Log:V4 Session 123 (Meta, no ontology)

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[24-Sep-18 05:45 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #123 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina. You are currently deep inside of the Kazama mines. Your current location within the mines is 28/A-11 (Level 28, Mineshaft A, Section 11)._ _There are no hostile creatures left in this mineshaft at all; they either left, or died._ _Section 3 has a patch of tiger's eye ore, and Section 5 has a patch of serpentium crystal ore._

[24-Sep-18 05:48 PM] Twib#7809 Hell yeah. Double check, what's my TB?

[24-Sep-18 05:48 PM] Tempest#5018 TB: 8 /10

[24-Sep-18 05:48 PM] Twib#7809 Let's head inti Mineshaft B, then.

[24-Sep-18 05:49 PM] Tempest#5018 _It takes 11 turns for you to move back to the elevator area..._ /r 3d10

[24-Sep-18 05:50 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `3d10` = (10+2+3) = 15

[24-Sep-18 05:50 PM] Tempest#5018 There are **15** sections in 28/B. Ready to move into B-1?

[24-Sep-18 05:50 PM] Twib#7809 YUP

[24-Sep-18 05:50 PM] Tempest#5018 Toss me a 1d100 when ready.

[24-Sep-18 05:51 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 05:51 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (23) = 23

[24-Sep-18 05:52 PM] Tempest#5018 [3:47 AM - Kazama Mines - 28-B-1]

_You nearly bump into a pair of **psionic masters**. You all find yourselves on Side 1. They stare at each other, then at you._ Combat mode is ON.

[24-Sep-18 05:52 PM] Twib#7809 God fucking damn it. Can I roll for cover on Side 2?

[24-Sep-18 05:53 PM] Tempest#5018 Sure.

[24-Sep-18 05:53 PM] Twib#7809 @cover

[24-Sep-18 05:53 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A dumpster full of trash (Health: 83, LDV modifier: -3. AC Eqv: A3. Pass-through threshold: 10+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.50)

[24-Sep-18 05:54 PM] Twib#7809 8 TB for Like The Wind, I'm running to the next area.

[24-Sep-18 05:54 PM] Tempest#5018 Understood. Automatic success on the escape check, as usual. Spent 1 turn to end the fight and another to enter B-2. Toss me a 1d100.

[24-Sep-18 05:55 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 05:55 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (32) = 32

[24-Sep-18 05:57 PM] Tempest#5018 [3:52 AM - Kazama Mines - 28-B-2] _There is a **giant crab** waddling about on Side 3, appearing to claw at the walls to try and look for water. It is hostile._ Combat mode is ON. Turn 1.

[24-Sep-18 05:58 PM] Twib#7809 @cover

[24-Sep-18 05:58 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A plastic crate full of garbage (Health: 39, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: A2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75)

[24-Sep-18 05:58 PM] Twib#7809 What's the Kill Value of a giant crab?

[24-Sep-18 05:58 PM] Tempest#5018 20 points.

[24-Sep-18 05:59 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah I'll dive for cover. /r 2d6+4

[24-Sep-18 05:59 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+4` = (2+2)+4 = 8

[24-Sep-18 05:59 PM] Tempest#5018 Your extreme agility saved you today.

[24-Sep-18 05:59 PM] Twib#7809 JUST FUCKING BARELY HOLY SHIT

[24-Sep-18 05:59 PM] Tempest#5018 _Ending Turn 1..._

[24-Sep-18 06:00 PM] Tempest#5018 _Stress 5.3%. You're now under Moderate Stress, you know the drill._

[24-Sep-18 06:00 PM] Twib#7809 Big KSG, 2 shots, head.

[24-Sep-18 06:01 PM] Tempest#5018 Turn 2. Stealth has been preserved so you're the only one to act this turn.

[24-Sep-18 06:01 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. May I fire?

[24-Sep-18 06:02 PM] Tempest#5018 Sure, send em

[24-Sep-18 06:02 PM] Twib#7809 /r repeat (2d6, 2, brief)

[24-Sep-18 06:02 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (2d6, 2, brief)` = 6, 11

[24-Sep-18 06:02 PM] Twib#7809 Thank god for scopes.

[24-Sep-18 06:03 PM] Tempest#5018 Shot 1 went to the head, Shot 2 went to the upper shell (BODY group). But nevertheless, both are hits.

[24-Sep-18 06:05 PM] Twib#7809 "I don't want anything else for Maze-mas, I just want enough money to buy two Power Armor Suuuuuuuits." Reina complains as the shotgun fires out.

[24-Sep-18 06:05 PM] Tempest#5018 [Damage inflicted] Pain: 243% Limb damage: 8 damage to the head [6 /14], 8 damage to the body [92 /100] And I'll skip the rest because the crab is dead. You killed a giant crab! +1 SP in Pump-action KV: +20 points +1 Headshot point

[24-Sep-18 06:06 PM] Twib#7809 How many shells are left in my Big KSG baby?

[24-Sep-18 06:06 PM] Tempest#5018 End of fight! (2 turns)

[24-Sep-18 06:06 PM] Twib#7809 And, ah, LTW duration, please.

[24-Sep-18 06:06 PM] Tempest#5018 As of right now, 6 turns left on Like The Wind. Your KSG-25's left tube is empty, the right tube has 12x Flechette and the chamber still has one Magnum F-Slug. You are free to switch to the right tube and pump once as a free action, if you'd rather have the 12 flechette on tap immediately. (the F-Slug will fall on the ground.)

[24-Sep-18 06:09 PM] Twib#7809 Okay, so I will go on ahead to the next room, then. That gives me 5 turns left.

[24-Sep-18 06:10 PM] Tempest#5018 In that case, d100

[24-Sep-18 06:10 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 06:10 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (39) = 39

[24-Sep-18 06:10 PM] Twib#7809 What is with these GARBAGE rolls

[24-Sep-18 06:13 PM] Tempest#5018 Pump-action skill: 68.0 SP (250 TP + 43 kills)

[24-Sep-18 06:14 PM] Twib#7809 Well hey, another 32 kills and I'm at Master.

