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[5/2/18 6:21:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session start: Session #96]" [5/2/18 6:21:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Welcome back to the Mazes, Pinkie. On the last session, you had just finished Sidequest S1-1, having done a bit of training with a rifle that hated you. You're still at the shooting range's rental shop, in Arnett._" [5/2/18 6:27:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I give the rangemaster another grin. "So! Is that everything?"" [5/2/18 6:28:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Rangemaster]** Yep, it should be, unless you want to actually pay for another round at the range. We have a number of rental firearms available." [5/2/18 6:34:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I shake my head a few times, and wave a hand. "Naah! I've got enough practice with what I've got now. Can't get better without experience!"" [5/2/18 6:37:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Rangemaster]** Alright, well, in that case, have a nice day, and stay safe out there." [5/2/18 6:38:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "A big ol' grin fills my face, and I nod. "You too!" And with that, I hop on out and head on over to talk with the other dude I was supposed to meet about butchering or somethin'!" [5/2/18 6:43:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The chef at the local diner, Bill's Burgers, did indeed, have a job for you. You leave the shooting range and head there, walking 8 rooms in the process._

    • [Bill's Burgers]**

_You make it into the diner's dining room. None of the tables have any patrons - it's 10:30 AM, after all. The waitress is sitting at one of the tables closest to the entrance, waiting for the next customers cigarette in hand. When you enter, she quickly extinguishes it, stands up, and shows her best smile._" [5/2/18 6:43:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Waitress]** Hi, welcome to Bill's Burgers!" [5/2/18 6:45:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Hiya! I'm here to have a lesson about butchering!"" [5/2/18 6:45:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Waitress]** Ah, you're here to see the boss? He's in the kitchen, over there. _You're pointed to the door north._" [5/2/18 6:48:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I nod, and grin. "Thank you!" And with that, I go on over to the north door. "It's alright if I just go back?"" [5/2/18 6:50:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Waitress]** Oh, yeah, it's fine!" [5/2/18 6:51:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One room to the north, and you're in the kitchen of the restaurant. It smells heavily of fries._" [5/2/18 6:51:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The chef is right there, keeping an eye on the aforementioned fries, which can't be French, seeing as France isn't a thing here._" [5/2/18 6:55:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I raise my hand and waves quickly. "Hiya! I'm here 'cus of your thing you posted about butchering!"" [5/2/18 6:58:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Chef]** Oh hey, welcome! I take it you’re the contractor I asked for? I was warned about your arrival. Come, let’s take a seat, we have much to discuss about. _He waves at a seat that looks like it has been pulled from the main hall._" [5/2/18 6:58:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Chef]** First, introductions are in order. The name’s Bill Pickens! I’ve owned and managed this Diner here in Arnett for over 10 years. I’ll be straight with you: I need your help." [5/2/18 7:08:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I quickly sit down on the indicated seat, clapping hands together. "Nice t'meetcha, Bill! I'm Pinkie." I quiet down to let him finish, and then nod. "Lemme guess! You need someone to go out and get meat for you?"" [5/2/18 7:09:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** That's exactly my problem. Because I frequently have to cook and serve clients, and the only help I have for doing so is my waiter and my dishwasher in the back, I often end up running really low on supplies – particularly meat." [5/2/18 7:09:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** It’s a goddamn pain, lemme tell you! I often find myself with very little time to go and buy raw meat from suppliers and local farms! My workload has been so heavy lately that I’ve simply not been able to get any more, which brings us to my current situation." [5/2/18 7:10:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** My request is very simple. I want you to go out in the UA, hunt and butcher any critters you can find, and **bring me at least 20 units of meat**. I’ll provide you with the supplies to do it if you don’t have them yet. Since I really need the meat right now, I’ll pay you double the standard rate – 20 P$ apiece, so at least 400 P$ guaranteed for you if you bring me the 20 pieces I ask for. Naturally if you bring me more, I’ll pay you more…" [5/2/18 7:13:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I nod along as he speaks, and clap my hands together. "I don't have what I need to butcher, (Or the knowledge, but I think he already knows!) but I'm capable of helping you after you show me how to butcher."" [5/2/18 7:16:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** Well, that's the other reward I have for you. I'm ready to teach you, right now, _for free_... AND I will let you have one my meat cleavers. How about that?" [5/2/18 7:27:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Grin! "That's a pretty good idea. So! Shall we get to it, then?"" [5/2/18 7:34:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Bill Pickens spends a moment teaching you the basics of hunting and butchering..._

