Log:V4 Session 46 (Meta, no ontology)

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Sep 30 21:34:13 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] Sep 30 21:35:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Welcome back to the Mazes, Morrigan Edelman. You are currently in the town of Elkins, in Room 103 of the local hospital. On last session, you were planning to rest a bit to try and lower your Fatigue, currently at 44.2%. You may also peruse any of the devices and furniture in the room - namely the TV, the radio, read one of the 14 books on the bookshelf, or peruse the showers (one room west) or toilets (two rooms west)._ Sep 30 21:36:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> What the fuck is a Teevee Sep 30 21:36:50 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Rest up, first and foremost. Deal with stress afterwards. Sep 30 21:37:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay. Short rest or Long rest? Sep 30 21:37:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Short rest is between 30 minutes and 3 hours, Long is 2 to 12 hrs. Sep 30 21:37:37 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> How long would I have to rest to at least get below 10%? Sep 30 21:38:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> To heal roughly 34% Fatigue, you will need 170 turns of rest, which corresponds to about 17 hours. Sep 30 21:39:53 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> I have no words for that that aren't curses. Sep 30 21:40:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> What's the threshold for not being considered 'tired'? Sep 30 21:40:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Under 40%. Sep 30 21:41:55 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> How much would 3 hours get me? Sep 30 21:42:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 3 hrs of sleep would get you 6% Fatigue healed. Sep 30 21:42:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> By the way, resting is a 1d6 roll, and it suppresses hunger and thirst as well. So you can repeat it as much as desired, you just advance the clock. Sep 30 21:43:06 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright then. Sep 30 21:43:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> So, short nap or long rest? Sep 30 21:43:27 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Short nap. Sep 30 21:43:38 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets not leave town guard man waiting too long. Sep 30 21:43:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Toss me a 1d6 Sep 30 21:43:55 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 21:43:55 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Sep 30 21:43:55 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3 Sep 30 21:44:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You get on the bed and close your eyes. About ninety minutes pass..._ Sep 30 21:45:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It's now 7:10 PM. Fatigue: 41.2%. Do you want to keep resting?_ Sep 30 21:45:25 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Yes. Definitely. Sep 30 21:45:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Another 1d6 then Sep 30 21:45:34 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 21:45:34 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Sep 30 21:45:34 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Sep 30 21:46:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _2 hours and 30 minutes pass... It is now 9:40 PM. Fatigue: 36.2% ; you no longer feel -tired-, but it's not like you've actually slept enough either. Keep resting or get up?_ Sep 30 21:46:59 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Fuck it, one more. Sep 30 21:47:12 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 21:47:12 <HashiBot> @roll 1d6 Sep 30 21:47:12 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Sep 30 21:49:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another 2 hrs 30 minutes pass. It is now Woodsday, Quartema 6, Year 704. The time is now 0:10 AM._ Sep 30 21:49:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Fatigue: 31.2%._ Sep 30 21:49:37 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets end it there for now. Sep 30 21:50:45 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _wakes up for the final time about 6 and a half hours later, still a bit groggy, but more awake then when she started- at the very least, her eyes aren't struggling to remain open, which was always nice._ Sep 30 21:51:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It's the middle of the night, and the hospital is dead quiet. You don't hear a thing around you or in the rest of the facility._ Sep 30 21:52:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _What do you want to do next?_ Sep 30 21:52:42 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Look at what books they have; Morrigan's thirst for knowledge has no bounds. Also, she doesn't trust that the Teevee or the radio won't explode on her. Sep 30 21:54:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You take a quick look at the titles available on the bookshelf..._ Sep 30 21:54:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Or rather, bookshelves - there are two._ Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> Bookshelf 1: Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Non-fiction] Figuring the Pattern: An Insider's Guide to the Mazes Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Manga / Youkai comics] Fullmetal Jacket Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Mystery] The Zombie Bride Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Crime] 17 + 1 Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Fantasy] Adventures of Julius Caesar Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Sci-fi] Faster Than Light Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Horror] Year 1000 Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> Bookshelf 2: Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Horror] Doomputers I ; The Day It Refused To Turn Off Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Comedy] Three halflings in a boat Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Satire] Pride and Extreme Prejudice Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Drama] Romeo & Romeo Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Comedy] The Hated One Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Adventure] The Call of the Uncivilized Sep 30 21:55:02 <Hebizuka> [Realistic fiction] The Mystery of the Stolen Rifles Sep 30 21:56:42 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _reaches for "Figuring the Pattern: An Insider's Guide to the Mazes"... and then pauses, frowning a bit, and moving her hand over, picking up "Adventures of Julius Caesar" instead._ Sep 30 21:57:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _This seems to be romanticized excerpts of Julius Caesar's most exciting parts of his life, with the exception that it's billed and labeled as a completely fictional work of fantasy set in a completely fantastic land._ Sep 30 21:58:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _If you want to read this book, please toss a 1d8. If you'd like to take it and keep it in your inventory, let me know._ Sep 30 21:58:34 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 21:58:34 <HashiBot> @1d8 Sep 30 21:58:39 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Sorry Sep 30 21:58:43 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 21:58:43 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8 Sep 30 21:58:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1 Sep 30 21:59:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You spend 5 turns reading. This heals 0.5% Stress. [23.5%]_ Sep 30 21:59:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _For some reason, all of the things you've been reading seem distinctly familiar to you, as if this WASN'T fiction._ Sep 30 22:00:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _The people, names, places... All of them were distinctly fake, that was certain; yet, it was weird, to read about about the roman senate, the consuls, the conquests, all as if they were some fantastical element, the half baked ideas of an author._ Sep 30 22:01:33 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> How long is a turn again? Sep 30 22:02:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> About five seconds. (You're more or less skimming through the first chapter...) Sep 30 22:02:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (and yes you can keep reading the same book.) Sep 30 22:02:27 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Was about to ask) Sep 30 22:02:54 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (And to be fair, talking about the Roman political system is a good idea just to understand what the hell Caesar did) Sep 30 22:03:04 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Keep reading. Her curiosity is getting the better of her. Sep 30 22:03:07 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 22:03:07 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8 Sep 30 22:03:07 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Sep 30 22:03:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _35 turns pass, during which you heal 3.5% Stress. [20.0%]_ Sep 30 22:04:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The more you read, the more it becomes apparent that while fictionalized, it is a pretty accurate retelling of Caesar's life and conquests._ Sep 30 22:07:05 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _read with rapt attention, finding much of what she found utterly fascinating- disturbing close to home, but fascinating, especially with the refuge in audacity he would pull; refusing the title of Imperiator so he could run for Consul... She personally would have, and didn't, refuse such a title, but it was still an audacity she felt she lacked._ Sep 30 22:07:36 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Get below 20 to go down a stress level, correct? Sep 30 22:07:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> To go from Moderate Stress to Low Stress, you would need to go all the way under 5.0%. Sep 30 22:08:28 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright then. Sep 30 22:08:39 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Well, one more read, then *borrow* the book. Sep 30 22:09:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Another 1d8 then! Sep 30 22:09:27 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 22:09:27 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8 Sep 30 22:09:27 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3 Sep 30 22:10:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _15 turns pass, during which you heal 1.5% Stress. [18.5%] You finish reading the book, all the way to the protagonist's eventual demise and legacy._ Sep 30 22:12:01 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _was left both a tad disturbed still, though also a bit inspired; She saw a bit of herself in Julius, though she was much older at this point then he was when he died... Perhaps that was something she could hold over the ficticious character, she wasn't stabbed to death after trying to declare himself King._ Sep 30 22:12:52 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright, if that book is finished, go nab the guide to the Maze and put it in her bag. Sep 30 22:15:24 <Hebizuka> [Book] A book. Title: [Non-fiction] Figuring the Pattern: An Insider's Guide to the Mazes - Takes 1d8*5 turns to read. Stress -0.1% * amount of turns spent reading. - Weight: 1 Sep 30 22:16:13 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Take it. Might be useful. Or it can just be filled with libel and anecdotal stories. Sep 30 22:17:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 72.56 /100 Sep 30 22:18:22 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright... Sep 30 