Log:V4 Session 127 (Meta, no ontology)

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[25-Oct-18 06:18 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #127 ; Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. On the last session, you... well, let's be honest, you **fucked.** A lot. You are at the Gehen Strip Club, the **Club Asmodeus**. The time is now 11:02 AM, fatigue is 54.6%, Stress is a big fat zero. You're feeling good, just in need of a little rest before resuming your path._

[25-Oct-18 06:21 PM] Twib#7809 There's a hotel in Gehen, no?

[25-Oct-18 06:21 PM] Tempest#5018 Absolutely. It's _The Manticore's Lodge._

[25-Oct-18 06:21 PM] Twib#7809 I think after **rutting** like a bitch I am, I'll need to head to the Manticore's Lodge to sleep it all off. I'm finally, *finally* getting back in the groove, so I'm going to sleep, recharge my TB, and then laugh as all the men are driven before me and I hear the moans of their women. So I'll put on my Power Armor and walk right on over.

[25-Oct-18 06:26 PM] Tempest#5018 _You walk out of the sexy club, and make your way to the local hotel, with people still eyeing you as you pass by. The trip takes 16 rooms from the club to the lobby of the hotel._

[The Manticore's Lodge - Lobby] _The daytime manager is sitting at his office lazily, feet resting up on the desk while reading a comic book._

[25-Oct-18 06:26 PM] Twib#7809 "Good afternoon, citizen. This unit requires a safe location to power off and reboot. Are rooms available?" Is this my new gimmick? I think this is my new gimmick.

[25-Oct-18 06:27 PM] Tempest#5018 _You see the manager's eyebrow raise... from behind the comic book. Then you watch his expression quickly turn from 'what the fuck' to 'WHAT THE FUCK?!' upon seeing your fully armored self._

    • [Manager]** BWHOA HOLY SHIT!

[25-Oct-18 06:27 PM] Twib#7809 Hahahaha, YESSS this is my new gimmick.

[25-Oct-18 06:28 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Manager]** I thought for a second you were _Master Boss_, from the Aura stories! ... I... well... Yknow, I was just reading this issue of _Combat Comics_, and...
    • [Manager]** ...Holy shit, is this a costume or is this real armor?

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Twib#7809 "100 Brass coins of your currency is acceptable, is it not? This unit requests to only pay 90 coins, a 10% discount, due to the lack of any necessities beyond a mattress of sufficient quality."

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Manager]** _<Long stare, not sure if you're for real or not. Anxious expression.>_ I... um...

Toss me a Negotiation check, with a +2 bonus from me because he's _completely_ taken by surprise.

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6+2

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6+2` = (1+5)+2 = 8

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Tempest#5018 Success!

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Twib#7809 YES

[25-Oct-18 06:29 PM] Tempest#5018 +1 SP in Negotiation.

    • [Manager]** ... Sure, okay! H-here, take this.

_You paid 90 P$ for 24 hours of hotel room use. The manager leaves you the key for Room 106._ Negotiation skill: 15 SP Money pouch: 2480.50 P$ (677 Brass 7 Cuni 36 Silver 9 Gold) - 9.09 /20

[25-Oct-18 06:31 PM] Twib#7809 Slowly and steadily, I suppose.

[25-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Tempest#5018 _On your way to the bedroom, you hear the manager having a nerd moment._

    • [Manager]** Whoa... dude... When I'll tell Jimmy about this he will NEVER believe me.

[25-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Twib#7809 "This unit appreciates your assistance. Per directives, this unit reminds you that any attempt to examine the interior will be met with overwhelming force."

[25-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Manager]** ...y-yeah. Sure, okay, do not disturb. Got it, _Boss unit!_

[25-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Twib#7809 So, to clarify - can I *actually* sleep in this armor? Is it comfortable enough for that?

[25-Oct-18 06:32 PM] Tempest#5018 _He does a very sloppy military salute._ _3 rooms later..._ [The Manticore's Lodge - Room 106] _It's a hotel room. You see a double bed, two nightstands, a radio, a television, a desk with a chair, a table, and more chairs around it. The interior design is pretty standard, in shades of dark red and burgundy. There are even a couple framed pictures - surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly, considering where you are) they all depict demonic creatures._ Sure, you CAN sleep inside of that thing if you want to. It's not the most comfortable thing in the universe, it'll be somewhat like sleeping inside of a metallic sleeping bag, while fully kitted, but sure, you'll sleep just fine eventually.

[25-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Twib#7809 Less time to waste, that's for sure. Long Rest, please!

[25-Oct-18 06:35 PM] Tempest#5018 You know the drill. Toss me 1d6s, you get 2 hours of sleep and 8.0% Fatigue heal per point. At 56.2% Fatigue, it'll require a little over 7 hours to heal everything.

[25-Oct-18 06:36 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[25-Oct-18 06:36 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (1+2) = 3

[25-Oct-18 06:36 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[25-Oct-18 06:36 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (4+2) = 6

[25-Oct-18 06:36 PM] Twib#7809 Welp, I overshot it, buuuut whatever.

[25-Oct-18 06:37 PM] Tempest#5018 And that's 9 points, for a total of 72% Fatigue healed and 18 hours. Zzz... It's a new day. Firesday, Pentema 12, 5:02 AM. You dreamt mostly of lewd and highly inappropriate scenes, and you wake up very early in the morning, fully refreshed.

You are energized. Your Pain Sensitivity falls by 10% and is now at 5%. As a reminder, your TB is at 2/10.

[25-Oct-18 06:41 PM] Twib#7809 Well, how's my nutrition? I'll like to be fully stocked before I go.

[25-Oct-18 06:41 PM] Tempest#5018 2570 ntri / OK 1100 wtr / Hydrated _You're fine. If you intend to recharge your TB, perhaps a light meal beforehand would be a good idea._

[25-Oct-18 06:43 PM] Twib#7809 I'll place my bag down, and take out one Military ration, first. Might as well eat here so I can immediately recover from the Fatigue for waiting 80 turns.

