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[5/5/18 8:36:37 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session start: Session #97]" [5/5/18 8:38:28 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Welcome back to the Mazes, Adam. You are currently in the UA, on the Fort Silver-I-14 route, and there is about 11 rooms left to the next destination._

_On the last session, you were in a bedroom, and you decided to climb into the bed for a short bit of rest. As promised, let's resolve the effect. Being a bed in the UA, you only have access to **short rest**. When ready, please toss me a 1d6._

Dice command reminders: **/r 1d6** for simple rolls, **/r repeat (2d6, X, brief)** for combat checks (replace X with amount of shots/attacks attempted)" [5/5/18 8:44:34 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "/r 1d6" [5/5/18 8:44:34 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@226282371039625216>: `1d6` = (5) = 5" [5/5/18 8:58:52 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You recovered the following in 25 turns:

Pain: -50% (now 12%) Blood: +2.5 (now 15.2 /19) Fatigue: -10.0% (now 25.4%)" [5/5/18 8:59:48 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_That wasn't much rest, plagued with nightmares about Eckhart and dragons, but it was better than nothing. Your body feels less like it's aching everywhere, and you've regained a bit of accuracy (no longer in Pain, so the FT+1 effect is removed). Now there's still that skull fracture to deal with... and the lack of clothing, as well. But you're alive, and that's what matters._" [5/5/18 9:01:00 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune sighed as he woke up after that nap. His head still hurt like hell a bit from the fracture, and he needed clothing badly, but now he felt refreshed and ready to carry on._" [5/5/18 9:01:43 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "(Damn, now I forgot what the Nutrition was before)" [5/5/18 9:01:54 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Currently 2006 ntri." [5/5/18 9:02:07 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "(Thanks.)" [5/5/18 9:02:16 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Doors, Please._" [5/5/18 9:03:30 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Pathway (S) // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Toilets, **overgrown**" [5/5/18 9:03:56 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**Straight**" [5/5/18 9:06:50 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A corridor. The front door here is a **Shortcut -1**. This room is otherwise completely empty._" [5/5/18 9:06:51 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Empty lobby room, **dark** // Front (**Shortcut -1**): Featureless room (D) // Right: Warehouse room, abandoned" [5/5/18 9:07:13 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**Straight**" [5/5/18 9:10:04 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You skip ahead one extra room._

    • [Featureless room]**

_The front door here is a **Detour +1**. Yet again, an empty room._" [5/5/18 9:10:08 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Pantry, abandoned // Front (**Detour +1**): Bedroom (single bed), **dark** // Right: Laboratory room, forsaken" [5/5/18 9:10:17 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**LEFT**" [5/5/18 9:15:13 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pantry, abandoned]**

_Once used for storage of foodstuffs, with its many shelves and boxes for that purpose, this sort of room is a prime looting target until there is nothing left. And the shelves and boxes here are all empty. You do, however, find something else on the floor, what appears to be a **weapon accessory**._" [5/5/18 9:15:35 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "*Check the Accessory, obviously*" [5/5/18 9:15:51 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Weapon accessory] Bayonet: M9 - Slash (Sharp), Stab (Piercing) - Steel - Knife-bayonet - Weight: 3

   Condition: **Worn**"

[5/5/18 9:16:15 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A modern bayonet that has lived and been used for a while, then discarded. Being a knife-bayonet, it is also butchering-capable._" [5/5/18 9:16:30 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_None of your currently equipped weapons are compatible, but perhaps it makes for a good weapon in its own right? You be the judge._" [5/5/18 9:17:17 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "*Well, into the bag it goes regardless. May be helpful sometime, but more than likely would be sold on. Given how the Kitsune wasn't built for power.*" [5/5/18 9:19:50 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "BP/Main: 85.7 /100" [5/5/18 9:20:46 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_And now, the doors._" [5/5/18 9:21:52 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Prison room, **overgrown** // Front: Locker room, abandoned // Right: Old Byway (D)" [5/5/18 9:24:06 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**Straight**" [5/5/18 9:33:44 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Locker room, abandoned]**

_Rows and rows of lockers. Most of them busted open by force ages ago. ... Most, except for one row in particular, where you see **three unopened lockers**. They each have a **mechanical lock**, and there very wall may be **stuff** inside these locked lockers. Lockers function like containers in every respect - with the exception that you can be certain they always have mechanical locks, and never have any traps._

