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[4/30/18 2:28:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session start: Session #95]" [4/30/18 2:28:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_After what seems like an eternity, you wake up. You have a bit of trouble understanding what happened... The last thing you remember, you're not even sure what happened, but here you are now, slowly waking up from what seemed like a very long nap. The first thing you notice is that you're waking up in a hospital bedroom. It doesn't look like home or anywhere familiar._" [4/30/18 2:29:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The next thing you notice is that there appears to be someone waiting for you at your bedside ; a fifty-something man, dressed in a lab coat, with a look of concern - or is it relief? - on his face. He observes you waking up, but doesn't say a thing, figuring you want the first word._" [4/30/18 2:29:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Oh and... it slowly dawns on you that you're wearing nothing under the bedsheets._" [4/30/18 2:31:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "The waking is not a subtle thing, accompanied by a heave of breath like returning from the dead, sitting up to expose herself and seeming to be pretty unfussed about that. She reaches for her pistol and finds nothing- looks at the old man in his stupid knock off governer's coat, then ignores him to look about. What the fuck." [4/30/18 2:32:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Medic]** Good morning, miss... _<He pauses, to consult a clipboard.>_ ...Ithiri? _<It's probably not pronounced correctly.>_" [4/30/18 2:33:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She blinks slowly, patting herself down. Last thing was- hmm.

"Ithiri," she corrects, a soft palatial tic on the consonant, struggling to maintain focus and swinging her legs out over the side of the bed on the doctor's side.

"Where..."" [4/30/18 2:34:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Medic]** Glad to see you're among the living... again, technically speaking. I've been monitoring your vital signs for a while now, and they've all been stable. You probably feel confused, right now, and I understand, but first, I must ask you something; what is the last thing you remember?" [4/30/18 2:38:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She would need no prodding, already trying to remember. Her hand goes over the medic's mouth in the middle of soothing pleasantries as she rubs her head. A hangover would be a nice explanation, but- this wasn't that. La Concorde de Nantes. She was...

"Fuckers," she pronounces vehemently, looking up at the doctor and releasing her. "I said, where am I? You're... English?" she pronounces warily, leaving no quarter for question. "Barbados? Caroline?"" [4/30/18 2:39:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You don't get much of a response, not even much of a change in facial expression, from the good doctor. He silently takes notes - presumably writing your answers down, before finally responding._" [4/30/18 2:39:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Medic]** Memories and thought processes seem to be all good... Well, first, I should explain a few things. I know it's a lot of information all at once, but it must be said." [4/30/18 2:40:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Medic]** First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Philip Gage, head of this facility, here in the town of Arnett. You are now in the realm of the Mazes, and you are what inhabitants may refer to as an _otherworlder_, as you're not native to this place. The places you've mentioned are no longer relevant anymore, I'm afraid." [4/30/18 2:42:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_gives him a hard look. Usually people would respond at least to having a hand over their mouth. A zombi? Non, se cognoscenti. It troubled her.

"...Dead," she summarizes flatly. "...Who stopped me from passing?"_" [4/30/18 2:44:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Well... although you're not dead **anymore**, I can answer to that question. That person is my superior, the Administrator. She has seen fit to have a whole set of equipment designated just for you (which includes clothes), but she would like for you to first listen to this video message. If you would please turn your head towards the television... _<Which he points to.>_" [4/30/18 2:45:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "A momentary crease of her brow.

"The wh-"

She looks, glances back, and looks." [4/30/18 2:46:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The TV is turned on, and on it, the face of the Administrator, Hebizuka (as a subtitle helpfully informs), appears._" [4/30/18 2:46:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Hebizuka: ""Hello! I am Hebizuka, sometimes referred to as the Administrator. If you are receiving this message, then congratulations! **You** have been chosen!"" [4/30/18 2:46:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_furrows. "La Diablo."_" [4/30/18 2:46:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Hebizuka: ""Now, you may wonder what you're doing here, or even how and why you're still alive. Don't concern yourself too much with these details - the important things are that we, that is, myself and the good doctor beside you, are responsible for bringing you back from the dead, and that we brought you here, to my home, the Mazes."" [4/30/18 2:47:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Hebizuka: ""Because of this, you are what I refer to as the **Contestant**. In exchange for this second chance at life, I want you to do something for me. There are four ancient artifacts scattered all across the Mazes, and it is your job, as Contestant, to gather all four. If you do this for me, I will be able to bring you back home, safe, sound, and **alive**."" [4/30/18 2:47:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Hebizuka: ""These artifacts are called the **Cardinal Amulets**. And that's all you need to know. The rest, you must figure out yourself! Good luck, and stay safe out there!"

_The video message ends._" [4/30/18 2:48:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri darkens. She's going to kill her, and then kill the bastards that took her ship.

She looks at the doctor after a moment.

"...Is a treasure hunt, no?"" [4/30/18 2:48:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** You could look at it this way, I suppose." [4/30/18 2:49:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Well, you've heard that message... Now, if you'd like to, you may check to your other side, there is a crate with all of your stuff inside. _<Again, he points at where it is; as if you needed help figuring that out.>_ Please feel free to take a moment to get dressed and equipped. I'll be waiting for you outside of the room; when you're ready, come and meet me." [4/30/18 2:51:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri cautiously cracks the crate, eyeing within and pulling on her stuff. Pistols. Lots of pistols. She's in this building. She has to be.

...Then leaves, extending her palm to the doctor.

