Log:V4 Session 98 (Meta, no ontology)

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[5/24/18 8:37:00 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Session start: Session #98]" [5/24/18 8:37:36 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Welcome back to the Mazes, Ithiri. On the last session, you departed Arnett, taking the Fast route towards Semitas. You have 17 rooms to go until the next destination, and you were finished in the current room. The next doors will be coming shortly._" [5/24/18 8:39:04 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Empty bar, forsaken // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Studio room, **dark**" [5/24/18 8:39:18 AM] Zeal#1744: "Left." [5/24/18 8:42:12 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Empty bar, forsaken]** An ancient, dusty room, with a bar counter, broken stools, emptied-out bottle shelves, and a few remaining chairs and tables. Sadly, this room is totally empty of anything useful." [5/24/18 8:42:14 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Old byway (D) // Front: Pathway (S) // Right: Deactivated room (S)" [5/24/18 8:43:13 AM] Zeal#1744: "_Right_" [5/24/18 8:43:28 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Wait. I like Auro's bold direction thing. ]" [5/24/18 8:43:30 AM] Zeal#1744: "*Right*?" [5/24/18 8:44:13 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Right**" [5/24/18 8:45:56 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Deactivated room]**

_Once, this room had a use. The faint outlines of furniture can still be seen imprinted on the walls and on the floor, but everything was vacated one day, to turn this room into a road. The front door is a **shortcut -2**. You spot an **object** of some kind on the floor._" [5/24/18 8:46:27 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Examine object.**" [5/24/18 8:47:42 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Item] Chlorine tablet. A common disinfectant, which dissolves in water and eliminates bacteria. Do not eat! - Weight: 1" [5/24/18 8:48:34 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Oh, neat. ]" [5/24/18 8:48:41 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Mine, please. **" [5/24/18 8:49:39 AM] Zeal#1744: "Into the backpack." [5/24/18 8:50:02 AM] Tempest#5018: "Backpack/Main: 9.00 /40" [5/24/18 8:50:21 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 8:51:41 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Empty shrine, forsaken // Front (**Shortcut -2**): Laboratory room, abandoned // Right: Empty forge, **deserted**" [5/24/18 8:52:34 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Remind me what deserted means? ]" [5/24/18 8:53:27 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Ah wait, I've found an explanation in the backlog. ]" [5/24/18 8:53:44 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Left **" [5/24/18 8:53:48 AM] Tempest#5018: "(( Deserted means lowest amount of decay." [5/24/18 8:54:31 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Thanks. ]" [5/24/18 8:58:01 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Empty shrine, forsaken]** _This ancient shrine room is so old, yet you can still tell that it used to be an Angelic shrine, if the faded angelic imagery (and the broken, rusty vending machines) are any indication. You spot a **magazine** for a firearm, and a piece of **armor** on the floor._" [5/24/18 8:58:34 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Can I examine the imagery? ]" [5/24/18 9:00:19 AM] Tempest#5018: "_What little is left of it on the broken murals mostly depicts angels flying to and from clouds. They used to be painted as well, seemingly exclusively in shades of light blue, but that also faded to the point of being either flaked off, or mostly greyish, with hundreds of years of decay._" [5/24/18 9:01:00 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Hm. Do they just look like biblical angels? ]" [5/24/18 9:02:12 AM] Tempest#5018: "_They are recognizable, but generic angels, no particular affiliation to any alien faith or mythology._" [5/24/18 9:02:58 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ What's the deal with the armor and magazine, then? ]" [5/24/18 9:03:09 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Weapon accessory] Magazine: Ruger MP9 32-round magazine. Size tier: Small ; Weight: 0.5+0.3 (0.8)

   Ammunition: [30 /32, 9x19mm Parabellum, Standard SF]

[Clothing] Legs addon - K armor leg pads - AC: A3 - Blunt-PROOF, Sharp-resistant, Piercing-resistant - Weight: 5

   Condition: Damaged"

