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[04-Nov-18 03:23 PM] Tempest#5018 [Session #128 - Session start] _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. You are currently at the Sirvarris Hotel, room 206, and you paid for 24 hours of use. As usual, toss me a 1d6 if you want to do Long Rest - each point heals 8% Fatigue and makes 2 hours pass._ Fatigue is at 35.0% so you're not really tired.

[04-Nov-18 03:26 PM] Twib#7809 Yup yup. I'll just, again, sleep my day away. /r 1d6

[04-Nov-18 03:26 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (4) = 4

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (6) = 6

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Tempest#5018 20 hours

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (2) = 2

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Tempest#5018 22 hours

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Twib#7809 Er.

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Tempest#5018 er yeah 24

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Twib#7809 Shouldn't that be 24 ex - okay.

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Tempest#5018 Right on.

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Twib#7809 There we have it.

[04-Nov-18 03:27 PM] Tempest#5018 Zzz... It is a new day. Watersday, Pentema 15, 1:52 PM. You receive a knock on the door, right as you wake up. Fatigue 0.0% - Energized. Your Pain Sensitivity drops by 10% (it is now at 5%)

[04-Nov-18 03:31 PM] Twib#7809 Time to go all the way back to Silverlight Library. Reina gets up no problem and opens the door, handing over the key card in the meantime.

[04-Nov-18 03:31 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Hotel manager]** ... Oh, wow, you were up?

_You give the hotel key to the manager on your way out, and head out straight to the library. It takes 17 rooms to get there and go directly to the East wing._ [Sirvarris - Silverlight Library - East wing (librarian's office/Silverlight section)] _Prisca is working at the desk, checking in a pile of returned books._

[04-Nov-18 03:35 PM] Twib#7809 "'Any news, Prisca?"

[04-Nov-18 03:36 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Oh, Reina, hello! I didn't think you'd come here! I left you a message at the hiring bureau just a few moments ago, but... Well, since you're here!
    • [Prisca]** I hope you enjoyed your reward! You got Marcus's phone number, right?

[04-Nov-18 03:37 PM] Twib#7809 "I do, yes. Is he still out and about?"

[04-Nov-18 03:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Yep, and we might have a little more information regarding the matter. Marcus has decided to be more proactive with our current situation, and he, um, well, there’s no other way to say this, but he has eyes on a Guild member...
    • [Prisca]** ...And he's 100% positive this guy has more information regarding the rest of the jewels. He wants your help in getting that information, and perhaps, and I quote, “slap a few other answers” out of him, in the hopes of figuring out exactly why they held out that information despite having been paid good money to find them and retrieve them all. Marcus thinks you're very persuasive... whatever he implied by that.
    • [Prisca]** ...I do have to admit that you _do_ get things done.
    • [Prisca]** If you're ready to help him out, could you give him a call? Of course, if you'd rather spend time to prepare first, feel free to do what you need to do. Did you try out the Pizza Shack? I'm in love with their vegetarian pizza.

[04-Nov-18 03:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Well that's not ominous at all... but sure, I can go help him. And no, I haven't had a meal there, yet." I'll ring up Marcus now, then.

[04-Nov-18 03:43 PM] Tempest#5018 _You use your phone to call Marcus's number. The dial tone is heard twice, until he picks up._

    • [Marcus]** Hey. Are you ready for your next job?

Main quest: **M13 - A Cut above the Rest** activated. Objective 1) Call Marcus McBride in order to receive further instructions.

[04-Nov-18 03:46 PM] Twib#7809 "Give me the details and I'll see what I can do. Prisca says hi, by the way."

[04-Nov-18 03:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Say hi to her back! So, okay, here's the deal. I've been doing my own li'l investigation, and I found a couple of things out. It's funny how much a change of clothes made me a lot less easy to recognize; I think they haven't spotted me yet! Heh. But in any case, I'm in Neo Khazrun right now.
    • [Marcus]** I've been quietly stalking out the mark; he's an Initiate, the term the Guild uses to refer to their higher ranked members. Initiates are more, "in the know", if it makes sense, about what happens in the Guild, what their current objectives are, and all that. The poor sod who had the Topaz was just an Acolyte, a lower-ranked member. He didn't know much.

[04-Nov-18 03:48 PM] Twib#7809 "He says hi back, Prisca." Reina says, listening to Marcus in the meantime.

[04-Nov-18 03:48 PM] Tempest#5018 _Prisca nodnods and smiles._

    • [Marcus]** And our mark, he ain't just any Initiate. He's the tax collector of Gimrun!
    • [Marcus]** In case you didn't know, In case you didn’t know, every permanent resident of Gimrun must pay some sort of tax; shopkeepers pay the Tithe, which is equal to 7% of the money the shops made that day, and others pay the Levy, which is equal to 20% of the rent. As you can guess, living in Gimrun is an expensive privilege, and all the money isn’t merely funneled towards paying Town Security, oh no, it’s going straight into the coffers of the town…
    • [Marcus]** ... Which brings me to my next point. Our mark has been meeting with other Initiates about the jewel situation. They are aware that the Topaz was swiped from them. You came in right before poor Einar could deliver it to his paymasters, apparently.
    • [Marcus]** From what I understand, you actually talked Einar into telling you where the jewel is. You’ve got a tongue of silver, my friend, and that’s impressive. Problem is, they have a solid description on what you looked like - that power armor of yours isn't exactly inconspicuous. The Initiates have been talking about intercepting you; you might want to watch yourself, they’ve proven themselves to be untrustworthy, and they might even see you as a loose end.

But in any case, please make your way to Neo Khazrun so that we can meet. I'm at the Jolly Dragon, biggest bar in town. I'll see you there, yeah?

[04-Nov-18 03:52 PM] Twib#7809 "The best thing about Power Armor is that it covers everything. I'll switch into something a bit less conspicuous if needs must." "Should I go incognito, then?"

[04-Nov-18 03:54 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** If that's not a bother to you, feel free to do so, but honestly, I've hired you for the persuasion factor, so I think it might be a good idea to keep it on, in case the Guild wants to go hoo-ha on you. Up to you, my friend! You know what you're doing!

[04-Nov-18 03:54 PM] Twib#7809 "I'll see you there, then."

[04-Nov-18 03:54 PM] Tempest#5018 _Objective 1 completed, Objective 2 activated._ M13 2) Go to the Jolly Dragon in Neo Khazrun and meet with Marcus.

[04-Nov-18 03:55 PM] Twib#7809 How's my TB and my Nutrition situation?

[04-Nov-18 03:55 PM] Tempest#5018 1141 ntri - OK but close to Hungry. 666 wtr - OK Tanuki Balls: 8 /10

[04-Nov-18 03:56 PM] Twib#7809 "Prisca, want to grab lunch with me?" Definitely need to stock up on energy before I go in.

[04-Nov-18 03:56 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Ooh, are we going to the Pizza Shack?

[04-Nov-18 03:56 PM] Twib#7809 "We can go to the Pizza Shack. And I need to see if the chef there will let me cook some meat to sell it to him."

[04-Nov-18 03:57 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Awesome! I actually didn't eat lunch yet!

_She hops out of her seat, leaving it spinning, then happily gets ready to follow you to the restaurant._

[04-Nov-18 03:59 PM] Twib#7809 "So, what do you think of me switching out of the Power Armor for this?"

[04-Nov-18 04:00 PM] Twib#7809 "Marcus thinks this'll get violent pretty fast."

[04-Nov-18 04:00 PM] Tempest#5018 _You walk 7 rooms to the Pizza Shack's dining room, and you chat on the way there..._

    • [Prisca]** I dunno, that thing looks really big and imposing... You won't win much stealth contests with it but it doesn't look like anybody could really stop you with you in it.
    • [Prisca]** Where would you even leave it?

[04-Nov-18 04:06 PM] Twib#7809 "I would probably have to leave it in the Bank here, and then head over to Neo Khazrun." "I'm just not sure how far Marcus wants me to 'persuade' his, ah, *friend*, you know?" "I'm sexy, sure, but he's really jumping towards the violent options." "I'm thinking I could do a more friendly persuasion, but I don't really know a lot about the Guild. Are Acolytes paid particularly well? Are Initiates?"

[04-Nov-18 04:13 PM] Tempest#5018 _You made your way to the Pizza Shack. A waitress invites the two of you to sit at a table. There are still many patrons eating lunch; it's the tail end of the rush hour._

    • [Prisca]** Hmm, well, you've dealt with the topaz guy rather peacefully, didn't you? Maybe he meant it literally when he said you're very persuasive.
    • [Prisca]** Man, I wouldn't leave armor like that at a bank... I don't think I'd ever jump out of it if I could! And as for payment... I don't know! Gimrun seems like a very prosperous town, I like to imagine the Guild pays their members nicely, but I don't know how much.