[24-Sep-18 06:15 PM] Tempest#5018 [3:57 AM - Kazama Mines - 28-B-3] _You spot a **giant larva** on Side 3! It's enormous, it stinks, it's ugly, and it's hostile!_ Combat mode is ON.

[24-Sep-18 06:15 PM] Twib#7809 ...WELL I HOPE THIS DOESNT KILL ME. Big KSG, switch tubes, fire twice. @COVER

[24-Sep-18 06:16 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A steel crate. (Health: 120, LDV modifier: -4. AC Eqv: A5. Pass-through threshold: 14+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.25)


[24-Sep-18 06:17 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+4` = (4+5)+4 = 13

[24-Sep-18 06:18 PM] Tempest#5018 OK so just so I confirm that was a cover check right?

[24-Sep-18 06:18 PM] Twib#7809 Yes.

[24-Sep-18 06:18 PM] Tempest#5018 OK, well, success, obviously. _Ending Turn 1..._ _Turn 2. You're behind cover and maintained stealth successfully._

[24-Sep-18 06:21 PM] Twib#7809 Big KSG, Switch tubes, 3 shots.

[24-Sep-18 06:21 PM] Tempest#5018 OK, do you want to pump out your chambered shell first so you get all flechette? Or do you want to shoot the slug then 2 flechette?

[24-Sep-18 06:22 PM] Twib#7809 Slug then three Flechette. I have never been a good judge at how much is enough. Er. Slug than 2 flechette 3 shots total.

[24-Sep-18 06:22 PM] Tempest#5018 OK, do keep in mind that the slug has the highest recoil, so we're treating the full string of shots at Recoil 8. Not that it matters much because 12x scope, but, well. Alright, send em whenever you want.

[24-Sep-18 06:24 PM] Twib#7809 And also it only has 2 bpdy parts so. /r repeat (2d6, 3, brief)

[24-Sep-18 06:25 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (2d6, 3, brief)` = 8, 10, 10

[24-Sep-18 06:25 PM] Tempest#5018 3 hits I think. Hang on. Shot 1; FT 3 IR -2 Shot 2; FT 4 IR 0 Shot 3; FT 5 IR 2 Yep OK easy 3 hits. Toss me a 1d20 twice, with /r repeat, please. `/r repeat (1d20, 2, brief)`

[24-Sep-18 06:28 PM] Twib#7809 / repeat (1d20, 2, brief) /r repeat (1d20, 2, brief)

[24-Sep-18 06:28 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d20, 2, brief)` = 6, 12

[24-Sep-18 06:28 PM] Tempest#5018 18 flechette hit the giant larva, all in the BODY.

[24-Sep-18 06:30 PM] Twib#7809 18d8+18 is really hard to deal with.

[24-Sep-18 06:30 PM] Tempest#5018 [Damage inflicted] Pain: 123% (64% from the slug, 59% from all flechette combined) Limb damage: 119 damage to the body (16 from the slug, 103 from the flechette) - [91 /210 HP] Wounds inflicted: 19 [41.0 /60 Blood, -1.9 Blood per turn] _The giant larva has blacked out._ End of fight - opponent is disabled! (2 turns)

[24-Sep-18 06:31 PM] Twib#7809 Great. I'm going to run back to the Psionic Masters and deal with them before LTW runs out.

[24-Sep-18 06:32 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. The giant larva probably won't wake up (nor will it die) in the meantime so I won't keep track of its health. We'll just finish it off whenever. As of right now you have 3 turns left on LTW it will take you 2 turns to move back to the psionics, and if my math isn't wrong, you'll use the last turn to get in cover. So it's razor's edge.

[24-Sep-18 06:32 PM] Twib#7809 YUP I'M A GENIUS

[24-Sep-18 06:33 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright. We're moving back to B-1 then?

[24-Sep-18 06:33 PM] Twib#7809 YUP

[24-Sep-18 06:34 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:07 AM - Kazama Mines - B-1] _You have returned, this time from Side 2. The Psionics are still there on Side 1. The piece of cover you rolled earlier (dumpster full of trash) is still present, but this time, on your side._ Combat mode is ON.

[24-Sep-18 06:35 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6+4

[24-Sep-18 06:35 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+4` = (3+5)+4 = 12

[24-Sep-18 06:35 PM] Tempest#5018 Success. Ending Turn 1... Like the Wind ran out. Your Agi is now +1. Turn 2. You're in cover and stealth is active. Next move?

[24-Sep-18 06:37 PM] Twib#7809 Well, since I'm not on a timer anymore, Big KSG, concentrate on Psionic Master 1's heas.

[24-Sep-18 06:38 PM] Tempest#5018 You will concentrate for the turn. _Ending Turn 2..._ _Turn 3. Your crosshairs are aligned with the first Master's forehead, almost perfectly._

[24-Sep-18 06:39 PM] Twib#7809 May I roll?

[24-Sep-18 06:39 PM] Tempest#5018 _You may fire now. You will hit on 4 or more, and all hits are critical hits._ Er 5 or more. Wait wait no. 4 or more because head and multiproj cancel one another! Haha, whoops.

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Twib#7809 YEAH

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright, send it.

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Twib#7809 IT'S ALMOST LIKE SNIPER SHOTGUN IS A GODLY BUILD /r 2d6

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (1+5) = 6

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Twib#7809 Jesus duck thank god for scopes.

[24-Sep-18 06:40 PM] Tempest#5018 Hit Roll 1d20

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d20

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d20` = (19) = 19

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Tempest#5018 And now roll @critwin

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Twib#7809 @critwin

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861

  • Extra damage! - Pain and Limb Damage x1.5 for this hit.

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Tempest#5018 _V a p o r i z e d._ That applies to _all 19 flechette_

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Twib#7809 >19d8+19*1.5

[24-Sep-18 06:41 PM] Tempest#5018 I don't even care to calculate damage, there is no head anymore. You killed a psionic master! +1 SP in Pump-action Kill Value: 5 points +1 headshot +1 brutal

[24-Sep-18 06:42 PM] Twib#7809 /r 38*1.5

[24-Sep-18 06:42 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `38*1.5` = 38\*1.5 = 57

[24-Sep-18 06:42 PM] Tempest#5018 Yeah I'm just not gonna. lol


[24-Sep-18 06:43 PM] Tempest#5018 Brute force score: 60 overkills Pump-action skill: 69.0 SP (250 TP + 44 kills) _Ending Turn 3..._ _The other psionic master screams like a queer stereotype at the sight of his colleague being, well, decapitated by shotgun._


_It helps that you repainted most of his face red, too._ _Turn 4. What's your next move?_

[24-Sep-18 06:44 PM] Twib#7809 Big KSG, concentrate, head.