22:18:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Where do I have to go for the sidemission? (Especially since it switched, it seems0 Sep 30 22:20:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce Halverson should still be at the Town Gate, where you first met him. He doesn't seem like to be the sort of person to take breaks because it's the night._ Sep 30 22:20:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Head back to the man with eyelids of steel. Sep 30 22:24:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Since you're leaving the hospital room, the medic assumes you're checking out for good. If you need to use a hospital bedroom again, you will need to pay for access again._ Sep 30 22:25:22 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Understood. Sep 30 22:25:31 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Hope they don't mind my... uh... acquistion. Sep 30 22:32:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _No-one seems to mind that you took a book from a hospital bedroom! You make your way, crossing town, all the way to the Town Gate - this takes 19 turns._ Sep 30 22:32:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You do feel as though you didn't rest all that well - and to boot, you're starting to feel hungry, but for now, and as Bruce Halverson comes into view again, no negative effects are felt. For now._ Sep 30 22:33:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> It's slightly past midnight, so this is the best time to work. Sep 30 22:34:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Hunger will start accelerating your Fatigue, however, so keep an eye out. Sep 30 22:35:11 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Should I just eat some of the cooked game meat I have? Sep 30 22:36:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You can, if you'd like. Sep 30 22:36:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Eat a piece, just to avoid having to deal with hunger. Sep 30 22:37:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You took a turn to set down your backpack, and another to take out, and eat a slab of cooked, fire ant meat. It's a mystery how the damn things come already cooked._ Sep 30 22:38:34 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 22:46:13 <HashiBot> @roll 1d126+126 Sep 30 22:46:13 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 132:6+126 Sep 30 22:46:19 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Good roll. Sep 30 22:50:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You regain 119 nutrition. This is enough to quell the hunger for now._ Sep 30 22:51:41 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 119? Sep 30 22:51:42 <HashiBot> <Gear> Level up! @Groovy_smoothy is now **level 18**. Sep 30 22:51:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 0.9x multiplier because it's cooked meat. Sep 30 22:51:59 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Ah, alright. Sep 30 22:52:01 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Thanks. Sep 30 22:52:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Halverson is standing guard at the Town Gate, and hasn't noticed your presence yet._ Sep 30 22:53:18 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _walks over to Anderson. "Alright, I'm ready." She says, breaking the silence of midnight._ Sep 30 22:54:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Oh, geez, you scared me. I'm not used to things and people coming up in my back. Sep 30 22:55:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** So, you took an awful lot of time in there, did you actually find something to do in town? Sep 30 22:57:19 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Your city needs renovations. Hospital especially, the beds back home were more comfy."_ Sep 30 22:58:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Ah, now I understand where you went. Okay, that is completely fair. May as well have you fully recuperated and ready, anyway. So, I need your help cleaning out the critters that got into the Generator area, and into the farmlands as well. They've caused significant damage again and if this continues on, the town just won't be able to subsist itself. No food and no power means we'll all eventually leave. Sep 30 23:00:45 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods a bit, already having heard the bit about the generator; though the farmland was new information to her... Well, money is money, and critters hopefully won't be too dangerous. "Interesting that this is a problem that effects the whole community, yet the only people willing to do anything about it is a militia member and a... I believe the term is Other worlder."_ Sep 30 23:02:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Oh, you're an otherworlder? Well, damn. Hope you're adjusting to this world. This town isn't exactly a shining example. Anyway, if you're ready, let's get going. Sep 30 23:04:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Your technology is still offputting, but yes, I think I'll adjust well enough, Thank you. Yes, let us go."_ Sep 30 23:05:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He is going to leave through to the north into the Access corridor, then east towards the Generator facility. Following him will take 2 turns. Ready to go?_ Sep 30 23:06:12 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets go. Sep 30 23:09:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You entered the Generator facility's control room, with computers and monitors. The room's purpose is monitoring the status of the power generator and the flow of power into every room of the town. One thing that becomes immediately apparent is that bad things have happened here - there is the **dead body of an engineer** on the floor, as well as many spats and puddles of blood, and the traces of a fight that went wrong._ Sep 30 23:09:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The power control computer is displaying a big, red, flashing ERROR message, and the door to the north - normally closed and electrically locked - is wide open._ Sep 30 23:10:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I know they're deeper inside, but I don't know exactly how many of them there were. Poor sod shouldn't have died, though... Sep 30 23:11:29 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods as Bruce speaks, looking at the door, and at the blood. "How bright will it be further in?" It might be possible, if it's dark, they could very well be sleeping at this time of night. Besides that, Morrigan went and checked the body, for any weapons the engineer was possibly carrying._ Sep 30 23:14:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You immediately notice the engineer's weapon lying beside him, still half-clutched. You can further search the body for other items as well, if you'd like._ Sep 30 23:14:29 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - R2/Regular - H&K MP7A1 submachine gun | 4.6x30mm - Semi/Full - 7.1" - RS | AutoROF: 8 | Optic[n/a,NATO-S], Foregrip(I), LRail-S[n/a], LRail-S[n/a] | MP7 40-round mag, +1 | Weight: 5 - [37+1 /40, Standard FMJ] - (Condition: Good / Cleanliness: **Grimy**) Sep 30 23:14:52 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "You know how to use this?" Sep 30 23:16:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]**Me? No. I'm better with this here shotgun. But if you want it, I'm not sure this guy will mind. Sep 30 23:16:42 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "I'll grab it on the way out. I'm not exactly confident in my ability to use it." Sep 30 23:17:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Noted. If you're ready, we're going in through that door. Get ready to fight. Sep 30 23:18:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will move one room north. Ready?_ Sep 30 23:18:12 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Ready as I'll ever be. Sep 30 23:19:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You move into a corridor room. You and Bruce are on Side 1 of the room. On Side 2, you see the first few creatures: two **jackals**. He makes a sign that they're part of the targets. Combat mode is ON._ Sep 30 23:19:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1. What do you want to do?_ Sep 30 23:20:07 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Stealth still kept? Sep 30 23:20:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> For now. Sep 30 23:20:31 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Find cover so I can try and sneak. Sep 30 23:20:33 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 23:20:34 <HashiBot> @cover Sep 30 23:20:34 <MazeBot> No cover at all! Sep 30 23:20:38 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Well, then. Sep 30 23:21:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You will not be able to employ cover tactics, at least in this room. What's your next move?_ Sep 30 23:21:29 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Fuck it, 2 slashes to one of the jackals. Sep 30 23:21:38 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Head. Sep 30 23:23:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Seeing that you're going to rush headlong into battle, Bruce sees no reason not to do the same. While you engage #1, he will aim his shotgun at #2 's chest, and fire twice._ Sep 30 23:24:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal 1, Jackal 2, You, Bruce._ Sep 30 23:25:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The swift canines immediately charge and attack the intruders. Both of them converge towards you, and #1 is the first to attack, about to jump and claw at your chest._ Sep 30 23:25:44 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:25:44 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:25:44 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Sep 30 23:25:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But he missed._ Sep 30 23:25:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Jackal #2 follows, going to try and bite your left hand!_ Sep 30 23:26:02 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:26:02 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:26:02 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Sep 30 23:26:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But he misses too - by a few inches._ Sep 30 23:26:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll now for 2 slashes._ Sep 30 23:26:49 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> What's the formula again? Sorry, it's been a while. Sep 30 23:27:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You will want @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:27:28 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 23:27:29 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:27:29 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;7 Sep 30 23:28:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _That's two misses - although you're not far off, the head is harder to hit._ Sep 30 23:29:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce levels his shotgun and fires at #2, twice._ Sep 30 23:29:08 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:29:09 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:29:09 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5;9 Sep 30 23:29:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One miss, one hit. However, even the hit is off - only 2 of 9 pellets hit the jackal in the torso..._ Sep 30 23:29:59 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Closest thing to damage done so far. Sep 30 23:31:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Thankfully, this was more than enough for it to be instant lights out for the jackal!_ Sep 30 23:31:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Bruce [MP-153] Jackal #2 Sep 30 23:31:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ending Turn 1..._ Sep 30 23:32:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The remaining canine is now on Side 1, within melee range._ Sep 30 23:32:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. What is your next move?