[04-Nov-18 04:16 PM] Twib#7809 "Just... thinking. Does the Guild have any known anti-youkai sentiment? With the Power Armor, I can pass off the tail as not really being real if I have to." In the meantime, I'll bring us over to an empty table and wait for the menus.

[04-Nov-18 04:18 PM] Tempest#5018 [Trattoria Menu - _Pizza Shack_]

(Main: 9) > Salmon carpaccio - 12.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 256 ntri, 25 wtr > Beef carpaccio - 15.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 276 ntri, 25 wtr > Spaghetti bolognese - 17.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 502 ntri, 25 wtr > Veal osso-bucco with spaghetti - 20.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 352 ntri, 25 wtr > Fried calamari - 22.50 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 445 ntri, 25 wtr > Gamberoni all'aglio (Shrimp, angel hair pasta, parsley, red peppers, olive oil, garlic, white wine salt and pepper) - 35.00 P$ for 1 plate / ntri: 675 ntri, 25 wtr + 1d12 inebriation > Pizza, Vegetarian - 3.00 P$ for 1 slice, 24.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 123 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 984 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza) > Pizza, Four cheeses - 4.00 P$ for 1 slice, 32.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 149 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 1192 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza) > Pizza, Margherita - 5.00 P$ for 1 slice, 40.00 P$ for whole pizza / ntri: 184 ntri, 25 wtr (1 slice), 1472 ntri, 200 wtr (whole pizza)

(Sweet: 3) > Gelato - 5.00 P$ for 1 cup / ntri: 212 ntri, 17 wtr > Nougat bars - 7.50 P$ for 4 bars / ntri: 76 ntri, 17 wtr per item (total 304 ntri, 68 wtr) > Tiramisu - 11.50 P$ for 1 piece / ntri: 472 ntri, 17 wtr

(Drinks: 6) > Bottle of mineral water - 1.00 P$ for 1 bottle > Cup of coffee, black - 1.50 P$ for 1 cup > Cup of green tea - 3.30 P$ for 1 cup > Can of lemonade - 3.30 P$ for 1 can > Can of cola drink - 5.00 P$ for 1 can > Bottle of beer, blonde ale - 7.50 P$ for 1 bottle

    • [Prisca]** Honestly, they're not like the military, I don't think they care too much about youkai... It's mostly a human town but as far as I'm aware, they're not, you know, particularly racist or anything.

_Prisca will order a whole vegetarian pizza and a bottle of mineral water, and will pay for her own order. What will you have?_

[04-Nov-18 04:20 PM] Twib#7809 "I guess I just have to hope the person has a Tanuki girl fetish."

[04-Nov-18 04:20 PM] Tempest#5018 _The librarian laughs at that. The waitress returns, and asks if you wish to order or to wait a bit more to decide._

    • [Prisca]** Well, it's the North! It wouldn't surprise me, lots of youkai travel through the Northern Zone.

[04-Nov-18 04:22 PM] Twib#7809 "I'll also have a whole Vegetarian, and two cups each of coffee, green tea, lemonade, and cola. Gotta make sure I have a Cocktail of Cock if things go bad! Actually, wait, those require lemonades and energy drinks. So just two cups of coffee and lemonade. Er, and the cola. So everything except the green tea, I'll buy the energy drinks at the bar.

[04-Nov-18 04:23 PM] Tempest#5018 Your order comes up to 43.60 P$. _You might need to use one of your Silvers to pay, since you don't have enough brass._

[04-Nov-18 04:25 PM] Twib#7809 "Let's see if I can't put my tongue to good use... Ah, Waitress? Since we're buying in bulk, think you can knock off ten percent for me? 39.24 Parallers?" Roll to negotiate?

[04-Nov-18 04:26 PM] Tempest#5018 FT 6. Go ahead.

[04-Nov-18 04:26 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[04-Nov-18 04:26 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (5+4) = 9

[04-Nov-18 04:26 PM] Tempest#5018 Success! + 1 SP in Negotiation.

[04-Nov-18 04:26 PM] Twib#7809 One silver it is.

[04-Nov-18 04:27 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Waitress]** You hagglers annoy me... I'll bring it down to 39, but keep it on the down low, okay?

Negotiation skill: 17 SP. Your total is now 39 P$. That will be 1 silver and 14 brass. Pay up?

[04-Nov-18 04:27 PM] Twib#7809 Paying up.

[04-Nov-18 04:29 PM] Tempest#5018 Money pouch: 1551 P$ (22 brass, 8 cunny, 33 silver, 7 gold) - 2.3 /20. _The waitress takes your money, but appears not to take any from Prisca. It seems she has some susbtantial shop credit in that restaurant._

[04-Nov-18 04:30 PM] Twib#7809 "So, I don't suppose you have an idea of what would look good on me, Prisca?" "Since I think I'm gonna try to do some more ~gentle~ persuasion."

[04-Nov-18 04:31 PM] Tempest#5018 _A short moment later, your pizzas are brought to your table, alongside your drinks._

Pizza, Vegetarian - 8 slices, 123 ntri 25 wtr each [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 14 ntri, 48 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 2] [Food] Beverage - Can of cola drink. 139 ntri, 99 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 8 turns, Fatigue -1.0%, Stress +0.1% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 2] [Food] Beverage - Can of lemonade. 152 ntri, 96 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 6 turns - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 2]

    • [Prisca]** I'm not really good with fashion of any kind... much less youkai fashion. No offense, of course. But uh, if I had to say something, I could see some kind of really classy black singer's dress, yknow, like in that one episode of _Halfling of Interest_ where the hero has to protect a pretty singer while she's on stage...
    • [Prisca]** ... Come to think of it, the singer was a youkai. I think it was a kitsune.

[04-Nov-18 04:34 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, alright then - let's go clothes shopping after this! There's a clothing store here, right? And maybe a style shop too, for my hair." For now, I'll just devour all the pizza.

[04-Nov-18 04:36 PM] Tempest#5018 _Sirvarris has a clothing shop, but no style shop._

    • [Prisca]** O-oh, wait, do you need me to come with you?...

_You will need 8 turns to eat the pizza; is that fine?_

[04-Nov-18 04:38 PM] Twib#7809 That's more than fine. "I'd like it, sure! It's always fun for a second opinion, and we can get you something that looks good, too!"

[04-Nov-18 04:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** ...A-all right then, but uh, after this, I'm going back to the library, okay?

[04-Nov-18 04:38 PM] Twib#7809 "Frankly, we're probably gonna find something more likely for you than for me. Being Tailed is such a drag sometimes."

[04-Nov-18 04:39 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** W-wait wait, I'm fine, really! I - uhh, yeah! I'm fine!

[04-Nov-18 04:39 PM] Twib#7809 "Just teasing, just teasing~" Reina says, batting her eyelashes at Prisca while they eat.

[04-Nov-18 04:40 PM] Tempest#5018 _Eight turns and one pizza later..._

Nutrition: 2110 ntri - OK Hydration: 851 wtr - Hydrated

    • [Prisca]** Oh my Gods this is the best. I can never get tired of their pizzas!!...

[04-Nov-18 04:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Iiiit's pretty good. Do you mind waiting just a little bit while I unload all of this meat? I'll add some of the cash to your tab~?"

[04-Nov-18 04:42 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Oh, please, no need! I must have like a thousand on my tab. Seriously, I come here so often I dump a chunk of my salary on them every week.
    • [Prisca]** But sure, I'll wait! Oh, and, don't forget your drinks!

[04-Nov-18 04:43 PM] Twib#7809 "I won't!" I'll shove 5 of them into my bag, leaving one coffee out for when I have room. Which I will because I'm getting rid of like 46.5 weight of meat.

[04-Nov-18 04:43 PM] Tempest#5018 If it's more convenient for you, Prisca can just keep watch of your drinks and you'll pick em up on your way out.

[04-Nov-18 04:43 PM] Twib#7809 That *would* be more convienent for me. "Thanks, Pris!" To the kitchen!

[04-Nov-18 04:45 PM] Tempest#5018 _You enter the Pizza Shack's kitchen. You spot a gruff-looking, male horse halfling busy preparing more pizzas and checking his ovens for meat dishes in progress; this is the chef._

[04-Nov-18 04:45 PM] Twib#7809 "Howdy. I have some premium psionic meat I'd like to cook and sell you. I'll have you know I'm an expert in handling thick cuts."

[04-Nov-18 04:46 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Chef]** Y'got meat for me? Yeah, sure. If y'n wanna use the stoves, it's 5 P$ per unit of gas.