[5/24/18 9:03:51 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Though you don't have the weapon, the ammo may be of use, at least._" [5/24/18 9:03:57 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Looks like some new leg pads and a... WWII pistol mag? ]" [5/24/18 9:04:07 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ >so hopeless ]" [5/24/18 9:04:17 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ May I equip the pads? ]" [5/24/18 9:04:43 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You may equip the pads in your Legs Addons slot, if you'd like._" [5/24/18 9:05:00 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ ...Better than carrying it. ]" [5/24/18 9:05:26 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Equipped! Now your legs are armored too._" [5/24/18 9:05:34 AM] Tempest#5018: "_What do you want to do with them ag?_" [5/24/18 9:05:42 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Yay. Is ammo worth anything? ]" [5/24/18 9:05:52 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I guess I don't know that explicitly. ]" [5/24/18 9:06:12 AM] Tempest#5018: "_It is of some worth, of course. Nothing's useless._" [5/24/18 9:06:23 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I'll bag it then. ]" [5/24/18 9:06:31 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I need food and shoes. ❤ ]" [5/24/18 9:06:36 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Specifically this is the same caliber as your pistol. So even if you don't have the weapon, you could always empty it and get the ammo._" [5/24/18 9:07:56 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Is the 'parabellum' or 'standard fmj' important or is it just the 9x19mm ]" [5/24/18 9:08:22 AM] Tempest#5018: "Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum Brand: Standard <bullet type> (FMJ, SF, JHP, etc.)" [5/24/18 9:09:00 AM] Tempest#5018: "The caliber is just the type of ammunition that a gun needs and determines damage, the brand/ammo type influences performance." [5/24/18 9:09:21 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Ah, cool. ]" [5/24/18 9:09:21 AM] Tempest#5018: "(some brands other than Standard exist, but their effects are explained)" [5/24/18 9:10:05 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Can I just keep the magazine in my tactical vest, then? ]" [5/24/18 9:11:05 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Oh, yes, absolutely! It'll fit in one of your pockets there._" [5/24/18 9:11:10 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Vest/Mags, right?_" [5/24/18 9:11:18 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Still getting to grips. ]" [5/24/18 9:11:27 AM] Zeal#1744: "Tactical Vest / Ammunition" [5/24/18 9:11:34 AM] Tempest#5018: "Alright." [5/24/18 9:11:47 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You placed the MP9 magazine in one of your magazine pouches. Vest/Ammo 1: 4/6 mags_" [5/24/18 9:12:14 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ That was a lovely loot roll, gosh. Nothing can go wrong for me now. ]" [5/24/18 9:12:27 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 9:14:33 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Deactivated room (S) // Front: Bedroom (bunks), **overgrown** // Right: Hospital bedroom, **deserted**" [5/24/18 9:14:48 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Front **" [5/24/18 9:20:56 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Bedroom (bunks), overgrown]** _Barely recognizable are the bunk beds in the room that once made it, well, a bedroom. The floor, the walls, the beds, nearly everything is covered in moss and old grass, rendering a putrid, humid smell. Despite that, you spot **loose ammunition** on the ground._" [5/24/18 9:21:26 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Hmm. What's the ammo about? ]" [5/24/18 9:23:00 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Ammunition] 40mm NATO, M715 Smoke, 2 rounds - Weight: 2 (1 per round)" [5/24/18 9:23:10 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Grenade launcher ammunition. Of the not-exploding kind._" [5/24/18 9:23:22 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ ...Not exploding kind? ]" [5/24/18 9:23:28 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Oh, you just mean smoke. ]" [5/24/18 9:23:31 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Yep._" [5/24/18 9:23:38 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Is it possible just to hock one of these? ]" [5/24/18 9:25:09 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Nope, they need to be fired from a launcher._" [5/24/18 9:25:23 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ In the pack they go, then. ]" [5/24/18 9:25:48 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 9:26:00 AM] Tempest#5018: "Backpack/Main: 11 /40" [5/24/18 9:27:41 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Empty bar, **overgrown** // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Youkai bedroom (washitsu), **overgrown**" [5/24/18 9:28:01 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Corridor**" [5/24/18 9:31:08 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Corridor]** _A corridor. What else? The front door is a **shortcut -1**. There is an abandoned **medical item** on the floor..._" [5/24/18 9:31:19 AM] Zeal#1744: "Examine?" [5/24/18 9:31:24 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Meds] Blood Transfusion Kit (BTK) - Human blood - Refills 5.0 Blood if injected to a human or halfling being - Weight: 1 - [Blood: 2.0 /5.0]" [5/24/18 9:31:36 AM] Tempest#5018: "_This is compatible with your body. If you ever needed it._" [5/24/18 9:31:57 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ "This looks like human blood. I'm pretty sure." ]" [5/24/18 9:32:39 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I think the kit's more valuable than the 2.0 blood? I'll keep it, same place. ]" [5/24/18 9:32:43 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits" [5/24/18 9:33:27 AM] Tempest#5018: "_The kit **contains** 2 blood.è_" [5/24/18 9:33:40 AM] Tempest#5018: "_So it's not full (and don't think too hard about why), but it's usable._" [5/24/18 9:34:28 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Alright ]" [5/24/18 9:37:14 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 9:37:48 AM] Tempest#5018: "BP /Main: 12 /40" [5/24/18 9:38:32 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Corridor // Front (**Shortcut -1**): Dining hall, **overgrown** // Right: Scullery, abandoned" [5/24/18 9:39:08 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Front **" [5/24/18 9:42:11 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You skipped one room ahead thanks to the shortcut._

    • [Dining hall, overgrown]**

_What once was a large, comfortable room with a long table and dozens of chairs surrounding it, is now covered in moss and weird vegetation. If there was anything useful here, however, it's been taken already._" [5/24/18 9:42:12 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Highway (S) // Front: Bedroom (single bed), abandoned // Right: Empty club room, abandoned" [5/24/18 9:42:42 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Left **" [5/24/18 9:45:58 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Highway]** _A high traffic, straightforward room. The front door is a **Shortcut -3**. On Side 4 of the room, you spot what appears to be a male student, judging by the outfit. Interestingly, he seems to be carrying a **sword** of some kind...è" [5/24/18 9:49:37 AM] Zeal#1744: "_will approach him in such a manner as will one day in her world become the norm for predators in nightclubs, leaning up against the wall at his side and inspecting his gear extremely casually, a thumb in her shorts.