_ Sep 30 23:32:36 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes, head. Sep 30 23:32:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will repeat his last - 2 shots to the torso of the last one._ Sep 30 23:33:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal, You, Bruce. The jackal is about to try and claw you again, this time at the hips._ Sep 30 23:33:31 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:33:32 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:33:32 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Sep 30 23:33:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He fails to deal damage, his paw harmlessly bounces off of your thigh._ Sep 30 23:33:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll now for 2 slashes._ Sep 30 23:34:03 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 23:34:04 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:34:04 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;6 Sep 30 23:34:06 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Fucking Sep 30 23:34:12 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> why am I rolling the same amount both times? Sep 30 23:34:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Two misses again._ Sep 30 23:35:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce aims..._ Sep 30 23:35:21 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:35:21 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:35:21 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8;5 Sep 30 23:35:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One hit, one miss. 6 pellets crash into the jackal like thunder crashes on a tree. The canine is blasted into two halves._ Sep 30 23:36:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Bruce [MP-153] Jackal #1 Sep 30 23:36:25 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Fuck that thing's loud." Sep 30 23:36:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Sorry bout that. Sep 30 23:36:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of the fight! (2 turns) - All enemies in the room eliminated_ Sep 30 23:37:18 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Isn't jackal 2 unconscious, or did you mean 'dead' by 'lights out'. Sep 30 23:37:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You are standing before two dead jackals - one very dead, one obliterated. Neither have anything resembling harvestable meat._ Sep 30 23:38:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> I did mean it as an euphemism for "dead". Sep 30 23:39:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Alright. Just never heard it specifically used for dead) Sep 30 23:39:34 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"You're good with that. Lets keep moving."_ Sep 30 23:40:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** There's more in here, this is the storage room. When you're ready, we're going to enter and start taking them out, aight? Sep 30 23:40:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He points to the room to the east._ Sep 30 23:40:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods, rubbing the side of her face a bit. "Understood. Lets move."_ Sep 30 23:41:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You follow him into the generator storage room. The first thing you see is that this room was supposed to be the food cupboard of the generator engineers, and that it has been savagely raided - presumably by the jackals, who ate everything. You enter on **Side 3**, and you see **three jackals** on the opposite side, on **Side 4**._ Sep 30 23:42:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON. Turn 1 - What's your next move?_ Sep 30 23:42:19 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Look for cover. Sep 30 23:42:20 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 23:42:21 <HashiBot> @cover Sep 30 23:42:21 <MazeBot> A wooden crate with metal covers. (Health: 59, LDV modifier: -2. AC Eqv: A2. Pass-through threshold: 8+ dmg. Pain modifier: x0.75) Sep 30 23:43:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In order to maintain stealth, you need to roll 2d6+Agi. Bruce will also need to do the same check to follow you and maintain stealth._ Sep 30 23:43:57 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Hm... Sep 30 23:44:10 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (If I fail, then they pretty much get a free attack, besides me rolling to dodge, right?) Sep 30 23:45:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (If you fail, you get behind cover but your turn ends. Since stealth will be broken at that point, Bruce, on the other hand, will be able to take cover and get a shot off, since he doesn't need to make a _stealth check_ anymore.) Sep 30 23:45:53 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Fuck it, just attack. what could go wrong) Sep 30 23:46:04 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes. Chest this time. Sep 30 23:46:11 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> One of the Jackals. Sep 30 23:46:20 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _unless Bruce is suddenly aiming that shotgun my way._ Sep 30 23:49:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will quickly reload 2 shells, taking extra ammo from his left leg rig, then fire two at Jackal #2._ Sep 30 23:50:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Like you, he aims at the torso._ Sep 30 23:51:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal 3, Jackal 1, Jackal 2, You, Bruce._ Sep 30 23:51:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _#3 runs up to Bruce to try and claw his right leg._ Sep 30 23:51:17 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:51:17 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:51:17 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Sep 30 23:51:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But he fails to hit._ Sep 30 23:51:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _#1 runs up to Bruce as well, to try and bite him in the hips._ Sep 30 23:51:42 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:51:43 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:51:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Sep 30 23:51:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another failure. Sep 30 23:52:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _#2 will try to attack you instead, going for a bite on your own hips._ Sep 30 23:52:09 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:52:09 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Sep 30 23:52:09 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Sep 30 23:52:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit - reduced power due to inaccurate hit._ Sep 30 23:53:52 <Hebizuka> [Damage sustained] Pain: 13% (+13) // Limb damage: 2 damage to the hips [31 /33] // Injuries sustained: None (Prevented by cargo pants) Sep 30 23:54:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It's now your turn. You may roll to attack Jackal #1 twice._ Sep 30 23:54:31 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Sep 30 23:54:31 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:54:31 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;7 Sep 30 23:56:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One miss, one inaccurate hit. You do hit the jackal at reduced power, however that doesn't particularly matter much, because you've sent the blade halfway into the creature, instantly killing it and damaging pretty much most of its vital organs._ Sep 30 23:56:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Jackal Sep 30 23:56:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Surprisingly not a brutal kill. You're just under the threshold._ Sep 30 23:56:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> KV: 1 point Sep 30 23:57:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One moment..._ Sep 30 23:57:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 Skill Point in Sharp weapons. Sep 30 23:58:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce quickly reloads 2 shells from his left rig, then aims at #2, about to fire twice..._ Sep 30 23:58:24 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Sep 30 23:58:25 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Sep 30 23:58:25 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8;5 Sep 30 23:58:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One hit, one miss. 7 pellets strike the maverick canine, pretty much obliterating it as well._ Sep 30 23:59:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Bruce [MP-153] Jackal Sep 30 23:59:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ending Turn 1..._ Oct 01 00:00:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're feeling fine, for someone who was just bitten._ Oct 01 00:00:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. The last jackal is now on your side of the room. Next move?_ Oct 01 00:00:50 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes, chest. Oct 01 00:01:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will fire one shot at #3, also at the chest._ Oct 01 00:02:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal #3, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 00:02:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The jackal tries to claw you in the left arm..._ Oct 01 00:02:25 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:02:26 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 00:02:26 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9 Oct 01 00:02:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit!_ Oct 01 00:04:42 <Hebizuka> [Damage sustained] Pain: +14% (total 25%) // 4 damage to the left arm [18 /22] // Injuries sustained: 1 wound to the left arm, 1.0 Blood lost (left arm was unprotected) Oct 01 00:05:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It is now your turn. You may roll for 2 attacks now._ Oct 01 00:05:54 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 00:05:54 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 00:05:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;4 Oct 01 00:06:08 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> My rolls aren't all that good so far. Oct 01 00:06:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One hit (inaccurate), one miss._ Oct 01 00:07:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The jackal suffers the same fate as its colleague - in fact, you almost completely chop him clean in two._ Oct 01 00:07:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Jackal Oct 01 00:07:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 Skill Point in Sharp weapons, KV: 1 point Oct 01 00:08:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight (2 turns) - All enemies dead!_ Oct 01 00:08:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Now you have a bleeding cut to deal with on your left arm. Red streaks are starting to adorn your arm again._ Oct 01 00:09:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** You okay? Oct 01 00:09:19 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"More obnoxious then anything. Just give me a minute."_ Oct 01 00:09:24 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Let me check my inventory.) Oct 01 00:10:03 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> use one of the rags as a bandage. Oct 01 00:10:17 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:10:18 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 00:10:18 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1 Oct 01 00:10:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You took one turn to set the backpack down, then used one of the rags. Thankfully, it doesn't rip, and the one rag is all you need to patch yourself up_ Oct 01 00:10:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 Skill Point in Healing skill Oct 01 00:11:26 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Alright, I'm good. How many more rooms?"