[25-Oct-18 06:45 PM] Tempest#5018 _Spent a turn to drop the bag, and another to open a Military Rations - Regular. You tore the packaging open and received all of the following:_

[Food] Canned goods - Beef meatballs, canned, 170g. 335 ntri, -60 wtr - Weight: 0.5 - [Quantity: 2] [Food] Snacks - Chocolate bar. 266 ntri, -5 wtr - Weight: 1 [Food] Snacks - Mini-box of salt crackers, 10 - 130 ntri, -30 wtr - Weight: 1 [Food] Beverage - Can of cola drink. 139 ntri, 99 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 8 turns, Fatigue -1.0%, Stress +0.1% - Weight: 1 [Meds] Cigarette (requires lighter or match to use) - Suppressed hunger, Agility+1, FT-1 for 1d6+2 turns - Addictive (Nicotine) - Weight: 0.1 - [Quantity: 4] [Key item] A bracelet-lighter. A small reliable source of fire. - Weight: 1 - [Fuel: 300 /300] _Everything is on the bed for now._

[25-Oct-18 06:48 PM] Twib#7809 Great. First, I'll spend 2000 Nutrition and gen 8 TB. And then I'm going to scarf down after this after 80 turns. Actually, wait. Let me just eat the beef meatballs first. AND THEN Gen 8 TB.

[25-Oct-18 06:49 PM] Tempest#5018 In order to not feel hungry at any point, you must not fall any lower than 1050 ntri at any moment. If that helps you (and me). _You spent 2 turns eating two tin cans full of beef meatballs. Though they're cold, and taste a little too salty, they are filling and nutritious, which is exactly what you want._

2 turns net +668 ntri net -122 wtr Now at 3237 ntri, 977 wtr. You're Satiated.

[25-Oct-18 06:51 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah, that's a tad safer. Now to max out on BALLS, please.

[25-Oct-18 06:52 PM] Tempest#5018 You instantaneously burn 2000 ntri... ...then spend 80 turns concentrating. 1237 ntri - OK 895 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue 8.0% - OK (no longer energized, so PS is back up to 15%) Tanuki Balls: 10 /10

[25-Oct-18 06:54 PM] Twib#7809 Great. Let's eat all the crackers and the chocolate, now. And I'll drink the cola, too. Might as well.

[25-Oct-18 07:00 PM] Tempest#5018 You spent three turns downing the rest of your ration. You gained a net total of +532 ntri and +61 wtr. The cola, which was taken last, gave you Fatigue -1.0% and Stress +0.1%. The rest of the cola's effects will last 7 turns.

1769 ntri - OK 956 wtr - Hydrated Fatigue 7.3% - OK Stress 0.1% - Low

[25-Oct-18 07:01 PM] Twib#7809 Alright. Let's take a Short Rest to zero me out again. And then I'll make my way to Sirvarris. May I roll 2d6?

[25-Oct-18 07:08 PM] Tempest#5018 1d6 actually. 1 point = 30 minutes of sleep and 2.0% Fatigue healed.

[25-Oct-18 07:09 PM] Twib#7809 Ah, alright. /r 1d6

[25-Oct-18 07:09 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (2) = 2

[25-Oct-18 07:09 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[25-Oct-18 07:09 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (5) = 5

[25-Oct-18 07:10 PM] Twib#7809 And that'll do it.

[25-Oct-18 07:10 PM] Tempest#5018 210 minutes, or 3 hours 30 minutes of sleep, for a total of 14.0% Fatigue healed. Zzz... Cola drink effects ended. When you wake up, it's 8:32 AM. You still have 90 minutes of room use left.

[25-Oct-18 07:11 PM] Twib#7809 No problem there.

[25-Oct-18 07:11 PM] Tempest#5018 Fatigue is back down to 0%.

[25-Oct-18 07:12 PM] Twib#7809 Great. Then lastly, I'll take a quick shower to zero out Stress. Roll 1d6?

[25-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Tempest#5018 First you need to move into the shower room, which takes one turn. Roll **1d8*2**.

[25-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d8*2

[25-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d8*2` = (1)\*2 = 2

[25-Oct-18 07:13 PM] Twib#7809 Well that worked out.

[25-Oct-18 07:14 PM] Tempest#5018 You spent 2 turns showering, giving you -0.4% Fatigue and -0.4% Stress. You're all zeroed out!


[25-Oct-18 07:16 PM] Tempest#5018 _Time to leave! You drop the key to your room back on the counter at the lobby, while on your way out. It takes exactly 20 rooms to reach the generator facility and the tunnel room._ [Gehen generator - ESSN tunnel access]

[25-Oct-18 07:17 PM] Twib#7809 To Sirvarris, where I'll *destroy everything that dares try to stop me*

[25-Oct-18 07:18 PM] Tempest#5018 The tunnel trip from Gehen to Sirvarris is 100 room-equivalents away, and the trip will last 8 hours 30 minutes. Ready?

[25-Oct-18 07:20 PM] Twib#7809 Yup yup!

[25-Oct-18 07:20 PM] Tempest#5018 _1 turn to go down the hatch ..._ _100 turns in the tunnel..._ _..and 1 turn to get up the ladder._ [Sirvarris - Generator facility - ESSN hatch room] _The time is now 5:02 PM._

Fatigue: 12.2% - OK. No longer energized.

[25-Oct-18 07:22 PM] Twib#7809 Oh no, only 15% pain tolerence, whatever will I do Let's just head to the Silverlight Library.

[25-Oct-18 07:25 PM] Tempest#5018 _14 rooms later..._ [Silverlight Library of Sirvarris - West wing (Entrance)] _There are people coming and going between the different areas of the library. The librarian's office is two rooms ahead of you, in the East wing. It's probably where you should go first._ _You see big signs reminding customers:_


[25-Oct-18 07:25 PM] Twib#7809 I hope I don't clank around too much as I walk. To the librarian's office!

[25-Oct-18 07:28 PM] Tempest#5018 _Besides customers sitting at tables and reading, you see a man dressed in archaeologist gear; you recognize him as **Marcus McBride**. The librarian and caretaker of the Sirvarris Library is sitting at her desk; you haven't met her yet, but a helpful sign indicates that her name is **Prisca Stilcore**. The two appear to be old friends, and they're chatting ... about you, it seems!_

    • [Marcus]** ...yeah, it's been several weeks. I wonder if we should just give up on her and get another contractor's help...
    • [Prisca]** Look, it's the Contestant, maybe she got caught in other stuff! I'm sure she's like, important, and stuff.