_1 turn and 1 unit of gas can be used to cook 1 meat. 1 raw meat is worth 10 P$, and 1 cooked meat is worth 25 P$. Because psionic master meat increases alertness, meat value has a 1.25x multiplier, so even if you pay to use the stoves, you still largely come out on top with a nice benefit._ _You have 93 pieces of meat, so you will need 93 turns and 465 P$ to cook everything. But if you sell everything, you will make 2906.25 P$. So at the end, you're making a net total of 2441.25 P$._ _Is this OK?_

[04-Nov-18 04:50 PM] Twib#7809 More than okay with me! I seriously need the inventory space.

  • sizzle sizzle*

[04-Nov-18 04:57 PM] Tempest#5018 _Spending the time... You end up as a temporary, impromptu chef's assistant for 94 turns - 1 to drop the backpack, 93 to cook the meat. At the end, you managed to cook all 93 pieces of meat you were carrying, and you sold everything to the restaurant._

    • [Chef]** I ain't got the cash money to pay you in coins, so I can transfer the money t'yer bank account or to a tab here, if y'n plannin' on coming back.

[04-Nov-18 04:58 PM] Twib#7809 "Bank account, if you'd please!" And now I'll go grab my drinks and drag Prisca to a clothing store.

[04-Nov-18 04:59 PM] Tempest#5018 _Your account was credited with 2441.25 P$. Your balance is now 20 184.90 P$._ _Back above 20k!_

[04-Nov-18 05:00 PM] Tempest#5018 _Moving back to the dining hall, you spent a turn to grab your drinks. You now carry 2 colas, 2 coffees, and 4 lemonades._ BP/Main: 103.6 /150

[04-Nov-18 05:01 PM] Twib#7809 "Time to get something se-xy~" "And maybe some inserts for this Power Armor, while I'm there."

[04-Nov-18 05:01 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** I was wondering what you were doing! Just how much meat did you carry in that bag?

[04-Nov-18 05:03 PM] Twib#7809 "I'll have you know that I can handle even the thickest, largest meat!" "But I had about 93 pieces." "Thanks for being so patient! I'll make it up to you, promise." To the clothing store?

[04-Nov-18 05:15 PM] Tempest#5018 _You and Prisca travel to the Sirvarris clothing store. It takes 11 rooms to get there._ [Sirvarris - Clothing shop]

[04-Nov-18 05:18 PM] Twib#7809 "Howdy! I'm in need of some erotic clothes that'll let me seduce anything out of any man! And also the best armor inserts you have, and a dress for my lovely friend here. What's in stock today?"

[04-Nov-18 05:21 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** ...ahaha, she's joking, I'm not looking for anything!...
    • [Tailor]** Well, let's see what I have in store for you two today!

[Clothing shop] > Clothing > Armor > LBE items > Trauma plates > Youkai outfits > Gas masks

[04-Nov-18 05:25 PM] Twib#7809 Clothing, Trauma Plates, and Youkai Outfits Something sexy something sexy come ooooooon

[04-Nov-18 05:28 PM] Tempest#5018 [Sirvarris clothing shop]

<Clothing> Footwear - Ballet sneakers Bottom - Leather pants - Qty: 2 Bottom - Jeans Bottom - Gi pants - Qty: 2 Headgear - Fedora Bottom - Mountain pants

Headgear - Baseball cap Top - Pimp vest Legs add-on - Knee pads Bottom - Tuxedo trousers

<Trauma plates> Ceramic - Qty: 3 Heavy steel - Qty: 1

<Youkai outfits> (filtered to your body type only)

Type T - Traditional kasha outfit (Female) Type T - Traditional kasha outfit (Male)

[04-Nov-18 05:29 PM] Twib#7809 "Blllllleeeeegh. I'll buy the heavy steel plate for the armor."

[04-Nov-18 05:30 PM] Tempest#5018 _The heavy steel trauma plate is a thick (3/4ths / 0.75 inch) plate of hardened steel, made to withstand full-power rifle rounds (up to and including AP variants). Such plates are tough, hard to destroy, but also expensive and heavy, but few users of this plate will find it unsatisfactory._ [Clothing] Trauma plate - Heavy steel - Health: 70 HP / Pass-through threshold: 14+ dmg / Pain modifier: 0.2x - Weight: 5

_1500 P$ for one._

[04-Nov-18 05:33 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah I'll buy that. Phone call time! I'll transfer 1500 of the nearly 2.5k I made to this dude.

[04-Nov-18 05:36 PM] Tempest#5018 Your phone ran out of battery after calling Marcus, but you can spend 2 turns to swap batteries between your main phone (in your belt/key items) and the spare one in your backpack.

[04-Nov-18 05:37 PM] Twib#7809 Yeah, that'll be more than fine.

[04-Nov-18 05:37 PM] Tempest#5018 Will you do so and will you keep the phone with 0/6 battery?

[04-Nov-18 05:37 PM] Twib#7809 I will keep the phone with 0/6 battery.

[04-Nov-18 05:38 PM] Tempest#5018 Spent a turn to drop the backpack, then 2 turns to swap batteries. You then make a call to your phone and transfer the money... Bank balance: 18 684.90 P$ _You paid, and you received your plate!_

[Clothing] Trauma plate - Heavy steel - Health: 70 HP / Pass-through threshold: 14+ dmg / Pain modifier: 0.2x - Weight: 5 - [70 /70 HP] You spent another turn to insert it inside of your YPA.

[04-Nov-18 05:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Alright, then. I suppose I'll see you later, Prisca? I need to head to Marcus."

[04-Nov-18 05:41 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Okay! Good luck in Khazrun!

[04-Nov-18 05:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Thanks for spending the time with me! I appreciate it."

[04-Nov-18 05:41 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Prisca]** Ah, more than welcome!

[04-Nov-18 05:41 PM] Twib#7809 To Neo Khazrun! Let's go through the tunnels Since it's a bit simpler that way.

[04-Nov-18 05:45 PM] Tempest#5018 _You leave the store, and travel to the generator facility in order to make an ESSN trip. It takes 18 rooms to get to the hatch room._ _You no longer feel energized._ The trip to Neo Khazrun will take 150 room equivalents and last 13 hours. Is this OK?

[04-Nov-18 05:48 PM] Twib#7809 Yup, it's easier than doing it the long way

[04-Nov-18 05:49 PM] Tempest#5018 _1 turn to go down the hatch,and onwards you go..._ Walkin'... It is a new day! Breakday, Pentema 16, Year 704. The time is 2:52 AM. You climb up the ladder and reappear in the center town of the Central Zone, Neo Khazrun.

Reputation check: Town rep +200 (Accepted). You're always welcome in town, ever since capturing and delivering that minor gang leader to the local Town Security.

[04-Nov-18 05:53 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. Let's head to the biggest bar in town and bug Marcus, then.

[04-Nov-18 07:06 PM] Tempest#5018 _12 rooms later..._

[Neo Khazrun - The Jolly Dragon - Bar hall] _No signs of Marcus in here, maybe he's at the counter in the bar room?_

[04-Nov-18 07:08 PM] Twib#7809 I need to buy two energy drinks anyway, soooo away I go. "Marcus, you here yet?" Reina bellows out, grabbing everyone's attention in the process.

[04-Nov-18 07:09 PM] Tempest#5018 _Couldn't be any LESS inconspicuous._ _Marcus - wearing a sweater, cargo pants and a baseball cap - recognizes you and grows livid. You see a couple of heads turn in your direction, which soon becomes a lot of heads._

    • [Marcus]** ... Oh, Gods... _<Half-heartedly>_ Heeey... Reina. Come here, have a seat next to me!..

[04-Nov-18 07:13 PM] Twib#7809 "Hey honey! I miiiiissed you~"

[04-Nov-18 07:15 PM] Tempest#5018 _He motions at you to quickly sit down next to him._

[04-Nov-18 07:17 PM] Twib#7809 Does the chair creak or otherwise suffer in its attempt to support my giant ass armor "So, tell it to me straight doc."

[04-Nov-18 07:17 PM] Tempest#5018 _Just a bit._

    • [Marcus]** Hey... Mark's in the toilet right now. Am waiting for him to get out. Order a drink, pretend everything's cool... and keep an eye out.

_Literally one moment later, somebody comes out of the toilets to the south._

    • [Marcus]** _<Muttering>_ See that short tubby over there, with the big backpack and the obnoxious revolver? That’s our mark. He goes by the name of Brother Janek. He’s the kind of self-important asshole that barks a lot more than he bites. Word goes around that he only carries that gun for show and that he can’t really shoot. Prefers to let fellow Larceners do the dirty work if need be. He’s a dick, but I don’t think he’s really a bad guy.

