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May 31 15:18:05 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] May 31 15:18:28 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _After what seems like an eternity, you wake up. You have a bit of trouble understanding what happened... The last thing you remember, you're pretty sure you died, but here you are, slowly waking up from what seemed like a very long nap. The first thing you notice is that you're waking up in a hospital bedroom. It doesn't look like home or anywhere familiar._ May 31 15:18:32 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The next thing you notice is that there appears to be someone waiting for you at your bedside ; a fifty-something man, dressed in a lab coat, with a look of concern - or is it relief? - on his face. He observes you waking up, but doesn't say a thing, figuring you want the first word._ May 31 15:19:42 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Did she survive? May 31 15:20:38 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Good morning, Mr. Teach. Well, you certainly did survive... But who did you mean? May 31 15:21:22 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Jen did she survive? May 31 15:22:19 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** I'm terribly sorry, I don't know who Jen is, or if she survived. You, on the other hand, seem to be very much alive, which is a good sign. The transition seems to have gone well... May 31 15:22:43 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Transition? May 31 15:24:13 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Ah-- Yes. You see... Let me explain myself ; you have, effectively, died. However, my superior, the Administrator, saw fit to select you for what I can best describe as bringing you back from the dead. May 31 15:24:20 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** You are no longer at home, mister Teach, you are somewhere else entirely - this realm is called the Mazes. May 31 15:24:41 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> So jen is dead then? May 31 15:26:31 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** I reiterate, I have no idea. May 31 15:27:01 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** In any case... I forgot to introduce myself. I am Dr. Philip Gage, head of the Medical Science Team, chief of the Proving Grounds medical staff, and... how to put this. I'm the primary caretaker and creator of your body, so to speak. Along with my superior, the Administrator, we have... the best word to use here is "recreated" the body you're currently in. May 31 15:27:02 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Medic]** The Administrator and I worked to ensure that your... transition, would be as soft as possible, and feel like waking up. A rough night, so to speak. May 31 15:27:37 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Well thank you for that. May 31 15:28:14 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** I did work on her orders to bring you back here. In exchange for your 'second chance', so to speak, she wishes you to complete an objective. May 31 15:28:33 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** The Admin is mostly responsible for bringing you here and that I'm just following her orders, she has told me to tell you what your role here is. You may be referred to hereon as the **Contestant**, a title that bears a certain amount of importance here. Your objective is to find four ancient artifacts, said to have been forged by deities - the Cardinal Amulets. May 31 15:28:43 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** These four objects will, if you find all four of them, allow you the possibility to return home, safe and sound. And I do not know much more, unfortunately, besides the fact that it's up to you to figure out where they are and how to acquire them. Why and how, I do not know either. She simply told me to say this is your primary objective. May 31 15:29:25 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> So find the cardinal amulets got it May 31 15:29:28 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> where are they? May 31 15:31:06 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** I don't know myself, that's the thing. I believe there are other people in the Mazes who may be able to tell you, though. But before we get to that, take a look over there. This gear is all yours. This includes clothing, weapons, and other equipment. Feel free to dress up and gear up. May 31 15:31:41 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *gets out of bed and walks over to the gear* May 31 15:31:45 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> This is all for me? May 31 15:32:19 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Yes indeed. Take all the time you need. When you're ready to go, please let me know. May 31 15:32:48 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *inspects the gear as he gets dressed* May 31 15:34:30 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Clothing, armor, a shotgun, some load-bearing equipment, and a few extra shells. You have the feeling you'll need all of it._ May 31 15:34:50 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *takes it all* Is this also from the admin? May 31 15:37:35 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Yes, she has seen fit to have this sent and delivered for you. The Mazes are a fairly harsh world, you may have to frequently use this weapon for your own defense. May 31 15:37:55 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Now, if you're ready to leave, let me know. I will show you out and into the town, Arnett. May 31 15:38:48 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> I am ready, thank you Dr. Gage May 31 15:40:27 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Excellent. Now, please follow me... May 31 15:40:43 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *follows Dr. gage* May 31 15:40:49 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The good doctor's pace is brisk and fast, and you don't have the time to see much of the facility you