[25-Oct-18 07:29 PM] Twib#7809 "I had to get some supplies, Marcus. I don't think you'll mind after you look my way."

[25-Oct-18 07:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Oh... Oh wow. Oh, _wow._

[25-Oct-18 07:29 PM] Twib#7809 "But I do appreciate you waiting. Like what you see?"

[25-Oct-18 07:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** See? Wow, look at that armor... Straight out of a sci-fi movie!
    • [Marcus]** You weren't kidding! Wow... _<Jokingly>_ You could've at least called ahead!
    • [Prisca]** Marcus, cmon.

[25-Oct-18 07:30 PM] Twib#7809 "I couldn't reveal my location or contact the outside world. Cobtracts, need to know basis, the usual."

[25-Oct-18 07:31 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** I'm joking. Don't worry about it, you had stuff to do! Though now I hope the stuff you plan on doing will involve us. Welcome to Sirvarris, Reina! And this is Prisca Stilcore, my old friend and the caretaker of this wonderful library. Do you need a refresher on what we've done so far?

[25-Oct-18 07:32 PM] Twib#7809 "It *has* been almost a month. Last I recall, I helped the jewelry lady in Heshbar for you, we got some information on some rare royal jewels, and then you needed to do research with Prisca?"

[25-Oct-18 07:34 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** That's right. We've been digging through the information that Lori gave us, and we tracked down the guy that was mentioned. This Einar dude, remember? That guy who bought a very special golden topaz? Well...Lori's description of the jewel matches that of the **Topaz of King Makazril**, one of the Crown Jewels.
    • [Marcus]** And it also turns out that this Einar is part of the **Guild of Silver Larceners**, the very same Guild we’ve hired to help us find the jewels. Although Prisca and I don’t really agree on this point, I believe that the Guild is perfectly aware of the nature of the Jewel, and the fact that they haven’t called us despite being in possession of this gem since several weeks seems, well... suspicious to me.

[25-Oct-18 07:35 PM] Twib#7809 "Alright. So we go in and rough them up?"

[25-Oct-18 07:35 PM] Tempest#5018 _Prisca rolls her eyes._

    • [Prisca]** Like I told you a million times before Reina showed up, I’m sure they _don’t_ realize what they have on their hands. The Crown Jewels were never discovered before, no-one really knows what they look like, and as far as I’m aware, I’m the first who translated the tomes in the Silverlight books that speak about them. We don’t have any real proof they DO know, and if really they don’t know, it might be in our best interests.
    • [Marcus]** No no no no... No roughing anyone up. Well... Not _yet_. The Guild is... Well, they're the Guild of Silver Larceners! Their _entire_ shtick up in their hometown, Gimrun, is celeberating medieval culture... AND they have one of the Silverlight Libraries, and their own scholars and specialists to study it. Those guys are _important_. Which is why I'd be very surprised if they _didn't_ figure it out yet.

[25-Oct-18 07:37 PM] Twib#7809 "...We have to go *all the way* to Gimrun?"

[25-Oct-18 07:37 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Okay, okay, I don't think Reina needs to watch us argue... again. I'm sorry, miss Miyako-Knight. We _do_ tend to argue a lot. So, we thought that maybe we’d let you figure out what’s the best way to do this!
    • [Prisca]** Yep. That's your next destination. Our buyer's name is Brother Einar - Guild thing, you'll see for yourself. He's part of Gimrun Town Security, they call themselves "The League" for whatever reason. He is the desk monkey at the Town Hall information lobby. That puts him close, but not too close to the people in charge of security in town. If you've been to Gimrun before, well... you probably saw them. (But if not, I can explain if you want.)
    • [Marcus]** We think the jewel is somewhere in Gimrun, and since they haven't called back, and since Prisca and I cannot agree on how to handle this... We thought of letting you choose.
    • [Marcus]** Any questions?

[25-Oct-18 07:40 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, what are our options? I generally think that it's way easier to go peacefully first and *then* go violent if we have to." "It's a lot harder to shoot first, and ask the corpses later."

[25-Oct-18 07:41 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** I would hope that violence is your very last resort! ... Well, I _did_ hire you for _those_ capabilities as well, but the less bodies this treasure hunt leaves, the happier we'll all be.

[25-Oct-18 07:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Violence is generally my first resort. Hence all the shotguns." "so, again - what, exactly, are you suggesting we do? Head to Gimrun and ask nicely?"

[25-Oct-18 07:42 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** _Well..._ Since we’re not relying on 100% reliable information, you must first make your way to Gimrun and do what you can to gather information. At the very least, locate the gem and make sure it is one of the Crown Jewels. Prisca will supply you with a way to distinguish how it’s supposed to look like. The priority is to get it back here by any means necessary, although if I could make a suggestion, avoid making it a show of force or a huge town gunfight, it’s going to attract a lot of trouble and we want to stay out of trouble.

_Prisca shows you a bunch of photos. These pictures depict drawings and engravings that were copied onto various Silverlight books. They detail the shape and facets of each of the Crown Jewels in various angles. Each has a very unique shape, and you would be fairly certain you could recognize it if you saw it._ (If that wasn't clear, Prisca took photos of pages from the books.)

[25-Oct-18 07:44 PM] Twib#7809 "Do you think if we found a big enough golden topaz, we could hire Lori to carve it into a forgery?" "You know, just as a hypothetical."

[25-Oct-18 07:46 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** In theory, it's possible, but they would be no more valuable than any other golden topaz. I doubt you'll find any jeweler willing to do this sort of thing, either. Why, what are you thinking of?

[25-Oct-18 07:48 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, if we ever needed to negotiate for our lives or as a bribe, having a fake Topaz of King Makazril would be nice. Especially if we could do a swap while the Guild didn't notice. Let them think they have a Crown Jewel, while we go on with our lives locating the other ones." "And we keep the real one in a Bank Deposit until we need it for whatever special door or crown we have to pop it into at the end."

