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Apr 15 21:48:11 <Hebizuka> [Session start!] Apr 15 21:49:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Welcome back to the Mazes, Jude Mustaine. Last session was #40 (50 sessions ago) in August 13 2017 - all necessary updates and changes have been applied to your sheet. Your 50 Training Points in Sharp Weapons have been transferred to the new **Knives** combat skill._ Apr 15 21:50:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You are currently in the UA, headed towards Arnett - literally next room. You have two active sidequests (S1-1 and S1-3), both of which are in Arnett; respectively at the local shooting range and the local diner. You also have one active main quest, M04, and your current objective for that will require you to go to Joliet Sector, although that can wait._ Apr 15 21:51:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _When you're ready to move into the town, let me know._ Apr 15 21:54:19 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Augh, my goddamn neck..." the halfling gal mutters as she reaches up to aggressively knead at it with a hand. She feels like she's been standing up for months! Well, nowhere to go except in the big door, right? Apr 15 21:55:25 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _10:35 AM. You made it back to the starting city in Arnett. The gap corridor is still as drab as ever._ Apr 15 21:55:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> [Town Rep] +0. You're clear to enter the town. 8 rooms straight north to get to the town map. Apr 15 21:57:48 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Taking a look at the map sounds like as good an idea as any. For all she knows, things could have changed since she's been gone. Apr 15 21:58:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Walking your way back to the social square center, you notice that people are starting to come out of their residences and move out and about - at least those that weren't already up by 8 to start the morning shift._ Apr 15 21:58:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And whaddya know, some things DID change!_ Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> < Arnett - Town Map > Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Food production: Hydroponics and cloning farm Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Water production: UA water recycling unit Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Residential areas: 3 (HR1 Bunkdorms, HR2 Dormitories, HR3 Double beds) + Hotel Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> The hotel is called East Point Hotel. Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Social square facilities: Bank, Hiring bureau, Bar, Restaurant [Diner], Takeout stand, Shooting range, Library Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> The bar in E4 is called The Bolt Face. Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> The diner in E7 is called Bill’s Burgers. Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Shops: 3 individual (Gun shop, Clothing shop, Forge) Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Special facility: Laboratory (GT - Biotech/Genetics) Apr 15 21:59:15 <Hebizuka> Other facilities: Hospital, Generator Apr 15 21:59:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _A new hotel opened in town, and the weapon shop appears to have closed down, replaced by a gun shop. And the third shop emplacement is now occupied by a forge, conveniently enough._ Apr 15 22:01:49 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude seems to remember that she had something to do before, but the weight on her back is more interesting. Feels like she ought to head to the gun shop, first and foremost. Apr 15 22:03:21 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _To the new gun shop! You walk the distance; 7 rooms to get there. The gun shop even **smells** fresh. The shop owner, a human male with short blonde spiky hair, is waiting for customers, while some generic rock music plays on the speakers._ Apr 15 22:03:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** Hey, welcome. You're my first customer today. Apr 15 22:08:24 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "You're kidding. If I didn't know any better I'd say I just woke up from a coma or something. But hey, hope you don't mind, I think I'm gonna try to sell *you* a few things first. I don't really know what you'll take, but... mind if I just empty my sack on the counter a little bit?" That's definitely a joke, but she's bad at making it sound like one. "Or maybe tell me who would pay, anyway." Apr 15 22:11:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** Well... Yes, sure. I generally only buy firearms, magazines, ammunition and related accessories. I do buy bayonets, but anything else, you might need to see another shop. Apr 15 22:11:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** Show me what you have. Apr 15 22:16:30 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude nods, taking off her backpack and rummaging through it. Her face curls a tad awkwardly as she straightens back up, placing her bit of loose .30 Carbine ammo by itself... and then in an armful, a bunch of other things in a separate pile. The box of shell hull plastic, the empty powder jar, and the silver and gold ingot. "Well, uh, I don't suppose any of *this* stuff is immediately useful to ya." Apr 15 22:17:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** _Wow._ No, I take that back, I'll **buy** that from you, happily. Apr 15 22:17:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _He points at the precious metal bars._ Apr 15 22:17:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** And, yeah, I'll