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Jun 21 19:15:00 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] Jun 21 19:15:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Welcome back to the Mazes, Reina Miyako-Knight. You are currently in Elkins, in the hospital, specifically in the medic room, right after having gotten partial medical treatment. You're suffering from low blood pressure, but you have no bleeding wounds or any outstanding physical issues - you will heal over time if you keep yourself un-punctured._ Jun 21 19:15:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Quest M03 is your only active quest, and Objective 3 is the active objective._ Jun 21 19:16:30 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Okay, so, first things first - yo, nurse, want to buy some smokes?" Jun 21 19:16:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** I'm the medic. The nurse at the meds shop is next room. Jun 21 19:17:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** You might just have kept us in business for a few more days, though, so - as morbid as it may be, thank you for coming here for medical treatment. Jun 21 19:17:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'm trying to shout loud enough for the nurse to hear me." Jun 21 19:17:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** _<From the room to the south, annoyedly>_ Come over there then! Jun 21 19:17:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> "LOVE YOU TOO TOOTS." Jun 21 19:18:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> Alright, /now/ I'll head on over. Jun 21 19:18:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One room later..._ Jun 21 19:18:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** So, you got what for me? Jun 21 19:18:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Smokes. That's - that's pretty much it." Jun 21 19:19:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** How many? Jun 21 19:19:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Just the four. Don't want to open the other MRE until I have to." Jun 21 19:20:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** _<Rolling her eyes.>_ What-ever. 20 P$. Sound good? Jun 21 19:20:54 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Take 'em away, Nurse. And can I see your wares?" Jun 21 19:21:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I would like to, you know, not nearly bleed out the next time I get bit." Jun 21 19:21:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I already bleed out between my legs every month." Jun 21 19:22:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> "But hey, maybe the medic over there can help with that, eh? EH." Jun 21 19:22:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Money] 20 P$ Jun 21 19:22:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Money pouch: 222 P$ /2000_ Jun 21 19:23:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 25 /60 Jun 21 19:23:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop nurse]** Yeah, sure, whatever. Gimme a sec. Jun 21 19:24:59 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Man, you're no fun at all." Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> < Elkins - Hospital meds shop > Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> First aid kit - 400 P$ (Quantity: 1) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> - Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Morphine - 500 P$ (Quantity: 1) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Cannabis joint - 15 P$ (Quantity: 6) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Cocaine - 450 P$ (Quantity: 10) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Steroids (anabolic) - 300 P$ (Quantity: 2) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Hydroxocobalamin (HXCB) - 600 P$ (Quantity: 2) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Individual bandage - 25 P$ (Quantity: 4) Jun 21 19:26:14 <Hebizuka> Nitrous oxide inhaler - 250 P$ (Quantity: 5) Jun 21 19:27:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Well, that's four bandages I want right the hell now." Jun 21 19:28:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Pay 100 P$ for all four IBs?_ Jun 21 19:29:14 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 21 19:30:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have 122 P$ remaining in the money pouch. The annoyed nurse, who looks at you with the same disdain as a hipster coffee shop barista, slaps down the four bandages on the counter and takes your money as though they were covered in snot._ Jun 21 19:30:07 <Hebizuka> [Meds] Individual Bandage (IB) - Cures 1 wound. - Weight: 0.1 - (Quantity: 4) Jun 21 19:30:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> "If it helps, that's the money that /wasn't/ stuffed between my tits." Jun 21 19:31:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You know how it is - well, no. You clearly don't." Jun 21 19:31:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop nurse]** Ew. Freak. Jun 21 19:31:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Because you don't have tits." Jun 21 19:31:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That's the joke." Jun 21 19:31:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> AND NOW I LEAVE NEVER TO RETURN Jun 21 19:31:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop nurse]** Hey, fuck you, I'm not the one with giant melons that break my back! Jun 21 19:31:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop nurse]** Whore! Jun 21 19:31:44 <HashiBot> <Reina> "THAT'S THE BEST PART, I'M SO BUFF I CAN HANDLE THEM." Jun 21 19:31:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> "AND PROUD OF IT BABY." Jun 21 19:32:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Her face turns red, and she gets VERY huffy._ Jun 21 19:32:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop nurse]** Oooh, when I get home tonight and talk about this on the BBS... Jun 21 19:32:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She rambles some more, but it's inaudible._ Jun 21 19:33:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Where are you leaving towards?_ Jun 21 19:34:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> Ah, I recall there being a clothes shop somewhere. Maybe I can buy something sexy for Octa to wear. Jun 21 19:34:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> And sell my ruined rags. Jun 21 19:35:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You travel 14 rooms, out of the hospital, across the social square, and towards the shop hub and into the clothing store, while noting that it's surprising how a dying town still has 3 shops open. Besides the clothing store, there is also a gun shop and an engineering workshop._ Jun 21 19:37:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A little bit of walking is what you needed to feel a little better already. You are aready starting to recover from the blood loss, and no longer sustain the effects of low blood pressure._ [Blood: 9.7 /18] Jun 21 19:38:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have regained your normal Strength and FT._ [Strength: 140%] [FT: 6] Jun 21 19:39:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're greeted by a young, naive-looking male human, who seems overly excited to see you enter._ Jun 21 19:39:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Hi, welcome to our little clothing store! How can I help you today? Jun 21 19:39:44 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Ooooh, hey there, cutie pie. I was hoping to offload some stuff I found for you handsome humanfolk." Jun 21 19:40:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Ohh, you're a youkai! I almost missed it, until your tail came into view... I mean, if you don't mind me looking. What were you looking to sell? Jun 21 19:42:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina's all smiles as she leans over the counter, causing her massive bosom to squish against it and exposing her deep cleavage. "Well... how about myself, first of all? You interested~?" Jun 21 19:44:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Uh, um... Jun 21 19:44:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've startled the clothing store owner out of his wits. He doesn't look much older than 20 years old, and there comes in a tanuki with a massive pair of tits. He's clearly conflicted on what exactly you want._ Jun 21 19:45:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** _<Muttering to himself>_ They're bigger than the girls at Garica... Jun 21 19:47:28 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That's right I am. And you're not so bad looking yourself." Reina reaches out slowly, just enough for him to scoot out of the way if he doesn't want her to graze his jaw. "I've been traveling in the UA for a while, and I could use a bit of stress relief. I /do/ have a few pieces of human clothing on me too, but I'm far more interested in you. What do you say?" Jun 21 19:48:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Uh, I don't know if that's a good idea, but... it's not like there's any town security left... I don't even know if we have laws anymore. Jun 21 19:49:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Roll me a 2d6+2. Success on 7 or higher. Jun 21 19:49:50 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 19:49:50 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6+2 Jun 21 19:49:50 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 12:10+2 Jun 21 19:50:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Critical success. The clothing store owner is completely mesmerized by the mere promise of boobs. He's all ears on what you want._ Jun 21 19:52:08 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Think you can lock the door? Trust me handsome, it's a lot more fun if we have **privacy.**" Reina starts off by slipping her backpack off her shoulders, jetting her breasts jiggle in the process. Jun 21 19:52:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Wait, wait wait wait... Right here? Jun 21 19:52:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Um... Hang on. Jun 21 19:53:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Do you have somewhere comfier, handsome? I don't mind a bit of a trip - but it'll cost juuuust a little extra if you want to bring me home." Jun 21 19:53:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He skitters to the door, checking if there's anyone outside in the shop hub streets. At 9:45 in the morning and in a town as sparsely populated as Elkins, there isn't anyone. Still, it doesn't seem like he is reassured._ Jun 21 19:54:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Okay... I shouldn't do this, but, frick. Come in with me in the storage room, there's -no way- anyone will be able to get in. _<He raises a hand.>_ Fingerprint lock, you know?... Jun 21 19:55:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh, honey, you know how to charm a gal." She walks right up next to him as she leads him to the back, making sure his free hand is placed right on top of her plump, whorish ass. "And I never did get a name, you smooth operator you. I'm Reina, and I'll be *loving* you today." Jun 21 19:56:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Maurice, though everyone calls me "Mo"... And, wait, wait, before anything... Is this gonna cost me? I mean... Jun 21 19:57:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _If you say yes, this is going to be a Negotiation check._ Jun 21 19:58:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hmmmmm... well, I do like the cut of your jib. Most guys always just think with their dick, but guys who use their brain really get me going, Maurice." Jun 21 19:59:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'll give you a nice, long suck on the house, and then see how you feel before we go further? It's always good to check the merchandise first, and you'll love how my tits feel around your raging hard cock." Jun 21 20:00:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I haven't drank anything in a while, after all~" Jun 21 20:00:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You wonder if his face could be any redder right now._ Jun 21 20:01:27 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I even have some whiskey on me. You, me, a drink - our very own special Champagne Room. Right in the middle of work." Jun 21 20:02:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Okay, but... how about this... You promise we, um... _<Reduced voice>_ ... do it... _<Back to a normal-ish tone>_, but in exchange... name your price. Jun 21 20:03:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Name a price, then I'll offer my check. The more you want the harder it'll be._ Jun 21 20:05:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> _fakes a rich, throaty moan, reaching out to squeeze Maurice's crotch and give him a nice thick feel. "Handsome, now you're speaking my language. Let's say... a nice, even 1500, and I'm your woman until I drain your balls dry of cum. And trust me, I'm a Tanuki - we're the best at milking balls."_ Jun 21 20:06:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Okay... In normal circumstances he would've gone straight to 'lol, no'. But considering you passed a (relatively easy) charming check), I'm just going to offer a hard difficulty check._ Jun 21 20:06:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And if that's too much, I'm always willing to renegotiate - and toss in discounts for a skilled cock." Jun 21 20:07:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Okay, here's the deal. Negotiation check. Roll a 2d6. Success on 9 or more - you get your 1500 P$, 4 Skill Points in Negotiation and a round of sex (with appropriate effects) if you succeed. Failure means he asks for less money (new check). Critical failure and he grows a spine and sends you out of here. Sound fair?_ Jun 21 20:10:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> Sounds good. Jun 21 20:10:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> Roll now? Jun 21 20:10:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _If you accept those terms, roll now._ Jun 21 20:11:23 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 20:11:24 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Jun 21 20:11:24 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Jun 21 20:11:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** 1500?! That's... That's way too much, could you please make it less expensive? I don't have THAT much money in my store... It's a small town, and nobody ever comes by... Jun 21 20:14:18 <HashiBot> <Reina> _smiles, gently kissing the poor fool on the cheek before whispering into his ear. When she speaks, hot puffs of air blow gently across his skin, and the bare tip of her tongue teases his lobe. "Good boy, Maurice. Glad to see you're thinking with your brain. Let's see... how's half that, then? 750."