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Jun 17 19:14:48 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] Jun 17 19:15:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Welcome back to the Mazes, Jude Mustaine. You are currently in the Uncivilized Area, on the road from Arnett to Semitas. Due to changes since your last session, your remaining distance until Semitas has been adjusted to **8 rooms**. You are currently in a toilet room, which you have already looted. As such, the next rooms are being generated now._ Jun 17 19:16:56 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty dojo, forsaken // Front: Break room, **deserted** // Right: Deactivated room Jun 17 19:20:51 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude tilts her head a little, grumbles, and makes for the dojo. Something interesting, maybe?* Jun 17 19:23:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A forsaken, empty dojo, which looks about as ancient as the martial arts that were once taught there. Unfortunately, it's pretty dead and empty. Nothing to see here. Jun 17 19:23:05 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Youkai bedroom (danchi), abandoned // Front: Empty shooting lanes, abandoned // Right: Empty shrine, disaffected Jun 17 19:24:21 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Shrine means piety and piety means money. To the shrine!* Jun 17 19:27:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Unquestionable logic for questionable morals. You travel into the disaffected and empty shrine, and discover that the remaining furniture there - two bookshelves, a donation box, and some aged, torn posters advertising about Hell Inc - indicate it was once a Demonic shrine. The donation box is, of course, empty. The bookshelves still have **four books** which haven't been stolen yet._ Jun 17 19:30:20 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude is a bit surprised by what she finds, not quite expecting it... but, what should she have expected? Do they even have normal religions here? "Hell Inc?" she mutters, shaking her head as she walks over to look at the books.* Jun 17 19:30:32 <Hebizuka> [Book] A book. Title: [Manga / Youkai comics] Yuyuko Hakusho ; The hungry ghost girl report - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 19:30:32 <Hebizuka> [Book] A book. Title: [Non-fiction] Figuring the Pattern: An Insider's Guide to the Mazes - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 19:30:32 <Hebizuka> [Book] A book. Title: [Crime] 17 + 1 - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 19:30:32 <Hebizuka> [Book] A book. Title: [Magazine issue] Pony Magazine - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 19:32:57 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Figuring there might be something helpful in the book on the Mazes, she picks that up and opens it. Probably not a waste of time, at least. Hopefully.* Jun 17 19:34:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Taking just 'Figuring the Pattern'?_ Jun 17 19:34:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _To read immediately, I mean?_ Jun 17 19:34:29 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> Yes. Jun 17 19:34:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Please roll a 1d8. Jun 17 19:35:15 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Sabian Spryleaf: Jun 17 19:35:15 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8 Jun 17 19:35:15 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Jun 17 19:36:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You sat down and took your time to read this book, which teaches you various factoids and other trivia about all sorts of things in the Mazes. 40 turns have passed, during which what little amount of Stress you gained during last fight has completely disappeared._ [Stress: 0.0%] Jun 17 19:40:18 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Well, that rag was... thick. Or I'm rusty." Jude stretches her legs a little, wishing she'd decided to sit down before she got into that, and places it back on the shelf. She's not in the mood for any more reading at the moment, but she does take Yuyuko Hakusho and 17+1 to drop into her backpack. Couldn't hurt.* Jun 17 19:41:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 26.35 /30 Jun 17 19:47:10 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Corridor // Front: Roadway // Right: Corridor Jun 17 19:49:22 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Looks like a whole lot of nothing. Eenie, meenie, minie... Minie? Forwards.* Jun 17 19:50:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A roadway, a completely ordinary roadway. Nothing to see here. (It's almost as though danger avoids you.)_ Jun 17 19:50:51 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Deactivated room // Front: Deactivated room // Right: Office room, **dark** Jun 17 19:53:04 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude pulls out her night-vision goggles and puts them on to move into the office. The dark was fun last time.