Log:V4 Session 82 (Meta, no ontology)

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Mar 17 04:12:28 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] Mar 17 04:14:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You're in dire straits, Jessica Definta. You're wandering in the Semitas Social Square. You feel hungry and tired. It's 9:30 AM, there aren't too many people walking around._ Mar 17 04:14:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You know what to do._ Mar 17 04:20:31 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> It was almost like she was possessed. The former mercenary had no idea why, but she felt drawn to the revolver in her holster, with its 3 rounds of .22 LR glory. She could.. Eject one cartridge, have it at 2, spin it, and just.. Pull the trigger. She had no clue why she wanted to, but the craving and the draw just grew stronger, and stronger, and stronger.. And thus, with a half shaking hand - and forgoing any future plans, the gal did so. Pulling that revolver from her holster, ensuring that only 2 of the rounds remained in it, and giving the cylinder a firm spin, and clicking it closed without even looking at the position of those rimfire rounds. And then? Well, logically she pulled the hammer back, put it to her head, and lightly squeezed her booger hook around the bangbang lever. Mar 17 04:22:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Chambers 1 and 10 are loaded. Mar 17 04:22:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Toss a 1d10. Mar 17 04:22:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> If it's 1 or 10, it goes off. Mar 17 04:22:46 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:22:47 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:22:47 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Mar 17 04:22:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> For every round you survive, I'm giving you :rp: **50**. Mar 17 04:22:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! One round survived. Mar 17 04:23:46 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> And time for another spin! Step right up step right up to the greatest show on earth! Mar 17 04:23:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Have at. Mar 17 04:24:03 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:24:03 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:24:03 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2 Mar 17 04:24:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! 2 rounds survived. That was close. Mar 17 04:24:41 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> Let's go again! *Rrrrrrrk!* Mar 17 04:24:44 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:24:45 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:24:45 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9 Mar 17 04:24:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Close call once again. 3 rounds. Mar 17 04:25:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Passer-bys are staring at you._ Mar 17 04:26:18 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the greatest show on earth! My name is Jessica Definta and I'm here with you now, bored out of my mind and seeing how long I can survive playing Russian Roulette! Well, no, that's a lie, I've been possessed I think, and I can't stop myself, so start placing bets!" *Spin!* Mar 17 04:26:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Feel free to roll immediately after spinning Mar 17 04:26:48 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:26:48 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:26:48 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Mar 17 04:26:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 4 rounds Mar 17 04:27:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Some of the people gathered look entertained, the others have a worried look on their face. But nobody has the strength to stop you!_ Mar 17 04:27:26 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Somebody please stop me oh god~!" Mar 17 04:27:29 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> SPIN! Mar 17 04:27:33 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:27:33 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:27:33 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Mar 17 04:27:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Miraculously, you clicked the same empty chamber as before! Mar 17 04:27:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 5 rounds. Mar 17 04:28:08 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER MY BODY!" And thus her hand moved to spin that cylinder again! This was it, she knew it! Mar 17 04:28:11 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:28:11 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:28:11 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Mar 17 04:28:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! That poor firing pin. 6 rounds. Mar 17 04:29:18 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Whaddya say folks, once I get to ten, I change the odds?" she cackled, oh lord the adrenaline! Another spin! Mar 17 04:29:20 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:29:21 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:29:21 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 10 Mar 17 04:29:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> BLAM! Mar 17 04:30:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _There is a collective gasp, some outright screamed, when the little .22 finally went off, on your own temple._ Mar 17 04:30:52 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Mar 17 04:30:53 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8-1 Mar 17 04:30:53 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3:4-1 Mar 17 04:30:55 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Mar 17 04:30:55 <HashiBot> @roll 3*1.8 Mar 17 04:30:55 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5.40:3*1.80 Mar 17 04:31:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You dealt 32% Pain to yourself, and 5 damage to your own head._ Mar 17 04:31:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _As well as blowing a nice bleeding wound on the head._ Mar 17 04:31:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Head HP: 5 /10 Mar 17 04:32:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Technically, this counts as surviving a round. So we're up to 7._ Mar 17 04:32:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _We're also down to 1 round in the cylinder._ Mar 17 04:32:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You may have sustained permanent brain damage... but you're still alive. Somehow. For now. Mar 17 04:33:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Now, it seems that the whole social square is in a state of panic. The shot heard 'round the town._ Mar 17 04:37:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Do you want to keep going? Mar 17 04:37:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You may want to insert the third round into the cylinder._ Mar 17 04:37:53 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> And with that, Jessica slumped to the floor, eyes unfocused and staring into the dirt. And that, was the end of that contes- Wait. She was standing up. How in the.. Well, looks like we have a new contestant for job of deliverygal, that's for sure. "I have a huge **fucking** headache. But let's go again, yeaaaaah~!" she slurred, shaking her head, and fumbling to put that third round into the cylinder. And thus? She Mar 17 04:37:54 <HashiBot> spun it, put it to her head.. "In all that is lovely and shit get out of my head." Mar 17 04:37:55 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:37:56 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:37:56 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9 Mar 17 04:38:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! 