[24-Sep-18 06:44 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. _The remaining psionic master is frozen in place and can't find the will to try to escape._ _Turn 4 ends..._ _Turn 5. You may fire now._ _Same odds as before._

[24-Sep-18 06:45 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[24-Sep-18 06:45 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (6+2) = 8

[24-Sep-18 06:45 PM] Tempest#5018 Vaporized. Toss me a 1d20.

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Twib#7809 I mean, if I roll a 1 on the flechettw roll he might live. /r 1d20

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d20` = (18) = 18

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Tempest#5018 Yeah _nah._

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Twib#7809 NEVER MIND

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Tempest#5018 Critwin that just for fun.

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Twib#7809 @critwin

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861

      • Triple damage!!! - Pain and Limb Damage x3 for this hit.

[24-Sep-18 06:46 PM] Tempest#5018 V A P O R I Z E D _Where there once was a psionic enabled head, there is now nothing but red mist, and tiny chunks of brain, skull, and flechette steel._ You killed a psionic master! +1 SP in Pump-action Kill Value: 5 points +1 headshot +1 brutal End of fight! (5 turns) And that raises Pump-action to 70 SP.

[24-Sep-18 06:47 PM] Twib#7809 Qnd now I'll butcher them both once for the EXP. So 1 tuen each to assess meat, and 1 turn each for a butcher,thus 4 turns total?

[24-Sep-18 06:50 PM] Tempest#5018 First, spend 1 turn to assess the meat, you'll find out how much time you'll spend on each creature for butchering. Oh, and do confirm that you're using the meat cleaver since now the tool used is important.

[24-Sep-18 06:52 PM] Twib#7809 Yes.

[24-Sep-18 06:54 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright. You spent 2 turns to examine the headless carcasses...

Psionic Master #1: 48 /48 meat Psionic Master #2: 48 /48 meat

At your current skill level (Expert), you can harvest 4 meat per turn. It would take 12 turns per creature to harvest all of the meat. It does appear that this creature's meat has special properties, as well.


[24-Sep-18 06:54 PM] Tempest#5018 Do you want to spend a turn to find out? :)

[24-Sep-18 06:55 PM] Twib#7809 Well, I need it for the exp anyways zo yeag, butcher both once. But it's pr9bably cannibalism meat.

[24-Sep-18 06:55 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spend 2 turns and 2 condition points..._ [Food] Meat - Raw game meat, psionic master - 1d100+100 ntri - 25% Nausea (3 turns), Increased alertness (3 turns) - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 8] _This meat is **not** illegal._

[24-Sep-18 06:57 PM] Twib#7809 YEAH OKAY KEEP THIS AREA MARKED I'M COMING BACK FOR THAT SWEET SWEET MONEY. In the meantime, I'm going to butcher the giant crab, and also the giant larvae.

[24-Sep-18 06:58 PM] Tempest#5018 Everything is kept in mind anyway. Do you leave the harvested meat on the floor too? Or are you taking this immediately

[24-Sep-18 06:58 PM] Twib#7809 I'm leaving it on the floor.

[24-Sep-18 06:59 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. Back to B-2 then.

[24-Sep-18 06:59 PM] Twib#7809 2 turns to assess then butcher with the cleaver.

[24-Sep-18 07:00 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:17 AM - Kazama Mines - B-2] _You see the dead giant crab again._

[24-Sep-18 07:04 PM] Twib#7809 Cool.

[24-Sep-18 07:04 PM] Tempest#5018 Alright. Is it butcher time?

[24-Sep-18 07:04 PM] Twib#7809 butcher time

[24-Sep-18 07:04 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn examining the giant crab..._ Giant crab: 92 /100 meat worth. It'll take 23 turns to harvest it all. _You spent only one turn butchering the giant crab._ [Food] Meat - Raw game meat, giant crab - 1d100+100 ntri - 25% Nausea (3 turns) - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 4] Hunting skill: 80 SP

[24-Sep-18 07:07 PM] Twib#7809 Alrighty, now to the larvae#

[24-Sep-18 07:07 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:22 AM - Kazama Mines - B-3] _The giant larva is there, wriggling in place and bleeding._ _I'll be lenient and let you shoot it just once to finish it off. All I'll ask you to do is to toss me a 1d20 when you do._

[24-Sep-18 07:11 PM] Twib#7809 Even with the small KSG?

[24-Sep-18 07:11 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, if you shoot it with the small KSG it probably won't be enough damage for a kill.

[24-Sep-18 07:11 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d20

[24-Sep-18 07:11 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d20` = (8) = 8

[24-Sep-18 07:12 PM] Tempest#5018 You killed a giant larva! +1 SP in Pump-action KV: 90 points _That shot dealt 44 damage._ _There isn't much left of it that wasn't totally destroyed or mangled by your shots. Do you still want to spend a turn to check the meat worth out?_

[24-Sep-18 07:16 PM] Twib#7809 Yes please. I should have specified weak point.

[24-Sep-18 07:16 PM] Tempest#5018 Ah, well. Giant larva: 47 /210 meat worth. 12 turns to harvest all of what's left.

[24-Sep-18 07:17 PM] Twib#7809 Harvest once, please!

[24-Sep-18 07:18 PM] Tempest#5018 [Food] Meat - Raw game meat, giant larva - 1d100+100 ntri - 25% Nausea (3 turns) - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 4] Hunting skill: 81 SP

[24-Sep-18 07:21 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, now bag down, relpad the partially used tube with Flechette, and the other empty tube with Mag Slugs, please. For big KSG.