_In addition, you spot a strange **object** on the floor._" [5/5/18 9:34:06 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "*First off, check the object*" [5/5/18 9:34:16 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Item] Ceramic-plated jockstrap. Covered with ballistic ceramic plating, both in front and back. It cannot be worn on its own, and needs to be mounted on something else. - Weight: 1" [5/5/18 9:36:01 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune checked his belt, and... Wow, he already had one of them! He'll have a think about if he would take it... For now, he would examine the lockers first._" [5/5/18 9:37:10 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The serials on the lockers are respectively: 8378, 7481, 1246. You do not have any matching keys, and your lockpicking skill is disabled. Your only options are brute-forcing, or leaving them alone._" [5/5/18 9:38:23 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Or having a look around for anything which might be a clue as to what the code would be for them. Which is unlikely..._" [5/5/18 9:39:12 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_There are not code locks; they require a key._" [5/5/18 9:40:13 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Damn... Not going to brute force them, then. The Kitsune will take the second Jockstrap into his Belt, though._" [5/5/18 9:43:56 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Now, doors._" [5/5/18 9:45:10 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Roadway (S) // Front: Passage (D) // Right: Deactivated room (S)" [5/5/18 9:47:13 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**Right**" [5/5/18 10:18:43 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Deactivated room]**

_Once full of furniture, now only faint outlines remain on the wall and the floor, and you can't tell what it once was. The front door here is a **Shortcut -1**. You spot an abandoned **firearm** on the floor..._" [5/5/18 10:19:08 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune checks the firearm to see what it is_" [5/5/18 10:19:52 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Weapon] Class 2 - R1/Common - IZHMASH PP-91 Kedr submachine gun | 9x18mm Makarov - Semi/Full - 4.7 in. - FS | AutoROF: 8 | No accessory | Kedr 20-round mag, +1 | Weight: 5

   Ammunition: 0+1 /20, 1x Standard FMJ
   Condition: **Poor** / Cleanliness: Lubricated"

[5/5/18 10:21:09 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune bags it to sell, because he has room, and he'd need as much as he could get in order to get new clothing_" [5/5/18 10:22:05 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "BP/Main: 90.7 /100" [5/5/18 10:24:00 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_That bag is getting full. Hopefully, it'll mean lots of money for you in the long run._" [5/5/18 10:25:20 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Indeed, because the more money he had, the more he could get. Anyway, doors now._" [5/5/18 10:25:37 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Old Byway (D) // Front: Bedroom (bunks), abandoned // Right: Kitchen, abandoned" [5/5/18 10:28:46 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "**Front**" [5/5/18 10:35:41 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Abandoned bedroom (bunks)]**

_Five bunks, ten beds, hundreds of years old, and still not a great place to sleep. You spot a **container** in the room, as well as something you probably weren't expecting in the least: a **cow** and a **bull**, on Side 3, appearing very lost and stressed, but not very hostile. The bull, however, seems very protective of his female and will probably won't like anything approaching either of them. _" [5/5/18 10:36:03 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_There may or may not be something that can be done here._" [5/5/18 10:36:51 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune blinked, before checking where the Container is in relation to the cow and bull._" [5/5/18 10:37:47 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The container is right next to you. You can look at it without interfering with the cattle._" [5/5/18 10:39:55 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Then the Kitsune would check if it's locked or not_" [5/5/18 10:43:18 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Container]** Frame: Wood Lock: Mechanical (Serial: 2357) Trapped: Yes" [5/5/18 10:43:55 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune is not going to touch that container, and is going to head towards the doors..._" [5/5/18 10:45:50 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Deactivated room (S) // Front: Pathway (S) // Right: Toilets, **deserted**" [5/5/18 10:46:57 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "*Can't go left due to the Bull and the Cow being on that Side. So... Straight it is*" [5/5/18 10:51:20 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Pathway]**

