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The Maze Customs is a weapon customization atelier available in every Workshop of Mazeworld. A Customs atelier is not a shop in itself; every engineer can perform Customs work, as part of products and services sold in a workshop. For rules on how workshops function, see the relevant article.

In a Customs atelier, two services are proposed: Weapon family customization (Major services), and Minor services.

Weapon family customization

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Weapon customization services rely on the principle of weapon families - specific firearms belonging to the same family (typically they share the same base design) are eligible for extensive customization, due to innate design and/or popularity of the platform. There are 11 firearm families which can receive various types of modifications.
Firearms may also be customized visually - they simply serve to give a more unique description to the firearm, with the use of paint jobs and color schemes. Visual modifications can be done on any weapon, even if it doesn't belong to one of the Customs families, and bear no influence on the actual performance of the weapon.

Minor services

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On top of weapon family in-depth customization and ammunition type conversion, Maze Customs ateliers can also offer other customization services of various kinds, primarily for other, non-family weapons.


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