_ Jun 21 20:15:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Negotiation check. Roll a 2d6, success on 8 or more this time, since it's still an exceptional-circumstances difficult situation. However if you succeed you're only getting 2 SP, and if you fail, he's going to refuse straight up (although he might offer something else)._ Jun 21 20:16:11 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 20:16:11 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Jun 21 20:16:11 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Jun 21 20:16:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Clerk]** Okay then... Follow me, please. I can't believe I'm agreeing to this... Jun 21 20:17:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The store owner unlocks the access to the storage room. You may walk in and get your fade to black sexytimes, and your rewards afterwards._ Jun 21 20:18:18 <HashiBot> <Reina> Walking in~ Jun 21 20:21:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay, roll me a 2d15+5 please. Jun 21 20:22:20 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 20:22:21 <HashiBot> @roll 2d15+5 Jun 21 20:22:21 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 33:28+5 Jun 21 20:22:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jun 21 20:23:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _33 turns pass, during which you spend 2 hours and 45 minutes laying down and doing all sorts of positions with that clothing shop owner, who has WAY more endurance than his small frame initially let on. Beware the shy ones, like they say..._ Jun 21 20:23:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _During those 33 turns, the following also occurred:_ Jun 21 20:24:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> The time is now 12:30 PM. Jun 21 20:24:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Blood: 13.0 /18] Jun 21 20:25:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You're growing significantly tired. [Fatigue: 50.8%] Jun 21 20:25:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> This happy event has been quite the stress relief. [Stress: 0.5%] Jun 21 20:26:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> > You're no longer under the effects of combat readiness. Jun 21 20:26:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Stress Tolerance is disabled. Agility drops down to normal. IS Tier returns to normal. No longer under accelerated fatigue._ Jun 21 20:29:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> > You're now under the effects of Tired, which are as follows: Jun 21 20:30:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> > Agility -1, Mild accelerated hunger (natural hunger +4 ntri/turn, for a current total of 5), Mild accelerated thirst (natural thirst +2 wtr/turn, for a current total of 3) Jun 21 20:37:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're now sitting on the floor of the Elkins clothing store storage room, alongside a heaving, exhausted, but time-of-his-life satisfied store owner. You're tired, as well, and you feel as though the time you spent there took a significant bite out of your personal reserves of energy - although not because of the sexytimes._ Jun 21 20:37:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Maurice stands back up, hardly bothering to get dressed again, and reaches into the container where all of the store money is kept. Out of which comes 750 P$, at your attention._ Jun 21 20:38:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Money] 750 P$ Jun 21 20:38:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've also gained 2 Skill Points in Negotiation._ Jun 21 20:39:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Total in money pouch: 872 P$_ Jun 21 20:40:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> _is still moaning and writhing as she shudders on the floor, practically basting in a puddle of her own slutty juices. Her entire body, from her silky white hair, to her soft and petite face, to her massive, heaving breasts and her toned legs, are smeared and covered with sperm, marking her in the young store-owner's scent. Whenever Reina so much as twitches, more hot, virile cum spills out from her gaping pussy lips, while the rest Jun 21 20:40:47 <HashiBot> sits in her fertile womb, eager to fill her with child._ Jun 21 20:41:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh... oh my gods, Maurice... I think I'm in love." Jun 21 20:41:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** I was ... about to say that. Jun 21 20:42:58 <HashiBot> <Reina> _staggers up to her knees, but, for now, is too tired to move any further. Her breasts are now obviously sagging, emphasizing their sheer doughy weight as Reina looks up at the young man. As she breathes, her ruby lips smeared white with seed, the excess jizz drips off her hardened nipples and onto her thick thighs._ Jun 21 20:43:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Don't... don't suppose you have a phone number? I'd love to see you again - and I give discounts for returning customers." Jun 21 20:43:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> Now that he's undressed and standing what /does/ Maurice look like? Jun 21 20:43:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** Well, it's as they said in the kid pen, I'm a man now... Jun 21 20:45:27 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh, you **are.** You've just guaranteed I'm coming back to Elkins, Maurice." Jun 21 20:46:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Maurice - full name Maurice Green - is a 20 year old, human, Asian-looking male. He is short, slender, with short dark brown hair in a pixie cut, has a pair of green eyes, wears no accessory nor has any special marks, and up until today, was a virgin._ Jun 21 20:49:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** A phone number?... Yeah, sure. 00-003-96DD. I left my phone at home though, but after I'm done today I'll make sure to keep an eye on it. I think I'm going to quit this job soon anyway... You were my first client in three whole days, can you believe that? ... ah, and what the hell, I'm the one paying you... ahah. Jun 21 20:50:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Maurice Green is now a **contact!** His number will only be call-able at 5 PM today, however he should be callable at any point afterwards._ Jun 21 20:52:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> It takes a while, but Reina is able to eventually get up, absentmindedly licking the cum off her lips and breasts like the whore she is. "You've made a tired girl really happy today, Maurice. Thank you. And, ah - I actually did have human clothes to sell you." Jun 21 20:52:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I mean, I was jealous at first, but I think it's better this way. I wear human seed a **lot** better than human fabric, eh?" Jun 21 20:53:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** Haah... You haven't had enough of my money yet? Sure, I mean, I'm still a shop owner for a few hours, go ahead... While we're still in there. Jun 21 20:53:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> _moves to get out her ruined T-shirt, the pimp shoes, and the cop hat out of her backpack. "I think this transaction, at least, can be entirely above-board?"_ Jun 21 20:53:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The way he says it is more cute than mocking._ Jun 21 20:53:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Though I don't mind going under-desk when I see you again." Jun 21 20:54:08 <HashiBot> <Reina> _just laughs as she hands him the clothes. "I'd kiss you for that, but I'm not sure if you want a taste of your maleness."_ Jun 21 20:54:18 <HashiBot> <Reina> "It *does* taste good, though." Jun 21 20:54:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** _<Awkward giggling>_ If you say so. Lemme take a look. Jun 21 20:55:41 <Hebizuka> < Selling items > Jun 21 20:55:41 <Hebizuka> Camouflaged T-shirt (blue camo) - 30 P$ Jun 21 20:55:41 <Hebizuka> Pimp zebra shoes - 18 P$ Jun 21 20:55:41 <Hebizuka> Cop hat - 45 P$ Jun 21 20:55:41 <Hebizuka> TOTAL: 93 P$ due to customer Jun 21 20:56:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Confirm sale?_ Jun 21 20:57:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup~ Jun 21 20:57:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Maurice hands you 93 P$ more from the container with the money inside._ Jun 21 20:58:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You now carry a total of 965 P$._ Jun 21 20:58:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 14 /60 Jun 21 20:59:04 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Mmmm, god, I can still feel you dripping out of me, Maurice. I should probably get going. I'll see you around, handsome?" Jun 21 20:59:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** Will you call me this evening? I'm free from 5 PM onwards... I'd be happy even just to hear you again, even if you don't drop by this horrible town again... Frankly wouldn't blame you. Jun 21 21:00:36 <HashiBot> <Reina> "God, you're so cute. I /was/ gonna get going... but, hey, the Engineer shop here sells phones sometimes, right?" Jun 21 21:00:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** Huh, yeah, I think they do, as well as batteries. Did you lose yours? Jun 21 21:00:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I think you've earned me spending a little cash on you." Jun 21 21:00:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** _<Blush.>_ Jun 21 21:01:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yeah, I did. You know how it goes. And, well. A girl like me doesn't get treated to well by the guys at Garcia." Jun 21 21:01:48 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Whenever you save up, go over there and try one of their girls out. Let me know if I've ruined you for other women, okay~?" Jun 21 21:01:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'll make sure to take responsibility." Jun 21 21:02:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Maurice]** You mean Garica? I dunno, the girls there seemed happy to work there... But then again I don't really know. I didn't want to spend money on them last time I went, but now maybe I will. But, uh... We'll meet again, right? Right?... Jun 21 21:03:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'll do my best. You're definitely my favorite so far." Jun 21 21:03:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Kiss me before I go? Cum on my lips and all? It'd mean a lot to me." Jun 21 21:03:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He leans in, hesitantly, but happily kisses you once more._ Jun 21 21:04:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> _moans into the kiss, and when she pulls away, there's a thick, lewd trail of saliva and semen connecting their lips._ Jun 21 21:04:36 <HashiBot> <Reina> "There we go, Maurice. See you later." Jun 21 21:05:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll be grabbing my stuff and heading over to the Engineer shop without once showering at all. Jun 21 21:05:07 <HashiBot> <Reina> Unless Maurice has any parting words~? Jun 21 21:05:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He doesn't. He quietly opens the door for you - since it's FL/HS locked - and starts dressing back up, while still inside._ Jun 21 21:06:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> Ah, well. To the Engineer Shop~ Jun 21 21:07:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Five rooms later, you end up in the Elkins engineering workshop, being manned by an even YOUNGER-looking person - a female cat halfling who looks like she's barely 17 years old._ Jun 21 21:08:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engineer]** Oh, wow, someone actually showed up! Hi, welcome to the Elkins -- Uh, to Elkins's ... Welcome to my workshop! Eheh... Jun 21 21:09:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> Despite being only half-cleaned of jizz, and sore all over, Reina's eyes light up as she sees the gorgeous catgirl. "Hey there, kitty cat. Am I your first customer?" Jun 21 21:10:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Yeah, actually! I started working here three days ago, but it's so dead in here... My shop inventory is the same it was. Is it always this difficult to make a sale? Or is it just that hard around here? Jun 21 21:10:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She squints her eyes, as if trying to discern a small detail._ Jun 21 21:10:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** You have a little... sauce, on your cheek. Jun 21 21:11:06 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I know~. Want to try it?" Jun 21 21:11:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I just had this /amazing/ lunch, but the chef's gonna be moving out soon. The cream he whips up is just the best." Jun 21 21:11:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** _<Completely oblivious>_ Nah, thanks. I just ate. Had a hot-dog at the takeout stand already. So, what can I do for you? Jun 21 21:12:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Ah well. And, I'd like to buy a cell phone and a few batteries for it." Jun 21 21:12:35 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Lost my old one, you see." Jun 21 21:12:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Give me a minute to see if I have any in the inventory, okay? Jun 21 21:14:58 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Sure, cutie. What's your name?" Jun 21 21:15:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Nope, I'm sorry, I'm all out of phones. Here's what I do have: Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> < Elkins - Engineering workshop > Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Aerosol spray - 50 P$ (Quantity: 2) Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Long pistol slide - 400 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Long pistol frame - 300 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Camera - 400 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> WL2 (Weapon Light and Laser) battery - 100 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Box of carbon nanotube fiber sheets - 300 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Roll of duct tape (10 uses) - 25 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Memory card (256 MB) for camera - 100 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Electronic circuit - 100 P$ Jun 21 21:15:55 <Hebizuka> Box of 250 safety matches - 50 P$ (Quantity: 2) Jun 21 21:16:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** My name is Diana, ma'am. Jun 21 21:16:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Nice to meet you, Diana. And, well... I guess I'll buy the camera and the memory ard, then." Jun 21 21:17:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Okay. You know that the camera already comes with a free memory card loaded inside, right? Jun 21 21:17:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Welll... I like giving out pictures to my friends." Jun 21 21:18:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Fair enough! That will be 500 P$ for both items, then. Will that be all, ma'am? I have a range of other products and services for sale, too! Jun 21 21:18:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She's doing the eager sales spiel. It's obvious she's just started out._ Jun 21 21:18:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And, hey, I wanna do you a favor - after I buy the camera, it'll be a lot harder to sell the memory card. I was thinking maybe you could lop off, I dunno, 10 bucks from the memory card?" Jun 21 21:19:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _If you want to haggle, that's a Negotiation check as well. Do you want to do this?_ Jun 21 21:20:07 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 21 21:20:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _This is an easy haggle, which will bring you 1 Skill Point if successful. Roll 2d6, success on 7 or more._ Jun 21 21:20:31 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 21:20:32 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Jun 21 21:20:32 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Jun 21 21:20:37 <HashiBot> <Reina> Oh well, I tried. Jun 21 21:20:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Failure!