Log:V4 Session 122 (Meta, no ontology)

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[15-Sep-18 09:28 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #122 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Jude Mustaine. You're currently in the UA, traveling on the Deep route from Arnett to Elkins, and you have 23 rooms to go until reaching destination. You have **two** torso wounds and you're bleeding at a rate of 0.2/turn; get patched up soon!_ _You are currently in the middle of a fight against a hitwoman._ _Turn 4. What's your next move?_

[15-Sep-18 09:35 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude has little interest in screwing around anymore. She grits her teeth as she points her Vz. 58 at the hitwoman's belly and squeezes off four shots in semi-auto; hopefully without getting shot again herself. "Go down already!" Bang, bang, bang, bang._

[15-Sep-18 09:37 PM] Tempest#5018 _Order this turn: Hitwoman, you._ _The hitwoman attempts - while hurt and trembling - to fire at you six times._ /r repeat (2d6, 6, brief)

[15-Sep-18 09:37 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d6, 6, brief)` = 9, 5, 6, 4, 7, 10

[15-Sep-18 09:37 PM] Tempest#5018 FT 8 IR 2: 2 inaccurates, 4 misses /r repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)

[15-Sep-18 09:38 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)` = 1, 1

[15-Sep-18 09:39 PM] Tempest#5018 Two hits, both of which fly into your left arm. Which happens to be protected by an armored SRA pad. [Damage sustained] Pain +8% (now 22%) Limb damage: 1 damage to the left arm (one shot failed to do damage) (19 /22 HP) Wounds: +1 wound to the left arm, -1 Blood (now 16.5 /20) Trauma: Stress +1.4% (now 11.4%)

Clothing damage: SRA arm pads -0.2 _Alright, it is now your turn. Send your 4 shots._

[15-Sep-18 09:43 PM] Jaroslav#9273 /r repeat (2d6, 4, brief)

[15-Sep-18 09:43 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `repeat (2d6, 4, brief)` = 5, 7, 5, 8

[15-Sep-18 09:44 PM] Tempest#5018 2 misses, 2 inaccurates /r repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)

[15-Sep-18 09:44 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)` = 1, 0

[15-Sep-18 09:44 PM] Tempest#5018 One hit, one miss. _The one good shot ends up hitting the hitwoman in the torso. Is it enough this time?_ [Damage inflicted] +33% Pain (93%) Some damage to the trauma plate _She reels, looking almost as though she's going to fall over, but remains conscious and is still in the fight, though very much worse for wear._ _Ending Turn 4..._ _You bleed a fair bit. (-0.3 Blood, 16.2 /20)_ _Turn 5. Your opponent looks like a mess. Next move?_

[15-Sep-18 09:52 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _She's got several shallow, burning holes over her upper body, and still isn't out of the woods. "A-argh, oh, FUCK YOU!" Four more shots, and a prayer if she believed in fairy tales._

[15-Sep-18 09:53 PM] Tempest#5018 Turn order is the same.

    • [Hitwoman]** FUGGYEWTOO!

_Speech is slurred and clearly not normal._ _She only fires one shot at you, aimed at the stomach._ _Immediately after she fires, her slide locks back. Again._ /r 2d6

[15-Sep-18 09:54 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `2d6` = (6+3) = 9

[15-Sep-18 09:54 PM] Tempest#5018 And it's a miss. She is so fucked up, her FT is 9! _Your turn._

[15-Sep-18 09:54 PM] Jaroslav#9273 /r repeat (2d6, 4, brief)

[15-Sep-18 09:54 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `repeat (2d6, 4, brief)` = 6, 3, 2, 7

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Daaamn. I need you to toss me a 1d100. Malfunction check.

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 1d100

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d100` = (86) = 86

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Success. No malfunctions this turn. 3 misses, 1 inaccurate. /r 1d2-1

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[15-Sep-18 09:55 PM] Tempest#5018 Transformed into a hit. [Damage inflicted] Pain +33% (now 124% - **Blacked out**) Trauma plate absorbed the shot but was **destroyed** _Ending Turn 5... You bleed out a little bit more (15.9 /20), and she passes out._ End of fight - Opponent blacked out (5 turns) _If you wish to do so, you can execute her with any of your weapons to get a skill point with it._

[15-Sep-18 10:04 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _"S-stupid worthless piece of- GAHHH!" A 7.62x39 to the brain pan probably doesn't feel good - followed by another, because Jude has a twitchy trigger finger._

