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[01-Aug-18 09:18 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #112 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. You are currently in Roazon, alongside your hired mercenary, Rie "Fireball" Kirari. Your current location within the town is: **Menezdu Research Facility - Break room (I4)**._

Active sidequests: S3-2 S3-2 Objective 1: Find a way out of Roazon S3-2 Objective 3: Bring the water recycling unit back online _You have the feeling that the key to your way out is inside of the research facility._

    • [Fireball]** Nah man, I'm sticking with you for now.

[01-Aug-18 09:21 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, smoke 'em if you got' em. But I *am* worried."

[01-Aug-18 09:22 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I couldn't sleep on one of those couches anyway.

[01-Aug-18 09:22 PM] Twib#7809 So, 2 West and 1 North to Corridor H2, please. "What, you've never couch surfed before?"

[01-Aug-18 09:22 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Eh, it's fine when I'm still conscious. Couches are for chasing the brown dragon, man, not for sleeping! But I'll pull through, I've been there before.
    • [Fireball]** To that point of exhaustion, I mean.

[01-Aug-18 09:24 PM] Twib#7809 "...'Chasing the brown dragon'?"

[01-Aug-18 09:25 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Oh, uh. Doing heroin. While having anal sex.

[01-Aug-18 09:26 PM] Twib#7809 "...Why not just have anal? Heroin just dulls the natural high you get for getting cummed inside."

[01-Aug-18 09:26 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I know that _now!_

(( Ignore that [MRF - Corridor - H2] _A corridor._

West: Toilets North: **MRF Southwestern laboratory wing** (prev) South: Entrance lobby _The door to the SW lab area is locked. It requires a keycard._

[01-Aug-18 09:30 PM] Twib#7809 "Wish I was more human, so i could just buy a hacking aug and be done with this. Toilet check." "Because, uh - unless someone left a keycard in the toilets we're kinda fucked."

[01-Aug-18 09:33 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Toilets - H1] _Nothing of use at all here. The room is dead empty - the sinks and urinals are non-functional, the mirror is shattered. There's nothing but dust and dead air in here._

[01-Aug-18 09:34 PM] Twib#7809 "Welp."

[01-Aug-18 09:34 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Maybe it's someplace else? Didn't the email say something about a keycard?

[01-Aug-18 09:35 PM] Twib#7809 "Yeah, Freeman said he left it on his desk, and then the facility chief said he left Freeman's card in the central storage room."

[01-Aug-18 09:35 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** So we gotta find that storage room.

[01-Aug-18 09:35 PM] Twib#7809 "But, far as I can tell? We need to get through the labs to get into the central storage room." "Unless the 'Central Storage Room' isn't in the labs at all, and it's referring to some other ruined out Room in the town."

[01-Aug-18 09:36 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** There's gotta be another way in. I saw a door in the break room, the sign said "mess hall". Maybe we could find something there?

[01-Aug-18 09:36 PM] Twib#7809 "Isn't the Break Room a dead end? I didn't see any exits besides the one we went through - but hey, lead the way."

[01-Aug-18 09:37 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Break room - I4] _Back to the break room, and Fireball was correct. There is another exit here._

(prev) West: Corridor (I3) East: Mess hall (I5)

[01-Aug-18 09:37 PM] Twib#7809 To the Mess hall, then. Maybe they'll have epi pens for allergic reactions.

[01-Aug-18 09:40 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Mess hall - I5] _It's a typical mess hall, like many you've seen before. It's even in a state of disrepair and abandonment that makes it feel like you're in the UA - with eight tables, 32 chairs, mostly trampled, some broken. But you aren't in the UA, you're in this research facility where who-knows-what happened long ago.

There is nothing useful in this room._

(prev) West: Break room (I4) North: Corridor (H5) East: Kitchen (I6) _There are more directional signs next to the north door as well; one saying "Planning room", another saying "Central corridor", and one last saying, "Central storage room"._

    • [Fireball]** Hey, look!

[01-Aug-18 09:42 PM] Twib#7809 "When you're right, you're right. Let's check the kitchen first, just to see what we're working with." "If any of those psychics were smart, they'd have probably eaten everything first, but maybe there's some booze we can use."

[01-Aug-18 09:44 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Kitchen - I6] _A fairly typical kitchen room with all of the usual furniture. There appears to be a small whiteboard with half-faded names on it - it seems scientists were expected to cook their own meals, and the facility didn't have its own cooking staff._

_There is only a lone **can** of food on a shelf that wasn't taken. The fridge is powered, but empty. All of the other shelves and drawers are empty of anything useful as well. The sink is non-functional, but the electric stoves do work, and could be used to cook meat, if you happened to have any._

Exits: (prev) West: Mess hall (I5) East: Kitchen storage room (I7)

[01-Aug-18 09:45 PM] Twib#7809 Oooh. Let's shove the can of food in my backpack, and then the Kitchen Storage Room.

[01-Aug-18 09:45 PM] Tempest#5018 [Food] Canned goods - Mac and cheese, canned, 400g. 328 ntri, -11 wtr - Weight: 1 119.59 /150 [MRF - Kitchen storage room - I7] _It's essentially the pantry. At one point it was used for food storage, and you can still clearly imagine the stacked boxes and cans and all sorts of meats and fruits and vegetables. But there's none of that now. There's just one abandoned **can** of food._

(prev) West: Kitchen (I6) [Food] Canned goods - Yellow corn, drained, canned, 700g. 553 ntri, -9 wtr - Weight: 2

[01-Aug-18 09:51 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, more food! Backpack, and then back East twice, North once to h5 corridor.

[01-Aug-18 09:51 PM] Tempest#5018 BP/Main: 121.59 /150 _3 rooms later..._ [MRF - Corridor - H5] _A corridor._

(prev) South: Mess hall East: Corridor

[01-Aug-18 09:53 PM] Twib#7809 Well, East it is.

[01-Aug-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Corridor - H6] _Another corridor!_

(prev) West: Corridor North: Planning room

[01-Aug-18 09:56 PM] Twib#7809 Tooo the planning room. "So, what other sexual escapades do you have to share, Rie?"

[01-Aug-18 09:58 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Too many for me to remember them all!

[01-Aug-18 09:59 PM] Twib#7809 "Psssh. And nothing mind blowing or toe curling?"

[01-Aug-18 10:01 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Planning room - G6] _A room with many, many chairs (some are missing, some are trampled, some are broken), all lined up in front of a desk with a chair, a computer, a videoprojector and a big whiteboard. Given the looks of this place, it seems to be where all of the personnel gathered to discuss work, organization, briefings and debriefings, or simply to prepare planning and strategies._

_To the north is a door with a sign called "central point". The room to the north is a corridor, but it is roughly at the center of the facility. Another sign helpfully points out that the "central storage room" is also this way._

North: Corridor/Central point (F6) (prev) South: Corridor (H6)

[01-Aug-18 10:03 PM] Twib#7809 Any convienent helpful hints about *what*, exactly, this Project Psyker entails? Scattered notes on testing logs, or who was bankrolling the project, or anything? If not - North to Central Point, I suppose. "It's kinda eerie. Even Fort Silver was livelier than this."

[01-Aug-18 10:08 PM] Tempest#5018 _Nothing much was left in this particular room. The videoprojector is busted and there is nothing useful on the computer._

    • [Fireball]** Wasn't Fort Silver full of dragons?

[01-Aug-18 10:12 PM] Twib#7809 North to Central Point. "Yeah, but there were a lot more corpses." "So it's sorta weird seeing no skeletons, when there was a good chunk outside."

[01-Aug-18 10:16 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Central point corridor - F6] _The sign pointing to the west says this is the direction to the Southwestern Lab Area._ _The one to the east says "no access", which seems to indicate there is no "southeastern lab area". This means this facility has 3 wings, and not 4._

North: Central storage room (E6) West: Corridor (F5) (prev) South: Planning room (G6)

[01-Aug-18 10:17 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, Central Storage Room it is."

[01-Aug-18 10:19 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Central storage room - E6] _A large storage room, with many metallic shelves and old, rusty containers. The room is essentially empty of anything useful, though you do see faded markings on some of the boxes and containers - many describing various chemical compounds. Lots of old, busted cans of compressed air. All the way to the north side of the room is a wooden board serving as a keycard holder - one per person. There is **one keycard** left on this board._

(prev) South: Central point corridor (F6)

[01-Aug-18 10:21 PM] Twib#7809 Annnd is it Freeman's?

[01-Aug-18 10:21 PM] Tempest#5018 [Key item] MRF Keycard (G. Freeman) - Weight: 0.01

[01-Aug-18 10:23 PM] Twib#7809 "What's the over-under on the rusted containers having anything?" ALSO YOINK Let's go south and then West to the next corridor, in F5.

[01-Aug-18 10:23 PM] Tempest#5018 _Yoink. That card is yours, now._

    • [Fireball]** Nothing but dust, dust, and more dust!

_You move two rooms..._

[MRF - Corridor - F5] _A sign to the west above the door indicates that it is an entrance to the SW Lab Area, but there seems to be a problem. This door is also keycard locked, but the keycard reader is broken..._

West: SWL 6 (F4) - **Inaccessible** (prev) East: Corridor/Central point (F6)

[01-Aug-18 10:28 PM] Twib#7809 "Well this was a huge waste of time. Back to the MRG Southwestern Lab wing then."

[01-Aug-18 10:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** The corridor on the other side? North of the lobby, right?

[01-Aug-18 10:32 PM] Twib#7809 "Yeah, allll l the way back." "We can stop by the break room if yo need a breather."

[01-Aug-18 10:36 PM] Tempest#5018 _A whole 9 rooms of traveling later..._

[MRF - Corridor - H2] _You're back in front of the door with the only functional keycard reader remaining._

[01-Aug-18 10:36 PM] Twib#7809 Annnnd swipe!

[01-Aug-18 10:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • Beep!** **CLACK.**

_The door to the north is now unlocked! You may enter the SW Lab Area. But Fireball looks... a little bad._ _She seems out of breath, and appears to be trembling a little bit._

[01-Aug-18 10:44 PM] Twib#7809 "Have you smoked at all yet?" "I keep telling you you should just sleep off the worst of it on the couch. We have enough food for a few days."

[01-Aug-18 10:45 PM] Tempest#5018 _Fireball reaches for a cigarette and spends a turn lighting one up._ /r 1d6+2

[01-Aug-18 10:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (1)+2 = 3

[01-Aug-18 10:47 PM] Twib#7809 "....Maaaaaybe you should wait out here, at least until I clear it. I don't want the cigarette smoke to trigger some sort of lockdown."

[01-Aug-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Feel like we're gonna be here for a while. Naw, stop tellin' me to stay behind, okay? I'm smoking a cigarette, I'm not literally on fire. You don't trust me?

[01-Aug-18 10:49 PM] Twib#7809 "It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I have no idea how science labs in Mazeworld work, but in *my* world smoke of any kind would trigger a lockdown to contain the fire and leave everyone who's stuck inside to burn and/or starve for their hubris." "But by all means, go in first with your lit cig. I'll try to bust you out if all the doors lock on us again." I'll wait a turn for her to go in first, and if nothing happens I'l be right beside her the next.

[01-Aug-18 10:53 PM] Tempest#5018 _She shrugs, and moves forwards into the lab, leaving you behind for a moment._ _A turn has passed._

    • [Fireball]** _<Muffled>_ It's safe in here!