_The guy in question appears to be carrying some sort of big revolver._ _He returns to his spot at the other end of the counter, and is ordering another drink from the barkeep, with a demanding, nasal voice._

    • [Marcus]** This guy might be carrying a lot of cash and maybe a couple of shinies, but what we really want is what he knows. I’ve been listening in for hours through all of his bar conversations and his bullshit, but get this. He is in the know. The Guild may very well know the location of all the remaining jewels, and he’s one of the guys who know where they are. I haven’t dared approach or speak up, but maybe you give it a try… I’m sure you know of a way or two to get information out of people.
    • [Marcus]** I would just advise one thing, if you allow me… Direct confrontation is a bad idea. The shopkeeper has a shotgun, the other patrons will flee and call the cops, and… well, he still has that big gun. He might be a poor shot, but you don’t want him to get a lucky hit… Talk it out of him somehow if you can. Just don’t screw anything up, okay? I don’t see how I’m going to get us that information if you can’t get it out of him.

_M13 Objective 2 complete, and Objective 3 activated._ M13 3) Find a way to obtain the intelligence about the Crown Jewels’ location.

[04-Nov-18 07:21 PM] Twib#7809 "Okay, okay - just give me a second. I'm gonna need to change out of this, slip into my dress at the bank." "So maybe a few hours." "Or buy one at the clothing store, either or."

[04-Nov-18 07:22 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Yeah, _don't_. It's right now or never, we've been pretty lucky that he stayed in one place the entire time, but all luck runs out eventually...
    • [Marcus]** Look, don't bother about how you look - it's how you talk to him.

_You're free to chat him up in freeform, but depending on your approach, he may react differently and you will have to pass different kinds of checks._ _You can also look around in the bar to see if there's anything - a detail, information, etc. - that could help._

[04-Nov-18 07:25 PM] Twib#7809 "Can't you just follow him while I grab everyone's attention?" Reina grumbles while looking around. "You have to know this guy better than I do if you've been following him this whole time." So who else is in the bar, and what exactly is he drinking?

[04-Nov-18 07:26 PM] Tempest#5018 _Besides a large amount of patrons and a rather busy atmosphere, you see Brother Janek telling tall tales about himself to a skeptical but amused barkeep. It appears that he's talking about his drinking prowess._ _And making bad, crude jokes about why he spent so long in the bathroom._

[04-Nov-18 07:27 PM] Twib#7809 So, like, masturbation jokes, oooor

[04-Nov-18 07:28 PM] Tempest#5018 _Difficult to tell without coming closer and listening in, but you're pretty sure he's bragging about -something- related to drinks and to penises._

[04-Nov-18 07:29 PM] Twib#7809 Well, I suppose I'll just have to turn on the *actual* charm. Eurgh. Reina will walk over to the bar, waving over the bartender to buy two energy drinks. In the meantime, what's he saying?

[04-Nov-18 07:30 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Barkeep]** Two energy drinks? Sure, that will be 33 bucks.
    • [Janek]** ...and so that's why they call me the Dwarf of Gimrun. Whoah there, this isn't a robot convention, lady! Or is this real armor?

[04-Nov-18 07:31 PM] Twib#7809 "How about a ten percent discount, 30 parallers? A pretty girl like me's gonna bring in business once the story spreads." She doesn't quite give Janek the time of day quite yet. What's Janek drinking, as Reina rolls Negotiate?

[04-Nov-18 07:32 PM] Tempest#5018 Janek appears to be drinking from a cocktail glass, but upon closer investigation, it's just straight grape juice. 2d6, FT 6.

[04-Nov-18 07:33 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d6

[04-Nov-18 07:33 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (6+2) = 8

[04-Nov-18 07:33 PM] Tempest#5018 Success!

    • [Barkeep]** Deal. Round numbers suit me better.

Negotiation skill: 18 SP

[04-Nov-18 07:34 PM] Twib#7809 "As for you, good sir," Reina starts with a teasing tone - "are you an engineer? Because I do need a thick, hard tune up." Going out and out sultry doesn't work with full body covering armor, so a more friendly, joking approach is a must.

[04-Nov-18 07:34 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Me? Nah, I'm not an engineer, but I'm much better than that. I'm a big shot from Gimrun! I assume you've heard of this great town, right?
    • [Janek]** In fact, scratch that, I'm a big shot period. Big gun, big money, big job, big... _<Wink.>_
    • [Janek]** How about you, lady? What brings you to this town?

[04-Nov-18 07:37 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm back from a big hunting gig from Heshbar; a few pansies wanted an escort while they went mining. Everything down *there* was tiny and pathetic - but hey, I bet you have the opposite problem, eh?" 30 Parallers in silver and brass to cover my drink will do, as I start making small talk.

[04-Nov-18 07:38 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, _Gods_, yes, in more ways than one. You know what I hate the most? Incompetent underlings. It's good to be important but gah, sometimes, you have to deal with the wooooorst people. Like that fool who lost an important package that he was supposed to give me. This is why he works a desk job, he's too stupid to do anything else.

_You paid 1 silver and 5 brass._ Money pouch: 1521 P$ (17 br 8 cn 32 si 7 au) - 2.2 /20 [Food] Beverage - Can of energy drink. 235 ntri, 110 wtr - Agility+1, Strength+10%, Alertness increase for 15 turns, Fatigue -2.0%, Stress +0.2% - Weight: 1 - [Quantity: 2]

    • [Barkeep]** Hey, 'Dwarf of Gimrun', you ought to participate to one of our drinking contests someday...
    • [Janek]** Later, later! Can't you see I'm chatting someone up?

[04-Nov-18 07:41 PM] Twib#7809 "Yeah, Barkeep. Might not be a good idea to open your trap when we're *already* talking about incompetents - am I right, Dwarf?"

[04-Nov-18 07:41 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Damn right. See, I like you! You get me.

_The barkeep rolls his eyes and shakes his head, then goes to serve other patrons. You glance at Marcus - he's keeping an eye on you and Janek._

[04-Nov-18 07:42 PM] Twib#7809 "I like to think I'm a manpleaser. You can't just trust *anyone* to handle your package, am I right?"

[04-Nov-18 07:42 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** _Heh._ _<snort>_ Ain't that the truth.

[04-Nov-18 07:43 PM] Twib#7809 Gently, daintily, Reina reaches over and lays a finger on the man's thigh. "So what's a big shot like you doing so far away from your stomping grounds? I figure you'd be taking a pound of flesh for that other boy's fuckups."

[04-Nov-18 07:45 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, right now, I'm on break! Just enjoying my weekend in this here fine town, in... fine company, I would say! I'll deal with that fool later; heard he pawned off my package to some bastard for petty cash. Well lemmi tell ya, Janek don't forgive easy, he's gonna make him paaaay.

[04-Nov-18 07:46 PM] Twib#7809 "Gonna be showing him the business end of your big gun, eh?" Reina encourages, gesturing to the man's revolver. What kind of Class 3 is it?

[04-Nov-18 07:47 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Ooh, you bet! Check this baby out.

_He happily unholsters it and shows it off to you._

[Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - Taurus Raging Bull M444 revolver | .44 Magnum - DA/SA - 8 in. - N | M.Brake(I) | Cylinder, 6 rounds, no +1 | Weight: 5

[04-Nov-18 07:48 PM] Twib#7809 Reina whistles, as she thanks Vivian for making her face completely covered. Voice work is far easier than facial expressions. It lets her rolls her eyes completely safely as she 'marvels' over the gun. "That thing looks like it has a lot of heft, handsome! I need a lot more support to use my guns - a thing like that's a marvel." "Do you have any engravings on it? A guy like you knows how to customize, I bet."

[04-Nov-18 07:49 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** When I come knocking on his door Imma be, "Where the fuck my topaz at?" with this in his face. Ain't nobody messing with _this_ guy, lady. And nah, I like to keep it all stock, all original. Just like me.

[04-Nov-18 07:50 PM] Twib#7809 "Oh, a topaz? Crafting a ring for a lucky lady, then? I ran into a few shiny rocks myself in the mines."

[04-Nov-18 07:51 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Yeah, an ultra-special golden topaz, worth way more than any old shiny... Gotta be worth a few thousands. And that fool pawned it away for a couple hundred! Can you imagine that dumbass?

_Marcus does a silent "c'mon" expression._

[04-Nov-18 07:53 PM] Twib#7809 "I can see why you're such a bigshot, Dwarf, if you're handling such expensive gems. Do you have a personal pair of family jewels myself? I'd love to see..."

[04-Nov-18 07:53 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Ooh... Big armored lady wants to play with me, hmm? What's it gonna cost me? Cuz I know your type, you ain't the cheap kind...

[04-Nov-18 07:55 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, I believe in showing and not telling. How about you give me 1 Brass, and I give you a sneak peak of what's in this fancy shmancy armor, hmmm? And I'll count it to the rest of our night, if you're interested." "I've never been with a Gimrun man - but I've always been curious about how old-school you men can be."