take the ammo too. Lemme do you a quote... Apr 15 22:18:43 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Seriously? Alright, sweet." Back into the bag go the reloading supplies, while she wears a smile in anticipation. Apr 15 22:20:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The plastic hulls cannot be sold here - you must find an **engineering workshop** to sell these.._ Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> SELL Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> .30 Carbine, Standard FMJ, x9 - 9.00 P$ Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> Empty powder jar - 5.00 P$ Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> Silver bar, 1000g ingot - 800 P$ Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> Gold bar, 500g ingot - 1000 P$ Apr 15 22:20:22 <Hebizuka> TOTAL due to customer: 1814 P$ Apr 15 22:20:26 <Hebizuka> _Confirm sales?_ Apr 15 22:22:40 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Well, she can't argue with those numbers. Zeeb is more than happy to push those things across the counter to the shopkeep. "Sounds good to me! I'll see what you have for sale, too." Apr 15 22:22:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Ka-mother-f'n-ching. Apr 15 22:22:59 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You sold these items for 1814 P$._ Apr 15 22:23:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Backpack/Main: 20.81 /30 Apr 15 22:26:50 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Generating shop inventory!_ Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> < Arnett gun shop > Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> [New weapons for sale] Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Pistol - Walther PPK/S (.380 ACP) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Conventional rifle - Kel-Tec RFB (7.62x51mm NATO) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Combat rifle - Beretta BM59 (7.62x51mm NATO) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Submachine gun - Steyr AUG Para (9x19mm Parabellum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Shotgun - IZHMEKH Baikal MP-27M (12 gauge) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Conventional rifle - Benelli R1 (.300 Winchester Magnum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Pistol - DWM Luger P08 (9x19mm Parabellum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Pistol - KBP GSh-18 (9x19mm Parabellum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Pistol - Steyr GB (9x19mm Parabellum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - SAKO TRG-42 (.300 Winchester Magnum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Precision rifle - Howa Type 97 Arisaka (6.5x50mm SR Arisaka) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> Combat rifle - Rheinmetall FG42 (7.92x57mm Mauser) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> [Used weapons for sale] Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (43% off) Revolver - Colt Detective Special (.38 Special) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (88% off) Conventional rifle - Beretta Cx4 Storm (.40 S&W) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (46% off) Machine gun - ZiD Degtyaryov DP-27 (7.62x54mm R) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (47% off) Precision rifle - Alexander Arms Ulfberht (.338 Lapua Magnum) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (63% off) Combat rifle - H&K HK417 (7.62x51mm NATO) Apr 15 22:30:44 <Hebizuka> (83% off) Pistol - IZHMEKH MP-443 Grach (9x19mm Parabellum) Apr 15 22:35:09 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude places a hand over her mouth to think as she peruses the selection available, but nothing really seems to catch her eye... except - hmm. "How's the price on the RFB?" Apr 15 22:35:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** 1200 P$. Apr 15 22:35:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** I also have magazines and ammo, of course. Apr 15 22:37:49 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> To buy or not to buy... she shakes her head, deciding to hold onto the Vz. 58 for the time being. "I think I'll just get some ammo for now; maaaybe take a look at accessories if you have any of those." Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> [Ammunition] Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> .380 ACP - 8 boxes for sale (50 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 7.62x51mm NATO - 10 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) + 1 bulk can for sale (500 rounds per can) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 9x19mm Parabellum - SOLD OUT! Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 12 gauge - 10 boxes for sale (10 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> .300 Winchester Magnum - 9 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 6.5x50mm SR Arisaka - 9 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 7.92x57mm Mauser - 6 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> .38 Special - 3 boxes for sale (50 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> .40 S&W - 7 boxes for sale (50 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 7.62x54mm R - 5 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> .338 Lapua Magnum - 2 boxes for sale (20 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> 40mm NATO grenade - 4 boxes for sale (6 rounds per box) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> Ask shop owner if any caliber interests you Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> [Weapon accessories] Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> Silencer, Rifle, standard, .338 Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> Underbarrel