_ Oct 01 00:11:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have 5 rags remaining in the backpack._ Oct 01 00:12:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Damn... They really did raid the whole storage room... If they're this desperate for food, next time they're gonna attack in town. Uh, let me think. Oct 01 00:13:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** There should be some in the HG room. We'll go back out in the corridor, then it's one room north. Oct 01 00:14:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _During the two turns you spent to open the bag and patch yourself up, Bruce has reloaded his weapon._ Oct 01 00:14:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ready to follow him?_ Oct 01 00:15:32 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "They're attacking because this place was relatively defenseless. Same with the farm, I bet. the town will probably be much harder to take." Oct 01 00:15:38 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets go. Oct 01 00:22:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You follow Bruce out of the storage room, and travel 2 rooms..._ Oct 01 00:24:45 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright. Oct 01 00:25:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're starting to feel hungry. You suffer from further accelerated fatigue. Be careful. [Fatigue 39.2%]_ Oct 01 00:27:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You enter a room labeled **HEBIZUKA GENERATOR ROOM** - the center of the room is dominated by a large power generator, which seems to bear a very familiar name... There are power control computers as well, but they all flash an "ERROR" symbol. You see another dead engineer - with what seems to be self-inflicted wounds, and large spatters of blood on the wall and floor next to him._ Oct 01 00:27:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But you don't have much the time to take a close look, because..._ Oct 01 00:27:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _...two jackals, on Side 2, are roaming about. You and Bruce are once again on Side 1._ Oct 01 00:28:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON. Turn 1 - what is your next move?_ Oct 01 00:28:20 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes, chest. Oct 01 00:28:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will follow suit on the jackal you're not attacking, with three shots._ Oct 01 00:29:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal #1, Jackal #2, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 00:30:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _#1 will run towards you, to try and claw you in the stomach._ Oct 01 00:30:13 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:30:14 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 00:30:14 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Oct 01 00:30:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Failed._ Oct 01 00:30:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _#2 rushes towards Bruce to try and claw his right leg._ Oct 01 00:30:35 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:30:35 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 00:30:35 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Oct 01 00:30:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit, inaccurate. The attack lands at reduced power._ Oct 01 00:31:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce doesn't appear to have been hurt very much at all._ Oct 01 00:31:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll now for 2 attacks._ Oct 01 00:31:50 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 00:31:50 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 00:31:50 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;6 Oct 01 00:31:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another double miss._ Oct 01 00:31:59 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> I'm noticing a weird pattern. Oct 01 00:32:02 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Again) Oct 01 00:32:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce attacks #2 with three shotgun blasts to the torso._ Oct 01 00:32:17 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:32:18 <HashiBot> @roll 3#2d6 Oct 01 00:32:18 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;9;7 Oct 01 00:32:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _1 hit, 2 misses._ Oct 01 00:32:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _However, 8 pellets hit the jackal anyway, which is promptly eighty-sixed._ Oct 01 00:33:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Bruce [MP-153] Jackal Oct 01 00:33:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> That sounds bad. Oct 01 00:33:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ending Turn 1..._ Oct 01 00:34:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. You have only one enemy left to dispatch, and it's on your side. What is your next move?_ Oct 01 00:35:32 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes, chest. Oct 01 00:37:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will fire three more times at the same target as well._ Oct 01 00:38:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal 1, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 00:38:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The last surviving jackal of the room will try to bite you. In the butt. Literally._ Oct 01 00:38:34 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 00:38:34 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 00:38:34 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Oct 01 00:38:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But it fails. Even your buttocks are out of reach for the jackal._ Oct 01 00:38:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll to attack twice._ Oct 01 00:39:16 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 00:39:16 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 00:39:16 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5;7 Oct 01 00:39:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> shit Oct 01 00:39:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One miss, one hit (inaccurate). Despite that, it's still plenty power for a one hit kill._ Oct 01 00:39:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Jackal Oct 01 00:39:57 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (My rolls have been atrocious. I mean, weak enemies, but atrocious) Oct 01 00:40:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 SP in Sharp weapons, KV +1 point Oct 01 00:40:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight! (2 turns)_ Oct 01 00:41:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** You did good. Oct 01 00:41:41 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Could have done better. You did good though; this town's lucky to have you." Oct 01 00:42:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** The generator's taken care of, at least. We still have to clear the farm out. And, well. I do what I can. I'm just a concerned citizen. Once we're done with the fighting we'll talk. In the meantime, if you want to check out the poor sod over there, be my guest. Oct 01 00:43:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _goes to do that. Maybe he has coffee._ Oct 01 00:43:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're starting to feel tired again. [Fatigue 40.6%] - all the fighting is getting to you._ Oct 01 00:44:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Agility falls to +0 again._ Oct 01 00:44:52 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Fuck it, not like that Agility was helping too much. Oct 01 00:47:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The poor, dead engineer appears to have used his MP7 to off himself, for whatever reason it might be. Apparently, his weapon was set to "AUTO". He didn't do himself any favors._ Oct 01 00:47:26 <Hebizuka> [Weapon] Class 2 - R2/Regular - H&K MP7A1 submachine gun | 4.6x30mm - Semi/Full - 7.1" - RS | AutoROF: 8 | Optic[n/a,NATO-S], Foregrip(I), LRail-S[n/a], LRail-S[n/a] | MP7 40-round mag, +1 | Weight: 5 - [33+1 /40, Standard FMJ] - (Condition: **Poor** / Cleanliness: **Caked**) Oct 01 00:47:54 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Anything else on him? Oct 01 00:48:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A standard set of Engineer clothes, a dump belt, a P90 mag rig, and extra magazines for the MP7. If you want to peek at, or loot anything in particular, let me know which._ Oct 01 00:48:57 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright, curiosity, what's a dump belt. Oct 01 00:49:28 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) Dump belt - Capacity 8 units Oct 01 00:50:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Hey, it's better then what I'm currently using. Oct 01 00:51:08 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Seeing as I don't use pistols at all, it has an expanded capacity, and I'm rather certain I haven't touched type 3 weapons. Oct 01 00:51:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You can swap out utility belts for the Dump belt. Your current one (LE duty belt) does not have any items inside anyway - you don't even have any key items yet._ Oct 01 00:51:44 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Put out the LE duty belt in my backpack, in case I end up regretting this decision. Oct 01 00:53:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You removed your LE duty belt, and you spent 1 turn to fold it down, then proceeded to stow it away in the backpack._ Oct 01 00:53:38 <Hebizuka> [LBE] (Utility belt) LE duty belt - Folded - Weight: 3 Oct 01 00:54:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You then equipped the Dump belt in its stead._ Oct 01 00:54:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Backpack / Main] 74.56 /100 Oct 01 00:57:11 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"He doesn't need the belt." She is still respectful enough however, to at least close his eyes._ Oct 01 00:59:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** We're going to check up on the farm next. I think the beasts there are a little bigger, so keep your wits about, aight? Lemme know when you're ready. Oct 01 01:00:00 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Alright. Any idea what we'll encounter there?"_ Oct 01 01:02:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I'm not sure, it might be more jackals, but I'm sure I saw larger beasts sneak in there... Oct 01 01:02:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I waited for your arrival before I went to take a look, though. Oct 01 01:03:07 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods. "Hopefully no Caribou."_ Oct 01 01:05:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It will take 9 rooms to follow him to the Land farm. Ready to go?