[15-Sep-18 10:05 PM] Tempest#5018 _You execute her with two shots to the head._ _There is no head left when you're finished._ Creature killed: Hitwoman +1 SP in Semi-auto rifle KV: 40 points +1 Headshot point +1 Brutal point _Now there is the immediate emergency of having to find bandages. You only carry one IB in your backpack._

[15-Sep-18 10:14 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Alright, uh... first things first, Jude is going to rush to drop her bag and take out the IB, using that to address one of her chest injuries. Then, she sees if she can't wrangle up a bandage from the loose rag, to apply to the other wound beside it._

[15-Sep-18 10:15 PM] Tempest#5018 You spent a turn to drop the backpack (-0.3), and another to patch up one of your wounds with the IB (-0.2). As for the rag... Healing skill Unskilled, I think?

[15-Sep-18 10:16 PM] Jaroslav#9273 That is correct. Jude has like... no skills.

[15-Sep-18 10:17 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright, if you use that rag to try and patch the wound up, it's a 50% chance to succeed. Otherwise the rag is spent. Toss me a 1d2-1 if you want to use it.

[15-Sep-18 10:17 PM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 1d2-1

[15-Sep-18 10:17 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[15-Sep-18 10:17 PM] Tempest#5018 Success! +1 SP in Healing. And -1 wound. 1 turn spent, 1 rag consumed, and -0.1 Blood. You're sitting at 15.0/20 Blood, and -0.1 B per turn. It should at least be more manageable for now, just watch the amount of turns you spend.

[15-Sep-18 10:21 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude is going to avoid shredding up her shirt for the time being, if possible. Not taking any chances, though, she is absolutely going to empty out the SKS stripper clips to top off her rifle and put some rounds into a spare mag - keeping the clips, of course._

[15-Sep-18 10:23 PM] Tempest#5018 You can spend 3 turns to completely empty 2 clips and partially empty the third. It will leave 4 rounds in the partial clip. These will fill up your Vz 58V's mag to 30. That OK?

[15-Sep-18 10:24 PM] Jaroslav#9273 Isn't that 6 rounds left over? By my count I started with 16 loaded, then 12, 8, 6.

[15-Sep-18 10:25 PM] Tempest#5018 You have 6 +1 rounds left in your weapon so that would logically require 24 rounds to refill. At least according to me.

[15-Sep-18 10:25 PM] Jaroslav#9273 So 10, 10, and 4, leaving 6 on the last clip.

[15-Sep-18 10:26 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, yeah, that's right. My bad. I had the 4 and 6 flipped. Whoops. _You remove your weapon's magazine, and start using your stripper clips to refill it quicker than loading rounds by hand. In 3 turns, you have a full magazine again [30 +1 /30], and you're left with two empty SKS clips in the vest, and one partially full [6 /10]._ Blood: 14.7 /20 Fatigue: 50.2%. You're **Tired**. Effects: Agi +1, mild accelerated hunger (-4 ntri/turn), mild accelerated thirst (-2 wtr/turn)

[15-Sep-18 10:32 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _And she'll feed the remaining 16 rounds into one of her empty magazines. Better to get her clothes a little disgusting now than run dry and get curb stomped in the next room._

[15-Sep-18 10:32 PM] Tempest#5018 _That process will take an extra 2 turns. You end up with a Vz 58 magazine at [16 /30] and all clips empty._ _And that's taken care of._ _Do you want to inspect the dead hitwoman for items?_

[15-Sep-18 10:34 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Might as well. Maybe she'll at least have some useful shit to make up for being such a nuisance - hopefully._

[15-Sep-18 10:37 PM] Tempest#5018 The hitwoman had the following (shortened for brevity, if you want a full event line on specific items, tell me which ones): Clothes: Leather jacket, leather pants, running shoes (all in pristine condition) Armor: Light T armor vest (good condition), the remains of a now destroyed aramid fiber plate Weapons: Colt M1911A1 with threading and silencer (0 +1, Standard JHP, excellent condition, lubricated), G3 bayonet (excellent condition) LBE: CCW vest 4 spare magazines - one empty and on the floor, three full in her vest [all 7/7, all full of JHP]

[15-Sep-18 10:40 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude is definitely interested in taking a closer look at everything except for the body armour and the running shoes._

[15-Sep-18 10:43 PM] Tempest#5018 [Clothing] Top - Leather jacket (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 3

   Condition: Good

[Clothing] Bottom - Leather pants (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 5