"Your coat, English."" [4/30/18 2:51:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The crate contains all of the equipment that is now currently on your inventory sheet. Feel free to take a moment to review everything. Once you're ready, head out to meet with Gage again._" [4/30/18 2:51:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_...Which you've done already. Whoops._" [4/30/18 2:52:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** My name is Gage, not English. And that's my lab coat, I can't take that off. Are you all set? No problems walking?" [4/30/18 2:55:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri draws her pistol in the meantime, clicking the trigger with it pointed towards the ceiling then looking at it, miffed and eyeing over the engaged safety and hammer. "...Weird. Stuck to your skin? How do you-"

She furrows again, looking closer and fiddling with the little levers and stuff on it." [4/30/18 2:55:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The good doctor looks a little bit worried. But only just a bit._" [4/30/18 2:56:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** I've been instructed to escort you out of the facility if you woke up and were in good enough condition to walk around. You seem to be in good enough shape, so please, follow me." [4/30/18 2:57:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( What's the ceiling made out of? ))" [4/30/18 2:57:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Solid concrete and paint." [4/30/18 3:00:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Suddenly, Ithiri manages some combination of movements that shower her with dust and echoing of a loud bang through the hallway as a bullet hits the ceiling above. She blinks, looking over the handgun and not moving.

"...I like 'tis. Can you-"

She pulls back the slide and purses her lips.

"...Okay, I guess you're not English. Your coat, and your boss," she pronounces thickly, baring a wide grin and lifting the weapon. "If 'tere is treasure, I'll take it all, but first I've got a score to settle."" [4/30/18 3:01:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Where do I track ammunition? ))" [4/30/18 3:03:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_BANG went the M9, as you committed negligent discharge. Now Gage really looks worried._" [4/30/18 3:03:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Under "Equipped Weapons", your M9 is in Holster 1. You should be down to 13 + 1 instead of 14 +1 now." [4/30/18 3:04:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Hokay. ))" [4/30/18 3:04:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A couple of scientists run into the room - they seem to be armed, though their expressions suggest worry more than hostility. They quickly ask if everything is okay, but Gage dismisses them and tries his best to appease their worries, saying that it was just an accident._" [4/30/18 3:05:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_This seems to ease the worries, but the good doctor seems more and more inclined to have you out of the facility. It's probably best to follow him, but you be the judge._" [4/30/18 3:06:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri eyes their weapons and armament." [4/30/18 3:06:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_They seem to be equipped with submachine guns ; weapons that may look strange and completely alien to Ithiri._" [4/30/18 3:08:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "They look big and more complex than her weird pistol, at least. She looks back to the doctor as they mill about, apparently. "...Okay, keep 'te coat. Why 'tis treasure hunt, if she 'te power to bring me back?"" [4/30/18 3:09:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** I don't have much of an idea, I'm afraid. I've only done what was asked of me." [4/30/18 3:10:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sets her hands on her hips, mouth in a hard line. "'ten take me to her. You can have my weapon, I don't care. I got to see 'te girl eye to eye."" [4/30/18 3:11:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Afraid I have no idea where she currently is. I think your best chance to see her would be to find these Amulets that she wants. Then you can have a chat with my boss all you want... I presume, at least. Now, would you please come with me so that I can show you out? You won't be finding what you need _here_." [4/30/18 3:12:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( This is not a 'rolling insight' game, is it. ))" [4/30/18 3:12:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Nah." [4/30/18 3:13:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Most of anything that is roleplaying oriented will be purely roleplaying oriented ; if there's a Negotiation check available, you're usually informed of the possibility, or at least hinted." [4/30/18 3:16:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri narrows her eyes at the doctor, rubbing under her chin with the neck of the loaded pistol before striding forward and grabbing Gage at the neck of his coat, bringing him in for a conspiratorial whisper. "Listen. Everybody's gotta get paid somehow. I don' trust 'tis. Tell me all you know, boy. I'm going to find 'tis 'Administrator'."" [4/30/18 3:20:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** _<A valiant attempt at maintaining his composure.>_ Please... don't threaten me, it'll only bring you trouble. If you hurt me, the entire laboratory will know it, especially after that accidental shot you fired. And nothing would be more wasteful than your death; you just woke up and I worked so long and so hard on making sure you'd be in a good shape..." [4/30/18 3:21:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** ...There _is_ nothing much I can tell you about her, other than she is my boss, and that I rarely if ever see her in person. It's always through messages that we talk with her..." [4/30/18 3:24:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She shakes her head, leaning him into a wall and placing all of herself up against him with a mute shake of her head, lime green eyes almost boring into him. Several seconds pass in this queer soul-searching before she shrugs, spitting aside and holstering her pistol like she's done it before, bringing her palm up under his coat to give him a clap on the ass.

"I guess it is true. No chance of my gettin' a message 'troo to her, 'ten?" she asks slyly, beginning to walk at his side if he would follow on the outward vector." [4/30/18 3:25:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Ow... No, not much of a chance of getting me to deliver her a message, if that's what you're aiming at. _<Self-dusting off.>_ Now... Can we go?" [4/30/18 3:26:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""...Yeah, I guess."" [4/30/18 3:27:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_After what was definitely a scary moment for everyone involved (except you, perhaps), the good doctor escorts you outside. You leave what looks like a scientific facility, a big laboratory or research center - not at all something like a hospital. Then, you cross through a small shopping hub, with three open shops... _" [4/30/18 3:28:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Then, after passing the shopping hub, you arrive into what's described as the Social Square, a large, plus-shaped area, composed of a Center and four branching streets. In each street, there seems to be several doors and accesses to a variety of facilities; a bank, a place called a hiring bureau, a bar, a restaurant, a takeout joint, a shooting range, and a library. The Social Square Center seems to be the meeting point for most of the inhabitants and travelers, and it has a prominent map._" [4/30/18 3:28:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One important detail you notice is that at no point you end up seeing the sky above your head. There is always a ceiling; as if the whole town was **inside**._" [4/30/18 3:29:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( How high is the ceiling? ))" [4/30/18 3:29:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( High enough that you can't touch it. There are ceiling lights as well." [4/30/18 3:30:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Doctor still escorting? ))" [4/30/18 3:31:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Yep." [4/30/18 3:31:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( one sec" [4/30/18 3:31:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_This is where the good doctor stops and turns towards you._" [4/30/18 3:32:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** And that's the end of it. I wish there was more I could have said, or done, but that's what I've been instructed to do as soon as you wake up. Check the map out to find out what's in town - and don't hesitate to ask around if you're lost or if you want directions. One more thing... the equipment you've been given will help for a bit, but if I were you, I'd head to the hiring bureau and ask around for a job or something to do; perhaps you'll be able to find what you need this way.