[01-Aug-18 10:54 PM] Twib#7809 And now I follow.

[01-Aug-18 10:54 PM] Tempest#5018 _Do you want to move in and follow?_ _Okay._ /r 1d6+2

[01-Aug-18 10:54 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (1)+2 = 3

[01-Aug-18 10:55 PM] Twib#7809 (These are some really, REALLY shitty cigs she's smoking.)

[01-Aug-18 10:59 PM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SouthWestern Lab 7 (SWL 7) - G2] _You have finally entered the **SW Lab Area**. Just as you do, you see Fireball light up another one, in order to keep the stress from rising. It -seems- to help her tremble less, but she still looks terrible and fatigued as hell._

_The laboratory room is standardized. Two large desks with chairs, 2 computers, 1 whiteboard, 1 (non-functional) sink, and various other small things; broken machines or testing equipment, office clutter, that sort of thing. **All laboratory rooms look that way** with minor changes and differences depending on the lab or the lab area._

_You spot a **map** of the lab area, and three skeletons in a corner of the room, piled on one another._ _One of the computers here has an **email** that you can read on it, as well as a strange **program** that can be run._

North: SWL 4 (F2) - **Locked** East: SWL 8 (G3) - **Locked** (prev) South: Corridor (H2)

[01-Aug-18 11:03 PM] Twib#7809 "How tired are you? And be honest, because the last thing I need is for you to die because you refused to rest." I'll read the Email, in the meantime.

[01-Aug-18 11:04 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Exhausted as hell. I'd kill for a coffee right now. Or ten, actually.
    • [Fireball]** Actually, make that twenty.

[01-Aug-18 11:05 PM] Twib#7809 Bag, dropped. "I have 9 green teas in there. Load up."

[01-Aug-18 11:06 PM] Tempest#5018 _Six, actually._ _Do you still want to offer the six teas to your merc?_

[01-Aug-18 11:06 PM] Twib#7809 "Wait, I drank three. So, six."

[01-Aug-18 11:07 PM] Tempest#5018 _Rie happily accepts. 7 turns passed - 1 for you to drop the bag, 6 for her to drink up. Please wait a moment._

[01-Aug-18 11:11 PM] Twib#7809 "So have you ever been hired just for sex?"

[01-Aug-18 11:12 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Thanks, this is going to help stave off the exhaustion for a bit...

_She'll spend one extra turn to light another cigarette - since it ran out while drinking._ /r 1d6+2

[01-Aug-18 11:13 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (6)+2 = 8

[01-Aug-18 11:14 PM] Twib#7809 Alright. And the email?

[01-Aug-18 11:15 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** _<Puf, puf.>_ If I've ever been hired just for sex? Nah... Against MAIM rules anyway. I heard there's a newbie in a maid suit who just landed employment with MAIM... Some noob who's asking for a tiny daily rate. Yknow, the ultra innocent kind? Her page even specifically says "Please don't hire her just for boinking her".
    • [Fireball]** This shit cracks me up honestly. I wonder if she landed the job just to get a laugh out of it.

```Email / D13/M05/Y419 / from K. Birdwell <lab1comp7-1@mrf.com> / to: all staff``` ```IF ANYONE IS STILL ALIVE OUT THERE WE LOCKED THE SOUTHWEST WING WITH EMERGENCY PROTOCOL 403




[01-Aug-18 11:16 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, I know who to hire after you~" Well. Okay. Let's not go into the Southwest wing.

[01-Aug-18 11:17 PM] Tempest#5018 _You're already in it._

[01-Aug-18 11:17 PM] Twib#7809 "Welllll *shit*."

[01-Aug-18 11:17 PM] Tempest#5018 _This email explains a few things - probably the reason why the doors north and east are locked._ _There is a program called **EP403.exe** sitting on the desktop of that computer._

[01-Aug-18 11:17 PM] Twib#7809 "...Wellll, that *would* open the doors." Just a quick check - Freeman's ID card does *NOT* open the doors by itself, correct?

[01-Aug-18 11:18 PM] Tempest#5018 It won't - the keycard readers are functional, but they say "LOCKDOWN". The only door you could open with it was the one between here and the corridor to the south. _You may want to check the program out anyway - it does reveal a map of the lab area._

[01-Aug-18 11:20 PM] Twib#7809 What a waste of time. Before I open the program, are there any Readme.txts for it? 'Cause that'd be juuuuust nice. If not, only then will I turn it on.

[01-Aug-18 11:21 PM] Tempest#5018 _You can't find anything of that sort._

[01-Aug-18 11:23 PM] Twib#7809 Welp. Activate the program. "Hey, Rie, while I'm doing this, why don't you take my camera out of the bag and take a few pictures?" "Might as well have some souveniers."

[01-Aug-18 11:40 PM] Tempest#5018 _Rie grabs the camera._

    • [Fireball]** Whaddya need me to take pics of, boss?

[01-Aug-18 11:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Whatever's most interesting. After every couple of adventures I upload them upto Mazenet." "Maybe the skeletons, you or me. " So, Activate Program!

[01-Aug-18 11:51 PM] Tempest#5018 `Running EP403.exe ...` `Emergency Protocol 403 Current status: Lockdown is active`

_The program reveals a map of the SW lab area. Nine labs, in a 3x3 formation, labeled SWL 1 through 9 (top line: 1-2-3 ; middle line: 4-5-6 ; bottom line: 7-8-9)._

`Lockdown status: All labs except SWL 7 are locked.` `South exit (SWL 7, south door) is functional and unlocked.` `East exit (SWL 6, east door) is malfunctioning - cannot reach keycard reader. Please check for damage.` `North exit (SWL 2, north door) is locked down.`

`If you wish to disable the emergency protocol, type "EP403 -disable". This process may require multiple coordinated users across all connected systems.`

[01-Aug-18 11:56 PM] Twib#7809 "Well. At least you're here, Rie." EP403 -disable

[01-Aug-18 11:56 PM] Tempest#5018 `Please confirm you and all suitable personnel are ready. (Y/N)`

[01-Aug-18 11:57 PM] Twib#7809 "Rie, prep your guns, okay? I'm going to disable the emergency protocol.." Y

[01-Aug-18 11:57 PM] Tempest#5018 _An alarm and red lights briefly blare and flash. You hear loud clicking and clanging noises._

    • Krrrr-- KLANG**

`Disable lockdown now in progress...` `Unlocking process started. Please check with other relevant stations; you may proceed in the predetermined order.` `SWL 4 and SWL 5 are now unlocked.` _The reader on the north door now blips green, and can be entered - this is the door that leads to SWL 4. Presumably, the same thing happened to SWL 5._

[02-Aug-18 12:00 AM] Twib#7809 (( North exit (SWL 2, north door) is locked down.))

[02-Aug-18 12:00 AM] Tempest#5018 (( Yes, this is the exit of the whole lab area. Not the door north of you.

[02-Aug-18 12:00 AM] Twib#7809 (h wait, I misunderstood. Nevermind!) "Okay. Guns out and ready. Let's go through the North door."

[02-Aug-18 12:01 AM] Tempest#5018 _You will now need to find and activate the program on all of the suitable computers, until you unlock the whole lab area; this will eventually allow you to proceed deeper into the facility, into the northwestern lab area._ ``` SW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-3 / Middle row: 4-6 / Bottom row: 7-9


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ``` Objective 5 (Gain access to the SW Lab Area) completed Objective 6 activated: Solve the SW Lab Area security protocol and gain access to the NW Lab Area

[02-Aug-18 12:05 AM] Twib#7809 Okay, to SWL 4.

[02-Aug-18 12:05 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Who designed this shit? Why can't it just unlock everything at once?

_Rie replaces the camera in your bag - she didn't take any photos, she was too busy looking at the computer screen._

[02-Aug-18 12:08 AM] Twib#7809 "Because if it unlocked everything at once, it'd spread diseases or gases or whatever instantly."

[02-Aug-18 12:09 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 4 - F2] _There is a **research log** you can read on computer #1 here._

North: SWL 1 (Locked) East: SWL 5 West: SW storage room (Inaccessible; caved-in) (prev) South: SWL 7

[02-Aug-18 12:10 AM] Twib#7809 I'm all down for lore. What's the log say?

[02-Aug-18 12:11 AM] Tempest#5018 ```SWL 4 Research log / Project Mana / D28/M02/Y291 / G. Coomer``` ```I think we are observing something interesting with subjects Carrie and Steven. Following the initial experiments, it seems they are viewing the trauma they’ve experienced together as both a method of coping and bonding. They’re very close, comforting each other frequently. Perhaps this close relationship will be of use to us soon.

Besides, we were able to do something just as interesting. Although we’ve failed to obtain the results we were hoping for, we did succeed in altering parts of their genetic structure with that of the donor kasha. The blood samples returned very interesting results: they are no longer human beings. That’s the only certainty I have today. The questions that remain to be answered: Is the rest of their genome damaged… and what exactly does that make them? Only time will tell, but I’m confident we’re on the cusp of a breakthrough. ```

    • [Fireball]** What the fuck?...

[02-Aug-18 12:13 AM] Twib#7809 "So, what - youkai-human hybrids?" "I mean, we can already interbreed, so that's kinda weird as a research avenue."

[02-Aug-18 12:14 AM] Tempest#5018 _Rie squints._

[02-Aug-18 12:14 AM] Twib#7809 SWL 5, please. "Hey, maybe you're related to Carrie and Steven.


[02-Aug-18 12:15 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Can't be. Have you seen the date? Duplima 291, I wasn't even born yet.

[02-Aug-18 12:15 AM] Twib#7809 "Right, but your parents' parents' parents might have had a sister or something." "I'm mostly just talking to fill the dead air."

[02-Aug-18 12:16 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 5 - F3] _Computer #1 has the **EP403.exe** program. Computer #2 has another research log._

[02-Aug-18 12:17 AM] Twib#7809 Well, first, Computer #2's research log.

[02-Aug-18 12:18 AM] Tempest#5018 ```SWL 5 Research log / Project Mana / D14/M03/Y293 / G. Coomer``` ```Since our initial subjects Carrie and Steven managed to survive, and in fact, live relatively normal lives with their new feline features, and so for a few years, we thought it would be judicious to try the method again with other subjects and other donor species. Subjects Gary and Irene received altering agents based on the DNA of a guhin, subjects Alex and Bonnie received altering agents based on the DNA of a regular rabbit, and subjects Jones and Melissa received lab rat DNA altering agents.

All of them have successfully developed new, animalistic organs and features relative to the donor species, as well as associated behavioral and instinctive changes. We have observed increases in reaction times, agility and capability to perform certain physical acts, namely anything requiring quick reflexes.

Our original two subjects, those that received kasha DNA, have adjusted well enough to their new lives, if the latest recording information is any indication. I have submitted the video evidence of their reproduction attempt to the facility chief; we’ve discussed at length about what would happen if the subjects are fertile. If she is, and if the child is healthy, a whole new world of possibilities will be open to us.

I remain confident and certain, however, that we may very well have created a totally new species, successfully. I think it’s time to think of a name for them; how about “half-lings”? ```

[02-Aug-18 12:19 AM] Twib#7809 "Hot." "The thing is - how is this 'theoretical physics'?" "It's weird for this type of project to be done here..."

[02-Aug-18 12:20 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Wait, wait, _wait_. Hang on a second. What does that mean? How the hell is any of this related to theoretical physics - whatever the _hell_ that is?

[02-Aug-18 12:20 AM] Twib#7809 "Also, uh - this is, like, 200 years before Project Psyker.." "This doesn't make any sense."

[02-Aug-18 12:20 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Is this log saying that halflings are genetically engineered?

[02-Aug-18 12:20 AM] Twib#7809 "I'm almost positive someone's putting this shit here to distract us." "More of a eugenics program."

[02-Aug-18 12:21 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Dude, if ANYONE knew about this, there would be a revolt against scientists.
    • [Fireball]** What the hell else happened here?

[02-Aug-18 12:22 AM] Twib#7809 "Why would there be a revolt? Halflings are treated as humans for all intents and purposes." E403 -disable.

[02-Aug-18 12:23 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Because that's not at all how they were first introduced! The official story is that they're otherworlders!
    • [Fireball]** An otherworlder species that settled into the world...
    • Whrrrr-- CLICK. CLANG.**

`SWL 8 and SWL 9 have been unlocked.`

``` SW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-3 / Middle row: 4-6 / Bottom row: 7-9


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

[02-Aug-18 12:24 AM] Twib#7809 SWL-8, please.