* Jun 17 19:56:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The world turns green as you pass the door. You enter an effectively abandoned office room, with no power at all. Of course, the computers are useless. Each of the four desks have **not been looted yet**, and it looks like one of the file cases also has **stuff** inside. In addition, you spot some **load-bearing equipment** on one of the office chairs._ Jun 17 19:58:36 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Well how about that. Goodies, and no big monster dude." The zebra girl grins and clicks her teeth, looking at the LBE first. Her bags are feeling a little heavy...* Jun 17 19:58:53 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) Gunfighter belt - Capacity 0 units + Ammo 1 (4 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Ammo 2 (S-ldr and S-strip only, max 4) Jun 17 20:00:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A fancy leather gunfighting belt, with plenty of pockets for carrying pistol mags and revolver reloading items._ Jun 17 20:03:55 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Well, it's not extravagant, but it's definitely better than what she has on. Jude empties the key items from her current belt into the Gunfighter belt, and changes into that one. Probably not enough space to take the old one with her, and she's not sure it would sell for much, so she leaves it behind and goes to search the desks.* Jun 17 20:04:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _LBE items cannot be stored into other LBE items, to avoid inventory nesting._ Jun 17 20:04:58 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> Makes sense! Jun 17 20:07:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've upgraded your utility belt from the Basic to the Gunfighter belt._ Jun 17 20:07:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Now, searching through the desks, you find these items:_ Jun 17 20:07:41 <Hebizuka> <This desk is empty.> Jun 17 20:07:41 <Hebizuka> [Clothing] Top - Formal workshirt (Upper body, Arms) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3 - (Condition: Damaged) Jun 17 20:07:41 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Speed strip: 7.62x38mm R Nagant speed strip, 7 rounds. Weight: 0.25+0.03 (0.28) - [3/7, Standard FMJ] Jun 17 20:07:41 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of .30-30 Winchester, (type), 20 rounds - [5/20, Standard JHP] - Weight: 0.1 (0.02/round) Jun 17 20:12:33 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Well, the ammo is definitely a good thing to have. Jude takes the .30-30 and drops it into her backpack, and just in the interest of saving space places the Nagant strip in her new belt.* Jun 17 20:13:27 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *She really has no use for a torn shirt... but hey, why not tear it some more? Some rags might be good to have in the pack, she's already seen how dangerous this place can be.* Jun 17 20:17:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You decided to tear the workshirt. You have acquired this instead:_ Jun 17 20:17:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Item] Rag. Can be used as a makeshift bandage (50% chance to succeed + Healing skill bonus, if applicable) or as a molotov cocktail component. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 20:17:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Just one extra rag. Better than nothing!_ Jun 17 20:17:55 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Kind of expected to salvage a bit more... but, eh! Into the backpack it goes.* Jun 17 20:19:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Utility belt / Ammo 2] 1/4 items Jun 17 20:19:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 27.45 /30 Jun 17 20:22:35 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *A whole lot of cartridges and not many guns. Kind of reminds her of a novel she read while she was alive... "Please sir, I'm hungry. Can I have just one boolit?" Jude cringes. Her Russian accent is abysmal. Let's check out that filing cabinet and pretend that didn't happen...* Jun 17 20:29:33 <Hebizuka> [Item] Box of plastic sheets. Contains 50 flat plastic sheets designed to be rolled and crimped into a tube shape, for the production of shotshell hulls. - Weight: 1 Jun 17 20:30:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _They even come in a range of fancy colors for those people who want to mark shell type by color!_ Jun 17 20:32:04 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude obviously has no reloading equipment, but... hmm. Hell, she'll take those with her just in case. Might come in handy.* Jun 17 20:33:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 28.45 /30 Jun 17 20:33:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've thoroughly looted the room, thank goodness for NVGs!_ Jun 17 20:35:44 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty workshop, disaffected // Front: Warehouse room, forsaken // Right: Prison room;, forsaken Jun 17 20:38:12 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude's careful to turn off her goggles as she moves into the workshop.