... And please. Don't threaten everybody you see, it'll end up badly." [4/30/18 3:34:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She would be distracted, fiddling with the hammer of the pistol at her waist and seeming to tune back in as the word 'threaten' comes up.

"Oh, I wasn't listening. Could you repeat all 'tat again?"

A pause, as she waits for the sour look and claps him on the shoulder with a wide grin.

"Joke. How to I get my hands on 'te biggest bad around? Le Mayor," she clarifies. "...Or at least 'te one wit' the biggest muscles."" [4/30/18 3:38:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** What, like hiring a mercenary, or something?" [4/30/18 3:39:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She shakes her head. "What's the name of 'tis here town?"" [4/30/18 3:40:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Oh, didn't I mention it? Welcome to the town of Arnett." [4/30/18 3:41:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""Big town," she comments mildly, looking around. "...So, who's going to arrest me if I start fightin' in 'te street?"" [4/30/18 3:41:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Probably TownSec... Or Town Security if you prefer." [4/30/18 3:42:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She shrugs with a 'moving on' gesture. "...and 'te boss of 'tem?"" [4/30/18 3:44:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** The Town Security Chief, probably... What are you getting at?" [4/30/18 3:45:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She ignores the question, closing her eyes and leaning back. "An' who pays him?"" [4/30/18 3:45:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** Um... The mayor, I guess? Look, I'm confused here." [4/30/18 3:46:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She pats him on the shoulder with a smile. "Don' worry. Their names and locations, 'ten. Mayor an' Chief."" [4/30/18 3:46:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** You can find them at the Town Hall, but... please, please don't go causing trouble." [4/30/18 3:48:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She shakes her head. "Don't worry. I'm good wit' people," she explains, grinning wide. "Gotta get back to raising 'te dead, Doc? Let's have a drink sometime."" [4/30/18 3:49:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Dr. Gage]** I doubt we'll be seeing each other again, I've got to return to my job... Feel free to use the map if you want to know where everything is. Good luck out there, okay?" [4/30/18 3:50:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She tuts, turning her head away. "Stuffy. Don' worry about 'tat offer."

"...Tanks for 'te whole... living business, 'to."" [4/30/18 3:52:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_He simply nods, and briskly walks away, back to the lab you were escorted out of. You're now on your own, completely free to go where you please! Although as you may have guessed, you do have a couple of things you can do._

Main quest **M03** has started, objectives 1 and 2 active: 1) Head to Arnett’s Hiring Bureau to register yourself as a contractor: the Hiring Bureau is the place to go to find jobs and initiate sidequests, in order to earn money and acquire better gear. 2) Ask around in Arnett and inquire about the Cardinal Amulets’ supposed whereabouts.

_Other than that, welcome to the Mazes!_" [4/30/18 3:53:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Sorry for dragging that out. ))" [4/30/18 3:54:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She will head to the bar." [4/30/18 3:54:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Nah it's ok! That was different :D" [4/30/18 3:57:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Thankfully there is a bar in town, called The Bolt Face. The map indicates that it's only 3 rooms away from the social square center, which don't take long to traverse._

    • [The Bolt Face]**

You find yourself at the local bar, entering into the bar hall, where many tables and many more chairs are lined up for patrons to use and sit down. A clock shows it's still relatively early - 8 in the morning - but despite that, there are a couple of early patrons, already drinking their way through the day.

To the east is the bar room, with the bartender and the proper counter. To the west is the exit, back to the social square." [4/30/18 3:57:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Am I looking at town_map? ))" [4/30/18 3:58:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Nah. The actual, in-character map of the town." [4/30/18 3:58:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Not the channel." [4/30/18 3:58:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Where's Arnett in the town_map? ))" [4/30/18 3:58:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Scroll to "spoiler-free map", click on the image, Arnett is all the way on the right, in the Eastern Zone (blue)" [4/30/18 4:00:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She approaches the bar, sitting down and thunking the counter with her fist for attention, bearing a shark tucked against the skin of her throat.