_ Oct 01 01:05:12 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets get moving. Oct 01 01:08:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As you trudge along, you heal all of your Pain and Blood back. [Pain: 0%] [Blood: 20.0 /20] You're still hungry, and growing tired, and perhaps a part of you wishes that fighting won't drag on too long._ Oct 01 01:09:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _After crossing a water recycling facility, Bruce leads you to the headmaster's office of what seems to be a large land farm. However, the headmaster of said farm can be found dead - his throat bitten off savagely - on the floor._ Oct 01 01:09:42 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Brutal looking, but quick. Doesn't take long at all to bleed out from that." Oct 01 01:10:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** They must've gotten a lucky hit on him. Or he couldn't fight. Either way... I ain't letting that happen again. Oct 01 01:10:42 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Let's make sure that's the case then." Oct 01 01:11:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Anyway, we're going to go through these corridors there, they lead outside, to the animal pens. The vermin must've had a field day killing and eating the livestock there. Ready when you are. Oct 01 01:12:25 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Eat another piece of cooked game. Oct 01 01:12:35 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Better to get it out of the way now. Oct 01 01:13:07 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:13:08 <HashiBot> @roll 1d126+126 Oct 01 01:13:08 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 135:9+126 Oct 01 01:13:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _122 nutrition gained._ Oct 01 01:13:22 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (By GOD I'm rolling really low) Oct 01 01:13:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _It took one turn to set the bag down, and another to eat._ Oct 01 01:14:03 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> And another cooked game. Oct 01 01:14:10 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:14:10 <HashiBot> @roll 1d126+126 Oct 01 01:14:10 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 205:79+126 Oct 01 01:14:20 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (There. Better.) Oct 01 01:14:23 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "You want any?" Oct 01 01:14:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _185 nutrition gained._ Oct 01 01:14:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Nah, thanks. Oct 01 01:14:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright, ready to rock Oct 01 01:15:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're still at the edge of hunger. Another wouldn't hurt._ Oct 01 01:15:14 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Fine. Oct 01 01:15:19 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:15:20 <HashiBot> @roll 1d126+126 Oct 01 01:15:20 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 145:19+126 Oct 01 01:15:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _131 ntri gained_ Oct 01 01:15:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Have room now, or? Oct 01 01:16:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have 4 pieces of fire ant meat left. You feel a little better for now._ Oct 01 01:16:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright, now lets rock. Oct 01 01:17:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce leads the way through 5 rooms, but only the first two really count as "rooms". You quickly find yourself outside - with fresher air, and dark sky brightly lit, thanks to a full moon and plenty of peppered, shining stars._ Oct 01 01:18:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Soon enough, you find yourself in what appears to be chicken coops. You see lots, and lots of dead chicken, bitten off, savagely mangled and eaten, with large trails and puddles of blood and feathers._ Oct 01 01:18:30 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"I have a bad feeling about this."_ Oct 01 01:20:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Eventually you arrive in the south chicken coop. Even more dead cluckers there... You enter from Side 2. On the opposite end, Side 1, are **two more jackals**, curled up after what looks like a hearty meal._ Oct 01 01:21:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON. Turn 1; what's your next move?_ Oct 01 01:22:44 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes to jackal #1, to the chest. Oct 01 01:23:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The jackals immediately rise to fight. They growl and howl. Bruce will aim at #2 and fire twice._ Oct 01 01:24:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal #2, Jackal #1, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 01:24:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Both of the vermin dogs converge towards Bruce this time. #2 attempts clawing him in the hips._ Oct 01 01:24:31 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:24:31 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:24:31 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Oct 01 01:24:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit._ Oct 01 01:25:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _That looks like it left a mark - you see him grunt and start bleeding from the hit._ Oct 01 01:25:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Jackal #1 attacks Bruce as well, going to try and bite him in the stomach._ Oct 01 01:25:53 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:25:53 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:25:53 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7 Oct 01 01:26:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit._ Oct 01 01:26:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Despite both the attacks that just hit him being inaccurate, they both left a mark..._ Oct 01 01:27:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may now roll for 2 strikes._ Oct 01 01:27:42 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:27:43 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 01:27:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;10 Oct 01 01:27:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Miss, then a definite, solid hit._ Oct 01 01:30:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your good strike managed to cut the jackal from end to end - you split it down the torso, creating two halves... and a huge mess!_ Oct 01 01:31:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Jackal Oct 01 01:31:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 SP in Sharp weapons. +1 Brutal point. KV: +1 point Oct 01 01:31:40 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Back in business." Oct 01 01:32:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce's turn. Despite his injuries, he is still going to fight. He fires twice at the remaining survivor._ Oct 01 01:32:11 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:32:12 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:32:12 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Oct 01 01:32:16 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:32:17 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:32:17 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9 Oct 01 01:32:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> ((Apologies. Oct 01 01:32:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Two hits. A total of 13 pellets strike the jackal, which is promptly reduced to a pile of destroyed guts._ Oct 01 01:32:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight! (1 turn)_ Oct 01 01:33:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Damn... Oct 01 01:33:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He looks down at his hip wound. It's staining his jeans blood red._ Oct 01 01:33:49 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "That's more like it." Oct 01 01:34:09 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _looks over at Bruce, and digs through her backpack for another rag. "Lets patch that up."_ Oct 01 01:34:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** If you insist... I'm not gonna turn down some medical help, at least. Oct 01 01:35:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You spent a turn to set the backpack down, during which Bruce bled just a little bit. Toss me a 1d2-1 to see if your rag succeeded._ Oct 01 01:35:10 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:35:10 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:35:10 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1 Oct 01 01:35:17 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Another @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:35:24 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:35:24 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:35:24 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1 Oct 01 01:35:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The first rag ripped and failed, but the second succeeded, and you managed to finally patch Bruce up._ Oct 01 01:36:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have 3 rags remaining._ Oct 01 01:36:51 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "There." Oct 01 01:37:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Thank you. I assure you that you will be duly rewarded for this. Just a little further. Just to the west is the rabbit pen... Let's clear that out, and then the pig pen, and we'll be done. Oct 01 01:37:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce reloaded his weapon while you were healing him._ Oct 01 01:38:08 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Think nothing of it. And I mean that." Oct 01 01:38:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Alright. Well, let's finish this. Oct 01 01:38:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ready to move west?_ Oct 01 01:38:29 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Ready. Oct 01 01:40:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You move one "room" to the west, out of the chicken coop and towards the south rabbit pen. You see much of the same destruction here - lots and lots of dead rabbits, preyed upon and eaten swiftly. You enter the area on Side 4. On Side 2, you spot **a jackal and a dingo**. The dingo looks a little bigger and stronger than the vermin dog._ Oct 01 01:40:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON. Turn 1 - what's your next move?_ Oct 01 01:41:14 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Attack the Dingo, 2 slashes to the chest. Oct 01 01:41:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will reload 2, then fire 2 at the jackal's chest._ Oct 01 01:41:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As soon as you attack, the canines howl, in an attempt to intimidate!_ Oct 01 01:42:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Dingo, Jackal, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 01:42:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The howling dingo rushes towards your companion, to try and claw him in the hips._ Oct 01 01:42:59 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:43:00 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:43:00 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 12 Oct 01 01:43:20 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Well, fuck. Oct 01 01:44:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Critical hit! On top of undoing your medical work (which by the way, you received 1 SP in Healing for, which I forgot to mention earlier) by causing a new bleeding wound to his hips, Bruce is **stunned**!_ Oct 01 01:44:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The jackal moves in to try and bite you in the stomach._ Oct 01 01:44:42 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:44:43 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:44:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 12 Oct 01 01:44:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> What the actual fuck? Oct 01 01:44:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Critical hit again?... Oct 01 01:45:10 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> The fuck is up with the dice? Oct 01 01:45:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The fangs hit in a particularly painful spot and cause **extra pain**._ Oct 01 01:46:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Let's hope your flak jacket is up to the task._ Oct 01 01:47:13 <Hebizuka> [Damage sustained] Pain: +22% (total 22%) // Limb damage sustained: 2 damage to the torso [42 /44 HP] // Injuries sustained: None (Prevented by the flak jacket) Oct 01 01:47:35 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (I can work with this.) Oct 01 01:47:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your armor has saved you from a wound, once again._ Oct 01 01:48:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may now roll for 2 attacks._ Oct 01 01:48:09 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:48:09 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 01:48:09 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;10 Oct 01 01:48:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit (inaccurate), and Hit._ Oct 01 01:48:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Let's just say there's no more dingo - instead, there are two dingo halves and one comical dingo slice._ Oct 01 01:48:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Dingo Oct 01 01:49:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 SP in Sharp weapons. +1 Brutal point. KV: +1 point Oct 01 01:49:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce is unable to move - he was stunned._ Oct 01 01:49:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ending Turn 1..._ Oct 01 01:50:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Ugh... gggh. Let's end this shit already... Oct 01 01:50:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. Next move?