   Condition: Brand new

[LBE] (Tactical vest) CCW vest - Capacity 4 units + Ammo (4 pistol mags only, max tier: Small, max mag capacity: 20 rounds) + Spare wpn. (1x C3 wpn only, max wgt 3)

[Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - Colt M1911A1 pistol | .45 ACP - Semi-auto - 5 in. - N | Silencer | M1911A1 7-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3

   Maze Customs: Threaded barrel
   Ammunition: 0 +1/7, 1x .Standard JHP
   Maintenance: Condition Excellent ; Cleanliness Lubricated

[Weapon accessory] Bayonet: G3 - Slash (Sharp), Stab (Piercing) - Steel - Knife-bayonet - Weight: 3

   Condition: Excellent

[Weapon accessory] Magazine: Colt M1911A1 7-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.00 (0.25) - [0 /7, Empty] [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Colt M1911A1 7-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.14 (0.39) - [7 /7, 7x .45 ACP Standard JHP] [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Colt M1911A1 7-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.14 (0.39) - [7 /7, 7x .45 ACP Standard JHP] [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Colt M1911A1 7-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.14 (0.39) - [7 /7, 7x .45 ACP Standard JHP] _There you go._

[15-Sep-18 10:53 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Thinking on it for a moment, the halfling decides that she's going to change out of her current outfit and into the leather jacket and pants; not only does the jacket provide more protection than a T-shirt, but these are more her style anyway.

She stuffs the military pants into her backpack, and tears the shirt up to make rags to hopefully finish patching herself up with. The G3 bayonet is also going in the bag.

She removes the Walther P99 from holster 2 and drops it into her backpack, replacing it with the M1911A1 - but not before releasing the empty magazine and loading in one of the fresh ones. She then takes the two loose full mags and stuffs those into her Gunfighter belt, dropping the empties into her backpack as well._

[15-Sep-18 10:57 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright, so... In order: Took off T-shirt Took off military pants Tore up the T-shirt into rags Added items to backpack (Military pants, Walther P99, G3 bayonet, 2x empty 1911 magazine) Reloading M1911A1 Added items to belt (2x full 1911 magazine)

Free actions: Dropping the Walther P99, Equipping the Colt M1911A1 Did I forget anything?

[15-Sep-18 10:59 PM] Jaroslav#9273 No.

[15-Sep-18 11:00 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, actually, yes I forgot something. Put on leather jacket Put on leather pants I was almost having you streak naked in the UA. My bad! Alright so, this full list plus the last two is 8 turns. Uno momento.

[15-Sep-18 11:01 PM] Jaroslav#9273 Oh, pbbt.

[15-Sep-18 11:04 PM] Tempest#5018 Tearing up the t-shirt produced the following: [Item] Rag. Can be used as a makeshift bandage (50% chance to succeed + Healing skill bonus, if applicable) or as a molotov cocktail component. - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 3] I'm adding them to your bag at no extra cost if you want

[15-Sep-18 11:06 PM] Jaroslav#9273 Sure.

[15-Sep-18 11:09 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. That makes the following: Holster 2 now filled with the silenced Colt M1911A1 Belt/Ammo 1: 3 /4 magazines BP / Main: 55.21 /60 Good haul, I would say. You fought for this.

[15-Sep-18 11:16 PM] Jaroslav#9273 Minus 1 unit for the used IB, for 54.21. `I forgot to remove that.`

[15-Sep-18 11:20 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, yeah. (so did I.) So that makes 55.11 actually. IBs are 0.1 each

[15-Sep-18 11:20 PM] Jaroslav#9273 ~~`Oh god I can't read holy shit`~~

[15-Sep-18 11:21 PM] Tempest#5018 Nah it's fine dw.

[15-Sep-18 11:21 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Ahem. That makes how many turns of bleeding now? Jude's gonna go ahead and try using one of those rags now._

[15-Sep-18 11:23 PM] Tempest#5018 You're at 13.7 /20. Toss me a 1d2-1 if you're using a rag.

[15-Sep-18 11:23 PM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 1d2-1

[15-Sep-18 11:23 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d2-1` = (1)-1 = 0

[15-Sep-18 11:23 PM] Tempest#5018 Spent a turn and failed to bandage, so -0.1 Blood.

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Mulligan. She tries with a second one._ /r 1d2-1

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d2-1` = (1)-1 = 0

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Tempest#5018 Darn, it tore up too!

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Motherfucker. Three's the charm._ /r 1d2-1

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d2-1` = (1)-1 = 0

[15-Sep-18 11:24 PM] Tempest#5018 Three rags and three failures. Wow.