_The front door here is a **Shortcut -2**. On Side 2, you see a pair of **mercenaries**. On Side 4, a pair of **Phantom Forces Soldiers**. They don't seem to be hostile to one another, or at all, really. The group is chatting about various things._" [5/5/18 10:52:55 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune would need to scoot to the doors, but with him being nude... This could be tricky._" [5/5/18 10:55:18 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Ah, that's right. Hmm." [5/5/18 10:55:26 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "How about..." [5/5/18 10:56:35 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Let's do something a little unconventional. We could do an escape check, but instead of being about making a successful escape, it's about making your escape as discreet as possible. And instead of FT 5 it's FT 6." [5/5/18 10:57:02 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "You can try that, or you can pass normally and weather the consequences." [5/5/18 10:57:04 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "/roll 2d6" [5/5/18 10:57:05 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Sidekick#6198: "<@226282371039625216>: `2d6` = (1+4) = 5" [5/5/18 10:57:32 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Suddenly, one of the mercenaries tap-taps the shoulder of his fellow, and points at you._" [5/5/18 10:57:39 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #1]** Whoa, check _this_ out!" [5/5/18 10:57:57 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #2]** Oh, shit, dude, a naked cucumber." [5/5/18 10:58:35 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Cue laughter from the group, who seem intent on continuing with the "green" and "penis" jokes. There's probably a Green Weenie joke in there somewhere, with one PF soldier remarking he's glad it's not a "Blue Falcon". You figure that one out._" [5/5/18 10:58:53 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_It's mostly unpleasant, but that's really it, they're not stopping you._" [5/5/18 11:00:37 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune sighed and rolled his eyes a bit._ "Yeah, laugh it up. Then again, the only reason I'm like this is because of those damn dragons. Thanks to them, my clothing was almost tattered, and when I was trying to get out, I got attacked... And my clothes turned to useless rags. And given my body type, I *really* need to find clothing which suits me... Although I doubt you have anything like that with you."" [5/5/18 11:06:57 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One of the PF Soldiers exchanges glances very briefly with the other dudes, before speaking up._

    • [PF Soldier #1]** Yeah, you look like you've been through a rough patch... Sorry bud, looks like you're in Naked City for a little longer."

[5/5/18 11:07:36 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The other one mutters something in the ear of #1, to which he seems to respond with a shake of the head, as if to say 'No'._" [5/5/18 11:10:42 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Well, didn't hurt to try and ask... Any idea of where would be best for me to go to get clothing which'd fit me?"" [5/5/18 11:13:14 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The same soldier flashes a smile and shrugs. None of the other ones respond._" [5/5/18 11:15:45 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Well... I guess I better go, unless... Would any of you make good use of some knee pads which I found?" I decided to ask to see if they could make use of it, and who knows? Maybe I get something useful in return." [5/5/18 11:19:47 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #1]** How funny, a naked youkai selling human clothes." [5/5/18 11:20:00 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[PF Soldier #2]** My Sarge will **never** believe me." [5/5/18 11:20:20 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #1]** Yeah, I could use some knee pads, whatchu want for it?" [5/5/18 11:21:50 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The mercenary opens a pouch on his vest, which is full of shotgun shells. He is offering 5x 12 gauge, standard slug, in exchange for your knee pads._" [5/5/18 11:21:54 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Do you want to trade?_" [5/5/18 11:22:01 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Accept Trade_" [5/5/18 11:22:48 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You spent a turn to drop your backpack, and another to take the knee pads out, and accept the ammo in exchange, which is as follows:_

[Ammunition] 12 gauge, Standard Slug, 5 rounds - Weight: 0.25 (0.05 per round)" [5/5/18 11:23:00 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #1]** Cool, thanks. And get yourself something to put on soon, yeah?" [5/5/18 11:23:16 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Where do your shells go?_" [5/5/18 11:23:37 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Into the TacVest they go_" [5/5/18 11:23:59 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Yeah, sure. And thanks - I'll make sure to use them well."" [5/5/18 11:24:14 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Tacvest / Main: 2.49 /3" [5/5/18 11:24:18 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "BP/Main: 85.7/100" [5/5/18 11:24:42 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #2]** Well that's the funniest thing I've seen all day." [5/5/18 11:25:12 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[PF Soldier #1]** You should see how bad it gets around Aosaidan at around 10 PM... You ever seen a conga line of drunk tengu?" [5/5/18 11:25:18 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #2]** Whaaaaaat? No way." [5/5/18 11:26:55 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Now, with that out of the way... The doors. Thankfully, getting caught actually was possibly the most helpful thing which had happened to me so far since I started my trip to Fort Silver. But before that..._ "Well, you lot take care now. And if you're heading towards Fort Silver... There may be some idiot bleeding out after he got on the wrong end of a fight with a dragon. That's if he isn't dead by now... Which I guess he would be, considering."" [5/5/18 11:28:44 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #2]** He the reason you're naked like that?" [5/5/18 11:30:49 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""One of the reasons, yeah."" [5/5/18 11:31:03 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Him, a Dragon, and then some birds."" [5/5/18 11:31:07 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #2]** If I see 'im, I'll shoot him in the knee." [5/5/18 11:31:20 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Merc #1]** Ha. I heard that somewhere before." [5/5/18 11:31:57 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Me too. Me too..." _And now, Doors._" [5/5/18 11:32:12 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Office room, **overgrown** // Front (**Shortcut -2**): **To I-14** // Right: Laboratory room, abandoned" [5/5/18 11:42:31 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune waves goodbye, before heading to I-14_" [5/5/18 11:43:14 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Congratulations on reaching 50 rooms visited!" [5/5/18 11:44:01 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Intersection 14 - North street 3]**