[04-Nov-18 07:58 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Well, well, well, that sounds good to me... But I got a better idea. How about I book us a room at the Khazrun Hostel - my treat, consider it my way of showing interest - and you, ah, show me what you've got under that metal of yours? Then I'll see if I wanna pay to play. Eheh.

[04-Nov-18 08:00 PM] Twib#7809 (Is he saying to show him right now, or in the hotel?)

[04-Nov-18 08:01 PM] Tempest#5018 (( In the hotel. Probably not a good idea to step out of your armor in the bar - since you're not wearing anything underneath.

[04-Nov-18 08:01 PM] Twib#7809 (That's the best part though) "Awww, and here I was gonna get paid to advertise to everyone else in this bar. But I suppose you don't want anyone taking me away like they did your package, eh?" "Well, don't worry - I can handle anything you throw at me. Let's be off, handsome Dwarf~"

[04-Nov-18 08:04 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Alright. Hey Barkeep, put it on my tab, i'll be back in a few.
    • [Barkeep]** Yeah, yeah.

_Janek heads out to the Khazrun Hostel lobby. Marcus grabs your arm on the way..._

    • [Marcus]** _<muttered>_ Where are you going? You're going with him?

[04-Nov-18 08:06 PM] Twib#7809 "How did you not hear that - going to the hotel to fuck his brains out. Rent the room next to us, let's see if I can't keep the door open." "With any luck he'll let something slip during the pillow talk."

[04-Nov-18 08:06 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** I was about to say I won't be too far behind. Be careful, okay? Get the info out of him one way or another, but don't put yourself in danger...
    • [Janek]** Hey loser, she's with me, so hands off! Cmon, armored lady. Let's go.

_Janek doesn't appear to have overheard what he was telling you._ _Too full of himself to pay attention._

[04-Nov-18 08:08 PM] Twib#7809 "Scumbag. At least wait your turn before you start playing grabass!" Reina shouts, just loud enough for Janek to hear, before she shoves Marcus off with her increased strength.

[04-Nov-18 08:09 PM] Tempest#5018 _The Guild member shoots a nasty, self-satisfied grin. Marcus just remains stone-faced and plays along. Cue a couple of nameless patrons laughing and enjoying the scene._

[04-Nov-18 08:10 PM] Twib#7809 So, for now, she'll follow along with the Dwarf, and make some small talk with him as they head to the hostel.

[04-Nov-18 08:10 PM] Tempest#5018 _You follow Janek to the Khazrun Hostel lobby, 7 rooms away..._

[04-Nov-18 08:10 PM] Twib#7809 "So, I didn't want to ask while everyone was around... but why pure grape juice? Are you still on the clock?"

[04-Nov-18 08:11 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** _<Mildly panicked>_ Oh, y-you noticed that... _<Valiant attempt at recomposing himself>_ ... It's because I am saving myself for that contest! Can't be showing off too much skill or else all the competition would dry out! Eh, heh...

[04-Nov-18 08:12 PM] Twib#7809 "Hey, no shame there. I bought two energy drinks, after all. Between you and me, I think the best buzz is only when you're in bed with a warm, strong body."

[04-Nov-18 08:13 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Well, we're 'bout to find out...

_At the lobby, Janek pays for 24 hours of room usage for both of you, and he is given the key to Room 202. He invites you to follow him._

[04-Nov-18 08:14 PM] Twib#7809 Oh, so he's actually paid for the room and didn't set something up ahead of time.

[04-Nov-18 08:15 PM] Tempest#5018 Yep.

[04-Nov-18 08:15 PM] Twib#7809 Well, alright. Marcus better be following closely behind. Reina well gently paw at Janek with her armored hands, letting him take the lead as they enter the room. "I gotta say, you're really brave for wanting an armored lady like me."

[04-Nov-18 08:15 PM] Tempest#5018 _Marcus enters the room at the last moment and follows closely, but not too closely. You briefly hear him mutter an order for Room 201, which is granted._

    • [Janek]** I'm not afraid of anything, lady. Speaking of, I don't think I caught your name...

_The two of you make it to Room 202, 7 rooms away from the lobby..._

[04-Nov-18 08:17 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, I don't think I've heard yours. But what do you want to call me? I can be anyone you want tonight."

[04-Nov-18 08:18 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Well... Let's see you step out of this armor, and see who I'm looking at under the armor.
    • [Janek]** Then maybe I'll give you a name... and maybe you'll tell me how much you want for tonight?

[04-Nov-18 08:18 PM] Twib#7809 Kachunk. Kathunk. Shhk shheek *shunk* One turn to unwrap the present, and Reina once again wraps her big, fluffy tail around herself to cushion her massive breasts and powerful, childbearing hips.

[04-Nov-18 08:20 PM] Tempest#5018 _You're now out of the power armor, and completely naked._

    • [Janek]** ... Holy swords, you're a steaming hot youkai lady... Exotic, I like that! Mmm... reminds me of this actress... how about Kanako? Yeah. That's a name that suits you. Miss "Kanako". Now, let's talk numbers... What's your price, exotic beauty?

[04-Nov-18 08:22 PM] Twib#7809 Every curve of her is muscular and sculpted like a statue, a healthy pink glow on her spotless skin. With her legs ever so gently spread, Janek can even see the tuft of hair between Reina's legs, dyed with a promising hint of white, the same as the prostitute's cum-stained locks. "Well, for a handsome man like you - I think a cool 500 is worth 24 hours of my time. And the more you get me to cum, the more refunds I'll give." Now that she's entirely out of her armor, Reina's trailing touches are, hopefully, a *lot* more effective.

[04-Nov-18 08:23 PM] Tempest#5018 _Well, they are, let's just say that!_

[04-Nov-18 08:24 PM] Twib#7809 "For a goddess like me to deign to grace you with my presence - such a number is but a small offering of gratitude, is it not?" Reina's seen juuust enough of Mazeworld TV to have a good idea of Kanakos in general - so here's hoping she's getting the actress's most famous role down pat.

[04-Nov-18 08:25 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Five hundred for the whole night? Wow... You're driving it high, but then again, _<whistling>_ ... Damn, it's tempting. Is that all you want, big lady? You know who I am, I'm an important man, I could make things happen for you, if you, _<snort>_, make -something- happen tonight...

_If you want to ask for something else... now's probably your chance. Unless you have another plan in mind. Just don't let him slip away from you._

[04-Nov-18 08:26 PM] Twib#7809 "You certainly *are* big, aren't you? I appreciate that - as much as I appreciate your boldness, in offering *me* a deal." Slowly, she begins to undress him, letting him feel every inch of her body in the process. "But what kind of things can a mere mortal like you do for me? Because *I* can show you such miracles you'll never feel again." "Tell me what you think is worthy of a goddess."

[04-Nov-18 08:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Well, if you give me your number, I can pay for more nights like these... You do this often, right? Well, with me, you won't need any other followers to, ah, worship your body? I'll set you up for life, lady.

[04-Nov-18 08:33 PM] Twib#7809 Reina chuckles deeply, pressing her lips into his neck so he can feel her growing lust. "Why, that sounds *wonderful.* Your own personal goddess, one that showers you with the affection you so deserve. Impress me tonight, and I'll gladly sing your praises to everyone in Gimrun."

[04-Nov-18 08:33 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Ohh yeahh.. That's the spirit... So uh... do I gotta pay you now or can we do this later?

[04-Nov-18 08:34 PM] Twib#7809 "Later, later, of course. I believe in tit-for-tat. Don't think about work right now. Just let me see your jewels." Roll for sexhaving and to fuck this poor slimy git into the ground?

[04-Nov-18 08:36 PM] Tempest#5018 _Soon enough, he's naked too, and very excited. Unfortunately, he's not -as- well endowed as he liked to pretend. As for that, sure, I -guess-. Toss me a 2d15+5 , let's figure out how many turns he lasts._

[04-Nov-18 08:36 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d15+5

[04-Nov-18 08:36 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d15+5` = (3+9)+5 = 17

[04-Nov-18 08:36 PM] Twib#7809 Not *bad*.

[04-Nov-18 08:37 PM] Tempest#5018 17 turns and 1 hour 25 minutes later, he's all petered out and unable to last any longer... It would have healed 5.1% Stress, if you _had_ any. _The clock displays 4:17 AM._

    • [Janek]** _<Heaving, exhausted>_ ... Oh, baby. I don't think I've had anybody like you before! A total goddess, lemme tell ya!...

[04-Nov-18 08:39 PM] Twib#7809 Reina's shuddering and panting, burying her face into the man's chest to hide her - not *disdain*, but just general unimpressiveness. Still, it was about average - and frankly that was better than she expected. "Mmmmmmmm~ Yes, I can still feel your devotion inside me. You've done *very* well. Let me have your number, and I'll gladly be yours." "In fact - we still have another 23 hours. How about we rest for a bit, until you're ready to go again? The more I'm with you, the more I can please you, hmm? Learn every spot on your cock to get you to squirm."