grenade launcher: H&K AG36 (40mm NATO grenade) Apr 15 22:41:38 <Hebizuka> Bayonet, BM59 Apr 15 22:47:28 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** I dunno what's up with people lately. They're buying a lot of pistol calibers, but the rifle ammo just isn't going out at all. Apr 15 22:48:12 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Hm... oh wow, you know what? I don't think I actually have a use for any of this. Huh. How about magazines?" Apr 15 22:48:46 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** I've got magazines for all the weapons on sale. Which ones did you wanna look at? Apr 15 22:49:30 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Only for those, you mean?" Apr 15 22:49:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** Yep, sorry. Apr 15 22:52:14 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> That's enough of an answer to get her to sling her backpack back on her shoulder, although she shoots him a friendly smirk. "I suppose I'll take the cash and be on my way, then, at least for now." Apr 15 22:54:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** In that case.. Oh, shoot. I'm down to just 500 in brass coins... and you probably don't want a zillion dimes and cunnies. So here's what I can do... I can give you up to 500 in cash, and everything else goes either to store credit, free of charge, or to your bank account, minus a transfer fee. What would you like best? Apr 15 22:55:54 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Do I even have a bank account?" the lady thinks out loud, pausing for a second and not remembering ever actually visiting one. "I guess a credit is *probably* the way to go." Apr 15 22:56:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** If you don't have one, it'll be set up automatically. But alright. 1314 in credit, the cash's coming in a second. Apr 15 22:57:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _1314 P$ added to shop credit at the **Arnett gun shop!**_ Apr 15 22:58:01 <Hebizuka> [Money] 1 P$ coin - 1 P$ - Brass - [Quantity: 500] - Weight: 5 (0.01 per coin) Apr 15 22:58:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Money pouch: 681 P$ in brass coins, 6.81 /20 Apr 15 23:01:48 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> That all might as well be done. Jude figures it's time to leave, and offers a nod and a wave on her way out the door. To the shooting range! Apr 15 23:04:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Shop owner]** Come again soon! Apr 15 23:05:05 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _4 rooms later, you made it to the shooting range. You end up in a lobby, which is mostly just a sitting area with lots of gun rags and other magazines (the readable kind) on a table, surrounded by comfortable chairs. The walls are covered in ads about firearm and ammunition brands, as well._ Apr 15 23:05:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _One room to the north is the rental shop, where the rangemaster can be found._ Apr 15 23:11:26 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude isn't too sure where to begin, so she steps on in to introduce herself to the rangemaster. "To whom it may concern, I heard there was a contest of some kind around here?" Apr 15 23:16:12 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Ah, hello! You must be one of the contractors I sent that request to on the hiring bureau, right? Apr 15 23:17:34 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Yeah, that sounds about right. Jude Mustaine. So what all do you need me to do?" Apr 15 23:20:22 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** The hiring bureau told me to let you know that a bank account had been opened in your name, and that it was credited with 200 P$, as a welcome gift, but mostly to cover the costs of joining this little shooting contest - 150 P$ - plus a range entry fee of 10 P$. So that leaves you with forty bucks, but you're effectively clear to enter! Apr 15 23:20:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Your bank account balance is now 40 P$._ Apr 15 23:21:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** All that's left to do is to ask if you'd like to shoot at some steel targets today! Apr 15 23:24:20 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Forty smackaroons. I'm *rollin'* in dosh now." She can't help but snicker at that. "Since you were so kind to ask, yes, I would love to accelerate some metal at high speeds into other metal for the purpose of recreation. That sounds baller." Apr 15 23:27:04 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The rangemaster reaches for a rifle, a pistol, and magazines, then invites you to follow him one room north, to the shooting lanes._ Apr 15 23:30:52 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude's eager to go, because hey. Shootin' shit, yo. Apr 15 23:31:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Other people are in other shooting lane rooms, busy taking shots at paper targets downrange, so you hear the occasional 'POP, POP, BANG'. The room you're in, however, is all for yourself._ Apr 15 23:32:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The rangemaster displays the firearms you'll be using during this shooting contest: a **Ruger Mark III** pistol and an **AK-22** combat rifle - and yes, it has a full-auto mode. Just like a real one!