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A bionics workshop is a business in Mazeworld specialized in buying, selling, installing and removing bionic augmentations. People in charge of such businesses are called bio-engineers, but there is only one such person in the Mazes - this person is Lance Austin, who insists on being called "Chaosclaw".

The shop

Rules of a bionics workshop

  • Sells Bases and Augmentations
  • Buys back augmentations for 50% of their value
    • Will not buy back bases - bases are permanently installed and non-removable.
  • Installation of either bases or augmentations is free. Removal and replacement of augmentations is free.
    • Augmentations that are removed are destroyed, and must be bought back again if the client wishes them back.
  • Accepts credit
  • Accepts valuables and will exchange them for money or credit

If threatened, Lance will either remain indifferent, or explode in maniacal laughter at the face of whomever is threatening him. However, he will not attempt anything to defend himself. If Lance is killed in action, the contestant will not be able to use the bionics workshop anymore, and any subsequent room in which the bionics workshop was meant to be found will be instead considered a crime scene guarded by Maze Guards. Threatening or attacking Lance can give the contestant a code orange, and killing him can increase it to a code red.

If Lance dies, he will drop the following:

  • Clothes: Shirt with tie, Lab coat, Cargo pants (plain color), Harness boots
  • Weapons: Fingerless gloves


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