[04-Nov-18 08:42 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, Gods, lemme catch a break. I wish I had -your- endurance, lady. I ain't a young man anymore...
    • [Janek]** Let's talk a bit... I'm free to touch while I talk, right?

[04-Nov-18 08:44 PM] Twib#7809 "Of course, of course. Touch away, talk away. I want to learn more about you, and your big shot job." Reina purrs, quickly grasping his hands to place them between her pillowy thighs. In the meantime, she trails her own fingers against his family jewels, gently and idly playing with them the same way she used to play with her own. "It sounded like you were in the jewelry business?"

[04-Nov-18 08:50 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, yeah, I talked about the incompetent subordinate, and the golden topaz... Well I'm not exactly a jeweler, but me and my colleagues, we're after some veeeeeeery important jewels, the kind that's very special, very valuable, could make us all rich. But, yknow, I can't say too much... Guild business.

[04-Nov-18 08:53 PM] Twib#7809 "Oh, really? But what makes them so valuable? A jewel's just like any other, isn't it? Any miner can just go down to the deepest level and dig them out." "You're quite handsome, but I wouldn't want you to have to do *manual labor*."

[04-Nov-18 08:54 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, no no no, they're not just _any_ jewels... They're _ancient_ jewels... Of the medieval artifact kind ,the kind that makes archaeologists and history buffs go nuts because they're worth many times more than their normal kinds...
    • [Janek]** Like, that golden topaz? Its real value has to be at least 20 times what that dumb fool sold it for. Maybe even more.

[04-Nov-18 08:56 PM] Twib#7809 Reina gasps, her eyes going wide at the 'reveal'. "That's insane! You could live like a king if you had all of those jewels, couldn't you?" "How incompetent can that fool be, if he sold it for such a pittance?"

[04-Nov-18 08:59 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Oh, I know, baby, I know. It's insane. Rumor has it you could even literally _be_ the king with all of these jewels.. That's what I'm working on, baby. Getting all of them and make ourselves filthy rich that way. And if you're lucky, well, you'll get some of my share. Heh.

[04-Nov-18 09:00 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** I remember Einar's face, he was all, "but I couldn't turn it down, she made me a good offer, you guys paid me nothing", and I was like, hey, fuck you son, I gave you an order, you listen to it instead of pawning off my jewels.
    • [Janek]** A "good price". He's got some nerve. He sold me some dumb story about how he sold the jewel to a youkai girl in heavy arm- ...
    • [Janek]** ... ... ...

[04-Nov-18 09:01 PM] Twib#7809 "Is something the matter, handsome?" She knows he knows. Does he know she knows he knows?

[04-Nov-18 09:02 PM] Tempest#5018 _He is making an absolutely epic 'Oh SHIT' face._ _He knows._ _With his dick still inside of you. He realized._ _His face grows absolutely livid._

    • [Janek]** .... w-w-what do you want from me?

[04-Nov-18 09:03 PM] Twib#7809 OH. IS IT?

[04-Nov-18 09:03 PM] Tempest#5018 Oh it IS. You know the expression "having you right where I want you"? That's how Janek feels _you_ must be thinking right now.

[04-Nov-18 09:05 PM] Twib#7809 Reina chuckles, gently kissing his chin and neck as she starts working her hips - and thus, him. She's going to let him stew in her, ignoring his distress entirely until he's nice and distracted with both halves. "I just wanna be a Queen. my Dwarf. And I want to shower you in the pleasure you so richly deserve. I'm sure you and I can help each other with this, isn't that right?" "I mean, after all, if your Guild's underlings are so stupid to sell gems to suspicious youkai girls in heavy armor, they really can't be trusted at all. Not with the gems, and not with splitting the loot." "So why not join up with me instead? The daily wage might not be as good, but I offer *amazing* benefits. Like what we're doing right now."

[04-Nov-18 09:12 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** I... shit, shit, shit, I've said too much already... My bo-- uh,my colleagues are gonna KILL me if they find out I talked... But... fuck it, least if I die I'll die after the fuck of my life. Y-you want to know about the jewels, don't you?

[04-Nov-18 09:15 PM] Twib#7809 "I do, I do. And I swear that I'm not gonna say a word about this. After all..." Reina shudders as she feels him in her, and gives him the first genuine smile she's had in weeks. "We can't do this again if either of us is dead." "Just think of it as joining the winning team."

[04-Nov-18 09:15 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** R-right, right... W-well uh... Um. Don't forget me, alright?! ... So here's what I know...
    • [Janek]** ... shit, Einar wasn't lying after all, you have that silver tongue... A-and the whole body to go with it too! ... Gods this is the weirdest, scariest, strangest situation I've ever been in my life. ... Can I pull out and sit down properly?

[04-Nov-18 09:18 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, we do have 24 hours for this room. After we're done talking, let me make it up to you, okay?" With a hesitant, unwilling groan, Reina gets off of Janek, letting him finally compose himself - although she makes sure to keep him in a nice, gentle grip, and angle herself to ever-so-slightly bodyblock the man away from the door.

[04-Nov-18 09:21 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** S-sure? How do you want to make it up to me?...

[04-Nov-18 09:23 PM] Twib#7809 "Well, I can give you the time of your life, for one. I really want to make sure you know who the winning team is." "And for two, well - tell me what you'd like, and I'll do my best to make it come true. It's the least a goddess like me can do for her most faithful follower." "I'm a man pleaser, and you're going to help me ever so much - so let me pay you back." "But first - tell me about these family jewels, hmmm?"

[04-Nov-18 09:31 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Right, so... as you probably know, there’s five of them, right? We know where four of them are, and we were going to make a move on Brother Einar to buy what we thought was the fifth, but since you’re here… y'probably already got it.

[04-Nov-18 09:32 PM] Twib#7809 "Yes. But don't worry, because I'll be glad to split things with you. What about the other four?"

[04-Nov-18 09:32 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** The Ruby was the toughest one to figure out, because it’s in an area of the Mazes that’s not even on the map. You see, somewhere at the edge between the Western and Central Zones, there is a secret area where some scavengers seem to hang out… They never come out of their nest, except to scav some resources, and they never go in towns or approach people...
    • [Janek]** They said that all those who tried approaching them never came back. One day, when I was travelling to Saker with a group of acolytes, I saw a strange guy, looked like a halfling but I had never seen anyone like them. He was digging through a dumpster, probably to get some food. I would’ve ignored it if I didn’t see a shiny red object in his hand.
    • [Janek]** I have no idea if he found it in there, but it seemed so peculiar, I thought, ‘Maybe that’s one of the Crown Jewels, it’s not a regular gem he’s got!’ We tried to approach him about it, but he fled. I ordered my acolytes to follow him and get the jewel, promising rewards if they did. I, uh, fell behind, trying to match their pace… But the thing is, a couple of rooms later, I noticed that both the weird halfling AND my acolytes had disappeared.
    • [Janek]** That’s when I noticed something strange, a sort of circular metallic gate, kind of like a manhole, but it was hidden under a pile of garbage; it seemed to be some sort of abandoned access hatch. I thought to myself that this must be where the scav halfling lives, but… I didn’t want to go in alone. My acolytes were nowhere to be seen; I thought maybe something happened to them. A few days later, I sent more acolytes down there, telling them that the Ruby of Gulram was in there somewhere. None of them returned either… So I decided to leave that matter alone for now. I never told my bosses about this. These five brave kids are probably dead by now and I didn’t have the heart to tell their parents or the Guild about it…
    • [Janek]** ... geez, that, uh, that's not a good start, is it.

[04-Nov-18 09:35 PM] Twib#7809 "It's not - but we can mourn them later. It's okay, the Mazes are a savage place, so it's not your fault."

[04-Nov-18 09:35 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Anyway, uh... The Sapphire. The Sapphire has been on my radar for a long while; a very special blue jewel kept changing hands for the past month and a half or so; it's special because it was mounted on a gold ring in a jewelry store in Cloud Ten, intended for a marriage. I've heard it has changed hands several times; it even changed names once!
    • [Janek]** I started doing the legwork to find out where it is; turns out originally, the jewel as it was sold in Cloud Ten found itself in another jewelry store in Twinleaf City not one week after the first sale, sold back for not even half its initial value. The jeweler didn't want to let go of it, so they renamed it; the Luck Stone, they call it, and put it back on sale. I think it was purchased again after that, but I didn't get to review the paper trail in full... And now, that's up to you to do it. Go to Twinleaf City and ask the jeweler about the Luck Stone, they’ll be able to help you, I’m sure.