[15-Sep-18 11:26 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude stares at the pile of loose shreds under her hands and droops her head a little bit. Oh my god, I'm so incompetent. Jesus fuck. AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA._

[15-Sep-18 11:27 PM] Tempest#5018 _Well, not much else left to do, now that you looted what is now a dead, headless, naked body._ _Next doors?_

[15-Sep-18 11:27 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Nowhere to go but downhill from here. It's time for zeeb to zip._

[15-Sep-18 11:28 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Featureless room (D) // Front: Empty club room, abandoned (1) // Right: Old Byway (D)

[15-Sep-18 11:31 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Begrudgingly, she moves into the club room._

[15-Sep-18 11:35 PM] Tempest#5018 _You lose 0.1 Blood again._

[1:05 PM - Empty club room, abandoned] _This is a completely dead and empty room, with absolutely nothing of interest here._

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Empty shrine, abandoned (1) // Front: Library wing, abandoned (1) // Right: Roadway (S)

[15-Sep-18 11:37 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _That roadway looks like it could be salvation, and she's holding about all she cares to carry. Shortcuts good, yes. Go._

[15-Sep-18 11:43 PM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood. Now 13.2 /20._

[1:10 PM - Roadway] The front door here is a **Shortcut -2**.

_On Side 4, you spot a **Fiend**, an employee of Hell Inc. or better known as a demonic creature. It appears to simply be passing through, uninterested by the loot on the floor, of which there is a lot: a **food item**, an **item** and a **supply crate!**_

[15-Sep-18 11:54 PM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude casts a wary glance at the spook in the room, but upon realising it's probably not going to try and eat her, she decides to inspect the goods._

[15-Sep-18 11:56 PM] Tempest#5018 [Food] Fruit - Apple. 95 ntri, 52 wtr - Weight: 1 [Item] Weapon Light and Laser Battery (WL2 Battery). A type of small battery used to power accessories such as weapon lights and laser sights. [Power remaining: 28 %] - Weight 0.1 [Supply crate] LBE-MIL1: TT-1A Assault vest, Field pack, Basic utility belt

[16-Sep-18 12:00 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Zibba-zoo doesn't hesitate at all to snatch the battery, figuring she might need it, and apples are good too. She'll also check out the assault vest while she's here._

[16-Sep-18 12:02 AM] Tempest#5018 You open the supply crate... [LBE] (Tactical vest) TT-1A Assault vest - Capacity 5 units + Ammo (6 mags only, max tier: Large) _Interested in it?_

[16-Sep-18 12:04 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _As long as she's not carrying any grenades, she sees no reason to prefer the AK chest rig over this. Worth switching! And then, she'll see if she can compact the AK rig to fit it in her backpack._

[16-Sep-18 12:07 AM] Tempest#5018 All tactical vests fold down to Weight 5 items. It will fit, you'll be at 57.11 /60. That OK?

[16-Sep-18 12:08 AM] Jaroslav#9273 58.21 with the other two items.

[16-Sep-18 12:10 AM] Tempest#5018 _You spend 3 turns "upgrading" from the AK chest rig to the TT-1A vest. Then you spent one turn to fold down tha AK chest rig to a carriable state, and another turn to take the items (apple, WL2 battery, folded AK chest rig). Total, 5 turns. (-0.5 Blood)_ [LBE] (Tactical vest) AK chest rig - Folded - Weight: 5 BP/Main: 58.21 /60 Vest/Main: 0.2 /5 Vest/Ammo: 6 /6 mags

[16-Sep-18 12:15 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _All good. Now, Jude wastes no time heading through the front exit. She can feel herself starting to shake a little bit from the blood loss. Is it cold in here?_

[16-Sep-18 12:18 AM] Tempest#5018 _If you let your Blood fall under half, it's gonna start sucking, yeah._ _Next doors coming in a sec_

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Hospital bedroom, abandoned (1) // Front (**Shortcut -2**): Empty dojo, abandoned (1) // Right: Passage (D)

Confirm front door?

[16-Sep-18 12:21 AM] Jaroslav#9273 Yes.