_You finally reached I-14, after a 12-room trip. It's now 3:03 PM. You can check the map out to find out which businesses are currently open._" [5/5/18 11:45:36 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Of course the Kitsune would check, hoping there was a clothing shop open._" [5/5/18 11:47:51 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**< Intersection 14 - Map >** Open 24/7: Rest stop, Takeout stand, Public toilets, Public showers Currently open: Restaurant (Izakaya), Library Exits: North (Fort Silver), East (I-11), West (Rog), South (Joliet Sector)" [5/5/18 11:49:32 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Damn, nothing of use which was open... Looks like he needed to head somewhere else, and quickly._" [5/5/18 11:50:47 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Joliet Sector does have a clothing store at the local mall, but..._" [5/5/18 11:50:52 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_...well... it's a police town._" [5/5/18 11:53:40 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Indeed... And the odds of me being let in is... Well, not good. Unless I could ask at the gate if they could get some clothing, and pay them extra for it. As for Rog... It was a Demonic Aligned town, according to what I could gather. And that was the last place I wanted to go to..._" [5/5/18 11:55:44 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Either that, of he could wait here and see if any useful stores would open up._" [5/5/18 11:57:30 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Clothing stores generally do not pop up in intersections, so it's a lost cause._" [5/5/18 11:57:47 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Your best bet is probably Joliet Sector and hoping the Town Gate guards are receptive to your pleas." [5/5/18 11:58:59 AM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Indeed, so off to Joliet Sector... at skip speed._" [5/5/18 12:06:51 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_Luckily, there's barely anyone in I-14 and nobody looked in your direction (at least as far as you can tell). You cross 6 rooms to South Street 3, then take the exit towards Joliet Sector, SKIP traveling your way there..._" [5/5/18 12:07:50 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "SKIP travel: You skipped through 21 rooms, spending 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there..." [5/5/18 12:11:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_It's 4:48 PM when you make it to Joliet Sector's gap corridor... That was a long trip, you're not quite hungry or tired yet [Nutrition: 1354 ntri] [Fatigue 42.3%] but you feel as though it was time for the trip to end. However... New problem. You haven't found any clothes to replace your tattered scrap, meaning you're naked, with crotch on full display for anyone looking in your direction.

You're at the gap corridor of a town controlled by the Maze Police. The town gate is just one room to the north, and despite your Reputation with this faction being neutral [Police Rep: +0 / Indifferent], your nudity is technically illegal, as it constitutes indecent exposure. And Joliet is a **big** town._" [5/5/18 12:11:42 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_It's up to you. What do you want to do?_" [5/5/18 12:13:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Well, the only thing I could do. Go to the town gate, explain myself... And pay for new clothing and possibly a fine for the accidental crime I was committing._" [5/5/18 12:19:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_On the plus side, your Pain and Blood have completely healed._" [5/5/18 12:20:36 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Joliet Sector - Town Gate]**