_He gives you a moment to process that._

[04-Nov-18 09:39 PM] Twib#7809 "Mmmm... Do your colleagues know about the Sapphire? I don't want them to start thinking you're a leak, handsome." "It'd be safer for you if you help them get one or two of the Jewels, and we work out how to take them back later."

[04-Nov-18 09:40 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Ah, ahhah... Don't worry about any of it... I'll just stall for time, like I always do!...
    • [Janek]** Anyway... The Emerald wasn’t the hardest to find out but it’s probably the most dangerous. Have you ever been to Baden Town? Well, the mayor is Tony Yatela, brother of Michael Yatela of the Yatela Crime Family; and one of his capos, his closest men. Anyway. This Tony Yatela guy, he had been making the rounds in the underground and less-reputable circles of the Mazes, because he kept telling everyone he found an ancient artifact stone, which he believes is worth a lot of money, a lot more than just any emerald.
    • [Janek]** Of course, he couldn’t back his claim up other than with his pretty word and his reputation, so he didn’t find any serious buyers yet; not at the asking price I’ve heard floating about: at least 3000 P$, which is ridiculous for an emerald, but would be well worth it if, maybe, the lucky fucker got his hands on one of the Crown Jewels. My bosses were intending to send me as a potential buyer for the jewel; I was supposed to negotiate a deal to get it; but fuck it, the deal’s yours. Or maybe if you can figure out how to lift the gem from him without buying it, that’d be great.
    • [Janek]** The whereabouts of the Diamond still escape us, however... ...No, really! We have no idea where it might be; no serious idea, at least! Some of us think that it MIGHT be one of the secrets of Mippei Yosai, the famous youkai stronghold that is closed to all but the most trusted of their activists. And that’s exactly why we haven’t been able to confirm anything. I’m afraid of these guys, they’re tough enough to battle the military on a daily basis; they’re hardcore, extremely dangerous people. If I were you, I wouldn’t even approach the fucking fortress town. There, I told you all that I know!

[04-Nov-18 09:42 PM] Twib#7809 Reina shuts up his growing anxiety with a kiss, forcing him back down to the bed as she showers him in meaningless affection.

[04-Nov-18 09:42 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** _<Surprise entrance!>_ Well, that's all I wanted to know, thank you very much.
    • [Janek]** THE FUCK???

[04-Nov-18 09:42 PM] Twib#7809 "There, there, don't worry, don't be scared - and Marcus, *fuck off*, we 're in the middle of a moment here."

[04-Nov-18 09:42 PM] Tempest#5018 _Marcus comes out of the shadows, breaking stealth, his revolver pointed at Janek._

    • [Marcus]** Now you're going to tell me why you withheld all of that from us.

[04-Nov-18 09:43 PM] Twib#7809 "Marcus, kindly *fuck off* or else I'm going to have to knock you out, handcuff you, and explain to Prisca why you fucked *literally everything* up." "I am in the *middle of something here.*"

[04-Nov-18 09:45 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Fine, but when this is over, I _want_ to know. We paid _your Guild_ good money.

[04-Nov-18 09:46 PM] Twib#7809 "Marcus *fucking leave* I can feel my Dwarf getting soft and this is going to take me forever to repair."

[04-Nov-18 09:46 PM] Tempest#5018 _He steps out of the room, but you know he's right behind the door._

    • [Janek]** ... fuck's sake. Of course you're working with him. Who _else_ could want these damn jewels so bad.

[04-Nov-18 09:46 PM] Twib#7809 Reina immediately groans into Janek's chest. "Fucker always ruins a good time. I'm so sorry about this."

[04-Nov-18 09:49 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** I-it- it's okay, honestly I should have expected it!... But, uh, yeah, I really told you all I know! I never spoke about the ruby or the sapphire to my bosses because, uh... well... the Ruby, I didn't want to start explaining about the kids that went MIA... and the Sapphire, well, I suppose nobody expects one of the Crown Jewels to be mounted on a ring and carry a different name! And the Emerald's in the hands of the mob, so the official word was "wait until there's an official plan to deal with it". There's still none, so...

[04-Nov-18 09:51 PM] Twib#7809 "No, no, it's fine. Let me just - make it up to you, please? I don't want us to leave off on bad terms." "But why *did* you guys keep it quiet from ol' Limp Dick over there?" And then, she whispers gently into Janek's ear. "And what can I do to help stab him in the back, when the time is right?"

[04-Nov-18 09:54 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Why? ... Well, to tell you the truth, it's the big boss who wanted everything kept hush. The really big boss, the head of the Guild himself. I shouldn't tell you this, so... I didn't tell you that he's the one who wanted to wait and see if the jewels were real, so that he could gather all of them at once without attracting attention. So that he could... I dunno, _do something_ with it? By that point I'm pretty sure you figured out he _didn't_ want to keep working with Marcus and Prisca, but... for what reason exactly, I dunno, honestly...
    • [Janek]** Maybe there really IS a treasure at the end.
    • [Janek]** So. uh... _<Mutter>_ ...if there really is something at the end, here's my advice, do what I do... coast along with Marcus and his librarian friend, try not to kill Guild members if you can avoid it... and if there really is a treasure at the end, the best thing you could do for us is to vaporize those two goofballs, let us have it, and, uh, maybe put in a good word for me to the big boss? I'm sure he'll let you have your share...

_Smells like chaos._

[04-Nov-18 09:57 PM] Twib#7809 "Sounds like a good time, handsome. It's a good thing I pack rubber buck, isn't it~?"

[04-Nov-18 09:57 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Eh... Heh... Kinky, I guess...

[04-Nov-18 10:00 PM] Twib#7809 "I'm just glad you're not firing blanks. Now come on, let's get back to the pleasure." Another 2d15+5 to make up for Marcus's terrible, *terrible* interrupt?

[04-Nov-18 10:05 PM] Tempest#5018 Yeah, sure.

[04-Nov-18 10:07 PM] Twib#7809 /r 2d15+5

[04-Nov-18 10:07 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d15+5` = (8+1)+5 = 14

[04-Nov-18 10:07 PM] Tempest#5018 1 hour and 10 minutes - and what should have been 4.2% Stress healed - later...

[04-Nov-18 10:08 PM] Twib#7809 "There. I hope you still want me being your personal goddess?" Even *Reina's* sore and satisfied now, the stress melting off her in waves as she collapses on top of the poor middleman fuck. It puts her close enough to his ear to whisper. "I'll give you my number and you can give me yours. Just so we can keep in contact when it's time?"

[04-Nov-18 10:11 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Y-Yeah, sure!... My number's uh... 01-700-4B6F.

[04-Nov-18 10:12 PM] Twib#7809 "Great, great. Here's mine. Call me if things get hot - or if you need some stress relief, okay love?" "Oh, and *where* are my manners? I'm Reina. And your name, my Dwarf?"

[04-Nov-18 10:16 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** J-Janek, Brother Janek. Whoo... I think I better go...

_Unless you stop him, he'll dress back up quickly and leave._ _Learning all of the information you learned today has allowed you to complete Objective 3. All that's left to do is debrief with Marcus outside._

[04-Nov-18 10:19 PM] Twib#7809 "Let me get dressed and at least escort you out. I'll make sure Markless doesn't do anything to you." As he gets dressed, Reina will pop into her Powered Armor as well, not even taking a shower as she hops back into the walking tank.

[04-Nov-18 10:20 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Janek]** Nah, honestly, it's okay, I should get back to Gimrun before daybreak! I wish I could spend more time, but... Yeah, no time to waste!

_You are back into your armor, and Janek is out._

[04-Nov-18 10:22 PM] Twib#7809 Well, I'm dressed in my armor. I'll go over to 202 now and give fucking Marcus a piece of my mind. Because THIS FUCKING IDIOT.

[04-Nov-18 10:23 PM] Tempest#5018 _You are in 202 - Marcus took 201._ _But you don't need to go that far, he's been waiting in the corridor outside 202 the entire time._ _So, you move one room west._

    • [Marcus]** Had your fun?

[04-Nov-18 10:25 PM] Twib#7809 "I did. And it would have gone all completely smoothly if you hadn't wanted to wave your fucking compensator around like a *fucker."* "Like, Gods above and Lords below, why did you *blow my cover like that!?*"

[04-Nov-18 10:26 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** ... Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I -- I apologize, I should have let you handle matters. You've gotten _all_ of the information we wanted to know out of him, and... well, you got some fun out of him. Did he pay you, at least?

[04-Nov-18 10:27 PM] Twib#7809 "No, because *you blew my cover* so I couldn't pass it off as just being a bored prostitute." "Like, I get how antsy you are. This is your big break."

[04-Nov-18 10:27 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Do you have a way to track him down at least? A phone number? An address?