_ Jun 21 21:21:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Sorry, ma'am, I haven't sold anything in three days, but I can't start making discounts... Otherwise I won't even have enough to resupply. Jun 21 21:21:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Well, that's alright. Alrighty, here you go, but only because you're cute." Jun 21 21:21:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll slap down 500 for the camera and the spare memory card. Jun 21 21:21:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She blushes, but smiles at the compliments._ Jun 21 21:21:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Um, thank you, ma'am! I, ah... I'll go get your purchases. Jun 21 21:22:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _465 P$ remaining in the money pouch._ Jun 21 21:22:15 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Don't worry, I'll just wait here for you." Jun 21 21:22:52 <Hebizuka> [Item] Camera. Capable of taking pictures in 1024x768 resolution, with stunning 32-bit color. Requires a memory card to save the photos. - Weight: 1 - [Memcard loaded - 0/110 photos] Jun 21 21:22:52 <Hebizuka> [Item] Memory card for cameras. With a total capacity of 256MB, it allows cameras to store up to 110 photos. - Weight: 0.1 - [0/110 photos] Jun 21 21:24:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Thank you. And, uh - would you like to take a few practice photos with me? Just so I know this is working?" Jun 21 21:24:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'd like to, well, get into modeling. And honestly, I think you could get into it too, if this shop thing doesn't work out. I hear a lot of people are planning to leave Elkins these days." Jun 21 21:25:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** What? Pictures of me? ... I mean, sure... But I'm really no model, I'm not very pretty, and, and... _<She stammers.>_ Jun 21 21:26:44 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Are you kidding me? Diana, girl, step out behind that counter and let me take a look at you." Jun 21 21:26:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> What /does/ Diana look like~/ Jun 21 21:26:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Fine, fine... Jun 21 21:27:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She steps from behind the shop counter, and stands there, hands on her hips, looking almost sassy if she wasn't such a worried teenager._ Jun 21 21:31:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _From there, you can fully see what she looks like - a late teens, female cat halfling with latino features. She is of average height and constitution, with a modest chest (you wouldn't say much bigger than B cups), long black hair that falls down to her back, a pair of hazel eyes, a brass pendant shaped like a wrench around her neck, and no distinguishable feature on her body - none that you can see, at least._ Jun 21 21:31:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** This is a bit embarrassing. Jun 21 21:32:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Her cat features - a pair of eyes and a tail, that is nervously swishing behind her back - are calico colored._ Jun 21 21:32:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'm sorry, but you look so cute. I bet you're beating off boys with a stick, right?" Jun 21 21:33:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Your hair is so gorgeous, and the way it frames your butt is just perfect." Jun 21 21:33:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** I don't really meet that many to begin with, and -- Hey! No! Don't talk about my butt! Jun 21 21:33:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Huffy and flustered, and (pretending to be) angry._ Jun 21 21:35:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> _plays along, putting her hands up in the ear and acting terribly embarrassed. "Oh no, I'm so sorry, Diana! It's just, your lower half is so cute and tight! What should I talk about instead?"_ Jun 21 21:36:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** _<Her ears droop, and now she feels bad for almost hissing at you.>_ No, no, wait, it's just... You're really not how I imagined my first customer would be, you know? I'm ... Maybe I'm taking it too seriously. Did you take any pictures yet? ... I uh, just want to know. Jun 21 21:36:45 <HashiBot> <Reina> Oh my god I'm in love. Jun 21 21:36:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** I mean... What? Jun 21 21:37:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Nothing! Nothing at all! I haven't actually taken any pictures yet, Diana. How about I take a few of you, you take a few of me, and then we do a few selfies?" Jun 21 21:38:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** _<Hesitant at first>_ Uh... I mean, it's not like I have anything better to do. Okay, sure! Jun 21 21:38:36 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And hey, Diana - it's your first job since leaving the kids' pen, right? It's good that you're taking things seriously - just remember that you're always able to move along if a better opportunity comes along." Jun 21 21:39:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** ...You're right. Yeah. I'm gonna do that. I got the skills. I can do whatever it takes. It's just... Now I feel swindled for accepting that spot. They told me I'd have the whole market for myself if I picked Elkins, but I get the feeling I got shafted, yknow? Think I might just do that, look for opportunities. Jun 21 21:40:58 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Great! Actually, I'm pretty close friends with the clothing shop owner, Maurice. He's thinking about leaving too - maybe you can meet up and see about traveling together?" Jun 21 21:41:12 <HashiBot> <Reina> "The UA's a pretty dangerous place, and there's always safety in numbers." Jun 21 21:42:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** What? But I just took this job and this spot! What a bummer it would be to leave now... Jun 21 21:43:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** With that said... Elkins DOES suck. Tell you what, uh. Depending on what happens in the future, I'll let you know, okay? You're my first customer, and you made me 500 P$, and besides, you seem like a well-traveled gal... Are you traveling often? Jun 21 21:44:37 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I travel all the time, actually. I'll be heading to Arnett right after I let Maurice know it might be a while before I can call him, and then after that I'll be going to Semitas. There's a friend who lives there, and asked me to do a favor for him." Jun 21 21:46:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Well, okay then. Hey, can you tell me something? Like... It's a bit of a strange question, and all, but... Is it true there is no town security here? I haven't really checked but I didn't see -anyone- at the entrance when I first moved, and I always thought, "Hey, that's super weird." Jun 21 21:46:59 <HashiBot> <Reina> "As far as I can tell? No. I talked to the Engineers by the generator, and they said there hasn't been any security in forever. That it's basically just them, and the shopkeepers." Jun 21 21:47:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Diana looks utterly shocked._ Jun 21 21:47:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Holy shit, this town suuuuuucks!... Jun 21 21:47:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Wow!... I mean, just, wow! Jun 21 21:47:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "It might be a good idea to leave before there's a raid. Anything's better than getting kidnapped and sold by Outlaws, right?" Jun 21 21:47:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She glances at her hip, where her weapon rests._ Jun 21 21:48:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** It's a good thing we got these, huh? Jun 21 21:48:39 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Sure is. But a pretty girl like you or me? It's always better to not be around when the shooting starts." Jun 21 21:48:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Trust me, I'm speaking from experience." Jun 21 21:49:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Well, I'll give this place a shot for a few more days, then I'll look elsewhere for work, or hell, just quit my job and become a contractor. Unless something else happens. It'd suck to be an engineer for all of three days, or just one week, but ... Damn, Marcus REALLY did fuck me over by telling me it was the best place to look out for work! I should've accepted that job in Ferland Sector instead! Jun 21 21:50:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** At least I wouldn't be worried about security over there, there's military guys all over the place in that area... _<Sigh>_ Jun 21 21:50:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Little does she know there isn't even a spot in Ferland Sector for engineers to work. Whoever was her handler when she was still a student was NOT looking out for her best interests._ Jun 21 21:51:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** _<Huffy>_ What a dick! I wish I could find his ass and claw it until it's bleeding! Jun 21 21:51:57 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hmmm - got a full name?" Jun 21 21:52:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Maybe I can pass on a message, eh~?" Jun 21 21:52:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Diana Molinaro. If you ever find a dude called Marcus Swain, tell him he's a pig, a Sw-ine, an asshole, and that he deserves to have his ass torn apart! Jun 21 21:53:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** But don't, like, actually beat him up or something... Jun 21 21:54:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I won't, I promise. And speaking of stress relief..." She shakes the camera. "Ready to take some photos? There's always a job for a good looking girl like us, Diana." Jun 21 21:54:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Engie]** Oh yeah, you wanted to test the camera out. Sure, let's do this! Jun 21 21:56:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll be taking ten pictures of her, in classic modelling poses. You know, going from light smiles and waves, to maybe arcing her back or bending lower - you know, the totally usual. Jun 21 21:56:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> And then she'll take ten pics of me, in the same fashion. Jun 21 21:57:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay, can you roll me a ... let's say a 1d4. Jun 21 21:57:54 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 21:57:54 <HashiBot> @roll 1d4 Jun 21 21:57:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Jun 21 21:58:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Clickety click click click. The two of you spend 4 turns - and 20 minutes - having fun with the camera, taking photos, selfies, and essentially starting what looks like the beginning of a friendship._ Jun 21 21:58:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your camera now has 20 pictures loaded - 12 of Diana, 4 of yourself, and 4 of both of you._ Jun 21 21:59:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hmmmm. One more of the two of us? Just so I have nice, round number." Jun 21 22:00:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Ah, all right, but just one more, okay? Jun 21 22:00:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And click._ Jun 21 22:01:30 <HashiBot> <Reina> And as the camera clicks, Reina tries to smooch Diana on camera. Jun 21 22:01:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Diana pushes you away at the last second._ Jun 21 22:02:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Hey! Take it easy, Camera Girl! Jun 21 22:02:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She's amused more than anything, though._ Jun 21 22:02:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hahaha, sorry, sorry! I, uh - I guess you don't qite bat for my team, huh?" Jun 21 22:02:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** What? Jun 21 22:03:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh, uhm... do you like girls? Like, you know. Romantically." Jun 21 22:03:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Uh... I kind of really never gave it a thought before. I've kind of spent all my child life working, and I finally have a job now, even if, well, it sucks, and the town sucks too. Jun 21 22:04:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Yknow how it is... Hardcore student, no time for boys or girls, and all that noise. Jun 21 22:04:59 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yeah, I understand. I wasn't, well - the most hardworking in the pen, and now here I am, travelling nonstop." Jun 21 22:05:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "But I enjoy myself. It's really fun, meeting new people and making friendships with whoever." Jun 21 22:06:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Oh, I mean, I wasn't judging you! It's just I hear you. You gotta hustle your next paycheck everyday. Here I was expecting it'd be an easy coast to 65, selling gear, doing gunsmithing and stuff, but there's nobody coming. I feel for you, yknow? Facing the possibility I'mma have to do what you do, and all... Traveling, contracting, and shit. Jun 21 22:06:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** What I'm trying to say is, I got a lotta respect. Jun 21 22:08:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hey, don't knock yourself short, Diana. Even if it's not perfect right now, you always got something stable to rely on. There's more in that brain of yours about tech and engineering than I'll ever know about anything. Seeing you already owning a store, being a full fledged engineer - that was impressive." Jun 21 22:08:25 <HashiBot> <Reina> "...it was why I tried to hit on you." Jun 21 22:08:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** _<Again that look of utter surprise.>_ ...You were hitting on me? Jun 21 22:08:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** ... ??? ??? Jun 21 22:10:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yuuuuup. Diana, I was ogling you non-stop. And I just really wanted to touch and kiss you every time we did a selfie together." Jun 21 22:10:01 <HashiBot> <Gear> Level up! @Reina is now **level 20**. Jun 21 22:10:13 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I hope you don't mind too much? Or at least, I hope you had fun." Jun 21 22:11:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She stares blankly at you for a full five seconds._ Jun 21 22:12:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Damn, just, damn. I had -no- idea anyone would take an interest in me like that. Jun 21 22:12:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** It's kind of weird. Jun 21 22:13:30 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Well. Now you know. And now that you know... May I have your number?" Jun 21 22:13:57 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'll be able to get a phone eventually, and I'd like to keep in contact. As friends, even if you don't like me /that/ way." Jun 21 22:14:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Hey, uh, let's take it easy, okay? I'm just starting my life out. Literally. I don't wanna do anything stupid right away, even though... I kind of already did a stupid thing by taking this spot, eheh... Jun 21 22:14:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh no no no, I totally get you. I didn't mean it like *that.