_ Apr 15 23:32:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Okay, here's the deal; you have a pistol stage and a rifle stage. For each weapon, you get 2 full magazines. You'll be scored per magazine, depending on how many hits you score on the human-shaped steel target, and where the hits are. Apr 15 23:33:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Naturally your objective is to score as high as you can. Body shots are 10 points. Limb shots (arms, legs) are 4 points. Extremities (hands, feet) are 5 points but hard to hit. The head is 30 points, but it's hard to hit. If you feel really lucky or if you're really good, you can try going for a weak point (eye, crotch); it's 50 points per hit but they're the hardest shots to make. Apr 15 23:33:47 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Any questions? Apr 15 23:36:44 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Nah, I think that all sounds pretty straightforward. I plink at my buddy Flatty Farrakhan down there and try to put holes in the most painful spots. These .22s aren't going to ricochet around the room and kill everyone instantly, though, right?" The shit-eating grin that she puts on cannot possibly get any more smug. Apr 15 23:37:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Don't worry, those aren't THAT kind of poison bullet. Oh, one more thing, if you score high enough, there might be extra rewards...just in case you need the motivation. Apr 15 23:37:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Pistol stage begins! You load the first magazine into the Mark III._ Apr 15 23:37:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON!_ Apr 15 23:38:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In order to call an attack, you are usually tasked to describe the weapon, the enemy and body part targeted, and the amount of shots attempted. Since you're going to use only this Mark III pistol, we can skip the first part._ Apr 15 23:38:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1. Go ahead and call for an attack; which body part and how many shots._ Apr 15 23:41:07 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Oh boy oh boy, a blowback pistol with no slide. Jude forgot how funky it feels to rack the bolt on these things. Comfy, though... and that grip angle, too. Whew. She levels it at center mass on the target and squeezes off five shots. Apr 15 23:41:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _When prompted to fire, you may roll as many attack dice as rounds to fire._ Apr 15 23:41:54 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In your case, it's **@roll 5#2d6**. Go ahead and roll now._ Apr 15 23:42:03 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:42:03 <HashiBot> @roll 5#2d6 Apr 15 23:42:03 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;5;11;8;6 Apr 15 23:42:14 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 15 23:42:14 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Apr 15 23:42:14 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1 Apr 15 23:42:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 2 hits, 3 misses. +20 points! Apr 15 23:42:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. You have 5 rounds left before the mag change._ Apr 15 23:43:41 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> This time, she tries to see if she can't pop three holes in the target's head section. Apr 15 23:43:48 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Go ahead and roll for 3 shots._ Apr 15 23:43:56 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:43:56 <HashiBot> @roll 3#2d6 Apr 15 23:43:56 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;7;9 Apr 15 23:44:01 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 15 23:44:01 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Apr 15 23:44:01 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1 Apr 15 23:44:03 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 3 misses. Apr 15 23:44:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 3. 2 rounds to go._ Apr 15 23:45:46 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> H e c k. Jude could have sworn she saw one of those graze it! Not one to be discouraged, she takes two more shots at the head, figuring she can't get any *further* away from it. Apr 15 23:46:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Go ahead and roll for 2 shots._ Apr 15 23:46:17 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:46:17 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Apr 15 23:46:17 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9;6 Apr 15 23:46:26 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 15 23:46:26 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Apr 15 23:46:26 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1 Apr 15 23:46:33 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 1 hit, 1 miss. +30 points! Apr 15 23:46:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You scored a total of 50 points on this first magazine. (Rank: E) Apr 15 23:47:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Time to swap magazines! Get ready for the second part of the pistol stage._ Apr 15 23:47:18 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON. Turn 1, you have 10 fresh rounds._ Apr 15 23:48:04 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Mag out, mag in, drop the bolt. *Pa-chook.* Four shots at the torso. Apr 15 23:48:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Go ahead._ Apr 15 23:48:19 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:48:19 <HashiBot> @roll 4#2d6 Apr 15 23:48:19 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 4;5;9;5 Apr 15 23:48:27 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 15 23:48:28 <HashiBot> @roll 1d2-1 Apr 15 23:48:28 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1 Apr 15 23:48:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Four misses! Darn. Apr 15 23:48:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2._ Apr 15 23:50:06 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude is getting pretty grump. She really **must** have died and come back if she's gotten this bad with a handgun. And that doctor put her hands together all wrong! "Man..." Another four, same spot. Apr 15 23:51:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Go ahead. Apr 15 23:51:30 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:51:30 <HashiBot> @roll 4#2d6 Apr 15 23:51:30 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;3;7;6 Apr 15 23:51:35 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 4 misses! Apr 15 23:51:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _What happened with your body? Did they screw you two left hands?