[25-Oct-18 07:50 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** You want to fool them with a fake jewel? That sounds very risky... let's suggest for a moment that my theory is right and they know how to recognize the Jewels too; the first thing they're going to do is find out. These jewels are ancient, they have several thousands of years of wear; I'm not an expert on gemstones but if you asked Lori, she could probably tell you which differences that could be spotted.
    • [Prisca]** ... Well, he's got a point. But that suggests they even know. I like Reina's idea! It's ballsy.
    • [Marcus]** Well, I don't.
    • [Prisca]** Well clam sandwich!
    • [Marcus]** .. ..Er. Sorry about that.

[25-Oct-18 07:52 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, maybe not the *Guild*, then, but anyone else who finds out about this goose chase. If anyone was trying to collect all the pieces, the first thing *I'd* do is make as any forgeries as possible. " "But, well - I don't exactly have a golden topaz on me. So like I said, it's just an idea I wanted to bring up for the future - to be either used by us, or against us."

[25-Oct-18 07:53 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Well, we will see how this plays out. For now, your task is to head up to the North, and prepare for a long trip across the UA.
    • [Marcus]** Then once you're in Gimrun, your first job will be to locate the Golden Topaz. You have all the elements; a target, a place to go to, one person very likely to still have the Topaz, and your wits and skills. I regret not being able to give you more, but it's up to you now.

[25-Oct-18 07:55 PM] Twib#7809 "And neither of you will be coming with me?"

[25-Oct-18 07:55 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Not this time! I'll be busy trying to find clues on the _other_ jewels, and if luck is with us, the Crown.
    • [Prisca]** Sorry, Reina. I've got to take care of the library, but if there's an opening in the future, I'll try to join you.

[25-Oct-18 07:56 PM] Twib#7809 "Greaaaaaaat. Can you give me a list of what kind of jewels the Crown Jewels are, when I get back? I'll pop into a few jewelry stores and do some shopping, just in case we do end up playing with fakes."

[25-Oct-18 07:56 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Though, thank you for the offer. I haven't left Sirvarris in quite a while, it'd be good to be less of a nerd and more of an adventurer!
    • [Marcus]** The jewels are:

The Golden Topaz of King Makazril The Ruby of King Gulram The Sapphire of King Goganax The Emerald of King Maratuxa and the biggest of the five, the Diamond of King Silfazril

[25-Oct-18 07:58 PM] Twib#7809 "Ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond. Well, alright then."

[25-Oct-18 07:58 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** All of which are cut in unique, intricate shapes, using medieval gem-cutting techniques. It must have taken them weeks on each jewel.

[25-Oct-18 07:58 PM] Twib#7809 "Lori 's certainly old enough to have made them, then."

[25-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Burn.
    • [Marcus]** Ouch, that's not nice.

[25-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Twib#7809 "Alterantively, we can find a youkai jeweler in the Northwest Zone." "But, for now - see you guys later, I'll be back in a few days."

[25-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** I must tell you that these jewels predate even the youkai in age!

[25-Oct-18 07:59 PM] Twib#7809 "Doesn't mean we don't know how to make a forgery!"

[25-Oct-18 08:00 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** ... You sure seem dead set on this idea. Just be careful, okay?

[25-Oct-18 08:00 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm just saying, I like backups. And Prisca seems to like the idea, too." To the tunnels for Cloud Ten.

[25-Oct-18 08:01 PM] Tempest#5018 M12 Objective 1 completed. M12 Objective 2: Head to the town of Gimrun, and find out the location of the Golden Topaz of Makazril

[25-Oct-18 08:02 PM] Twib#7809 Time for more tunnel travel. Thank *gods* the Engineers needed assistance.

[25-Oct-18 08:04 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the library, and head back to the hatch room. It takes 14 rooms again._

[25-Oct-18 08:05 PM] Twib#7809 And then 24 hours for travel?

[25-Oct-18 08:05 PM] Tempest#5018 22, but yes. It's a far shot. Ready to go?

[25-Oct-18 08:05 PM] Twib#7809 Well, let's get going Yup yup .

[25-Oct-18 08:39 PM] Tempest#5018 1 turn to go down the hatch, 250 turns in the tunnel (+22 hours), and 1 turn to go up the ladder...

It is a new day. Earthsday, Pentema 13, year 704. The time is now 3:02 PM.

1364 ntri - OK 549 wtr - OK Fatigue 40.4% - OK _You've reached the hatch room in Cloud Ten._ [Reputation check] Angelic faction: +8 - Indifferent. You're clear to enter the town if you wish to make a pit stop. If not, you can freely leave through the town gate and the UA.

[25-Oct-18 08:43 PM] Twib#7809 Alright, to Gimrun, then. Let's get this long national nightmare over with. Skip Travel, please.

[25-Oct-18 08:52 PM] Tempest#5018 _You step out and reach the Gap corridor (5 rooms), then prepare to skip travel to Gimrun..._

[25-Oct-18 08:57 PM] Twib#7809 Can't wait to start getting shot at.

[25-Oct-18 08:58 PM] Tempest#5018 _The trip is mercifully short - just 10 rooms and 50 minutes._

[3:52 PM - Gimrun] _Do you want a town map?_

[25-Oct-18 08:59 PM] Twib#7809 I just need the Town Hall Information Lobby, right? I could use a town map, but that's where I'm first headed.

[25-Oct-18 08:59 PM] Tempest#5018 You can go straight there - the map is just there if you want to see what else is in town.

[25-Oct-18 09:01 PM] Twib#7809 I'll take a gander. But fter I look I'll go to the town hall.

[25-Oct-18 09:02 PM] Tempest#5018 < Gimrun - Town Map > Laws: Independent

   The TownSec is known as **The League for the Defense of Gimrun**, aka simply **The League**.
   Laws are largely similar to Standard law for visitors.
   Residents are subjected to an income tax (Shopkeepers must pay the “Tithe”: 7% of their daily income. Non-shopkeeper residents must pay the “Levy”: sum equivalent to 20% of their daily rent).