[02-Aug-18 12:25 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Man, I'm not even on drugs right now and I feel like I'm _trippin'_.

[02-Aug-18 12:25 AM] Twib#7809 "So, here's the question - why would these scientists bother hiding that sort of information?"

[02-Aug-18 12:25 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Only one way to find that out, I guess. Let's keep reading all the shit we find.

[02-Aug-18 12:26 AM] Twib#7809 "I was going to suggest taking all of this with a grain of salt. This entire town gets completely wiped off the map, and the only thing that survives *isn't* details about the Project that caused the apocalypse, but about a project 200 years earlier, completely outside of the Facilitiy's expertiese, with information that's totally useless but would cause a political shitstorm?" "This feels more like a distraction by someone trying to hide what happened."

[02-Aug-18 12:27 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 8 - G3]

_There are more skeletons here. A nondescript pile of bones is a more apt description, really, some with missing, or almost totally destroyed skulls, yet again. Both of the computers are technically functional, but neither have anything of use._

    • [Fireball]** We're only in the first third of the lab. Maybe whatever happened is deeper inside. Or maybe it's not, and we're reading about this now because it's the only thing that survived after... whatever apocalypse occurred.

[02-Aug-18 12:29 AM] Twib#7809 "Those engineers cleaned up the path to Roazon based on orders from 'administration' and said they were going to Fort Phantom. Sounds like either the Military, or Hebizuka, is up to something." "And both groups would have the ability to futz with whatever is in here." To SWL9, please.

[02-Aug-18 12:30 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Like, the Admin? You think she's directly involved?

[02-Aug-18 12:30 AM] Twib#7809 "I *am* the Contestant and Mazeworld *is* a shithole."

[02-Aug-18 12:30 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Well, not everywhere, trust me! But _this_ town is a shithole.

[02-Aug-18 12:31 AM] Twib#7809 "Otherworlder here. Everything in Mazeworld is shitty compared to where I'm from."

[02-Aug-18 12:32 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 9 - G4]

_Yet more skeletons. Two of them, both with their heads missing. You see more bone fragments across the floor, amidst the dust. Computer #1 has the **EP403** program, and #2 has another research log._

[02-Aug-18 12:33 AM] Twib#7809 Research Log 2, please.

[02-Aug-18 12:34 AM] Tempest#5018 ```SWL 9 Research log / Project Mana / D09/M06/Y293 / B. Johnson``` ```Well, it seems that my colleague Coomer was right. We may be the greatest geniuses this Era has ever seen.

Not only were subjects Carrie and Steven fertile, they gave birth to a healthy female, which was a feline “halfling”, as we have come to call them, just like her parents.

But what was even more interesting was what happened in the follow-up experiments. We conducted in-vitro fertilization on subject Melissa (muridae halfling, female), using sperm from subject Alex (lagomorph halfling, male). While it was successful; Melissa gave birth to two healthy male babies, one was a muridae halfling, and the other a lagomorph halfling. It appears that halfling genetic markers may be dominant or recessive depending on the individual, just like other genes.

The most troubling development occurred three days ago, when we found out that subject Irene (canine halfling, female) was pregnant during a routine check. We have no evidence of ever having subjected Irene to an IVF, or that she had reproduced naturally with any other subject. The only one that could have known what happened was the subject herself, so we placed her in detention and grilled her for a bit until she told us what happened. ``` ```She accused Kevin of raping her approximately two months ago. He denied, of course, but we subjected him to a paternity test. The results came: 99.99% probability that Keith Melder is the father. We’ve placed him under temporary detention at the facility; the rest of the staff will have a meeting about the subject very soon. Some of my colleagues have expressed the desire to report the incident to law enforcement, but I think we could do without the unnecessary attention of the Police; all they would do is interfere with our work. Besides, this incident may well prove to be useful for the Project; we have yet to figure out if halflings can reproduce naturally with “normal” humans.

P.S.: Self-reminder to pull the facility chief aside for a private chat, ASAP; Melder’s inability to control his own dick may have been useful to us this once but if he fucks another one of our subjects, he’s going to endanger the whole project. If I can’t get him removed, I’ll try a DNA editing method to have him sterilized quietly…```

[02-Aug-18 12:36 AM] Twib#7809 "Hot." "Completely meaningless to us, but hot." EP403 -disable.

[02-Aug-18 12:37 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** And you were wondering why they kept that stuff buried.
    • [Fireball]** This alone would've gotten the science team lynched if the town knew about it back then.

[02-Aug-18 12:38 AM] Twib#7809 "To be fair, if *I* didn't have to share the ability to perfectly groom a sexslave, I wouldn't." "I just wish I could print these logs out or *something*. Having physical proof would be great blackmail material."

[02-Aug-18 12:40 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I doubt there's any ink left in those printers. Or if there's any, it's probably fucked. And I haven't seen a single floppy disk...

[02-Aug-18 12:41 AM] Twib#7809 'Taking camera pictures of the *screens* would be instantly denounced as fake, too..."

[02-Aug-18 12:41 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You know, as much as I find the thought of tying someone up in a lab and fucking them for science, this doesn't strike me as very sexy. It's just kinda sick. They literally invented halflings - how do you think they got the "subjects"? _<she does the air-quote gesture>_

[02-Aug-18 12:41 AM] Twib#7809 "Kidnap, sourcing from prisons, brainwashing, more rape." "Everyone involved's already dead and burning, so I'll just let the Gods sort it out."

[02-Aug-18 12:42 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Bingo. Those fuckers weren't people of science, they were a bunch of gangsters in lab coats.
    • [Fireball]** At least the gangsters are sexy, usually. Can you imagine being fucked by a mouth-breathing nerd in a lab-coat? _<Shudder, grimace.>_

[02-Aug-18 12:43 AM] Twib#7809 "I'll have you know that lab-coats can be super sexy when worn right." EP403 -disable. "And scientists have lots of fun drugs."

