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A Scientist is, as the name implies, a member of the Maze Personnel working in the scientific field.

As members of the Science Teams in the Mazes, responsible for the scientific prowess and technology level of the realm, scientists in Mazeworld are required to be knowledgeable in many subjects, from mechanics, physics, biology, cybernetics, mineralogy, chemistry, robotics, bionics, and more. A Science Team is a group of scientists working in the same field. There are many such teams with subsets:

  • ST of Biology - Study and research of the lifeforms that inhabit the Mazes, how they function, how they reproduce, and in what ways they can benefit science.
  • ST of Physics and Chemistry - Study, research and development in the many fields of physics and chemistry.
  • ST of Biotechnology and Genetics - Study, research and development in the mentioned fields, mainly for the creation, manipulation, and enhancement of lifeforms.
  • ST of Theoretical science - Advanced field devoted to the study and research of "theoretical phenomena", such as quantum physics, magic, matter-energy manipulation, parallel worlds, and other phenomena more commonly described as 'supernatural'.
  • ST of Biological Engineering (Bionics) - A very specialized field, in which only one scientist in the whole Mazes has succeeded. This domain aims at developing and producing bionic augmentations under the form of body modifications.

Additionally, there exists a Medical Science Team, a team devoted in the science of healing and practice of health care. Their members are not referred to as scientists as with the other teams; instead they are called medics and nurses and are considered to work in their own field: medicine. They work in hospitals.

The entirety of all scientists is sometimes collectively referred to as the Scientific Community.

Scientists are notable for also serving the role of teachers in the many classrooms of the Mazes, alongside their youkai colleagues, the Hakutaku. Since they are the closest thing Mazeworld has to an educational body, they have to be able to teach about a variety of subjects, on top of the scientific field they work in and Science Team they are part of. Such people teach the unseen children and the Students throughout their progress.

They may also provide help to the contestant, making use of their scientific skills - regardless of which Science Team they are part of - to identify unknown gems and meds in exchange of a small fee.

Working as a scientist is Mazeworld is an achievement in itself. Because they are among the brightest minds of the realm, they are paid on a day-to-day basis in exchange of their work. A scientist gains in average 200 P$/day.


AC Perk HEAD group BODY group LIMBS group EXTR. group Weak points
Human None 1 head Upper body, Lower body 2 arms, 2 legs 2 hands, 2 feet, teeth 2 eyes(F), genitals
Skeleton type CBT? CUW? LAW?
Human Yes Yes Yes

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Other data

  • Is peaceful.
  • Usually don't use weapons, but can if the need arises.
  • Can talk.
  • Can provide an identification service: See below.


  • Clothing and armor:
    • Headgear: None
    • Top: Shirt with tie
    • Body armor: Lab coat
    • Arms addon: None
    • Bottom: Pants with belt (males), or Formal skirt (females)
    • Legs addon: None
    • Footwear: Regular shoes
  • Load-bearing gear: Courier bag + Basic belt + 1x Pistol mag rig + 1x Condor utility rig
    • 3 extra, full 20-round PP-2000 magazines

Identification service

Scientists, by virtue of their occupation and mindset, are generally pacific beings in the Mazes, who will not threaten the Contestant and provide, if needed and if possible, their help, in whatever way they can. They generally do not carry any weapons.

The contestant can pay any scientist to perform a service; they can identify unknown gems, mushrooms and meds. This is evidently not their main source of income, but this service allows them to pocket extra money in exchange of potentially useful information for the contestant. Scientists require an identification fee of 10 P$ per item.

Notable scientists

  • Lance Austin, also known as "Chaosclaw", ST of Biological Engineering
    • NOTE: Though technically, Lance is a scientist by virtue of his occupation, he is technically considered a shopkeeper (of its own type) in priority; as such he will not provide identification.


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