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A Maze Citizen is the general name given to inhabitants of Mazeworld.
There are several conditions to becoming a Citizen in the intended sense, but the general consensus is that any human who was born and raised in the Mazes, survived to adulthood, and is not a member (yet) of the Maze Personnel, is a Citizen.
Despite the main source of employment in the Mazes is by being part of the Personnel, there are many Citizens without a specific, defined job, or living on multiple occupations of lesser importance.

Citizens in the Mazes are recognized by their lack of uniform or single standardized set of clothing, but rather by common dressing trends, which can be likened to a certain genre of fashion, in that clothes are chosen by Citizens to affirm their personality; this is why the game defines several types of Citizen.
It must be noted however, that legally speaking, at the exception of wearing complete sets of clothing used by members of the Maze Personnel (as it would qualify as impersonation and is legally reprehensible), Citizens are not -required- to wear any particular set of clothing and/or armor, and can wear whatever they wish as long as it is legal to do so.

On a general point of view, the only things Citizens are required to do is to obey the law, and follow the orders of Maze Soldiers in case Citizen presence is unwanted in certain areas. They may make a living in any way they see fit otherwise, although certain areas are regarded as "red light" occupations (this is the case of pimps, prostitutes, mercenaries, gangsters, etc.) and usually are linked to criminal and otherwise unlawful activity.

Because being merely a Citizen is not an occupation in itself, they have no salary.


AC Perk HEAD group BODY group LIMBS group EXTR. group Weak points
Human None 1 head Upper body, Lower body 2 arms, 2 legs 2 hands, 2 feet, teeth 2 eyes(F), genitals
Skeleton type CBT? CUW? LAW?
Human Yes Yes Yes

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Other data

  • Is neutral.
  • Can talk.
  • Likes trading: Citizens like to trade, buy, and sell items from each other.


The clothing worn and the equipment carried by Maze Citizens is procedurally generated according to the following criteriae:


  • 1 randomized set of clothing and armor (see below)
  • 1 random LBE item
  • 1 random weapon + random ammunition type, if applicable.
    • EXCEPTION: If the weapons rolled cannot be both equipped at the same time (two Class 3 can, two Class 1 can't), the second weapon is discarded.


  • 1d3 full magazines or equivalent + 1 full retail box of ammunition (of corresponding caliber and ammo type), per rolled weapon
  • An inventory kit - roll 4#1d2, one for each of these criteria: Food, Valuables, Money, Meds. If a 1 is rolled, it's not generated; if a 2 is rolled, then depending on the category the following is generated:
    • Food: 1d3 different @food items
    • Valuables: 1d2 different @wpnacc-nomag (weapon accessories other than feeding devices) items
    • Money: 1d1000 P$
    • Meds: 1d2 different @meds items
  • EXCEPTION FOR ALL INVENTORY ITEMS: If the rolled LBE item is unable to fit any of the generated inventory items due to lack of suitable space, then they are discarded. The inventory items are generated in the order listed; magazines, then food, then valuables, then money, then meds.

Clothing and armor

Citizens may wear a random combination of tops, bottoms, footwear, body armor and headgear. There exists two pools of clothing, one for males and one for females, with a lot of overlap on possible choices.

In each pool, there are 11 tops, 10 bottoms, 8 footwear, 7 headgear and 7 body armor to choose from. For headgear and body armor, there is a 50% chance that no item will be rolled. There is a tiny chance that a Citizen may spawn completely naked.

In order to roll clothing, the following dice are rolled: 1d11;1d10;1d8;2#1d14. The first three dice rolls generate a top, a bottom and footwear, while the last two generate headgear and body armor. Use the tables below for quick reference.

  • Male clothing pool
Dice roll Tops Bottoms Footwear
1 (None) (None) (None)
2 T-Shirt Jeans Regular shoes
3 PT T-shirt Shorts Running shoes
4 Sweater Regular pants Leather shoes
5 Leather jacket Tracksuit pants Cowboy boots
6 Shirt with tie Leather pants Hiking shoes
7 Parka Cargo pants (plain color) Flip-flops
8 Tracksuit jacket Cargo pants (blue camo) Motorcycle boots
9 Trench-coat Cargo pants (forest camo) -
10 Tank top Boxer briefs -
11 Camouflage T-shirt (blue camo) - -
  • Female clothing pool
Dice roll Tops Bottoms Footwear
1 (None) (None) (None)
2 T-Shirt Jeans Regular shoes
3 PT T-shirt Shorts Running shoes
4 Sweater Tracksuit pants Hiking shoes
5 Tracksuit jacket Skirt Flip-flops
6 Sundress Formal skirt Ballet sneakers
7 Evening dress Panties High-heeled shoes
8 Bra Thong Motorcycle boots
9 Tank top Cargo pants (plain color) -
10 Leather jacket Cargo pants (forest camo) -
11 Formal workshirt - -
  • Body armor and headgear pool (common to all sexes)
Dice roll Headgear Body armor
1-7 (None) (None)
8 Fedora Flak jacket
9 Bandana Light stab vest
10 M1 Helmet Heavy stab vest
11 Baseball cap Light K armor vest
12 Boonie hat Heavy K armor vest
13 Beret Light T armor vest
14 T armor helmet Light D armor vest


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