[02-Aug-18 12:45 AM] Tempest#5018

    • Rkkk-rkkk... CLANG** _<Distant KLANK>_

`SWL 6 and SWL 1 have been unlocked.`

``` SW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-3 / Middle row: 4-6 / Bottom row: 7-9


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

[02-Aug-18 12:46 AM] Twib#7809 SWL 6 please. "We can check out SWL 1 right after."

[02-Aug-18 12:49 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 6 - F4]

_The computers here are functional, but of no use. There are more skeletons - again, most of them with their heads missing. One in the corner appears not to have had its head blown apart, but it's missing the entire bottom half - the pelvis and everything down are missing._

_You're starting to feel tired too._ [Fatigue: 50.1%] Effects of Tired: > Agility -1 > Mild accelerated hunger (-4 ntri/turn) > Mild accelerated thirst (-2 wtr/turn)

[02-Aug-18 12:50 AM] Twib#7809 "Maybe that particular scientist got fucked to death."

[02-Aug-18 12:51 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hot.

[02-Aug-18 12:51 AM] Twib#7809 "Hey, maybe we'll get infinitely lucky and there's a medical machine in here. Like the ones in hospitals, take care of everything."

[02-Aug-18 12:51 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I hope. I really hope.

[02-Aug-18 12:52 AM] Twib#7809 Bag down, two cups of coffee for me, two cups of coffee for Rie. "Cheers."

[02-Aug-18 12:53 AM] Tempest#5018 _In the same turn you used to drop the bag down, Rie lights another cig up._ /r 1d6+2

[02-Aug-18 12:53 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (5)+2 = 7

[02-Aug-18 12:54 AM] Tempest#5018 _You will have 1 cup of black coffee at the end, and the two of you can consume all 4 in just 2 turns. Is this OK?_

[02-Aug-18 12:54 AM] Twib#7809 Yes.

[02-Aug-18 12:55 AM] Tempest#5018 OK, one moment...

[02-Aug-18 12:58 AM] Twib#7809 "So how does this measure as far as non-murder jobs go?"

[02-Aug-18 01:00 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Ahhh... That hit the spot. I can feel the CAFFEINE in me!

[02-Aug-18 01:01 AM] Twib#7809 To SWL1.

[02-Aug-18 01:01 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Well... It's different! I never thought I'd visit Roazon before. I'm fairly sure nobody even _has_, so... I'll be able to tell stories!

[02-Aug-18 01:02 AM] Twib#7809 "Something to out on your resume, then. That's good." "Actually - dumb question dukb answer, but shouldn't Roazon have some sort of farm? Or was it built before all of that?"

[02-Aug-18 01:08 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 1 - E2] _One of the computers here has the **EP403.exe** program._

    • [Fireball]** I think I saw a sign that said "Hydroponics" when we entered the town.

[02-Aug-18 01:10 AM] Twib#7809 "Mmm." There's certainly an idea. EP403 -disable.

[02-Aug-18 01:10 AM] Tempest#5018

    • Rrrr CLANK CLONK.**

`SWL 2 and SWL 3 have been unlocked.` `Lockdown protocol has been fully disabled in this area. Please check with other lab areas to ensure everything is in order. Have a very safe day!` _All of the labs in the SW Lab Area are now accessible._ _Don't miss out on the computers in 2 and 3, though._

[02-Aug-18 01:11 AM] Twib#7809 "You know, that Freeman character said something about a 'Youkai model' of something being pushed back. That probably cuts back on the goodies we can get here." To SWL3 first, please.

[02-Aug-18 01:12 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** No negativity! I want to make sure we'll get out with SOMETHING. And so far it's guns and food. 300 year old food.

[MRF - SWL 3 - E4]

_Computer #2 here has a research log._ _Rie takes a turn to light another cig._

[02-Aug-18 01:13 AM] Twib#7809 "A bond between you and me that's tighter than our pussies?" Research Log please!

[02-Aug-18 01:13 AM] Tempest#5018 /r 1d6+2

[02-Aug-18 01:13 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (2)+2 = 4

[02-Aug-18 01:14 AM] Tempest#5018 ```SWL 3 Research log / Project Mana: Notable statistics``` ```Project duration: 25 years (Hexema 290 – Hexema 315) Status: Terminated (Success)

Total subjects: 210 ? Homo sapiens ex animalis “Halflings”: 150 ? Homo sapiens ex magicus “Magicians”: 60

Halfling subspecies created: 8 ? Feline, Canine, Lagomorph (rabbit), Muridae (mouse/rat), Squamata (snake), Salientia (frog), Equine, Alligator

Research notes: ? Both sub-species are genetic sub-variants of humanity (homo sapiens) ? Both sub-species may reproduce with each other (confirming they are not sterile) ? Halflings may reproduce with humans (confirming that they are a stable off-shoot branch of humanity) ? Halflings may reproduce with youkai, apparently with the reduced fertility rates as with human-youkai couples (it would seem that halflings are not less fertile than humans, long-term societal testing and monitored required to confirm 100%. It is already a known fact that children of human-youkai couples can be either human or youkai, but never produce hybrids; just the same, halfling-youkai couples always seem to produce either halflings or youkai, but not an amalgamate of both) ? Magicians are incapable of reproducing with any other species but themselves – fertility rates with humans, halflings, and youkai is 0%, making them a less stable, much more vulnerable off-shoot branch of humanity. ``` ```Halflings: ? Halflings exhibit physical, mental, and behavioral changes compared to regular humans which match that of their originating animal species, but are otherwise the most compatible with regular social life, and are expected to be the most successful of sub-variants

Magicians: ? Magicians exhibit signs of behavioral and psychological anomalies; certain subjects demonstrated signs of attention deficit disorder, reclusiveness and unwillingness to be subjected to social interactions, a fanatic devotion to their newfound powers and abilities, and in rare cases, outright aggressiveness and hostility towards non-Magician-kind. ? The source of so-called “magic powers” in youkai was successfully isolated as being part of a unique genetic phenomenon known as “magic resonance”, which appears to be a living organism’s natural ability to interact with elemental forces of some kind (see “Ki theory” and related documentation in any good library). Magic resonance is found in youkai, but also non-animal living organisms, such as the so-called “magic mushrooms” (which seems to explain their ability to procure literal “powers” to the people ingesting these mushrooms; the process is as-of yet unknown, other Science Teams are on the case). ? Magic resonant individuals created through experimentation were colloquially nicknamed “magicians” as a result. ``` ```Notable subjects: ? Carrie Hodge (female, feline halfling) – first female halfling ? Steven Cloud (male, feline halfling) – first male halfling o Deci Hodge (female, feline halfling) – natural child of Carrie and Steven, first naturally born halfling ? John Imler (male, magician) – first magician ? Melissa Vickers (female, muridae halfling) ? Alex Solis (male, lagomorph halfling) o Pat Solis (male, muridae halfling) – natural child of Melissa and Alex o Roger Solis (male, lagomorph halfling) – natural child of Melissa and Alex ? Gary Dowsen (male, canine halfling) ? Irene Clark (female, canine halfling) o Maureen Clark (female, canine halfling) – natural child of Maureen and researcher Kevin Melder (male, human), following the rape incident; first naturally born halfling from at least one non-halfling parent ? “Alice” and “Marisa” (females, magicians, self-given monikers; real names unknown) – magician subjects exhibiting exceptional biological traits. Kept in extended captivity and observation, on their request. These subjects seem to display signs that they age much more slowly than humans or halflings… o P.S.: Does anybody know if these two ever had an actual name, besides the ones they gave themselves? They didn’t even seem to understand the concept of “family name”. ```

[02-Aug-18 01:17 AM] Twib#7809 "Well, that explains why it was a Theoretical Physics project. Trying to give humans youkai powers." "So Project Psyker is more of the same."

[02-Aug-18 01:17 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** ...Shhiiiiiiit... The magician fuckers in the UA were genetically engineered too?

[02-Aug-18 01:18 AM] Twib#7809 "What this proves is that Mazeworld is a shithole." SWL 2 please!

[02-Aug-18 01:19 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - SWL 2 - E3]

_The door to the **north** leads to a corridor, which links the SW lab area with the NW lab area._ _There is another computer with a research log here._

[02-Aug-18 01:19 AM] Twib#7809 Log, please!

[02-Aug-18 01:20 AM] Tempest#5018 ```SWL 2 Research log / Project Mana / D09/M06/Y315 / B. Johnson``` ```Project Mana is officially over. After over 210 subjects experimented upon, and multiple tens of thousands of man-hours, I can safely say we have made the greatest breakthrough in scientific history, ever.

150 of the subjects, now designated to be Homo sapiens ex animalis, colloquially referred to as “halflings”, have been created. The remaining 60 subjects have been designated Homo sapiens ex magicus, referred to as “magicians”. They are not totally separate species from regular humans; they are best described as genetically compatible sub-variants, capable of inter-reproducing and producing offspring that may be humans, halflings, or magicians, depending on the genetic markers of the parents.

We have offered all of them to sign a non-disclosure agreement, bound on contract, and associated with a 1500 P$ reward if they agree to sign it. The reward stipulates that they must not mention anything about Roazon, Project Mana, the experiments they underwent, or anything about having been subjected to scientific experiments. Instead, they are to take on new lives and identities and explain that they are of otherworlder origin.

Most of the subjects agreed to sign the contract before leaving; in fact, all but ten of the halfling subjects signed it. The original couple, subjects Carrie and Steven alongside their child Deci, decided to take on new identities and new names and expressed their desire to move to Neo Khazrun, having read multiple times about the city and hearing that it is the “place to be”. Subject Deci is 22 years old, healthy, and physically very active, showing an interest for athletics and shooting sports. She will no doubt live a successful life. ``` ```The remaining ten halfling subjects (five male alligator halflings, and five females), and all but two of the magician subjects, all refused to sign the contract and decided that it would be safer for them to live in the Uncivilized Area instead. They left without the money, and are off fending for themselves. We wish them the best of luck… but in retrospect, maybe we should have kept them with us…

The two magician subjects that didn’t leave for the UA, however, desired to remain in captivity, out of some sort of adoration for the MRF personnel… No, it’s more like they revere us as gods. We agreed to keep them for further observation, but it’s unlikely we will conduct any other experiments with them anytime soon. We are hoping to let them go sometime before the end of the year. The two subjects refer to themselves as “Alice” and “Marisa”.

Initial tests on these two women reveal very, very interesting things, though… It seems that they age much more slowly than normal, which is not a trait that we had detected in any of the other magician subjects. Could we have missed something very important? These two seem not to require much in the way of sustenance, either; a diet comprised mostly of magic-resonant mushrooms and water (see the log I’ve left in lab 3 for more details on the matter)… ```

    • [Fireball]** Mushroom obsessed fuckers.

[02-Aug-18 01:22 AM] Twib#7809 "So what's the over/under on A&M being still alive and the cause of this?" North Corridor, please!

[02-Aug-18 01:22 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** No idea. I know they have very long lifespans... I just dunno if it's youkai long, or just "a couple extra hundred years" long.

[02-Aug-18 01:23 AM] Twib#7809 "Well, we'll figure it out." "I also hope that when he says Lab 3 he didn't mean this one." "A few good magic shrooms goes a loooong way."

[02-Aug-18 01:24 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** No, he did. It's the one where you found the list of names.

[02-Aug-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 "Damn, they're all out." "Let's keep going, then."

[02-Aug-18 01:25 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Corridor - D3]

_This is just a corridor._

North: Northwestern Lab Area / NWL 7 (prev) South: Southwestern Lab Area / SWL 2

[02-Aug-18 01:25 AM] Twib#7809 North again.

[02-Aug-18 01:29 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Northwestern Lab 7 - C3]

_Welcome to the **NW Lab Area.** Your entrance here completes Objective 6 and activates Objective 7._

Objective 7: Solve the Northwest Lab Area security protocol, and gain access to the Northeast Lab Area.

_Apart from a differently colored pattern on the wall, the labs are much the same standardized affair as before. Like before, some sort of lockdown protocol has been enabled, and you find all doors except the one to the south to be locked. Computer #1 has a research log and saved email. Computer #2 has another emergency protocol program, **EP509.exe**_

[02-Aug-18 01:29 AM] Twib#7809 Research log and then saved email, please. "I'm thinking that Freeman left because they began abusing the Magicians for Project Psyker."

[02-Aug-18 01:30 AM] Tempest#5018 ```NWL 7 Research log / Project Psyker / D14/M09/Y417 / T. Hunter``` ```This generation will see us as the progenitors of the next advancement in theoretical science. Much like our predecessors did with Project Mana, I am certain we are on the path to the creation of a third human subspecies, and if my expectations are met, the greatest yet created.

The group of satori that we captured are still being used, but I think we are going to need a new batch soon; some are already showing signs of physical exhaustion, and I think they’re going to die soon, at least if we keep that pace.

As for the 16 test subjects (eight male, eight female), we are making some good progress on implementing psionic-sensitive traits. Genetic manipulation methods are more or less the same as those pioneered during Project Mana, and so far, the subjects remain perfectly healthy and viable. Hopefully my theory is correct; if it is, we will have psionic-sensitive humans before the end of the year. ```

    • [Fireball]** What is this comic book evil scientist bullshit, seriously...

[02-Aug-18 01:31 AM] Twib#7809 "My bet's on them - oh man, that's boring." Email?

[02-Aug-18 01:31 AM] Tempest#5018 _She lights another cigarette up._ /r 1d6+2

[02-Aug-18 01:31 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (2)+2 = 4

[02-Aug-18 01:33 AM] Twib#7809 "So they're definitely getting backing from the military."

[02-Aug-18 01:33 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Am almost out. Second-to-last one. Then I'll have smoked them all. I'll give you your lighter back when I'm done.

[02-Aug-18 01:33 AM] Twib#7809 "No other way they could have so many Satori to play with." "I have 3 military rations, so there's a few more cigs once we get hungry."

[02-Aug-18 01:33 AM] Tempest#5018 ```Email / D13/M05/Y419 / from T. Hunter <lab2comp7-1@mrf.com> / to: all staff``` ```I’ve activated the Emergency Protocol 509 program. It only locks down the NW labs, but that should be enough to keep them contained for a while… But please for the love of all that is holy, if you’re in the room with one of these fuckers, do not anger them, comply with their demands, and hope they don’t pop your fucking brains! To everyone else, please tell me where you are; I’ll manipulate the locks so that you can make it to NWL 1 and hide into the toilets. Hopefully they don’t come looking!