_The Town Gate currently has 2 Guards on duty. What you do next is up to you._" [5/5/18 12:23:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Um... Excuse me... I'm sorry that, right now, I'm doing something illegal, but I was woefully under prepared for a trip to somewhere, and I ended up losing my clothing due to them getting ruined, and I didn't have any spare clothing because I've been unable to buy a spare set before," the Kitsune decided to say out loud." [5/5/18 12:26:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #1]** Okay, well, that's definitely an uncanny situation... Hey, Mike, what do we do?" [5/5/18 12:27:59 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #2]** Hmm. Well, uh... Keep him here for now, I'm gonna go check the clothing store to see if they can't help us. _<He turns to you.>_ Do you have any cash on yourself?" [5/5/18 12:28:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Yes, I do have quite a bit of cash on me. About..." And then he checked, before... "Just over 600 P$."" [5/5/18 12:29:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #2]** Okay, could you hand all that over to me, please? I'll head out to the local clothing store, I'll try to come back with something for you; hopefully they've got something that fits." [5/5/18 12:30:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #1]** Can you go get me a beer while you're at it? _<Smirk.>_" [5/5/18 12:30:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune nods as he hands over his money pouch._ "Thanks. Just make sure to get the receipt for it if you did manage to find clothing which fits."" [5/5/18 12:30:40 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #2]** Don't count on that." [5/5/18 12:30:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #2]** _<Back to you>_ Yeah, I'll try." [5/5/18 12:31:21 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You gave 613.50 P$ to Mike, the Maze Guard, who proceeds out of the town gate, presumably going towards the clothing store._" [5/5/18 12:31:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""And how about a can of Coke instead? I've got a few on hand, if they'd help."" [5/5/18 12:32:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Guard #1]** Well, none of us are getting a drink right now. Now, if you wouldn't mind going to the toilets and waiting a bit in there... It's not that I don't like you, and I'm not detaining you, but we can't have a naked dude loitering around, you understand?" [5/5/18 12:33:04 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune nodded and made his way to the toilets which were nearby and going in._" [5/5/18 12:34:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_In the meantime, Mike travels from the Town Gate to the clothing store at the mall, walking the 16 rooms to get there._" [5/5/18 12:34:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Hey Rhonda." [5/5/18 12:35:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Hello, officer! Did you finally decide on those new shoes for your girlfriend?" [5/5/18 12:35:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** No, not yet, but instead, I'd like to know if you have anything for a youkai." [5/5/18 12:35:45 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** My, my, already cheating on Tammy, and for one of those people? Heh, I joke, I joke. Who's it for?" [5/5/18 12:37:22 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** We have a 10-30 at the gate... Male, kitsune, i'd say a young one... Not hostile, very soft-spoken, said he had cash and he needs some clothes real bad." [5/5/18 12:37:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Oh, I see, I see. I'll go see what I've got in store." [5/5/18 12:38:28 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_A short moment later, Rhonda returns with a single outfit._" [5/5/18 12:38:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** I've got this traditional outfit, for tailed body types. I also had a women's kasha outfit, but you said it's a guy, right?" [5/5/18 12:39:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Shop owner]** Yeah. I'll buy that outfit then. I've got his cash, right here." [5/5/18 12:39:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One transaction and another 17 rooms later, the officer returns and comes meet you in the gate toilets._" [5/5/18 12:40:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Hey, sir? I hope this will fit. Outfit was one hundred, so here's your cash." [5/5/18 12:40:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Clothing] Youkai (Type T) - Traditional youkai outfit - Blunt-resistant, Sharp-resistant - Weight: 9" [5/5/18 12:40:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You now carry 513.50 P$, all in brass + 1 CuNi coin._" [5/5/18 12:41:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_The Kitsune thanked Mike, before quickly getting dressed._" [5/5/18 12:41:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_One turn later, you're dressed up again, your bits finally covered._" [5/5/18 12:42:24 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Alright, dude, you're clear to enter the town. You look like you could use a little rest, too." [5/5/18 12:43:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Yeah... Thanks again... Although how much would I had been fined for the indecient exposure?"" [5/5/18 12:44:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** _<He smiles at you and pats you on the shoulder.>_ Don't worry about that, buddy. You didn't cause trouble, you didn't enter drunk, high, drugged up, or violent, didn't give me any reason to think you'd be a problem. Enjoy your stay, and get some rest!" [5/5/18 12:44:29 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Fatigue: 49.5%] _You're starting to feel the toll of fatigue._" [5/5/18 12:44:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""I know... I just want to give you part of the fine as payment for helping me avoid the fine."" [5/5/18 12:45:10 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Naaah, don't worry about it, just doing my job." [5/5/18 12:45:33 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""I insist, Mike. If it wasn't for you, I'd be in trouble now."" [5/5/18 12:45:47 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_How much do you want to give him?