_ Oct 01 01:51:09 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> two slashes, jackal Oct 01 01:51:55 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce will fire 2 shots at the jackal too._ Oct 01 01:52:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Jackal, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 01:52:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The jackal growls angrily, then tries to claw you in the left arm!_ Oct 01 01:52:31 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 01:52:31 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 01:52:31 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Oct 01 01:52:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit, inaccurate, but still a hit._ Oct 01 01:53:55 <Hebizuka> [Damage sustained] Pain: +5% (total 25%) // Limb damage sustained: None // Injuries sustained: None (attack failed to deal limb damage) Oct 01 01:53:56 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Give it to me straight, doc. Oct 01 01:54:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _This wasn't a painful hit._ Oct 01 01:54:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _More stressful than actually damaging._ Oct 01 01:54:28 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Well, lets end this. Oct 01 01:54:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll to attack._ Oct 01 01:54:37 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:54:38 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 01:54:38 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;9 Oct 01 01:54:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit (inaccurate), Hit. The jackal is dead._ Oct 01 01:54:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Jackal Oct 01 01:55:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 SP in Sharp weapons, +1 Brutal point, KV +1 pt Oct 01 01:55:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight! (2 turns)_ Oct 01 01:55:54 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _goes to check on Bruce immediately after the jackal was put down, and see how bad the injury was._ Oct 01 01:56:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** It's okay, it just really hurts... Oct 01 01:56:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He is handling the pain for now, but he is bleeding from a new hip wound._ Oct 01 01:56:37 * Reisen_Udongein has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds) Oct 01 01:56:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Use another rag on his wound. Oct 01 01:56:58 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:56:58 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:56:58 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1 Oct 01 01:57:01 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> And another... Oct 01 01:57:04 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:57:05 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:57:05 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1 Oct 01 01:57:09 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> And another. Oct 01 01:57:10 * Reisen_Udongein (reisen@MOON-IS0A0FAKE.th08-in.eientei.go) has joined Oct 01 01:57:11 * AmmoBox gives voice to Reisen_Udongein Oct 01 01:57:12 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 01:57:12 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Oct 01 01:57:12 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1 Oct 01 01:57:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> There we go. Oct 01 01:57:28 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _is too fucking nice._ Oct 01 01:57:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You spent 1 turn to set the backpack down, and 3 consecutive turns to burn all of your remaining rags. Only the last one succeeded at patching Bruce up._ Oct 01 01:57:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> If I want to be purely pragmatic, he's good enough with a shotgun to warrant special treatment though. Oct 01 01:59:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You gained +1 Skill Point in Healing._ Oct 01 01:59:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I'm sorry for draining your resources so much. We just have one more fight to go through... Oct 01 01:59:56 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Think you can make it through?" Oct 01 02:00:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Yes. Let's end this. Oct 01 02:00:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Ready to move west to the south pig pen?_ Oct 01 02:00:32 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets go. Oct 01 02:02:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As you move to the west towards the pig pen, you feel that your hunger is coming back ,and with it, the extra Fatigue drain. But now is not the time to worry about exhaustion. The area is full of dead pigs, and reeks even more of blood and animal cadavers. You finally understand what led these animals so fearlessly into the town..._ Oct 01 02:03:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As you enter in Side 4, you see two creatures on Side 2: a **dingo**, and what looks like the leader of the entire pack of animals you fought so far: a **warg**! Your eyes do not deceive you - this is a real, big, mean, bad, red-eyed warg._ Oct 01 02:03:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON._ Oct 01 02:03:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1 - what is your next move?_ Oct 01 02:03:33 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> 2 slashes to the warg.... Chest. Oct 01 02:04:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Holy shit... Oct 01 02:04:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He was about to aim at the warg, but switches targets after he realizes you're going after it. He will shoot twice at the dingo instead._ Oct 01 02:05:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The warg emits a loud, ragged, almost demonic howl. How dare these humans trespass on his hunting grounds?_ Oct 01 02:05:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Order this turn: Dingo, Warg, You, Bruce._ Oct 01 02:06:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The dingo charges at Bruce to try and claw him in the hips. Decidedly, today isn't a good hip day._ Oct 01 02:06:03 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 02:06:04 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 02:06:04 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Oct 01 02:06:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _But he misses, thankfully._ Oct 01 02:06:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The warg moves in, going to attack you - a bite to the chest, no less._ Oct 01 02:06:26 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 02:06:26 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 02:06:26 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Oct 01 02:06:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _His jaw snaps, making a loud, dry noise - at least it's a miss._ Oct 01 02:06:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your turn. You may roll now._ Oct 01 02:06:54 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 02:06:54 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 02:06:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8;5 Oct 01 02:07:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit, Miss._ Oct 01 02:07:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your blade makes contact with the giant, wolf-like canine..._ Oct 01 02:09:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In an almost dramatic fashion, the warg is hurt just enough for it to pass out from the pain, falling at the delicate border between life and death. It has been rendered unable to fight, at least._ Oct 01 02:09:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce raises his shotgun and fires twice at the dingo... You know the drill._ Oct 01 02:09:45 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Oct 01 02:09:45 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Oct 01 02:09:45 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 10;6 Oct 01 02:10:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Hit, and hit!_ Oct 01 02:10:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _His first shot had all nine pellets strike the dingo - the second has a respectable seven pellets follow up. With 16 projectiles, the dingo is immediately reduced to paste._ Oct 01 02:10:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _End of fight (1 turn) - all enemies incapacitated or dead!_ Oct 01 02:11:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The warg is clinging onto life. You can execute it if you'd like._ Oct 01 02:12:03 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Cut off its head. Oct 01 02:14:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You apply the bastard sword to the warg's head. You actually dealt just enough damage to chop the head clean off, which goes off rolling a few inches, almost miserably._ Oct 01 02:14:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Morrigan [Bastard sword] Warg Oct 01 02:14:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 SP in Sharp weapons, +1 Brutal point, +1 Headshot point, KV +4 pts Oct 01 02:15:02 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"I presume these things are supposed to be bad news?"_ Oct 01 02:16:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** They're capable of talking to other canine creatures, on occasion, so they're naturally good pack leaders... But the concerning thing is that a warg made it here at all. Oct 01 02:16:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** If these things appear in groups of the size that we just fought, it's not going to take two people to clean the town out - we'd need an actual town security squad... Oct 01 02:17:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** But...At least, you've helped me clean house, so to speak. You've done your job. Let's leave the farm, and get ourselves back inside. Oct 01 02:17:38 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Bruce wants to return to the Town Gate. Follow him?_ Oct 01 02:17:44 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Do so. Oct 01 02:20:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You travel 14 rooms with Bruce, leaving the farm, crossing through the recycling facility, and finally, back to the town gate._ Oct 01 02:21:29 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Any ideas who would want to help act as town security?"