[24-Sep-18 07:22 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spent a turn to drop the bag..._ You have no FMJ slugs or normal slugs left in the backpack. You have 40 shells of Magnum _HP_ slugs, however, and 40 shells of Standard Rubber slugs.

[24-Sep-18 07:25 PM] Twib#7809 Ooof. Yeah, Magnum HP it is.

[24-Sep-18 07:25 PM] Tempest#5018 Alrighty then. _You spend 2 turns to refill Tube R with 5 shells of 12 gauge Flechette, and 4 turns to refill Tube L with 12 shells of 12 gauge Magnum HP-Slug._ 12 gauge, Standard Flechette: 85 left in the backpack 12 gauge, Magnum HP Slug: 28 left in the backpack _Six turns later, your KSG-25 is fully loaded once again._

[24-Sep-18 07:28 PM] Twib#7809 Great. Let's hope this doesn't kill me. FORWARD /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 07:30 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (99) = 99

[24-Sep-18 07:30 PM] Tempest#5018 _Moving forwards..._


[24-Sep-18 07:31 PM] Tempest#5018 /r 1d10

[24-Sep-18 07:31 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d10` = (2) = 2

[24-Sep-18 07:32 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:27 AM - Kazama Mines - B-4] _You see some abandoned supplies on the floor here, next to a pile of old bones that seems to have belonged to an adventurer._

[24-Sep-18 07:32 PM] Twib#7809 Please not pimp shoes.

[24-Sep-18 07:33 PM] Tempest#5018 < 28-B-04 supplies > [Weapon] Class 5 Short - R1/Common - Pen (Crude weapon) - Stab (Piercing) - Iron - Weight: 1

   Condition: Good

< Some meaningless trash - empty tin cans, plastic bags, flattened soda cans... >

[24-Sep-18 07:34 PM] Twib#7809 Well. Welllllll. I was bitching about wanting a pen. But come on really? REALLY? Fuck thiiiiss I'll shove it in the bag and keeo going

[24-Sep-18 07:36 PM] Tempest#5018 113.1 /150 BP / Main, that is. But you get me. _Throw me a 1d100 when ready._

[24-Sep-18 07:38 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 07:38 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (66) = 66

[24-Sep-18 07:39 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:32 AM - Kazama Mines - B-5] _There is an **ore patch** in this section!_

[24-Sep-18 07:40 PM] Twib#7809 ySOMETHINF GOOD PLEASE

[24-Sep-18 07:41 PM] Tempest#5018 Ore patch: **Awaruite ore**, 31 bundles. [Ore] Bundle of Awaruite ore (75% nickel/25% iron), cheap

[24-Sep-18 07:43 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 07:43 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (78) = 78

[24-Sep-18 07:43 PM] Tempest#5018 Moving forwards?

[24-Sep-18 07:43 PM] Twib#7809 yup

[24-Sep-18 07:44 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:37 AM - Kazama Mines - B-6] _There is an **ore patch** in this section!_

[24-Sep-18 07:44 PM] Twib#7809 PLEASE SOMETHING GOO D

[24-Sep-18 07:44 PM] Tempest#5018 Ore patch: **Serpentium crystal ore**, 1000 gram crystals, 24 bundles [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 1000 gram (value 1225 P$), very rare _Highly valuable power ore, in large crystals._

[24-Sep-18 07:45 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 07:45 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (99) = 99

[24-Sep-18 07:46 PM] Tempest#5018 /r 1d10

[24-Sep-18 07:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `1d10` = (8) = 8

[24-Sep-18 07:46 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:37 AM - Kazama Mines - B-7] _There are **abandoned supplies** in this section!_

[24-Sep-18 07:48 PM] Twib#7809 Well, that's sommmething. Please be somethi good.

[24-Sep-18 07:48 PM] Tempest#5018 < 28-B-07 supplies > [Food] Beverage - Bottle of sake. 134 ntri, 26 wtr per part [5/5 parts] - Alcoholic (Inebriation +2.0 per part) - Addictive (Alcohol) - Weight: 1 [Food] Canned goods - Spinach, canned, 170g. 32 ntri, 41 wtr - Warning label: 'If this was sold to you with a promise of increased strength at inflated prices, it was a scam!' - Weight: 0.5

[24-Sep-18 08:12 PM] Twib#7809 I mean, I guess it's sooomething. Shove it in the bag, and then keep going. /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 08:12 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (7) = 7

[24-Sep-18 08:13 PM] Tempest#5018 You added both items to the backpack. BP / Main: 114.6 /150 [4:42 AM - Kazama Mines - B-8] _This is an empty section._

[24-Sep-18 08:16 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d100

[24-Sep-18 08:16 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d100` = (15) = 15

[24-Sep-18 08:22 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:47 AM - Kazama Mines - B-9] _On Side 3, you spot a rogue **M249 drone**, apparently still carrying its weapon on its back. The weapon in question is, unsurprisingly, a M249 light machine gun._ Combat mode is ON.

[24-Sep-18 08:23 PM] Twib#7809 OH FUCK

[24-Sep-18 08:23 PM] Tempest#5018 Turn 1. What is your next move?

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Twib#7809 @cover

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 No cover at all!

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Tempest#5018 Uh oh.

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Twib#7809 YEAH I'M RUNNING Actually wait

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Tempest#5018 In which direction, forwards or backwards

[24-Sep-18 08:25 PM] Twib#7809 wait Jesus fuck I guess that's why all those other adventurers died Side 2 Cover @cover

[24-Sep-18 08:29 PM] Tsuchinoko#3861 A blast shield. (Health: 240, LDV modifier: -5, AC eqv: A5. Pass-through threshold: 18+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.1, Blast-resistant)

[24-Sep-18 08:29 PM] Twib#7809 Okay, cool. I am now going to run the fuck away BACKWARDS

[24-Sep-18 08:30 PM] Tempest#5018 So, _away_ from the blast shield and back into B-8?

[24-Sep-18 08:30 PM] Twib#7809 Back into B-8 that is correct I am just gonna get my Serpentium and delicious meat and restock on TB.