"...Oi, first person I've seen to carry a proper beater here. You with the angels?"_" [5/24/18 9:50:37 AM] Tempest#5018: "_The student flatly stares at you for a brief moment, before replying._

    • [Student]** Er... No, not actually. Why?"

[5/24/18 9:53:55 AM] Zeal#1744: "_indicates her direction of travel with an equally- if not outright better flat expression. "Coz' they're 'bout a few skips this way, din' see you on my way here. Couldn' be a spy, could ye?" she teased brightly, baring her teeth before suddenly attaining a serious air.

"Look. Tell me everytin' you know about 'tem. Y'look t'have the look of a, uh- educated guy."_" [5/24/18 9:55:57 AM] Tempest#5018: "_He seems to be trying his best not to stare wide-eyed._

    • [Student]** Uh, well, they're some kind of organization... they're a religion of some kind too... Oh, and the shrine maidens are usually pretty nice, too. But other than that, I don't know, I don't usually go to Angelic towns... I'm on my way to Joliet Sector, actually."

[5/24/18 9:58:05 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Now that sounds familiar. The place with the gunsmith, if I recall? ]" [5/24/18 9:58:26 AM] Tempest#5018: "(( Among other things!" [5/24/18 10:00:19 AM] Zeal#1744: "_seems to consider this for a moment, rubbing her chin and quietly raising a brow. "...Some kinda organization, huh. You a farmer or somethin'?"_" [5/24/18 10:02:51 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Student]** Nuh uh, just a student, from Twinleaf City! Best town in the world." [5/24/18 10:03:04 AM] Tempest#5018: "_The pride can be felt._" [5/24/18 10:04:13 AM] Zeal#1744: "_cuts in almost immediately. "Ne'er 'eard of it. S'it on the other side o'th'dome?"_" [5/24/18 10:05:11 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Student]** Oh, uh. It's a fair distance west of here, in the Central Zone. I'm on break from my studies, just visiting friends!" [5/24/18 10:05:24 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Student]** ... You're not a cop, or a merc, right?" [5/24/18 10:08:33 AM] Zeal#1744: "_shakes her head, thumbing her pocket and eyeing him up and down. She's usually a pretty good judge of character, but- "...I ain't a friend to nobody yet, bye-o. You got 'sum'm' goin' on t'find yeself 'round here, nah? Wit' your own blood all in ye."_" [5/24/18 10:09:39 AM] Tempest#5018: "_He looks left and right, less confident, all of a sudden._" [5/24/18 10:09:47 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Student]** Look, you ain't seen me, okay? I gotta go..." [5/24/18 10:09:56 AM] Tempest#5018: "_He's about to leave, do you want to do anything first?_" [5/24/18 10:10:16 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Where's his sword? ]" [5/24/18 10:12:31 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Slung on his back._" [5/24/18 10:13:13 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Can I pull it out as he's fidgeting and pushing past me? ]" [5/24/18 10:13:46 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Not really. :p _" [5/24/18 10:14:06 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Can I roll something? ]" [5/24/18 10:14:17 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Still don't know how this works. ]" [5/24/18 10:14:28 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Nope, if you want to take something from someone, you're gonna need to fight him and put him out of commission._" [5/24/18 10:14:40 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Oh, that's just the rules, is it ]" [5/24/18 10:14:42 AM] Tempest#5018: "_...Or trade him for it!_" [5/24/18 10:14:59 AM] Tempest#5018: "_But yeah you can't just swipe items like that._" [5/24/18 10:15:42 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I was thinking I could grab the handle and just sever one of the straps with my dagger and that'd leave him pretty fucked in the case of keeping it- ]" [5/24/18 10:15:51 AM] Zeal#1744: "[But I get'cha]" [5/24/18 10:20:18 AM] Zeal#1744: "_will just readily place her palm upon his chest as he starts to fuss, pressing him back against the wall and peeling back her combat vest to show a mariner's tattoo on her breast and murmuring soothingly in her warm, slightly slurred english. "'ey, look 'ere. Concorde, frigate o' th' French captured fair. Y'bitteh know I en gon' have no truck wit' the law. Spill it, 'ten. I'll make it wort' ya while, iffn' figure it's wort' a spit."_" [5/24/18 10:21:55 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Student]** Uh... oh shit, uh... shit. You, uh... You better not be one of Brenda's guys, okay? I'm sure she sent mercs after me... If not, don't take any contracts from her! Okay? Okay, I gotta run now." [5/24/18 10:23:31 AM] Zeal#1744: "_spits after him quite obviously, thumbs in her pockets. "...Sounds likeah kinda gal," she murmured, eyeing down the corridor. "Well, ain' till got no way."_" [5/24/18 10:23:51 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Front **" [5/24/18 10:24:26 AM] Tempest#5018: "_He runs out of the room, panicked._" [5/24/18 10:25:16 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Old Byway (D) // Front (**Shortcut -3**): Studio room, abandoned // Right: Storage room, abandoned" [5/24/18 10:25:23 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Confirming Front door?_" [5/24/18 10:25:56 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Uh yes, confirm. Originally you just said front is -3, I think. ]" [5/24/18 10:25:56 AM] MEE6#4876: "Level up! <@!163295431428800512> is now **level 11**." [5/24/18 10:26:05 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Just making sure_" [5/24/18 10:27:25 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Three rooms skipped ahead!_