Food production: Artificial light farm Water production: UA water recycling unit Residential areas: 5 (HR1 Bunkdorms, HR1 Bunkdorms, HR2 Dormitories, HR4 Single beds, HV Villa) + Hotel

   The villa is called The Paladins’ Keep.
   The hotel is called Castle Gimrun.

The HR4 residential area is known as Housing Unit 7D. Social square facilities: Hiring bureau, Bank, 2 Bars, 2 Restaurants [Dim Sum, Diner], Takeout stand, Dojo, Library (Silverlight), Style shop

   The town Dojo is known as the Gimrun’s Society of Traditional Fighters.
   The bar in E4 is called The Silver Knight.
   The bar in E5 is called The Radiant Shield.
   The Dim Sum restaurant is called Gimrun Spring Rolls.
   The Diner is called Burger Knight.

Shops: 3 individual (Forge, Jewelry store, Meds shop) Special facility: Adult school Other facilities: Generator, Hospital, Town Hall

[25-Oct-18 09:04 PM] Twib#7809 I prooooooooooooooooobably shouldn't buy a golden topaz at this place. For now, I'll go to the Town Hall.

[25-Oct-18 09:06 PM] Tempest#5018 15 rooms later...

[Gimrun Town Hall - Information lobby]

_You see the information lobby secretary at the office; it is the person that was described to you, the so-called **Brother Einar**._ _If you are going to speak to him about the jewel, it is in your best interests to be certain of your approach._

[25-Oct-18 09:06 PM] Twib#7809 Perhaps coming in futuristic armor wasn't the best choice of things. Ugh. How crowded is the lobby right now?

[25-Oct-18 09:07 PM] Tempest#5018 _Not very. It's the middle of the afternoon on a Firesday. It's just you and Einar._

[25-Oct-18 09:09 PM] Twib#7809 Great. I'll walk up calmly and smoothly. With armor like this, there's no real point going for sultry. No one would buy it in a second. "Hello." I begin, soft but polite - and probably not what anyone expects out of a walking battle tank. "I'm looking for a Brother Elnar? I'm a courier hired by Marcus McBride."

[25-Oct-18 09:16 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Huh? Marcus who? I'm Brother Einar. I'm not sure who or what you're looking for, Mrs... ?

[25-Oct-18 09:18 PM] Twib#7809 "Ah, I'm Rie. I was told to come here by my employer, you see. I was told that you might know something about a golden topaz that was supposed to be delivered to Sirvarris?"

[25-Oct-18 09:18 PM] Tempest#5018 (( LOL. (( Reina lies and uses the name of her DEAD FRIEND.

[25-Oct-18 09:18 PM] Twib#7809 "I understand that there's been a delay; the UA can be awfully dangerous, after all."

[25-Oct-18 09:18 PM] Tempest#5018 (( Smooth as hell, Reina. Smooth as hell.


[25-Oct-18 09:27 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** _<Nervous>_ ...Uh, I don't know what you're talking about. I think you got the wrong guy, lady.

[25-Oct-18 09:30 PM] Twib#7809 "I think I'm staring at exactly the right guy, Brother Einar." I place my hand on the table, very clearly displaying that I'm nice and armed. "And I'm thinking that the Guild of Silver Larceners wouldn't be happy to hear their reputation be tarnished by a non-cooperative member, hmmm?" "Because either you're holding us up all on your own in hope of a better paycheck..."

[25-Oct-18 09:30 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** ...Okay okay, keep it down, man... uhhh... Let’s just say I need a little help remembering about it, you know what I’m sayin’? If it’s so important for you, perhaps you could... help me out?

[25-Oct-18 09:31 PM] Twib#7809 "I could be convinced, Brother Einar. There's quite a *few* ways I can help you." "After all, a town as genuine as this, and yet there's no nunnery for pent up Brothers to relieve themselves? It's a shame."

[25-Oct-18 09:32 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Well um... there's only one kind of medicine for memory troubles, know what I'm sayin'? And it's round, metallic and shiny...

[25-Oct-18 09:34 PM] Twib#7809 I set my bag down. I take out one Flechette round.

[25-Oct-18 09:34 PM] Tempest#5018 OK. You spent a turn. Einar looks at you curiously.

[25-Oct-18 09:34 PM] Twib#7809 I gesture to my three shotguns. I do this all while staring him in the eye, and he looks into my visor.

[25-Oct-18 09:35 PM] Tempest#5018 _Einar's eyes harden._

[25-Oct-18 09:35 PM] Twib#7809 "Round, metallic, and shiny." I then take out three gold coins.

[25-Oct-18 09:35 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Yo, what the fuck? I-- ...
    • [Einar]** ...What?

[25-Oct-18 09:37 PM] Twib#7809 "Depending on how much information you give me, *and* how accurate it is, I am willing to either pay cash," and here I gesture to the coins. "Or I'll come back and ensure a 'direct deposit' goes through. I think that's fair, right?" "After all, I really shouldn't be paying for *your Guild's* mistakes. I should be complaining to your supervisors, even."

[25-Oct-18 09:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Okay, well... If you can make those coins double, I might be able to remember.

_Einar wants 600 P$ for the information._ _You still have opportunities for negotiation checks, but it'll depend on which direction you want to go. If you need pointers or a little help, feel free to ask._

[25-Oct-18 09:40 PM] Twib#7809 600 in Brass it is. I need more information before I'm willing to cuff him and torture for details. And hey. Worse comes to worst I can always just kill him and take the money back.

[25-Oct-18 09:44 PM] Tempest#5018 _Einar pouts at being given brass instead of gold, but he nonetheless accepts the money._ Money pouch: 1880.50 P$ (77 Brass, 7 Cuni, 36 Silver, 9 Gold) - 3.09 /20

[25-Oct-18 09:45 PM] Twib#7809 "You don't want gold. Brass is less noticable."

[25-Oct-18 09:46 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Thaaaank you... Okay... Yeah, I did buy the topaz. Whoever told you that I did, well, he's right. I'm suggesting you're here for it? Whatever, I don't care about your reasons, I'll let it go since you paid me for it. Now... just wait one second, aight? I'm just gonna reach for my phone, so don't do anything stupid.