If they come my way, I’ll burn the instruction manual, so that they can’t go past me. May they never make it there!

P.S.: Judith, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I never thought they’d take it so literally. I’m responsible for their behavior. ```

    • [Fireball]** Oh cool! You're a freakin' legend.

[02-Aug-18 01:34 AM] Twib#7809 EP509 -disable

[02-Aug-18 01:35 AM] Tempest#5018 `Unrecognized command.`

[02-Aug-18 01:35 AM] Twib#7809 "Watch this not work and horribly lock us out since we don't have the instruction manual."

[02-Aug-18 01:35 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running EP509.exe , please wait...`

[02-Aug-18 01:35 AM] Twib#7809 "Welp."

[02-Aug-18 01:39 AM] Tempest#5018 `Emergency Protocol 509.`

``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

`Status:` `NWL 1 has an unprotected door to the west, leading to toilets. It is not affected by the lockdown.` `NWL 3 has an unprotected door to the north, leading to a storage room. It is not affected by the lockdown.` `South exit (NWL 7, south door) is functional and unlocked.` `East exit (NWL 5, east door) is locked down.`

`The process to begin disabling Emergency Protocol 509 requires reprogramming in accordance to the relevant sections of the EP509 instruction manual. Please refer to this manual for the proper instruction.` _You notice a half-burned, carbonized book on the floor, right next to a skeleton underneath the desk. Its skull is partially destroyed. You wonder if maybe it is T. Hunter's body._

[02-Aug-18 01:40 AM] Twib#7809 "Maybe he should have burned it immediately."

[02-Aug-18 01:40 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Yeah... Rip.

[02-Aug-18 01:40 AM] Twib#7809 Let's look through the manual, then.

[02-Aug-18 01:41 AM] Tempest#5018 _It's completely unreadable. As soon as you pick it up, it crumbles and falls apart._

[02-Aug-18 01:41 AM] Twib#7809 "Yeaaaaaah we're kinda stumped."

[02-Aug-18 01:41 AM] Tempest#5018 _Please enter EP509 -dpoff if you wish to begin the disabling process._

    • [Fireball]** Well maybe we can find another way to figure this out.

[02-Aug-18 01:42 AM] Twib#7809 EP509 -dpoff "God I wish I was a human with a hacking aug."

[02-Aug-18 01:42 AM] Tempest#5018 `Confirm you wish to begin the disabling process. (Y/N)`

[02-Aug-18 01:42 AM] Twib#7809 "I could just blow through all of this no problem." Y

[02-Aug-18 01:43 AM] Tempest#5018 `Unlocking process started. Refer to the instruction manual for the correct procedure; successful completion of each security module will unlock the laboratories as per the predetermined sequence.`

`Press ENTER to begin security module #1` _The moment you press ENTER, you will receive a DM with the "module" in question, which you must solve._ _Once it is solved, you will be able to proceed to the next._ _The reason this is played in DM is to avoid broadcasting the solutions once you figure it out._

[02-Aug-18 01:44 AM] Twib#7809 ENTER.

[02-Aug-18 01:44 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...` _Fireball lights up her last cigarette after the third attempt._ /r 1d6+2

[02-Aug-18 01:53 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d6+2` = (6)+2 = 8

[02-Aug-18 01:54 AM] Tempest#5018 _Security module #1 solved!_ _You spent 4 turns and 20 minutes solving it._ `Security module #1 solved. NWL 2 and NWL 6 unlocked. Please refer to NWL 6 for Security Module #2.`

    • [Fireball]** You got it?

[02-Aug-18 01:56 AM] Twib#7809 "It's a piece of cake." To NWL 2, please!

[02-Aug-18 01:56 AM] Tempest#5018 ``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

    • [Fireball]** Awesome. Man, you're pretty boss with computers.

[02-Aug-18 01:58 AM] Twib#7809 "You're pretty boss with morale." More logs in NWL2 hopefully, followed by another module in 6.

[02-Aug-18 02:12 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 2 - B3] _None of the computers have anything useful or interesting to read. More broken bones and skeletons here, including one that's just a lower half._

[02-Aug-18 02:12 AM] Twib#7809 Alright, 6 it is.

[02-Aug-18 02:14 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 6 - C2] _Here, you find another pair of computers as usual. #1 has the next **EP509 security module**, and #2 has a **log**._

[02-Aug-18 02:14 AM] Twib#7809 Logs first..

[02-Aug-18 02:15 AM] Tempest#5018 ```NWL 6 Research log / Project Psyker / D24/M04/Y419 / T. Hunter``` ```We have done it again. This science team is the best science team in the history of all of science! My theories were right, and my project is a complete success!

Through experimentation in creating psionic-sensitive humans, we have reached many more successes. Humans with telepathic capabilities, the power to use psychic waves to read other sapient beings’ thoughts, as well as communicate, both one-way (from a psionic sensitive to one that isn’t) and two-way (from one psionic sensitive to another). Not only that, but certain subjects were even able to use concentrated psychic waves in an offensive manner, and were able to replicate the satori’s famous “psychic blasts”, capable of artificially activating pain response into the brains of their targets, and effectively causing harm without ever using a weapon!

We have decided to dub these subjects telepaths and psionic warriors, respectively, after their abilities.

The test subjects still need to be tested for fertility, and we need to figure out if they’re biologically compatible with regular humans… ```

[02-Aug-18 02:15 AM] Twib#7809 "Aaaaaaaaaaaand then the rapes started." "And this happened literally a day after Freeman quit." "Wait, no." "A month before Freeman quit."

[02-Aug-18 02:16 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You can see this shit coming a mile away. Of course they fuckin' boinked them. That doesn't explain everything yet though...

[02-Aug-18 02:17 AM] Twib#7809 "Them *killing everything* happened a day after Freeman quit." "There are *so many better ways* to train sex slaves, goddamn."

[02-Aug-18 02:17 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You think the psychic-things fought back?

[02-Aug-18 02:17 AM] Twib#7809 EP509 Security Module. "Not at first, otherwise it wouldn't have taken half a month to rebel." "Hunter probably mouthed off about cumming people's brains out." "'Didn't think they'd take me literally', he said.>" So let's crack this code and get started.

[02-Aug-18 02:27 AM] Tempest#5018 `Press ENTER to begin security module #2`

As before, once you confirm, you will get a DM minigame.

[02-Aug-18 02:27 AM] Twib#7809 ENTER

[02-Aug-18 02:28 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...` _You solved Module #2 in 1 turn and 5 minutes._

[02-Aug-18 02:36 AM] Twib#7809 "Get fucked."

[02-Aug-18 02:37 AM] Tempest#5018 _The effects of black coffee have ended._

[02-Aug-18 02:37 AM] Twib#7809 "Not that I'm complaining, but these security protocols feel kinda... lackluster."

[02-Aug-18 02:38 AM] Tempest#5018 `NWL 1 has been unlocked. Please activate Security Module #3 in NWL 1.`

[02-Aug-18 02:38 AM] Twib#7809 NWL 1! Time to check out those toilets.

[02-Aug-18 02:38 AM] Tempest#5018 ``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

[02-Aug-18 02:40 AM] Twib#7809 NWL1, please.

[02-Aug-18 02:43 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 1 - B2] _Another lab. The door to the west leads to the toilets. The computer here has the next **security module**._

[02-Aug-18 02:43 AM] Twib#7809 Pop into the toilets! "Come on, sweet drugs." "Or a bed." "Maybe they have a bed here." "In the toilets.>"

[02-Aug-18 02:44 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You crazy, girl.

[MRF - Northwest toilets - A2] _Nothing at all of use. Except for a **big** pile of bones. Lots of people hid there... and died._

[02-Aug-18 02:44 AM] Twib#7809 A quick check of the pile. There's nothing **hidden** underneath all the skeletons, right?

[02-Aug-18 02:44 AM] Tempest#5018 _Sadly, no._

[02-Aug-18 02:46 AM] Twib#7809 Great.. Back to NW1, Security Module 3, please. ENTER as soon as it pops up.

[02-Aug-18 02:48 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Man, this sucks. My cig's almost out and it's my last one. You did say you got more in the rations right?

[02-Aug-18 02:50 AM] Twib#7809 "Yeah. Let me just solve it and we can take a food break." "If I knew you got cravings so fast I wouldn't have offered the first one." "But I'm glad you're here, anyways."

[02-Aug-18 02:51 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hey, I can't say this job's _anything_ like whatever I've done before, so, I return ya the sentiment.


[02-Aug-18 02:55 AM] Twib#7809 (Uhm, wrong spot?)

[02-Aug-18 02:55 AM] Tempest#5018 (yep, whoop

[02-Aug-18 03:12 AM] Tempest#5018 _You spent 1 turn and 5 ingame minutes solving Module #3._ _Took you a bit longer in real time. ??_ _Fireball extinguishes the last cigarette, which she smoked right up to the filter._

    • [Fireball]** Any luck?

[02-Aug-18 03:13 AM] Twib#7809 "Suck my dick I'm a genius."

[02-Aug-18 03:13 AM] Tempest#5018 `NWL 3 and NWL 8 unlocked. Please activate Security Module #4 in NWL 3.`

    • [Fireball]** Baller. Let's go.
    • [Fireball]** Before I get the shakes again.

[02-Aug-18 03:14 AM] Twib#7809 NWL3 first. Let's hit up that ~storage room~

[02-Aug-18 03:14 AM] Tempest#5018 ``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

[02-Aug-18 03:14 AM] Twib#7809 "Gods have mercy someone will have stashed a bed in the storage room."

[02-Aug-18 03:15 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 3 - B4] _One of the computers here has the next **security module**. The door to the north leads to the NW storage room._

[02-Aug-18 03:15 AM] Twib#7809 "If not, it's a good place to eat and rest." To the storage room! Come on someone be a lazy bones.

[02-Aug-18 03:18 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NW storage room - A4] _A dusty storage room. There isn't anything of use here at first glance... then you notice **something** that looks out of place. Why is there a box for a hamburger here?_

[02-Aug-18 03:19 AM] Twib#7809 "I'm telling you someone's still alive in here." What's the box have inside?

[02-Aug-18 03:19 AM] Tempest#5018 [Key item] NWL3PC2 hard drive

    • [Fireball]** ... what

[02-Aug-18 03:20 AM] Twib#7809 "Well that's goddamn convenient."

[02-Aug-18 03:20 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I don't understand...

[02-Aug-18 03:21 AM] Twib#7809 "Want to eat and rest for a bit, or do you wanna see who's leaving us breadcrumbs, Rie?" "It's simple: This is a setup." "Someone is here and watching us." "I'm pretty sure that burger container would have rotted in the last 300 years." "Which means it's new."

[02-Aug-18 03:21 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** How? Wouldn't that mean they're trapped with us, then?

[02-Aug-18 03:21 AM] Twib#7809 "Which means there's a way in and out." "Not necessarily. Could be a backdoor to the UA, could be old Engineering tunnels inside the facility." "I mean, consider how the town went proper fucked, and yet *these* security protocols were never dismantled.>"

[02-Aug-18 03:22 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I dunno... We just restored power, after all.

[02-Aug-18 03:23 AM] Twib#7809 "we restored power, *but* the power was on before we arrived." "And as soon as we arrived, something mysterious happened that not only blocked our only way out, forcing us to explore, but also fucked with the generator, but didn't fuck with it *so much* that we weren't able to fix it." "If these security protocols were on this whole time, then that would mean none of them escaped. And if none of them escaped, the rest of Roazon should have been fine." "Ergo, the psionics successfully deactivated the security protocols." "**Ergo** someone between Roazon dying and us coming here set them back up."

[02-Aug-18 03:25 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Well maybe -some- did, but have you seen the amount of skellies here? They can't _ALL_ be scientists.

[02-Aug-18 03:26 AM] Twib#7809 "...Okay, there might be a few holes in my 'this is a setup' theory, but I feel like the broad strokes are correct."

[02-Aug-18 03:26 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Nah, I don't think we're being watched or fucked with... I have a good sense for that sort of thing. What's happening here isn't that. Pretty sure we're the only things alive in this rat's asshole of a town.
    • [Fireball]** Which, honestly, is the part that worries me. That there is _nobody_ we can even hope has survived.

[02-Aug-18 03:27 AM] Twib#7809 "The Magicians might. Hell, the psionics might. Maybe there's a life support machine for a scientist or something." "You're the one who keeps morale up, Rie. Don't start slouching now, because *my* only method for improving morale is orgasms."

[02-Aug-18 03:27 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I think the security protocols remained in place to _keep whoever was killing the scientists inside_. They just never got deactivated since then.
    • [Fireball]** I'll try not to, boss.
    • [Fireball]** I'm good for now, by the way. Let's keep going. If I start feeling low again I'll let you know.

_She says, as she's still quite tired, and has been for a while.... But she's putting on a big catty smile._

[02-Aug-18 03:30 AM] Twib#7809 "Okay. But if you need an orgasm..." To NWL3.. Also I'm taking the ard drive for sure. And then immediately plugging it into a computer to see what's on it.

[02-Aug-18 03:32 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 3 - B4] _Conveniently enough, one of the hard drives in computer #2 was missing! Plugging the NWL3PC2 hard drive in seems to have restored some critical functionality which was previously missing._ _This computer has one of the **security module** programs._

[02-Aug-18 03:35 AM] Twib#7809 So, there are two security modules? If that's the case, let's do NWL3PC2's module first.

[02-Aug-18 03:35 AM] Tempest#5018 _No, there wasn't two._ _There was one, but you restored its missing, critical functionality - by inserting the hard drive that was missing._

[02-Aug-18 03:35 AM] Twib#7809 "Oh." "Well it's a good thing I didn't waste my goddamn time, I guess." ENTER

[02-Aug-18 03:36 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...` _There is something you need to do outside of the computer in order to solve this module._ _Look around, perhaps inside of the desk._

[02-Aug-18 03:40 AM] Twib#7809 "Okay, so we have Projects Psyker, Mana, and Lambda. Two more for a five word password?" Reina listens to the Gods and peers inside the desk.

[02-Aug-18 03:42 AM] Tempest#5018 _You find a sticky note..._ ```Protocol A3: One, Two, Six, Seven, Eight```

[02-Aug-18 03:42 AM] Twib#7809 "So, let's see - Lambda, then Mana, then Psycker. So maybe a Project N-something and a Project O-something.>" "Orrrrrrrrrrrrr I am entirely off base."

[02-Aug-18 03:42 AM] Tempest#5018 _Rie scratches her head._

[02-Aug-18 03:42 AM] Twib#7809 "Well, these are all rooms that are open."

[02-Aug-18 03:43 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Let's look around, maybe there's more of these in the other desks.

[02-Aug-18 03:43 AM] Twib#7809 "I suppose. We're in room - 3, right?"

[02-Aug-18 03:43 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Yeah.