    • [Studio room, abandoned]**

_An old studio room, with desks, chairs, broken computers, and broken recording equipment such as cameras and mics. This looked like the stage for some sort of talk show, but it's long abandoned now. You spot **something of interest** on the floor, though!..._" [5/24/18 10:28:31 AM] Zeal#1744: "I love interest!" [5/24/18 10:28:58 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Key item] A pair of handcuffs. May be used to attempt restraining certain creatures. - Weight: 1" [5/24/18 10:29:20 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Can carry it in Belt/Key Items with no impact on weight, since you don't have these yet._" [5/24/18 10:32:55 AM] Zeal#1744: "_picks it up with a little smile. "Old frien'. Good t'see ya."_" [5/24/18 10:33:22 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Where's belt/ley? ]" [5/24/18 10:33:49 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Ah, got it. ]" [5/24/18 10:34:12 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Get it, key item ]" [5/24/18 10:34:18 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exeunt, merci" [5/24/18 10:34:50 AM] Tempest#5018: "_A durable pair of police handcuffs. Who knows what you can use them for?_" [5/24/18 10:35:47 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Number of de good stuff. ]" [5/24/18 10:35:54 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 10:38:36 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Deactivated room (S) // Front: Corridor (S) // Right: Warehouse room, forsaken" [5/24/18 10:39:40 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Right**" [5/24/18 10:43:03 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Warehouse room, forsaken]** _Many metallic shelves, many old metal containers, all rusted... ...all empty. On the floor, however, you spot a **small object**._" [5/24/18 10:43:23 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Examine small object **" [5/24/18 10:44:30 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Item] Mobile phone battery. Pass more calls and never miss a meeting. - Weight 0.1 - [Battery: 1 /6]" [5/24/18 10:44:39 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Nearly drained... Maybe still good for one call._" [5/24/18 10:45:06 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ ...I will pretend to have the foggiest idea what this is, and bag it. ]" [5/24/18 10:45:40 AM] Tempest#5018: "BP/main: 12.1 /40" [5/24/18 10:45:48 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Exits **" [5/24/18 10:46:16 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Passage (D) // Front: Scullery, abandoned // Right: Empty bar, disaffected" [5/24/18 10:48:51 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Front **" [5/24/18 10:48:57 AM] Zeal#1744: " Fooooooood. " [5/24/18 10:52:08 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Scullery, abandoned]** _Lots of sinks, lots of dishwashers. The sinks seem to be functional, in case you wanted tap water. The front door is a **Shortcut -1**. Amazingly enough, you find **another** object of interest on the floor!... Lucky you._" [5/24/18 10:52:31 AM] Zeal#1744: "** Mine! **" [5/24/18 10:52:41 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Key item/Face gear] Night vision goggles (NVGs). A device that can be worn to see in the dark without being seen. Full battery life: 100 turns. - Weight: 1 - [Battery: 48 /100 - 48%]" [5/24/18 10:52:52 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You can wear these in dark rooms, or whenever there is no light._" [5/24/18 10:53:37 AM] Zeal#1744: "_looks profoundly disappointed, but figures it out anyway. I can just switch it on, and -1 for each empty room?_" [5/24/18 10:56:51 AM] Tempest#5018: "_-1 per turn as long as it's on, regardless of whether or not it's dark. So don't leave it on if you don't need it!_" [5/24/18 10:56:56 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Also, the condition? ]" [5/24/18 10:57:13 AM] Tempest#5018: "_NVGs don't have a condition, just a battery life. 48 /100 in your case._" [5/24/18 10:59:47 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ That's a pretty mad find then! ]" [5/24/18 10:59:52 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 11:01:38 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Empty club room, abandoned // Front (**Shortcut -1**): Laundry room, abandoned // Right: Laundry room, abandoned" [5/24/18 11:03:47 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Laundry is also good! ]" [5/24/18 11:03:54 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Rooms remaining? ]" [5/24/18 11:04:17 AM] Tempest#5018: "_4, before taking one of these doors._" [5/24/18 11:04:22 AM] Tempest#5018: "_We're nearly there._" [5/24/18 11:04:40 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Front**" [5/24/18 11:06:46 AM] Tempest#5018: "One more room skipped.