woke up in, besides the room you were in, a few corridors, and a lobby._ May 31 15:40:56 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Once you're outside, Gage's pace doesn't relent any. Soon, you find yourself at the center of the town, a large sort of town plaza called the Social Square Center, with four streets branching out in a plus shaped pattern. There, the inhabitants and visitors come and go, going about on their businesses._ May 31 15:41:46 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> So this is Arnett you said? May 31 15:43:04 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Yes indeed. Welcome to Arnett, and more generally welcome to the Mazes. I hope you will be able to succeed in your mission and that you will stay alive. I have three quick pieces of advice before I let you go, if you'd care to hear them. May 31 15:43:29 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Yes please May 31 15:44:16 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** One, every town is more or less patterned the same way - they all have a social square, a center plaza like this one, and common features such as a hospital, a bank, some form of special facility, and whatnot. If you're ever lost, find the plaza of this town and look for the map - it will tell you where you are and where to go. May 31 15:44:23 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Two, you will probably want to find clues about where to go next for your primary objective. I advise you to ask around in town. May 31 15:44:27 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Three, the best place for information and the place you want to go to if you need money, is the Hiring Bureau. Think of it as a sort of combination of post office and job finding agency. If you're ever in need of something to do for cash, my advice is to ask there first. May 31 15:44:55 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> So asking around is good? May 31 15:45:08 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> The people wont get suspicious and try to stop me? May 31 15:45:42 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Generally speaking, no, unless you've pissed off the wrong people... Or going somewhere you shouldn't. Use common sense, make the right friends, and you should be all right. May 31 15:46:04 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Anything else i should know? May 31 15:46:45 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** That's all the information I can give you. I wish you good luck. May 31 15:46:58 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Dr. Gage]** Stay safe out there. May 31 15:47:01 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The good doctor shakes your hand, and proceeds to turn around and disappear back towards the direction of his facility._ May 31 15:47:06 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> <**M02: First Town** - Quest complete!> May 31 15:47:07 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> <**M03: Take the Long Way Home** - Quest started.> May 31 15:47:13 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> M03: Objectives May 31 15:47:14 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> 1) Head to Arnett's Hiring Bureau to register yourself as a contractor: the Hiring Bureau is the place to go to find jobs and initiate sidequests, in order to earn money and acquire better gear. May 31 15:47:20 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> 2) Ask around in Arnett and inquire about the closest Angelic town, to learn more about the Contestant Prophecy and the Cardinal Amulets' supposed whereabouts. May 31 15:47:25 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> (( And from that point on you have full control and freedom to go where you please. May 31 15:50:13 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *Teach decided to look around and head to the hiring bureau* May 31 15:51:59 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _A quick look at the town map tells you that it is 3 rooms away._ May 31 15:52:05 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Go there now?_ May 31 15:52:24 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *yes* May 31 15:52:58 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Three rooms later, and you find yourself passing the door announcing the Hiring Bureau. The place looks like a large office, where the walls are plastered with recruitment or advertisement posters. It is an otherwise very simple room - with only one large desk, a computer, a board of announcements and classifieds, and the only worker here, the Hirer, sitting at the desk._ May 31 15:53:54 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *walks up to the desk* May 31 15:55:05 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The hirer, a young adult woman, lifts her head up._ May 31 15:55:08 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** Can I help you? May 31 15:55:45 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> I would like to register as a contractor please May 31 15:58:24 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** Ah, a newcomer, huh? Certainly. What's your name? May 31 15:58:56 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Edward Teach May 31 16:00:53 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** Phone number, residence? May 31 16:01:10 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Um i do not have a phone or residence May 31 16:01:55 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** Not a problem, but you will have to come back often yourself to check up on new jobs. ...And there, you're all signed up. Background check came back clear. It's weird though... _<She spends a moment observing the monitor.>_ May 31 16:02:16 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Weird? May 31 16:03:27 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** ...It's perhaps just a bug of some kind, I didn't get any other option but Contractor, the Employer option is greyed out... Bah, it's not important, since you wanted to be a contractor. Anyway! Can I help you with something else? May 31 16:03:28 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> <M03: Objective 1 is complete.