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A Blood Transfusion Kit is a device invented by medical science teams in Mazeworld, allowing an user on the field to perform a blood transfusion on himself/herself. It consists of several elements:

  • The bag of blood itself, with a label indicating what species the blood is intended for (almost always, it will be human blood)
  • A protective cover made of plastic to prevent the bag of blood from being crushed or pierced
  • An injector connected to the bag of blood
  • Several stabilization straps to "wear" the kit while the transfusion starts

The BTK is designed to be worn on the user's arm, so that the blood bag remains upright and the user injects himself/herself with its contents while remaining compact enough to be carried in a backpack.


BTKs are very simple to use; lost blood? Apply BTK, problem solved. It is suitable in cases of emergencies if a medic is too far away or unreachable.
There is enough blood in each BTK to refill up to 3 units maximum. Once a BTK has been opened and used, it must be discarded even if blood remains in the bag, to avoid contamination. A BTK cannot be refilled either for the same reasons.

Two variants of the BTK exist: one which contains human blood (compatible with humans and halflings) and one which contains youkai blood.

Being a medical aid with a unique shape, it does not require identification.

It is a large item, as such it weighs 1 unit per object instead of 0.1 unit.

Empty BTKs

It is also possible to find already empty BTKs, to be filled with blood. Emptying a filled BTK may also yield one Empty BTK. The purpose of an Empty BTK is to allow an user to collect blood from a creature, human or non-human, in order to obtain a BTK compatible with that creature should the need arises. An empty BTK will extract 3 units of blood from a creature, when used.


  • Humans and halflings share the same 'Human' blood.
  • All species of youkai share the same 'Youkai' blood.
  • All other species have their own specific blood.
  • The value of a BTK varies: It is 50 P$ + 10 P$ per 0.1 blood inside. A full BTK has a shop value of 350 P$, an empty one of 50 P$.


WARNING: Do NOT inject blood if the BTK's listed species and the recipient species do not match! Failure to observe this rule of safety may result in the recipient dying extremely quickly. Injection of non-human blood in a human body WILL result in death! (If practiced, the creature injected will be tagged with a 3 turn countdown. At the end of this countdown, this creature will be instantly killed!)


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