    • [Hunting basics]**

To hunt creatures for meat, all you have to do is engage them in combat as you normally would. Then, when the fight is over, you may use a suitable tool (generally a knife, marked as being **Butchering** capable) to harvest meat from the dead creature. How much meat you can gather depends on 2 factors: Your **Hunting skill**, and the creature's **meat worth**. Hunting skill is self-explanatory; the more skilled you are, the more meat you can gather. Meat worth is a tiny bit more complex. Meat worth is calculated by using the creature's **torso+hips limb health** or **body limb health** (if the creature doesn't have a defined upper and lower body, but just a body). In other words: **Shots to the body will damage the meat.**" [5/2/18 7:36:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hunting basics, p2]** As a result, if you want to harvest a lot of meat from a creature, make sure you didn't destroy too much of it. Shots to the limbs, extremities, weak points, or the head never result in meat damage. And remember, even if it can be harvested, sometimes it's not always a good idea... As funny as it may be to butcher humans, it's probably not very legal.

One more thing: the meat harvested will be **raw** and have a chance to cause a nausea effect, but you can **cook it**, using either a kitchen's stoves, or your very own **portable stove kits**. Ask your local workshop!" [5/2/18 7:36:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "And this concludes the basics of hunting. Any questions?" [5/2/18 7:37:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Nope!" [5/2/18 7:37:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** And just as promised, please accept this! _He hands you a weapon:_" [5/2/18 7:37:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Weapon] Class 5 Short - R2/Regular - Meat cleaver (Knife) - Slash (Sharp) - Steel - Butchering - Weight: 3

_Condition: Brand new_" [5/2/18 7:38:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Yep!" With that, I take the cleaver and put it right into my bag! Wahah." [5/2/18 7:40:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You can equip it, in either Holster 1 or 2 as well, unless you'd rather save the slots for other weapons._" [5/2/18 7:40:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Save the slots! Into my bag it goes." [5/2/18 7:40:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I got a rifle, and I got a sword." [5/2/18 7:41:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_For the record, your bastard sword is also butchering capable._" [5/2/18 7:42:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Oh! I didn't realize. But hey, I have another thing to butcher with now just in case." [5/2/18 7:42:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_BP/Main: 38.07 /40_" [5/2/18 7:42:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "S1-3 Objective 1 completed, and Objective 2 enabled: 2) Head into the Uncivilized Area and hunt creatures until you have 20 pieces of raw game meat in your inventory." [5/2/18 7:43:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Beware: You will need 20 units of inventory space to carry the meat._" [5/2/18 7:45:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Does the current town have a place i can sell some of my stuff?" [5/2/18 7:49:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "It depends what you want to sell." [5/2/18 7:49:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Gun stuff," [5/2/18 7:51:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Yeah, Arnett has a gun shop." [5/2/18 7:54:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Woo! "So, to refresh, you need twenty units of meat, and to get it I'll have to go into the UA and hunt. Righty! I can do that!" I turn around, and clap hands. "That everything?"" [5/2/18 7:56:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pickens]** Should be. Remember, I'm payin' double the usual rate, so if you can bring more... more for you!" [5/2/18 8:01:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Yep! I'll have to drop off a few things at the shops first, get a bit more space, but I'll get on that on the way to my next job!" I grin, and clap my hands together and stand up. "Well, the sooner this gets done the faster you can get to not worryin'!"" [5/2/18 8:06:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "With that, and if there's nothing else, I head on out of the kitchen and the diner, and head on over to the gun store!" [5/2/18 8:06:44 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Thing!" [5/2/18 8:06:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Whatever the place where I can sell my excess weaponry and ammunition!" [5/2/18 8:08:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You say your goodbyes to Bill Pickens, and make your way to the little shop hub, and to the gun shop in town! The trip takes 11 rooms to complete._