* Jun 17 20:42:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _NVGs OFF! You walk into the disaffected engineering workshop, long stripped of most of its useful machines and tooling. There are two creatures here, although it doesn't appear they're hostile; a ù Jun 17 20:42:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (forget my last Jun 17 20:43:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _NVGs OFF! You walk into the disaffected engineering workshop, long stripped of most of its useful machines and tooling. There are two creatures here, although it doesn't appear they're hostile; they're two **Maze Soldiers** - a **Regular Forces Sergeant** and a subordinate **Private**, simply patrolling about._ Jun 17 20:49:28 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude can't help but blink at the sight of other people out here. She puts on her best casual smile and raises a hand to sal... it occurs to her she doesn't know how these guys salute. And that she doesn't really care. She waves.* Jun 17 20:50:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Sergeant]** ... and then, she was all like, "But I ran out of money," and that's when she got thrown out of the casino with the koala plush. Jun 17 20:50:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Private]** Ha! I knew it, she would've never lasted long! -- _<Finally notices that you are waving at them.>_ Oh, good morning, citizen. Jun 17 20:53:09 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *'Citizen'. Riiight... "Hello there. You guys are military... you don't seem busy. Mind if I ask what you're doing around here? Is there danger somewhere in the area?"* Jun 17 20:54:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Sergeant]** We're patrolling around to make sure there's no dangers on the roads, ma'am. So far, it's not any more dangerous than usual. It should be okay as long as you stay on the Safe routes. Jun 17 20:54:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The Private seems busy eyeballing you, with an intrigued look on his face._ Jun 17 20:56:56 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Alright. I was just on my way to Semitas. It's not that far from here, yeah?" The stripey halfling slowly notices the attention, and glances at the private a couple times oddly. What's his deal?* Jun 17 21:00:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Sergeant]** It's a couple of rooms ahead of you, you're real close, now. Jun 17 21:00:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Private]** ...Are those stripes? Yeah, those are stripes, right? Zebra stripes? Jun 17 21:01:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The Sergeant stares at his subordinate like he blurted the mother of all racial slurs._ Jun 17 21:01:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The Private stares back, and replies with a tiny little "...What?"_ Jun 17 21:05:06 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude's face goes a bit blank, and she looks at each of the soldiers one after the other. "Uh, is something the matter? I'm a zebra, yeah. Black from the waist down, some guys say." She smirks, trying to liven things.* Jun 17 21:06:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Private]** I mean... It's not every day you see stripes on horse halflings, right? Jun 17 21:07:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[RF Sergeant]** _<He uses the stock of his weapon - a submachine gun - to clock his colleague in the side.>_ Please forgive my insensitive colleague. He has trouble with that sort of thing. Have a nice day, ma'am. _<To the Private:>_ Come on, you frkhnging idiot... Jun 17 21:08:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _They are about to leave the room, unless you want to do something else._ Jun 17 21:10:25 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Not entirely sure what just happened or what the problem was, Jude just kinda lets the two be on their way. More PC than home? Weird. Anyway, time to get moving.* Jun 17 21:11:54 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Bedroom (single bed), **dark** // Front: Deactivated room // Right: Roadway Jun 17 21:17:38 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude puts her goggles on and enters the bedroom.* Jun 17 21:23:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _NVGs ON! You barge into the single bedroom, which is devoid of any light. The room has just one bed, a nightstand, a desk, a table, a few chairs, as well as an useless radio and an useless television - as they're not powered. There is some **food** on the nightstand..._ Jun 17 21:31:40 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Well, it sure is... quaint in here. Seeing as she hasn't eaten anything since she arrived, Jude, peeks at the food.* Jun 17 21:31:47 <Hebizuka> [Food] Dessert - Crepe. 221 ntri, 10 wtr - Weight: 1 Jun 17 21:33:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It must be stale by now, but it still looks edible._ Jun 17 21:35:28 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Ayyy, faguette food, nice. A little... firm. Hm." She stows it in her backpack and looks for an exit.* Jun 17 21:36:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 29.45 /30 Jun 17 21:36:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your bag is becoming almost full. Good thing we're close to Semitas._ Jun 17 21:36:57 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Laundry room, abandoned // Front: Warehouse room, disaffected // Right: Classroom, abandoned Jun 17 21:40:24 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude weighs her supplies... ehhh. She'll check out that warehouse. Could still be worth something.