[02-Aug-18 03:44 AM] Twib#7809 "So we can pop into Two, One, then Six Seven Eight and come out here again. Full circle." "I really did want it to be based off the Project names, though..." To NWL2 for a search. ((Does this need to be done in DM to hide the solution?))

[02-Aug-18 03:46 AM] Tempest#5018 _Look around - if you find clues, they will be DMed to you._

[02-Aug-18 03:46 AM] Twib#7809 Great.. So, let's pop into NWL2, whereupon we start looking under literally every desk, where no doubt tons of halfling, magician, and psionic girls gave blowjobs to scientists as they worked.

[02-Aug-18 03:47 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL2 - B3] _Back in NWL2. You find something inside of the desk. Another sticky note._

[02-Aug-18 03:48 AM] Twib#7809 "These scientists have, like, ridiculously bad OPSEC." NWL1, to look under every desk, where no doubt tons of unborn children dried up and died on the floor as their potential fathers fapped while on the clock.

[02-Aug-18 03:50 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL1 - B2] _You found another sticky note._

[02-Aug-18 03:52 AM] Twib#7809 To NWL6 to look under every desk, where no doubt tons of men sobbed as they got cuckolded by other scientists raping the one female test subject they wanted to fuck while also having an unreachable moral high ground.

[02-Aug-18 03:53 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL6 - C2] _Another sticky note._ _Do you want to spend 3 turns to circle around the last two labs and return to NWL3?_ _You'll find whatever you find._

[02-Aug-18 03:54 AM] Twib#7809 To NWL7 and looking under every desk and - oh thank gods yes I was having trouble coming up with more descriptions.

[02-Aug-18 03:54 AM] Tempest#5018 Not that I don't think these were very funny But may as well cut the fat [MRF - NWL3 - B4] _You circle around in 7, 8, then back in 3, having found two more stickies._

[02-Aug-18 03:57 AM] Twib#7809 "I'm really disappointed it wasn't my genius solution."

[02-Aug-18 03:58 AM] Tempest#5018 _It took 1 turn and 5 minutes to solve the sequence._ `NWL 4 has been unlocked. Please activate Security Module #5 in NWL 4.` ``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

[02-Aug-18 03:59 AM] Twib#7809 To NWL 4, then.

[02-Aug-18 04:00 AM] Twib#7809 "I just really, reaaaaaally hope the Military isn't waiting for us."

[02-Aug-18 04:00 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** If they are, immediately say "I'LL SUCK YOUR DICK".
    • [Fireball]** At best they'll accept, at worst it'll throw them off.

[MRF - NWL4 - B5] _Another computer with another security module._ _Just as a reminder, you haven't yet checked out NWL 8._

[02-Aug-18 04:02 AM] Twib#7809 "Oh my god do you have a human fetish too!?" ENTER

[02-Aug-18 04:02 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Not necessarily, but it works! Sometimes.

[02-Aug-18 04:02 AM] Twib#7809 (So I only checked 8 for the sticky, but didn't stop to see anything else?)

[02-Aug-18 04:03 AM] Tempest#5018 (( For the sake of speed. (( I'm just telling you - you can check the logs out at your own pace `Running...` _You spent 1 turn and 5 minutes solving this security module._ `NWL 9 and NWL 10 unlocked. Please activate Security Module #6 in NWL 10.` ``` NW Lab area - Accessible rooms Top row: 1-5 / Bottom row: 6-10


X: Locked O: Unlocked A: You are here ```

    • [Fireball]** We're almost out of it.

[02-Aug-18 04:15 AM] Twib#7809 "Let's hit them in order, 8 9 then 10. I think I missed something in 8."

[02-Aug-18 04:16 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 8 - C4] _You spot some **saved emails** on Computer #2 here._ _You're starting to feel tired again._ [Fatigue 50.1%]

[02-Aug-18 04:18 AM] Twib#7809 Emails, please! Let's see what's on 'em.

[02-Aug-18 04:20 AM] Tempest#5018 ```Email / D12/M05/Y419 / from W. Breen <lab2comp8-2@mrf.com> / to: R. Raven <lab2comp9-1@mrf.com>, cc: G. Holm <lab2comp9-2@mrf.com>, A. Strider <lab2comp10-1@mrf.com> ``` ```I haven’t left this damn lab in months. Need to have some actual fun.

Hunter wants us to do fertility tests, why not do it the fun way? I’ve got the female subjects rounded up with me in NWL 8. I’m only waiting for a couple of like-minded guys to do some “testing”.

You guys ready to do this? ``` ```Email / from A. Strider <lab2comp10-1@mrf.com> / to: W. Breen <lab2comp8-2@mrf.com>, cc: R. Raven <lab2comp9-1@mrf.com>, G. Holm <lab2comp9-2@mrf.com>``` ```Oh, you goddamn bet I’m ready to do this. I’m gonna fuck a bunch of test subjects silly. Been itching to do this since my now ex-wife decided to leave me for that dumb Sergeant Blockhead last week. ```

    • [Fireball]** Wow, how predictable. _<Deadpan>_

[02-Aug-18 04:22 AM] Twib#7809 "Rie, when we take over the world and start instituting sex tests in science, let's make sure it's a lot classier than this." "Also, this is the same day Freeman left.>" "So it sounds like he heard about the constant rape and left." To NWL 9! "Yeah, 'Breen' is the guy Freeman was blaming." "So we're starting to see the timeline."

[02-Aug-18 04:27 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hrm. He sounds like an asshole. Even his name sounds like an asshole name.

[02-Aug-18 04:28 AM] Twib#7809 "There are *so many sexier ways* to convince a test subject to fuck." "And more pleasurable because they'd be into it." "Let's finish this up, only a few rooms left."

[02-Aug-18 04:28 AM] Tempest#5018 _You move into the next lab..._ [MRF - NWL 9 - C5] _Nothing much here. The computers work, but no logs, nothing to read, and no security module to solve._ _Onwards to NWL 10?_

[02-Aug-18 04:34 AM] Twib#7809 Leeeeeeeeeeeet's just check under the desk again for a sticky note. And then I'll go to NWL 10.

[02-Aug-18 04:35 AM] Tempest#5018 _You find a sticky note. But it's blank._

[02-Aug-18 04:36 AM] Twib#7809 Well, 10 it is. Watch as the sticky note is written in Ultraviolet-light ink or some bullshit.

[02-Aug-18 04:36 AM] Tempest#5018 _Nah, it's just blank._ [MRF - NWL 10 - C6] _The computers here have more interesting things; #1 has the next and final **security module** for this lab area, and #2 has more saved emails._

[02-Aug-18 04:38 AM] Twib#7809 Emails first!

[02-Aug-18 04:39 AM] Tempest#5018 ```Email / D12/M05/Y419 / from J. Mossman <lab2comp10-2@mrf.com> / to: T. Hunter <lab2comp7-1@mrf.com>``` ```Thomas, your three little protégés are raping the female test subjects in the storage room! They’re not even trying to hide any of it! I’ve seen the emails they exchanged; I’m hearing them right now, and I dare not to enter the storage room to see it for myself!!

What the jumping monkey FUCK is wrong with all of you?! Why aren’t you stopping them??? Or are you the one who asked for them to do the fertility “testing” this way?!

The male test subjects are growing restless, they’re demanding to know what’s going on, they’re sick of hearing lies and excuses about where their mates are. I’ve warned you, Thomas, they aren’t just animals; we shouldn’t have treated them that way to begin with! They think, they form emotional bonds, very strong bonds, by virtue of being under our constant experimenting and only having each other to rely on!

Do you know what they’re capable of? Do you want the psionic warriors to start testing out their very potent offensive capabilities on us?!

Well guess what, they have started threatening me, Thomas! They’re going to turn violent! And considering the SHIT that’s going on right now, they’re REALLY not going to like it if I tell them the truth, and they’ll be PISSED OFF if I LIE to them! I’m not even going to try injecting them with more sedatives; they’re going to fry my brain before I even try. And don’t you vomit the usual “they’re only test subjects, Judith” excuse, I’m sick of it! We should be considering them our equals; they are no less human than we are!

I’m afraid for my life, Thomas. I want you to know that it’s your entire fault. All of it is your fault. I hope they paste your brain! ```

[02-Aug-18 04:43 AM] Twib#7809 Is this the only email?

[02-Aug-18 04:44 AM] Tempest#5018 Yep

[02-Aug-18 04:46 AM] Twib#7809 "You know, if this Judith girl just offered her men *her* body none of this would have happened." Security Module #Last, ENTER

[02-Aug-18 04:46 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...`

[02-Aug-18 04:52 AM] Twib#7809 "What the *actual* fuck is this." "This is horseshit."

[02-Aug-18 04:56 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Havin' problems?

[02-Aug-18 04:58 AM] Twib#7809 "Yeah. It's like a Nonogram, but instead of it making a picture the right boxes gives you a word you then need to unscramble." "And unlike a Nonogram, because it doesn't actually make a picture you can't feel it out."

[02-Aug-18 04:59 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** So... it's nothing like a nonogram.

[02-Aug-18 05:00 AM] Twib#7809 "Well, no, because it has these markings confirming that this column or row has 'x' amount of letters in it. Like a nonogram."

[02-Aug-18 05:01 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I don't even know what a nonogram is!

_She sheepishly grins, showing off her fangs in the process, then shrugs and leaves you to try and solve it._

[02-Aug-18 05:01 AM] Twib#7809 "God, maybe this is the lab where they make the test subjects suck them off as they try to reinput bullshit answers whenever they forget the password."

[02-Aug-18 05:02 AM] Tempest#5018 (( Don't spoil too much, please and thank you.

[02-Aug-18 05:04 AM] Twib#7809 1 turn to toss the bag on the floor. "We're gonna be here a while, Rie, so open up a ration and dig in."

[02-Aug-18 05:05 AM] Tempest#5018 _Backpack dropped. Rie nod-nods, and watches you expectantly._

[02-Aug-18 05:24 AM] Twib#7809 "FUCK THIS PUUUUZZLE."

[02-Aug-18 05:25 AM] Tempest#5018 _It took 5 turns and 25 minutes for you to solve it, but you solved it!_

    • [Fireball]** You're a goddamn genius. I honestly couldn't do this.

_Fireball was glued watching you and forgot to eat in the meantime._

    • [Fireball]** ... Wow, maybe I should go fish out for those cigs huh.

[02-Aug-18 05:29 AM] Twib#7809 "Yes. Please." "Fuck this hacking." Reina's fatigue is getting the better of her. Bag's down, so Reina's gonna grab the coffee that's left and guzzle it down while Reina eats. Er. Rie.

[02-Aug-18 05:32 AM] Tempest#5018 _Rie reaches into your bag and spends a turn to tear open one of your MR-Rs. She spills the contents:_

[Food] Canned goods - Beef meatballs, canned, 170g. 335 ntri, -60 wtr - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 2] [Food] Snacks - Chocolate bar. 266 ntri, -5 wtr - Weight: 1 [Food] Snacks - Mini-box of salt crackers, 10 - 130 ntri, -30 wtr - Weight: 1 [Food] Beverage - Can of cola drink. 139 ntri, 99 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 8 turns, Fatigue -1.0%, Stress +0.1% - Weight: 1 [Meds] Cigarette (requires lighter or match to use) - Suppressed hunger, Agility+1, FT-1 for 1d6+2 turns - Addictive (Nicotine) - Weight: 0.1 - [Quantity: 4] [Key item] A bracelet-lighter. A small reliable source of fire. - Weight: 1 - [Fuel: 300 /300]

[02-Aug-18 05:33 AM] Twib#7809 "Whatever you can't finish I'll scarf down.">

[02-Aug-18 05:33 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hey, another lighter. Take this one for yourself.
    • [Fireball]** Since I took yours.

[02-Aug-18 05:33 AM] Twib#7809 "Awww, but I haven't even engraved my undying love for you on a lighter yet." "More seriously, all I really want are some rags. With all the booze you're carrying I can finally make molotovs."

[02-Aug-18 05:34 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You weren't planning on permanently staining a hotel bed with bodily fluids instead?

[02-Aug-18 05:34 AM] Twib#7809 "Are you implying I can't do both, fatherfucker?"

[02-Aug-18 05:34 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Whoa, chill out! I'm messing with you. _<Grin.>_

[02-Aug-18 05:34 AM] Twib#7809 "No, no, - I was trying to make a joke." "By implying your sexial deviancy was so high you fucked your dad and loved it." "...There's a reason why I usually just guzzle coffee and then give myself orgasms. My voice gets all flat and serious when I'm tired."

[02-Aug-18 05:36 AM] Tempest#5018 _In the same turn Rie spent to tear her ration open, you downed a coffee._ +14 ntri, +48 wtr, Agi +1, Alertness increased for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4%

1522 ntri - OK 1386 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue 47.7% - OK Stress 7.3% - Moderate _The caffeine will kick the fatigue down... briefly._

    • [Fireball]** Don't worry, boss. I know. We're both pretty fucked. I can't wait to get to the end of this shit, honestly... And there's the trip back to make, as well.
    • [Fireball]** Now, don't mind me, but I'm gonna have me that cola, and eat me some crackers. I'll be keeping those cigs, too.

_Do you want to equip the fresh lighter?_ _In your key items, that is._

[02-Aug-18 05:39 AM] Twib#7809 Sure, might as well. Key Item's Key Item. "God, it was how long? Almost 3 hours?"

[02-Aug-18 05:40 AM] Tempest#5018 _While you did so, Rie drank the coke._

[02-Aug-18 05:40 AM] Twib#7809 "At least we can crash at the Intersection." If she's eating the crackers, I'll eat the beef meetballs and the chocolate bar. Might as well be efficient.

[02-Aug-18 05:42 AM] Tempest#5018 _Rie wants to treat herself to the chocolate and the crackers, actually. She'll leave the rest._ _2 turns for both of you to eat, then?_

[02-Aug-18 05:45 AM] Twib#7809 Sure, no problem. "Isn't chocolate bad for cats?"

[02-Aug-18 05:45 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Pffft. I'm not a kitty anymore.

[02-Aug-18 05:46 AM] Twib#7809 "That's a shame, I wanted to see my kitty cat drink up me cream."

[02-Aug-18 05:46 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hah. Dork.

[02-Aug-18 05:48 AM] Twib#7809 "Look once I take over Hell and get a futa dick you're gonna become a mom, alright~?" "That'll be one way to hep you quit all those drugs."

[02-Aug-18 05:48 AM] Tempest#5018 _You open, and eat the contents of two cans of beef meatballs. They're hardly ball shaped anymore - smushed in a rectangular tin can. They're also cold. But it's good, fresh meat, and it's at least somewhat tasty, if very salty._ +670 ntri, -120 wtr, 2 turns spent

2189 ntri - OK 1263 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue 48.3% _Rie eats as well in the meantime..._

    • [Fireball]** Yum. Salt cracker and chocolate sandwich, my favorite._<Sarcastic>_

_She'll spend one more turn to grab all of the cigarettes and jam them into her belt._

[02-Aug-18 05:51 AM] Twib#7809 "Let's get the hell outta here."

[02-Aug-18 05:51 AM] Tempest#5018 _She military-salutes, gets back up, and stands ready to follow you._ _NWL 5 is one room north._

[02-Aug-18 05:52 AM] Twib#7809 NWL 5, for the love of god.

[02-Aug-18 05:53 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NWL 5 - B6] _Nothing of use to you in this room, not even readables. There's bone fragments on the office chair in front of computer #1 and on the floor around it._

_To the east is the first of two corridors to the Northeastern Lab Area. NEL 1 is 3 rooms east from your current position, and you're now clear to go forwards._ _To NEL 1?_

[02-Aug-18 05:53 AM] Twib#7809 Yes please. The faster I can leave all these corpses behind the better.

[02-Aug-18 05:55 AM] Tempest#5018 _You advance forwards three more rooms..._

[02-Aug-18 05:59 AM] Twib#7809 "So, one last lab and we have our exit. I hope. God, I hope."

[02-Aug-18 06:01 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - Northeastern Lab 1 - B9] _Congratulations on reaching the third and final wing of the research facility, the **NE Lab Area**._

_There is a map on a nearby wall, helpfully informing you of the layout of this area._