_Einar composes a number on his phone, sighing at the dial tone. When the other end finally picks up..._

    • [Einar]** Yeah hi, it's Einar. Yeah, so, I forgot to pick up something in my room and I'm swamped with work, so Imma send over somebody to pick that shit up for me, so... Mind letting em in? You can't miss her, she, uh, she's wearing some kinda heavy full body armor. Real mean lookin'. ... Yeah, you can do that for me? Sweet, thanks bud. I owe you another beer.

[25-Oct-18 09:50 PM] Twib#7809 "Should I stop by the bar and pick one up for your friend?"

[25-Oct-18 09:50 PM] Tempest#5018 (( one sec

    • [Einar]** _<Ends his call, stares back at you.>_ I live at Housing Unit 7D, Residence 104. Told my landlord you're a friend and you're coming. And that'd be cool if you did that, he'd appreciate it.
    • [Einar]** Feel free to go pick the topaz up yourself... but be nice and don't break into the rest of my stuff, aight?

[25-Oct-18 09:59 PM] Twib#7809 "I won't. I don't suppose I could give you the gold coins you wanted if you'll tell me *why* this all took so long?" "It's been nearly a month."

[25-Oct-18 10:01 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Welllll... if y'n wanna give me more money, I sure as heck ain't gonna say no. But yeah, I can tell you why I still got it.

[25-Oct-18 10:02 PM] Twib#7809 Two gold coins for his trouble. All money is meaningless to me now that I have POWER ARMOR

[25-Oct-18 10:04 PM] Tempest#5018 _You see Einar's hungry eyes follow the glint of gold, and his grubby palms pocketing extra cash. He smiles at you, but the smile looks a little uncomfortable._

    • [Einar]** Score!...

Money pouch: 1680.50 P$ (77 Brass, 7 Cuni, 36 Silver, 7 Gold) - 2.99 /20

    • [Einar]** Yeah so... I bought it because of its peculiar shape. I had been trying to find a ring or a collar to mount it on, or something like that, because it looked obviously like it would fit on something, like it was made to be fitted on something, but nothing I tried it with would work.
    • [Einar]** So I kept it around, not knowing what I should do with it. I showed it to a, uh, good friend of mine, hoping that he’d know someone who would like it, and he said that he was considering buying it from me, but he never actually did make an offer. He did tell me to hold onto it, for some reason; I guess he was hoping that I’d sell it to him… But then you showed up… You know the rest. You paid me a whole lot more than I paid for this, so I thank you for that. I subscribe to "better make a profit now than a promise later".

_He seems to hesitate over the words "good friend of mine"._

[25-Oct-18 10:09 PM] Twib#7809 "And who, exactly, was this good friend of yours, hmmm? I think I've been pretty generous, paying 800 Parallers for your friendship." "That's definitely more than the big fat zero your good friend's given you."

[25-Oct-18 10:09 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Oh, uh, yknow, friends of mine, at work... They wouldn't like me talking about them... and I'm serious about that, unless you're, uh, _in the know_, you're better off not knowing. Either way, thanks a bunch, friend.

_Again, a mostly insincere tone over "friend"._

[25-Oct-18 10:11 PM] Twib#7809 "And not even a thousand Parallers will change your mind?" "You know what they say. Better make a profit now, than a promise later."

[25-Oct-18 10:12 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Not even for a million, dude.. I can make money on the side but I can't out people that could have me killed if I said the wrong thing... I already said too much, lady. Go get your prize.

[25-Oct-18 10:14 PM] Twib#7809 "Oh, alright. My suggestion is to get out soon, then - from one friend to another. I hear Elkins is getting nicer these days."

[25-Oct-18 10:14 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** The Eastern Zone? Always thought I was gonna retire there one day.

[25-Oct-18 10:14 PM] Twib#7809 To the Address, I guess. Time to see if I step on any Proximity mines. "Better retire now. Like *noooooow.* Let the mayor know that his furry flirt of a friend sent you, he'll be able to help you out a bit more."

[25-Oct-18 10:16 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Einar]** Uh, I'll see, aight?

_To Einar's residence now?_

[25-Oct-18 10:17 PM] Twib#7809 To Einar's residence now.

[25-Oct-18 10:17 PM] Tempest#5018 _2 rooms later, you're at the entrance lobby of Housing Unit 7D._ _The manager and landlord is typitty-typing on the keyboard of his computer._

[25-Oct-18 10:18 PM] Twib#7809 "Hi, I'm Einar's friend?"

[25-Oct-18 10:19 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Manager]** Oh, wow, he wasn't lying when he said I wouldn't be able to miss you. Go ahead!

_You're clear to enter Residence 104 just once, as agreed, without it being considered trespassing._

[25-Oct-18 10:21 PM] Twib#7809 Let's pop myself in, then. So, what else is in here besides the golden topaz?

[25-Oct-18 10:25 PM] Tempest#5018 9 rooms later...

[Gimrun - Housing Unit 7D - Residence 104] _You see here a bed, a nightstand, a wooden container with no lock and no trap, a television, a radio, a desk, a chair, a table, and minimal decoration. There is a large framed picture of two crossed swords over the bed, and a couple of small framed pictures depicting Einar and what appears to be fellow League colleague of his._ _There are items in the desk, and items in the container._

[25-Oct-18 10:25 PM] Twib#7809 Well, let's just take a loot at the desk items, and the container items. Er, a look. A *look* I'm not gonna loot anything without permission.

[25-Oct-18 10:35 PM] Tempest#5018 Don't worry, that's what I understood :p

    • < Desk >**

[Key item] **Golden Topaz of Makazril** [Money] 1 P$ coin - 1 P$ - Brass - Weight: (variable, 0.01 per coin) - [Quantity: 114] [Book] A book. Title: [Fantasy] Youkai Shikkaku: No Longer Youkai - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. While reading: Negated Natural Fatigue + Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. [Book] A book. Title: [Novel] Five Strangers in Town - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. While reading: Negated Natural Fatigue + Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading.