* Jun 17 21:44:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A disaffected warehouse. The shelves are all old and rusty, it's amazing they're still standing. It was looted already, unfortunately, except for another **food item** on the ground._ Jun 17 21:48:35 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Mo' food, mo' problems? What could be better than crepes, anyway? She takes a look.* Jun 17 21:49:25 <Hebizuka> [Food] Canned goods - Beans, baked, canned, 700g. 658 ntri, -70 wtr - Weight: 2 Jun 17 21:54:58 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *It would seem that this can be better than crepes. Beans, though... "Eugh. Barely even good in chili." She decides to just get going.* Jun 17 21:58:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _After having traveled a total of 20 rooms, you finally reached the end of the road. You are now in the Gap corridor of Semitas, back into civilization. The sign above the door says "WELCOME TO SEMITAS - This town is protected by Heaven, Ltd."_ Jun 17 21:59:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Going past the door north will take you to the Town Gate. Back south to return to the UA and pick a new destination._ Jun 17 22:01:17 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude doesn't hesitate to enter the town. Running around is getting a bit old, and she came here for a reason.* Jun 17 22:02:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You are now in the Semitas Town Gate. The thing you immediately notice is the different coat of paint on the walls here - tones of light blue and white, as opposed to the dull unpainted grey walls in Arnett. Two human TownSec officers can be found, as usual, with their weapons and badges._ Jun 17 22:11:34 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *The zebra lady doesn't really have any business with security, at least, not at the moment. To the center of town.* Jun 17 22:17:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You travel 7 rooms to the center of Semitas. You see a vividly painted social square, with plenty of cloud-, sky-, and feather-themed paintings and wall engravings, all reinforcing the image and atmosphere of a quiet, peace-loving, Angelic town. As usual, the town map is at the center._ Jun 17 22:23:21 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Nice place..." Jude whispers to herself, honestly finding it a tiny bit gaudy... but hey, if that's what they wanted. Time to peek at that map.* Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> < Semitas - Town map > Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> Residential areas: 2 Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> Social square facilities: Bank, Hiring bureau, Bar (The Demigods' Ice Box), Restaurant (Angel Noodles), Takeout stand Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> Shop hub: Style shop, Delicatessen, Weapon shop Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> Special facility: Cardinal Shrine Jun 17 22:25:03 <Hebizuka> Other facilities: Hospital, Town Generator Jun 17 22:27:46 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Well, first things first, gotta offload some junk. Jude figures the best place to get rid of most of it will be the weapon shop, and heads there.* Jun 17 22:33:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _9 rooms to the weapon shop. The inhabitants are only starting to come and go about with their business in this morning. Once at the weapon shop, you see the usual fare of display (fake) weapons, many posters advertising the products for sale, and the shop owner, with a battle rifle as his personal weapon, waiting for customers._ Jun 17 22:36:11 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *No use standing around and looking. Counter's open, so she approaches without a second thought, offering a little wave. "Hey there, friend."* Jun 17 22:41:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Hey, good morning, what can I do for ya? Jun 17 22:41:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He seems quite friendly._ Jun 17 22:44:24 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Well, I'm just coming in from Arnett, and man, have I got a bunch of stuff here. I was wondering if you'd like to buy some of it, and then I wanna look at what you've got for sale. What all will you accept?"* Jun 17 22:45:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** All weapons, ammunition, accessories, magazines, and related items for these weapons... As well as valuables, and cash, of course. Jun 17 22:47:30 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Valuables? So if I wanted to let go of, say... a pair of NVGs or some shoes or something, would that be alright or is there a better place for it?"* Jun 17 22:48:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Oh, no, by valuables, I mean precious metals, gemstones, this sort of thing. NVGs... you might want to sell these to an engineering workshop. And shoes to a clothing store. Jun 17 22:50:19 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Okay, okay, I get you. Bartering is for squares. Well... do you mind if I just pull a bunch of stuff out for you to look at? I got a lot here."* Jun 17 22:51:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Please, go ahead! I'd be happy to name prices. Jun 17 22:54:50 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude drops her backpack off her shoulder, opens it up, and... okay, she takes a second to stretch, *then* she begins grabbing things and setting them up on the counter.