* Just, well. When you travel a lot, it's easy to get lonely sometimes." Jun 21 22:15:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And it'd be good to have a friend." Jun 21 22:15:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** _<She scribbles her number on a piece of paper.>_ When you find yourself a phone, gimme a call, maybe we'll hang out sometime later. Or maybe I'll call you, tell you my life's in dire straits and I want a traveling partner, who knows! Sure seems like it's all going full-auto these days. Jun 21 22:15:45 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Diana I'd kiss you if you'd let me. You're the best." Jun 21 22:16:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _00-003-22A2_ Jun 21 22:17:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Diana Molinaro is now a **contact!**_ Jun 21 22:19:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Thanks, Diana. And even if you don't decide to leave right now, make sure to talk with Maurice, okay? Two heads are always better than one." Jun 21 22:20:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Maurice? The clothing store guy? Why, what's up with him? Jun 21 22:20:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh, didn't I tell you already? He's leaving soon too." Jun 21 22:20:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Daaaaamn. Jun 21 22:20:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Today felt like a hammer falling on a freaking double charge. Jun 21 22:20:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yeah, he and I got together and became friends, I told him a bit about my lifestyle, and he thought it might be a good idea to try me out." Jun 21 22:21:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Any more shocking news for me? Is there a bomb, JC? I mean, wow. Geez. Speaking of which... What -do- you do? You told me you travel a lot, I figure you're a contractor of some sort, but I never did ask you. Jun 21 22:22:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Well, I'm mostly a freelancer. But, uhm - promise not to laugh?" Jun 21 22:22:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Okay, I promise. Jun 21 22:23:19 <HashiBot> <Reina> "What **I** do isn't, necessarily, the most glamorous work. I enjoy myself, but I'd like to move onto hunting instead once I learn how to butcher. But, well... I'm a prostitute." Jun 21 22:23:44 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'm good at it, and it's fun, but, well - it's hard to make friends when you're someone like me." Jun 21 22:24:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Again, the stare of utter shock._ Jun 21 22:24:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> For once, Reina is totally subdued. She can't quite look Diana in the eye, and she's holding her hands behind her to hide how she's wringing her wrists. Jun 21 22:24:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Diana frantically looks around in the workshop, without a word, as if searching for some kind of hidden object._ Jun 21 22:24:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Probably not the reaction you expected._ Jun 21 22:24:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> "No, we're not on TV." Jun 21 22:24:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> "If I was an actress, that'd be a lot easier, huh?" Jun 21 22:25:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** I'm looking to see if someone planted a bomb in my workshop, because at least I won't be surprised when you announce me there's a bomb in there! Jun 21 22:25:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh? Am I blowing up your world?" Jun 21 22:25:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> "...That was bad." Jun 21 22:26:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Holy -shit-, I just started working, and in comes a giant youkai prostitute, buying me a 500-coin camera and telling me all about why Elkins suck and everyone is leaving! YEAH! You ARE blowing every last bit of my world, that's why I'm half expecting you blow me up LITERALLY at this rate! Jun 21 22:26:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** _<Quickly pauses.>_ ...I mean, not that I'm judging you. Jun 21 22:27:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina can't help it, and she starts laughing her tail off. Jun 21 22:27:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh my gods that is so not what I expected, ahahahahaha!" Jun 21 22:27:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> "It's - ahaha, lords save me - it's. Well, you didn't laugh, and that's what I asked for." Jun 21 22:29:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Hey, no kidding, I just feel for you, it's -hard-. You know how hard I worked with my brain to get that engineer job? You're working hard with your -body-, that's even worse, I could never do that, to be honest. I mean, just look at yourself, ma'am, you're toned like I only wish I could be! Then look at me, the frail stick-girl egghead. Jun 21 22:30:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You're kidding, right? You're *svelte* Diana. You're perfectly proportioned, you have that wonderful delicate look going on - me, I usually only get huge fetishists, and sometimes my breasts just get in the way of anything serious I want to say." Jun 21 22:31:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You - you're gorgeous. I mean that. That's why I was hitting on you." Jun 21 22:31:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Whaaaat? No, I'm not. I ain't got any strength to me, I bet I need body armor to survive a punch. Stop it, Reina, you're being silly right now. Jun 21 22:31:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _She won't admit it, but she blushed._ Jun 21 22:32:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Well... if you ever get the chance, maybe we can start adventuring together. I'll get you fit in no time." Jun 21 22:32:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And thank you, Diana. Doing what we did - it helped a lot. I appreciate you." Jun 21 22:33:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Like I said, I'll think about it. And, yeah, sure! I mean, it's awesome to meet you. I hope all my customers in the future are nice like you. ...Or maybe not, then I'll really find a bomb under my shoes one day. Haha~ Jun 21 22:33:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** You stay safe out there, alright? Jun 21 22:34:08 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And you stay safe too. I'll be heading back to Maurice, letting him know about my phone thing, and then I'll be off." Jun 21 22:34:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina waves goodbye, and starts jogging over back to her first client in this brave new world. Jun 21 22:34:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Hey, uh, I bet you're a busy lady, so ... How about I forward him the message myself while you go on to Arnett? I made you lose enough time. Jun 21 22:34:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You sure? Oh man, that means so much to me." Jun 21 22:35:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You're the best, Diana. I'd kiss you if I could." Jun 21 22:35:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Diana]** Hey, we just spent 20 minutes chatting and doing selfies. I ain't got better things to do, so don't mention it! And keep those lips where they are! ... Jun 21 22:36:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hey, just remember that order when I do start kissin'~" Jun 21 22:36:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> Okay, and now, fully loaded, relatively healed, and just a miiiiiite fatigued, I am gonna go to the UA. Jun 21 22:38:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You will travel 17 rooms straight to the Gap corridor, since there is literally no TownSec to stop you at the Gate. Is this OK?_ Jun 21 22:40:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 21 22:54:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You stand in the Gap Corridor, and things are feeling worse for you all of a sudden: you're feeling **hungry** and **thirsty**, which bring additional negative effects._ Jun 21 22:55:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **Hungry**: You now suffer from accelerated fatigue (+0.1% Fatigue /turn). Jun 21 22:55:28 <HashiBot> <Reina> WELP Jun 21 22:55:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **Thirsty**: Your Strength has decreased by 10%. [Strength is now 130%] Jun 21 22:55:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> TIME TO EAT. Jun 21 22:56:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll be eating my delicious nutritious chocolate bar, aaand opening my other MRE for a can of cola. Jun 21 22:57:08 <HashiBot> <Reina> I certainly have enough room in my pac after getting rid of all that stuff. Jun 21 23:00:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _First opening the MRE. You acquire 2 additional cans of canned meatballs, 1 extra chocolate bar, 1 extra mini-box of 10 crackers, and 1 extra lighter. You also reacquire 1 can of cola drink and 4 cigarettes._ Jun 21 23:00:15 <Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Can of cola drink. 139 ntri, 99 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 8 turns, Fatigue -1.0% - Weight: 1 Jun 21 23:00:23 <Hebizuka> [Meds] Cigarette (required lighter or fire source to use) - Suppressed hunger, Agility+1, FT-1 for 1d6+2 turns - Addictive (Nicotine) - Weight: 0.1 - (Quantity: 4) Jun 21 23:01:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Pack / Main] 17.4 /60 Jun 21 23:02:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're now eating one of your chocolate bars. It's sweet, chocolatey, tasty, and not even half-melted!_ Jun 21 23:02:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You no longer feel hungry, but you're far from a complete meal._ [Nutrition: 1165 ntri] Jun 21 23:02:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The effects of hunger are gone, for now._ Jun 21 23:04:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll pop the other chocolate bar. Jun 21 23:05:13 <HashiBot> <Reina> And then the cola, and that'll be enough until I get to Arnett. I hope. Jun 21 23:05:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You stuff yourself full of chocolate and cola. Yum, meal of champions right there._ Jun 21 23:06:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Nutrition: 1570 ntri] Jun 21 23:06:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You no longer feel thirsty, for now, although that also probably won't last long._ [Hydration: 447 wtr] Jun 21 23:07:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Strength is back to normal. [140%] Jun 21 23:07:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The sheer load of sugar in the can of cola drink is having a few positive effects on you._ Jun 21 23:08:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Cola drink effects: Agility +1, Alertness increase (for 8 turns), plus an instantaneous Fatigue -1.0% (presumably the caffeine). Jun 21 23:08:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Agility is now +0, Fatigue is now 57.3%. Jun 21 23:08:58 <HashiBot> <Reina> Alright, let's head back to Arnett. Jun 21 23:10:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Please select your traveling style. **Fast** // **Safe** // **Deep**_ Jun 21 23:11:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> GOTTA GO FAST Jun 21 23:11:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your next destination is **10 rooms away**._ Jun 21 23:11:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Generating the next rooms._ Jun 21 23:11:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> Oh thank fuck it's only ten rooms. Jun 21 23:12:52 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Trash room, abandoned // Front: Pantry, **dark** // Right: Bedroom (bunks), forsaken Jun 21 23:13:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> To the right. Jun 21 23:13:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> If it's cozy enough, maybe I can rest. Jun 21 23:17:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A very old, forsaken room with five rotting bunk beds, which haven't seen civilized use in probably half a millenium. Of course, the room is inhabited by a hostile creature, a **giant frost ant**, currently on Side 3. There is **loot** but it is all on Side 4._ Jun 21 23:17:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON._ Jun 21 23:17:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1. What will you do?_ Jun 21 23:19:26 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:19:26 <HashiBot> @cover Jun 21 23:19:26 <MazeBot> A blast shield. (Health: 240, LDV modifier: -5, AC eqv: A5. Pass-through threshold: 18+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.1, Blast-resistant) Jun 21 23:19:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Roll 2d6+Agi to get behind this piece of cover._ Jun 21 23:20:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> It hasn't seen me yet, right? Jun 21 23:22:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It hasn't yet, no, since you're not on the same side. (You always start on Side 1 in the UA.)_ Jun 21 23:22:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Just making sure.) Jun 21 23:22:16 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:22:17 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6+0 Jun 21 23:22:17 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9:9+0 Jun 21 23:22:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Success! You have spent the turn taking cover, without being noticed. Ending Turn 1..._ Jun 21 23:23:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. **Stealth is active.** If you want to attack now, the frost ant will not be able to attack this turn. What do you want to do?_ Jun 21 23:25:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> Browning, 4 shots, Frost ant. Jun 21 23:26:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Which body part?_ Jun 21 23:26:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Just to clarify_ Jun 21 23:27:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> Lower body, I suppose. Whatever is easiest to hit. Jun 21 23:27:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Very well, you may roll for 4 shots._ Jun 21 23:27:42 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:27:42 <HashiBot> @roll 4#2d6 Jun 21 23:27:42 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2;4;8;11 Jun 21 23:27:52 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Jun 21 23:27:52 <HashiBot> @roll 1d100 malfunction check Jun 21 23:27:52 <MazeBot> HashiBot, malfunction check: 43 Jun 21 23:27:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _No malfunction this turn._ Jun 21 23:28:57 <Hebizuka> _2 misses, 2 hits!_ Jun 21 23:29:02 <Hebizuka> _Please roll 2#1d9._ Jun 21 23:29:53 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:29:54 <HashiBot> @roll 2#1d9 Jun 21 23:29:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;5 Jun 21 23:32:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A total of **11** pellets struck the giant frost ant in the thorax, its lower body. The creature sustained 8 wounds, and so much trauma, that the creature has passed out._ Jun 21 23:32:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight - enemies no longer able to fight! (2 turns)_ Jun 21 23:32:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You may choose to execute the creature if you wish._ Jun 21 23:33:25 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yeah, I'll pop it with a shell. I want that skill point. Jun 21 23:33:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your last shell before the Auto-5 runs empty. Where are you aiming?