> May 31 16:03:59 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Um yes could you tell me what an angelic is? May 31 16:05:13 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** Angelics? They're a whole faction of religious folks. They're run by Heaven Ltd, some kind of big company that seems to produce all those Angelic creatures. They run and control a few towns of their own, where you can find shrines and shrine cartakers - they call those shrine maidens. May 31 16:05:33 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** They're not too bothersome, although they're heavy on the symbolism and the virtue stuff. May 31 16:05:50 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Where is the closest town of theirs? May 31 16:06:28 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** The closest Angelic town? Lessee... There. Semitas. You can get there through the south road from Arnett. Shouldn't be a long walk. May 31 16:06:41 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> <M03: Objective 2 is complete.> May 31 16:06:44 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> <M03: Received a new objective.> May 31 16:06:48 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> 3) Ask the shrine maiden at Semitas about information regarding the Cardinal Amulets. May 31 16:07:17 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> So someone there can tell me more about the angelics? May 31 16:07:59 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** I'd say so, this is one of the towns they control! Who better than one of their own to know more about them? May 31 16:08:15 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Okay thank you May 31 16:08:42 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[Hirer]** More than welcome. Did you need anything else? May 31 16:08:56 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Not at the moment have a nice day May 31 16:09:01 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *turns to walk out* May 31 16:09:08 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _She nods, and wishes you to stay safe._ May 31 16:09:11 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _> Where to?_ May 31 16:09:34 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *heads to the town square* May 31 16:09:44 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Back to the social square center?_ May 31 16:09:49 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *yes* May 31 16:10:30 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You travel the three rooms back to where you started, and find yourself at the square center once more. The town map is still there._ May 31 16:11:30 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *heads to the south road from Arnett* May 31 16:14:04 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _In order to be able to travel to another town, you must first leave Arnett, and for that you'll first have to travel to the Town Gate, which is 7 rooms away. Is this okay?_ May 31 16:14:18 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *yes* May 31 16:16:32 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You travel to the Town Entrance, and to the Gate. Once there, you find two Town Security officers, carrying weapons and badges indicating their occupation. They seem bored, and nothing points out they intend to stop you._ May 31 16:17:09 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *waves to them* May 31 16:17:37 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** Mornin'. May 31 16:17:53 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> How are you? May 31 16:18:29 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** Bored. Not much happening these days. May 31 16:19:01 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Oh well that should be a good thing shouldnt it? May 31 16:19:34 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** Depends. I'd rather see some action, but hey, what can I do. May 31 16:20:05 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> True enough May 31 16:21:16 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> Anyway how is the road between here and Semitas? May 31 16:22:07 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** Between here and Semitas? Well, it's not too bad from what I hear.. Not any particularly dangerous, just the usual fare. Why, you're going there? May 31 16:22:28 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> To see the Angelics May 31 16:22:55 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** Oh, well then, hope they bless you, or something. _<Snarky>_ May 31 16:23:11 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> I hope you have a wonderful day May 31 16:23:25 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *leaves the gate to head to Semitas* May 31 16:23:39 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> **[TownSec #1]** You too, bud. May 31 16:25:20 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You leave the Gate and head into the Gap corridor, the last room before the UA for those, like you, who are leaving. Before you are the ways to the Uncivilized Area, as well as directional signs which indicate the destinations that can be reached from Arnett: **Elkins** to the north, **I-09** to the west, and **Semitas** to the south. If you wish to leave now towards Semitas, please confirm._ May 31 16:25:45 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *yes* May 31 16:26:52 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You have selected Semitas as your destination. Please select a traveling style: **Fast** (Fastest option, moderate danger level and loot) // **Safe** (Slower, less dangerous but less loot) // **Deep** (Slowest option, highest danger level and loot)_ May 31 16:27:22 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *fast* May 31 16:28:22 <Hebizuka> _Your next destination is **14** rooms away. Please wait, generating the next rooms!..._ May 31 16:30:07 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Dining hall, **overgrown** // Front: Machine room, abandoned // Right: Bedroom (bunks), abandoned May 31 16:30:20 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *left* May 31 16:33:10 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _And so, you venture for the first time into the Uncivilized Area..._ May 31 16:34:55 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You enter a dining hall - or at least, something that once was one, before the furniture and a good portion of the room became covered in strange, green mossy matter. The long table and many chairs appear to be completely covered in the stuff. Nevertheless, you see a **magazine for a firearm** laying on the ground._ May 31 16:35:15 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *inspect the magazine* May 31 16:36:06 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Ruby PU (Plus Ultra) 22-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight 0.5+0.14 (0.64) - [14/22, UHS] May 31 16:36:38 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *keep this for possible later use* May 31 16:36:41 <Hebizuka> _A magazine for some kind of handgun. The 14 rounds of ammunition inside are .32 ACP, but the bullet is strangely shaped, with a pointy, reverse ogive profile. This seems to be specialty ammo of some kind._ May 31 16:39:08 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _When taking an item, please announce in which piece of LBE you intend to carry the item, then copy and paste the relevant event line on your sheet, in the correct section._ May 31 16:39:54 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *so Keep item in my Backpack* May 31 16:41:28 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> (like that?) May 31 16:41:33 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> (( Yes, good May 31 16:41:49 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> ( okay sorry about that) May 31 16:41:55 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> [Backpack/Main] 0.64 /40 May 31 16:43:54 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _When finished in a room, please state when ready, so that the next rooms may be generated_ May 31 16:44:17 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *ready to leave* May 31 16:45:52 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Pathway // Front: Empty bar, abandoned // Right: Laboratory room, abandoned May 31 16:46:17 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *right* May 31 16:49:37 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _An abandoned laboratory room, once part of some kind of scientific facility, but now just another one of the UA rooms. There, you can see two desks, two chairs, two computers, a whiteboard and a sink. The computers seem powered, but are off. The sink appears to be functional. Unfortunately, besides the sink and computers, it appears there is nothing of use here._ May 31 16:50:16 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *check the desks* May 31 16:51:00 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The desks are empty. Looted long ago._ May 31 16:51:15 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *leave room* May 31 16:52:10 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty shooting lanes, forsaken // Front: Studio room, abandoned // Right: Empty bar, abandoned May 31 16:52:42 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *left* May 31 16:56:53 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _A room with shooting lanes. This was, obviously, part of a shooting range in the past. But the room has decayed so much, there are weird dark patches forming on the wall and on the floor. You wouldn't be surprised if someone told you that this room is at least a thousand years old. Unfortunately, it's another empty room. There is nothing here._ May 31 16:56:56 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Deactivated room // Front: Studio room, abandoned // Right: Deactivated room May 31 16:58:19 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *front* May 31 17:00:21 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _An abandoned studio room, with desks, computers, cameras and recording equipment, and a set, which was set up to shoot some kind of talk show, before it was abandoned along with the entire room. There are two items on the floor: a **firearm** and some **clothes**._ May 31 17:00:53 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *inspects the firearm and clothes* May 31 17:02:47 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> [Clothing] Bottom - Butler trousers (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - Classy - Weight: 3 - (Condition: Good) May 31 17:02:51 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> [Weapon] Class 1 - R1/Common - Savage Arms Mark II FV-SR conventional rifle | .22 Long Rifle - Bolt-action - 16.5" - S | Thread(Std), Optic[n/a,NATO-S](I) | Mark II 5-round mag, +1 | Weight: 14 - [4+1/5, Value Pack (Surplus) FMJ] - (Condition: Good / Cleanliness: **Grimy**) May 31 17:03:05 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The pants appear to be the black classy trousers portion of a butler's outfit._ May 31 17:03:30 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _The rifle is loaded with what appears to be surplus-grade, cheap ammunition._ May 31 17:04:04 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *takes the pants and rifle and put in backpack* May 31 17:04:44 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _You can **equip** the FV-SR in Primary 2 instead, which will allow you to conserve backpack space. Do you wish to do that or do you still want it in the backpack?_ May 31 17:05:03 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> *Equip in primary 2* May 31 17:09:43 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> [Backpack/Main] 3.64 /40 May 31 17:09:50 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> _Savage Mark II FV-SR equipped in Primary 2._ May 31 17:09:57 <HashiBot1> <Tempest> (( As said before, we're taking a break for now May 31 17:10:06 <HashiBot1> <Edward Teach the Pirate> (yea thats fine) May 31 17:10:09 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]