"How about a piss for 'te workin' lass? Iffn' tobacco, I'll take 'tat too. Owe you a favour."" [4/30/18 4:01:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The barkeep stares blankly at you._" [4/30/18 4:03:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sets her mouth in a line. "Ain' too strange to have a 'welcome from 'te dead' drink, is it?" she asks bluntly. "I can do French, if you like. Ye gonna be my best friend one day, trust me."" [4/30/18 4:03:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** _<Still very blankly staring at you.>_ Can... I ... get you anything?..." [4/30/18 4:04:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She clarifies, setting her chin in her palm."...Piss, an' a pipe."" [4/30/18 4:05:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** I'm going to assume that meant 'beer'. We don't sell tobacco products here, though." [4/30/18 4:05:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She will glance around for anyone smoking, then." [4/30/18 4:06:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_There is no-one else at the counter, except for you._" [4/30/18 4:07:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_No-one except one really drunk patron at the tables, and he looks like he's been there all night._" [4/30/18 4:08:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She looks back at the barman with a 'tch' sound, eyeing up at him. "...'ow about that welcome piss, 'ten. I'll pay ye back, but I'm a bit short account o' bein' dead."" [4/30/18 4:09:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** _<Suspicious glare.>_ No money, no drink." [4/30/18 4:13:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She leans back in her chair, adjusting her vest under which she is wearing... nothing, honestly to bare a good stretch of her chest quite casually, looking away with a smirk. "Y'know, is good business to give a taste. I bet'cha can't brew up a 'timble o' rat spunk. You never been dead before? Tirsty work, 'tat'."" [4/30/18 4:14:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** I've never been dead before, no. Mostly because all the dead people I know usually never come back, let alone ask for a free drink." [4/30/18 4:16:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sighs, slumping. "Oe. Ye don't have 'te make this complicated. I jus' need a spike an' a bit of info."" [4/30/18 4:17:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** Neither of which you'll get without a bit of money, friend. Advise you to come back with some." [4/30/18 4:17:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She fiddles with her vest, bringing out a bullet and holding it up. "...Ye accept 'tese? S'all I have on me."" [4/30/18 4:17:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_He shakes his head no._" [4/30/18 4:17:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** Go sell those to a gun shop if you're that strapped for money." [4/30/18 4:18:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sighs, narrowing her eyes. "Oright. I'll just let ye to stand here by ye' lonesome and frowns. Where are 'tese Amulets at, 'ten? 'Te Administrator's on my back about 'tem."" [4/30/18 4:19:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** _<Clearly out of patience.>_ I don't know what you're talking about." [4/30/18 4:20:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""...'Teh Cardinal Amulets."" [4/30/18 4:21:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_His expression changes. Suddenly, the bartender looks a little more intrigued._" [4/30/18 4:23:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** ...I've heard that before. I'm pretty sure of it. Hmm... Must've been when I visited that shrine. The religious ladies wouldn't stop talking about it when I asked questions." [4/30/18 4:23:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She frowns. "Shrine?"" [4/30/18 4:24:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** There's a Cardinal Shrine in the town of Semitas, south of here. If you're looking to know more about these Amulets, I think your best bet would be to ask them." [4/30/18 4:25:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sets her mouth, closing her eyes with a deep hum. "Semitas. Good name. Y'know what a Cardinal is?"" [4/30/18 4:26:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** There's a lot of Cardinal this and that in Angelic lore. So I guess it means it's divine? I dunno." [4/30/18 4:27:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She gives a flat look. "...Angels."" [4/30/18 4:28:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** Yep. They run that town. Gentle folks, even if they're kind of weird sometimes. Very orderly, straight-edge. They don't fool around." [4/30/18 4:29:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""...Right. I'm gonna assume you're talkin' about some gang calling 'temselves the Angels."" [4/30/18 4:29:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** No, I mean they're actual angelic creatures." [4/30/18 4:30:20 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She stares for a moment, then sighs, getting out of her chair. "...Everyone's insane. I'll be back. Keep 'tat virgin ass up, guy."" [4/30/18 4:30:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Barkeep]** Hopefully you come back soon for a drink!" [4/30/18 4:30:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She then goes to the Hiring Bureau." [4/30/18 4:30:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_That takes care of M03 objective 2._" [4/30/18 4:31:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( God I hate the word Bureau. I always struggle with spelling it. ))" [4/30/18 4:33:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( You get that? ))" [4/30/18 4:33:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( I got it, no worries" [4/30/18 4:37:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You depart from the Bolt Face, making your way to Arnett's Hiring Bureau, walking the 7 rooms to get there._

    • [Arnett / Hiring Bureau]**

_A small office, in which you find several waiting chairs, a desk, a computer, and a very tired-looking Hirer behind the desk and computer. You spot three empty coffee cups on the desk as well. Looks like he's had a long night._" [4/30/18 4:40:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She leans on the counter, arching her brow at the cups. "...Drinking on the job. I like you already."

She grins. "Looks like I need work. I'll broom floors iffn' gets me a bit of grog by tonight, but I'm lookin' for the Cardinal Amulets."" [4/30/18 4:42:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** _<Repressing a yawn>_... Ah... Sorry. Trying to stay awake... Name?" [4/30/18 4:43:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""Ithiri."" [4/30/18 4:43:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You see him type the name into the computer, keyboard clickety-clicking in the process..._" [4/30/18 4:44:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She leans over, looking at the computer curiously." [4/30/18 4:45:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** _<He doesn't seem to mind terribly much.>_ Okay... You're new, from what I can see... I've signed you up as a new contractor. I don't have any jobs yet for you... _<Another yawn>_ ...it always takes a bit of time for offers to show up. I'd advise waiting a bit, so if you have anything to do first, probably best to take care of it now. Anything else I can help you with?" [4/30/18 4:46:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She sighs, rubbing her shoulder. "Grog, a smoke, and a place to sleep for 'te night."" [4/30/18 4:47:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Well, there's the bar for drinks, you can try the hospital's med shop if you want smokes, maybe they'll have some for sale... And there's the East Point Hotel for a place to sleep. You have a little bit of cash, right?" [4/30/18 4:48:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She just gives him a tired look almost matching his own. "...It's been a rough rebirth, friend."" [4/30/18 4:50:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** ...ooooh. Rough. You're new and penniless, huh. Well, at least it looks like you've got some gear on yourself... Word of advice, don't sell any of it, especially not your weapons." [4/30/18 4:50:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Saw that. ))" [4/30/18 4:51:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( CANON ))" [4/30/18 4:51:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( We don't _have_ pennies, so..." [4/30/18 4:52:30 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She eyes up the guy at the desk- a bit more approachable than the stern-ass barman. "...Y'got a tip for me, mate? I'm tryin' 'te be good here, but I'm a pirate whose 'bin handed a bunch of weapons an' not a drop o' food or vice."" [4/30/18 4:54:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Well... If you're the resourceful kind, why not go rootin' around in the UA, see if you can scavenge a thing or two? Maybe you'll find valuable stuff to sell. 'Course, it's not without dangers, but... You don't seem like the easily-afraid type. You got anywhere you need to go? Could be worth it to look around on the road." [4/30/18 4:55:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She raises her brows mildly, pausing from sniffing the cup on the desk. "...UA, huh. If I hafter. Wossat exactly?"" [4/30/18 4:56:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Uncivilized Area. It's anywhere that's not a town or a settled intersection, including the roads in between each town. If you have to go somewhere, you have to cross the UA. If you're careful, you'll have a safe trip most of the time." [4/30/18 4:58:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She blows out a raspberry, straightening up and putting her hands on her hips, creasing her brow. "...Got a way t'contact me? I ain't like to pay for a courier."" [4/30/18 5:05:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Well, unless you have a phone..." [4/30/18 5:05:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She gives a look. "...Phone. Like that?"