[16-Sep-18 12:23 AM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood. (12.6). You skip 2 rooms!_

[1:15 PM - Empty dojo, abandoned] _Not much of interest here, except for a little box on the ground that appears to be full of **mushrooms**._

[16-Sep-18 12:25 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Oh hey, fungal matter. She probably won't die if she breathes close enough to those to see what they are, right? Nahhh. Let's have a look._

[16-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Tempest#5018 [Mushroom] (Normal) Brown, Flour smell - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.01 - [Quantity: 10]

[16-Sep-18 12:33 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Well... ah, what the hell. Jude'll take them. She doesn't have to do anything with them just yet, after all._

[16-Sep-18 12:36 AM] Tempest#5018 BP/Main: 58.31 /60

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Office room, abandoned (1) // Front: Library wing, **dark (2)** // Right: Highway (S)

[16-Sep-18 12:38 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Ridin' down the highway, goin' to a show..._

[16-Sep-18 12:44 AM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood. (12.5 /20)_

[1:20 PM - Highway room] _The front door here is a **Shortcut -3**. You are now 17 rooms away from your destination. You spot some **ammunition** on the floor ..._

[16-Sep-18 12:45 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _If there are two things that make the zebra gal wet, they're live ammo and... getting shot. She'll bend over to check that out._

[16-Sep-18 12:47 AM] Tempest#5018 [Ammunition] Large bolt for crossbow, FLD - field, 8 bolts - Weight: 0.8 (0.1 per round)

[16-Sep-18 12:48 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _No use for these in the foreseeable future - but hey, if she lives to the next town, they might make some money. Yoink._

[16-Sep-18 12:50 AM] Tempest#5018 Spent a turn to take these bolts. BP/Main: 59.11 /60

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Deactivated room (S) // Front (**Shortcut -3**): Pathway (S) // Right: Featureless room (D)

[16-Sep-18 12:53 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Imagine her luck; another passage. It's not weird if Jude rushes a little bit as she goes for the front exit, right?_

[16-Sep-18 12:55 AM] Tempest#5018 Shortcut chain time! _-0.1 Blood. (12.3 /20). You skip 3 extra rooms!_

[1:25 PM - Pathway] _On Side 3 of this room, you see a **Gem Golem**. He almost stepped on a piece of LBE that was abandoned on the floor._ _That creature is hostile._ Combat mode is ON. Turn 1. What is your next move?

[16-Sep-18 12:58 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Oh no, no, no. This is not good. She scrambles to see if there's anything she can hide behind._ @cover

[16-Sep-18 12:58 AM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A wooden crate with metal covers. (Health: 59, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: A2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75)

[16-Sep-18 12:59 AM] Tempest#5018 Passable, but mind your Agi -1 if you want to take cover stealthily.

[16-Sep-18 01:03 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Which is counteracted by a +2 from the effects of her current state of 'get me to a fucking hospital', thankfully. She tries it._

[16-Sep-18 01:04 AM] Tempest#5018 Alright, stealth cover check. Toss me a 2d6-1, success on 7+.

[16-Sep-18 01:05 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 2d6-1

[16-Sep-18 01:05 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `2d6-1` = (4+3)-1 = 6

[16-Sep-18 01:06 AM] Tempest#5018 You slip behind cover, but you are spotted, breaking stealth. _End of Turn 1. The golem is now aware of your presence._ _-0.1 Blood._ Turn 2. What do you plan to do?

[16-Sep-18 01:09 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _That thing is big, and scary, and angry-looking. Jude puts a Parallar on a long burst at its head from the Vz. 58 putting it down, and quick._

[16-Sep-18 01:11 AM] Tempest#5018 OK so. The head is counted as part of the body so there is no actual extra damage (or accuracy malus). You can instead try to fuck up its head engraving but that is a **weak point** which means FT+2... ...but also 1.5x damage.

[16-Sep-18 01:13 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude isn't knowledgeable enough about Jewish lore to be qualified to do this. She'll settle for just trying to blast it the traditional way._

[16-Sep-18 01:14 AM] Tempest#5018 Alright then. Turn order: You, Golem. Long burst... so toss me a 5d7.

[16-Sep-18 01:14 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 5d7

[16-Sep-18 01:14 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `5d7` = (2+5+7+3+3) = 20

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Tempest#5018 Now roll for 20 shots. Recoil will affect your aim.

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r repeat (2d6, 20, brief)

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `repeat (2d6, 20, brief)` = 4, 9, 3, 7, 8, 11, 9, 2, 4, 3, 8, 4, 12, 9, 6, 3, 5, 4, 7, 8

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Tempest#5018 Malfunction check cuz I see a 2. Toss me a 1d100. You fail on 99 or 100.