_ Jun 21 23:33:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> Afterwards, I'll reload from Vest/shells to max. And, let's just pop it in the thorax again. Jun 21 23:33:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Okay, roll me a 1d9._ Jun 21 23:34:59 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:35:00 <HashiBot> @roll 1d9 Jun 21 23:35:00 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1 Jun 21 23:35:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> COME ON Jun 21 23:35:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Thankfully, the one pellet that hit was enough to critically disable the creature's lower body._ Jun 21 23:35:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> OKAY BUT IS IT DEAD THOUGH Jun 21 23:36:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Death does not ensue, but it did cause another bleeding wound and plunged it deeper into blackout._ Jun 21 23:36:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your Auto-5 is empty, though._ Jun 21 23:37:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> Well, since it's a semi-auto with an internal tube, I'll reload two shells and immediately shoot one of them. Jun 21 23:37:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> Might as well take it from my Vest/Main pouch. Jun 21 23:38:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Same body part?_ Jun 21 23:38:52 <HashiBot> <Reina> Same body part. Jun 21 23:39:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Very well. You spent the next turn loading two shells from Vest/Main, hitting the bolt release to immediately load one, with still enough time to aim, and fire once more at the blacked out giant frost ant. Roll me another 1d9._ Jun 21 23:39:50 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:39:51 <HashiBot> @roll 1d9 Jun 21 23:39:51 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2 Jun 21 23:39:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> COME Jun 21 23:39:54 <HashiBot> <Reina> THE FUCK Jun 21 23:39:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> ON Jun 21 23:40:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have only one shell left in Vest/Main._ [Vest / Main] 0.79 /3 Jun 21 23:41:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The creature is struck with two more pellets - which make it writhe and wobble in pain as well as bleed some more... But it still defiantly hinges between life and death. Although it's probably going to bleed out if you just wait ten seconds._ Jun 21 23:42:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _What are you going to do next?_ Jun 21 23:44:04 <HashiBot> <Reina> "There. I killed it with a shotgun. I DEFY YOU HEBI to tell me otherwise." Jun 21 23:44:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'm going to watch it bleed to death as I take out the last shell from my vest, and three more shells from Vest/Shells, to reload this terrible, terrible, choke-less shotty. Jun 21 23:45:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Amusingly, the process would take 2 turns, which is about as much as the frost ant has left to live. Is this okay?_ Jun 21 23:45:20 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 21 23:46:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You load one, the last one from your tactical vest's inside pockets, then three from the vest's shell holders._ [Vest / Main] 0.74 /3 Jun 21 23:46:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Shells] 11 /20 shells Jun 21 23:46:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Two turns pass in the meantime, during which the giant ant miserably dies from blood loss._ Jun 21 23:46:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> Alright. What's the loot? Jun 21 23:46:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> <You have killed a frost ant! (Browning Auto-5)> Jun 21 23:46:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 Skill Point in semi-auto shotguns Jun 21 23:47:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> Swiggity Shaggity, give me that looty looty. Jun 21 23:47:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The effects of the cola drink have faded. Agility drops back to -1. You're no longer under increased alertness._ Jun 21 23:47:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> That's how the song goes right. Jun 21 23:49:12 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Desert Eagle .44 8-round magazine. Size tier: Tiny ; Weight: 0.25+0.12 (0.37) - [6/8, Force Magnum (+P+) FMJ] Jun 21 23:49:12 <Hebizuka> [Food] Seafood - Lobster. 116 ntri, -22 wtr - Weight: 1 Jun 21 23:50:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> Delicious cooked lobster. Jun 21 23:50:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yeah. Jun 21 23:50:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> Okay then. Jun 21 23:50:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A Desert Eagle magazine, loaded with what appears to be very hot tamales._ Jun 21 23:50:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> Both of those go in the backpack, and - are the rotting bunk beds suitable for resting in? Jun 21 23:51:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Let's just say you've slept in worse maintained and dirtier beds before. They are suitable to attempt Resting._ Jun 21 23:51:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 16.77 /60 Jun 21 23:52:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Do you wish to Rest in one of those beds?_ Jun 21 23:52:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll take a short nap, yeah. Jun 21 23:52:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> A Short Rest, to be exact. Jun 21 23:52:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Short nap it is then. Roll a 1d6._ Jun 21 23:53:21 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 21 23:53:21 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Jun 21 23:53:21 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Jun 21 23:55:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You fall asleep pretty quickly on one of those old and rotten beds. It's still more comfortable that the floor of the storage room in Elkins. 20 turns and 1 hour 40 minutes pass, during which you sleep. While asleep, hunger and thirst are completely suppressed, and you heal 0.2% Fatigue per turn. In addition, due to suppressed hunger, all Pain, Blood, and Limb Damage healing rates stop burning Nutrition and Fatigue._ Jun 21 23:55:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Zzz... You dream of a threesome with Diana and Maurice._ Jun 21 23:56:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Resolving sleep, please wait._ Jun 21 23:56:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> "See... that's how you do it..." Jun 21 23:56:18 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Really suck on it, Maurice..." Jun 21 23:58:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _When you wake up, it's now 2:35 PM. You still feel tired, but you feel healthier._ Jun 21 23:58:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Blood: 17.8 /18] Jun 21 23:58:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Fatigue: 55.4%] Jun 21 23:59:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It's going to take a bit of a longer nap to sleep away all that fatigue. You might have to spend the afternoon and evening in the UA._ Jun 21 23:59:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Or I can grab a hotel at Arnett and Octa." Jun 22 00:00:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Alright, let's keep going. At least I feel like I have my blood back." Jun 22 00:01:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> "What are my next rooms?" Jun 22 00:01:31 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: **UA Gun shop** // Front: Armory room, disaffected // Right: Prison room, **deserted** Jun 22 00:03:12 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh thank fuck there's a gun shop, LEFT LEFT." Jun 22 00:03:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _There was one in Elkins..._ Jun 22 00:03:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But oh well. To the gun shop._ Jun 22 00:03:39 <HashiBot> <Reina> "YEAH AND THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY SHOTGUNS." Jun 22 00:04:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You enter an empty room, which has the next three doors, the door you just used to enter, and a special fifth door, which says "GUN SHOP" in badly written letters, painted in black on a piece of cardboard and hastily duct taped. Despite the shoddy appearances, there IS in fact a real gun shop past that door._ Jun 22 00:06:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> Right, into the door. Jun 22 00:06:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Come on tell me you have a shotgun and ammo." Jun 22 00:06:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You enter a gun shop, which has been set up, of all places, inside of the UA._ Jun 22 00:07:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Heeey, welcome to... Uh... I haven't given a name to this shop yet. But welcome! Jun 22 00:07:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have completely healed all blood loss._ [Blood: 18.0 /18] Jun 22 00:08:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hey there. Got a shotgun, handsome?" Jun 22 00:08:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Lemme check, honeybuns! Jun 22 00:08:42 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Let me know if you want a feel, they're positively doughy!" Jun 22 00:08:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Generating shop inventory._ Jun 22 00:16:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** You're in luck, I do have a shotgun left, but it's in the used weapons bin. And I have some shotgun ammo in the inventory. It's all normal 12 gauge. Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> < UA Gun Shop - Used weapons > Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Good condition - 24% off) Precision rifle - Nemesis Arms Vanquish (7.62x51mm NATO) Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Good condition - 19% off) Revolver - Taurus Model 444 Ultra-Lite (.44 Magnum) Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Was used as a hammer for 15 years - 98% off) Submachine gun - Voere American-180 (.22 Long Rifle) Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Battlefield pickup - 75% off) Combat rifle - CZ SA vz. 58P (7.62x39mm) Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Worn out - 58% off) Auto pistol - CZ 75 AUTOMATIC (9x19mm Parabellum) Jun 22 00:16:34 <Hebizuka> (Worn out - 57% off) Shotgun - Franchi SPAS-15 (12 gauge) Jun 22 00:18:07 <HashiBot> <Reina> Hmmm... what's it weigh? Jun 22 00:18:26 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - R3/Premium - Franchi SPAS-15 shotgun | 12 gauge - Pump/Semi - 17.7" - FS | No accessory | SPAS-15 6-round mag, +1 | Weight: 22 Jun 22 00:19:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> "How much?" Jun 22 00:19:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Oh, for that old thing? With a few repairs she should work good as new, I'm sure. 473 P$. Jun 22 00:20:40 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Reaaaally shouldn't have splurged on the camera. Alrighty, what's your ammo like? For the shells, that is." Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> 12 gauge - 5 boxes (all boxes are 10 rounds) Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Standard line (Standard pressure) - 2 boxes Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Standard Slug - 70 P$ Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Standard Flechette - 120 P$ Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Tactical line (-P) - 2 boxes Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Tactical Plated Buckshot - 63 P$ Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Tactical Rubber Baton - 27 P$ Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Magnum line (+P) - 1 box Jun 22 00:25:19 <Hebizuka> Magnum Plated Buckshot - 77 P$ Jun 22 00:26:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hooooo boy. Okay, then - I have a mint Redhawk, and two full speedloaders to go with it." Jun 22 00:27:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> "And could you tell me how much the Browning I'm holding is worth? I'll see if I can grab the used shotty and ammo for it, or just ammo." Jun 22 00:28:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Browning Auto-5? From the looks of it, you haven't been using it much. It's practically brand new, isn't it? Jun 22 00:28:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Pretty much. I need something lighter and with a bigger capacity." Jun 22 00:28:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Ignoring the damage, it's baaasically a complete trade up." Jun 22 00:29:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> "So what do ya say?" Jun 22 00:30:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I'd buy it back from you for 450 P$, but honestly, you should keep it. That old SPAS-15 needs repairs. Wouldn't make that kind of trade. Jun 22 00:31:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** You have a perfectly fine shotgun, ma'am. I'd suggest saving up! Jun 22 00:31:39 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hmmmmm. Alright, then - the Redhawk and the speedloaders? I have no idea how to use the damn thing, so I'd rather just use it to buy ammo." Jun 22 00:35:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Mighty fine revolver you got there... Brand new as well. But hey, if you don't want that either, I'm not complaining. 425 P$ for the gun, 50 P$ for the speedloaders, and for the 18 rounds of ammo... 41 P$. So 516 P$ for the whole lot. Jun 22 00:37:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Perfect. Then I'll toss those to you, and take all of the multiprojectile boxes you have." Jun 22 00:38:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Two flachette, two rubber buck, one magnum plated buck. That should be 443 P$, and I get 73 in change." Jun 22 00:40:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The gun shop owner eyeballs your revolver with envy. He seems very happy you want to sell it to him._ Jun 22 00:40:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** We've got a deal. Jun 22 00:40:44 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Take it off my hands, handsome. I like thicker things anyway. More heft, more weight - makes a girl feel safer." Jun 22 00:41:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have sold your Ruger Super Redhawk, alongside all ammunition and compatible speedloaders..._ Jun 22 00:41:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh right, I also picked up a Desert Eagle magazine with ammo for it. You can buy that too." Jun 22 00:41:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _...in favor of 50 shells of 12 gauge ammunition in plenty of flavors._ Jun 22 00:42:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (just a moment) Jun 22 00:42:07 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Pistols and revolvers really aren't my thing." Jun 22 00:42:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> Awwww yeah. Jun 22 00:43:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( There is no rubber buckshot, there is rubber _baton_ ammo for sale, which is rubber slugs. Unless you meant the plated buckshot. Jun 22 00:43:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Oh yeah, that I meant.) Jun 22 00:44:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Sorry, I skimmed and read it as 'Tactical rubber buck') Jun 22 00:44:33 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Standard Flechette, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) Jun 22 00:44:33 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Standard Flechette, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) Jun 22 00:44:33 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Tactical (-P) Plated Buckshot, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) Jun 22 00:44:33 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Tactical (-P) Plated Buckshot, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) Jun 22 00:44:33 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 12 gauge, Magnum (+P) Plated Buckshot, 10 rounds - [10/10] - Weight: 0.5 (0.05 per round) Jun 22 00:46:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** Pistol mag for me huh? With ammo inside, goody. Lemme take a look. Jun 22 00:47:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I can take the magazine for 38, and the six rounds of ammo inside foooor... 