She indicates the computer." [4/30/18 5:06:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** No, that's a computer. But, look, don't worry about it, okay? We take messages intended for you, every town has a hiring bureau, and all you have to do is ask if there's anything for you." [4/30/18 5:07:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""Mm. Cheers, mate," she announces flatly, scratching the side of her head and turning out. Okay, so- learn how to use this gun, check the map, hit the wilds. Maps, closest, right?" [4/30/18 5:10:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Oh, are you looking for a _world_ map or a town map?" [4/30/18 5:11:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_stares. "...Yeah, I guess with what I heard today, it's not too weird ye have a world map. Y'gonna make me pay, 'to, ain't'cha?"_" [4/30/18 5:16:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hirer]** Nah, I can give you directions. There are directional signs at the gap corridor (one room past the town gate) which point to the nearest towns. You'll find a world map there too. Feel free to check it out if you need to know where to go." [4/30/18 5:17:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She gives him a passing wave and a smile, heading out to the town map with much hip sway. Looking for a firing range or gun shop." [4/30/18 5:19:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_3 rooms later, you find yourself back at the social square center._

    • [Arnett / SS Center]**

The town map shows there is a shooting range (5 rooms away) and a gun shop (7 rooms away). Where do you want to go first?" [4/30/18 5:21:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She has no idea. Maybe the gun shop. She's future business!" [4/30/18 5:26:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_7 rooms later..._

    • [Arnett / Gun shop]**

_Some very generic rock music can be heard out of the ceiling speakers. The gun shop has various shelves and wall racks displaying (model!) versions of the products for sale, with little signs reminding customers that the display weapons are not real, that the real stuff is in storage, and that they're only there to give you an idea of what they're like.

At the back of the room, a counter, and the shop owner, waiting for the next customers._" [4/30/18 5:27:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ithiri pulls out her gun and slaps it on the counter, puffing out her chest. "Your stupid God gave me this dumb thing and I need to know how to use it!"" [4/30/18 5:27:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( ...Loaded and safety off. ))" [4/30/18 5:29:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** ...And you're expecting me to do what, exactly?" [4/30/18 5:30:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She blurts out. "...It basically went off by itself, and I'm used 'te black powder!"" [4/30/18 5:33:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** _<Amused snort.>_ Blackpowder? How many hundreds of years old are you? We don't use blackpowder anymore since a loooong time." [4/30/18 5:35:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She grunts, palm at her hip and slapping the counter again. "'ey, look 'ere, matey. It's right useful t'be able to use your shot 'fer cannon, pistol, or explosive."

Ithiri holds up her hands like she's measuring a fish. "Ye can modify ye own guns, see. Control the velocity, even jam more stuff in th' same chamber. So what in 'te devil's name is this?" she exclaims, indicating the Beretta." [4/30/18 5:38:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** This... _<He gently rotates the weapon so that it's no longer pointed at him.>_ ... is a Beretta M9. Or just an M9. But you look like you could use a lesson on _how to shoot_ in general." [4/30/18 5:39:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** ...Or should I say... how to understand modern guns." [4/30/18 5:40:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She gives a slight shrug, laughing. "Righ', modern. Whatever. I'm shit an' I'm gonna die les' I get a handle on it. Be a pal?"" [4/30/18 5:42:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** All right, all right, I'll try to give you a crash course... There's three main parts to most firearms you have to be aware of." [4/30/18 5:44:02 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The shop owner removes the magazine, and pulls on the slide, removing the round in the chamber. He then aligns the three: pistol, magazine, single round of ammunition._" [4/30/18 5:44:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""Wah. Just like that, huh."" [4/30/18 5:44:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** The weapon, the magazine, and the ammo. Ammo goes in magazine, magazine goes in weapon. Each round has its own little charge of powder, that was invented so you didn't have to mess around with blackpowder anymore, and so you could reload more quickly. Safer, faster." [4/30/18 5:45:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She releases a little 'feh' at the word 'safer'." [4/30/18 5:45:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Now the downside is, you have to watch out for different calibers and magazines. A weapon is only compatible with certain things - some don't even _have_ magazines, and generally only one caliber of ammunition. Sometimes, more than one, but **usually** just one." [4/30/18 5:46:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Anything else is specifics. _He proceeds to reinsert the round into the magazine, then the magazine into the pistol, then pulling the slide on the pistol; returning your weapon exactly as it was when you plopped it on the counter._" [4/30/18 5:47:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She wrinkles her nose. "Ye a smith? Not sure I care fer the sound of this 'ammunition' business. Sounds limitin'."" [4/30/18 5:48:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Nah, I mostly just sell the stuff. Not much of a smith." [4/30/18 5:48:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""Then, is 'tere one?"" [4/30/18 5:49:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Not in this town, I'm afraid. You'd have to look for an engineer's workshop, they do gunsmithing. But the closest one is in... ah... lemme try to remember..." [4/30/18 5:50:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** ...Joliet Sector, that's the nearest one. It's a fair distance away from here, though." [4/30/18 5:51:30 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She scratches her chin. "...World's flat, right? Any seas?"" [4/30/18 5:59:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** As far as I know, it is. Seas? Like in those fantasy books? I haven't seen any in my life, I dunno if they really exist." [4/30/18 5:59:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Reminds me of that book about pirates I read when I was a kid. Come to think of it, you look a bit like one." [4/30/18 5:59:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: ""...Don't exist."

She looks empty, clutching her chest." [4/30/18 6:00:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** I could be wrong. I heard something about a town in the Southeast Zone that had a sea farm, where they get all kinds of critters for food." [4/30/18 6:00:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** So maybe they exist, I just never saw one." [4/30/18 6:04:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "She isn't listening clearly, her expression flickering between anger and despair.