[24-Sep-18 08:33 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. Well you're still gonna need to make an escape check :p

[24-Sep-18 08:34 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6+1

[24-Sep-18 08:34 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+1` = (2+2)+1 = 5

[24-Sep-18 08:34 PM] Twib#7809 F U C K

[24-Sep-18 08:34 PM] Tempest#5018

    • Oh dear.**

You _failed_ the escape check. That ends the turn and that breaks stealth. _Ending Turn 1..._ _Turn 2. The drone ominously beeps as it detects your presence. It slowly turns towards you._ _What is your next move?_

[24-Sep-18 08:39 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah I'm going to try and tun away again.

[24-Sep-18 08:40 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. Order this turn: You, Drone. Last chance to get this one right, else it's gonna take a shot at you.

[24-Sep-18 08:41 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6+1

[24-Sep-18 08:41 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+1` = (6+4)+1 = 11

[24-Sep-18 08:41 PM] Twib#7809 HOLY FUCK I AM FUCKING OUT OF THERE

[24-Sep-18 08:42 PM] Tempest#5018 End of fight (2 turns) - you fled the battle. In which direction are you running away?

[24-Sep-18 08:42 PM] Twib#7809 Backwards. I'm gonna cash out.

[24-Sep-18 08:42 PM] Tempest#5018 Understood.

[24-Sep-18 08:42 PM] Twib#7809 And come back after a sufficient rest because FUCK THAT THING IN PARTICULAR. Okay, so first let's go to the Serpentium in this mineshaft.

[24-Sep-18 08:46 PM] Tempest#5018 [4:52 AM - Kazama Mines - B-8] _You have returned to this safe, empty section. All sections from B1 to B8 are safe for you to travel to._

[24-Sep-18 08:47 PM] Twib#7809 Sweet. Serpentium time.

[24-Sep-18 08:47 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel back to B-6..._ [5:02 AM - Kazama Mines - B-6] _The Serpentium ore patch is there._

[24-Sep-18 08:49 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, time to bust out the c4. So, bag down, bring out my uber expensive C4?

[24-Sep-18 08:56 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh, yeah. Spent a turn to bring the bag down.

[24-Sep-18 08:57 PM] Twib#7809 Yup yup! So, I use the biggest c4 and work my way downward.

[24-Sep-18 09:02 PM] Twib#7809 By which I mean all my 11 minis.

[24-Sep-18 09:56 PM] Tempest#5018 As you know, it takes a turn to plant any planted explosive. You can plant as many as you like and later use the detonator (free action). Explosive mining takes in account limb damage dealt, then divides that number by a certain amount (it depends on your mining skill). Your mining skill level is Unskilled with 29 ore bundles extracted, so your explosive mining divider is 12. You reach the next level (Basic) at 100 ore bundles.

[24-Sep-18 09:58 PM] Twib#7809 man that's a lot of ore. But yeah, I will spend 1 turn to plant the c4.

[24-Sep-18 09:59 PM] Tempest#5018 Charge planted on the ore patch.

[24-Sep-18 10:00 PM] Tempest#5018 You will extract (1d8+9d6)/12 per mini C4 charge planted.

[24-Sep-18 10:01 PM] Twib#7809 FIRE Or, uh. Explode?

[24-Sep-18 10:01 PM] Tempest#5018 Fire works just fine. _The explosion rips out **three** crystals._ [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 1000 gram (value 1225 P$), very rare - Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 3] Mining: +3 SP. total 32 SP. _There are about 21 more crystals left in the ore patch._

[24-Sep-18 10:04 PM] Twib#7809 Hmmmmm. Okay, let's set down 3.

[24-Sep-18 10:05 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spend 3 turns to plant three more charges..._ 7 remaining in the bag. Charges set!

[24-Sep-18 10:05 PM] Twib#7809 BOOOOM

[24-Sep-18 10:06 PM] Tempest#5018 _The combined blast rips out **nine** crystals! There are now 12 ready to be collected._ [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 1000 gram (value 1225 P$), very rare - Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 12] +9 SP in Mining. (41 SP)

[24-Sep-18 10:07 PM] Twib#7809 Hmmmm. I'm gonna load everything into the pack for now.

[24-Sep-18 10:09 PM] Tempest#5018 24 weight total of crystals. Total value 14700 P$.

[24-Sep-18 10:09 PM] Twib#7809 WAIT THAT VALUE IS PER ORE

[24-Sep-18 10:09 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh yeah, that's 1225 P$ _per crystal_.

[24-Sep-18 10:09 PM] Twib#7809 I TGOUGHT IT WAS FOR THE WHOLE PATCH

[24-Sep-18 10:09 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh no not at all Serpentium is VALUABLE. Towns _run_ on this stuff. well, generators, specifically.

[24-Sep-18 10:10 PM] Twib#7809 So what's left for my bag space?

[24-Sep-18 10:12 PM] Tempest#5018 _After taking a moment to bag the crystals..._ BP/Main: 134.6 /150

[24-Sep-18 10:14 PM] Twib#7809 Hmmm. Another two c4 charges.

[24-Sep-18 10:15 PM] Tempest#5018 Charges set! 5 left in the backpack.

[24-Sep-18 10:18 PM] Twib#7809 BOOM

[24-Sep-18 10:19 PM] Tempest#5018 Kablammmm. You ripped out another **7** crystals. [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 1000 gram (value 1225 P$), very rare - Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 7]

+7 SP in Mining. (48 SP)

[24-Sep-18 10:21 PM] Twib#7809 Well, I'll leave the rest of it for now. Drop the Sake, pick up 7 rocks.

[24-Sep-18 10:23 PM] Tempest#5018 _Out goes the oni fuel, in goes the city fuel._ You now carry a total of 19 Serpentium crystals, each 1 kilogram. They weigh 38 units combined. BP/Main: 145.6 /150

[24-Sep-18 10:25 PM] Twib#7809 15+7 =/= 39? I mean if you're just giving me extra I dont mind

[24-Sep-18 10:26 PM] Tempest#5018 Wait Edited. I made an ugly typo. You have 19 crystals. Total weight 38. My bad.

[24-Sep-18 10:28 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah I was gooonna say. Er, wait, what? I blew up 3 then 12 then 7.