_ Apr 15 23:51:56 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 3. 2 rounds to go._ Apr 15 23:52:49 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Can't possibly get any worse. The zebra gal attempts to put a **PING** in the target's metaphorical left nut, and a **PONG** in its metaphorical right nut. Apr 15 23:53:09 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Going for a crotch shot? Alright, good luck. Go ahead._ Apr 15 23:53:11 <HashiBot> <Tempest> (( inb4 12 12 Apr 15 23:53:58 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:53:58 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Apr 15 23:53:58 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 3;6 Apr 15 23:54:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Nope. Apr 15 23:54:19 <HashiBot> <Tempest> You scored zero points on this magazine. Apr 15 23:54:25 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Somehow she managed to hit the floor. "Heckle my cock." Apr 15 23:54:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Pistol stage score: 50 points. Rank: E._ Apr 15 23:54:40 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Needs more training! You got 1 TP in Semi-auto pistol._ Apr 15 23:54:51 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Semi-auto pistol skill: 10.1 SP (101 TP) Apr 15 23:55:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Hmm. Maybe it'll go over better on the rifle stage? Apr 15 23:55:13 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Try it out, see if you do any better. Apr 15 23:55:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Get ready for the Rifle stage! You load in the first magazine, which carries 25 rounds._ Apr 15 23:55:57 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _In this Rifle stage, you have the opportunity to choose fire mode. Semi-automatic, or full-auto. Different modes may call for different skills! Fortunately, you have Basic skill level in both Semi rifle and Auto rifle._ Apr 15 23:56:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Combat mode is ON! Turn 1, what is your next move?_ Apr 15 23:57:36 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> A longer sight radius, a full stock, and two places to put her hands. *Two whole places!* This should be decent. For her first attempt, she fires a medium-length burst at the torso. Apr 15 23:59:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Roll for burst length first, 2d5. Apr 15 23:59:30 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:59:30 <HashiBot> @roll 2d5 Apr 15 23:59:30 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6 Apr 15 23:59:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Roll for 6 shots. Apr 15 23:59:43 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 15 23:59:43 <HashiBot> @roll 6#2d6 Apr 15 23:59:43 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2;7;4;8;9;9 Apr 15 23:59:52 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Uh oh. Malfunction check, toss me a 1d100. Apr 15 23:59:59 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:00:00 <HashiBot> @roll 1d100 Apr 16 00:00:00 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 2 Apr 16 00:00:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Passed easily. No malfunction this turn. Apr 16 00:00:20 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 16 00:00:20 <HashiBot> @roll 2#1d2-1 Apr 16 00:00:20 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1;0:1-1 Apr 16 00:00:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> That's 2 hits, 4 misses. Ironically the last two shots are the ones that hit. Apr 16 00:00:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +20 points! 19 rounds to go. Apr 16 00:00:41 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2._ Apr 16 00:01:24 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> .22 LR can't recoil that much, right? A long burst at the head seems worth a try. Apr 16 00:03:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Roll for burst length, 5d5. Apr 16 00:03:33 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:03:34 <HashiBot> @roll 5d5 Apr 16 00:03:34 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 17 Apr 16 00:04:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Okay, roll for 17 shots. Recoil mechanics will kick in on the 13th shot onwards. Apr 16 00:04:15 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:04:15 <HashiBot> @roll 17#2d6 Apr 16 00:04:15 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 6;4;3;9;4;6;7;9;7;12;5;7;10;8;5;3;4 Apr 16 00:06:00 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 16 00:06:00 <HashiBot> @roll 2#1d2-1 Apr 16 00:06:00 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1;0:1-1 Apr 16 00:06:21 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 16 00:06:22 <HashiBot> @roll 2#1d2-1 Apr 16 00:06:22 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1;0:1-1 Apr 16 00:06:31 <Hebizuka> Aiming at the head (FT 7 IR 2) Apr 16 00:06:31 <Hebizuka> Shots 1-12: 2 hits (including a critical hit), 10 misses Apr 16 00:06:31 <Hebizuka> Shots 13-17 (IR+1): 5 misses Apr 16 00:07:01 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 2 hits, 15 misses. +30 points from the first hit, +60 points from the critical hit. +90 total this turn! 110 points for this mag so far. Apr 16 00:07:26 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 3. 