    • [Arnett gun shop]**

_Generic rock music in the background, lots of (model) guns on the walls and on shelves, plenty more advertisements for various brands, models, and whatnot. Yep, you're right, this is the local gun shop. Only one other patron mindlessly browsing the leaflets and other ads in the corner; the shop owner stands ready for other customers._" [5/2/18 8:09:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I head on over to the shop owner, and grin. "Hiya! I've got some stuff to sell!"" [5/2/18 8:16:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Hey, let's see what you've got." [5/2/18 8:22:05 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I reach into my bag, and I take out some items! List inbound of what is being sold." [5/2/18 8:23:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "[Weapon accessory] Magazine: Beretta MAB-38 40-round extended magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.21 (0.71) - [21 /40, 9x19mm Parabellum, Personal Defense (+P) FMJ] [Ammunition] .30-06 Springfield, Standard Match, 6 rounds - Weight: 0.3 (0.05 per round) [Weapon] Class 1 - R2/Regular - Norinco QBZ-95 combat rifle | 5.8x42mm - Semi/Burst3/Full - 18.2" - S | AutoROF: 5 | Optic[n/a,QBZ] | QBZ 5.8mm 30-round mag, +1 | Weight: 14 - [27+1 /30, Standard JHP] - Condition: Worn / Cleanliness: Grimy [Ammunition] .45 ACP, Personal Defense (+P) AP, 17 rounds - Weight: 0.34 (0.02 per round) [Ammunition] Box of 10mm Auto, Standard SF, 50 rounds - [16/50] - Weight: 0.32 (0.02 per round)" [5/2/18 8:27:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Lemme tally all of that..." [5/2/18 8:36:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**SELLING** Norinco QBZ-95 (Condition 46%) - 230 P$

Beretta MAB-38 magazine, 40-round - 100 P$

9x19mm Parabellum, Personal Defense FMJ x21 - 11.55 P$ .30-06 Springfield, Standard Match x6 - 210 P$ 5.8x42mm, Standard JHP x27 - 131.65 P$ .45 ACP, Personal Defense AP x17 - 56.10 P$ 10mm Auto, Standard SF x16 - 26.40 P$