[24-Sep-18 10:28 PM] Tempest#5018 No no, you blew up 3 then 9. I listed 12 as a total on the floor.

[24-Sep-18 10:28 PM] Twib#7809 Oohhh, okay. Alright, time to get in the elevator. I am going to cash out SO HARD.

[24-Sep-18 10:34 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel all the way back to Section 0..._

[5:22 AM - Kazama Mines - Elevator]

[24-Sep-18 10:36 PM] Twib#7809 I'll have to make a few trips, but this'll be totally worth it.

[24-Sep-18 10:36 PM] Tempest#5018 _Do you wish to use the elevator?_

[24-Sep-18 10:37 PM] Twib#7809 Yes. All the way to the top to get my ores processed.

[24-Sep-18 10:37 PM] Tempest#5018 _The elevator takes you all the way back up..._ [Kazama Mines - Level 0 - Elevator] _The only way is to the south, into the elevator access room._

[24-Sep-18 10:42 PM] Twib#7809 Yup, to the main lobby, please.

[24-Sep-18 10:44 PM] Tempest#5018 _5 rooms later..._ [Kazama Mines - Mining lobby] _The miner on lobby duty is snoring behind the computer..._

[24-Sep-18 10:45 PM] Twib#7809 "I have a huge chunk of Serpentium, can you purify it or whatever?"

[24-Sep-18 10:46 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby miner]** zzz... hrn... HUH? What? Huh? Serpentium? Purify?
    • [Lobby miner]** ... Wait, what do you mean?

[24-Sep-18 10:46 PM] Twib#7809 "I have a bunch of Serpentium ore. In my bag." "Can you process them?"

[24-Sep-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby miner]** Er... Nah. You should go visit the local generator. They'll buy that stuff. It's fuel, basically, yknow?

[24-Sep-18 10:47 PM] Twib#7809 "Or do generators just use 'em raw?"

[24-Sep-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Lobby miner]** Yeah, they do the processing.

[24-Sep-18 10:47 PM] Twib#7809 "Oh. Well, okay." To the generators!

[24-Sep-18 10:51 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the local Mines and travel all the way to the Kazama generator, traveling at total of 16 rooms._

[Kazama - Generator facility - Control room] Fatigue: 45.0% _You should get rest, or a coffee, soon._

[24-Sep-18 10:52 PM] Twib#7809 I will, I will. I'm gonna make so much bank though "I have 19 kilos of Serpentium, pay me!" Reina screeches in the dead of night.

[24-Sep-18 10:53 PM] Tempest#5018 _You wake up the pair of kappa that serve as the power monitoring engineers. One of them fell off of his computer chair._

    • [Engineer #1]** Gah, geez! Not so loud, dammit! What time is it?...
    • [Engineer #2]** It's fucking five in the morning, lady, what do you want?...

[24-Sep-18 10:54 PM] Twib#7809 "I have 19 kilos of Serpentium. Pay me." "I'm going to have more in a little bit too, so don't go back to sleep."

[24-Sep-18 10:55 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Engineer #1]** Okay.. You got crystals huh?... Alright, do you want to sell these to us, or is this a generous donation?

[24-Sep-18 10:56 PM] Twib#7809 "Look at my lips. Paaaaaaay. Meeeeeee." Reina then proceeds to drop her bag and all the shiny crystals.

[24-Sep-18 10:56 PM] Tempest#5018 _No need._ _Won't make you spend a turn for that._

    • [Engineer #1]** Alright, alright... Hey, Rin, take the crystals. I'm gonna authorize her payment.

_You sold 19000 grams of Serpentium to the town of Kazama. For your generous contribution, you have been wired **23 275 P$** directly to your bank account._ Bank balance: 24 863.65 P$

[24-Sep-18 10:59 PM] Twib#7809 BACK TO THE MINE

[24-Sep-18 11:01 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel 21 rooms all the way from the generator to the elevator. Out of courtesy I'm not making you buy another pass since you weren't intending to leave town._ Fatigue: 49.2%

[24-Sep-18 11:02 PM] Twib#7809 Thank you, because I wasn't looking foreard to buying amother one

[24-Sep-18 11:03 PM] Tempest#5018 Nah, it's okay. You warned me ahead of time.

[24-Sep-18 11:03 PM] Twib#7809 Back to the Serpentium!

[24-Sep-18 11:04 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spend 1 turn in the elevator as it takes you back to Level 28..._ _Then you travel to 28/B-06 again, spending 30 minutes to get there._ [5:52 AM - Kazama Mines - Level 28, B-06] _The remainder of the unmined **Serpentium ore** is still there._ _There are about 5 crystals left._

[24-Sep-18 11:07 PM] Twib#7809 Two c4 to fire, please.

[24-Sep-18 11:07 PM] Tempest#5018 Fatigue: 50.6%. You're now **tired**.

[24-Sep-18 11:07 PM] Twib#7809 NO PROBLEM, I'LL REST AFTER THIS

[24-Sep-18 11:12 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. In that case... You spent 1 turn to drop the bag, and 2 to plant two more charges.

[24-Sep-18 11:12 PM] Twib#7809 B O O M

[24-Sep-18 11:12 PM] Tempest#5018 Charges set! 3 left in the backpack. KABLAM. You ripped out the last five crystals! [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 1000 gram (value 1225 P$), very rare - Weight: 2 - [Quantity: 5]

[24-Sep-18 11:15 PM] Twib#7809 INTO THE BAG. And the sake, too.

[24-Sep-18 11:15 PM] Tempest#5018 BP/Main: 116.6 /150 that includes the sake

[24-Sep-18 11:15 PM] Twib#7809 Next, to the other Serpentium!

[24-Sep-18 11:16 PM] Tempest#5018 The other patch of Serpentium is in Mineshaft A, section 5. These were **100 gram** crystals, worth 122.5 P$ each (but weighing 0.2 each in turn). That ore patch contained 31 crystals. Do you still want to go mine them? Also: +5 SP in Mining (53 SP)

[24-Sep-18 11:19 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. 2 C4 to the patch, please.