[04-Nov-18 10:27 PM] Twib#7809 "But if you're hiring me *and telling me you trust my judgement* you cannot wave a gun while I'm fucking the information out of our mark!" "And, no, in fact I did not get his goddamn number." "I gave him mine."

[04-Nov-18 10:28 PM] Tempest#5018 (( He did give you a number - lying on purpose?

[04-Nov-18 10:28 PM] Twib#7809 "Because that was the only way he'd feel safe enough about contacting me." (Lying on purpose.) "Give me some time - I might, *might* be able to get his trust again, if I wine and dine him enough. But the ball's in his court and all we can do is wait until then."

[04-Nov-18 10:30 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Okay! I'm sorry! Look, I'll make this up to you, okay? You've gotten what we came for, I'll have Prisca pay you for this job, and... I'll be more careful, next time.

[04-Nov-18 10:31 PM] Twib#7809 Reina just sighs - for now, it certainly *sounds* like Marcus is regretful. She'll have to take what she can get.

[04-Nov-18 10:31 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** But if you want my opinion, he's running out to Gimrun to repeat everything to his bosses, either that, or he's about to cut his losses and hunker down somewhere nobody can find him. He told you so much, I'd be surprised the Guild _doesn't_ come after you at one point or another. And I am partially to blame for that!
    • [Marcus]** ... Either way, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have barged in like that. It's just, ... _Ugh_. Can I be honest for five seconds? This guy is _slimy_, I didn't _like_ the thought of him bedding you. Even for information.

[04-Nov-18 10:32 PM] Twib#7809 "With all due respect, *'boss'* I didn't want your opin - wait, hold up." "...Were you *jealous?*"

[04-Nov-18 10:33 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** No, disgusted. There was a moment - irrational, I know - where I thought you wouldn't mind if I came in, questioned him, and blew his brains out.
    • [Marcus]** ... trust me, Reina, as pretty as you are, my eyes aren't on you.

[04-Nov-18 10:33 PM] Twib#7809 "Right, Prisca, got it." "But, Marcus, as a heads up." "I fuck people because I *choose* to fuck people. I *like* having sex, and more importantly I *like* the power rush of dangling my body and baiting suckers." "And that means *I* am the one who gets to choose whether to spare my clients or not, okay? I am not your naive bookworm who you are desperately trying to impress so you can win her heart and her body."

[04-Nov-18 10:36 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** _<Blank stare - he's been seen through completely and you KNOW your words are piercing through his mind right now.>_ ... ... Right, got it. I guess, I guess this explains that.
    • [Marcus]** _<Deep sigh>_ You really are like no-one else, Reina. I'll be out of your way now, but you should have news from me tomorrow. I'm gonna finish my night and I'll be back out to investigate the information that Janek gave you.

_Unless you want to speak with him more, he's about to return to his room in 201 and get some sleep._

[04-Nov-18 10:40 PM] Twib#7809 "Do I need to head back to Prisca, or are you going to call her yourself?"

[04-Nov-18 10:40 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Marcus]** Nah, I'll call her. You should have your five hundred bucks in a few minutes. Straight to the account as usual.
    • [Marcus]** I'll be seeing you...

_He's about to get to his room. Will you be on your way out?_

[04-Nov-18 10:42 PM] Twib#7809 Yup. I am *out* of here. Fucking idiot. Does the mall have a clothing shop? I am in desperate need of buying something sexy.

[04-Nov-18 10:47 PM] Tempest#5018 Neo Khazrun has _nearly everything_. There is one.

    • M13 - A Cut Above the Rest** - Main quest complete!

[04-Nov-18 10:51 PM] Twib#7809 To the shops! I'm in dire need of buying sexy clothing. And then, I suppose I'll just head back to Sirvarris and rent a room for 24 hours.

[04-Nov-18 10:53 PM] Tempest#5018 _22 rooms later..._ [Neo Khazrun Mall - Clothing shop]

[04-Nov-18 10:56 PM] Twib#7809 "Got anything sexy for girls and or tailed girls?" "I'm looking for a pretty little thing for my girlfriend. And also me."

[04-Nov-18 11:00 PM] Tempest#5018 [Neo Khazrun clothing shop]

<Clothing> Bottom - Jeans Top - Trench-coat Footwear - Ballet sneakers Bottom - Cargo pants, blue camo Top - Pimp vest Bottom - Boxer briefs

Bottom - Regular pants Top - Military T-shirt, urban camo Legs add-on - Leg guards Footwear - Geta Footwear - Cowboy boots Top - Gi jacket

<Youkai outfits> (filtered to your body type only) Type T - Traditional kasha outfit (Male)

[04-Nov-18 11:03 PM] Twib#7809 "Annnnd nothing. Thanks, I guess." Let's head over to Sirvarris, then! I'll go rent a room there - and maybe do some training, depending.

[04-Nov-18 11:18 PM] Tempest#5018 Time to tunnel back to Sirvarris? _In that case, you leave the shop, and you travel 18 rooms back to the hatch room._ _Afterwards, it takes 1 turn to go down the hatch, then 150 turns and 13 hours to travel back to Sirvarris..._ _...and one more turn to get back up the ladder._

[04-Nov-18 11:21 PM] Twib#7809 Yuuuup. I might need to stop for coffee in a bit, but other then that it shouldn't be too bad.

[04-Nov-18 11:21 PM] Tempest#5018 [Sirvarris - Hatch room] _The time is 6:27 PM. You're **thirsty.**_

Hydration: 412 wtr - Thirsty. The thirst drops your Strength by 10%.

[04-Nov-18 11:23 PM] Twib#7809 Great. Let's head back to the hotel to rent a room and guzzle the water there.

[04-Nov-18 11:27 PM] Tempest#5018 _You travel all the way back to the Travelers Inn, 16 rooms away. You're now at the lobby._

[04-Nov-18 11:28 PM] Twib#7809 "How much for a room again to rest this unit?"

[04-Nov-18 11:29 PM] Tempest#5018

    • [Hotel manager]** 50 P$ for 24 hours. As usual.
    • [Hotel manager]** ... Hey, I know you! You'll want Room 206 again?

[04-Nov-18 11:30 PM] Twib#7809 "Indeed. The charging space is sufficient for all needs." "45 Parallers is the counteroffer, due to regular usage." /r 2d6

[04-Nov-18 11:30 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `2d6` = (5+3) = 8

[04-Nov-18 11:31 PM] Tempest#5018 Success! +1 SP in Negotiation.

    • [Hotel manager]** Okay, whatever you want! 45 is fine by me! Wouldn't want to anger the best robot in the universe!

Negotiation skill: 19 SP

[04-Nov-18 11:31 PM] Twib#7809 Sweet. Silver and brass should be enough to cover it!

[04-Nov-18 11:32 PM] Tempest#5018 _You paid with 10 brass and 1 silver. You're kind of running out of the small denominations again..._

Money pouch: 1486 P$ (7 brass 8 cunny 31 silver 7 gold) - 2.05 /20 _To your room?_

[04-Nov-18 11:36 PM] Twib#7809 To my room! Where I am going to just guzzle water until I max out on Hydration, and then long sleep.

[04-Nov-18 11:37 PM] Tempest#5018 _3 rooms later, you made it to Room 206. .. Again! You move just two more rooms east in order to use the sink._ Is it DRINK UP time?

[04-Nov-18 11:37 PM] Twib#7809 D R I N K U P Sex is massively dehydrating, after all.

[04-Nov-18 11:38 PM] Tempest#5018 1 turn spent sipping allows you to regain 80 wtr, so you get a net of 79 wtr per turn. 10 sips should let you get to just under 1200 wtr. To max out... 13 sips should do it. That good with you?

[04-Nov-18 11:42 PM] Twib#7809 Absolutely.

[04-Nov-18 11:43 PM] Tempest#5018 _13 turns later... you're at 1397 wtr, basically maxed out. In good time, too, as you're now Tired._ Fatigue: 50.5% To the bed?

[04-Nov-18 11:45 PM] Twib#7809 Perfect. Long rest, roll 1d6s?

[04-Nov-18 11:45 PM] Tempest#5018 _You move 2 rooms back to the bedroom, and you crash to bed._ Yep, go ahead and we'll stop after you sleep

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (5) = 5

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Twib#7809 /r 1d6

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Sidekick#6198 @Twib#7809: `1d6` = (6) = 6

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Twib#7809 And that'll do it.

[04-Nov-18 11:46 PM] Tempest#5018 That's 22 hours! You sleep... It is a new day! Advenday, Pentema 17, 4:27 PM.

_You have 2 hours of room usage left, and you've slept like a baby. In fact, way overslept compared to the actual amount of tiredness. So maybe there's a bit of laziness settling in._ _What's going to happen? We'll know on the next episode!_ [Session #128 - Session end]