TOTAL due to customer: 765.70 P$" [5/2/18 8:36:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Do you wish to confirm sales?" [5/2/18 8:36:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Confirm." [5/2/18 8:41:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The shop owner takes all of your stuff, which you sold for 765.70 P$!_" [5/2/18 8:41:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** And that's done. Nice haul you found there. Now, can I perhaps tempt you with some of my stuff for sale, or do you just want the money?" [5/2/18 8:42:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Total weight now?" [5/2/18 8:43:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "BP/Main: 22.7 /40" [5/2/18 8:45:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Just the money! I don't have very much room for other things right now."" [5/2/18 8:46:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "What's the coinage he's giving me? Brass, copper?" [5/2/18 8:49:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Cash it is then." [5/2/18 8:49:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Money] 1 P$ coin - 1 P$ - Brass - [Quantity: 765] - Weight: 7.65 (0.01 per coin) [Money] 0.50 P$ coin - 1 Cn - Cupronickel - [Quantity: 1] - Weight: 0.01 (0.01 per coin) [Money] 0.10 P$ coin - 1 Al - Aluminium - [Quantity: 2] - Weight: 0.02 (0.01 per coin)" [5/2/18 8:49:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Many racks of coins are placed before you on the counter. There's your cash!_" [5/2/18 8:56:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I take the brass coins, and I leave the other coins. I don't really want to carry those. "Thankya! Have a good day!" With that, I head out of the gunshop before the shop keep can let me know I'm leaving coins. Because i don't want to carry those and I don't want to calculate it in my mind! Argh." [5/2/18 9:00:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Money pouch: 1525.70 P$ ; 14.09 /20" [5/2/18 9:01:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Oh, wait, you're not carrying the last three." [5/2/18 9:01:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I'm only taking the brass" [5/2/18 9:01:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( Ignore my last then." [5/2/18 9:01:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Money pouch: 1525 P$ ; 14.05 /20" [5/2/18 9:01:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(1325 brass, 40 copper)" [5/2/18 9:02:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Alright! Let's head out to the UA!" [5/2/18 9:02:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "After going to the gate, of course." [5/2/18 9:03:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Time to head out of the town. Did you want to stop at the town gate to chat with the Town Security there?_" [5/2/18 9:07:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_If not, you'll simply go straight to the gap corridor._" [5/2/18 9:09:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Stop at the gate, see if there's anything important I should know about headin' into the UA for the first time on 'Deep'. Because that's what I'm doing, the madwoman that I am." [5/2/18 9:14:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You travel 14 rooms, towards the exit, but making a stop at the local town gate." [5/2/18 9:14:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Arnett - Town gate]** _There are three Town Security officers, who seem to be no more than regular, local citizens, with weapons and badges. They stand around, looking rather bored._" [5/2/18 9:15:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I give 'em a wave and pause in front of them. "Hiya! I'm about to head out into the UA, and I'm not gonna be goin' the safe way. I'm going in deep! Any advice?"" [5/2/18 9:18:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #1]** Don't die!" [5/2/18 9:19:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The other two snort and chuckle._" [5/2/18 9:19:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Any serious advice besides the obvioooous?""" [5/2/18 9:19:30 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #1]** Well, it depends, what are you out there for? Lookin' for loot or lookin' for trouble?" [5/2/18 9:19:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Well, a little bit of both! I'm goin' hunting."" [5/2/18 9:23:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #2]** Well, whatever you do, hope you're not going to Elkins. That town's got no security left from what the rumors say. Or maybe you should and loot the place! Hah." [5/2/18 9:23:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #1]** Come on, dude. Let's not encourage crime." [5/2/18 9:24:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Elkins, huh? Isn't that another place I gotta go? Huh. "Aw. Well that's too bad. Hope they get more security!" Ooh, maybe I could go there and help!" [5/2/18 9:25:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "It is!" [5/2/18 9:26:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #1]** Yeah, if they don't soon enough, it's gonna be overrun. Would be really bad news." [5/2/18 9:26:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I get an epiphiny. "OH! ELKINS! I have to go there! Well I guess I'm gonna be helpin' out at Elkins then! Any advice for going in deep on the route between towns?"" [5/2/18 9:27:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** You know what gets me? The fucking strongholds them marauders got in the UA sometimes. Fuckin' insane, like they live in their own little cities and shit." [5/2/18 9:28:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Quiet stare. Strongholds? Marauders? That sounds like bad news." [5/2/18 9:28:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #2]** Oh, yeah... Those. Well... About that. If you're taking the scenic Deep route... Unless you've got the equipment to bring a whole platoon down, I'd avoid those areas. If there are signs that say they lead to somewhere that looks different... Like "Outside area" for example? Be reeeeeal careful. Lots of dangers there." [5/2/18 9:29:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""I'm sticking in the light, and I'm stickin' to the areas that aren't obviously dangerous!"" [5/2/18 9:29:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Grin." [5/2/18 9:29:20 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** I had a colleague who took a sign that said it went to the sewers. He made it back alive. Thought he was joking but he was goddamn serious when he told me it was full of dragons and ninjas." [5/2/18 9:29:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_He snorts nervously._" [5/2/18 9:29:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** Dragons and ninjas! You'd think he was on drugs, man! But the cuts he got on his arms? They didn't lie, man, they didn't lie." [5/2/18 9:29:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #2]** Yeah but Bradley **did** do drugs." [5/2/18 9:30:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** That's outside the point!" [5/2/18 9:30:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""DRAGONS?!" I get very excited. I know about dragons! I know a really nice one, maybe these ones willl be nice too! OR maybe they'll be like the normal dragons where I'm from." [5/2/18 9:30:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Wait, good dragons or bad dragons?"" [5/2/18 9:30:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** _<Incredulous stare.>_ The dumb, violent, man-eatin' kind." [5/2/18 9:30:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Oh."" [5/2/18 9:30:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Well that's no fun."" [5/2/18 9:31:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #2]** Killin' them is, though." [5/2/18 9:31:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[TownSec officer #3]** Word!" [5/2/18 9:31:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""Where I'm from, there are a few pretty nice dragons! Little bit greedy, though. Well, thanks for the advice! Have a good day, you three!" With that, I quickly head out into the gap." [5/2/18 9:32:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I keep the name 'Bradley' in mind. Maybe he's gonna be important! Maybe not. I don't know." [5/2/18 9:35:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You move one room south, into the gap corridor..._