* Jun 17 22:55:17 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> (( Should I just paste event lines, or? Jun 17 22:55:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( If you want, if that's easier for you. Jun 17 22:56:08 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> (( Just didn't know if you had a way you preferred! Jun 17 23:00:47 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Onto the shop counter goes: the box of cyanide tipped arrows, the 83.5mm HEDP rockets, the .380 ACP rounds, the Bad News ULR magazine, and the box of .30-30 Win. She also grabs the Nagant loading strip from her belt. "Lemme know how much you can give for all this. I figure some of it's... kinda crap, some's good."* Jun 17 23:06:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Just a moment, the time to estimate the value of everything._ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> < Weapon shop - Selling items > Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> 83.5mm HEDP rocket x1 - 50 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> .380 ACP, Personal Defense (+P) FMJ x9 - 8 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> Noreen Bad News ULR 10-round magazine x1 - 120 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> .338 Lapua Magnum, Standard AP x6 - 108 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> .30-30 Winchester, Standard JHP x5 - 26 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> Speed strip, 7.62 Nagant, x1 - 10 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> 7.62x38mm R Nagant, Standard FMJ x3 - 2 P$ Jun 17 23:09:40 <Hebizuka> Total value: 324 P$ Jun 17 23:13:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Confirming sales?_ Jun 17 23:14:18 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> (( Sorry about the delay. Jun 17 23:14:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Take your time Jun 17 23:14:50 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> (( Oh, I can't sell the arrows here? Jun 17 23:15:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Oh my bad Jun 17 23:15:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( I missed them Jun 17 23:15:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Adding the following: Jun 17 23:16:07 <Hebizuka> Bow arrows, cyanide tipped x14 - 420 P$ Jun 17 23:16:07 <Hebizuka> Total value: 744 P$ Jun 17 23:17:25 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude purses her lips, hums, tilts her head... and, realising she has no concept of how much money in the Mazes is actually worth, she shrugs. "Yeah, that'll work. I might have ooone other thing I can give you, but I'll look at your stuff first."* Jun 17 23:17:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Selling items..._ Jun 17 23:17:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Feel free to remove them on your end of the inventory Jun 17 23:18:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Money] 744 P$ Jun 17 23:18:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The shop is holding onto the sales money until you're done shopping, so as to not burden your inventory._ Jun 17 23:18:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Now generating shop inventory._ Jun 17 23:29:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** What do you wanna look at? New weapons, used weapons, ammo, magazines, accessories, handloading equipment? Jun 17 23:31:57 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Hmm... probably best if I check out your used weapons for now."* Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> < Weapon shop - Used weapons > Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Excellent condition - 10% off) Handgear - Sap gloves - 270 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Poor condition - 72% off) Combat rifle - Armalite AR-18 (5.56x45mm NATO) - 224 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Worn out - 61% off) Submachine gun - CZ Sa vz. 26 (7.62x25mm Tokarev) - 234 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Poor condition - 67% off) Combat rifle - Kalashnikov AKMS (7.62x39mm) - 380 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Good condition - 26% off) Class 5 Long - Light bullwhip - 137 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Bad condition, battlefield pickup - 87% off) Precision rifle - Parker-Hale M82 (7.62x51mm NATO) - 150 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Used once, dropped once - 5% off) Submachine gun - H&K UMP-45 (.45 ACP) - 855 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Graveyard pickup - 95% off) Conventional rifle - Springfield M1 Garand (.30-06 Springfield) - 38 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Possibly used in a crime - 42% off) Class 5 Short - Pen - 3 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Worn out - 60% off) Combat rifle - Kalashnikov AKM (7.62x39mm) - 460 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Good condition - 27% off) Submachine gun - PP-91 Kedr (9x18mm Makarov) - 365 P$ Jun 17 23:36:58 <Hebizuka> (Poor condition - 75% off) Machine gun - H&K HK21 (7.62x51mm NATO) - 513 P$ Jun 17 23:38:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Lemme know if you see anything you like. This is all stuff I get from other clients. Jun 17 23:44:18 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude awkwardly shakes her head. "Eh... not so sure if any of this is really what I'm looking for. A little too dinged. But with that in mind, I got something else I could get rid of." She takes out the box of .500 S&W Magnum from her bag. "How much for these?"