11 P$. 49 P$ total. Sound good? Jun 22 00:47:57 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Sounds good, I'm never going to use it." Jun 22 00:51:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** What a shame, they hit hard! But I can't blame you. If you ain't got the training, all you'd ever achieve is misses. Jun 22 00:51:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Money] 122 P$ Jun 22 00:51:49 <HashiBot> <Reina> "But buckshot tho." Jun 22 00:52:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> Alright, so - Gonna put all 20 shells of flachette in my leg rig, where they'll be nice and safe. Jun 22 00:52:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** I hear ya. Shotgun goodness! I'm just a big revolver guy. Jun 22 00:52:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Right leg rig] 20 /20 shells Jun 22 00:53:12 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll take the 11 shells of regular Buck, and put them into the Main/Vest alongside the Magnum Plated Buck. And lastly, I'm gonna put all 20 shells of tactical plated buck in the Vest/Shells. All nice and filled up. Jun 22 00:54:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have moved the 11 shells from Vest/Shells to Vest/Main._ Jun 22 00:54:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've placed 10 shells of Magnum P-Buck into Vest/Main._ Jun 22 00:54:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And you've filled up the now empty Vest/Shells with 20x TAC P-Buck._ Jun 22 00:55:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Shells] 20 /20 shells Jun 22 00:55:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Vest / Main] 1.05 /3 Jun 22 00:56:40 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Alright then, and now I'm leaving never to return." Jun 22 00:56:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Dealer]** All loaded up? Thanks for shopping, ma'am. Jun 22 00:56:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Money pouch: 587 P$ / 2000_ Jun 22 00:57:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> "...No, it's not light enough to be worth it. Laters." Jun 22 00:58:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> Door me, before I give in and I buy a half broken shotty. Jun 22 00:58:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You step back out in the empty room, past that door with the shoddy sign... Facing the doors again._ Jun 22 00:58:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Unfortunately, your thirst has returned._ [Hydration: 417 wtr] Jun 22 00:58:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Strength: 130%] Jun 22 00:59:06 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yeah like I'm gonna be punching anything in my current situation." Jun 22 00:59:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Alright, let's get going, I'd like to make it to Arnett at least." Jun 22 01:00:12 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Empty shooting lanes, forsaken // Front: Youkai bedroom (danchi), **dark** // Right: Library wing, **overgrown** Jun 22 01:00:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> Empty shooting lanes. Jun 22 01:00:45 <HashiBot> <Reina> Maybe someone just Jun 22 01:00:46 <HashiBot> <Reina> forgot Jun 22 01:00:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> a brand spanking new Jun 22 01:01:12 <HashiBot> <Reina> Armsel Protecta. Jun 22 01:01:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It would take some insane luck to find a random Protecta just lying around next room._ Jun 22 01:01:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Do you have that luck? Answer in 30 seconds._ Jun 22 01:03:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> I am going to say no. Jun 22 01:03:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A forsaken room of shooting lanes. Weird dark patches have begun growing on the walls and on the floor, and a faint smell of moisture can be felt. There is, amusingly, an abandoned **firearm magazine** on the floor. No weapon today, sorry._ Jun 22 01:03:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll toss it in next to the lobster. Jun 22 01:03:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> More stuff to sell in Arnett. Door me? Jun 22 01:04:01 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Kedr 30-round extended magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5 Jun 22 01:04:11 <Hebizuka> (( Ignore my last -_- Jun 22 01:04:14 <Hebizuka> (( I'm an idiot Jun 22 01:04:19 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Kedr 30-round extended magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.1 (0.6) - [10/30, High Impulse (+P) FMJ] Jun 22 01:04:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A magazine for a submachine gun, full of high-pressure ammo. Or rather, 1/3 full._ Jun 22 01:05:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 17 /60 Jun 22 01:05:20 <HashiBot> <Reina> Moving on with my life? Jun 22 01:05:41 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Corridor // Front: Corridor // Right: Trash room, disaffected Jun 22 01:06:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> TRASH ME BABY. Jun 22 01:09:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A disaffected trash room. The smell in there is faint but really bad. Amazingly enough, there is **stuff** in one of the dumpsters._ Jun 22 01:10:57 <HashiBot> <Reina> Come on, Armsel Protecta. Jun 22 01:11:22 <HashiBot> <Reina> It's probably like a rotten burger I'll keep on me because I'm desperate and eat actual dumpster trash/. Jun 22 01:11:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In a dumpster?..._ Jun 22 01:11:33 <Hebizuka> <Papers, flyers, and other flat trash> Jun 22 01:11:33 <Hebizuka> [Key item] A keycard, for unlocking a certain type of electronic lock. A serial number can be read on it: 6992 - Weight: 0.01 Jun 22 01:11:37 <HashiBot> <Reina> A woman can dream. Jun 22 01:11:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> Pfffffffffffffffft. Jun 22 01:11:46 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yeah alright, into the backpack. Jun 22 01:11:51 <HashiBot> <Reina> Never goinna use it anyways. Jun 22 01:12:20 <HashiBot> <Reina> Okay, and moving on with my life. Jun 22 01:12:25 <HashiBot> <Reina> What's next? Jun 22 01:13:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 17.01 /60 Jun 22 01:14:10 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Laundry room, abandoned // Front: Pantry, disaffected // Right: Pathway Jun 22 01:14:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> Pantry. Jun 22 01:14:25 <HashiBot> <Reina> Maybe there's a drink? Jun 22 01:14:27 <HashiBot> <Reina> That's not booze. Jun 22 01:17:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another ancient room, this time a pantry, where food is usually kept in safe storage. Another easy looting spot, understandably enough. There is a **weapon** on Side 2, but also a **strong creature** on Side 3... A **polymer golem**. It is, of course, hostile, and seems to be composed out of various kinds of polymer objects and materials._ Jun 22 01:17:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON._ Jun 22 01:17:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1. What is your next move?_ Jun 22 01:18:23 <HashiBot> <Reina> I am fucking right off is what I'm doing. Jun 22 01:19:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> I don't care if that weapon's an Armsel or /fucking Excalibur/ I am leaving. Jun 22 01:19:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _If you want to flee, roll 2d6+Agility. Success on 6 or more._ Jun 22 01:19:53 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 22 01:19:53 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6-1 Jun 22 01:19:53 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6:7-1 Jun 22 01:20:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You feel slowed down, but you make a run for it before the golem can get a hit on you. Just barely._ Jun 22 01:20:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of the fight - You have fled like a Frenchman. (1 turn)_ Jun 22 01:21:06 <HashiBot> <Reina> French woman. Jun 22 01:21:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> Because everybody wants to draw me. Jun 22 01:21:43 <HashiBot> <Reina> I don't imagine I get to choose my door, so what's next? Jun 22 01:22:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( You do actually. Hang on. Jun 22 01:22:55 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Dining hall, **deserted** // Front: Roadway // Right: Shower room, **dark** Jun 22 01:23:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> Dining room, please. Jun 22 01:25:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A recently deserted dining hall, with several tables placed together to form a long, banquet-style table, with many chairs surrounding it. Unfortunately, if there was any food here, it was picked clean already. There is a **medical item** on the floor instead._ Jun 22 01:26:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Let me guess, tactical cocaine." Jun 22 01:26:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> Whatever it is, I'm tossing it into the bag. Jun 22 01:27:06 <Hebizuka> [Meds] Emergency tourniquet - Stops permanent bleeding on a severed arm, hand, leg, or foot. - Weight: 1 Jun 22 01:27:20 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Oh, this. This is actually pretty good. Yoink." Jun 22 01:27:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Pack / Main] 18.01 /60 Jun 22 01:27:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> And where do these doors lead me now? Jun 22 01:28:56 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Deactivated room // Front: Corridor // Right: Empty dojo, disaffected Jun 22 01:29:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> After that Polymer Golem, disaffected rooms can fuck right off. Corridor it is. Jun 22 01:31:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _An empty, long, elongated corridor. There is an **undelivered supply crate** on the ground. Probably the amazing work of Derpmail Express once again._ Jun 22 01:32:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> WELP IT'S MINE NOW. Jun 22 01:32:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> Give me that sweet looty. Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> < WPN-AK supply crate > Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 1 - R2/Regular - IZHMASH Kalashnikov AK-74 combat rifle | 5.45x39mm - Semi/Full - 16.3" - S | AutoROF: 5 | Thread(AK), Optic[n/a,WP], URail-X | AK-74 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 18 - [0+0/30, Empty] - (Condition: Brand new / Cleanliness: Lubricated) Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: AK-74 family; AK-74 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1 + 0.0 - [0/30, Empty] Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: AK-74 family; AK-74 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1 + 0.0 - [0/30, Empty] Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: AK-74 family; AK-74 30-round magazine. Size tier: Medium ; Weight: 1 + 0.0 - [0/30, Empty] Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 5.45x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.2 (0.01 per round) Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 5.45x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.2 (0.01 per round) Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 5.45x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.2 (0.01 per round) Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 5.45x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.2 (0.01 per round) Jun 22 01:34:48 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Box of 5.45x39mm, Standard FMJ, 20 rounds - [20/20] - Weight: 0.2 (0.01 per round) Jun 22 01:35:14 <HashiBot> <Reina> HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Jun 22 01:35:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A brand new AK, with 4 magazines and 100 rounds of ammo._ Jun 22 01:35:35 <HashiBot> <Reina> Well I'm taking literally all of this. Jun 22 01:35:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Equipping the AK-74 as Primary 2?_ Jun 22 01:36:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll spend some time loading the magazines - both the spare mags and the actual AK - with the ammo first. Jun 22 01:36:12 <HashiBot> <Reina> Once it's full, then I'll equip it. Jun 22 01:36:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have only enough ammo to load 3 full magazines, and 10 rounds in a fourth. Is this okay?_ Jun 22 01:36:48 <HashiBot> <Reina> Two mags can go Vest/Ammo 1, and the last one can go into Vest/Main. Jun 22 01:36:54 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 22 01:38:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It'll take 10 turns to load a magazine to full, multiplied by three, plus 4 turns to load 10 in the last, plus one last turn to load a mag into the AK. Total, 35 turns. All good?