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 1d100

[16-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d100` = (87) = 87

[16-Sep-18 01:16 AM] Tempest#5018 Pass! No problems this turn. Now to solve your shooting. FT 6 IR 2 (7-8) Skill: Basic Recoil: 3

Shots 1-8: 3 misses, 2 inaccurates, 3 hits Shots 9-16 (Left leg, IR 3 (7-9)): 5 misses, 2 inaccurates, 1 critical hit Shots 17-20 (Right foot, IR 4 (7-10)): 2 misses, 2 inaccurates @critwin

[16-Sep-18 01:19 AM] Tsuchinoko#3861

  • Extra damage! - Pain and Limb Damage x1.5 for this hit.

[16-Sep-18 01:19 AM] Tempest#5018 /r repeat (1d2-1, 6, brief)

[16-Sep-18 01:19 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (1d2-1, 6, brief)` = 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0

[16-Sep-18 01:20 AM] Tempest#5018 5 hits in the body, 1 critical hit in the left leg, everything else is a miss. Good news for you: Hits anywhere on the body reduce its overall HP, because it has only one HP counter. [Damage inflicted] 47 damage in six hits (4, 9, 10, 8, 8, **8** - bold means critical) - 13 /60 HP remaining _The body of the shiny, multicolored Gem Golem is cracked and broken at every spot where one of your bullets hit. It's close to being shattered to pieces... but it survives this turn._ _Golem's turn. The golem lunges towards you, with the intent to SMASH you. 1 punch, left leg._ /r 2d6

[16-Sep-18 01:23 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `2d6` = (4+2) = 6

[16-Sep-18 01:23 AM] Tempest#5018 _WHAM. The fist of the gem golem SMASHES... the floor, inches away from your leg._ _That's a close call, but nonetheless a miss._ _Ending Turn 2... Now the crystalline creature towers over you on your side of the room. Blood -0.1._ Turn 3. What is your next move?

[16-Sep-18 01:28 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _The halfling can't help but narrow her eyes and grin as she punches lots of little divots in the freaky thing's glassy form, interrupted by a gasp when she narrowly avoids what looked to be a bone-breaking swing. Way too close to risk doing again. With a temporary and cautious boost of confidence, she aims right for the golem's big, ugly belly and lets off a short automatic burst._

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Tempest#5018 Toss me a 1d7

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r 1d7

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `1d7` = (4) = 4

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Tempest#5018 And go for four shots.

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Jaroslav#9273 /r repeat (2d6, 4, brief)

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Jaroslav#9273: `repeat (2d6, 4, brief)` = 9, 7, 3, 9

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Tempest#5018 /r 1d2-1

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d2-1` = (2)-1 = 1

[16-Sep-18 01:29 AM] Tempest#5018 3 hits! [Damage inflicted] 15 damage in 3 hits (6, 3, 6) Creature eliminated: Gem Golem +1 SP in Automatic Rifle Kill Value: 66 points End of fight! (3 turns) _The golem shatters in a million pieces - there are **shinies** in the remains that you should go through!..._

[16-Sep-18 01:34 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude isn't sure if she's surprised by the creature losing its integrity completely... but she's glad to have a clear sign that it is **not** getting back up. Inhaaaaale. "... whew. You're not so tough. Now what's all this..."_

[16-Sep-18 01:36 AM] Tempest#5018 [Valuable] Purple gem - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.1 [Valuable] Red gem - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.1 [Valuable] Purple gem - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.1 [Valuable] Clear gem - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.1 [Valuable] Orange gem - _Unidentified_ - Weight: 0.1 _These are some of the intact gems you were able to gather from the pile._ _The rest is pretty much broken glass._

[16-Sep-18 01:38 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _She takes her mind off of the fact that she's getting more anemic with every second by sardonically rubbing her hands together for a second, before stowing all those gems into her rucksack._

[16-Sep-18 01:40 AM] Tempest#5018 _One turn later, and you're richer by 5 gems._ BP/Main: 59.61 /60 _Do you also want to look at the piece of LBE on the floor?_

[16-Sep-18 01:48 AM] Jaroslav#9273 Yes.

[16-Sep-18 01:48 AM] Tempest#5018 [LBE] (Backpack) ALICE Mark 2 - Capacity 45 units + Class 4 pouch (max 4) + Spare wpn. (1x C1 or C2, max wgt 18)

[16-Sep-18 01:50 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Oh man, this is a tough decision. It would cost too much to try and change out for the ALICE pack, but... Jude wonders how much space it'll occupy folded up, to see if it's even worth trying to take._

[16-Sep-18 01:54 AM] Tempest#5018 The ALICE Mark 2 folds down into a 12 unit item.