8 rounds survived. You're slowly, slowly bleeding. Mar 17 04:38:48 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> Again, goddammit! Mar 17 04:38:50 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:38:51 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:38:51 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 8 Mar 17 04:39:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! 9 rounds. Mar 17 04:39:28 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "One more and it's teeeen!" Mar 17 04:39:30 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:39:30 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:39:30 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2 Mar 17 04:39:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Still no bang. 10 rounds. Mar 17 04:40:00 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Tell.. Tell you what folks, in all that is holy and shit, someone go.. go get a doctor or something, if I make it to 20 I'm done." Mar 17 04:40:07 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:40:07 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:40:07 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Mar 17 04:40:14 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Somebody has already called law enforcement, it seems._ Mar 17 04:40:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _They'll be here if you reach 20 rounds._ Mar 17 04:40:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click! 11 rounds Mar 17 04:40:38 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> Again! Again! Mar 17 04:40:40 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:40:40 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:40:40 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4 Mar 17 04:40:44 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 12 rounds. Mar 17 04:41:11 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Fuckin.. Holy hell is this thing actually loaded.." Mar 17 04:41:13 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:41:13 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:41:13 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 5 Mar 17 04:41:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click. 13 rounds. Mar 17 04:41:41 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> Jessica's unfocused vision slowly opened the cylinder, made sure it **was** loaded - which it was -, then her shoulders did a shrug, and she tried again. Holy crap. Mar 17 04:41:43 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:41:43 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:41:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9 Mar 17 04:41:49 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Click. It's close. But no cookie. Mar 17 04:42:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 14 rounds. Blood trickles down from your self-inflicted wound. Half of your face is red, now. Mar 17 04:42:46 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> "Can't go to hell, I'm gonna go even deeper." she mumbles. Spin. Hammer cock. Trigger pull. Mar 17 04:42:47 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jessica Definta: Mar 17 04:42:47 <HashiBot> @roll 1d10 Mar 17 04:42:47 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1 Mar 17 04:42:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> BANG Mar 17 04:42:54 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Mar 17 04:42:54 <HashiBot> @roll 1d8-1 Mar 17 04:42:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4:5-1 Mar 17 04:42:57 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Mar 17 04:42:57 <HashiBot> @roll 4*1.8 Mar 17 04:42:57 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7.20:4*1.80 Mar 17 04:43:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> It's lights out for you. The hollow-points breaches through the weakened part of your skull, and punches into your braincase, expanding and shedding fragments in the process. You don't immediately lose consciousness - it feels very hot, very confusing, and how could it not be - your brain is being destroyed by a bullet, and you can FEEL the sheer weirdness, the indescribable sensation... for about a fraction of a second. Mar 17 04:44:16 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Because afterwards, you immediately lose consciousness, and you drop like a bad ragdoll, crumbling on the ground. Mar 17 04:44:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **You died.** (Suicide with S&W Model617) Mar 17 04:45:21 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> And now *that*, was the end of Jessica Definta. No doubt there would be tales of the weirdo who started playing Russian Roulette in a town square and survived for a shot, but those were only tales, right? Mar 17 04:45:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You survived 14 consecutive rounds of russian roulette with 2 /10 chambers loaded - killing yourself on the 15th. Mar 17 04:45:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Good job. Mar 17 04:45:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (Not!) Mar 17 04:45:51 <HashiBot> <Jessica Definta> *The end~* Mar 17 04:45:56 * Hebizuka shakes her head. Mar 17 04:46:00 <Hebizuka> What a waste. Mar 17 04:46:08 <Hebizuka> I guess it's time for me to make the final tally. Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Final tally: Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Rooms passed: **18** - 18 RP Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Quests completed: Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> > **1** main quest - 100 RP Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> > **0** sidequests - 0 RP Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Kill Value points accumulated: **41** - 41 RP Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Total wealth: **0.00 P$** - 0 RP Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Creatures killed: **2** Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Favorite weapon: Armalite AR-18 (2 kills) Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Cause of death: Suicide from a Smith & Wesson Model 617 revolver, Standard JHP cartridge Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Last words: "Can't go to hell, gonna go even deeper." Mar 17 04:48:52 <Hebizuka> Special bonus: **700 RP** Mar 17 04:49:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Total RePoints earned: :rp: **859** Mar 17 04:49:26 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]