* Jun 17 23:59:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** ...Oh my. Jun 18 00:01:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** That is a LOT of .500 Magnum... Jun 18 00:01:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I can buy all that for 735 P$. Adding the other things you sold me, that would be 1479 P$ total for you. Jun 18 00:03:35 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Oh yeah, definitely going for that. I could use the cash. And let's take a look at your new weapons."* Jun 18 00:04:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have sold 105 rounds of .500 Magnum JSP for 735 P$. The shop now has 1479 P$ on hold for you._ Jun 18 00:04:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 18.11 /30 Jun 18 00:06:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Here's the brand new, 100% mint hardware I have: Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> < Weapon shop - New weapons for sale > Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Pistol - Excel Arms Accelerator MP-5.7 (5.7x28mm) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Revolver - Ruger Super Redhawk (.454 Casull) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Conventional rifle - Marlin Model 1895 (.45-70 Government) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - KAC M110 SASS (7.62x51mm NATO) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Pistol - SIG Sauer P239 (.40 S&W) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - SERO Gepard GM6 Lynx (12.7x108mm) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Revolver - Ruger LCR CT (.357 Magnum) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Conventional rifle - Colt AR-15A2 R6550 (5.56x45mm NATO) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Class 5 Short - Kunai Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - BMS Milcam HB (5.56x45mm NATO) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Machine gun - CETME Ameli (5.56x45mm NATO) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Combat rifle - CZ Sa vz. 58V (7.62x39mm) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Submachine gun - PP-91 Kedr (9x18mm Makarov) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Pistol - FN FNP-45 (.45 ACP) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Combat rifle - Kalashnikov AK-101 (5.56x45mm NATO) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Revolver - S&W Model 610 (10mm Auto) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Combat rifle - ZiD Fedorov Avtomat (6.5x50mmSR Arisaka) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Class 5 Short - Taser X26c Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Revolver - Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan (.454 Casull) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - Noreen Bad News ULR (.338 Lapua Magnum) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Revolver - Colt M1917 (.45 ACP) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Pistol - Walther P38 (9x19mm Parabellum) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Pistol - Wildey Hunter (.475 Wildey Magnum) Jun 18 00:06:24 <Hebizuka> Class 5 Long - Nailgun Jun 18 00:14:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Feel free to ask for prices! Jun 18 00:22:04 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude blinks a few times as she looks over the... relatively huge selection. Her eyes slowly settle on the FNP-45, though, and she raises a finger to point. "I could use an upgrade from a .38. How much for this baby?"* Jun 18 00:23:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** 550 P$ for this one. Great handgun, if I may say so myself. It'll go through hell and beyond. Jun 18 00:29:13 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Definitely sounds worth it. I'll take it, aaaand..." She pulls the Model 10 from its holster, making sure to follow the Four Rules like a non-plebeian as she brings it to the counter, before placing all its ammo from her chest rig next to it. "I'm trading in this stuff."* Jun 18 00:29:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The weapon shop owner greatly appreciates that you're deliberately showing safety._ Jun 18 00:31:44 <Hebizuka> < Selling items > Jun 18 00:31:44 <Hebizuka> S&W Model 10 (100% condition) - 150 P$ Jun 18 00:31:44 <Hebizuka> .38 Special, Standard FMJ x70 - 35 P$ Jun 18 00:31:44 <Hebizuka> Speedloader, .357/.38, 6-round x3 - 90 P$ Jun 18 00:31:44 <Hebizuka> Total: 275 P$ Jun 18 00:31:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Is this correct?