_" [5/5/18 12:46:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "About... 63.50 P$, unless that's more than what the fine would be." [5/5/18 12:47:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_That's on the low end of a typical fine, but that's an acceptable amount. Confirm you want to give him 63.50 ?_" [5/5/18 12:47:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_YES_" [5/5/18 12:47:52 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You have 450 P$ remaining, all in brass coins._" [5/5/18 12:48:37 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Aw, dude. Well, next time I'm on break, I'll have a drink to your health." [5/5/18 12:48:49 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** What's your name, by the way?" [5/5/18 12:50:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Adam Hiruman. Although some people call me Green Tails, or Auro."" [5/5/18 12:50:56 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Well, Adam, you have a nice evening here, okay?" [5/5/18 12:51:48 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Thanks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to book a room, get some stuff sold, then get some sleep before heading back somewhere."" [5/5/18 12:52:02 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Mike]** Right on, buddy. Take care." [5/5/18 12:53:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_So... First stop, the hotel._" [5/5/18 1:02:38 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_You traveled 15 rooms to the local hotel, the Blue Wing Inn. You reached the entrance lobby, where the owner can be found, sitting behind the computer._" [5/5/18 1:06:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Hey... Man, it didn't exactly go how I had hoped..."" [5/5/18 1:09:41 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Pardon me?" [5/5/18 1:10:57 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""...Oh, right. Forgot you're not the one who I met last night. But you seemed familiar, so..."" [5/5/18 1:11:26 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Well, nevermind that. How can I help you?" [5/5/18 1:12:17 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""I need to book a room... Actually, if it's free, I'll book Floyd's old room. The bugger finally met his maker..."" [5/5/18 1:13:12 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** _<His expression lights up. He is visibly smiling.>_ You mean to tell me that Floyd Eckhart is dead? He's really dead?" [5/5/18 1:14:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Given how he was, I doubt he'd survived. Got gored by a dragon, and no-one had any stuff to heal his wounds."" [5/5/18 1:21:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Well, **finally.** The guy made a godawful mess of his room, the cleaning staff hated him, I hated him, he was always just, such a... Such a... Pardon the expression but... such a **dick**! _<He pronounces the word "dick" with extra dryness, as if he was disgusted of the word "dick".>_" [5/5/18 1:22:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** I'm going to need to call engineers, though, to get the electronic lock of his door changed... in case somebody finds it on his body. Usual security procedure, no need to bore you with the details. Anyway, that does mean his room is unavailable for the time being, and no, no free rooms." [5/5/18 1:24:11 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""Tell me about it. He tried to kill me when I said I didnt have anything to help him with... In fact, he did. Good thing I had a LifeVest which brought me back from the dead and gave me enough time to get out of there."" [5/5/18 1:25:06 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""And I wasn't going to ask for a free room. Maybe a one-time discount because of this, but no freebies."" [5/5/18 1:32:53 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Good grief. I knew he was a bad apple! Well, you're safe here. Now, you said you wanted a room? How long did you want to stay?" [5/5/18 1:36:31 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: ""I'll start with a night. After that... I'll be heading out for some time."" [5/5/18 1:39:39 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Okay, well, that will be 50 P$ for a 24-hour stay. You're free to use up the 24 hours as you wish." [5/5/18 1:42:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "I nodded and handed over the 50P$ from my money pouch" [5/5/18 1:45:13 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_400 P$ left in brass coins._" [5/5/18 1:45:46 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "_The hotel owner nods, and hands you the keycard for Room 206._" [5/5/18 1:46:02 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Hotel owner]** Straight shot to the east, your room is three rooms from here. Have a nice stay." [5/5/18 1:53:43 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "I nodded and went to the room so that I could get it set up." [5/5/18 2:00:54 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "**[Blue Wing Inn - Room 206]**

_And here you are, once again, in this hotel room._" [5/5/18 2:01:55 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Fatigue: 53.1%] _You are tired. It's a good time to get some rest._" [5/5/18 2:07:03 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Auro: "_Time to get some well deserved sleep_" [5/5/18 2:08:23 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "Alright. Just like last time, we'll resolve sleep on the next sesh." [5/5/18 2:08:35 PM] [MazeWorld] [the_mazes] Tempest: "[Session end: Session #97]"