    • [Arnett - Gap corridor]**"

[5/2/18 9:35:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The final room before the UA! Or the first room of civilization, depends on your point of view._" [5/2/18 9:35:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "How many rooms will it take to get me to Elkins the Deep route" [5/2/18 9:36:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "If you're going to Elkins on Deep, your estimated distance is **35** rooms." [5/2/18 9:36:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Oof." [5/2/18 9:36:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Barring shortcuts and detours of course." [5/2/18 9:36:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Well, let's get going! TO ADVENTURE AND FUN! ALSO POSSIBLE DOOM!" [5/2/18 9:37:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You will be traveling from Arnett to Elkins on the Deep route. Get ready for a hard trip." [5/2/18 9:39:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Let's waste no time!" [5/2/18 9:39:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Vault room, **dark** // Front: Highway (S) // Right: Empty bar, abandoned" [5/2/18 9:39:30 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Front!" [5/2/18 9:39:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_And so, Pinkie embarks on another journey in the UA..._" [5/2/18 9:40:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "*With a grin on her face, and possible doom in the future!*" [5/2/18 9:43:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Highway]** _A well-traveled roadway. The front door here is a **Shortcut -3**. But you have no time to deal with that right now. You enter the room on Side 1. You spot three creatures here, all on their own sides. On Side 2, a **kyonshi**; a zombie-like youkai. It appears to be engaged in a fight with a **shrine maiden** on Side 3. And on Side 4, a very amused **tsuchinoko** is watching the two, not intervening. The kyonshi seems hostile, the shrine maiden doesn't look like it, and the tsuchinoko is unreadable._" [5/2/18 9:43:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Combat mode is ON." [5/2/18 9:43:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Turn 1, what is your next move?" [5/2/18 9:43:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "What's a kyonshi and a tsuchinoko?" [5/2/18 9:44:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The kyonshi is a humanoid youkai, with pale blue skin, and is a cross between a zombie and a vampire. Completely, hopelessly hostile to anything it encounters._" [5/2/18 9:45:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The tsuchinoko looks nothing more than a tiny, half-pint (literally) version of Hebizuka, but far more child-like in appearance and attitude. The resemblance goes to the snake tail and the electric attacks._" [5/2/18 9:48:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Well, I ready my M16A2 and aim at the zombie and shoot at it to give the maiden a helping hand with one shot on semi-auto! Shall I roll, or is there something else?" [5/2/18 9:48:58 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Since it's a three way battle, wait until prompted to attack." [5/2/18 9:49:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Just one shot?" [5/2/18 9:49:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Alrighty!" [5/2/18 9:49:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "One shot, on the zombie." [5/2/18 9:49:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Aiming at any body part in particular? If not, I'm assuming torso." [5/2/18 9:49:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Torso." [5/2/18 9:51:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "OK. Order this turn: Tsuchinoko, Shrine maiden, Kyonshi, You." [5/2/18 9:52:25 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The Tsuchinoko points at you and giggles, for some reason. It'd be adorable, if you weren't about to fight._" [5/2/18 9:52:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The shrine maiden draws her pistol and points it at the kyonshi, about to fire five shots._" [5/2/18 9:53:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shrine maiden]** _<She quickly realizes you're here.>_ I hope you're here to help!!" [5/2/18 9:53:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Then, she opens fire._" [5/2/18 9:53:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "/r repeat (2d6, 5, brief)" [5/2/18 9:53:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@142396378000261121>: `repeat (2d6, 5, brief)` = 6, 7, 8, 8, 7" [5/2/18 9:53:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "/r repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)" [5/2/18 9:53:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@142396378000261121>: `repeat (1d2-1, 2, brief)` = 1, 0" [5/2/18 9:54:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Only one hit out of five strikes the target. The kyonshi is hit in the torso._" [5/2/18 9:54:15 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Was it effective?_" [5/2/18 9:55:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Surprisingly, yes, to a dramatic effect, in fact! The kyonshi writhes in pain, but it seemed like only one shot was necessary to bring the kyonshi on the floor. It doesn't look **dead**, but it certainly **passed out.**_" [5/2/18 9:56:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The kyonshi's turn has been cancelled: Creature has blacked out._" [5/2/18 9:57:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Your turn. I need you to roll for one shot._