``` NE Lab area - Accessible rooms

1 2 3 4 5 6

1-6: Lab number Your current position: Lab 1 ```

_One of the computers in NEL 1 helpfully informs you that it was not locked down. You also notice a distinct lack of skeletons in this room. Something else seems to have happened here, however... The computers in this room are of no help to you._

_You have completed Objective 7. Look around in the NE Lab Area to try and find out what to do next._

[02-Aug-18 06:02 AM] Twib#7809 "I'm going to be very put out if we need to go ALL THE WAY BACK and turn on the water." NEL 2, please.

[02-Aug-18 06:06 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NEL 2 - B10]

_Computer #1 has a long personal log which you can read. Computer #2 seems to have a peculiar program called **PASC.exe**. Despite that, none of the rooms in the NE lab area are in lockdown - at least, so far._

[02-Aug-18 06:06 AM] Twib#7809 Personal log first.

[02-Aug-18 06:07 AM] Tempest#5018 ```NEL 2 Research log / Personal / D12/M05/Y419 / G. Freeman```

[02-Aug-18 06:07 AM] Twib#7809 "So, this is the same day that Freeman left."

[02-Aug-18 06:07 AM] Tempest#5018 ```Well, that does it. My colleagues are officially insane. All this talk of “impregnating” the test subjects, all under the pretense of science… This is bullshit. This isn’t science. We’re just finding ourselves excuses so that a few of us can let their disgusting desires speak for themselves. They’re not even treating the subjects as persons anymore; I’d say it’s barely better than animals… if that at all.

I’ve sent my resignation letter. I was under the impression that I was hired here to actually do some science, contribute to the advancement of technology, and for a while, that’s what I did. So I decided to write this, before I quit. If you’re reading this, look at what your colleagues have done. They’ve ruined it all for me.

Project Lambda was started over 20 years ago, but in the last few years, since I took over as lead researcher for the project, we were actually making progress! The project’s version 0.6, the Advanced Upper Body Protection Unit, which we renamed Powered Combat Vest (the older name was pretty wordy, I admit), was approved for use and full production in the Mazes, with the blessing of the Military, who promised that they would be testing and using the technology, on the condition that we develop a full-body version. ``` ```That’s exactly what I set out to do. For all of last year, and until Triema of this year, I’ve worked tirelessly, but the facility chief was more and more interested in making the next Project Mana instead of actually working on a solid, reliable project that could have been successful – and made us all rich. Seriously, the freaking military was in on this, they wanted this tech, they got the early version of it, but no, instead we’re kidnapping satori, manipulating the genome of kidnapped individuals, and we’re molesting them in the name of “science”.

The first prototype of Project Lambda version 1.0, dubbed Power Armor Suit, complete with a matching Power Armor Helmet, is now in storage. Functionally, it is complete, and compatible with human and even halfling bodies. Halfling users with large ears may need to adjust themselves to having their ears flattened against the helmet’s insides, and those with tails may also have to get used to it being flattened against their backs, but it works. Maybe I could have developed further improvements… Maybe even a version that works on youkai and their many body types. Imagine the possibilities, right? I made plans, blueprints, technical documentation, but, nope.

Nope. That’s all you’re gonna get from me. I’m out of here. I’m done. I’m done dealing with this awful science team. ``` ```Soon, your careers will be put to a permanent end. If you think I haven’t been paying attention to the behavioral logs and the destructive capabilities of the Project Psyker test subjects, then you really thought of me as less of a scientist than any of you are; and none of you are real scientists. You’re hacks, you’re power-drunk, and soon, you will all be punished. If it’s not by the test subjects themselves, it will be due to your own hubris.

To my ex-colleagues (in particular, Breen, Raven, Holm and Strider): If what I think is going to happen really will, your chances of survival are very thin. You always thought that my project was of lesser importance than mine; but what if I told you that I outfitted the Power Armor Helmet with a shield against concentrated psionic waves? All of the details are on the computer I left next to the PA capsule. You are pathetic scientists, don’t be pathetic humans and at least try to save your colleagues.