"Never saw one... don't exist," she repeats in that hollow voice, sliding the gun off the counter and pulling back the slide, ejecting a bullet which she catches.

Her expression is scary when she palms it.

"...Ye damned right I'm a pirate, and this is goin' in the skull of that bitch Administrator fer bringin' me here. I'm gettin' it carved in. Swear it on the Gods."

She turns, and leaves for the UA." [4/30/18 6:06:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( You're ejecting and catching a round?" [4/30/18 6:06:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Yup. ))" [4/30/18 6:07:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Alright, could you just tell me where that round is going on your inventory?" [4/30/18 6:07:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Pocket, or in the vest, somewhere secure. ))" [4/30/18 6:09:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You caught that individual round and placed it into Vest / Main, alongside the box of rounds of the same caliber and same type._" [4/30/18 6:09:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Vest / Main: 0.51 /2" [4/30/18 6:09:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Edited the inventory to point you to it, and give you an example on how to add items to your inv." [4/30/18 6:10:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( Thank'ee. ))" [4/30/18 6:10:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( I did it myself this time, but next time I'll show an event line for you to copy and paste on the sheet" [4/30/18 6:10:30 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( ? ))" [4/30/18 6:12:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You storm out of the shop, walking 15 rooms across the town and towards the town entrance. You pass the gate, and end up at the gap corridor, the last room before the UA._

    • [Arnett / Gap corridor]**

_Before you, three doors, all leading to the UA, towards different directions. On one wall to the side, a world map, and a red arrow pointing that "YOU ARE HERE" - pointed at Arnett. The possible traveling directions from here are:_ North to Elkins West to Intersection 09 South to Semitas" [4/30/18 6:13:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_If you intend to leave town, first, pick a direction._" [4/30/18 6:13:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "West, I guess." [4/30/18 6:14:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Oh, before you choose for sure" [4/30/18 6:14:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Forgot to give you an update on your objectives." [4/30/18 6:14:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "M03 objectives 1 and 2 being completed, you now have 3: 3) Ask the shrine maidens in Semitas about information regarding the Cardinal Amulets." [4/30/18 6:15:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Since you've been pointed to it._" [4/30/18 6:15:02 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ah, okay." [4/30/18 6:15:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "How far is it?" [4/30/18 6:15:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "It's one of the possible directions, so it's not too far." [4/30/18 6:15:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "South then, but I'm primarily looking for something to hock for the basics until a job comes up." [4/30/18 6:16:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Don't worry about it!" [4/30/18 6:19:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Once you picked a direction, you can choose a traveling style: **Fast, Safe, Deep**, or if you are in a hurry, **Skip**._

    • Fast:** You'll have less rooms to travel through, danger level is moderate, and chance to find loot is moderate.
    • Safe:** Low danger level but also low chances to find loot.
    • Deep:** A longer trip, so more rooms to go through, more chances to find loot, and of course, higher danger level.
    • Skip** allows you to simply get to the next destination pretty much immediately; an amount of time equivalent to a Safe trip will pass, but of course if you do that, you meet zero enemies, and you find zero items. Useful if you're in a hurry though."

[4/30/18 6:19:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Would you say that I can handle travelling deep one root from Arnett to Semitas, or could I hit an end-boss or something?" [4/30/18 6:20:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I don't really know how encounters work." [4/30/18 6:20:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "When you're in the UA, everything is randomly generated" [4/30/18 6:20:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "the next rooms, the items and creatures you find" [4/30/18 6:20:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "no two trips are the same, and these traveling styles affect _chances_ of what might happen during the trip." [4/30/18 6:21:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "So is it okay for you to give a reccommendation this time?" [4/30/18 6:21:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "If you want. I'd recommend Fast." [4/30/18 6:21:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Up to you." [4/30/18 6:21:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I saw an angel dragon in the random encounters and I'm a bit scared he's just chilling out right outside town." [4/30/18 6:21:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Heh. Fast, please." [4/30/18 6:22:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Push comes to shove, you have Agi +2, you have very good chances to run away from a fight." [4/30/18 6:22:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Fast is fine for now." [4/30/18 6:23:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I'll leave deep until I get some underwear." [4/30/18 6:23:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Excited. =w=" [4/30/18 6:23:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Alright. To Semitas, Fast. Your next destination is estimated to be in **20** rooms. You may find detours and shortcuts during your trip, which may lengthen or shorten your trip in the UA as well. Generating your next rooms now, please wait..._" [4/30/18 6:25:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Shower room, abandoned // Front: Passage (D) // Right: Vault room, forsaken" [4/30/18 6:26:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_All that's left to do is to pick a door. Whenever you're done in a UA room, request the next doors, rinse and repeat until you reach destination._" [4/30/18 6:26:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Do I just pick a direction?" [4/30/18 6:26:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Yup" [4/30/18 6:26:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "What does (D) mean?" [4/30/18 6:29:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I'll assume it means down." [4/30/18 6:29:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Right." [4/30/18 6:29:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "D means Detour." [4/30/18 6:29:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ah." [4/30/18 6:29:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "In that room, you'll find a detour." [4/30/18 6:29:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "So I can kinda artificially 'deepen' my trip, I guess" [4/30/18 6:29:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Yep" [4/30/18 6:29:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Or shorten it if you see shortcuts." [4/30/18 6:29:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Right, please." [4/30/18 6:30:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Though that you make a distinction between 'forsaken' and 'abandoned' worries me somewhat" [4/30/18 6:30:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Forsaken kind of just has a more sinister feeling" [4/30/18 6:33:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Vault room, forsaken]** _An ancient room, old and dusty, which looks like it was formerly part of a bank. All of the security doors and safety deposit boxes on the walls have long been pried open. There appears to be nothing of use in this room, however. Just the next doors._" [4/30/18 6:34:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Should I ask to look at the doors?" [4/30/18 6:34:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Every time you're ready to move, yes." [4/30/18 6:35:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Can I search to see if there's scraps in any of the boxes?" [4/30/18 6:35:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_As far as you can see, there is only dust and dead air in the boxes._" [4/30/18 6:35:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Exits?" [4/30/18 6:35:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Corridor (S) // Front: Youkai bedroom (danchi), disaffected // Right: Roadway (S)" [4/30/18 6:36:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ooh. Bedroom." [4/30/18 6:37:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Uh- Select bedroom?" [4/30/18 6:37:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "If there's a specific syntax you prefer, let me know." [4/30/18 6:37:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Nah, I got it." [4/30/18 6:41:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Danchi, disaffected]**