To do combat checks, type **/r repeat (2d6, X, brief)**, replace X by amount of shots. Feel free to copy and paste this command for future use." [5/2/18 9:58:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "/r 2d6" [5/2/18 9:58:32 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@202301847673896960>: `2d6` = (3+1) = 4" [5/2/18 9:59:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Your bullet flies too high - the kyonshi fell on the ground, and you couldn't correct your aim in time. The bullet lands on a wall behind._" [5/2/18 9:59:09 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Ending Turn 1..._" [5/2/18 9:59:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The shrine maiden doesn't want to continue fighting. The tsuchinoko doesn't seem to care._" [5/2/18 9:59:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Do you want to stop fighting? If you agree, combat will end after 1 turn._" [5/2/18 10:00:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Stop fighting, yes." [5/2/18 10:00:18 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "End of fight! (1 turn)" [5/2/18 10:00:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The tsuchinoko makes cute faces and grimaces._" [5/2/18 10:00:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shrine maiden]** Hey, thank you for the help." [5/2/18 10:01:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""You're welcome, but it seems you got it under control!" I grin." [5/2/18 10:01:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shrine maiden]** I think it's still breathing, do you want to finish it off?" [5/2/18 10:03:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: ""I'll finish it off for ya, sure." I'll finish it off with my big ol' bastard of a sword, the bastard sword." [5/2/18 10:04:16 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You can hit it anywhere you like on the body, up to 3 attacks. They will automatically succeed, as this is an execution and not actual combat._" [5/2/18 10:04:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You'll still gain SP for it._" [5/2/18 10:05:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Head, for dead" [5/2/18 10:07:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "3 hits?" [5/2/18 10:07:19 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Yeah." [5/2/18 10:11:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "/r repeat (1d4+8)*1.2" [5/2/18 10:11:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@142396378000261121>: Grog!" [5/2/18 10:11:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "(( whoops, ignore that" [5/2/18 10:11:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "/r repeat ((1d4+8)*1.2, 3, brief)" [5/2/18 10:11:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@142396378000261121>: `repeat ((1d4+8)*1.2, 3, brief)` = 13.2, 14.399999999999999, 14.399999999999999" [5/2/18 10:11:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "13, 14, 14;" [5/2/18 10:12:00 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Let's just say that with **41 damage**, the kyonshi's head is chopped clean off, and you made three salami slices out of the head." [5/2/18 10:12:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Okay, it's slightly bloodier and messier than actual salami, but you get me." [5/2/18 10:12:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You (brutally) executed a kyonshi! +1 Skill Point in Two-Handed Swords. +1 Headshot point, +1 Brutal point." [5/2/18 10:12:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Kill Value: 3 points" [5/2/18 10:13:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One turn passed._" [5/2/18 10:13:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Tsuchinoko]** Sku-Wish! Hah! Squish!" [5/2/18 10:14:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shrine maiden]** Well... You sure don't do in half-measures!" [5/2/18 10:15:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You gained **+10 Angelic Reputation** for helping a shrine maiden win a fight." [5/2/18 10:15:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Angelic Rep: +10 / Indifferent]" [5/2/18 10:15:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "A nod. "Nope!" Not gonna check for loot. Rooms!" [5/2/18 10:20:34 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: Empty lobby room, abandoned // Front (**Shortcut -3**): Corridor (S) // Right: Empty shooting lanes, abandoned" [5/2/18 10:22:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Front!" [5/2/18 10:26:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You jump ahead an extra three rooms..._" [5/2/18 10:27:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A corridor. A long, stretched, but not very wide room, as opposed to the typical square-ish space. The front door here is a **Shortcut -1**. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is nothing at all here._" [5/2/18 10:28:08 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Rooms." [5/2/18 10:29:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Next rooms] Left: 🛒 **UA shop: Weapon shop** // Front (**Shortcut -1**): Featureless room (D) // Right: Empty forge, forsaken" [5/2/18 10:30:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Whaaaaaaaaat" [5/2/18 10:30:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "I'm going to go ahead and go to the left." [5/2/18 10:36:14 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You enter an empty, featureless room. You spot the next three doors ,as usual, but also an extra door, with a wooden sign. On the sign, hastily painted red letters say "WEAPONS 4 SALE - ENTER HERE"_" [5/2/18 10:36:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Enter the shop?_" [5/2/18 10:36:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "Yes." [5/2/18 10:38:27 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[UA - Weapon shop]** _Surprisingly enough, the shop looks exactly like a town weapon shop, with the exception that it smells a little weird, and that there's **reggae** playing from a little radio on the counter. The shop owner is a chill-looking, male mouse halfling, with dreadlocks. WHITE dreadlocks._" [5/2/18 10:38:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Yooo dude! Welcome to my little abode! Best hardware in the Eastern Zone!" [5/2/18 10:41:01 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "There's something off about white dreadlocks. "Hiya! What've you got for sale?"" [5/2/18 10:44:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Generating shop inventory._" [5/2/18 10:50:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Of course sister, of course. Whatchu lookin for? New weapons? Used weapons? Ammo? I gots magazines and weapon accessories too, and the handloading equipment too." [5/2/18 10:50:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Oh, and de kits too." [5/2/18 10:50:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Pinkie: "New weapons, then ammo, and then magazines." [5/2/18 10:52:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "<New weapons (1/2)> Staff/Pole weapon - Spear Precision rifle - DSA SA58 FAL SPR (7.62x51mm NATO) Conventional rifle - Remington Model 700 XCR II (.30-06 Springfield) Pistol - Glock 31 (.357 SIG) Combat rifle - DSA SA58 FAL OSW (7.62x51mm NATO) Combat rifle - CG Haenel Sturmgewehr 44 (7.92x33mm Kurz)