    • [Laundry room, abandoned]**

_You spot six washing machines lined up on one of the walls. Amazingly enough, not all of them are empty! **Four** seem to contain clothes, and **two** seem to contain load-bearing equipment. On the floor you also spot something else: another piece of **load-bearing equipment**. In total, that's 4 clothing items and 3 LBE items._" [5/24/18 11:07:11 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Am I just trolling the dice here or what ]" [5/24/18 11:07:20 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Can I just root through everything? ]" [5/24/18 11:07:32 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Of course, one sec._" [5/24/18 11:08:34 AM] Tempest#5018: "_First, the clothing:_" [5/24/18 11:08:38 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Clothing] Bottom - Hakama (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - Weight: 3

   Condition: Damaged

[Clothing] Footwear - Leather shoes - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - Classy - Weight: 9

   Condition: Damaged

[Clothing] Bottom - Student outfit pants (Lower body, Legs, Crotch) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3

   Condition: Damaged

[Clothing] Bottom - Student outfit skirt (Lower body) - AC: C2 - Blunt-resistant - RagOK - Weight: 3

   Condition: Worn"

[5/24/18 11:08:46 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Now, the LBE:_" [5/24/18 11:08:48 AM] Tempest#5018: "[LBE] (Tactical vest) SOBR assault vest - Capacity 8 units + Ammo 1 (8 mags only, max tier: Large) + Ammo 2 (GL grenades only, max 4) [LBE] (Tactical vest) TT-1E Pistol vest - Capacity 5 units + Ammo 1 (3 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Ammo 2 (3 mags only, max tier: Medium) + Spare wpn. (1x C3 wpn only, max wgt 3) [LBE] (Tactical vest) Il Duce's vest - Capacity 2 units + Spare wpn. (6x C3 wpn only, max wgt 3) + Ammo 1 (4 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Ammo 2 (S-ldr/S-strip only, max 2)" [5/24/18 11:09:33 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Youkai pants, a pair of fancy shoes, student pants and skirt, and three tactical vests, one of which seems to literally just be six holsters plus magazine pockets._" [5/24/18 11:10:37 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ ...There's a 'classy' attribute, haha ]" [5/24/18 11:11:13 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Oh yes. It's specifically for fancy clothes. It does nothing._" [5/24/18 11:11:17 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Except look classy._" [5/24/18 11:11:30 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Well for starters, I'm wearing those shoes. I have no shoes. ]" [5/24/18 11:11:51 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Fucking savages, putting leather shoes in a washing machine. ]" [5/24/18 11:12:01 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ No wonder it's damaged. ]" [5/24/18 11:13:09 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ wow damn that is heavy. ]" [5/24/18 11:13:31 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Equipped the leather shoes. No more barefooting for you!_" [5/24/18 11:13:47 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ It's as heavy as my Heavy K Body Armor vest! ]" [5/24/18 11:14:10 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Shoes do take space, yeah... Thankfully you're wearing em instead of tossing them in the bag._" [5/24/18 11:14:20 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ So these tac-vests" [5/24/18 11:14:53 AM] Zeal#1744: "[LBE] (Tactical vest) TT-1E Pistol vest - Capacity 5 units + Ammo 1 (3 pistol mags only, max tier: Small) + Ammo 2 (3 mags only, max tier: Medium) + Spare wpn. (1x C3 wpn only, max wgt 3)" [5/24/18 11:15:10 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ This one actually looks better for me kinda? ]" [5/24/18 11:16:14 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Comparing this stuff isn't something I've done yet. ]" [5/24/18 11:16:22 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You can transition to the TT-1E Pistol vest, and if I'm not incorrect, all of your current Vest items will fit in this one. The Beretta 92 mags would go in Ammo 1, the MP9 mag in Ammo 2, and the spare ammo in Main (5 units)._" [5/24/18 11:16:49 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ Just help me out with this one, please. ]" [5/24/18 11:16:55 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You could also carry an extra handgun if you wanted._" [5/24/18 11:17:13 AM] Tempest#5018: "_So, maybe? I'm not in the business of saying if it's better of worse, but it **might** suit your needs better._" [5/24/18 11:18:03 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ I'll just- how do I stuff this all in my pack? ]" [5/24/18 11:18:28 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You can spend a turn per vest to fold them, you'll get non-wearable vests that are rolled up, but can be carried in the inventory._" [5/24/18 11:18:30 AM] Zeal#1744: "3+3+3+vests" [5/24/18 11:18:40 AM] Tempest#5018: "_They need to be empty for that, but they all are, so it's all good._" [5/24/18 11:18:44 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Want to do that?_" [5/24/18 11:18:51 AM] Zeal#1744: "Yes, please." [5/24/18 11:19:35 AM] Tempest#5018: "_You sit down, and start rolling the tactical vests into tight bundles, using their straps to lock them up tightly. You spent 3 turns, and acquired the following:_" [5/24/18 11:19:51 AM] Tempest#5018: "[LBE] (Tactical vest) SOBR assault vest - Folded - Weight: 5 [LBE] (Tactical vest) TT-1E Pistol vest - Folded - Weight: 5 [LBE] (Tactical vest) Il Duce's vest - Folded - Weight: 5" [5/24/18 11:22:07 AM] Zeal#1744: "30.1/40?" [5/24/18 11:22:28 AM] Zeal#1744: "No, wait" [5/24/18 11:22:41 AM] Tempest#5018: "Should be 36.1/40 by my count" [5/24/18 11:22:45 AM] Zeal#1744: "Yep, that's it" [5/24/18 11:23:01 AM] Zeal#1744: "...Laundries, though." [5/24/18 11:23:04 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 11:24:38 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** Left: Office room, abandoned // Right: Library wing, abandoned // Right: Corridor (S)" [5/24/18 11:24:49 AM] Zeal#1744: "**Right**" [5/24/18 11:26:13 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Corridor]** _Another corridor. Normally the front door is a shortcut, but all of the next doors lead to the next destination, Semitas. Another **object** has been abandoned on the floor here._" [5/24/18 11:27:04 AM] Zeal#1744: "Examine?" [5/24/18 11:27:08 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Item] Portable stove kit (PSK). Requires a butane gas canister to function. Can be used to cook food on the go: requires 1 butane gas unit and 1 turn to cook 1 raw game meat. - Weight: 1" [5/24/18 11:27:16 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Might come in handy later..._" [5/24/18 11:27:25 AM] Zeal#1744: "[ ...Once I actually eat something. ]" [5/24/18 11:27:37 AM] Zeal#1744: "#acquire" [5/24/18 11:27:56 AM] Tempest#5018: "BP/Main: 37.1 /40" [5/24/18 11:28:30 AM] Zeal#1744: "Exits?" [5/24/18 11:28:40 AM] Zeal#1744: "Oh wait, Semitas." [5/24/18 11:28:43 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Next rooms]** All doors lead to **Semitas**." [5/24/18 11:28:47 AM] Zeal#1744: "Woo." [5/24/18 11:28:53 AM] Zeal#1744: "Bring on the angels." [5/24/18 11:29:43 AM] Tempest#5018: "_After 1 hour and 15 minutes of traveling in the UA, you finally made it to Semitas. The big bright white sign above the door to the town gate says so, at least. "WELCOME TO SEMITAS - A town managed and protected by Heaven, Ltd."