[16-Sep-18 01:56 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Ehhh... she's willing to forget about it. She's got places to be, such as 'not here'._

[16-Sep-18 01:59 AM] Tempest#5018 To the next doors!

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Pathway (S) // Front (**Shortcut -1**): Roadway (S) // Right: Laundry room, abandoned

_And another shortcut chain for you._

[16-Sep-18 02:02 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _"Man, you gotta be kidding me. Maybe all this 'Contestant' stuff isn't so crap... one way to find out." To the roadway she goes._

[16-Sep-18 02:08 AM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood. 11.9 /20. You skipped another extra room! You will be only 11 rooms from your destination on the next room._

[1:30 PM - Roadway] _The front door here is a **Shortcut -2**. There is nothing of use here._

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Empty bar, **overgrown (5)** // Front (**Shortcut -2**): Empty lobby room, **dark (2)** // Right: Library wing, abandoned

[16-Sep-18 02:11 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Not long now... is what she tells herself as she puts on her night vision goggles and steps into the lobby room._

[16-Sep-18 02:12 AM] Tempest#5018 NVGs **ON!** _The world is green._ _You skip an extra 2 rooms! -0.1 Blood._

[1:35 PM - Empty lobby room, dark] _Thanks to your NVGs being on, you do not suffer from the effects of environmental blindness. You spot a desk which, shrouded by the darkness, was not looted and might contain **stuff**._

[16-Sep-18 02:17 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Any instance of stuff has a rare chance of being a 1-up, right? Jude scours that desk._

[16-Sep-18 02:18 AM] Tempest#5018 [Handloading] Powder jar, empty - weight: 0.5 - [Powder: 0 /35000] ~~the curse continues~~

[16-Sep-18 02:21 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Grumble grumble. "... at least I don't have to piss." Nothing to see here._

[16-Sep-18 02:22 AM] Tempest#5018 Taking the jar?

[16-Sep-18 02:23 AM] Jaroslav#9273 Nah.

[16-Sep-18 02:23 AM] Tempest#5018 Aight. Don't forget to turn your NVGs off. :p

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Roadway (S) // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Bedroom (single bed), abandoned (1)

[16-Sep-18 02:25 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Off come the goggles as she pulls a left. The idea of getting some sleep right now is really tempting... but she doesn't think it's worth the risk._

[16-Sep-18 02:31 AM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood._

[1:40 PM - Roadway] _The front door here is a **Shortcut -3**. You spot two **blueprints** and an abandoned **box of ammo** on the floor._

[16-Sep-18 02:34 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Same old song and dance. Let's have a look._

[16-Sep-18 02:35 AM] Tempest#5018 [Crafting] (Blueprint) Level 3, PhoneB, 1x Mobile phone with loaded battery (must not be empty) + 1x E. circuit - Weight: 0.01 [Crafting] (Blueprint) Level 2, CompVest, Box of carbon nanotube fibers + Box of super-aramid fibers + either Heavy K, Heavy T or Heavy D armor vest - Weight: 0.01 [Ammunition] Ammo box of 43mm VGM-93.200 tear gas, 12 rounds - [3 /12] - Weight: 3 (1 per round)

[16-Sep-18 02:41 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Well, those blueprints might come in handy... and in order to fit the grenades, Jude decides to drop the manga and crime books, and the hull plastic._

[16-Sep-18 02:46 AM] Tempest#5018 _Spent a turn to drop the backpack, and another to transfer the items._ BP/Main: 59.63 /60 Blood 11.5 /20

[16-Sep-18 03:00 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Empty club room, forsaken (4) // Front (**Shortcut -3**): Passage (D) // Right: Highway (S)

[16-Sep-18 03:09 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude moves forwards into the passage._

[16-Sep-18 03:12 AM] Tempest#5018 _You skip 3 extra rooms! -0.1 Blood._ [1:45 PM - Passage] _An out-of-the-way passage room. The front door here is a **Detour +2**. You are now just 3 rooms away from Elkins. You spot another **blueprint** on the floor._

[16-Sep-18 03:14 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _"Wow, if I turn enough of these things in to Snide, I think it'll show me how to defeat King K. Rool." She examines the blueprint._

[16-Sep-18 03:18 AM] Tempest#5018 [Crafting] (Blueprint) Level 1, NPlank, 1x Plank + 10x Nailgun nails - Weight: 0.01 _You already carry one of these._ _They're not worth much, but if you feel like selling the extras, it's always a few more coins._

