bruce will now make his check /r 2d6

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `2d6` = (4+6) = 10

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 /r 14/2

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] Sidekick#6198 @American Tempest#5018: `14/2` = 14/2 = 7

[04-Jul-18 11:42 PM] American Tempest#5018 Your check plus his are averaged out, and both of you, as a group, get 7, which is just enough to maintain stealth. _You move silently behind cover; Bruce saved your bacon by dragging you before the canines notice your presence._ _Ending Turn 1..._ _Turn 2. **Your group has maintained stealth.** The canines are unaware of your presence and cannot target you this turn._ _What is your next move?_

[04-Jul-18 11:44 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'mma blap the canines with a HE shell from my M79.

[04-Jul-18 11:45 PM] American Tempest#5018 _In case they survive, Bruce will unload 3 rounds on the warg._ Order this turn: You, Bruce. You're _Unskilled_ with grenade launchers (FT+1). Which one of the two are you specifically targeting? (The target will receive target damage, and all others will receive splash damage).

[04-Jul-18 11:46 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> I'm targeting the Warg.

[04-Jul-18 11:47 PM] American Tempest#5018 OK. Roll for one attack. FT+1, so you need 8 or higher to hit. Inaccuracy still applies, as well.

[04-Jul-18 11:47 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> /r 2d6

[04-Jul-18 11:47 PM] Sidekick#6198 @That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960>: `2d6` = (6+5) = 11

[04-Jul-18 11:47 PM] American Tempest#5018 Solid hit!!

[04-Jul-18 11:47 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> Blap.

[04-Jul-18 11:50 PM] American Tempest#5018 _**Bloop**. The M381 HE grenade flies, lobbed in the air, and going straight towards the warg... on whom it explodes violently._

    • WHAMMM.**

[Damage dealt]

To the warg (target): Pain: 304% (instant kill) Limb damage: > 23 damage to the Body > 12 damage to every single LIMB part (all four legs and the tail) > 6 damage to the HEAD (disabled - instant kill)

To the wolf (splash) Pain: 569% (instant kill, brutal) You vaporized the Warg (KV 4 points) and the Wolf (KV 1 point) with your M79! +2 SP in Grenade Launcher +1 Brutal point End of fight! (2 turns)

    • [Bruce]** Whoo, yeah! That was beautiful!

[04-Jul-18 11:52 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "That was a bit more boom than I expected!... would you believe I've never fired a grenade launcher before?"

[04-Jul-18 11:52 PM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** _Seriously?_ Wow! I was thinking you couldn't have landed a more beautiful shot!

[04-Jul-18 11:59 PM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "I guess it was just a bit of luck!"

[05-Jul-18 12:06 AM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** Well, that should be the last of them. I wish the victory could last, but alas, by next week there will probably be more critters.... Ah well.
    • [Bruce]** As I have promised, you've done the job I hired you for, so if you wanted to leave now and take your cash, feel free to tell me and I'll make your bank transfer. But ... I was hoping you'd like to help me figure out why nobody is helping out with town defense. No-one but me seems to give a crap about these critter invasions, and I'm afraid that one day, it's not coyotes we'll have to face, but bands of armed marauders.
    • [Bruce]** We're not a big town, but even small towns usually have security; this is really unusual, and this is putting our community in danger. So, if you feel like investigating... Lemme know.

[05-Jul-18 12:09 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "I'll totally help out!... but right now I'm a bit tuckered out and I have a whole lot of meat in my bag I should go drop back off. I'll come back though, and help you figure this out!"

[05-Jul-18 12:15 AM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** Oh, of course. Tell you what, go to the hospital in town and tell them I sent you; I've arranged for a free hospital bedroom stay to be part of your reward. You more than deserved it, so if you'd like, you can have it now and go get some rest there.

_S1-2: Objective 3 completed, and Objective 4 enabled._ 4) (Optional) Go in town and ask the locals about town defense

[05-Jul-18 12:17 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Iiiii am definitely going to take you up on that, thank you!"

[05-Jul-18 12:18 AM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Bruce]** Of course. I'll return to the town gate. I'll be waiting there if you need me.

_Bruce departs from the pig pen, and the area in general._ _You're free to move about._

[05-Jul-18 12:20 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> And I am gonna go over to the hospital and take that free room!

[05-Jul-18 12:21 AM] American Tempest#5018 _It's a bit of a long trek; you walk a total of 25 rooms just to reach the entrance lobby of the hospital. Elkins is a barren town - barely any decorations, walls in state of disrepair, very few people out and about, it looks sad and desolate. The hospital looks old; but at least it is clean. A nurse is sitting boredly at the desk, behind her computer. She's playing Solitaire._ Blood: 20.0 /20 Pain: 0% _Both of these are fully healed now._ Nutrition: 971 ntri _You're hungry._ Secondary effect: **Hungry** > Accelerated fatigue (+0.1% Fatigue per turn) _The lobby duty nurse hasn't noticed you... yet._

[05-Jul-18 12:26 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Hiya! I'm Pinkie and Bruce said there's a room arranged for me to rest at!"

[05-Jul-18 12:27 AM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby nurse]** Huh? Oh, Bruce sent you? Go see the medic in his office, just two rooms ahead. The doc'll talk to you about it.

[05-Jul-18 12:27 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Thankya!" And I go on over to see the medic in his office.

[05-Jul-18 12:29 AM] American Tempest#5018 _The medic's office is relatively clean, though a lot of the furniture is old. Except, of course, for the high tech healing capsule, sitting behind the medic's desk._ _The medic, a relatively young human male with a pair of thick-framed glasses, types away on his computer._

[05-Jul-18 12:30 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> "Hiya, doc! I'm Pinkie."

[05-Jul-18 12:30 AM] American Tempest#5018

    • [Medic]** Hello, Pinkie. You look a little banged up, can I help you?

[05-Jul-18 12:48 AM] That One Lass#8377 <202301847673896960> (( Sorry again, pulled away to help roomie with some food stuff.

[05-Jul-18 12:49 AM] American Tempest#5018 (( Don't worry

[05-Jul-18 01:08 AM] American Tempest#5018 [Session #107 ; Session end]