_" [5/24/18 11:30:03 AM] Tempest#5018: "[Reputation check] Angelic Rep is +0, you're free to enter the town." [5/24/18 11:31:06 AM] Zeal#1744: "_squints at the sign and says aloud, "Heaven, ell... ted." Okay. Church town. No big. She walks through the gate, adjusting her pack. Wasn't too bad._" [5/24/18 11:32:00 AM] Zeal#1744: "What's the look of the place?" [5/24/18 11:34:15 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Semitas, Town Gate]** _What's immediately noticeable is how much more clean this town gate is, compared to Arnett, and how much more... blue and white paint there is. Everything on the walls is painted and patterned in hues of light blue, cyan, and white - presumably to evoke heavenly or angelic scenery. Equally noticeable are the two creatures assigned to town security; they're literally angels, with feathery wings... And longswords._" [5/24/18 11:34:42 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Guardian Angel #1]** _<Boredly>_ Good morning, welcome to Semitas." [5/24/18 11:35:15 AM] Zeal#1744: "_stares back. "...Can I touch 'em?"_" [5/24/18 11:35:38 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Guardian Angel #1]** Why does every newbie ask me that question..." [5/24/18 11:35:47 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[Guardian Angel #2]** They're extra fluffy, though! _<Snicker>_" [5/24/18 11:36:11 AM] Tempest#5018: "_Reluctantly, he'll let you touch his wings. Once._" [5/24/18 11:38:22 AM] Zeal#1744: "_gently reaches out give the inner edge a little tickle. Even if it's really like-real, it can't simulate nerves. That's right, she's tickling for a reason. "...Every newbie asks tat'?" she mutters. "Where is ye heart, maties? Sodom and Gomorrah, or 'teh singin' o' verses in th' clouds?"_" [5/24/18 11:38:58 AM] Tempest#5018: "_The angel's wing nervously flutters, and goes **flapity-flap** when you tickle it._" [5/24/18 11:39:08 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** Hey, okay, stop that, now." [5/24/18 11:39:19 AM] Tempest#5018: "_His colleague laughs some more._" [5/24/18 11:40:52 AM] Zeal#1744: "_gives it a little tug and stands back with a small smile, shrugging her shoulders . "Reckon o' tin' answerin' my question, 'ten. What god are of ye?"_" [5/24/18 11:41:35 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** Gods. We serve the Cardinal Gods, and the elder council of archangels, in that order. They're our bosses." [5/24/18 11:42:55 AM] Zeal#1744: "_clarifies quickly, looking at his friend. "An' te' Cardinal Gods te' ones responsible for tis' 'ere treasure huntin' bidness onnaccount o'ta 'Administrator', ne?"_" [5/24/18 11:43:07 AM] Tempest#5018: "_He blankly stares._" [5/24/18 11:43:12 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** Pardon me?" [5/24/18 11:46:03 AM] Zeal#1744: "_considers, rewording herself with a scratch of her midsection. "...'Tey got te' cardinal... sometin's? Amulets, like. Some drab ol' bird in' havin' me look f'em. Far an' wide, she say."_" [5/24/18 11:51:01 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #2]** You probably want to chat with the local shrine maidens about it, they'll talk your ear off about the Amulets, if it's what you wanna hear about." [5/24/18 11:51:23 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #2]** We're just here to guard the entrance, do paperwork, and let Himiel here get his wings petted." [5/24/18 11:51:29 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** Oh, shut up, man..." [5/24/18 11:57:34 AM] Zeal#1744: "_poked her tongue in a very rogueish sort of way, pulling back her hair. "Oy, now, don' be puttin' down t'little bird," she advised the second angel, now grinning. "Ye not such a stuff as te' good book'd have ye tink. But- ye gon' hafta talk t'me 'bout dis demon ting," she put bluntly, her smile gone as she lifts up a finger. "An' iffn' able, gotta gal, Brenda, iffer know 'er."_" [5/24/18 11:59:40 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #2]** Demons? What's there to say about them, other than they're filthy competitors?" [5/24/18 11:59:47 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** You're not a friend of theirs, are you?" [5/24/18 11:59:55 AM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1] _(Who's Brenda anyway?)_" [5/24/18 12:03:15 PM] Zeal#1744: "_shrugged her shoulders. "Ain' lookin' to side wit' no white or black 'loons. Fin' it don' matter t'th'chafin' at sea," she put wisely, winking up at Himiel with her hands behind her back. "But if y'have a spot o'grog an' a full plate I mighta consider it. What's ye favorite, bees?"_" [5/24/18 12:07:30 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #1]** I don't have a flying clue what you mean." [5/24/18 12:07:41 PM] Tempest#5018: "_This seems to amuse the other one ever more. More chuckling ensues._" [5/24/18 12:13:44 PM] Zeal#1744: "_furrows her brow and raises her voice pointedly, spacing her hands apart. "Yes! Thank ye, ye fuckin' flyin' fops. But iffn' point me t' te' food an' water? I could get te' pawn, or te' 'general store' or such a ting'?"_" [5/24/18 12:14:55 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[GA #2]** Oh, that! Well, there's the Demigods' Ice Box if you need a drink, Angel Noodles if you're hungry, and a couple of shops just before the shrine. Look at the map in the town center if you need directions!" [5/24/18 12:16:55 PM] Zeal#1744: "_throws up her hands a little bit and turns away, muttering. "eywai, take ye' t' ye' spirit health an clean out ye ears, for te' fuck's sake."_" [5/24/18 12:17:11 PM] Zeal#1744: "_investigates this map. First, to flog this crap._" [5/24/18 12:19:38 PM] Tempest#5018: "_You move 7 rooms north, into the Social Square, and the SS Center. The Social Square's walls are beautifully adorned with murals and paintings with more angelic imagery; it's, if nothing else, clean and relaxing to look at. The town map before you displays all of the areas of the town:_" [5/24/18 12:19:39 PM] Tempest#5018: "< Semitas - Town Map > Food production: Heaven Farm Water production: Natural water processing unit Residential areas: 2 (HR1 Bunkdorms, HR3 Double beds) Social square facilities: Bank, Hiring bureau, Bar (E4), Restaurant (D7) [Trattoria], Takeout stand.