    • < Container >**

[Crafting] (Toolkit) Gun Cleaning Kit (GCK) - Restores a firearm's Cleanliness (+10% per use). Can be used up to 3 times. - Weight: 1 - [3/3] [Ammunition] Box of 5.7x28mm, Standard FMJ, 50 rounds - [50/50] - Weight: 0.5 (0.01 per round) [Handloading] Spent case, 5.7x28mm - [Quantity: 22] - weight: 0.22 (0.01 per case)

[25-Oct-18 10:37 PM] Twib#7809 Man, nothing I'm even tempted to take. Is there a shower room? I think I'll freshen up before I go.

[25-Oct-18 10:38 PM] Tempest#5018 Being a residential unit, there is none attached to the residences, unlike a hotel. There are public toilets and public showers instead. You could go there if you wanted to.

[25-Oct-18 10:39 PM] Twib#7809 Okay. I'll just pocket the Crown Jewel, then. And then I'll go to the bar. Silver Knight sounds like my kind of place.

[25-Oct-18 10:39 PM] Tempest#5018 M12 Objective 2 completed.

[25-Oct-18 10:39 PM] Twib#7809 I have enough TB to burn to reduce Stress.

[25-Oct-18 10:40 PM] Tempest#5018 M12 Objective 3: Bring the Golden Topaz of Makazril back to the Archeo Team in Sirvarris.

[25-Oct-18 10:40 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. I'll just buy some coffee, burn some TB for Afterglow, and then be on my way.

[25-Oct-18 10:42 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the Housing Unit 7D, going towards the Silver Knight, one of two seemingly constantly busy bars in the medieval town of Gimrun... It takes 15 rooms to reach the bar, and one more to get to the bar counter room._

[_The Silver Knight_ - Bar counter room] _There are several customers around, some of which are eyeing your highly armored self._

[25-Oct-18 10:44 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm going to need 10 coffees. Any chance of a bulk discount? 10% discount, so 13.5 isntead of 15. May I roll Negotiate?

[25-Oct-18 10:46 PM] Tempest#5018 Toss me a 2d6, success on 7 or more

[25-Oct-18 10:46 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[25-Oct-18 10:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (5+2) = 7

[25-Oct-18 10:46 PM] Twib#7809 yaaay, more Negotiate. :V

[25-Oct-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Heh. Haggling! Taking the medieval spirit to heart. Sure, I'll give you one free.

+1 SP in Negotiation. You now have a total of 16 SP.

[25-Oct-18 10:47 PM] Twib#7809 Just four more to not be trash. 14 Brass it is. Also, when I start drinking, I'm going to burn 2 TB for Afterglow and keep my Stress at zero.

[25-Oct-18 10:50 PM] Tempest#5018 _You paid 14 brass coins... and you received one cunny and 10 coffees in exchange._ [Money] 0.50 P$ coin - 1 Cn - Cupronickel - Weight: (0.01 per coin) - [Quantity: 1] [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 14 ntri, 48 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 10]

[25-Oct-18 10:51 PM] Twib#7809 Gulp gulp gulp.

[25-Oct-18 10:51 PM] Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 1667 P$ (63 brass 8 cuni 36 si 7 au) - 2.86 /20

[25-Oct-18 10:54 PM] Twib#7809 After this, I guess I'm going aaaaaall the way back to the Sirvarris. Another 22 hour walkabout.

[25-Oct-18 10:59 PM] Tempest#5018 _You spent 10 turns drinking 10 coffees... all while Afterglow was active (-2 TB, 8/10 left)_

[25-Oct-18 11:00 PM] Tempest#5018 _All of the Stress you would have gained from the coffee was negated entirely._ 1451 ntri - OK 976 wtr - Hydrated 5.7% Fatigue - OK 0.0% Stress - Low

[25-Oct-18 11:01 PM] Twib#7809 Hmmm. I could have drank 15.. I'll keep that in mind next time. Okay, let's get going .

[25-Oct-18 11:01 PM] Tempest#5018 _Once the coffee is downed, it's time to leave again! 13 rooms to reach the hatch room. You prepare to leave Gimrun, but you have the feeling you will see this place again._

[25-Oct-18 11:03 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah, I *figured*

[25-Oct-18 11:04 PM] Tempest#5018 1 turn to go down the ladder, 250 in the tunnels to go back to Sirvarris (+22 hours), and 1 more turn to go up the ladder...

Heavily caffeinated, but in healthy spirits, you made it back to Sirvarris.

It is a new day! Metalsday, Pentema 14, Year 704. The time is now 1:52 PM. 1186 ntri - OK 711 wtr - Hydrated 32.2% Fatigue - OK 0.0% Stress - Low _Back to the library straight away?_

[25-Oct-18 11:04 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. And as soon as I see Marcus and Prisca, I'm letting them know about Eirni's 'good friend'.

[25-Oct-18 11:06 PM] Tempest#5018 _It takes 16 rooms to travel to the Silverlight Library, straight to the East wing._

[25-Oct-18 11:06 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm baaaack, and I have bad news."

[25-Oct-18 11:07 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Welcome back! What did you find out?

(( my bad, should be Prisca

[25-Oct-18 11:08 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, here's the gem." "But the bad news is that Eirni got blackmailed into holding onto it. And apparently they'll kill him if he told me his name, sooooooo." "My bet's on the mafia."

[25-Oct-18 11:09 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Wow! Amazing job! Thank you so much, Reina! So, were you able to -- ... Huh!

[25-Oct-18 11:09 PM] Twib#7809 "Or maybe a higher up in the Guild."

[25-Oct-18 11:09 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** You know, this is very surprising...
    • [Prisca]** This tells me that not everyone in the Guild was aware of the true value of this Jewel, which means that the fact we had hired them must have been kept under wraps by some members... Huh... I guess Marcus was right, the Guild isn't as forthright as they pretend to be. There may well be different tiers of trust in this organization... It's like you said. Mafia-like.

[25-Oct-18 11:11 PM] Twib#7809 "He also knows Marcus's name, so if Eirni gets tortured and killed they'll know about him and about a youkai in power armor."

[25-Oct-18 11:12 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Well, we'll make sure that doesn't happen to us, okay? That's what _you're_ here for.
    • [Prisca]** In any case, thank you so much. You've proven your worth, as far as I'm concerned! I'll transfer you 850 P$ for this job. Oh... and please visit the bank, there's a little message from Marcus and I, as well as an extra present.