_ Oct 01 02:23:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Well... I was hesitant to talk about this with you, but since you bring it up... Oct 01 02:24:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "If it's an offer to me specifically, I have to refuse. I have other obligations. My apologies." Oct 01 02:25:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I've hired you to do a job and you've done that job, for which I am very grateful and willing to pay you. However... I have growing concerns. What we've spent so much time cleaning out, might happen again here next week. Oct 01 02:25:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I know that you're not up to become a Town Security officer for Elkins. You're not from around here, and besides, you probably need to be elsewhere. But ... Oct 01 02:26:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I want to know why I am the only one who's concerned by all this and trying to defend this town. Folks don't seem to want to give me straight answers. They look at me like I'm a fool, or desperate. Which I might be, for all I know, but it doesn't address my questions. Oct 01 02:27:22 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"We just fought some sort of talking wolf creature. I admit, many do not consider me an example of insanity back home, but I know we both saw that."_ Oct 01 02:28:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** If you've got time, and if you feel like bothering the night duty folks... I'd like you to go in town, and ask around. The bar, the library, the hospital - wherever you can. I wanna know what people are REALLY thinking, what's going on for me to be the only one to try and defend this place. See if you can get them to talk. I just have to know. I don't wanna give up on my town just yet. Oct 01 02:28:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _This objective is optional._ Oct 01 02:29:02 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _pauses for a bit, though then does give a nod. "Alright. I see no harm in doing so; they might be more straight with a complete stranger then with you."_ Oct 01 02:30:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Ask around. The banker, the barman at the Armadillo, the hospital folks, hell, even the librarian, or the guy who runs the clothing store. I think they might know stuff they ain't telling me. Oct 01 02:31:38 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _hums and nods, clearly in thought; the hospital might be a good start, along with the banker... might be an economic reason for all this. Place is a shithole after all, and she remembered how when the war ended, they came home to their homes being purchased while they were away._ Oct 01 02:32:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Head to the hospital first?_ Oct 01 02:32:18 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Yeah, lets go there first. Oct 01 02:32:24 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Well, which is closer actually Oct 01 02:32:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> The bank is closest. Oct 01 02:33:05 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Head to the bank first. Oct 01 02:34:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You've accepted to try taking on Objective 4 for this quest. You will be notified when you receive a clue from a person of interest in town. You need to hear at least 3 clues before coming back to Halverson, although you can hear as many as you'd like._ Oct 01 02:34:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You trot the 7 rooms separating you from the bank..._ Oct 01 02:34:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _...during which your stomach growls, and your tired eyes remind you of how difficult it seems to keep your eyes open._ Oct 01 02:35:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Nutrition: 812 ntri - Hungry] Oct 01 02:35:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Fatigue: 59.4% - Tired] Oct 01 02:37:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Inside of the Elkins Bank, you notice a few things. The banker is present, but he appears to be the only one around. The lack of Town Security means the banker is the only armed person present in the facility._ Oct 01 02:37:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Banker]** _<Meekly>_ H-hello, welcome to the Elkins Bank... Oct 01 02:39:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _was probably still covered in blood, though didn't seem to either mind or care, walking towards the banker, looking around. "I presume you're the only employee here?"_ Oct 01 02:42:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Banker]** U-unfortunately, yes. I'm sure you've a-already noticed, but we don't exactly have any t-t-Town Security... Oct 01 02:44:06 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Curious thing, that. You're most likely armed with firearm of some kind, probably would be silly not to be, in a place like this. But that doesn't explain no militia, or security."_ Oct 01 02:46:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Banker]** I- uh, well. Really, it's because they've left one by one... They were friends, neighbors, people w-w-we all knew very well, one day just did like a lot of other people, t-they just up and left... Many of them came here just to withdraw all of t-t-t-their possessions before leaving, too... Oct 01 02:46:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Clue acquired. 1 out of 3 needed, 1 out of 6 total._ Oct 01 02:48:27 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "So a good deal of the town just... up and left, just like that. And you didn't say or do anything to stop it? How long ago was this, a year ago? Maybe five?" Oct 01 02:50:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Banker]** No, this has been happening over the past few weeks... I can't tell you why because I don't know, I, uh, I never liked to ask. A-all I know is that all of a sudden, lots of people withdrew their whole bank accounts away, and never came back... P-perhaps other people in town might know more, but that's all I can t-t-tell you. Oct 01 02:52:44 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _just glares at him a bit more, before deciding he was telling the truth- even if he wasn't, she couldn't stand his whimpering much longer. "Work on getting a voice for yourself, or someone will take advantage of your lack of one."_ Oct 01 02:52:57 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Alright, lets go to the hospital. I have a hypothesis. Oct 01 02:53:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Banker]** _<Squeak!>_ I-I'm sorry! Oct 01 02:55:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You travel 8 rooms, and find yourself at the hospital lobby once again. The lobby duty nurse is a different one from the one you met earlier - this is the one doing night shift duty._ Oct 01 02:55:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** Good evening. Oh, hey, I recognize you; you're the patient who bought a room this afternoon, right? I saw you on your way out earlier. Oct 01 02:57:37 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods silently, remaining quiet for a minute, before asking "These past few weeks... Has this place been seeing an influx of patients? Or have they all gone away?"_ Oct 01 02:58:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** Ah, uhh... _<She looks nervous, as though she wants to talk, but she's forcing herself not to.>_ Oct 01 02:58:33 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Your silence tells me you know something. I'd suggest you let me know what it is." Oct 01 02:59:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** Okay, okay... But, uh... Keep it down. _<She motions at you to come closer.>_ Well, I know something, yeah... I know about the critter invasions, but that's not the only thing that's pushing people out of town... Oct 01 03:01:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** _<She starts muttering.>_Look... Just last watersday, there were some really unsavory types that came to town... You know Halverson, the last dude at the gate? Well, he wasn't on guard duty that day, think he was out, or taking a day off to rest.. anyway, point is, there was this group of bad dudes, they said they were part of some kind of gang, or something like that... Oct 01 03:03:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** They came into town as if they've always owned the place, started vandalizing stuff, acting like bullies, making threats, and coming juuuuust close to making the peeps start shooting... demanding supplies, refusing to pay for whatever was for sale.. Shop owners eventually started grouping together to drive them out, but they threatened them, they said "we'll come back! with friends!"... Oct 01 03:03:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Nurse]** Ever since, I'm quaking in my shoes every day at the idea of seeing them come back! I told my boss the medic, "I'm saving up all that I can, and then I'm out of here too!"... Oct 01 03:03:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Another clue! 2/3 needed, 2/6 discovered_ Oct 01 03:05:18 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _frowns at her. "So you'd rather cower and run instead of fight for your homes." With that, Morrigan turns around and leaves._ Oct 01 03:05:53 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Where do you want to go next?_ Oct 01 03:06:07 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Head to the bar. Get food, maybe coffee, and information. Oct 01 03:08:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You travel 9 rooms across the social square, until you eventually reach the Armadillo, the only bar in town. You find yourself in the bar hall. At this hour of the day, there is nary a soul, except for one or two old drunken regulars who are keen on spending their nights at the bar. To the east is the bar room, where the barkeep can be found._ Oct 01 03:08:56 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _Take a seat at the bar counter, looking over at the 'tender. "Have any meals?" She says, curtly._ Oct 01 03:11:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Evenin', stranger. What brings you here so late? I'm afraid I've got nothin' to eat - maybe the ol' takeout stand might help your food needs, but I've got plenty to drink if you'd like. Oct 01 03:12:14 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"A need of information... And a need for coffee, if you have any."_ Oct 01 03:13:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Black, or cappucino? And I might have what you need, if the tip's generous, know what I mean? Oct 01 03:15:37 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Black." She says, bluntly, not responding to his attempt at a bribe- just staring at him, eyes cold. "The town is being threatened by raiders, your security force has left, only a single man is trying to help you, I think it's in everyone's best interest to tell me what the **fuck** is going on."_ Oct 01 03:16:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _I can make you pass a Negotiation check to make him talk without a "tip", if you'd like._ Oct 01 03:17:28 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Alright. Lets watch me fail.) Oct 01 03:18:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Toss me a 2d6, you succeed on a 8 or more. That will count as a Medium-level haggle, and if you win, it's 2 skill points. Oct 01 03:18:46 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 03:18:46 <HashiBot> @roll 2d6 Oct 01 03:18:46 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Oct 01 03:18:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Failed._ Oct 01 03:19:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Whoa, lady. You come to my establishment demanding things like that, it ain't a coffee I'm gonna serve you, I have half a mind to serve you buckshot instead. If you ain't gonna order an' be orderly, git outta my bar. Oct 01 03:21:03 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "Better men have tried more daring things with me." Oct 01 03:22:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Yea, well, keep yer sex life to y'self. Oct 01 03:23:06 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "I'm still waiting for the coffee." Oct 01 03:23:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** It's 5 P$. Madam. _<Very dryly. He stares at you like you're some kind of succubus.