_If Japan existed for you (or for the Mazes), you'd call the style of this room rather Japanese. It looks like a large guest bedroom, with many futons (about eight, with just as many nightstands). You also spot a television, a radio, and a heated table, but they seem to be out of order. The radio looks like it has been shot. You spot an abandoned **firearm** on the floor..._" [4/30/18 6:42:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Weird style. Look at the firearm?" [4/30/18 6:44:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Weapon] Class 2 - R2/Regular - KBP OTs-39 submachine gun | 7.62x25mm Tokarev - Semi/Full - 9.45 in. - FS | AutoROF: 5 | M.Brake, Laser(I,96/100t) | OTs-39 30-round mag, no +1 | Weight: 9

Ammunition: 2 +1 /30, 3x Standard AP Maintenance: Condition: **Worn** / Cleanliness: Clean" [4/30/18 6:45:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "" [4/30/18 6:45:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Oh gosh you have pictures." [4/30/18 6:45:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( I sent it in manually. Planning to get the bot to do that for me in the future." [4/30/18 6:45:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( But yeah I have pics." [4/30/18 6:45:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Yeah I'm taking that." [4/30/18 6:45:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Equip in Auxiliary?_" [4/30/18 6:45:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Backpack." [4/30/18 6:45:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Or- wait, is it loaded?" [4/30/18 6:46:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "With three rounds." [4/30/18 6:46:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Only three rounds left in it, but it is._" [4/30/18 6:46:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "When you say Auxiliary, you mean..." [4/30/18 6:46:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Equipped Weapons section of your sheet" [4/30/18 6:46:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "this is where the weapons you have equipped are" [4/30/18 6:46:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ah. So Auxilary in the context of equipped weapons differs from primary because" [4/30/18 6:47:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "The Auxiliary slot can only take Class 2 weapons." [4/30/18 6:47:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Which are?" [4/30/18 6:47:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Well, the OTs-39 is one." [4/30/18 6:47:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "So you could equip it if you'd like." [4/30/18 6:47:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Is that a weight class or what" [4/30/18 6:47:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Auxilary though, sure." [4/30/18 6:48:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Weapons have a Class, it's not based on weight or anything, but Class determines which equipment slot it goes into." [4/30/18 6:49:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I guess I can't just paste it." [4/30/18 6:49:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Exits please while I hash this out" [4/30/18 6:49:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Yeah, you can" [4/30/18 6:49:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "well you should be able to" [4/30/18 6:49:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "From Discord it comes out as all black" [4/30/18 6:49:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Oh, i know the issue." [4/30/18 6:49:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Try pasting it again." [4/30/18 6:49:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Alright, now select all the dark text" [4/30/18 6:50:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Change the highlight color to none" [4/30/18 6:50:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "and remove bolding if you want" [4/30/18 6:50:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "I dunno why it does that, but there you go" [4/30/18 6:50:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "There you go" [4/30/18 6:51:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I guess I can't put the laser sight on the pistol" [4/30/18 6:51:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "It's integrated to the weapon, so no, you can't remove that." [4/30/18 6:51:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "'kaaaay" [4/30/18 6:51:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Exits." [4/30/18 6:51:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "the little (I) indicator means integrated." [4/30/18 6:52:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Old byway (D) // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Youkai bedroom (washitsu), **dark**" [4/30/18 6:52:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Dark?" [4/30/18 6:53:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "The lights in this room have failed. It's hard to fight in the dark." [4/30/18 6:53:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "But, there's more stuff in the dark, since less people go through these rooms..." [4/30/18 6:53:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Right: Youkai bedroom (washitsu), dark" [4/30/18 6:53:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( ...So much bedrooms. ))" [4/30/18 6:54:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Washitsu, dark]**

_No lights at all in this room! It's hard to see... You can barely distinguish the outline of what appears to be a **metallic container**._" [4/30/18 6:55:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Look at the container." [4/30/18 6:55:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "...Poke it with my pistol." [4/30/18 6:56:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A tough, metallic container, made to resist abuse. Your pistol makes a 'clink' noise when you poke the container with it. It seems to be locked, with an electronic lock (serial **C9D8**). Unless you have a keycard with the same number, you probably should leave it alone, because it appears that the container is also armed with a **trap**._" [4/30/18 6:56:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Too bad, there might be some good loot in there._" [4/30/18 6:57:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Of course if you REALLY wanted to, you could try attacking the container to try and brute-force it, but that will probably trigger the trap._" [4/30/18 6:57:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Hmm. You mean like a safe, or a toolbox with a electronic lock?" [4/30/18 6:59:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Something along those lines. Containers are more or less our "treasure chests"." [4/30/18 6:59:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "They're not all easy to open." [4/30/18 6:59:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "And keycards with the same number are rare?" [4/30/18 6:59:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Very." [4/30/18 6:59:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "If you find keys and keycards, collect them." [4/30/18 6:59:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Can I root around in the pillow, under the bed and stuff?" [4/30/18 7:00:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You search around as much as you can in the dark, but other than a pillow and bedsheets, you don't find much of use._" [4/30/18 7:01:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "...Mmm. I..." [4/30/18 7:01:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I'm gonna shoot the box." [4/30/18 7:02:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You can aim at the frame or at the lock._" [4/30/18 7:02:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "The frame, I guess, or hinges." [4/30/18 7:03:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Maybe such that I'm less vulnerable to it exploding than point blank?" [4/30/18 7:03:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Engaging the container in combat. Combat mode is ON._" [4/30/18 7:04:02 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You'll be aiming at the frame with your pistol; how many shots do you want to fire? (up to 10)_" [4/30/18 7:04:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "...If I say something like 'I put the box in the doorframe, then shoot from behind the wall' does that matter?" [4/30/18 7:04:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "No, because that won't be possible in the first place." [4/30/18 7:05:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I mean, around the edge of the doorframe, thereby exposing, say a bit of my head and my hand." [4/30/18 7:05:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You can't move the container!" [4/30/18 7:05:20 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Oh." [4/30/18 7:05:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I'll just go shot by shot, then." [4/30/18 7:05:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I have no idea how many this'll take." [4/30/18 7:06:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "It's a sturdy metallic container, feels like steel. Probably more than one shot. But, up to you how many you want to shoot." [4/30/18 7:06:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I mean, if it breaks at 3 and I say 6, am I just firing them anway on semi auto" [4/30/18 7:06:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I assume not" [4/30/18 7:06:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Shoot five." [4/30/18 7:08:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_laughing madly._" [4/30/18 7:09:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "OK. Since you're fighting an inanimate object, you don't need to roll for it, and you succeed automatically; 5 shots hit the container.

