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A chief butler is the direct superior to standard butlers. Chief butlers are promoted butlers, "commanding" a group varying between 5 and 30 maids and assigning them work in a set of rooms. Chief butlers are either promoted by the Administrator, or by their employers/owners, and are also given the task to protect their subordinates.
For this purpose, they are required by law to be issued a sidearm, a handbag, ammunition for the sidearm, as well as a purse, to be considered a chief butler, again either by the Admin, or their employers/owners.
Chief butlers are always male, but have a female counterpart, the head maid.

Although this is rarer, chief butlers can also be directly employed by other inhabitants of the Mazes, typically to serve as the leader of already previously employed butlers. They are often paid a higher wage than standard butlers, but aside from the task of protecting and assigning work to their subordinates, chief butlers usually do the same tasks and jobs as standard ones.

Two types of chief butlers can be distinguished:

  • Chief butlers not working for anyone in particular in the Mazes are given work by the Administrator herself, and are paid a default wage of 120 P$/day. Typically, a chief butler is promoted after a few years of work as a normal butler, or as the Admin sees fit.
  • Chief butlers employed or owned by someone else, for whom they will work exclusively. Traditionally, on top of their subordinate supervision duties, a chief butler will have a closer relationship to their employers/owners and are better trusted than standard butlers to clean, for example, the employer/owner's room, or watching their belongings or personal effects. Chief butlers are in this sense, closer to being personal bodyguards and confidants.

A chief butler is considered part of the Maze Personnel and is usually respected as such. Despite this, it remains one of the lowest ranking jobs in the Mazes. They are naturally less common than their subordinates and are more rarely seen.

As it takes a certain amount of time for a non-privately employed/owned butler to reach the status of chief butler, they are most of the time already employed/owned butlers who have been chosen or promoted by their employers for the job. Reasons for the promotion are variable, ranging from simple trust, to experience in the job, or even expertise in other, non-butlerwork related skills (typically marksmanship, due to their assigned weapon).


AC Perk HEAD group BODY group LIMBS group EXTR. group Weak points
Human None 1 head Upper body, Lower body 2 arms, 2 legs 2 hands, 2 feet, teeth 2 eyes(F), genitals
Skeleton type CBT? CUW? LAW?
Human Yes Yes Yes

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Other data

  • Is peaceful.
  • Can talk.
  • Is always male(♂).
  • Clothing and armor:
    • Headgear: None
    • Top: Butler suit
    • Body armor: None
    • Arms addon: None
    • Bottom: Butler trousers
    • Legs addon: None
    • Footwear: Leather shoes
  • Load-bearing gear: LE duty belt, 1x Condor utility rig
    • 1 extra magazine for their weapons, if applicable


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