>_ Oct 01 03:28:03 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _throws the five onto the counter._ Oct 01 03:28:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _22 P$ remaining in money pouch._ Oct 01 03:29:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The bartender promptly serves you a very hot, overly bitter coffee._ Oct 01 03:29:21 <Hebizuka> [Food] Beverage - Cup of coffee, black. 14 ntri, 48 wtr - Agility+1, Alertness increase for 10 turns, Fatigue -4.0%, Stress +0.4% - Weight: 1 Oct 01 03:29:31 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> About as pleasant as his personality. Oct 01 03:30:25 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "I'll pay you 1P$. I'm generous, and I can get the information for free elsewhere." Oct 01 03:32:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Barkeep]** Why don't you keep that coin and shove it where I think of... Oct 01 03:32:46 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Drink the coffee. Oct 01 03:33:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As bitter as it is, it does the job, which is pulling you a little bit away from exhaustion and a little closer towards bitterness and stress._ Oct 01 03:34:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _is already bitter enough, so the change is negligible._ Oct 01 03:34:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Fatigue: 61.1%] [Stress: 28.5%] Oct 01 03:35:57 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "I can see why only two other people frequent here." Oct 01 03:36:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The batender just ignores you. You doubt you'll get any information from him now._ Oct 01 03:36:53 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _just gets up and stretches. "Ah, well, I still do hope this bar survives your lack of a survival instinct. Ciao."_ Oct 01 03:37:15 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Head to the library. Oct 01 03:42:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _9 rooms later, and you are at the Elkins library... Your stomach growls louder and feels emptier than ever._ Oct 01 03:43:21 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Eat my last 4 things of game meat, fuck it Oct 01 03:43:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You find yourself at the entrance, which is also the west wing. There isn't a single soul in the room, but the librarian might still be up at their office, two rooms ahead, in the east wing._ Oct 01 03:43:26 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Morrigan has yet to learn how to eat and fucking walk. Oct 01 03:44:28 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Groovy_smoothy: Oct 01 03:44:29 <HashiBot> @roll 4#1d126+126 Oct 01 03:44:29 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 155:29+126;222:96+126;164:38+126;159:33+126 Oct 01 03:45:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You set down your backpack and chow down on a meal of 4 slabs of cooked fire ant meat. You gained: 140 + 200 + 148 + 143 = 631 ntri._ Oct 01 03:45:51 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (how much total should I have, only since I haven't been keeping turn by turn tabs?) Oct 01 03:46:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Nutrition: 1265 ntri] Oct 01 03:46:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You no longer feel hungry - fatigue will not increase as fast._ Oct 01 03:47:14 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Thank you. Oct 01 03:47:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The optimum nutrition value is 2100 ntri. This is the ideal optimum._ Oct 01 03:47:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You will grow hungry if you fall at 1050 or less._ Oct 01 03:47:52 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _will survive for now with what I have, lets go talk to the librarian._ Oct 01 03:53:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You cross the library through and into the east wing. The librarian is still up, surprisingly enough!_ Oct 01 03:54:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Librarian]** Oh. Good evening. _<He squints at you.>_ Insomniac? I can relate. Oct 01 03:57:11 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _ "No, but sleep isn't high on my priorities at this moment." Morrigan says, admittedly eying the books in the library- containing what most would consider childlike glee at the shelves upon shelves. "I require information... Most likely isn't in a book, though my curiosity is admittedly raised by the amount you have." She pauses, and coughs. "A few weeks ago, a group of bandits entered the town. Do you know anything about Oct 01 03:57:11 <HashiBot> them? Who they are, where they went?"_ Oct 01 04:00:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Librarian]** I've heard about this, yeah, but I haven't been hit. I figure thugs are still not interested in bullying a book nerd for his miserable pile of coins. What I can tell you though, is that after that happened, after they left, i've had a bunch of people come to me asking me for recommendations on books about survival. Guessin' that scared enough folks into seriously considering leaving for good. Oct 01 04:01:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Librarian]** What pisses me off is that half of them said they would just borrow it instead of buying it - and they never came back! They shafted me on the fees... Oct 01 04:01:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Clue acquired. You have 3 out of 3 needed. There's still 2 more you can discover._ Oct 01 04:02:37 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"People are running like rats off a sinking ship, and making sure to scuttle it in the process. Well, thank you." She turns, and starts to head out again- before turning back, and pointing to him. "I will return, I'm interested in your collection."_ Oct 01 04:02:47 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> Lets go back to Bruce. Oct 01 04:03:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Librarian]** Come again soon - very soon if possible. No need to tell you why! Oct 01 04:05:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You leave the library and return to the Town Gate, which takes 14 rooms._ Oct 01 04:06:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You have discovered two important clues regarding the reasons why everyone in town seems to be like rats leaving a sinking ship - the longer-seated desire of the locals to leave a failing, unprotected town, and the recent jolt in criminal activity, with the gang that has recently paid Elkins a visit._ Oct 01 04:07:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Oh, there you are again. How did the investigation go? Oct 01 04:07:50 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> "The banker is a rat, the nurse is a coward, the bartender is an idiot, and the librarian is nice." Oct 01 04:09:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Hah. None of them were particularly keen on talking to me though. But seriously though. Oct 01 04:10:51 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"A group of raiders came into the town while you were away- either out of town, asleep, whatever. The town drove them off, but the raiders said they'd come back, and in greater numbers. This was a few weeks ago, and most have taken it as a sign they need to jump ship."_ Oct 01 04:11:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** WHAT? Oct 01 04:12:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Holy shit, this is not good at all. I've failed to do my job when it was most necessary! Oct 01 04:12:56 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Considering you're the only town guard still here, I'd say you're the only one still doing your job when it's necessary."_ Oct 01 04:14:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** No, this was not enough. I'm just one person, like you said. This situation proves that it calls for extreme measures. I'm not going to ask nicely and softly anymore now, I must talk to every shop owner, all of the remaining inhabitants, and shake them down. We need to be ready if this gang returns, and I'm fairly sure that they will. We're fucked if we don't organize. Oct 01 04:15:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I have a lot of work ahead of me. But in the meantime... Thank you. Thank you ever so much for telling me this. I will not let my town be rough-housed by a bunch of marauders. I will call the hiring bureau and tell them to increase the reward money I promised you to 800 P$ instead of 450. It's not much, but I sincerely hope that it will help you in your future journeys. Oct 01 04:18:09 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _nods a bit; in her head, that more then made up for her using up all her medical supplies helping him. "I have another request, and it's a more strange one, though, I imagine, not one that won't cost anything financially." She pauses for a moment. "... Could I rest at your home. My age is still catching up with me, I apologize."_ Oct 01 04:19:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> <**Sidequest S1-2 completed.** Your bank account has been credited with 800 P$ (balance: 1460 P$). You've gained **+300 Town Rep** with Elkins, and you've gained an extra **+20 Renown** (total: 63)> Oct 01 04:19:39 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (yay I'm famous in Elkins) Oct 01 04:23:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** You need a place to rest? I suppose I can do something, yes... Let me pass a phone call. Oct 01 04:24:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Halverson whips out his phone, composes a number quickly, and starts conversing over the phone with someone. The tone is tense and rapid, and there seems to be some difficulty, but eventually, Halverson manages to get his way, before thanks are exchanged, and he hangs up._ Oct 01 04:25:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I called the medic at the hospital. He seemed very surprised to hear that you were gonna come back; so I told him to let you in the room you took this afternoon, and to waive all fees. You get one free hospital bedroom for yourself today. Oct 01 04:27:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** I'll told him I'll owe him a case of alcoholic drinks next week... but I think we're going to have a visit from our marauder friends before then. He'll have business soon. _<Dry smile>_ Oct 01 04:27:14 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _"Well, this night begins and ends with me in a hospital room.... I get the feeling this might be a running theme with my time here."_ Oct 01 04:28:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Bruce]** Thank you once again, Mrs Edelman. You've gone far beyond any of my expectations. Oct 01 04:28:59 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> _gives him yet another nod. "It was my pleasure. See if Arnett or a nearby town might be willing to send any security to help defend the area. Maybe they won't, but the request won't hurt."_ Oct 01 04:30:05 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Think we should stop here for the night?) Oct 01 04:30:20 <HashiBot> <Groovy_smoothy> (Or just get her back into that hospital room?) Oct 01 04:32:43 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( We can handle the hospital next session, it is very late for me haha Oct 01 04:32:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( You did good - you completed a full sidequest in one session today! Oct 01 04:34:36 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]