_ Jun 18 00:32:07 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> Yes. Jun 18 00:33:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The shop now holds 1751 P$ for you._ Jun 18 00:33:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Main] 0.5 /2 Jun 18 00:36:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** So, with that FNP-45, I have... only one spare magazine for it (55 P$), but I have a fair amount of .45 ACP ammunition, and... I have an Inforce APL weaponlight and a .45 pistol suppressor. You won't be able to fit the suppressor right away, but all you'll have to do is visit an engineering workshop to get a threaded barrel fitted. It's not an expensive job. Jun 18 00:36:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Lemme know what you want to take a look at. Jun 18 00:46:15 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Well, I'm definitely gonna want an extra mag if I'm going to be carrying this, and a flashlight might be a good idea... yeah, I'll take both of those. Getting some ammo is a no-brainer. How's the deal on that?"* Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> .45 ACP - 10 boxes (Each box is 50 rounds) Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Standard line (SP) Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Standard FMJ x2 - 100 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Standard Match x2 - 1000 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Standard Lead - 50 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Standard AP x1 - 300 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Personal Defense line (+P) Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Personal Defense FMJ - 110 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Personal Defense SEG - 165 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Super line (+P+) Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Super JHP - 360 P$ Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Milsurp line (Surp) Jun 18 00:50:39 <Hebizuka> Milsurp LSWC - 21 P$ Jun 18 00:51:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Okay, so one extra magazine, the APL weaponlight (which comes with a full battery, we're not savages after all.)... I'll let you choose your ammo. Jun 18 01:01:41 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude grins like a kid in a candy store. Damn, that's a lot of ammo. "Hmm... just a couple boxes of standard FMJ will be good. I don't think I'll be relying a huge amount on a sidearm."* Jun 18 01:02:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Alright. Want that silencer, by the way? Or is it all good? Jun 18 01:03:48 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *The halfling taps her foot a little as she mulls the idea over. "Well, it'll need work, but... yeah, might end up worth the investment."* Jun 18 01:06:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Will that be all? Jun 18 01:09:54 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Actually, hmm... that CZ rifle, how much for it?"* Jun 18 01:12:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** The Vz. 58V? 950 P$. Jun 18 01:21:23 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *The SKS comes off of Jude's shoulder, and she unloads it before laying it on the counter. "And I guess I might as well offer you this, while I'm at it."* Jun 18 01:22:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Oh, getting straight upgrades, huh? Shame, I always loved that SKS, but I can't blame you for wanting better. Jun 18 01:22:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You re-acquire 10 rounds of 7.62x39mm Standard FMJ, which are added to Vest/Main. You now carry 35 such rounds._ Jun 18 01:23:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Main] 0.7 /2 Jun 18 01:23:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I'll buy that SKS back for 325 P$, is this okay? Jun 18 01:24:31 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"That works for me. My only regret is not getting to use the bayonet at least once, heh."* Jun 18 01:25:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I hear you! Jun 18 01:26:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The shop now holds 2076 P$ for you._ Jun 18 01:29:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Lemme check what kind of accessories and ammo I got for the Vz... Jun 18 01:34:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Ironically, I have 5 spare magazines for the Vz 58, each 95 P$, but only one box of 7.62x39mm left, 20 rounds of Standard FMJ for 70 P$. Jun 18 01:34:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Oh! You're in luck! I have a Vz. 58 bayonet, too! Jun 18 01:35:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** That one is 300 P$. Jun 18 01:38:44 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Jude crosses her arms and clears her throat a little bit. "Well, I'll take two of those mags for sure, and I'll want the ammo as well. A lot pricier than the .45, huh?" She slowly grins. "I'd like the blade too, if I can afford it after all that."* Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> < Buying items > Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> FN FNP-45 - 550 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> FNP-45 15-round magazine - 55 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Weaponlight - Inforce APL - 150 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Silencer, pistol, .45 - 250 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> .45 ACP, Standard FMJ, x100 - 200 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> CZ Vz. 58V - 950 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Vz. 58 30-round magazine, x2 - 190 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> 7.62x39mm, Standard FMJ, x20 - 70 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Bayonet, Vz. 58 - 300 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Total: 2715 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Cash from sales: 2076 P$ Jun 18 01:41:07 <Hebizuka> Total due to shop: 639 P$ Jun 18 01:44:56 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *Well, that certainly can't do. She doesn't have anything else on her person either, so... "Ah, jeez. Alright, I can do without the light and the suppressor, and I guess the bayonet as well. I'll just run the guns naked. Might've gotten a bit ahead of myself there, hah... call me an impulse buyer."