[24-Sep-18 11:20 PM] Tempest#5018 _Well, first, let's travel there. You travel 6 rooms and 30 minutes back to the elevator, then you get into Mineshaft A, and travel 5 rooms and 25 minutes to A-05._ [6:47 AM - Kazama Mines - 28/A-05] _The **Serpentium ore** patch is still there..._ Nutrition: 1020 ntri - **Hungry**

_Hunger is accelerating your fatigue a little more._

[24-Sep-18 11:23 PM] Twib#7809 There is so much meat here, I'm not worried. 2 C4 to blow it all up.

[24-Sep-18 11:25 PM] Tempest#5018 3 turns spent to drop bag and plant. Charges set! 1 Mini C4 charge remaining.

[24-Sep-18 11:26 PM] Twib#7809 BOOM.

[24-Sep-18 11:26 PM] Tempest#5018 WHAM. You managed to extract **six** crystals. +6 SP in Mining, total 59 SP. [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 100 gram (value 122.50 P$), common - Weight: 0.2 - [Quantity: 6]

[24-Sep-18 11:28 PM] Twib#7809 Annnnd another

[24-Sep-18 11:30 PM] Tempest#5018 _You plant your last charge._ Charge set! No more left!

[24-Sep-18 11:30 PM] Twib#7809 BOOM And then I can start mining for the rest.

[24-Sep-18 11:39 PM] Tempest#5018 BLAM. You extracted **3** crystals. +3 SP in Mining, total 62 SP.

Total on the floor: [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 100 gram (value 122.50 P$), common - Weight: 0.2 - [Quantity: 9]

[24-Sep-18 11:45 PM] Twib#7809 Okay. NOW TIME FOR DRILL ARM

[24-Sep-18 11:47 PM] Tempest#5018 Time for the drill arm. There are still 22 crystals to extract. Drill arm mining is similar to pick-axe mining, but it is more efficient (burns roughly half as much nutrition and hydration, and twice more chances per strike to free an ore bundle from the patch.) At your current skill level, you will burn 8 ntri/4 wtr per strike, and get a 20% chance per strike to free ore. As such, you will be throwing 1d10s, and you will succeed on a 9 or 10. Alternatively you can make them 1d5 and you succeed on a 5. Whatever works best for you.

[24-Sep-18 11:53 PM] Twib#7809 Oof, 8 nutrition? Alright. /r repeat (1d5, 22, brief)

[24-Sep-18 11:53 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d5, 22, brief)` = 1, 2, 5, 1, 5, 5, 4, 1, 5, 1, 3, 3, 1, 3, 5, 2, 3, 5, 4, 3, 3, 1

[24-Sep-18 11:58 PM] Tempest#5018 You've made 22 strikes and freed six crystals. Time: 22 turns Nutrition burned: 286 ntri (110 from natural hunger and effects) Hydration burned: 154 wtr (66 from natural hunger and effects) Fatigue burned: 6.6% 714 ntri / 803 wtr / 61.6% Fatigue _Total on the floor:_ [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 100 gram (value 122.50 P$), common - Weight: 0.2 - [Quantity: 15]

[24-Sep-18 11:59 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, so. Everything into the bag.

[25-Sep-18 12:00 AM] Twib#7809 And then let's head over to the, ah - is the warg corpses still here? I can butcher them a bit more for meat to eat.

[25-Sep-18 12:01 AM] Tempest#5018 They're in A-04, but sure, the wargs are still there, as are the 4 meat on the floor. _You spent a turn to add all of the crystals into the bag._ BP/Main: 116.6 /150

[25-Sep-18 12:06 AM] Twib#7809 To the warg, then.

[25-Sep-18 12:07 AM] Tempest#5018 Oh, before I forget +6 SP in Mining, total 68 SP. [6:52 AM - Kazama Mines - 28/A-04] _The remains of the warg are still there, alongside the 4 chunks of meat you butchered off of it. Since it's relatively cold and dry in the depths of the Mines, the carcass is well preserved, despite having been killed hours ago._ _The dead warg still has 41 meat worth on its body._

[25-Sep-18 12:11 AM] Twib#7809 Alright, let's drop the bag, and copk four warg meats.

[25-Sep-18 12:12 AM] Tempest#5018 _You dropped the bag, and broke the PSK out._ _It's time to cook some meat!_ _You will need 4 turns and 4 butane units to turn the 4 raw meat into cooked meat. Is that OK?_

[25-Sep-18 12:14 AM] Twib#7809 Yup!

[25-Sep-18 12:16 AM] Tempest#5018 _The sounds and smells of meat are starting to fill the mine section. It smells really delicious._


[25-Sep-18 12:20 AM] Tempest#5018 [Food] Meat - Cooked game meat, warg - 2d50+100 ntri - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 4] Time to eat?

[25-Sep-18 12:20 AM] Twib#7809 Yup+ Anf then I'll harvest two more times for a total of 8 meat, and then cook all of that and eat it.

[25-Sep-18 12:23 AM] Tempest#5018 /r repeat (2d50+100, 4, brief)

[25-Sep-18 12:23 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d50+100, 4, brief)` = 148, 150, 150, 168

[25-Sep-18 12:23 AM] Tempest#5018 _You spent 4 turns eating four delicious pieces of freshly (by give or take 3 hours) killed warg..._ 1283 ntri, 770 wtr, 64.7% Fatigue. _You feel a lot better, certainly less hungry. But all of this effort is starting to run you real ragged._

[25-Sep-18 12:26 AM] Twib#7809 Yeah yeah, I can take it.

[25-Sep-18 12:26 AM] Tempest#5018 _You spent 2 turns harvesting 8 more warg meat, consuming 2 condition on your meat cleaver._ _Then you spent 8 turns cooking that, consuming 8 butane._

[25-Sep-18 12:29 AM] Twib#7809 Time to stuff my mouth some more!

[25-Sep-18 12:30 AM] Tempest#5018 PSK: 118 /200 butane Will you eat all eight?

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Twib#7809 Yes please.

