The Interloper (no ontology)

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MazeWorld is located in an area referred to as The Interloper.

Explanation of the term

"MazeWorld, the World between All Worlds, the Interloper of the Universes, through which anything that exists in any universe can come through. And we are the only ones to decide exactly what comes through and what doesn't." ~ Hebizuka Jinkou

Not much is known about the Interloper other than it is, in a metaphysical way, the theoretical area that is there between all universes in all planes of existence. Per se, it doesn't exist in any given universe, but a fraction does exist in every universe, in the form of gates, through which beings, life forms, souls, objects, resources, and just about anything else can be transited out of their original worlds and into that of the Mazes, via the Admin's intervention.

It is never confirmed whether or not the Mazes are indeed "between all universes", or if it is simply in its own one, and it seems that the Admin herself either does not even know, refuses to tell, or is perhaps incapable of explaining.

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