Delicatessen (no ontology)

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A delicatessen (sometimes simply a deli) is a business in Mazeworld specialized in buying and selling food items. They double as a restaurant of sorts, since food can be eaten on the spot, or taken away. People in charge of delicatessen are called food merchants.

Rules of a delicatessen

  • Sells 12 random types of food
  • Sells 2d4 exemplaries of every food type displayed.
  • Sells 1d4-1 water canteens (empty), for 50 P$ a piece.
  • Buys back food items for 50% of their value.
  • Accepts credit.
  • Accepts valuables and will exchange them for money or credit.
  • Delivery service: The shop may transfer all purchases to the Contestant's bank vault instead of being given in person, for a fee (200 P$ in a town shop, 800 P$ in an UA shop)

When threatened, a food merchant will attempt defending themselves with their handgun or any other item they can use.
Threatening or attacking a food merchant can give the contestant a code orange, and killing one can increase it to a code red.

If a food merchant dies, they will drop the following:

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