_ Jun 22 01:38:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. The things I do for money. Jun 22 01:39:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( One moment. You intend to sell that thing, right? Jun 22 01:39:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.) Jun 22 01:39:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Oh, wait. Jun 22 01:39:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Why load it? Just in case you have to use it? Jun 22 01:39:47 <HashiBot> <Reina> Then why am I fucking loading it Jun 22 01:40:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> (I /was/ thinking that but I have 64 shells so I'm good.) Jun 22 01:40:05 <HashiBot> <Reina> ALL OF IT GOES IN THE BAG Jun 22 01:40:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Since you have accelerated hunger and thirst, I think I'd rather save you the trouble. Jun 22 01:40:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Yea thought so Jun 22 01:42:07 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Thanks for stopping me from being dumb.) Jun 22 01:42:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Holy fuck Maurice must have fucked some brain cells out of me." Jun 22 01:42:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The AK, all three magazines and all 100 rounds of ammunition have been hauled into the backpack, which all adds up to exactly 22 units of weight._ Jun 22 01:42:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 40.01 /60 Jun 22 01:43:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Alright, moving on from that bout of blonde ditziness." Jun 22 01:44:21 <HashiBot> <Reina> "What's next?" Jun 22 01:46:19 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Laundry room, forsaken // Front: Vault room, **overgrown** // Right: Locker room, **dark** Jun 22 01:46:37 <HashiBot> <Reina> Fuck it, Vault me. Jun 22 01:46:48 <HashiBot> <Reina> Stick me into Vault 96 baby. Jun 22 01:47:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Wrong kind of vault._ Jun 22 01:52:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _An overgrown vault room. Once a part of a bank, now just a room covered in moss and weird, grassy matter, with a powerful smell of humid, rancid vegetation. There is, quite amazingly enough, a **shiny object** in a safe deposit box. A shiny item that nobody stole in who knows how many years?... What were the chances? In addition, another **firearm magazine** on the floor._ Jun 22 01:53:36 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?" Jun 22 01:53:45 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll just be nabbing both. Jun 22 01:54:22 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessory] Magazine: Spectre M4 50-round casket magazine. Size tier: Large ; Weight: 1.2+0.34 (1.54) - [34/50, Milsurp (Surp) FMJ] Jun 22 01:54:22 <Hebizuka> [Valuable] Purple gem - Unidentified - Weight: 0.1 Jun 22 01:55:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A large capacity magazine for a submachine gun, loaded with what seems to be older, military surplus ammunition. Crappy powder, not very valuable, but it's precisely that cheapness that makes getting large amounts easier._ Jun 22 01:55:54 <HashiBot> <Reina> Both go in, and then I leave the room to rot. Jun 22 02:08:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 41.65 /60 Jun 22 02:08:58 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Bedroom (bunks), **overgrown** // Front: Empty forge, **deserted** // Right: Bedroom (single bed), **dark** Jun 22 02:09:35 <HashiBot> <Reina> Let's go forward. Jun 22 02:11:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A recently abandoned forge. Most of the tooling is gone, and of course, no storage room to raid. Unfortunately, you have the distinct feeling someone just took whatever weapons were in that room - as in, they could've been nabbed and the person who did it are just one or two rooms ahead. Oh well! There is **food** on the floor instead._ Jun 22 02:11:53 <Hebizuka> [Food] Seafood - Sole. 114 ntri, -2 wtr - Weight: 1 Jun 22 02:12:39 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Mmmmmm, fish tacos." Jun 22 02:12:52 <HashiBot> <Reina> That goes in with all the rest of the food, and I'll move on. Jun 22 02:13:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 42.65 /60 Jun 22 02:13:54 <Hebizuka> [Next rooms] Left: Pathway // Front: Library wing, abandoned // Right: Laboratory room, abandoned Jun 22 02:19:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> Let's go into the Lab. Jun 22 02:22:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _15:15, everything is normal in the Mazes._ Jun 22 02:23:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You enter an abandoned laboratory room. There is a non-hostile **stealth mercenary** wandering about on Side 3. Because they are not hostile, combat is not initiated._ Jun 22 02:24:02 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hi. And, uh - bye." Jun 22 02:24:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> To the doors! Jun 22 02:26:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Merc]** Hi. Jun 22 02:26:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The next doors lead to Arnett's Gap Corridor._ Jun 22 02:26:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have returned to Arnett, seeing again that now familiar gap corridor, with its plain walls and its sign, "WELCOME TO ARNETT"._ Jun 22 02:27:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Home aweet home." Jun 22 02:28:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> First things first, I wanna pop into the bar, see if Octa's around. Or those cute Phantom Forces ladies. Jun 22 02:29:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It'll take 11 rooms of traveling to head to the Bolt Face, the local bar. OK?_ Jun 22 02:31:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 22 02:35:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You arrive at the Bolt Face, inside of the hall, where there are eight tables and several chairs around those tables. The clock reads 3:20 PM, and there are a few patrons at the tables, enjoying their drinks and chatting with each other. The bar counter is just one room to the east, as usual._ Jun 22 02:38:04 <HashiBot> <Reina> Anyone I recognize? Glowing angels, bisexual soldiers? Jun 22 02:39:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _No-one you recognize in the bar hall. Might be worthy to check the bar counter room._ Jun 22 02:40:45 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll peek my head on in. And maybe buy a drink, I'm parched. Jun 22 02:42:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _At the bar counter, you see the barkeep, and several patrons, both at the counter and at the tables around. The ambiance is busy, lots of chatter over the metal that's being played on the speakers._ Jun 22 02:44:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Music lyrics]** Squeeze the trigger that makes you Man | Pseudo-safari, the hunt is canned... (♫)... The hunt is canned | All are gone, all but one... Jun 22 02:45:11 <HashiBot> <Reina> I don't recognize the tune, but that's fine. Any familiar faces? Jun 22 02:45:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Mostly locals, although there is a familiar-looking Angelic seemingly drinking his soul away at the counter. It's Octavius, of course._ Jun 22 02:47:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina smiles to herself, trying to keep a low profile as Octa stares into his drink. It's not until she's behind him that she covers his eyes with her hands, and presses her bosom against his strong, winged back. "Hey handsome. Guess who?" Jun 22 02:50:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** OH MY GODS I'M SORRY MISS COUNSELOR I-- ... Oh, oh gosh. It's just you, Reina. Geeze... Don't scare me like that... Jun 22 02:51:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The barkeep instinctively reached for his shotgun for a brief moment... but relented, when he realized Octa's screaming is harmless._ Jun 22 02:53:15 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Sorry, sorry! I'll keep it in mind that you spook easy." Reina gives him a nice long hug, letting her bosom squish warmly against his back, before sitting across the table from him. "You were right, Elkins is a dump. But I made a few friends there. How are you?" Jun 22 02:55:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Oh, I'm just, you know, quietly spending away my pay in beer. Whiskey tasted like gun oil to me, I'm gonna stick to stuff that gets me buzzed and doesn't punch my throat in the process. Jun 22 02:56:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That's fair. I think I'll head to the hospital and rest for a bit, because traveling there and back really tuckered me out. I just wanted to make a quick stop here to make sure you were still around, Octa. And, well - I forgot to ask you about the Prophecy before you left." Jun 22 02:57:14 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I mean, preeeetty sure I know the gist, Contestant from another world and all, and all the Amulets still lost to time, all that good stuff. But a gal like me covers her bases." Jun 22 02:58:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Oh, wow, I get to actually do my job for once... Preaching bout the faith and all that stuff. Hahaa... I get to tell the Prophecy to the one person that it might concern, AND you're gonna go and sign up to the competition. If my bosses saw me right now... _<nervous chuckling>_ Jun 22 02:59:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Need another hug to calm your nerves?" Jun 22 02:59:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** I'm good, I'm good... Hey, you look awful... What happened back there? You sure you made friends in Elkins? _<Snf, snf>_ You're all tired and sweaty. Jun 22 03:00:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Heck, you look like you could sleep for a whole day... Jun 22 03:02:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> "It's been rough, yeah. The UA is a lot more dangerous than I gave it credit for. Ran into a Polymer Golem, and - well, I'm alive, at least." Jun 22 03:03:41 <HashiBot> <Reina> "So - any chance you have the Prophecy memorized?" Jun 22 03:03:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Sheesh. Sounds like you need better guns. Oh, oh, yeah, yeah I do, sorry. Hang on. Jun 22 03:03:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He grabs a bottle of stout beer, which he finishes in one go._ Jun 22 03:08:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I like a man who can drink it all without needing to catch his breath." Jun 22 03:08:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Okay. Jun 22 03:08:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Octa proceeds to tell, word for word, the prophecy as it's told by all Angelics in any Heaven controlled town. https://pastebin.com/HFQ3TZJ6_ Jun 22 03:09:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _What makes the situation funnier is that instead of being a shrine maiden telling you the sacred text in the sanctity of a shrine, it's a drunk, depressed guardian angel telling you the prophecy in a noisy bar, with metal music playing in the background, right in between two swigs of stout beer._ Jun 22 03:10:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But perhaps it is fitting that it happens that way._ Jun 22 03:10:52 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Mmm, yup, that sounds about right. Got the Gods' names wrong, but everything else more or less matches up.# Jun 22 03:13:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Is there anything else you can tell me? Like, hints or rumors where the Amulets are?" Jun 22 03:15:37 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'd hate to operate blind. You know how it is." Jun 22 03:22:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Yeah.. What I can tell you is that three of them have already been found. Jun 22 03:23:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** You probably heard of the Maze Military by now... Their leader, a Colonel Wight, big old buff dude who's half robot or something? He's got one of them. Jun 22 03:23:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** There's the youkai activists, who the military love to hate, as well (and it goes back and forth)... Their own leader, some satori dude who calls himself Black Eye, he's got the second. Jun 22 03:24:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Third one is said to be in the hands of some kinda shady thieves guild that operates in the Northern Zone... the Guild of Silver Larceners, or something like that. Jun 22 03:24:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Mmm, quick question - is this, like, common knowledge? That the head hanchos of all these other factions have Amulets?" Jun 22 03:25:00 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Or is this something the Angelics have been keeping hush hush?" Jun 22 03:26:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Well it's something we talk about... It's not necessarily hush information, but it's stuff we need to know more than the average citizen. I mean. What's a regular folk gonna do with the information? It's relevant to us because, well, we wrote the freaking prophecy and we wanna know how much work it's gonna take to help the Contestant. Jun 22 03:26:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** ...In theory. In practice, few of us give a fuck. Jun 22 03:26:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He catches himself saying 'fuck', and sheepishly apologizes._ Jun 22 03:27:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** ...Sorry. The drink's making me talk bad. Anyway, that leaves the fourth one. Location unconfirmed, the head honchos keep saying! Just rumors, lots of vigorous rumors. That it's most certainly here in the Eastern Zone, and that there has been a lot of chatter about it in Joliet Sector, a Police controlled town. Jun 22 03:28:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** If you really wanna chase down that Amulet, I'd say you should go there. And... while you're on your way to Joliet, can you drop by to Semitas and do the thing I told you about? I really want out of my contract. Jun 22 03:28:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _<M03: Objective 3 complete.>_ Jun 22 03:29:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _<M03: Take the Long Way Home: **Quest complete!**>_ Jun 22 03:31:26 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That won't be a problem, Octa. You're mine one way or the other." Jun 22 03:32:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I was thinking, I'd go into Semitas and show that I'm already well informed, thanks to holy intervention. Do you think that'd give me a little more oomph?" Jun 22 03:33:25 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You'd know them a bit better than I would, after all." Jun 22 03:34:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Oh, you know, the Prophecy is something the shrine maidens like to tell to the kids and students. You'd be showing you know stuff anyone who's been at a seminar would know... Jun 22 03:34:33 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Even the info about the Amulets?" Jun 22 03:34:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That might add just a tad more weight to the story." Jun 22 03:35:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Just focus on making sure you tell them that you want to take me, and me specifically, under your custody, and that I already gave you my consent. And to kick them in the ovaries if they say no. Jun 22 03:36:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** May as well go out on a bang, ahah... This is why I'm getting drunk. First time in ... darn. I forgot how old I am. It's three digits, that's all I'm sure. Jun 22 03:37:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You're kidding - you don't look a day over 23!" Jun 22 03:49:14 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Tell ya what, when I get your contract, we'll change your age to 17." Jun 22 03:49:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Yeah, I get that often. And no, please. I'm happy being one hundred whatever it is I am. Jun 22 03:49:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** 150? 160? I forgot. Jun 22 03:49:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Or is it 250... fuck. Jun 22 03:50:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He shakes his head, and orders another stout one to the barkeep, who replies with "Coming right up."