Combat rifle - CZ Sa vz. 58V (7.62x39mm) Pistol - SIG Sauer Pro SP2022 (9x19mm) Pistol - S&W M&P357 (.357 SIG) Shotgun - FABARM Martial Ultra-short (12 gauge) Precision rifle - PGM Precision 338 Mini-Hecate (.338 Lapua Magnum) Combat rifle - ZiD Fedorov Avtomat (6.5x50mm SR Arisaka)" [5/2/18 10:52:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "<New weapons (2/2)> Revolver - Chiappa Rhino 50DS-357 (.357 Magnum) Precision rifle - PGM Precision 338 Mini-Hecate (.338 Lapua Magnum) Combat rifle - Norinco QBZ-03 (5.8x42mm) Handgear - Medieval gauntlets Revolver - Mateba MTR-8 (.38 Special) Pistol - Steyr GB (9x19mm)

Precision rifle - Nemesis Arms Vanquish (7.62x51mm NATO) Planted explosive - Large C4 charge (Command detonation, 500 grams) Pistol - Mauser C96 Red 9 (9x19mm) Shotgun - Benelli Nova (12 gauge) Shotgun - Chiappa Triple Crown (.410 bore) Revolver - Ruger Super Blackhawk (.44 Magnum)" [5/2/18 10:55:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** See anything you like, friend?" [5/2/18 10:57:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_We will be doing some shopping on the next session!_" [5/2/18 10:58:07 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session end: Session #96]"