[16-Sep-18 03:21 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Meh. It's only a piece of paper, why not?_

[16-Sep-18 03:24 AM] Tempest#5018 Grab! BP/Main: 59.64 /60

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Empty bar, forsaken (4) // Front: Trash room, abandoned (1) // Right: Old byway (D)

[16-Sep-18 03:36 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Jude has the brilliant idea that there might be something worth seeing in the trash room, as opposed to the empty bar. I mean, obviously, right? And it probably smells GREAT in there too._

[16-Sep-18 03:41 AM] Tempest#5018 [1:50 PM - Trash room] _A room full of old, rusty dumpsters, and ages-old garbage that survived through the times. The smell is rank, but not overwhelming like in the overgrown versions of this room._ _The same **fiend** as earlier is in this room._ _He's not hostile. Just appears to be searching through one of the dumpsters for something._

[16-Sep-18 03:49 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _The zebra lady can't help but blink in disbelief. Wow, uh, small... big-small world? She offers a little bit of a wave, but judging by how **red** her front side is, she isn't very interested in stopping for small talk._

[16-Sep-18 03:51 AM] Tempest#5018 _The fiend headtilts, squints, and waves back. He does seem to silently recognize you._

[16-Sep-18 03:54 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Doors, there are doors, right?_

[16-Sep-18 03:55 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Next rooms]** Left: Classroom, **overgrown (5)** // Front: Laundry room, **deserted (0)** // Right: Machine room, **deserted (0)**

[16-Sep-18 03:55 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Just what the doctor ordered. Jude makes her way to the laundry room._

[16-Sep-18 04:06 AM] Tempest#5018 _-0.1 Blood._

[1:55 PM - Laundry room] _A laundry room, in nearly pristine condition. There are **clothes** abandoned in some of the washing machines here - five of them are full. And a miraculous **item** is on the floor!_

[16-Sep-18 04:09 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _GET EQUIPPED WITH... well, actually, she doesn't know what it is yet. She examines the titular item._

[16-Sep-18 04:09 AM] Tempest#5018 [Meds] Gauze roll - Can cure up to 10 wounds, 1 per use. (max 1 use per turn) - Weight: 1 - [Uses left: 6 /10] _...Exactly what you needed._

[16-Sep-18 04:11 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _"Oh goddamn, FINALLY." There is no hesitation in covering up the wound on her left arm, then throwing away the duct tape so she can fit the gauze in her backpack._

[16-Sep-18 04:12 AM] Tempest#5018 _You patched yourself up -first-, which means that at the end of that turn, you -recover- +0.1 Blood. Recovering Blood also means it's going to draw on your nutrition and fatigue for awhile, but better be hungry than bleedy._ _You then spent another turn dropping the backpack, and one more swapping items._ _There's also the five pieces of clothing in the various machines here, do you want to take a look at those?_

[16-Sep-18 04:19 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Now that she is on the path *away* from the brink of death, Jude has the patience to take some time and consider the merits of high fashion._

[16-Sep-18 04:21 AM] Tempest#5018 [Clothing] Top - Gi jacket (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3

   Condition: Brand new

[Clothing] Top - Sundress (Upper body, Lower body) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK-2x - Weight: 5

   Condition: Damaged

[Clothing] Bottom - Skirt (Lower body) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3

   Condition: Good

[Clothing] Top - Gi jacket (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C3 - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3

   Condition: Damaged

[Clothing] Top - Pimp vest (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - Weight: 5

   Condition: Good

[16-Sep-18 04:26 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Shrug. None of this seems particularly interesting, or useful, to her at the moment._

[16-Sep-18 04:26 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Next rooms]** All doors: Elkins

[16-Sep-18 04:28 AM] Jaroslav#9273 _Home, sweet... home? I guess? Whatever. There are no monsters or demons or assassins here, probably, so it might as well be heaven._

[16-Sep-18 04:29 AM] Tempest#5018 _After a 21-room long trip, you reach Elkins, at 2:00 PM flat. You're tired, beat up, but alive and victorious._ _The concerned citizen is waiting at the town gate. You should speak with him soon. First, a stat breakdown._ Nutrition: 1204 ntri (OK, close to hungry) Hydration: 569 wtr (OK) Blood: 11.5 /20 (and increasing slowly,+0.1 per turn Fatigue: 59.4% (Tired) Stress: 12.9% (Moderate) [Session #122 ; Session end]