_ Jun 22 03:50:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Can I pay you a drink? Least I can do for you... Jun 22 03:52:34 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Sure, but only if I get to call you Daddy in bed . Something non-alcoholic? I'm pretty delicate." Jun 22 03:53:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Sure. Hey, Barkeep! Give my friend anything she'll take, it's on me. Jun 22 03:53:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Sure thing, dude. Ma'am? Jun 22 03:54:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Non-alcoholic drinks available: Mineral water, lemonade, cola drink, orange juice, apple juice, *grape juice, milk, energy drink Jun 22 03:54:32 <HashiBot> <Reina> "The biggest non-alcoholic thirst quencher tou got." Jun 22 03:58:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Bottle of milk, or can of energy drink... Or straight up just bottle of water if you really just want to get rid of thirst. But... If I may make a suggestion? You look tired. I'd suggest an energy drink or two. Jun 22 03:59:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Mmm... I'll be heading to bed in a bit anyways. How about milk? And a straw. You know how it is." Jun 22 03:59:25 <HashiBot> <Gear> Level up! @Reina is now **level 21**. Jun 22 04:00:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Sure thing. Jun 22 04:00:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Since Octavius is paying for it, you do not need to buy the drink._ Jun 22 04:00:39 <Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Bottle of milk. 250 ntri, 127 wtr - Weight: 1 Jun 22 04:03:24 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina can't stop herself from giving a dumb show, swirling her limber tongue around the straw as she sucks the glass dry of sweet cream. Jun 22 04:03:48 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Thanks, Octa. I hope you liked what you saw." Jun 22 04:04:40 <HashiBot> <Reina> "I'll be back for you, and once you're mine we're making a beeline to the nearest hotel." Jun 22 04:05:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** May the Gods -- ... Wait, no. May whatever you believe in hear you. Really. Jun 22 04:06:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The milk is fresh, cold even, and very tasty and filling._ Jun 22 04:06:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Nutrition: 1530 ntri] [Hydration: 481 wtr] Jun 22 04:06:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _No longer under the effects of thirst, but again, you doubt only one drink is enough._ Jun 22 04:06:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Strength: 140%] Jun 22 04:06:59 <HashiBot> <Reina> "It's okay. I believe in the Gods. That's why this will work." Jun 22 04:15:46 <HashiBot> <Reina> When Reina leaves, she makes sure to blow Octa... a kiss, before heading to the hospital. Jun 22 04:16:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Octavius]** Stay safe out there... And get some rest! Jun 22 04:16:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _10 rooms to travel to the hospital lobby. OK?_ Jun 22 04:16:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> Yup yup. Jun 22 04:18:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The hospital is the same as in Elkins, at least in terms of layout. Arnett Hospital is, at the very least, not looking as though no-one has been cleaning the place in at least a few decades. There are a few locals siting on the waiting chairs. The lobby nurse - a charming looking young female human - smiles and greets you._ Jun 22 04:18:53 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Hey, honey. Think I can rent a room for a little while? Elkins is a hole and their hospital sucks." Jun 22 04:20:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Lobby nurse]** Elkins? You've been there? Oh my gosh. Is that why you look so tired? Jun 22 04:21:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yeah. I... I. There was a lot of scum there, and... and." Jun 22 04:22:31 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina tries to settle herself, but the fatigue's taking its toll on her. "People did stuff to me. I just want some shelter, I just want to get clean." Jun 22 04:23:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Lobby nurse]** Say no more. Please go see the medic, two rooms north, and ask him to take a room. According to the computer, none of our rooms are taken right now, so you should be processed quickly. Jun 22 04:27:13 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Thank you." And away Reina goes. Jun 22 04:27:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Once in the healing machine room with the medic..._ Jun 22 04:28:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** So, I got the mail from the lobby nurse. Looking pretty tired, there. From what I understand, I suppose you want a room? Jun 22 04:29:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Yes, please. It's 400, right?" Jun 22 04:30:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** That's right. 400 P$, indefinite use until you check out. Can tolerate it if you need to come see me for whatever reason. Jun 22 04:31:17 <HashiBot> <Reina> She hands the 400 right on over. Jun 22 04:31:27 <HashiBot> <Reina> "You guys have a shower, right?" Jun 22 04:31:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Of course, all rooms have shower and toilet access. It's spartan, but functional. Jun 22 04:32:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** All individual as well. For patient comfort and privacy. Jun 22 04:32:19 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Gods bless you all." Jun 22 04:32:56 <HashiBot> <Reina> As soon as I'm in the door, I collapse on the bed and doze off. Jun 22 04:34:57 <HashiBot> <Reina> Definitely a long rest. Jun 22 04:38:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Not so fast. :p _ Jun 22 04:38:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _187 P$ remaining in the money pouch._ Jun 22 04:39:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Once paid, the medic asks you to follow him to one of the closest possible rooms, Room 203, which is 4 rooms away - one to the north then three east._ Jun 22 04:39:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** There, this is your room. Bed, TV, radio, books. Shower past this door, and the toilets right after the shower. If you need anything, let me know, okay? Jun 22 04:40:16 <HashiBot> <Reina> Reina follows like a zombie, too fatigued to even quip. She just grunts at the medic, closing the door behind her and collapsing into bed. Jun 22 04:40:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Long rest? Jun 22 04:40:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> Long rest. The shower and everything can wait. Jun 22 04:41:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay. Roll me a 1d6. Jun 22 04:41:14 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 22 04:41:14 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Jun 22 04:41:15 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3 Jun 22 04:41:19 <HashiBot> <Reina> Womp. Jun 22 04:42:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _After dropping your backpack on the floor, you pretty much fall asleep in your clothes and gear, not even bothering to remove the shotgun from off your back - most of your body met a comfortable bed, and that's all your body needed to know to clock out and go to sleep..._ Jun 22 04:42:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Zzz..._ Jun 22 04:43:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _60 turns, and 5 hours, pass, during which you have more of a nightmare. You dream of a court of giant ants, with an Angelic judge declaring that you are guilty of every sin under the table._ Jun 22 04:44:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He very specifically said "under the table", and not "under the sun", which segues right into the Angelic judge accusing you of being the biggest pervert in the entire universe."_ Jun 22 04:46:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _When you wake up, it doesn't feel particularly pleasant. An electronic clock on the wall says it's 6:20 PM. You still feel tired. Less than before, but still far from rested enough._ [Fatigue: 49.8%] Jun 22 04:47:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Perhaps going back to bed would be a good idea. It's evening anyway._ Jun 22 04:48:09 <HashiBot> <Reina> I should at least wash up and use the toilet first. Cum is great and all, until it dries. Jun 22 04:49:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You smell of sex, sweat, and blood._ Jun 22 04:49:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _All of which has dried up in one form or another on your body or your gear._ Jun 22 04:50:54 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'd fit in with the Demonics, but I should definitely clean up... everything. Jun 22 04:53:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You step into the shower room. A single shower cabin is present, as expected in a single-person setup. There's also a designated locker to stash your stuff into temporarily. Unless you wanna shower while dressed and geared, that's up to you._ Jun 22 04:56:29 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 22 04:56:30 <HashiBot> <Reina> _ends up taking off the clothing and the gear, but she keeps whatever's fabric on her person. The rest can go in the locker, but the clothes definitely need a good washing too._ Jun 22 05:03:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're not sure if you nailed the temperature setting right, or if the water that runs in the pipes to the hospital feels extra great, but that shower is -just right-. It's smooth, it's hot but not too hot ,and it just feels very relaxing._ Stress has decreased by 2%, and 4 turns have passed. Jun 22 05:03:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Stress: 0.3%] Jun 22 05:04:10 <HashiBot> <Reina> And the toilets. Because, ahaha, WOW. Jun 22 05:10:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The toilets include a mirror, a sink, an urinal, and a toilet seat. You can use the sink to drink from it, and from the looks of it, you are feeling thirsty. Again._ Jun 22 05:10:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Tap water is free, at least._ Jun 22 05:10:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And it might be worthy to flush the toilets at least once. You never know._ Jun 22 05:14:36 <HashiBot> <Reina> I'll give the toilets a flush, and then drink my fill of thentap. Jun 22 05:15:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It flushes normally. You're not sure what you expected. (Maybe next time.)_ Jun 22 05:15:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One sip of tap water takes 1 turn to drink, and replenishes 80 wtr. How many do you want?_ Jun 22 05:17:52 <HashiBot> <Reina> Let's take 10. Jun 22 05:18:04 <HashiBot> <Reina> No, wait, 5. Jun 22 05:19:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _That hit the spot. You feel properly hydrated now!_ [Hydration: 800 wtr] Jun 22 05:20:50 <HashiBot> <Reina> And now, butt naked and vaguely horny, I'm going right back to bed. Jun 22 05:24:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay, toss me another 1d6. Jun 22 05:24:25 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 22 05:24:25 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Jun 22 05:24:26 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Jun 22 05:25:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You fall asleep on the bed, this time in a much more comfortable state - rather than half geared, you're completely naked in those hospital bedsheets._ Jun 22 05:25:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _zzz..._ Jun 22 05:25:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _80 turns, which corresponds to 6 hours and 40 minutes, pass..._ Jun 22 05:26:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your dreams are more abstract and nondescript, but they're more pleasant, this time..._ Jun 22 05:27:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Time and date] Woodsday, Quartema 6, Year 704 Jun 22 05:28:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It is 1 AM when you finally wake up._ Jun 22 05:28:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Everything is quiet._ Jun 22 05:28:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're still not feeling completely rested, but you can, at least for a little while, feel as though you're not -tired- anymore._ Jun 22 05:29:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Perhaps finishing the night would seal the deal completely, but if you had to leave now, you'd have your full mental capacities._ Jun 22 05:29:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Fatigue: 35.0%] Jun 22 05:30:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You are no longer under the effects of Tiredness._ Jun 22 05:31:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Agility has returned to +0, and natural hunger and thirst are back to normal again. For now._ Jun 22 05:33:55 <HashiBot> <Reina> I. Am going right the back fuck to sleep. Jun 22 05:34:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Another d6 then. Jun 22 05:41:06 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Reina: Jun 22 05:41:06 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Jun 22 05:41:07 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3 Jun 22 05:42:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another 60 turns and 5 hours pass..._ Jun 22 05:42:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Zzz... Jun 22 05:42:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Fatigue: 23.0%] Jun 22 05:42:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Shortly after you open your eyes again, somebody is knocking on the door._ Jun 22 05:46:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Hey. Raccoon girl. You never told me your name. Can I come in? Jun 22 05:50:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Reina. Please, come in.' Jun 22 05:51:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The medic comes in, holding a large mug of coffee which says "#1 doc"._ Jun 22 05:52:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Good morning, Reina. Slept well? Felt appropriate to bring you this. Black coffee. I also have a message for you, as strange as it might sound. Jun 22 05:55:29 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That's... okay. What's the message, handsome?" Jun 22 05:58:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** There's this weird Angelic friend of yours who showed up last night. He wanted to tell you he left Arnett. Something about him being afraid he'd been spotted by his superiors, or something like that. He says not to worry about him, and to just do what you promised him. Whatever that is. Jun 22 05:59:38 <HashiBot> <Reina> "That's - yeah, that's fair. I'm glad he thought of me." Jun 22 06:00:03 <HashiBot> <Reina> "Now, uhm... Do you want to join me in bed? 'Cause if you doooon't wrll you better get going, handsome." Jun 22 06:00:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Medic]** Ha. If I had to join every patient in bed, I think I'd spend more time in bed than doing my job. Jun 22 06:00:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The medic flashes a smile, and leaves you his cup, full of piping hot coffee._ Jun 22 06:07:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Okay, I'm falling apart, and the heat is rising AGAIN already Jun 22 06:07:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( It's incredible, it's only 6 AM and it's hot once more Jun 22 06:08:01 <HashiBot> <Reina> (Thanks, Kriegs, I def appreciate it.) Jun 22 06:08:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( Coffee on the next session, yeah? Jun 22 06:08:42 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]