_The report of the M9 is loud, but the muzzle blast is bright, each shot briefly illuminating the entire room with a fiery glow. You distinctly hear the bullets make "PLINK, PLANK" noises when hitting the target. They only appear to have left tiny dents, nothing close to significant damage._" [4/30/18 7:09:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I mean, if the first couple- it's probably not worth debating over three rounds." [4/30/18 7:09:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_just pirates._" [4/30/18 7:10:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_In response, the electronic lock beeps alive with a bright red LED turning on. Something seems to move and whirr. Before you know what happened, the trap came online and activated itself..._" [4/30/18 7:10:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "/r 2d6" [4/30/18 7:10:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@142396378000261121>: `2d6` = (3+6) = 9" [4/30/18 7:10:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Cover?" [4/30/18 7:10:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Much too late for that." [4/30/18 7:10:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I mean, I was in cover. ; _ ;" [4/30/18 7:12:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Well, okay, what am I doing here" [4/30/18 7:12:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "post coming, one sec" [4/30/18 7:14:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**ZAP!** _You've been hit by whatever the -heck- just hit you; and it hurts. Electricity courses through you; some sort of defensive electric trap managed to hit you in the chest, and deliver who knows how many volts of unpleasant pain. Despite your efforts to avoid the trap, it still got you._" [4/30/18 7:14:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Damage report coming in a sec." [4/30/18 7:15:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Ah, right." [4/30/18 7:17:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Ooh. Chest." [4/30/18 7:17:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Damage sustained] Pain: **+18%** (total 18%) Limb damage: **6** dmg to the torso (34 /40hp) Injuries: **After-shock secondary effect** for 3 turns Clothing damage: Heavy K armor vest condition fell from Brand new to Good." [4/30/18 7:17:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Alas, but that I do not have lightning resistance." [4/30/18 7:18:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You're feeling after-shock. You feel weaker (strength -20%), and slower (initiative tier +1). Thankfully the effect doesn't last too long..._" [4/30/18 7:18:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_End of turn 1._" [4/30/18 7:19:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Well, that hurt. That was not pleasant. The trap got you, but now it's exhausted, and it won't fire again._" [4/30/18 7:19:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_However, there's still the problem of a very locked, very shut container. Do you want to keep trying to pry it open?_" [4/30/18 7:19:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Sure, but physically." [4/30/18 7:20:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Maybe with something else metal from all the electronics debris and broken stuff." [4/30/18 7:21:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "_gets up, however, from the shock with a slight waft of smoke about her hair and snorts at the box like an angry bull, even while grinning.

"...This is just unfair. Got pretty good over th' last howeverlong."_" [4/30/18 7:22:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_What do you want to hit the container with, if not with shots?_" [4/30/18 7:23:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I'll just throw a television at it." [4/30/18 7:25:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You take the television set, and throw it wholesale at the container. It makes a loud, catastrophic CRASH as it falls apart and disassembles itself to pieces upon impact. Unfortunately, that failed to do any damage._" [4/30/18 7:25:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Turn 2 ended._" [4/30/18 7:25:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Turn 3. What's your next move?_" [4/30/18 7:25:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Just show me the exits, haha." [4/30/18 7:26:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "I don't even have a map to mark it down on." [4/30/18 7:26:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_End of fight (3 turns). You're no longer under the effects of after-shock._" [4/30/18 7:27:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Trash room, abandoned // Front: Machine room, **deserted** // Right: Kitchen, abandoned" [4/30/18 7:27:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Kitchen." [4/30/18 7:28:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "(( I'll be leaving for work in about an hour and fifteen. Don't push yourself. ))" [4/30/18 7:32:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Kitchen, abandoned]** _A former element of some sort of restaurant, or food joint, or something of that nature, now abandoned to the UA. You spot a fridge, drawers, a sink, and a set of stoves. All of the powered furniture is (amazingly enough) still on and functional, however the fridge is empty and there is nothing in the drawers.

It appears there is nothing of use here._" [4/30/18 7:35:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Oop, didn't go through." [4/30/18 7:35:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Can I assume when you say nothing of use, there's no point in saying I search?" [4/30/18 7:35:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "'appears' is kind of specific" [4/30/18 7:35:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Yep, that's what it means." [4/30/18 7:36:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Cool. Exits, please." [4/30/18 7:36:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Also, that will be the last room for today. Somethin came up. Hope you don't mind." [4/30/18 7:36:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "It's fine." [4/30/18 7:36:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Ithiri: "Thanks for your hard work." [4/30/18 7:36:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session end: Session #95]"