   The bar is called The Demigods’ Ice Box.
   The Trattoria is called Angel Noodles.

Shops: 3 individual (Style shop, Delicatessen, Weapon shop) Special facility: Cardinal Shrine Other facilities: Hospital, Generator, Town Hall" [5/24/18 12:20:56 PM] Zeal#1744: "_scratches her chin. Weapon shop, then?_" [5/24/18 12:27:46 PM] Tempest#5018: "_9 rooms later, and you find yourself at the Semitas weapon shop. Not many people around, as it's still the morning, but it's open, and the shop owner is waiting for the next customer._" [5/24/18 12:31:41 PM] Zeal#1744: "_walks into the shop and shoulders off her pack with a sigh.

"...'ey, me mon. A'gotta to fetchin' a good count o' vests an' like. Like 'tis," she indicates, tapping her own vest. "...An' some grenades or 'te like. Fetch me up a quote o' all 'tis, would'ja?"_" [5/24/18 12:32:04 PM] Zeal#1744: "[ The vests and the two smoke grenade rounds. ]" [5/24/18 12:32:29 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** Sorry, I don't buy clothing or LBE; you want to sell those to a clothing store. I recommend the one in Arnett or the one in Joliet." [5/24/18 12:33:03 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** And just between us.. it's a damn, damn, damn shame they let that _fruitcake_ take the first shop emplacement. Instead of a useful store, they sell freaking dyes and haircuts!" [5/24/18 12:35:41 PM] Zeal#1744: "_looks at him flatly. "...Oy, I don' know ye, matey, but iffn' ye such a blood over te' ting', jus' light it on fire," she offers mildly, putting the two smoke grenades on the counter.