[25-Oct-18 11:14 PM] Twib#7809 "Any news on when's our next step?"

[25-Oct-18 11:14 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** I'm like you, I'm waiting for news from Marcus. Check back tomorrow!
    • Quest M12: All that glisters...** - Quest completed!
    • [Prisca]** In the meantime, let me know if I can help you with anything! I _am_ a librarian, after all.

[25-Oct-18 11:17 PM] Twib#7809 "Nope, not really. I'll see you tomorrow."

[25-Oct-18 11:17 PM] Tempest#5018 Bank balance: 17 743.65 P$

    • [Prisca]** Okay! Ta-ta~

[25-Oct-18 11:17 PM] Twib#7809 I'll head to the bank. Time to drop off my evening dress, I think. After that... I suppose I'll just rent a hotel room and sleep a day.

[25-Oct-18 11:18 PM] Tempest#5018 _9 rooms later..._

[Sirvarris - Bank]

    • [Banker]** Pardon me, madam, in the orange armor?

[25-Oct-18 11:20 PM] Twib#7809 "Yes. I'm here to drop a dress off, and pick something up?"

[25-Oct-18 11:20 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Banker]** Are you the Reina that the librarian lady announced? I've got a letter and an object for you.

[Key item] A mobile phone. May be used to access the Mazes' telephone network. - Weight: 1 - [Battery: 6 /6] [Item] A letter from Prisca (and Marcus), which can be read.

[25-Oct-18 11:22 PM] Twib#7809 I'll read the letter.

[25-Oct-18 11:22 PM] Tempest#5018 ```Hello, Reina! Or should I call you Contestant?

Marcus told me to write you this letter and send you this little gift alongside the reward money if you brought the Golden Topaz back. For having completed this important mission for us, you’ve not only helped the Team advance towards finding the treasure, but you’ve just proven to us that you’re a competent and trustworthy person. As such, in the hopes that it will motivate you to continue working with us, we have prepared a little extra present for you; this mobile phone. We didn’t know if you had one already, but just in case you didn’t, please help yourself to this phone.

Also, Marcus told me to give you his phone number: 01-015-D103. He said that if you find any unknown gems, you can call him to arrange a meeting at the Mithril Tavern, so that he can take a look at your gems and ID them – for free, since you’re part of our team now.

Well, I guess that’s it! Feel free to drop by at the library if you ever want to take a break from the craziness out there, and don’t forget to check your job offers at the hiring bureau tomorrow! I hope we will see each other very soon.

Signed: Prisca Stilcore ```

[25-Oct-18 11:23 PM] Twib#7809 "Cool. I'd like to deposit my dress, now?"

[25-Oct-18 11:23 PM] Tempest#5018 You gained a **contact**. Marcus McBride - **01-015-D103.** You can call him to arrange a meeting with him at the Mithril Tavern in Sirvarris to have gems identified for free.

[25-Oct-18 11:24 PM] Twib#7809 "How much will that be?"

[25-Oct-18 11:26 PM] Tempest#5018 _The depositing fee for the following items:_ (Type T) Evening dress

_is **30 P$**._ _Is this OK?_

[25-Oct-18 11:27 PM] Twib#7809 "I'd like to pay 27?" 10% for Negotiation attempt?

[25-Oct-18 11:29 PM] Tempest#5018 2d6, success on 7 or more

[25-Oct-18 11:30 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[25-Oct-18 11:30 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (2+6) = 8

[25-Oct-18 11:30 PM] Twib#7809 27 Brass it is.

[25-Oct-18 11:30 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Banker]** Oh, all right... Just this once, alright?...

Money pouch: 1640 P$ (27 Br 8 Cuni 36 Si 7 Au) - 2.59 /20 _Your dress has been deposited. What do you want to do with the new phone?_

[25-Oct-18 11:30 PM] Twib#7809 And I'll pocket the phone, now that I have room. Since that dress was, just, mayhap, taking too much space.

[25-Oct-18 11:31 PM] Tempest#5018 BP/Main: 144.1 /150 As a reminder, you have 93 units of psionic master raw meat. That, alone, takes up 46.5 units of space in the inventory. If you want to drop by at a restaurant to sell it, it'd be a good time to do so.

[25-Oct-18 11:34 PM] Twib#7809 I'm going to keep it on me, for now. I'll deal with it next time! I *do* need to eat afterwards, so it'll be a good segue.

[25-Oct-18 11:36 PM] Tempest#5018 Alrighty. To the local hotel?

[25-Oct-18 11:36 PM] Twib#7809 To the local hotel!

[25-Oct-18 11:37 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel to The Travelers Inn, the local hotel. It takes 9 rooms to reach the lobby._

[25-Oct-18 11:37 PM] Twib#7809 "90 Parallers for a room, please?" /r 2d6

[25-Oct-18 11:37 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (4+1) = 5

[25-Oct-18 11:37 PM] Twib#7809 Not this time. 1 gold coin it is.

[25-Oct-18 11:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Manager]** Heck no! If I had to give discounts to everybody, I'd have to close this place down!
    • [Manager]** Wait, that's a gold coin... That's enough for two days, you know. That fine with you?

[25-Oct-18 11:39 PM] Twib#7809 "Wait, it *is?* I thought hotel rooms were 100." "Well, yeah, sure, I'll just give you 50 brass."

[25-Oct-18 11:41 PM] Tempest#5018 _You paid for 24 hours of hotel room use. You're given the key to Room 206._ You don't have enough brass coins left, only 36. You could pay with two silver instead.

[25-Oct-18 11:42 PM] Twib#7809 Two silver it is. Man, I should have stolen the dude's brass after all.

[25-Oct-18 11:43 PM] Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 1590 P$ (36 Br 8 Cuni 34 Si 7 Au) - 2.49 /20 _You head to your room, just 3 rooms away._

[25-Oct-18 11:44 PM] Twib#7809 Time to sleep 24 hours!

[25-Oct-18 11:44 PM] Tempest#5018 And we will do that next time. [Session #127 - Session end]