* Jun 18 01:46:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** It's quite alright, I understand the buying fever, can't have just one gun! Lemme adjust... Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> < Buying items > Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> FN FNP-45 - 550 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> FNP-45 15-round magazine - 55 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> .45 ACP, Standard FMJ, x100 - 200 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> CZ Vz. 58V - 950 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> Vz. 58 30-round magazine, x2 - 190 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> 7.62x39mm, Standard FMJ, x20 - 70 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> Total: 2015 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> Cash from sales: 2076 P$ Jun 18 01:46:33 <Hebizuka> Total due to customer: 61 P$ Jun 18 01:47:53 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Theeere we go. Yeah, we can finalise all that."* Jun 18 01:50:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Alright, so here, first, there's your cash... Jun 18 01:50:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Money] 61 P$ Jun 18 01:51:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Money pouch] 61 P$ /2000 Jun 18 01:51:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I'll be right back, the time to get your purchases. Jun 18 01:51:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The weapon shop owner disappears into the storage room, which seems to be fingerprint locked. He goes to retrieve your purchases..._ Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 3 - R1/Common - FN Herstal FNP-45 pistol | .45 ACP - Semi-auto - 4.5" - N | LRail-S[n/a] | FNP-45 15-round mag, +1 | Weight: 3 - [0+0/15, Empty] - (Condition: Brand new / Cleanliness: Lubricated) Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: FN FNP-45 15-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight 0.5+0.00 (0.5) - [0/15, Empty] Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of .45 ACP, Standard FMJ, 50 rounds - [50/50] - Weight: 1 (0.02 per round) Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of .45 ACP, Standard FMJ, 50 rounds - [50/50] - Weight: 1 (0.02 per round) Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - R2/Regular - CZ Sa vz. 58V combat rifle | 7.62x39mm - Semi/Full - 15.4" - FS | AutoROF: 7 | No accessory | Vz. 58 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 14 - [0+0/30, Empty] - (Condition: Brand new / Cleanliness: Lubricated) Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Sa Vz. 58 30-round magazine. Size tier: Large ; Weight: 1.2+0.00 (1.2) - [0/30, Empty] Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Sa Vz. 58 30-round magazine. Size tier: Large ; Weight: 1.2+0.00 (1.2) - [0/30, Empty] Jun 18 01:54:47 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 7.62x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.4 (0.02 per round) Jun 18 01:56:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** There's your stuff! More than happy to be doing business with you! Jun 18 01:57:58 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> (( Gonna have to just put this stuff in my inventory and then end it for tonight. I'm starving for dinner. Jun 18 01:58:40 <HashiBot> <Sabian Spryleaf> *"Oh yeah, same to you, man. You got a pretty cozy little shop going here. Have a good one."* Jun 18 01:58:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Hang on, I can put that in for you if you want. Jun 18 02:01:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have equipped the Vz 58V in Primary 1 and the FNP-45 in Holster 1._ Jun 18 02:02:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The Vz. 58 mags have been placed in Vest / Mags._ Jun 18 02:03:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The FNP-45 mag has been placed in Belt / Ammo 1._ Jun 18 02:04:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The 20 rounds of 7.62x39mm Standard FMJ you just purchased were added to Vest / Main. You now carry 55 such rounds._ Jun 18 02:05:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _45 rounds of .45 ACP, Standard FMJ have been placed in Vest / Main._ Jun 18 02:05:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Main] 2 /2 Jun 18 02:05:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _55 rounds of .45 ACP, Standard FMJ have been placed in Backpack / Main._ Jun 18 02:06:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 19.21 /30 Jun 18 02:06:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _All shopping is now done!_ Jun 18 02:07:14 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]