To Judith: Get out of here, ASAP. I’ve heard you say you were afraid for your life; you’re right. Leave, before it’s too late. The director isn’t going to help us, so I’ve gathered as much information as I could. No-one will help anyone in this facility if the catastrophe occurs, I’ve made sure of that. The Menezdu Research Facility has to be stopped, and I don’t want you caught in the crossfire. ```

[02-Aug-18 06:10 AM] Twib#7809 "I mean, to be fair." "*I* want to impregnate tons of girls." "So, good news - there's something good." "**BAD NEWS IT'S COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS TO US.**"

[02-Aug-18 06:10 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Maybe not. Maybe there's something we can salvage.
    • [Fireball]**... Look I know I'm desperate here but there's gotta be SOMETHING.

[02-Aug-18 06:11 AM] Twib#7809 "He said there were Power Armor documents for youkai stuff, we can take the paperwork and - I don't fuckingg know, it's armor, right? Even if we can't wear it we can drag it with us or goddamn something." "Let's go into REL 3 and do a full circle before we fiddle with the program."

[02-Aug-18 06:13 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Hold on. Come check this out first.

_Rie went on the other computer and noticed the PASC program._

    • [Fireball]** You wanna see what that is?

[02-Aug-18 06:15 AM] Twib#7809 "I don't want to trigger a program and then accidentally lock us out or trigger a countdown to an explosion." "But hey, you're the one who found us the keycard. Let's boot up the instrument of our doom."

[02-Aug-18 06:17 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running PASC.exe ...` `Power Armor Storage Control program version 1.102 by G.Freeman` `Current status of the storage room: LOCKED` `To unlock, type PASC -WUASTA`

[02-Aug-18 06:19 AM] Twib#7809 "So, yeah. Power Armor." "Let's check everything out and *then* unlock it." To NEL 3. "It's not like we're on a time crunch, yet. And we still need to figure out what to *do* with it."

[02-Aug-18 06:21 AM] Tempest#5018 (( Quick question: Why do you wanna check NEL 3 out?

[02-Aug-18 06:22 AM] Twib#7809 (((Literally, because I want to make sure everything's taken care of before I move on with the quest. I'm planning to go to NEL 3, then go to 6, and do a circle back to 2 before I unlock everything.)))

[02-Aug-18 06:23 AM] Tempest#5018 [MRF - NEL 3 - B11] _Nothing much here. Not even any skeletons. It's eeriely empty, the only faint noise in the room is the quiet hum of the two computers, neither of which have anything for you._

[02-Aug-18 06:24 AM] Twib#7809 Alright, now 6. "You know, if we gave this tech to the military, they would instantly win against the youkai activists."

[02-Aug-18 06:27 AM] Tempest#5018 _Do you want to automatically circle every room instead?_ _Just tell me in which one you want to stop._

[02-Aug-18 06:28 AM] Twib#7809 Yes, that's fine. I'm stopping to see if there are any goodies, or if there's any logs and emails to read. If there's noting, then I'll stop in REL 2 and type in PASC -WUASTA.

[02-Aug-18 06:28 AM] Tempest#5018 _You circle in 6, 5, 4, 1 then back in 2, spending 5 turns and quickly going through the computers and desks, but you find nothing of use._ _You notice that in NEL 2, there is a door north, leading to the NE storage room._ _Which as you already know, is locked._

[02-Aug-18 06:30 AM] Twib#7809 Well, let's see what comes next. PASC -WUASTA.

[02-Aug-18 06:32 AM] Tempest#5018 _You're starting to feel tired again._ Fatigue: 50.7% _Rie rips out a fat yawn. She's even more tired than you._

[02-Aug-18 06:32 AM] Twib#7809 "Let's pray to gods there's a bed in the storage room." "Scientists keep saying that they've been stuck in the lab for weeks." "So there *has* to be somewhere to sleep."

[02-Aug-18 06:33 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** Yeah. In the residential areas.
    • [Fireball]** Where it's CAVED IN.

[02-Aug-18 06:35 AM] Twib#7809 "No shutup let me have my delusional fantasies and not think about sleeping on that goddamn couch in the break room." "Also am I inputting this release lock wrong? I keep typing it in but it does nothing."

[02-Aug-18 06:35 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...`

[02-Aug-18 06:35 AM] Twib#7809 "Okay, there we go."

[02-Aug-18 06:35 AM] Tempest#5018 `Wake up, and smell the ashes.` `Security protocol program unhidden in NEL 4.`

[02-Aug-18 06:37 AM] Twib#7809 "Oh god damn it of course there's more running around." NEL 4. Uggggggggggggggh.

[02-Aug-18 06:39 AM] Tempest#5018 _A new program showed up, also called PASC.exe, on one of the computers there._

    • [Fireball]** Who the -fuck- designed this place to be so full of running around like that? It's insane.

[02-Aug-18 06:40 AM] Twib#7809 PASC -WUASTA.

[02-Aug-18 06:40 AM] Tempest#5018 `Running...`

[02-Aug-18 06:40 AM] Twib#7809 "There's no goddamn reason for it. Making everyone run around just causes MORE issues with people finding out about shit."

[02-Aug-18 07:27 AM] Tempest#5018 _6 turns spent so far._ _Fireball roots around in the desks, playing with the office clutter that hasn't decayed yet._

    • [Fireball]** Boring...

_13 turns..._

    • [Fireball]** Come ooonnnn... I thought you were good at this...

`Security protocol disabled. Storage room is now accessible.` _14 turns spent._

[02-Aug-18 07:51 AM] Twib#7809 "Motherfucker I would like to see you try the next puzzle, oh my GOD fuck this."

[02-Aug-18 07:52 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** You finally got this? Goddamn, girl, I've been waiting an HOUR for this...

_A total of 14 turns and 1 hour 10 minutes were spent._ _The time is now 6:23 AM._

[02-Aug-18 07:53 AM] Twib#7809 "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let's just go to the power armor we can't use." "We've been here for like five hours, I just want to go to bed." "Please."

[02-Aug-18 08:00 AM] Twib#7809 "Let's just fucking *go*" "To the power armor storage room, and be done with this."

[02-Aug-18 08:00 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I was starting to look for dust to snort. Yeah, let's go.

[02-Aug-18 08:01 AM] Twib#7809 "I do have tactical cocaine."

[02-Aug-18 08:06 AM] Tempest#5018 _3 rooms later..._ [MRF - Northeast storage room - A10]

Objective 8 completed: Gain access to the NE Lab Area storage room

_You carefully enter the storage room, which looks like it has been used for more than keeping the power armor safe... You see several things of interest in this room:

A desk, a computer, a large storage capsule... and four skeletons. The first is lying on the ground, one arm outstretched, hand reaching for the capsule. The second is curled up in a corner next to the computer, tilted on its side. The third is in a... rather unnatural body position next to the door. The fourth is curled up in another corner, under storage shelves.

The storage capsule has a transparent window, and it contains a **full suit of orange armor, and a matching helmet**._ _On the computer is a **text file**. You should probably read it._

[02-Aug-18 08:08 AM] Twib#7809 what's the unnatural body position?

[02-Aug-18 08:08 AM] Tempest#5018 _Those legs aren't supposed to bend that way..._

[02-Aug-18 08:08 AM] Twib#7809 Got it. SO TEXT FILE. "Worse comes to worst, I know a guy who I could bug to come here with me and bring it to the bank...."

[02-Aug-18 08:09 AM] Tempest#5018 ```Text file: my final moments.txt Date created: D13/M05/Y419 ``` _Opening..._ ``` He got us. The motherfucker got us. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted anyone with a goatee.

The computer had nothing about the supposed psionic protection that he said the PA helmet would have. In fact, the suit of Power Armor has no psionic protection capabilities whatsoever. It was all a lie to get us to enter this storage room and open the fake program that he set up.

Instead of letting us configure the psionic protectors that don’t exist, it activated his six-factor self-randomizing password system, locking us into the storage room… except the control computer to enter the password is Lab 2, in the next room.

Freeman played us and he won. While everyone else is getting their brains exploded by the rampaging test subjects, we’re going to die here. There is no food, no water, nothing, just a suit of power armor that we can’t even get out of its stasis capsule. The glass is too hard to break (fucking reinforced acry-glass, for once in my life I don’t want it), and it only responds to Freeman’s keycard. ``` ``` The only thing that could save us right now is a power failure, which would disable these security protocols. Or a strike team to storm in and clean this shit up. Can’t the military come here to kill these bastards? My family is from Station Delta, I have a younger brother who’s in the military. I wish he could be here with a squad, so that they could come here, save us, and put a bullet in that traitor.

But sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Town Security is not responding to us. The phone lines go dead when trying to call emergency services. I think they’ve organized a lockdown. Or maybe Freeman spoke to the mayor and he told TownSec not to intervene. Or maybe they all already evacuated and left us here to die. Or maybe it’s all of that at once. I don’t know.

It’s hard to think. The air is thick and dry.

At least the female test subjects were good fucks.

If anyone finds this message, I’ll be probably dead, as will Strider, Raven and Holm, so please, don’t stay any longer than you have to in this cursed room.

- W. Breen, (former) Project Psyker scientist at the (soon to be retired) Menezdu Research Facility. ``` ```P.S.: If you made it this far, Freeman’s keycard is probably in the facility’s central storage area, next to the Southwestern Lab area. You’re going to need it if you want the Power Armor; none of our keycards work, he locked it specifically to his. My only hope is that you’re not from too far in the future, because I want you to call our families and tell them that we’re dead; I fear no-one will be able to do that for us. Today’s date is Pentema 13, Year 419, all four of us have families in Alba Radium or Station Delta. If you can, please send a message to my younger brother Sergeant Harry Breen, of the 4th Company; tell him that I love him and that I should have been a better role model for him.

If, by any chance, you’re a colleague, do not try to cross the entire facility. I’ve heard of another way out. The test subjects are likely going to try to get to the exit, so that means they’ll be killing anyone on their way out. Do NOT go to the Northwestern or Southwestern lab areas. Stay here, be as discrete as possible, and try to make your way to the toilets instead; go 2 rooms south, then 2 rooms east from this storage area.

Besides us four, Magnusson was the only one in the Southeastern Lab Area to not make a run for the exit. Instead, he ran for the toilets, he said something about “fearing that something like that would happen”. We didn’t follow because we thought we could get the Power Armor, but, well… Maybe he made it out. I don’t know what’s in those toilets, but if you can escape from there, go ahead and try; anything is better than facing those head-blasters. ```

[02-Aug-18 08:12 AM] Twib#7809 "Well, we *could* bring the helmet with us." "And we hae an exit."

[02-Aug-18 08:13 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Fireball]** I think I see some stuff inside of the capsule... Yeah, there's more stuff besides the armor! Use that keycard, I wanna see what's inside!

[02-Aug-18 08:15 AM] Twib#7809 "I just hope we can close it afterwards." SWIPE~

[02-Aug-18 08:15 AM] Tempest#5018 _Psshhhhhhhh...._ _The stasis capsule slowly opens, releasing air in the process._ _What does it contain?..._ _...You will know on the next episode!_ [Session #112 ; Session end]