2 rounds left before the mag change._ Apr 16 00:08:01 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> She points her last two angry bees at the crotch, in semi-auto. Apr 16 00:08:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Go ahead and roll for 2 shots. Apr 16 00:08:19 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:08:19 <HashiBot> @roll 2#2d6 Apr 16 00:08:19 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 7;8 Apr 16 00:08:27 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Two misses - but they're really close calls. Apr 16 00:08:45 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And the mag is empty! You scored 110 points for this magazine. Rank: E._ Apr 16 00:09:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Time to change mags and load the last one._ Apr 16 00:09:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 1, what's your next move?_ Apr 16 00:11:41 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Does she go all business, or does she go for maximum prejudice? Hmm... ten shots at the chest, semi-auto. Apr 16 00:11:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Go ahead. Apr 16 00:12:12 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:12:13 <HashiBot> @roll 10#2d6 Apr 16 00:12:13 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 11;10;7;8;4;10;4;8;11;7 Apr 16 00:12:25 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 16 00:12:26 <HashiBot> @roll 4#1d2-1 Apr 16 00:12:26 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 1:2-1;1:2-1;1:2-1;0:1-1 Apr 16 00:12:34 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Wow. 7 hits, 3 misses. Apr 16 00:12:37 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +70 points! Apr 16 00:13:00 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 2. You have 15 rounds to go._ Apr 16 00:14:41 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Oh wow, she actually managed barely passable accuracy with a toy gun on an enclosed range. She has the skills of a ten year old! "Shhheezus. Finally." Seven shots at the target's head, this time. Apr 16 00:15:07 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Go ahead. Apr 16 00:15:20 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:15:20 <HashiBot> @roll 7#2d6 Apr 16 00:15:20 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9;6;11;12;4;5;6 Apr 16 00:15:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 3 hits (including a critical hit), 4 misses. Apr 16 00:15:36 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +120 points! Apr 16 00:15:42 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Total score on this mag: 190. Apr 16 00:16:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _Turn 3. Still 8 rounds to go._ Apr 16 00:17:44 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> Jude's face is officially :DDDD at the moment. Maybe she can cap it off with a couple hits to the eyes? She tries that, dumping the remainder of her magazine in semi-auto. Apr 16 00:19:32 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Going for eye shots, huh? Alright. Make these shots, chief. Apr 16 00:22:54 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Jude Mustaine: Apr 16 00:22:54 <HashiBot> @roll 8#2d6 Apr 16 00:22:54 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 9;5;10;10;4;11;7;6 Apr 16 00:23:08 <HashiBot> <Tempest> We have at least one hit. Give me a sec.. Apr 16 00:23:19 <HashiBot> Command sent from Discord by Tempest: Apr 16 00:23:19 <HashiBot> @roll 3#1d2-1 Apr 16 00:23:19 <MazeBot> HashiBot: 0:1-1;1:2-1;0:1-1 Apr 16 00:23:29 <HashiBot> <Tempest> 2 hits, 6 misses. +100 points!! Apr 16 00:23:39 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _You shot both eyes! Nice one._ Apr 16 00:24:10 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Total and final score on this magazine: 290 points. Apr 16 00:24:17 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Rank on this magazine: C! Apr 16 00:24:23 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Overall score on the rifle stage: D rank. Apr 16 00:24:30 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _And the shooting contest is over!_ Apr 16 00:24:58 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Well, you sure picked up speed after a while. Guess you needed a few rounds to get the machine going. Great job, there. Apr 16 00:25:06 <HashiBot> <Tempest> +1 TP in Full-auto rifle, +3 TP in Semi-auto rifle. Apr 16 00:25:20 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Full-auto rifle skill: 10.1 SP (101 TP) Apr 16 00:25:24 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Semi-auto rifle skill: 11.3 SP (103 TP) Apr 16 00:27:02 <HashiBot> <Tempest> **[Rangemaster]** Well, that's all she said. You didn't win any of the extra prizes, but I hope you had fun! Remember to drop by once in a while to improve your skills. If you ever find a cool gun that you don't know how to use well, it might be a good idea to come here to train. If you're looking to train melee skills, dojos offer that sort of thing. Apr 16 00:27:31 <HashiBot> <Tempest> Sidequest S1-1 completed! Apr 16 00:29:02 <HashiBot> <Jude Mustaine> "Yeah, no kidding. I think I'm gonna have to spend a few days practicing if I wanna be confident about anything, hah. Or maybe it'd be easier to find something to kill... anyway, hey, thanks for havin' me. It was fun. `Ish.`" The most awkward possible smile. Apr 16 00:29:15 <HashiBot> <Tempest> _The older man smiles back, though his looks more genuine._ Apr 16 00:29:21 <Hebizuka> [Session end!]