"...I guess 'tis is all I'll be sellin' in tis' town. Be hopin' t'feed me sometin' at least."_" [5/24/18 12:36:22 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** I would, if it wasn't, you know. Illegal." [5/24/18 12:36:29 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** Anyway... Lemme look at these." [5/24/18 12:37:01 PM] Tempest#5018: "SELLING 2x 40mm NATO, M715 Smoke - 50 P$

Total due to customer: 50 P$ Confirm the sale?" [5/24/18 12:37:07 PM] Zeal#1744: "Sure." [5/24/18 12:38:43 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** And that's sold. You want that in cash, store credit, or wired to your account?" [5/24/18 12:39:51 PM] Zeal#1744: "_blinks softly, scratching her nose. "...Now watte'world in de account, old man? In coin, if ye please."_" [5/24/18 12:42:30 PM] Tempest#5018: "[Money] 1 P$ coin - 1 P$ - Brass - [Quantity: 50] - Weight: 0.5 (0.01 per coin)" [5/24/18 12:42:37 PM] Tempest#5018: "**[Shop owner]** Here you go." [5/24/18 12:45:28 PM] Zeal#1744: "[ Where do I put cash? ]" [5/24/18 12:46:10 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( Under Money Pouch." [5/24/18 12:46:32 PM] Tempest#5018: "BP/Money pouch: 50 P$ ; 0.50 /20" [5/24/18 12:47:26 PM] Zeal#1744: "Righto" [5/24/18 12:47:33 PM] Zeal#1744: "To the noodle shop!" [5/24/18 12:47:52 PM] Zeal#1744: "...That does raise the question" [5/24/18 12:47:59 PM] Zeal#1744: "When do I need to eat?" [5/24/18 12:49:41 PM] Tempest#5018: "_When you're hungry. :p _" [5/24/18 12:49:59 PM] Tempest#5018: "_No really, that's about the only reason to eat , when Nutrition is low, or if you want the effects from some food items._" [5/24/18 12:51:28 PM] Zeal#1744: "What's the max of nutrition?" [5/24/18 12:51:47 PM] Zeal#1744: "It just says OK/Hydrated" [5/24/18 12:54:19 PM] Tempest#5018: "_You can ask for any of these stats at any given moment to get an update._" [5/24/18 12:54:27 PM] Tempest#5018: "[Nutrition: 1966 ntri - OK] [Hydration: 646 wtr - OK]" [5/24/18 12:54:45 PM] Zeal#1744: "[ So basically I have no need to sleep, eat, or drink ]" [5/24/18 12:55:04 PM] Zeal#1744: "To the Shrine!" [5/24/18 12:59:22 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( You actually do." [5/24/18 1:00:02 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( When you're injured, you spend nutrition to heal naturally. You spend nutrition, hydration and fatigue naturally over every turn, and there are plenty of things that can speed up how tired, hungry, or thirsty you are." [5/24/18 1:00:32 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( If you keep yourself in good health, you can last a lot longer. But it's antithetical to the idea of getting in fights, unless you plan on never getting hit." [5/24/18 1:00:56 PM] Zeal#1744: "[ Oh, I meant like, right at this moment. ]" [5/24/18 1:01:05 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( At the moment, no, you're fine. :p" [5/24/18 1:01:14 PM] Zeal#1744: "[ nod nod ]" [5/24/18 1:03:21 PM] Tempest#5018: "_You left the weapon shop to travel to the Cardinal Shrine of Semitas, 2 rooms away._

    • [Shrine]**

_Floors of dark wood, ornate walls, a large donation box, an elaborate stone altar to the Gods, a board of announcements full of posters and calendar events about Angelic events, practices, and customs... And vending machines, which sell fortunes: welcome to a typical Cardinal Shrine. There are three shrine maidens in the altar room._" [5/24/18 1:03:35 PM] Tempest#5018: "_Signs indicate there is a magic shop to the east, as well._" [5/24/18 1:04:49 PM] Zeal#1744: "_stares at the sign for a moment. Just pile it on to her list. Why not magic? Voodoo is a thing. Anyway. She reads the board before approaching the maidens._" [5/24/18 1:12:16 PM] Tempest#5018: "_Various hours for events such as praying sessions, meditations, morality classes, Q&A sessions with the shrine maidens, and so on. Nothing of immediate interest to you, though. And the maidens don't look very busy right now, either._" [5/24/18 1:15:15 PM] Zeal#1744: ""...Waste of time," she mutters, thumbing her waist and sauntering over to the three of them. Her voice is quite sharp when she does speak, squaring her shoulders and announcing herself.

"OI, YOU LOT!"" [5/24/18 1:15:53 PM] Tempest#5018: "_Three heads snap towards your direction. One seem shocked you'd dare yell in a sacred place._" [5/24/18 1:17:44 PM] Zeal#1744: "_steps forward, winning with a grin. "So, ye all've sworn ye souls t'sometin'athat. Gotta ask, 'fore ye bring out te' canes. Ye 'eard of te' 'Administrator'?" she pronounces carefully, lidding her eyes. "...Lookin' for te' amulets, she is. Holdin' me hostage, like."_" [5/24/18 1:21:13 PM] Tempest#5018: "(( And we will be resolving this on the next one." [5/24/18 1:21:20 PM] Tempest#5018: "[Session end; Session #98]"