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Tempest#5018 /r repeat (2d50+100, 8, brief)

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `repeat (2d50+100, 8, brief)` = 189, 142, 150, 108, 162, 153, 123, 136

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Tempest#5018 /r 189+142+150+108+162+153+123+136

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Tempest#5018: `189+142+150+108+162+153+123+136` = 189+142+150+108+162+153+123+136 = 1163

[25-Sep-18 12:32 AM] Tempest#5018 _You're eating 8 more steaks..._ 2356 ntri / 716 wtr / 68.3% Fatigue _That hit the spot._

[25-Sep-18 12:34 AM] Twib#7809 Okay, let's go back to the Serpentium and mine some more.

[25-Sep-18 12:36 AM] Tempest#5018 [6:57 AM - Kazama Mines - 28/A-05] _Back to the Serpentium ore patch. There are 16 more crystals to free._

[25-Sep-18 12:39 AM] Twib#7809 /r repeat (1d5, 16, brief)

[25-Sep-18 12:39 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d5, 16, brief)` = 4, 1, 4, 2, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1

[25-Sep-18 12:40 AM] Tempest#5018 You've done 16 strikes and freed one crystal. [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 100 gram (value 122.50 P$), common - Weight: 0.2 - [Quantity: 1] Fatigue: 71.7% - **Fatigued**. _You feel wobbly, slow, and less accurate. Your nutrition and hydration will drop at ever faster levels._

[25-Sep-18 12:46 AM] Twib#7809 Oh, wait, canteen is a key item. I'll drop my bag and drink from my canteen? I'll drop my bag and drink from my canteen? Well, as long as it doesn't affect my Mining.

[25-Sep-18 12:47 AM] Tempest#5018 You can drop your bag and drink from your canteen, yes. Not that you need to drop your bag. Unfortunately, your canteen is empty. You do have 5 bottles of mineral water in your bag, though. +1 SP in Mining, total 69 SP

[25-Sep-18 12:53 AM] Twib#7809 4 waters it is!

[25-Sep-18 01:00 AM] Tempest#5018 _4 waters later..._ 2186 ntri, 1307 wtr, 72.5% Ftg BP/Main: 112.6 /150

[25-Sep-18 01:04 AM] Twib#7809 Alrught, let's do another 15 and then call it a day.

[25-Sep-18 01:05 AM] Tempest#5018 Alright. Go ahead.

[25-Sep-18 01:06 AM] Twib#7809 /r repeat (1d5, 15, brief)

[25-Sep-18 01:06 AM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `repeat (1d5, 15, brief)` = 1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 4, 4, 2, 3, 1, 5, 2, 2, 3, 3

[25-Sep-18 01:11 AM] Tempest#5018 You've made 15 strikes and freed 2 more crystals. +2 SP in Mining, total 71 SP. 1916 ntri / 1172 wtr / 75.5% Ftg _Total on the floor:_ [Ore] Serpentium crystal, 100 gram (value 122.50 P$), common - Weight: 0.2 - [Quantity: 3]

[25-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Twib#7809 Alright, I'll take them and head back to the hospital.

[25-Sep-18 01:15 AM] Tempest#5018 You now carry a total of 18 100-gram Serpentium crystals. BP/main: 113.2 /150 Is it time to leave the mines?

[25-Sep-18 01:16 AM] Twib#7809 At least for this session!

[25-Sep-18 01:16 AM] Tempest#5018 Alright.

[25-Sep-18 01:17 AM] Twib#7809 I need to rest from all this F A T I G U E

[25-Sep-18 01:17 AM] Tempest#5018 _You travel 5 sections and 25 minutes back to the elevator..._

[7:22 AM - Kazama Mines - Level 28, elevator] _You spend one turn in the elevator, as it takes you back to Level 0..._ [Kazama Mines - Level 0, elevator] _To the hospital?_

[25-Sep-18 01:24 AM] Twib#7809 To the hospital!

[25-Sep-18 01:28 AM] Tempest#5018 _You traveled 20 rooms from the mine elevator to the Kazama hospital._ [Kazama - Hospital - Lobby] _The lobby nurse, a kitsune, appears to be having trouble staying awake, and is distracting herself with a computer game. It looks like some variant of Solitaire._

[25-Sep-18 01:31 AM] Twib#7809 "I just spent multiple hours mining and now I need to sleep. Can I get a room and would you like to join me?"

[25-Sep-18 01:34 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Kitsune]** Okay, okay, yes, and no.
    • [Kitsune]** Go see the medic... He'll get you a bedroom.

[25-Sep-18 01:36 AM] Twib#7809 To the medic!

[25-Sep-18 01:39 AM] Tempest#5018 [Kazama - Hospital - Medic's office] _The medic, a male hakutaku, is sitting behind their computer, and it shows that it's the end of the shift._

[25-Sep-18 01:42 AM] Twib#7809 "How much for a room? 400?"

[25-Sep-18 01:44 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Medic]** Good morning. Yes, the fee for a hospital bedroom is 400 P$. You look like you're in bad need of rest, as well. Are you hurt? Would you like treatment?

[25-Sep-18 01:45 AM] Twib#7809 Phone call bank 400

[25-Sep-18 01:47 AM] Tempest#5018 Phone battery: 2/6 Bank balance: 24 463.65 P$

[25-Sep-18 01:48 AM] Twib#7809 "I am hurt, but I'm the kind of gal that can take care of herself."

[25-Sep-18 01:50 AM] Tempest#5018

    • [Medic]** All right then. The payment went through. Here's a key to bedroom 103, feel free to direct yourself there. You look like you're used to this.

_103 is only 4 rooms away from the medic's office._

[25-Sep-18 01:57 AM] Twib#7809 Time to get the fuck to bed. I have struck out waaaay too many times.

[25-Sep-18 02:02 AM] Twib#7809 To 103, where I will long rest for multiple days.

[25-Sep-18 02:08 AM] Tempest#5018 [Kazama Hospital - Bedroom 103] _I'm guessing it's time to long rest._

[25-Sep-18 02:09 AM] Twib#7809 It is. Roll for that now, or in the next session?

[25-Sep-18 02:10 AM] Tempest#5018 Depends, you wanna keep going?

[25-Sep-18 02:12 AM] Twib#7809 Prrroobably for the best to end it here.

[25-Sep-18 02:13 AM] Tempest#5018 OK, if you want! [Session #123 ; Session end]